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To begin this project, your child must already have his/her
edited Summary Template completed. Then,
1. Choose a box (cube) and cover it with paper or paint.
2. Neatly number each side. (1 - 6)
3. On a separate, creative paper, have your child correctly
    write the title, author, and draw a picture of the book
    cover. (Use edited Summary Template for accuracy)
    Glue onto side ONE of the cube.
4. On a separate paper, draw the main characters in the
    story. Neatly label them. Include at least one adjective,
    phrase, or short sentence describing each character.
    (Copy these from your edited Summary Template,
    Paragraph 1) Glue to side TWO.
 5. On separate pieces of creative paper, have your child
    draw pictures of the beginning (characters and setting),
    middle (problem, plot), and end (solution or conclusion)
    and glue them on side THREE, FOUR, and FIVE. Writ a
    summary paragraph describing what is happening in each
    picture. (Copy from your edited Summary Template,
    Paragraph 2 and 3)
6.   On a final, creative paper, draw a picture that depicts
     what you learned from the book. Glue onto side SIX. In
     writing, tell us what you learned. (Copy from your edited
     Summary Template, “What I learned” section.

If you are artistically challenged like I am, , use easy “How
to Draw” books. They are inexpensive and worth their weight
in gold! I have copies in class if I can copy specific pictures
for you. Have someone you help you that draws well. Copy
illustrations from the book, color them and use them as you
illustrations. Have fun!

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