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                                                                            material…and not just in the form of 600-1200 word blog posts. Enter
                                                                            this eBook.

by jim armstrong                                                            For many of us, our father has been and will continue to be an integral
                                                                            part of our lives. If not our father, than someone who has served as our
                                                                            father figure…a mentor, coach, professor or guidance counselor. All of us
“An eBook for Father’s Day…what is that and why would you ever              at one point or another have needed guidance…and often our father is
create that?” This was one of a number of responses I received when         the one who “rights” our ship when we enter stormy waters, picks us up
I informed my family and friends that Get Busy Media was creating an        when we skin our knees or is merely there to dispense timely advice.
eBook as a tribute to fathers (and father figures). We felt that the best
way to demonstrate our appreciation towards our fathers was to create       Below is a compilation of stories, in the form of anecdotes, poems, quotes,
an eBook…create a document that will live on as a tribute to our fathers.   lists, pictures and stories about Dad. These stories were submitted to us
The inspiration for this idea is rooted in a recent eBook our entire        by our readers, family, friends and our entire Get Busy Media team.
team read last month, Matt Cheuvront’s Welcome to the Real World            We hope these stories about Dad resonate with you and dig up old
eBook. We have discussed for months the goal of creating eBooks and         memories of your own experiences with your father. Sit back, relax and
whitepapers as a longer-form resource for small businesses. As we grow      turn the page…or in this case, scroll down the page. Oh, and before we
our content, we must provide our readers with different, more engaging      forget, Happy Father’s Day.

         by rhiannon
                                             “You can do

                                           whatever you put
                                            your mind to.”
                                           My father has been telling me this since I was a little girl and has
                                           inspired me to dream big. I know whatever I decide to pursue –
                                           whether it be a professor, or even a rock star – I will have my father’s
                                           sincerest support. His constant belief in me keeps me motivated to
                                           strive to be successful in whatever I choose to do.           
by brian morris
My father and I have a running joke that the older I get,
the more I emulate him - physically (we like our beer),                                        my message
mentally, and otherwise. I remember a high school
girlfriend observing my Father and I sitting next to each
other at the dinner table one night and later pointing out   If one day I can be half the Father you are, I will consider myself truly
how many mannerisms my Father and I shared. Ever             blessed. As I get older and begin to realize the type of man I am becoming,
                                                             I realize that it is in large part due to the lessons you have passed on to
since, our similarities seem to multiply year by year and
                                                             me through the years. Whether it was playing for you in Little League or
that is quite all right by me.
                                                             feeling awful about disappointing you with some bad grade in school, the
                                                             lessons I have learned from you have made me who I am and I wouldn’t
                                                             trade it for anything. Happy Father’s Day, Pops.                            
                                                                         by dan ettinger
                                                                         It has been fulfilling to grow closer to my father as I have matured – we
                                                                         didn’t always see eye to eye. It’s been fun to enjoy each other’s sense of
                                                                         humor. While my dad is a pretty serious person, he’s not averse to having
                                                                         fun or kidding around. In fact, just the other day I found myself laughing
I certainly wouldn’t be close to the man I am today without the          out loud when his texted response was: “Word.”
guidance and influence of my dad. When I was younger I didn’t            While I’ve been blessed and inspired over the years, these little ridiculous
understand the meaning of hard work, but as I reflect on my              moments that we can share make our relationship something I really
younger years I clearly see I’ve been blessed with a father that is      treasure.
a great role model. I can only hope to someday measure up to his
work ethic, dedication, honesty, and integrity. I truly appreciate him   Thanks for showing me how to be a real man, Dad. I love you and Happy
                     always being there for me.                          Father’s Day!                                   
                                                                              did i say he liked
                                                                              to garden?
                                                                              by Carrie riby
                                                                               (In other words, you are not allowed to eat McDonalds outside of
1. Community service is a given, without it we would live in a place           Rochester, NY.)
   where no one cares
                                                                           6. You will go to a good college and you will be expected to pay for it!
2. Love what you do, and you will never work a day in your life
                                                                           7. "The grandchildren are mine to spoil, even if I never spoiled you!"
3. Things are never fair or easy, it you want something, work for it and   8. There is nothing wrong with men diapering babies, gardening, having
   if you don't, don't waste your time.
                                                                              a sense of fashion, sewing curtains or cooking the best meatloaf in
4. "I do not give a damn if you break a nail, you will cut the lawn like      town... Did I say he liked to garden...
   the rest of your brothers and when you are finished with that..."
                                                                           9. Finally, thanks Dad for teaching me the joys of growing flowers that
5. Travel is about discovery; not about seeking the comforts of home.         are taller than you!

                                    Being there from the beginning
                                    Being there for the first steps
                                    Being there for the first fall, the first accident, the first crayoned wall

                                    Being there in the years of exploration, the years of wonder
                                    Being there to fuel our interests, no matter how peculiar, atypical, or
                                    different from his own
                                    Being there to throw the football, the baseball, the comic books, the
                                    erector sets, the model rockets, the computer until something catches

                                    Being there through the crucial years of growth
                                    Being there for the 60 yard touchdown
                                    Being there for the game spent on the bench
                                    Being there in the principal’s office
                                    Being there for the walk across the stage
by JIM BRENNAN                      Being there even when you wish he wouldn’t
                                    When you push away  
When you’re 16 and you know all the answers but for some reason         Flying across the state, the country, the globe
the world will not accept your self-appointment as its master.          Just to be there
But he’s there, to remind you that you don’t have all the answers and
                                                                        Fathers don’t always have the right answers
neither does he
                                                                        They don’t always say what you want to hear
He only knows that no matter how deep you’re in, or what you’ve
                                                                        They cannot read our minds or bend the world into a shape that
done, he knows his son needs someone there
                                                                        makes our lives easy
Being there when no one else is                                         But they’re always there
When friends are nowhere to be found                                    Through good times and bad
When the next hurdle is taller than the last.                           Through success and failure
When the naïve answers of a 16 year old evaporate in front of the       Through accomplishment and defeat
challenges at 22
But he’s there, not to say I told you so, but to push you through the
next obstacle                                                           Happy Father’s Day dad, thank you
Being there when he can’t be there.                                     for always being there.
On the phone, over email, picture text, video chat, package, card,
text message
what drives                        1. When he’s right (and how he always is)

me crazy
                                   2. He refuses to ask for directions--we’re clearly lost
                                   3. He made me write out a list of goals at the beginning of every

                                      school year (and I still do it even though I moved out and he
                                      stopped asking for them)

my dad
                                   4. I inherited his “fluffy” hair
                                   5. Sometimes (at the most inconvenient times) he just won’t listen!

by sarah                           6. He always wins board games
                                   7. His stubborn determination (that he happened to pass along)

digiulio                           8. But most of all, when I miss his calls   
                                   Dad is a rock. He always has been. When I think of my father, I think of his many
                                   crafts and skills. Entrepreneur. Craftsman. Mr. Fix It. Salesman. Technologist.
                                   Problem solver. Athlete. Comedian. Amazing father always comes before any
                                   of these descriptors. His reassuring words, motivational messages and nuggets
                                   of wisdom serve as my compass day-in and day-out. One conversation I had
                                   with him nearly five years ago remains emblazoned in my memory…a message
                                   that I live by everyday:
                                   I was a ripe freshman at Syracuse University in the fall of 2006. I had begun
                                   writing for the school newspaper, The Daily Orange, earlier that semester.
                                   That October, I had secured an interview with an esteemed professor and

dad is a
                                   former naval officer, Dr. Rick Wright. After speaking with him for over 20
                                   minutes and diligently recording every minute of our conversation on my tape
                                   recorder, I walked out…riding high on Cloud 9. I failed to press the hold button

                                   on the recorder and subsequently deleted our entire conversation. The only
                                   record of our conversation resided in my notebook, where I had a half page of
                                   measly, jumbled notes.
                                   I remember vividly calling my father in distress and explaining to him that I had

by jim armstrong                   accidentally deleted an interview I had conducted with a professor earlier that
                                   day, “Dad, I worked all week to obtain that interview, I’m never going to get that   
back.” I’ll never forget my Dad’s staid and reassuring response. He told me,
                                                                                       Thanks Dad for picking me up when I’m down, motivating me when
“Jimmy you’re going to have tough days, that’s just life. The good thing is that you
know tomorrow will be that much better. Tomorrow is a new day.”                        I need a kick in the butt and keeping me on the right path when I
                                                                                       have gone astray. You are my rock and the one I turn to when life’s
Four years later I still recall this conversation frequently to calm me down
                                                                                       difficulties overwhelm me. In my first 23 years, you have instilled in
during tough times. The fact is you’re going to have bad days; it’s your response
and attitude to these days that define you. I also learned that in addition to         me the qualities that make me who I am today. Family, hard work
recording a conversation, thorough notes are a must in any interview or meeting.       and doing the right thing are my guiding principles because of you.
I have since always employed a back-up strategy when interviewing individuals
for this blog.

                                                                                       I love you Dad, Happy
                                                                                       Father’s Day.

dear dad
                                                                   You slice like you’re playing a dogleg right Par 4… on every hole
                                                                   you play on.
                                                                   You have no shame, and your wardrobe is evidence of this.
by ryan mcburney                                                   You have absolutely no filter on that mouth of yours.
                                                                   You wear shorts up to your belly button.
You’re not as funny as you think you are. In fact, you tell some   But in 20 years, I would be proud to be exactly like you. I love
pretty terrible jokes.                                             you and thank you for all that you have done for me.
You’re bald.
You are obsessed with Doritos - maybe the most unhealthy
snack ever created.                                                “Ryan, when you’re peeing into
Your breath sometimes smells like Pete Rose’s jock strap…          the toilet make sure to aim in the
present day.                                                       middle because your pee is going
You snore like a drunk Chewbacca.                                  everywhere!”
You haven’t won a fantasy football league since the internet was
invented.                                                          I have been aiming straight ever since.                          
remember to                                                               by james franznick
laugh                                                                     Life is hard enough sometimes between our work and personal
                                                                          responsibilities. There's always something else that needs to be
                                                                          done. There's always another chore to do. Another report, another
                                                                          project, another reason to be stressed out. But we can't forget to
Every "Father's Day" I miss my father a little more. As the years go
                                                                          enjoy life.
by, sometimes it's harder for me to remember the sound of his voice.
I think about the last days I saw and spoke to him. It was a very sad     Enjoy the time you have and more importantly the people in your life
and hard time for me personally, but thinking about it helps me to        you spend time with. Laughter is the good medicine. Laughter can
remember one very important thing that he said to me before he left       relieve stress, laughter can heal, laughter can make milk come out
that I think we all take for granted...                                   of your nose and make other people laugh, but most importantly...
                                                                          EVERYONE FEELS BETTER when they're laughing.
"Remember to laugh."
                                                                          So when I miss my dad, I just imagine him laughing that great laugh
My father worked very hard to provide for his family and was very
                                                                          of his....and a flood of memories comes pouring back to me, the
successful in life... but, he was also a very stressed man and I'm sure
                                                                          smiling begins again and it's time for a joke. Who wants to laugh?
that contributed to his poor health before he passed.
find your tooth
by sonja hegman
Being the baby of my family, I have several father-types who’ve given
me their knowledge throughout the years. Since my father is the
epitome of Red Foreman from “That 70s Show,” always calling
people “dumbasses,” this advice comes from my brother-in-law.

Brian’s been around as long as I can remember and gives his pearls
of wisdom in a roundabout way. The one I’ll never forget: He was
talking about the “Jungle Book.” (The actual book from the late-
1800s, not the Disneyfied version.) He went on and on discussing
the many obstacles Mowgli had to fight against. I’m sure you know       My bro-in-law’s moral to the story was this: “Everyone needs a tooth
all about Shere Khan, the tiger who’s out to get him. So, Mowgli        to survive in the jungle.”
gets a hold of a tooth of some sort (the details escape me) and
fashions it into a knife. As long as he has his tooth, he feels safe.   My tooth: Writing.                               
                                    “Work hard, play hard.”
                                         - Vince Conway

dad’s words
by alex conway
life lessons
                                                                         Age 5 – The word is YELLOW. Read the flash card! IT’S IN
                                                                         YELLOW. CAUSE THE WORD IS YELLOW.
from a wise man                                                          Age 7 – Don’t hit your sister, especially when mom is home because
                                                                         then dad gets yelled at.
by christine rochelle                                                    Age 9 – We are going to the beach, bring a book. Always have a
                                                                         book on you, always.

Sitting down at my computer, I tried to think of one clear lesson        Age 11 – I will drop you at the movies when it starts and pick you
that I have learned from my father. As I thought back to all the field   up as soon as the movie ends. You will not wander in the mall like
hockey games he cheered on to when I would frantically call him          a hoodlum.
asking for directions before GPS systems, I decided to write down        Age 13 – Always read ahead. If you finish Science Chapter 1,
all of the lessons I learned from my father.                             then read Chapter 2. I don’t care if the teacher skips around the
So here are the life lessons I have learned from my father, a very       textbook. Always read ahead. You can always learn something.
wise man.                                                                Age 15 – Boys are bad. And if you bring a boy to a family outing I
                                                                         will tackle him in a game of touch football or hit him in the head with
                                                                         a tennis ball.                                 
                                                                          Age 19 – When I was your age I went to school and had 5 jobs. I
                                                                          never slept or ate. I worked.
                                                                          Age 21 – Drunk people look stupid. Do you want to look stupid?
                                                                          Age 23 – The clothes dryer should not be leaking water. Your car
                                                                          should not be leaking oil. The oven should not be leaking gas.
                                                                          Age 25 (Now) – Hard work pays off, so be patient. And be sure
                                                                          to save so you can buy your father a retirement home in South
                                                                          In all seriousness, my father did an amazing job of teaching me how
                                                                          to work hard and stay grounded in all aspects of my life. He is my
                                                                          biggest cheerleader and I hope I will never stop listening to his
                                                                          subtle yet valuable insights on life.
Age 17 – Always stay in the right lane and go slow. Call me as
soon as you get to the place that you are going to as soon as you         Happy Father’s Day Dad, from your little girl. Here’s to another 25
get there. Don’t drive around aimlessly. You aren’t driving just a car,   years of life lessons from the wisest man I know.
but a bullet.                                
happy fathers day!

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