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									Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      PURSKAR BENEFIT FINANCE COMPANY PRIVATE                                        PATEL MARKET, STATION PETLAD,DISTT. KAIRA                  Gujarat
    1 U65992GJ1972PTC002018           LIMITED                                                              1/24/1972
    2 U65992GJ1972PTC002107           DHANSURA BENEFIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                     6/15/1972 BARAR, POST DHANSURA DISTT.SABARKANTHA.                    Gujarat
                                      THE NATIONAL CHITS AND INVESTMENT PRIVATE                                      ANKAMMA'S CHOULTRY UPSTAIRS ULSOOR.                   BANGALORE
    3 U65992KA1952ULT000719           LIMITED                                                               5/1/1952 Karnataka
                                      LEONIC CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              C/O O L BANGALORE KORAMANGALA. VOL.42 PG:97
    4 U65992KA1961PTC001431                                                                               10/17/1961 BANGALORE Karnataka 560034
                                      KISMET CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              NO. 2 SHUMS BLDGSUBHAN SAHIBLANE S.J.P ROAD CROSS
    5 U65992KA1965PTC001592                                                                               10/25/1965 BANGALORE Karnataka
    6 U65992KA1967PTC001700           RENUKAMABA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                11/29/1967 HUBLI DHARWAR DIST DHARWAR Karnataka
                                      VALLABAI TRADING AND CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                        NO.120 MYSORE ROAD BANGALORE BANGALORE Karnataka
    7 U65992KA1970PTC001853           LIMITED                                                              1/13/1970 560018
                                      SHRI SHAKTI BACHATYOJANA AND CHIT FUNDS                                        107, DANE GALLI, SAHAPUR,BELGAUM.               BELGAUM Karnataka
    8 U65992KA1970PTC001954           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     10/21/1970
                                      GALAXY TRADING AND CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                          27, II FLOOR,H.SIDDAIAH ROAD, BANGALORE-27
    9 U65992KA1971PTC002056           LIMITED                                                              6/21/1971 BANGALORE Karnataka 560027
                                      SALAMATH TRADING AND CHIT FUND PRIVATE                                         36-B MOTINAGAR BANGALORE BANGALORE Karnataka
   10 U65992KA1973PTC002474           LIMITED                                                             12/19/1973 560002
                                      JAI SINGHNAGAR CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      NO. 4-1-55, SUBBAS ROAD,HUMNABAD BIDAR DIST BIDAR
   11 U65992KA1974PTC002715                                                                               12/27/1974 DIST Karnataka
                                      VASANTHA TRADING AND CHIT FUND PRIVATE                                         MANDYA DIST. MANDYA DIST Karnataka
   12 U65992KA1976PTC002999           LIMITED                                                              5/12/1976
                                      INDIRANAGAR CHIT FUND AND TRADING CO                                           NO.258,CHITRA SADANAN,INDIRANAGAR,1STAGE,
   13 U65992KA1976PTC003007           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      5/28/1976 BANGALORE-560038. BANGALORE-560038. Karnataka
                                      SMITHA CHITS AND TRADING COMPANY PRIVATE                                       H - 26, III FLOOR,KALSIPALYAM MAIN ROAD, BANGALORE-2
   14 U65992KA1976PTC003019           LIMITED                                                              6/30/1976 BANGALORE Karnataka 560002
                                      ANKALAPARAMESHWARI CHIT FUND PRIVATE                                           103/1, THIMMAIAH ROAD,,BANGALORE -1               BANGALORE
   15 U65992KA1976PTC003050           LIMITED                                                               9/8/1976 Karnataka 560001
                                      TAJ TRADING AND CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     B-6, 1240 KABEER RD., AZAD NAGAR, MANDYA.                MANDYA
   16 U65992KA1977PTC003117                                                                                2/21/1977 Karnataka
                                      RABAKARI BANEHATTI CHIT AND TRADING CO                                         VEENKATPET ,BAGALKOT,BIJAPUR DT.                KARNATAKA
   17 U65992KA1977PTC003186           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      7/20/1977 Karnataka
                                      KARNATAKA MERCHANTILE CHITS AND SAVINGS                                        47, 5TH CROSS, CHAMARAJPET,MYSORE ROAD CROSS,
   18 U65992KA1978PTC003295           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      3/23/1978 BANGALORE -18. BANGALORE Karnataka 560018
                                      MANASA CHITS AND TRADING COMPANY PRIVATE                                       2, REDDY BLDNGS.,(OPP.MICO),BANNERGHATTA ROAD,
   19 U65992KA1978PTC003358           LIMITED                                                              8/26/1978 BANGALORE-30           Karnataka 560030
                                      SHREEE VIJAYA MAHANTESH CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                     BIJAPUR DIST.        BIJAPUR Karnataka
   20 U65992KA1978PTC003422           LIMITED                                                              12/5/1978
                                      SAYUJ CHITS AND INVESTMENTS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    III FLOOR, KOTA SHOPPINGCOMPLEX, BRIGADE ROAD,
   21 U65992KA1979PTC003480                                                                                 3/3/1979 BANGALORE-1 BANGALORE Karnataka 560001
                                      SREENARAIN INVESTMENT PRIVATE LIMITED                                          NO.2, 2ND MAIN, 1ST FLOOR,SUDHAMANAGAR, BANGALORE
   22 U65992KA1980PTC003720                                                                                1/29/1980 BANGALORE Karnataka 560027
                                      SHASTA CHITS AND FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED                                       62,BLOCK-A,SANJAY NAGAR,,BANGALORE                 BANGALORE
   23 U65992KA1981PTC004520                                                                                12/3/1981 Karnataka
                                      MYSORE SYNDICATE FINANCE AND CHITS PRIVATE                                     NO-57,I FLOOR,SAMPIGE ROAD,7TH CROSS,MALLESWARAM,
   24 U65992KA1982PTC004582           LIMITED                                                               1/5/1982 BANGALORE-3 BANGALORE Karnataka 560003
                                      KODAGU FINANCE AND INVESTMENTS CHITS                                           KODAGU PLAZA BUILDING,B M ROAD, KUSHALNAGAR B M
   25 U65992KA1982PTC004593           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      1/18/1982 ROAD, KUSHALNAGAR Karnataka 571234
                                      THE VAILANKANNY CHIT TRADING COMPANY                                           42, KESHAV COMPLEX,BAZAR ST., YESHWANTHPUR,
   26 U65992KA1983PTC005285           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      4/28/1983 BANGALORE-22 Karnataka
                                      GULBARGA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 PLOT NO.86I FLOOR, SUPER MARKET                GULBARGA Karnataka
   27 U65992KA1984PTC005970                                                                                3/23/1984 585101
                                      AJJAIAH CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             68/20, 1ST FLOOR, 5TH CROSS,HANUMANTHANAGAR,
   28 U65992KA1986PTC007523                                                                                3/18/1986 BANGALORE BANGALORE Karnataka 560019
                                      MCI CHITS LIMITED                                                              NO.17, APMC SHOPPING COMPLEX, SHESHADRIYER ROAD
   29 U65992KA1986PLC007883                                                                               10/22/1986 MYSORE Karnataka 570021
                                      SHUBHASHREE CHITS & INVESTMENTS PRIVATE                                        NO 8 J S S BUILDINGS, A M ROAD JOURNALIST COLONY
   30 U65992KA1986PTC007904           LIMITED                                                             10/27/1986 BANGALORE Karnataka 560002
   31 U65992KA1986PLC008049           SHREE AMBIKA NIDHI LIMITED                                          12/18/1986 Yelmudi, puttur.     Dakshina Kannada Karnataka
                                      SURYA KIRAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              NO. 31, DISPENSARY ROAD,BANGALORE                 BANGALORE
   32 U65992KA1989PTC010020                                                                                4/21/1989 Karnataka 560001
                                      GURUPRASANNA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             No.186/7, II Floor, V. I. Street S. C. Road, Seshadripuram
   33 U65992KA1989PTC010270                                                                                7/27/1989 Bangalore Karnataka 560020
                                      PAI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      NO.438/1 OLD NO.365/B 20THMAIN IST BLOCK RAJAJINAGAR
   34 U65992KA1989PTC010331                                                                                8/22/1989 BANGALORE Karnataka 560010
                                      S N S CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    NO 12 SUBRAMANYA LANECOTTONPET CROSS BANGALORE
   35 U65992KA1989PTC010583                                                                                12/7/1989 BANGALORE Karnataka 560053
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      LAXVEN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   KLS COMPLEX BELLARY ROADHOSPET               HOSPET Karnataka
   36 U65992KA1989PTC010625                                                                               12/20/1989 583201
                                      BUDIGERE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 NO 1072, III CROSS M G RD BKOLAR        KOLAR Karnataka
   37 U65992KA1989PTC010637                                                                               12/27/1989 563101
                                      SHRIRAM CHITS (KARNATAKA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                      AKSHODAYA, 259/31,1ST FLOOR10TH CROSS WILSON
   38 U65992KA1990PTC010662                                                                                 1/9/1990 GARDEN, BANGALORE BANGALORE Karnataka 560027
                                      AMARNARAYANA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             NO.64, ESWARI COMPLEX,OR RAJKUMAR KUMAR ROAD,
   39 U65992KA1990PTC011142                                                                                8/16/1990 PRAKASH NAGAR,         BANGALORE Karnataka 560021
                                      VIRCHAKRA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                NO.64, 1 FLOOR,     MARUTHI PLAZADVG ROAD,
   40 U65992KA1990PTC011248                                                                                9/27/1990 BANGALORE Karnataka 560004
                                      TERN CREDITS AND CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         NO.H-13, SRI BALAJI COMPLEX,125 SULTANPET, BANGALORE
   41 U65992KA1991PTC011648                                                                                 2/6/1991 BANGALORE Karnataka 560053
                                      AVENUE SUPER CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             NO. 21, SECOND FLOOR,HOSPITAL ROAD, NEAR
   42 U65992KA1992PTC012723                                                                                1/17/1992 MENAKATHEATRE BANGALORE Karnataka 560053
                                      SPAS CHITS AND FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED                                         NO. 88, JEERGI BLDG. 11THCROSS, MALLESWARAM,
   43 U65992KA1992PTC012879                                                                                2/26/1992 BANGALORE. BANGALORE Karnataka
                                      ACHAL FINANCE LIMITED.                                                         280/2, Mayflower Apartment, Agarkar Road, Tilakwadi, Belguam
   44 U65992KA1992PLC012877                                                                                2/26/1992 Karnataka 590006
                                      TRADE WORTH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              IIND FLOOR,MDP MARKET,BETTAPPA LANE, CTST CROSS,
   45 U65992KA1992PTC012963                                                                                3/18/1992 BANGALORE Karnataka 560002
                                      DILKA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    NO. 2027, I FLOOR, & TH MAINII STAGE D BLOCK
   46 U65992KA1992PTC013142                                                                                5/11/1992 RAJAJINAGAR, BANGALORE. BANGALORE. Karnataka
                                      SCRIPS N SCROLL INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                          NO 38, CURLEY STREETRICHMOND TOWN BANGALORE
   47 U65992KA1992PTC013141                                                                                5/11/1992 BANGALORE Karnataka 560002
                                      SRI DATTATHREYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          NO.5, SAINIVAS, 1ST FLOOR APPAJAPPA AGRAHARA
   48 U65992KA1993PTC014110                                                                                3/17/1993 BANGALORE Karnataka 560018
                                      LAMINA INVESTMENTS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             8TH FLOOR, RAMBHAVAN COMPLEXKODIAL BAIL MANGALORE.
                                                                                                                     KODIAL BAIL, MANGALORE. Karnataka 575003
   49 U65992KA1993PTC014700                                                                                 9/1/1993
                                      NUTHI INVESTMENTS AND CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    108-Y,4TH MAIN,4TH STAGE7TH BLOCK,BANASHANKARI III
   50 U65992KA1994PTC015518                                                                                4/18/1994 STAGE BANGALORE Karnataka 560085
                                      RAMCHARAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                98/2, GANDHI BAZAR MAIN ROAD,BASAVANGUDI
   51 U65992KA1994PTC015540                                                                                4/22/1994 BANGALORE.4. BASAVANGUDI,BANGALORE.4. Karnataka
                                      TRUPTI CHITSANDINVESTMENTS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     NO.635, 62ND CROSS,5TH BLOCK,     BANGALORE Karnataka
   52 U65992KA1994PTC015722                                                                                 6/6/1994 560010
                                      LAKSHMI SHARADA CHITS(BANGALORE)PRIVATE                                        #69, 1ST FLOOR,CHOWDESHWARI TEMPLE STREET
   53 U65992KA1994PTC015926           LIMITED                                                              7/14/1994 BANGALORE Karnataka 560002
                                      MADHURA CHIT(HUBLI)PRIVATE LIMITED                                             STALL NO 31, GROUND FLOOR, VIVEKANAND CORNER, DESAI
   54 U65992KA1995PTC017390                                                                                3/17/1995 CROSS, HUBLI Karnataka 580029
                                      S V KUMAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                4/1 SOWRASHTRAPET,K.V.TEMPLE STREET II CROSS
   55 U65992KA1995PTC018185                                                                                 7/3/1995 BANGALORE Karnataka 560053
   56 U65992KA1995PTC018314           CAUVERY TUNGA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                             7/17/1995 SRS BUILDING B M ROAD       HASSAN Karnataka 573201
                                      SAHAYOG CHITS (GOKAK) PRIVATE LIMITED                                          1ST FLOOR , SAHAYOG COMPLESBUS STAND ROAD GOKAK
   57 U65992KA1995PTC019274                                                                               11/27/1995 HUBLI Karnataka 591307
                                      SHRI YALLALMMADEVI CHITS GOKAK PRIVATE                                         BUS STAND ROAD,O GOKAK,DISTT. BELGAUM. DISTT.
   58 U65992KA1996PTC019662           LIMITED                                                              1/24/1996 BELGAUM.      Karnataka 591307
                                      MARKHANDEYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              1ST FLOOR,KARNATAKA TAKIESGOKAK BELGAUM BELGAUM
   59 U65992KA1996PTC020097                                                                                3/19/1996 Karnataka 591307
                                      SHAMBHAVI CHITS AND INVESTMENTA PRIVATE                                        SHAMBAVI COMPLEX,RIPPONPETSHIMOGA          SHIMOGA
   60 U65992KA1996PTC020388           LIMITED                                                              4/30/1996 Karnataka
                                      SHRI SIDDALINGESHWAR CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                        GANGAPUR PETHGADAG,         GADAG Karnataka
   61 U65992KA1996PTC020687           LIMITED                                                              6/21/1996
                                      SANTHRUPTHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              KAMADHENU TEXTILES,CHURCH SQUARE, TUMKUR.
   62 U65992KA1996PTC020798                                                                                7/10/1996 TUMKUR Karnataka
                                      MUDALAGI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 GANDHI CHOWK,MUDALAGI TALUK, GOKAK GOKAK
   63 U65992KA1996PTC021019                                                                                8/22/1996 Karnataka 591307
                                      SANKARANTI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               MR. SHETTAR BUILDING,HOSUR, HUBLI.      HOSUR HUBLI
   64 U65992KA1996PTC021247                                                                                10/9/1996 Karnataka
                                      ATHMIYA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             #91, 2ND MAIN,3RD CROSS, VIJAYANAGAR 1ST STAGE,
   65 U65992KA1997PTC021993                                                                                3/20/1997 MYSORE Karnataka
                                      SOUMYASREE CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                           NEAR BUS STAND,HAGARI BOMMANAHALLI,BELLARY 583 212
   66 U65992KA1997PTC022024                                                                                3/26/1997 Karnataka 583212
                                      SREE KONA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                15/A,2 FLOOR,10TH MAIN,22 CROSS,3RD BLOCK EAST
                                                                                                                     JAYANAGAR BANGALORE-11 BANGALORE Karnataka 560011
   67 U65992KA1997PTC022184                                                                                4/30/1997
                                      VASAVI CHITS AND INVESTMENTS PRIVATE LIMITED                                   12/1, SHIVAKRUPA COMPLEX,NEELIGIN ROAD, HUBLI.                  HUBLI
   68 U65992KA1997PTC022211                                                                                 5/7/1997 Karnataka 580029
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      SOUGANDIKA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               142/2,SURVEYOR STREET,BASAVANGUDI,BANGALORE-4
   69 U65992KA1997PTC022313                                                                                 6/2/1997 BANGALORE Karnataka 560004
                                      MFC CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      1103,I FLOOR,SHIVARAM PET MYSORE MYSORE Karnataka
   70 U65992KA1997PTC022380                                                                                6/13/1997 570001
                                      SAI BABA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 306,SAHYADRI,15TH CROSS,100FT.ROAD,J.P.NAGAR 5TH
   71 U65992KA1997PTC022559                                                                                7/21/1997 PHASE BANGALORE-78 BANGALORE Karnataka 560078
                                      DANAMMA DEVI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             R D COLLEGE PREMISES,OPP. BUS STAND, CHIKODI,
   72 U65992KA1997PTC022678                                                                                8/21/1997 BELGAUM Karnataka 591201
                                      KRUPA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    #315, 1ST FLOOR,NEAR CG BANK, DEEWANS ROAD,
   73 U65992KA1997PTC022689                                                                                8/25/1997 MYSORE Karnataka 570024
                                      SRI PUSHPAGIRI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      14, MADHU COMPLEX,II FLOOR,B.M. NORTH CROSS ROAD,
   74 U65992KA1997PTC022765                                                                                9/11/1997 V.V.PURAM, BANGALORE Karnataka 560004
                                      SHRI MANJUNATH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           G.25, 26 YALAMALI COMPLEXBLDE'A ROAD,    BIJAPUR
   75 U65992KA1998PTC023259                                                                                1/13/1998 Karnataka 586101
                                      SREELATA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 'D' BLOCK NO.11 IST FLOOR,SHINDHE COMPLEX NEELIGIN
   76 U65992KA1998PTC023280                                                                                1/19/1998 ROAD HUBLI Karnataka 580029
                                      GADAG CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    VIVEKANAND ROAD,BEHIND PRASAD NURSING HOME
   77 U65992KA1998PTC023339                                                                                 2/2/1998 GADAG Karnataka 582101
                                      RUPA CHITS (MYSORE) PRIVATE LIMITED                                            NO 1510 SHRIRAM PET MYSORE MYSORE Karnataka 570001
   78 U65992KA1998PTC023338                                                                                 2/2/1998
                                      SAHYADRI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 GARDEN AREA,B.H.ROAD,CROSSSHIMOGA        SHIMOGA
   79 U65992KA1998PTC023355                                                                                 2/9/1998 Karnataka 577201
                                      DAYWELL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  NO. 194, GROUND FLOOR, 9TH CROSS, 2ND MAIN,
   80 U65992KA1998PTC023431                                                                                2/26/1998 GANGANAGAR BANGALORE Karnataka 560032
                                      M.C.I.(BANGALORE) CHITS LIMITED                                                B-104,BRIGADE MAJESTIC,1ST MAIN ROAD, GANDHINAGAR,
   81 U65992KA1998PLC023454                                                                                 3/4/1998 BANGALORE BANGALORE Karnataka 560009
                                      MONEY POWER CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              346,PALACE ORCHARDS,BANGALORE-=80       BANGALORE
   82 U65992KA1998PTC023625                                                                                4/16/1998 Karnataka 560080
                                      SUMYUKTA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 NO 36-1, 7TH CROSS,LAVELLE ROAD, BANGALORE.
   83 U65992KA1998PTC023664                                                                                4/24/1998 BANGALORE Karnataka 560001
                                      CHITLOR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  B-102,BRIGADE MAJESTICGANDHINAGAR, 1ST MAIN
   84 U65992KA1998PTC023676                                                                                4/29/1998 BANGALORE BANGALORE Karnataka 560009
                                      B.G.K.PROGRESSIVE CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                   SRI BASAVESHWAR BANK ROAD,BAGLKOT KARNATAKA
   85 U65992KA1998PTC023938                                                                                 7/8/1998 KARNATAKA Karnataka 587101
                                      EWIMS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    G-68, EUREKA CENTRE, KOPPIKARROAD, HUBLI.     HUBLI
   86 U65992KA1998PTC023948                                                                                7/13/1998 Karnataka
                                      BANASHANKARI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             NO.90/3(NEW NO.189)IST FLOOR, EAST ANJANEYA TEMPLE,
                                                                                                                     NEAR BEAGLE ROCK PARK BANGALORE Karnataka 560004
   87 U65992KA1998PTC024026                                                                                7/31/1998
                                      SREE VASAVAMBA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           NO 128/1 I FLOORD DEVARAJA URS ROAD MYSORE MYSORE
   88 U65992KA1998PTC024123                                                                                8/24/1998 Karnataka
                                      LAXMI VENKATESH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          APMC ROADMUDALGI BELGAUM KARNATAKA Karnataka
   89 U65992KA1998PTC024153                                                                                 9/1/1998 591312
                                      DIGANTA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  1369, IST FLOOR, 6TH MAIN 2ND STAGE, MAHALAKSHMIPURAM
   90 U65992KA1998PTC024306                                                                                10/7/1998 BANGALORE Karnataka 560086
                                      PHISAR INVESTMENTS AND CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                   B-6, FIRST FLOOR, UNITY BUILDINGS J.C.ROAD BANGALORE
   91 U65992KA1998PTC024454                                                                               11/26/1998 Karnataka 560002
                                      KADASHIDDESHWAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          BASAVESHWAR ROADJAMKHANDI BAGALKOT BAGALKOT
   92 U65992KA1998PTC024478                                                                                12/2/1998 Karnataka 587301
                                      SUMIT CHIT FUNDS (HUBLI) PRIVATE LIMITED                                       CTS.NO.4637/B-1, GANESH-PETHCHOW (BESIDE POLICE
   93 U65992KA1998PTC024475                                                                                12/2/1998 CHOWKI), HUBLI - 580 020. HUBLI Karnataka 580020
                                      PADMAPRIYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               TUMKUR ROAD, PAVAGADA -PAVAGADA TUMKUR DIST
   94 U65992KA1998PTC024487                                                                                12/3/1998 KARNATAKA KARNATAKA Karnataka 561202
                                      SOUHARDHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                NO. 52, 2ND FLOOR, BHAGAVATHI TOWER 33RD CROSS, 4TH
   95 U65992KA1999PTC025047                                                                                4/12/1999 BLOCK, JAYANAGAR BANGALORE Karnataka 560011
   96 U65992KA1999PTC025057           GUNANIDHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      4/13/1999 NO.36, ADARSH NAGAR,HUBLI       HUBLI Karnataka 580029
                                      SIDDRAMESHWARAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          NEAR RUKRAKSHI MATH, MANGALWARPETH HUBLI.
                                                                                                                     DT:DHARWAD: (KARNATAKA STATE) DHARWAD Karnataka
   97 U65992KA1999PTC025103                                                                                4/23/1999 577001
                                      DHARTHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  #121, MEZANINE, 1ST FLOOR,PRITHVI BUILDING, 5TH MAIN,
   98 U65992KA1999PTC025187                                                                                5/12/1999 CHAMRAJPET, BANGALORE Karnataka 560018
                                      ASHWAMEDHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               NO 47 FIRST FLOORLAXMIBALAKRISHNA SQUARE HUBLI
   99 U65992KA1999PTC025213                                                                                5/14/1999 HUBLI Karnataka 580020
                                      NAGAMANGALA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              N.V.S.BUILDING, UPSTAIRS,B.M.ROAD, NAGAMANGALA
  100 U65992KA1999PTC025211                                                                                5/14/1999 B.M.ROAD, NAGAMANGALA Karnataka 571432
                                      AGRAGANYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                K.S. COMPLEX, IST FLOOR, CHI-CKPET SQUARE
  101 U65992KA1999PTC025224                                                                                5/18/1999 BANGALORE Karnataka 560053
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      LOCHAN CHITS FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             NO.78/29, BALAJI COMPLEX,IST MAIN, SIDDAGUNTEPALYA
  102 U65992KA1999PTC025315                                                                                 6/9/1999 TAVAREKERE MAIN ROAD, BANGALORE Karnataka 560029
                                      JNR SURABHI CHITS LIMITED                                                      IST FLLOR, GAJENDRA TOWERS,NO.5, 11TH MAIN 4TH BLOCK,
  103 U65992KA1999PLC025342                                                                                6/16/1999 JAYANAGAR, BANGALORE       Karnataka 560001
                                      OM VIJAYALAKSHMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         NO.57. UPSTAIRS YARD,7TH CROSS APMC YARD, BANGALORE
  104 U65992KA1999PTC025373                                                                                6/23/1999 KARNATAKA Karnataka 560022
                                      SAMRUDDHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                NO11,8TH MAIN SOMASHEKAR3RD STAGE 4TH BLOCK,
                                                                                                                     BASWARNAGAR,BANGALORE KARNATAKA Karnataka 560079
  105 U65992KA1999PTC025395                                                                                6/28/1999
                                      SURAKSHACHAKRA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             NO.295 SRI KRISHNA COMPLEX10TH MAIN 3RD BLOCK
                                                                                                                       JAYANAGAR BANGALORE BANGALORE Karnataka 560011
  106 U65992KA1999PTC025954                                                                               11/17/1999
                                      SRI NANJUNDESWARA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        26 1ST FLOORDEVARAJ URS ROAD MYSORE Karnataka
  107 U65992KA1999PTC026056                                                                                12/9/1999 570001
                                      CHINAMAY CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            JOLAO BAZAR,JAMKHANDI.       JAMKHANDI. Karnataka 587301
  108 U65992KA1999PTC026090                                                                               12/15/1999
                                      YAJNA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    2891 II FLOOR,KALIDASA ROAD V V MOHALLA MYSORE
  109 U65992KA1999PTC026102                                                                               12/17/1999 Karnataka 570002
                                      TULJABHAVANI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        SS FRONT ROAD,BG KORI COMPLEX, BIJAPUR. BIJAPUR.
  110 U65992KA2000PTC026246                                                                                1/20/2000 Karnataka 586101
                                      URL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      NO.335, DR RAJKUMAR ROAD,6TH BLOCK, RAJAJINAGAR,
  111 U65992KA2000PTC026264                                                                                1/25/2000 BANGALORE. Karnataka 560010
                                      ABHIVRUDDHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              7A, SRINIDHI MANSION, I FLOORI MAIN, II BLOCK III STAGE,
  112 U65992KA2000PTC027704                                                                                8/28/2000 BASAVESHWARANAGAR, BANGALORE Karnataka 560079
                                      LAKSHMI NARASIMHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        NO.52/8, PADMALAYA, IST MAIN,MARENAHALLI VIJAYANAGAR,
                                                                                                                     BANGALORE BANGALORE Karnataka 560040
  113 U65992KA2000PTC027729                                                                                 9/4/2000
                                      KANYAKA VASAVI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           NO.889, MAZANINI FLOOR,SUNDAR ARCADE, B N ROAD,
  114 U65992KA2000PTC027772                                                                                9/13/2000 MYSORE Karnataka
                                      ENNOBLE INDIA CHITS LIMITED                                                    ENNOBLE HOUSE,RAGHAVA CHARI ROAD,       BELLARY
  115 U65992KA2001PLC028432                                                                                1/10/2001 Karnataka
                                      SAMBHRAMA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                # 378, KUNCHETIGARA STREET, CHAMARAJA DOUBLE ROAD
  116 U65992KA2001PTC028769                                                                                3/16/2001 CHAMARAJA MOHALLA MYSORE Karnataka 570024
                                      HIMADRI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  #1259/20, IST FLOOR,OPP KHB COLONY BUS STOP, MAGADI
  117 U65992KA2001PTC028774                                                                                3/19/2001 MAIN ROAD, BANGALORE Karnataka 560079
                                      MARGADARSI CHITS (KARNATAKA) PRIVATE                                           S-801&802, 8TH FLOOR MANIPAL CENTRE, NO 47, DIKENSON
  118 U65992KA2001PTC028802           LIMITED                                                              3/22/2001 ROAD BANGALORE Karnataka 560042
                                      SHRI SHAMBHAVI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           D15/16, SHINDHE COMPLEXNEELIGIN ROAD HUBLI HUBLI
  119 U65992KA2001PTC028815                                                                                3/23/2001 Karnataka 580029
                                      SRI PADMA HARI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           NO.379, OTC ROAD,BANGALORE.       BANGALORE. Karnataka
  120 U65992KA2001PTC028958                                                                                4/27/2001 560053
                                      MASTI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    NO.17, (B), 2ND FLOOR,MASTI MANSION, ABOVE ONLY VIMAL
                                                                                                                     SHOWROOM, K.G. ROAD , BANGALORE Karnataka 560009
  121 U65992KA2001PTC028971                                                                                 5/2/2001
                                      GOKLANEY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 NO.6,IST MAIN ROAD,5TH BLOCK, K.P.WEST, BANGALORE.
  122 U65992KA2001PTC029216                                                                                 7/3/2001 Karnataka 560020
                                      AMBER CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    RR COMPLEXRAVI WARPETH GOKAK BELGAUM Karnataka
  123 U65992KA2001PTC029356                                                                                 8/2/2001 591307
                                      KENGERI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  NO.52, FLAT NO.8,K.H.B COLONY, KENGERI SATELLITE TOWN,
  124 U65992KA2001PTC029493                                                                                 9/5/2001 III RD STAGE, BANGALORE. Karnataka 560060
                                      BALGARE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  NO.4,3RD FLOOR,14/A,27TH CROSS, 4TH BLOCK,JAYANAGAR,
  125 U65992KA2001PTC029569                                                                                9/24/2001 BANGALORE Karnataka 560011
                                      SANSAGAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 #25/1, 1ST FLOOR,8TH CROSS, AGRAHARA DASARA HALLI,
  126 U65992KA2001PTC029625                                                                                10/8/2001 BANGALORE. Karnataka
                                      YAJMAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   DR.KAPPALGUDDI PREMISES,OPP.WALMIKI GROUND, COURT
  127 U65992KA2001PTC029679                                                                               10/23/2001 ROAD,GOKAK, GOKAK Karnataka 591307
                                      SUBHADRA CHITSFUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                             NO.3, 10TH MAIN ROAD,GURURAJA LAYOUTY, 4TH PHASE, 7TH
                                                                                                                     BLOCK, BANASHANKARI, 3RD STAGE, BANGALORE.
  128 U65992KA2001PTC029684                                                                               10/23/2001 Karnataka 560085
                                      YADALAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  #81, SECOND FLOOR, LT COMPLEXRV ROAD, BASAVANGUDI,
  129 U65992KA2001PTC029685                                                                               10/23/2001 BANGALORE. BANGALORE. Karnataka 560004
                                      RAVIVARM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 CTS NO 935, I FLOOR,BABAJI JEWELERS BUILDING,
  130 U65992KA2001PTC029698                                                                               10/24/2001 RAVIWARPETH, GOKAK. Karnataka 591307
                                      S.L.N. CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              NO.1, FIRST FLOOR, AMBIKABUILDING, H.SIDDAIAH ROAD
  131 U65992KA2001PTC029715                                                                                11/1/2001 WILSON GARDEN, BANGALORE Karnataka 560027
                                      SHRI MAHAVINAYAK CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         SHOP NO. 2 SINGALAPUR COMPLEX VIDYANAGAR GOKAK
  132 U65992KA2002PTC029958                                                                                 1/2/2002 Karnataka 591307
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      PANNAGA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  330/36, IST FLOOREAST END MAIN ROAD 38TH
                                                                                                                     CROSS,JAYANAGAR 9TH BLOCK BANGALORE Karnataka
  133 U65992KA2002PTC030014                                                                                1/18/2002 560069
                                      NITYASHRI CHITS AND INVESTMENTS PRIVATE                                        142, K.H.ROADBANGALORE.       BANGALORE. Karnataka
  134 U65992KA2002PTC030124           LIMITED                                                              2/14/2002 560027
                                      SREE GOWRI GANESHAA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      NO.307,1ST FLOOR,2ND MAIN,7TH CROSS DOMLUR LAYOUT
  135 U65992KA2002PTC030244                                                                                3/15/2002 BANGALORE Karnataka 560071
                                      OM SREE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  NO.704, K.PADMANABHAIAH BLDG.,OPP.S.R.S.WATER TANK
  136 U65992KA2002PTC030307                                                                                 4/2/2002 LAGGERI ROAD PEENYA BANGALORE Karnataka 560058
                                      TEJUS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    NO.30/1, 13TH CROSS,CUBBONPET, BANGALORE.
  137 U65992KA2002PTC030621                                                                                6/12/2002 BANGALORE. Karnataka 560002
                                      PUZHEKADAVIL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             NO.1, HOSUR MAIN ROAD,PUZHE KADAVIL COMPLEX,
  138 U65992KA2002PTC030683                                                                                6/26/2002 MADIWALA, BANGALORE Karnataka 560068
                                      KAYESS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   NO.84, 1ST FLOOR,RUKMINI PLAZA, D.V.G.ROAD,
  139 U65992KA2002PTC030703                                                                                6/28/2002 BASAVANGUDI BANGALORE Karnataka 560004
                                      DPK CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      NO.8, IST FLOOR, A M ROAD JOURNALISH COLONY
  140 U65992KA2002PTC031029                                                                                9/23/2002 BANGALORE Karnataka 560002
  141 U65992KA2002PTC031032           ILKAL URBAN CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                               9/23/2002 CHIT BHAVAN SALPET ILKAL Karnataka 587125
                                      SHREEJYOTHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              N.N. PATIL'S BUILDING,NEAR BUS STAND, SHIRUR. SHIRUR.
  142 U65992KA2002PTC031051                                                                                9/26/2002 Karnataka 587120
                                      VIJAYMAHANTESHWARA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       S - 5 & 6, TIKARE ROAD,DHARWAR PLAZA, DHARWAR.
  143 U65992KA2002PTC031396                                                                               12/26/2002 DHARWAR. Karnataka
                                      KUMARESHWAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              SANGAPPA KOTI BUILDINGVALLABHABAI CHOWK BAGALKOT
  144 U65992KA2003PTC031561                                                                                 2/7/2003 BAGALKOT Karnataka
                                      SRI BHOGESHWARA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          1108/J, 9TH C MAIN ROAD,FIRST FLOOR, RPC LAYOUT,
                                                                                                                     VIJAYANAGAR 2NDSTAGE, BANGALORE Karnataka 560040
  145 U65992KA2003PTC031592                                                                                2/14/2003
                                      CHAWDESWARI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              NO.173 13TH `B' MAIN ROADMATHIKERE LAY OUT BANGALORE
  146 U65992KA2003PTC031797                                                                                 4/4/2003 BANGALORE Karnataka 560054
                                      ASB CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      'ASB NILAYA' , NO.156, BEHIND BHARATH PETROLEUM,
                                                                                                                     MAGADI MAIN ROAD, SUNKADAKATTE, BANGALORE
  147 U65992KA2003PTC031876                                                                                4/30/2003 Karnataka 560091
                                      MARIKAMBA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           CTS NO.3841GURUWARPETH GOKAK TAL: GOKAK, DIST
  148 U65992KA2003PTC032132                                                                                6/20/2003 BELGAUM Karnataka
                                      THAPASI YEL EM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           NO. 22/1, BASAVANNA LANE,K.R. SETTYPET, BANGALORE
  149 U65992KA2003PTC032617                                                                                9/22/2003 BANGALORE Karnataka 560002
                                      GOKAK CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    CTS NO.3196/A/1,COURT ROAD,A/P GOKAK DIST.BELGAUM
  150 U65992KA2004PTC033210                                                                                1/19/2004 DIST.BELGAUM Karnataka
                                      DIYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     C-9, 4TH FLOOR, THE EMPIRE M G ROAD, KODIALBAIL
  151 U65992KA2004PTC033243                                                                                1/23/2004 MANGALORE Karnataka 575003
                                      BHAGYA RANGA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             SATYA SADANA, II ND FLOOR, DOOR NO.998 KUVEMPU ROAD,
                                                                                                                     (LAWYERS STREET), K B EXTENSION DAVANAGERE
  152 U65992KA2004PTC033401                                                                                2/18/2004 Karnataka 577002
                                      NAGALAKSHMI NAGARJUNA CHITS PRIVATE                                            FIRST FLOOR,OPP. GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL, PANDAVAPURA.
  153 U65992KA2004PTC033505           LIMITED                                                               3/3/2004 PANDAVAPURA. Karnataka 571434
                                      MAGADUM CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             HOUSE NO.81/1, STATE BANK COLONY, NIDASASI ROAD
  154 U65992KA2004PTC033630                                                                                3/25/2004 SANKESHWAR SANKESHWAR Karnataka
                                      GOKAK NEMINATH CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      CTS NO. 3159,RAVIWAR PETH,GOKAK.591 307. DT. BELGAUM
  155 U65992KA2004PTC033949                                                                                5/17/2004 DT. BELGAUM Karnataka
                                      NESARA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   NO.729/1, I FLOOR,THYAGARAJA ROAD, OPP SAIBABA
  156 U65992KA2004PTC034098                                                                                6/10/2004 MANDIRA K.R. MOHALLA,    Karnataka 570004
                                      SRI SHADAXARI SHIVAYOGI SIDDARAMESHWAR                                         39, BLAXMINARAYAN ZONENEAR ARVIND NAGAR KARWAR
  157 U65992KA2004PTC034802           CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                10/4/2004 ROAD HUBLI Karnataka
                                      SHRI SADGURU CHITS (GOKAK) PRIVATE LIMITED                                     CTA-3273/A GALAGALI COMPLEX OPPANMUL HOTELS HOSPET
                                                                                                                     GALLI, GOKAK DIST. BELGUM,KARNATAKA Karnataka 591307
  158 U65992KA2004PTC034846                                                                               11/17/2004
                                      KKOUTILYA CHITS LIMITED                                                        NO 4855/478 1ST FLOOR BASVRAJ COMPLEX APMC ROAD
  159 U65992KA2005PLC035555                                                                                 2/7/2005 SADASHIV NAGAR BELGAUM Karnataka 590010
                                      AMSHIMA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  #1452 THYAGARAJA ROADK.R MOHALLA MYSOIRE MYSOIRE
  160 U65992KA2005PTC036058                                                                                4/12/2005 Karnataka
                                      GADAG KUMARAVYASA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        1ST FLOOR GAGGARO COMPLEXTDAGORE GADAG GADAG
  161 U65992KA2005PTC036151                                                                                4/26/2005 Karnataka 582101
                                      NAMSKAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  FIRST FLOOR, RANGAM COMPLEXRAVIWAR PETH GOKAK DIST
  162 U65992KA2005PTC036290                                                                                5/12/2005 BELGAUM DIST BELGAUM Karnataka 591307
                                      IMBU SHANKAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             NO. 48/Y, REVANNA COMPLEX,FIRST FLOOR, 3RD BLOCK,
  163 U65992KA2005PTC036357                                                                                5/24/2005 RAJAJINAGAR, BANGALORE Karnataka 560010
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      BILAGI SIDDESHWAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        KERUR BUILDING,OPP.TO PATTAN PANCHAYAT OFFICE,
  164 U65992KA2005PTC036564                                                                                6/16/2005 BILAGI-TQ, DIST-BAGALKOT Karnataka
                                      KBS CHITS (GOKAK) PRIVATE LIMITED                                              CTS NO. 2376 MARKET ROADGOKAK      GOKAK Karnataka
  165 U65992KA2005PTC036614                                                                                6/23/2005 591307
                                      S.L.V. CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                               SEETHAPPA COMPLEX,RAGHAVENDRA CIRCLE,TC PALYA
                                                                                                                     MAIN ROAD, RAMAMURTHY NAGAR BANGALORE. Karnataka
  166 U65992KA2005PTC036704                                                                                 7/5/2005 560016
                                      TUMKUR PUSHKARA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          A.K.V.S. HOSTEL BUILDINGB.H.ROAD TUMKUR. TUMKUR.
  167 U65992KA2005PTC036854                                                                                7/27/2005 Karnataka 572102
                                      M R J CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    NO. 75, BANASHANKARI MARKETJUMMA MASJID ROAD
                                                                                                                     AVENUE CROSS ROAD, BANGALORE CROSS ROAD,
  168 U65992KA2005PTC037034                                                                                8/24/2005 BANGALORE Karnataka 560002
                                      R.S.R CHIT FUND (BANGALORE) PRIVATE LIMITED                                    NO. 107, IST FLOOR, NEW BELROAD, RMV III STAGE,
  169 U65992KA2005PTC037265                                                                                9/19/2005 BANGALORE BANGALORE Karnataka 560094
                                      KANVA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    39/12, 2nd Floor, opp.B.T.S.Garage REMCO BHEL Layout,
  170 U65992KA2005PTC037280                                                                                9/21/2005 Vijayanagar Bangalore Karnataka 560040
                                      VULCAN CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              29/30, II FLOOR, SNS PLAZA,41, KUMARAKRUPA ROAD
  171 U65992KA2005PTC037361                                                                                9/30/2005 BANGALORE BANGALORE Karnataka 560020
                                      WINCASTLE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                NO. 14, WHEELER ROAD, BANGALORE BANGALORE
  172 U65992KA2005PTC037540                                                                               10/24/2005 Karnataka 560005
                                      KANAKSHRI CHITS (GOKAK) PRIVATE LIMITED                                        CTSNO2496 RAVIWAR PETH GOKALE GOKALE GOKALE
  173 U65992KA2005PTC037727                                                                               11/22/2005 Karnataka 591307
                                      SRI SHARANABASAVESHWAR CHITS PRIVATE                                           AMINAGAD TQ HUNGUND DIST. BAGALKOT BAGALKOT
  174 U65992KA2005PTC037743           LIMITED                                                             11/23/2005 Karnataka
                                      SHRI RENUKADEVI (SAVADATTI) CHIT FUND                                          CTS NO 1639 GANEKAR BULIDING BENNIKATTI STREET
  175 U65992KA2005PTC037897           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      12/8/2005 SAVADATTI POST BELGAUM Karnataka
                                      SHRI MAHAKUTESHWAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       NEAR BANASKRI TEMPLE HOSPETI GALLI KERUR-587206 TQ
  176 U65992KA2005PTC037908                                                                                12/9/2005 BADMI DIST BAGALKOT BAGALKOT Karnataka
                                      OM SRI PARAMESHWARI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      NO.105 KANAKAPURA ROADKAGGALIPURA BANGALORE-82.
  177 U65992KA2005PTC037931                                                                               12/12/2005 BANGALORE-82. Karnataka
                                      VARAHA LAKSHMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           NO 7 14C CROSS KBS TEMPLE STREET 6TH BLOCK
  178 U65992KA2005PTC037995                                                                               12/20/2005 RAJAJINAGAR BANGALORE Karnataka 560010
                                      SUKRUTHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 #11, 3RD MAIN, UPSTAIRS,KAMAKSHI HOSPITAL ROAD,
  179 U65992KA2006PTC038174                                                                                 1/6/2006 SARASWATHIPURAM,MYSORE0570009. Karnataka
                                      BALLAM BROTHERS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          H NO 4/4/100/30A-A YERAGERALAYOUT A I R STATION ROAD
  180 U65992KA2006PTC038214                                                                                1/12/2006 RAICHUR Karnataka 584103
                                      NEW LIFE CHITS (KARNATAKA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                     No.68/18, 1st Floor, 1st Main, Mahalkshmi Layout BANGALORE
  181 U65992KA2006PTC038240                                                                                1/13/2006 Karnataka 560086
                                      NAVASHAKTHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              #553/7, 7TH CROSS 3RD MAINAYYAPPA TEMPLE ROAD
  182 U65992KA2006PTC038337                                                                                1/30/2006 PRAKASHNAGAR BANGALORE-21. Karnataka
                                      GOKUL CHITS (BELGAUM) PRIVATE LIMITED                                          TDAMARGADDI BUILDINGOPP CIVIL HOSPITAL CLUB ROAD
  183 U65992KA2006PTC038692                                                                                 3/7/2006 BELGAUM BELGAUM Karnataka
                                      SHRI AUSTLAXMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           PRABHU COMPLEX,BEHIND BUSSTAND, BAILHONGAL
                                                                                                                     BELGAUM - 591 102, KARNATAKA. 591 102, KARNATAKA.
  184 U65992KA2006PTC039138                                                                                4/27/2006 Karnataka
                                      VARDAI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              R.R. COMPLEX, NEGNAL BUILDINGRAVIWARPET BELGAUM.
  185 U65992KA2006PTC039152                                                                                4/28/2006 GOKAL. 591307. GOKAL. 591307. Karnataka
                                      SAMMILANA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                50/A,37TH CROSS,28TH MAIN 9TH BLOCK,JAYANAGAR
  186 U65992KA2006PTC039639                                                                                 6/6/2006 BANGALORE Karnataka 560069
                                      DIAMOND CHIT FUND (GOKAK) PRIVATE LIMITED                                      CTS NO 2529 MAHAVEER ROAD RAVIWARPETH GOKAK
  187 U65992KA2006PTC039829                                                                                6/27/2006 GOKAK Karnataka 591307
                                      KAPIL CHITS (KARNATAKA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                        D.No.499, 1st Floor, East End Main Road 9th Block, Jayanagar,
  188 U65992KA2006PTC039871                                                                                 7/3/2006 Bangalore - . Bangalore Karnataka 560069
                                      DHANADARSHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              #250/1B,SHOP NO.2 SBI MAIN ROAD,HEBBAL 1ST STAGE
  189 U65992KA2006PTC039947                                                                                7/13/2006 MYSORE Karnataka 570012
                                      SNEHIT CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   MATRU CHAYA HANCHATE LANE NEAR S R KANTI SCHOOL
  190 U65992KA2006PTC039938                                                                                7/13/2006 ILKAL Karnataka 587125
                                      PRASIDDHI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           NO. 19, ASHEERWAD MALLESWARAM, 4TH CROSS,
  191 U65992KA2006PTC040141                                                                                 8/4/2006 BANGALORE Karnataka 560003
                                      ALMOND CHITS (KARNATAKA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                       CHANDRASHEKAR NILAYA OPP NEW PRAKASH HOTEL SIRA
  192 U65992KA2006PTC040248                                                                                8/21/2006 Karnataka 572137
                                      MANDARA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  NO. 73, 5TH CROSS, MANJUNATHA NAGAR
                                                                                                                     HOSAGUDDADDAHALLI, MYSORE ROAD BANGALORE
  193 U65992KA2006PTC040418                                                                                 9/6/2006 Karnataka 560026
  194 U65992KA2006PTC040591           SHUBODAYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      9/21/2006 S R S BUILDING, B M ROAD,          HASSAN Karnataka 573201
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      SANGAMESHWAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             BELLUR COMPLEX RANICHANNAMMA SAMADHI
  195 U65992KA2006PTC040594                                                                                9/22/2006 BAILHONGAL Karnataka 591102
                                      BPH CHITS PRIVATED LIMITED                                                     PANCHAYATI COMPLEX KALLOLI KALLOLI Karnataka 591224
  196 U65992KA2006PTC040640                                                                                9/27/2006
                                      MATHOSHRI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                SHOP NO. 5, CTS NO 4746, GURUWAR PETH GOKAK
  197 U65992KA2006PTC040773                                                                               10/19/2006 Karnataka 591307
                                      SHRI SAI DATTA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           HANGAL COMPLEX LAXMI CHAWL GADAG Karnataka 582101
  198 U65992KA2006PTC040836                                                                                11/3/2006
                                      SOURAG CHITS (MUDALGI) PRIVATE LIMITED                                         NO. 714, AT POST MUDALGI MUDALGI MUDALGI Karnataka
  199 U65992KA2006PTC040886                                                                                11/8/2006 581312
                                      CHIGURU CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  1ST FLOOR NAMRATHA COMPLEX, OPPOSITE TO GOVT. BUS
                                                                                                                     STAND BM ROAD, IJOOR, RAMNAGARAM TALUKA
  200 U65992KA2006PTC040954                                                                               11/16/2006 BANGALORE RURAL Karnataka 571511
                                      UDAYA NUDI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               NO. 236, 2ND MAIN ROAD VIJAYANANDANAGAR,
  201 U65992KA2006PTC041103                                                                                12/4/2006 NANDINILAYOUT POST BANGALORE Karnataka 560096
                                      SOUKARYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 KITTUR BUILDING,OPP TO KARNATAKA TALKIES RAVIWAR
  202 U65992KA2006PTC041002                                                                               12/16/2006 PETH GOKAK Karnataka 591307
                                      TUNGABHADRA CHITS (KARNATAK) PRIVATE                                           JANANI DOOR NO. 322, 1ST FLOOR M V NAGAR ,KOPPAGAL
  203 U65992KA2007PTC041880           LIMITED                                                              2/23/2007 ROAD BELLARY Karnataka 583101
                                      ASHRAYA CHITS (BELGAUM) PRIVATE LIMITED                                        CTS NO. 4939, DR SPM ROAD OPP SHIVAJI GARDEN,
  204 U65992KA2007PTC042234                                                                                3/26/2007 SHAHAPUR BELGAUM Karnataka 590010
                                      SRE GAURAV CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               NO.103, SUSHEELA MAIN ROAD DODDA MAVALI BANGALORE
  205 U65992KA2007PTC042278                                                                                3/28/2007 Karnataka 560004
                                      SRI SAIRAKSHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            NO. 3295, 1ST FLOOR BUDAYYANANAVARMATH COMPLEX ,
  206 U65992KA2007PTC042584                                                                                4/24/2007 INCHAL CROSS BAILHONGAL Karnataka 591102
                                      ACTIVE CHITS BANGALORE PRIVATE LIMITED                                         #297, 3RD FLOOR, MNR COMPLEX, 17TH CROSS, SAMPIGE
  207 U65992KA2007PTC042649                                                                                4/30/2007 ROAD, MALLESWARAM BANGALORE Karnataka 560003
                                      CHINGAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  # 13/6, IV CROSS H. SIDDIAH ROAD BANGALORE Karnataka
  208 U65992KA2007PTC042661                                                                                4/30/2007 560027
                                      PRAKRUTHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                NO.729, 'SWARNADHARA' III FLOOR, MODI HOSPITAL CIRCLE,
  209 U65992KA2007PTC042953                                                                                5/29/2007 RAJAJINAGAR BANGALORE Karnataka 560076
                                      SINCHANA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 NO.4/195-21, PRESTIGE TOWERS I FLOOR NEAR BUS STAND
  210 U65992KA2007PTC043001                                                                                 6/4/2007 MUDABIDRE MANGALORE TALUK Karnataka 574104
                                      BRIGADE CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             # 3 ,SAI ANUGRAHA, GROUND FLOOR, R.K.STREET,
  211 U65992KA2007PTC043625                                                                                8/17/2007 SESHADRIPURAM, BANGALORE Karnataka 560020
                                      POOJALAXMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               Shop No 4, 2nd Floor, A-Block USA complex, Coen Road Hubli
  212 U65992KA2007PTC043676                                                                                8/23/2007 Karnataka 580031
                                      SHARDI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              No. 104, 18TH MAIN, SHIVALAYA J C NAGAR, KURUBARAHALLI
  213 U65992KA2007PTC043741                                                                                8/30/2007 BANGALORE Karnataka 560086
                                      JAYAKANTHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               #170, ARABIC COLLEGE POST, 6TH CROSS RAMAKRISHNA
                                                                                                                     HEGDE NAGAR, NEAR POLICE QUARTERS BANGALORE
  214 U65992KA2007PTC043954                                                                                9/25/2007 Karnataka 560045
                                      KERALA EZHUTHACHAN CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                    FLAT NO.203, SRI DURGA APARTMENTS MALLESA PALAYA,
  215 U65992KA2007PTC044198                                                                               10/24/2007 NEW THIPPASANDRA BANGALORE Karnataka 560075
                                      UPPARATTI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                AT UPPARATTI POST MALADINNI , TALUKA GOKAK
  216 U65992KA2007PTC044414                                                                               11/19/2007 UPPARATTI Karnataka 591233
                                      SHREEMAAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                NO. 57, I FLOOR, I MAIN MAHALAKSHMI LAYOUT BANGALORE
  217 U65992KA2008PTC044956                                                                                1/16/2008 Karnataka 560086
                                      SHASHI KIRAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             NO. 1096, 1ST FLOOR, TRIVENI ROAD, K. N. EXTN.,
  218 U65992KA2008PTC044999                                                                                1/18/2008 YESWANTHPUR BANGALORE Karnataka 560022
                                      SAI LAXMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                NO. 3237, HOSPET GALLI GOKAK GOKAK Karnataka 591307
  219 U65992KA2008PTC045059                                                                                1/25/2008
                                      UTTARA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   NO.4059/4D, NAVBHARAT AUTO FINANCE CORPORATION PATIL
                                                                                                                     BUILDING , NEAR SARDAR HIGH SCHOOL GROUND RA
  220 U65992KA2008PTC045102                                                                                1/29/2008 BELGAUM Karnataka 590002
                                      SIDDARAMESHWARA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          NO 18, 33RD CROSS, 2ND BLOCK, RAJAJINAGAR
  221 U65992KA2008PTC045225                                                                                 2/8/2008 BANGALORE Karnataka 560010
                                      NIMMA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    NO. 296, BEHIND AMAR NURSING HOME, BASAVA COLONY,
  222 U65992KA2008PTC045366                                                                                2/22/2008 LINGASUGUR Karnataka 584122
                                      K V C CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    No. 47, XI CROSS, II MAIN, VIDYARANYAPURAM, MYSORE
  223 U65992KA2008PTC045390                                                                                2/25/2008 Karnataka 570008
                                      SHREE SHANIKRUPA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         NO. 32, RATHNAMMA BUILDING, CHIKKA BEGUR GATE KUDLU
  224 U65992KA2008PTC045454                                                                                2/29/2008 GATE, HOSUR ROAD BANGALORE Karnataka 560068
                                      MYSORE MYTHRI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            No.3601, BHYRAVA NILAYA, 19TH MAIN, 1ST CROSS,
                                                                                                                     VIJAYANAGAR 2ND STAGE, HINKAL POST. MYSORE
  225 U65992KA2008PTC045515                                                                                 3/6/2008 Karnataka 570017
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      RAJATHADRI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               154, SHIVAKRUPA, 1ST MAIN, KEMPE GOWDA LAYOUT
  226 U65992KA2008PTC045516                                                                                 3/6/2008 LAGGERE RING ROAD, BANGALORE Karnataka 560058
                                      VIJAYA KANTHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            No. 122, 5th Cross, Indiranagar, MYSORE Karnataka 570010
  227 U65992KA2008PTC045539                                                                                3/10/2008
                                      VEERBHADRESHWAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          SHIVSHANKAR PLAZA BELGAUM ROAD RAMDURG Karnataka
  228 U65992KA2008PTC045616                                                                                3/14/2008 591123
  229 U65992KA2008PTC045895           UGADI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           4/3/2008 317 MARIGUDI ROAD YELWAL MYSORE Karnataka 571130
                                      SRI AATHY ARASI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          3421, 7TH CROSS, 8TH MAIN, 15F BUS STOP, K.S.LAYOUT 2 ND
  230 U65992KA2008PTC046282                                                                                 5/2/2008 STAGE, BANGALORE Karnataka 560078
                                      SHREE AROODH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             H. NO. 704, BAGARPETH OLD HUBLI HUBLI Karnataka 580024
  231 U65992KA2008PTC046488                                                                                5/21/2008
                                      SREEOMKAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                69/A, 12TH CROSS MAHALAKSHMI LAYOUT, OPP SRINIVASA
  232 U65992KA2008PTC046614                                                                                5/30/2008 TEMPLE, BANGALORE Karnataka 560086
                                      SRI MALAI MAHADESHWARA (MYSORE) CHITS                                          610/F, P & T Block Panchamantra Road, Kuvempunagar Mysore
  233 U65992KA2008PTC046621           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      5/30/2008 Karnataka 570023
                                      NAGASHREE INVESTMENTS AND CHITS PRIVATE                                        No. 1427, 3rd Main, 3rd Cross 1st Stage, 2nd Phase, Chandralayout
  234 U65992KA2008PTC046635           LIMITED                                                               6/2/2008 BANGALORE Karnataka 560040
                                      KRITAPURA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                MALEKOPMATH BUILDING VAKIL CHAWL, SHANKARACHARYA
  235 U65992KA2008PTC046852                                                                                6/19/2008 ROAD GADAG Karnataka 582101
                                      RAALANCER CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 # 138, II FLOOR D.DEVARAJ URS ROAD MYSORE Karnataka
  236 U65992KA2008PTC046947                                                                                6/27/2008 570001
                                      SHASHVATH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                24/25, ARUNACHALA ROAD PAPAREDDY PALYA, NAGARBHAVI
  237 U65992KA2008PTC046979                                                                                 7/1/2008 2ND STAGE BANGALORE Karnataka 560072
                                      RUBISCO CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  No 2302/17, 3rd "B" Main, 4th Cross, 2nd Stage, Vijayanagar
  238 U65992KA2008PTC047164                                                                                7/15/2008 Bangalore Karnataka 560040
                                      BHAGYARAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                Ramanuja Complex, Ist Floor No.2104, 11th Cross, Kuvempunagar
  239 U65992KA2008PTC047390                                                                                 8/7/2008 CHANNAPATNA Karnataka 571501
                                      B.L.K. CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   MURTHY FINANCE, 1ST FLOOR, 2ND CROSS M G ROAD,
  240 U65992KA2008PTC047518                                                                                8/20/2008 GOWRIPET, KOLAR Karnataka 563101
                                      AMOOLYAKIRANA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            # 318/1, 1st FLOOR D.SUBBAIAH ROAD, CHAMARAJA MOHALLA
  241 U65992KA2008PTC047586                                                                                8/27/2008 MYSORE Karnataka 570024
                                      SAUDATTI YALLAMMA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                    SAUDATTI YALLAMMA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED PADKI ONI
  242 U65992KA2008PTC047962                                                                                10/7/2008 SAUDATTI Karnataka 591126
                                      CHINMAY CHITS (BELGAUM) PRIVATE LIMITED                                        KULGOD BUILDING OPP. PRAJAPIT BRAHM KUMARI ASHARAM
                                                                                                                     CTS NO. 9606 HOME NO. 7, MAIN ROAD MAHANTESH NAGAR
  243 U65992KA2008PTC047991                                                                               10/10/2008 BELGAUM Karnataka 590016
                                      SRI MARUTI SARAS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         NO.142/1-1, COCONUT AVENUE ROAD NEAR SRI RAMA CO-
                                                                                                                     OPERATIVE BANK, MALLESHWARAM BANGALORE Karnataka
  244 U65992KA2008PTC048028                                                                               10/16/2008 560003
                                      S G P CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    146/45 M J BUILDING 6TH C MAIN 4TH BLOCK JAYANAGAR
  245 U65992KA2008PTC048035                                                                               10/16/2008 BANGALORE Karnataka 560011
                                      KALPASHREE KALPATARU CHITS (KARNATAKA)                                         1ST FLOOR, ARADHYA BUILDINGS DEFODILS SCHOOL ROAD,
  246 U65992KA2008PTC048206           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      11/7/2008 LINGANNA LAYOUT, TIPTUR Karnataka 572202
                                      SRI GURUGANESH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           I FLOOR, T. NANJAPPA COMPLEX SUBHASH CIRCLE
  247 U65992KA2008PTC048326                                                                               11/19/2008 HOLENARASIPURA Karnataka 573211
                                      BASAVA CHITS ILKAL PRIVATE LIMITED                                             SHOP NO. 19, SVM COLLEGE COMPLEX BUS STAND ILKAL
  248 U65992KA2008PTC048363                                                                               11/20/2008 Karnataka 587125
                                      KEERTHIVARDHANA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          #1, 1st Floor, 2nd Cross, 3rd Phase, 5th Block, Bhuvaneswarinagar,
                                                                                                                     BSK III Stage, Bangalore Karnataka 560085
  249 U65992KA2008PTC048406                                                                               11/25/2008
                                      VIKATA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   L-350 SILVER TOWER OPPOSITE TO CLOAK TOWER
  250 U65992KA2008PTC048409                                                                               11/26/2008 MYSORE Karnataka 570001
                                      SUVERNLAXMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              NO. 142A GUBBIPETH, NEAR KANTI CIRCLE WARD NO. 2
  251 U65992KA2008PTC048482                                                                                12/2/2008 ILKAL Karnataka 587125
                                      PRAJWAL CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                              CTS NO. 908/II MAGI COMPLEX,NARAYAN TALKIES ROAD
  252 U65992KA2008PTC048580                                                                               12/11/2008 ILKAL Karnataka 587125
                                      SHRI ADILAXMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            CTS NO. 421, 1ST FLOOR, BELGAUM ROAD BAILHONGAL
  253 U65992KA2008PTC048714                                                                               12/24/2008 Karnataka 591102
                                      UDAYONMUKHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              GANDHI CHOUK NEAR S V M MATH MAIN ROAD ILKAL TALUKA
  254 U65992KA2009PTC048798                                                                                 1/5/2009 HUNGUND ILKAL Karnataka 587125
                                      KOUJALAGI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                NO. 219, KAUJALGI TALUKA GOKAK KAUJALAGI Karnataka
  255 U65992KA2009PTC048811                                                                                 1/6/2009 591227
                                      NIRAWANI CHITS PRIVATRE LIMITED                                                TMC NO. 918/B, NIRWANI BUILDING, KAREMMADEVI CIRCLE,
  256 U65992KA2009PTC048812                                                                                 1/6/2009 MUDALGI MUDALGI Karnataka 591312
                                      M N K CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    No. 565,11 th Cross, IV Main (Nagapura Main Road), Mahalakshmi
  257 U65992KA2009PTC048854                                                                                1/12/2009 Puram Bangalore Karnataka 560086
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      SBV CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      8/5, 1ST FLOOR, MAHALAXMIPURAM, BASAWESHWARANAGAR
                                                                                                                     LIC COLONY, NEAR CHORD ROAD HOSPITAL BANGALORE
  258 U65992KA2009PTC048861                                                                                1/13/2009 Karnataka 560079
                                      DAIVAJNA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            Housing Corporative Society Building, Vijayapura Main Road,
  259 U65992KA2009PTC048923                                                                                1/21/2009 Chikmagalur Karnataka 577101
                                      SRI VENKATALAXMI HARINI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                  No. 2/18/22, Ward No.11, Opp. A.P.M.C. R.G.Road,
  260 U65992KA2009PTC048960                                                                                1/27/2009 GANGAVATHI Karnataka 583227
                                      ENVOY CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                SOORYA PRABHA BUILDING MAIN ROAD BOLWAR PUTTUR
  261 U65992KA2009PTC048977                                                                                1/28/2009 Karnataka 574201
                                      MATHASHREE CHITS PRIVATE LIMTIED                                               JAMIYA SHOPPING COMPLEX, 1ST FLOOR SHOP NO.44,
  262 U65992KA2009PTC049000                                                                                1/29/2009 ISLAMPUR GANGAVATHI Karnataka 583227
                                      SHIVA SANGAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             NANDISHWAR COMPLEX, NEAR DAMBAL NAKA, KALASAPUR
  263 U65992KA2009PTC049087                                                                                 2/9/2009 ROAD, GADAG Karnataka 582103
                                      DEVIKRUPA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                NO.597, 10B CROSS, WEST OF CHORD ROAD 2ND STAGE,
  264 U65992KA2009PTC049159                                                                                2/17/2009 MAHALAXMIPURAM BANGALORE Karnataka 560086
                                      SHREE BAILHONGAL MAHALAXMI CHITS PRIVATE                                       METGUD COMPLEX NEAR MAHANTESHETTI HOSPITAL ROAD
  265 U65992KA2009PTC049230           LIMITED                                                              2/25/2009 BAILHONGAL Karnataka 591102
                                      THUSHAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  No.18, Adichunchanagiri Complex, Vijaynagar, Bangalore
  266 U65992KA2009PTC049355                                                                                3/12/2009 Karnataka 560040
                                      SAMPAT VARSHINI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     RAJAGURU ASHISH COMPLEX, MAHAVEER ROAD NEAR Dr
  267 U65992KA2009PTC049383                                                                                3/16/2009 KULLOLLI PETROL PUMP BIJAPUR Karnataka 586101
                                      H.S.K.V. CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 #379,NEETHI MARGA,SIDDARTHANAGR                MYSORE Karnataka
  268 U65992KA2009PTC049395                                                                                3/18/2009 570011
                                      SHRI RAMALINGESHWAR CHITS (GOKAK) PRIVATE                                      SINGLAPUR COMPLEX LET ROAD GOKAK Karnataka 591307
  269 U65992KA2009PTC049423           LIMITED                                                              3/23/2009
                                      SHRI NITYALAKSHMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        NO. 136/1, 1ST FLOOR, SINGH GARDEN MALLESWARAM
  270 U65992KA2009PTC049463                                                                                3/26/2009 BANGALORE Karnataka 560003
  271 U65992KA2009PTC049617           STAR ALLIANZ CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                   4/20/2009 NO. 17, SANKEY ROAD         BANGALORE Karnataka 560020
                                      VISHWA VIJETHA CHITS (KARNATAKA) PRIVATE                                       SHINY TOWERS, I Floor, Srinivasa Nursing Home Road
  272 U65992KA2009PTC049624           LIMITED                                                              4/20/2009 Shivakumara Swamy Cirlce Tumkur Karnataka 572102
                                      SNEHAJEEVI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               CTS NO. 3194/A BANASHANKARI COMPLEX BASAVESHWAR
  273 U65992KA2009PTC049641                                                                                4/21/2009 CIRCLE GOKAK Karnataka 591307
                                      SUVARNPRATIBHE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           BURNING COMPLEX, TABHAJ BUILDING II ND FLOOR
  274 U65992KA2009PTC049688                                                                                4/27/2009 RAVIWARPETH GOKAK Karnataka 591307
                                      SHRI VENKATESHWAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        NO 30, MARUTI COMPLEX, 2ND FLOOR LINE BAZAAR
  275 U65992KA2009PTC049876                                                                                5/18/2009 DHARWAD Karnataka 580001
  276 U65992KA2009PTC049878           MUDALGI SAMARTH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                5/18/2009 Main Road      Mudalgi Karnataka 591315
                                      SHIVANANDI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               BASAVANGUDI COMPLEX WARD NO. 2, BASAVANGUDI ILKAL
  277 U65992KA2009PTC049940                                                                                5/26/2009 Karnataka 587125
                                      OM SHIVABHAGIRATH CHITS GOKAK PRIVATE                                          SHOP NO. 2, PARASHURAM SHINGALAPUR COMPLEX BASAV
  278 U65992KA2009PTC050054           LIMITED                                                               6/5/2009 NAGAR GOKAK Karnataka 591307
                                      SHREYAS HIND CHITS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                       56/1, 3RD FLOOR, 9TH MAIN ,(OPP SAMSKRUTHI CONVENTION
                                                                                                                     HALL) 5TH BLOCK JAYANAGAR BANGALORE Karnataka
  279 U65992KA2009PTC050098                                                                                6/10/2009 560041
                                      WINLIFE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  WARD NO. 5, KANAKADAS CIRCLE, G G ROAD, KUSTAGI
  280 U65992KA2009PTC050101                                                                                6/10/2009 Karnataka 584121
                                      SHRI VAISHNAVILAXMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      NO. 7, MEZANINE FLOOR, ADITYA ARCADE, NEHRU NAGAR
  281 U65992KA2009PTC050102                                                                                6/10/2009 BELGAUM Karnataka 590010
                                      MSSR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     NO. 39/12, 2ND FLOOR, REMCO BHEL LAYOUT OPP. BTS
                                                                                                                     GUARAGE, VIJAYANAGAR BANGALORE Karnataka 560040
  282 U65992KA2009PTC050190                                                                                6/22/2009
                                      VIJAPUR UNNATI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           DHANASHETTY BUILDING, FIRST FLOOR SHAH PETH ROAD
  283 U65992KA2009PTC050379                                                                                7/14/2009 BIJAPUR Karnataka 586101
  284 U65992KA2009PTC050414           SHRI VARA MAHALAXMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                            7/17/2009 CS No. 237, Kirana Bazar    Bijapur Karnataka 586101
  285 U65992KA2009PTC050422           SHRI PANCHALINGESHAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                           7/17/2009 No. 2055/B, Munoli Taluka Saudatti Munoli Karnataka 591119
                                      SRI GANDAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               # 14, BALAJI CORNER, MARUTHI LAYOUT
                                                                                                                     DODDABIDARAKALLU, NAGASANDRA POST BANGALORE
  286 U65992KA2009PTC050512                                                                                7/29/2009 Karnataka 560073
                                      AAPTHA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                               740, 4TH E MAIN, 16TH CROSS, WEST OF CHORD ROAD,
  287 U65992KA2009PTC050515                                                                                7/30/2009 MAHALAKSHMIPURAM, BANGALORE Karnataka 560086
                                      SHRI CHAMARAJESWARA CHITS (KARNATAKA)                                          NO. 23-374, 2ND CROSS, SHANKARAPURA BADAVANE
                                      PRIVATE LIMITED                                                                CHAMARAJA NAGAR TOWN CHAMRAJANAGAR Karnataka
  288 U65992KA2009PTC050663                                                                                8/18/2009 571313
                                      GURUSIDDI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                D NO.13, FIRST FLOOR, 1ST MAIN ROAD MALLESHWARAM,
  289 U65992KA2009PTC050699                                                                                8/20/2009 OPP GANESH TEMPLE BANGALORE Karnataka 560003
                                      R.T.NAGAR CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           NO.115, 1ST FLOOR CBI ROAD, GANGANAGAR BANGALORE
  290 U65992KA2009PTC050741                                                                                8/25/2009 Karnataka 560024
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      CASPRIL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  G-15 'Luckey Paradise', opp. ICICI Bank 23rd cross, III Block,
  291 U65992KA2009PTC050767                                                                                8/28/2009 Jayanagar BANGALORE Karnataka 560011
                                      UDAYA RANGA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              Bharathi Complex, No 69, 21st Main, Opp- BDA Complex, BSK IInd
  292 U65992KA2009PTC050839                                                                                 9/3/2009 Stage, Banashankari Bangalore Karnataka 560070
                                      SRI BHAIRAVESWARA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                    NO 16 BTS 2ND MAIN ROAD 8TH MAIN SUNKAL FARM NEAR
                                                                                                                     ADUGODI MAIN POST OFFICE WILSON GARDEN BANGALORE
  293 U65992KA2009PTC050994                                                                                9/22/2009 Karnataka 560030
                                      SWASTIKHASSAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            I FLOOR, VIDYA BHAVAN BUILDING, OPP: BUS STAND,
  294 U65992KA2009PTC051088                                                                                10/5/2009 HASSAN Karnataka 573201
                                      SREE SAI SUMUKH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          NO. 2005 & 2006, 1ST FLOOR 1ST A MAIN, M C LAYOUT,
  295 U65992KA2009PTC051132                                                                                10/8/2009 VIJAYANAGAR BANGALORE Karnataka 560040
                                      SHREE RANGAA (KARNATAKA) CHITS PRIVATE                                         # 404/1, 8TH Main Road, Sadashiva Nagar, Bangalore Karnataka
  296 U65992KA2009PTC051144           LIMITED                                                              10/9/2009 560080
                                      SREE MAHAVISHNU CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          NO.11 & 12, 1st FLOOR , RAMCO LAYOUT,VIJAYANAGAR
  297 U65992KA2009PTC051198                                                                               10/14/2009 BANGALORE Karnataka 560040
                                      SRI SURAKSHA INDIA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       DRV Plaza, 1st Floor, B.V. Road, Near Old Bus Stand, Devanahalli
  298 U65992KA2009PTC051225                                                                               10/16/2009 Bangalore Karnataka 562110
                                      DEVINIDHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                Shop No. G 21/22, Yelameli Complex BLDE Road Bijapur
  299 U65992KA2009PTC051250                                                                               10/22/2009 Karnataka 586101
                                      SAI SRADHA CHITS GADAG PRIVATE LIMITED                                         1st Cross, Panchaxari Nagar, Near KVSR Collage Shri P.B.Kambi
  300 U65992KA2009PTC051331                                                                               10/30/2009 Complex GADAG Karnataka 582101
                                      KALARICKAL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               NO.20, 13TH CROSS, K.H.B.ROAD,OPP.HOUSING BOARD
                                                                                                                     COLONY, MANURAYAPPA PALYA, R T NAGAR, BANGALORE
  301 U65992KA2009PTC051402                                                                                11/9/2009 Karnataka 560032
                                      SAI KIRAN CHITS (KHANAPUR) PRIVATE LIMITED                                       AT BIDI, TALUKA KHANAPUR           KHANAPUR Karnataka 591106
  302 U65992KA2009PTC051426                                                                               11/10/2009
                                      HASTI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 'Navkar' No.11-1-25/c M.G.Chowk      RAICHUR Karnataka 584101
  303 U65992KA2009PTC051435                                                                               11/11/2009
                                      M.V.G CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    NO. 164, 4TH MAIN ROAD 7TH CROSS, CHAMRAJPET
  304 U65992KA2009PTC051455                                                                               11/12/2009 BANGALORE Karnataka 560018
                                      PERUMALL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 DOOR NO-4231/4, VINAYA COMPLEX, NAVALI ROAD, BESIDE
                                                                                                                     GOVERNMENT COLLEGE, GANGAVATHI TALUK KARATAGI
  305 U65992KA2009PTC051509                                                                               11/16/2009 Karnataka 583229
                                      PANCHA AISHWARYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         # 18, 2ND FLOOR, PARVATHI COMPLEX, SANTHUSA PET,
  306 U65992KA2009PTC051573                                                                               11/20/2009 CHICKPET CROSS, BANGALORE Karnataka 560053
                                      KALLOLI CHITFUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              HO. NO. 1696, AT PO. KALLOLI TL GOKAK KALLOLI Karnataka
  307 U65992KA2009PTC051585                                                                               11/23/2009 591224
                                      VASAVIKHANNIKA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           NO.3, 2ND FLOOR, SUNDARA MUDLIAR STREET, ULSOOR,
  308 U65992KA2009PTC051623                                                                               11/25/2009 BANGALORE Karnataka 560008
                                      KAVERI KALPATARU CHITS (KARNATAKA) PRIVATE                                     KUREN COMPLEX T.B.ROAD KADUR Karnataka 577548
  309 U65992KA2009PTC051697           LIMITED                                                              12/2/2009
                                      SHRI SUBHALAXMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          RS NO. 70/4, PLOT NO. 5, 1ST FLOOR, OPP RELIENCE PETROL
                                                                                                                     PUMP, NEW SAMBRA ROAD, GANDHI NAGAR BELGAUM
  310 U65992KA2010PTC052132                                                                                1/11/2010 Karnataka 590016
                                      GOPALAKRISHNA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       No.5,G.K Royalite, 3rd Floor, 50 Feet Road,HanumathNagar.
  311 U65992KA2010PTC052412                                                                                 2/8/2010 Bangalore Karnataka 560050
                                      SLANS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    NO 126 2ND CRS KEMPEGOWDANAGAR MAIN ROAD
  312 U65992KA2010PTC052420                                                                                 2/8/2010 BANGALORE Karnataka 560019
                                      GAVI SHRI CHITS (KARNATAKA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                    V. K. SAJJAN COMPLEX JAWAHAR ROAD KOPPAL Karnataka
  313 U65992KA2010PTC052435                                                                                 2/9/2010 583231
                                      GAJAVEERA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                # 76/1, MANISHA, I FLOOR, I A CROSS, I STAGE, INDIRANAGAR
  314 U65992KA2010PTC052505                                                                                2/14/2010 BANGALORE Karnataka 560038
                                      YARGATTIJYOTI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            NO. 1155/1/2 GANAGI COMPLEX, SAVADATTI ROAD,
  315 U65992KA2010PTC052528                                                                                2/15/2010 YARAGATTI Karnataka 591127
                                      SREE SHAKTHI MOOKAMBIKA CHITS BANGALORE                                        NO.26, THIMMAYA BUILDING,1ST FLOOR, MARUTHI NAGAR,
                                      PRIVATE LIMITED                                                                NAGARABHAVI MAIN ROAD,CHANDRA LAYOUT BANGALORE
  316 U65992KA2010PTC052560                                                                                2/17/2010 Karnataka 560072
                                      SHREESHAILA MALLIKARJUNA CHITS PRIVATE                                         SRI GIRI MAHAVEERA RASTHE GANDHINAGAR TUMKUR
  317 U65992KA2010PTC052631           LIMITED                                                              2/22/2010 Karnataka 572102
                                      BAGEWADI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 G P NO. 2545 BELGAUM ROAD, AT POST HIREBAGEWADI
  318 U65992KA2010PTC052823                                                                                3/10/2010 BAGEWADI Karnataka 591109
                                      PATSON CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   A WING , 1ST FLOOR M G BHAVAN, COLLEGE ROAD
  319 U65992KA2010PTC053033                                                                                3/29/2010 BELGAUM Karnataka 590001
                                      SAHAKARA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 No.32, 1ST FLOOR, 80TH CROSS, KUMARASWAMY LAYOUT,
                                                                                                                     NEAR BEERESHWARA TEMPLE, BANGALORE Karnataka
  320 U65992KA2010PTC053140                                                                                 4/6/2010 560078
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      S J M CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    No.620, 1ST FLOOR, ANJANEYA TEMPLE STREET, V.V. PURAM,
  321 U65992KA2010PTC053181                                                                                4/12/2010 BANGALORE Karnataka 560004
                                      CANAAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   No. 156/8-C, 19th Cross, Vysya Bank Colony Hulimavu,
  322 U65992KA2010PTC053187                                                                                4/12/2010 Banneraghatta Road Bangalore Karnataka 560076
                                      SRI SAI SHAKTI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           #7, Srinivasa Complex, Beside Brindavana Hotel Near Bus Stand
  323 U65992KA2010PTC053473                                                                                 5/4/2010 GANGAVATHI Karnataka 583227
                                      OMSAI RAMAKRISHNA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        HOTEL WELCOME, OPP. OLD BUS STAND, BANK ROAD,
  324 U65992KA2010PTC053770                                                                                5/25/2010 GADAG Karnataka 582101
                                      SUDINA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   # 3, OM SHAKTI TEMPLE MAIN ROAD, HEGGENAHALLI CROSS,
  325 U65992KA2010PTC053984                                                                                 6/8/2010 VISHWANEEDAM POST, BANGALORE Karnataka 560091
                                      DINAKAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  SRI KRISHNA COMPLEX, 2ND FLOOR, BHUVANESHARI NAGAR
                                                                                                                     HESARAGHATTA MAIN ROAD, BANGALORE Karnataka 560057
  326 U65992KA2010PTC054300                                                                                6/30/2010
                                      ASHWINI UMESH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            'ASHWINIUMESH ARCAD', #.342/370/1,B G S ROAD, BIDADI,
                                                                                                                     BIDADI HOBLI, RAMANAGAR TQ BANGALORE Karnataka
  327 U65992KA2010PTC054314                                                                                 7/1/2010 562109
                                      SAI PRASANNA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             ATHANI BUILDING, NEAR SHARADA LODGE STATION ROAD
  328 U65992KA2010PTC054820                                                                                8/18/2010 BAGALKOT Karnataka 587101
                                      SRI HANUMAGIRI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           NO.1337, 1ST FLOOR, 9TH MAIN, 2ND STAGE, 9TH BLOCK,
  329 U65992KA2010PTC054825                                                                                8/18/2010 NAGARBHAVI BANGALORE Karnataka 560078
                                      SHRI GOKAK LAXMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         SINGALAPUR COMPLEX, IST CROSS VIVEKANAND NAGAR
  330 U65992KA2010PTC054835                                                                                8/18/2010 GOKAK Karnataka 591307
                                      SRIMANCHAMMA CHITS & FINANCE PRIVATE                                           NO 144/A, 2 ND BLOCK, T R NAGAR BANGALORE Karnataka
  331 U65992KA2010PTC055082           LIMITED                                                               9/7/2010 560028
                                      KANTESH CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             NO:26, C/o. GEETA TRADING COMPANY,FIRST FLOOR,APMC
  332 U65992KA2010PTC055144                                                                                9/15/2010 YARD, RAMDURG Karnataka 591123
                                      SHRI MURUGARAJENDRA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      NO. 4834/3, SHOP NO. 2 SHIVPLAZA APMC MAIN ROAD,
  333 U65992KA2010PTC055223                                                                                9/20/2010 SADASHIV NAGAR BELGAUM Karnataka 590002
                                      CHIKODI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  SHOP NO. 3, BASWESHWAR COMPLEX GURUWARPETH
  334 U65992KA2010PTC055247                                                                                9/21/2010 CHIKODI Karnataka 591202
                                      KUDLA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    NO.1-151/40 CEE PEE COMPLEX N.H. 48 KAPITHANIO ROAD
  335 U65992KA2010PTC055406                                                                                10/5/2010 PUMPWELL MANGALORE Karnataka 575002
                                      ONENESS CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             PLOT NO 6538, BASAVA GURUKUL, ANJANEY NAGAR DOUBLE
  336 U65992KA2010PTC055519                                                                               10/18/2010 ROAD BELGAUM Karnataka 590016
                                      YSSG CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     NO.19, 9TH CROSS, MARUTHI NAGAR, MADESHWARANAGAR
                                                                                                                     MAIN ROAD, VISHWANEEDAM POST, BANGALORE Karnataka
  337 U65992KA2010PTC055521                                                                               10/18/2010 560091
                                      CBS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      CBS OFFSET PRINTING PRESS S B REDDY COMPLEX GANDHI
  338 U65992KA2010PTC055609                                                                               10/22/2010 CHOWK GANGAVATI Karnataka 583227
                                      DASARAHALLI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              # 85, NELAGADARANAHALLI, DASARAHALLI CORPORATION
  339 U65992KA2010PTC055870                                                                               11/15/2010 BANGALORE NORTH BANGALORE Karnataka 560073
                                      MUDDEBIHAL VIKAS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         SHOP NO. 2, 1ST FLOOR, VIJAYAMAHANTESH MANGAL
  340 U65992KA2010PTC055917                                                                               11/19/2010 BHAVAN COMPLEX MUDDEBIHAL Karnataka 586212
                                      HAWAMALLINATH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            TADAKOD BUILDING, GURUWAR PETH GOKAK GOKAK
  341 U65992KA2010PTC055966                                                                               11/24/2010 Karnataka 591307
                                      VS MYSORE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                NO. 196, 1ST FLOOR, SBI MAIN ROAD NEAR SURYA BAKERY,
  342 U65992KA2010PTC056003                                                                               11/25/2010 HEBBAL MYSORE Karnataka 570016
                                      KEERTHI PRASAD CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           No. 8, 5th Cross, Sarakki Main Road, J.P. Nagar 1st Phase
  343 U65992KA2010PTC056024                                                                               11/26/2010 Bangalore Karnataka 560072
                                      BHAGYODAYA CHITS AND TRADERS PRIVATE                                           CTS NO 3200\A\32 (RENTED) BUS STAND ROAD GOKAK
  344 U65992KA2010PTC056030           LIMITED                                                             11/26/2010 Karnataka 591307
                                      KOUSTUBHA CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 NO.999/13, KVM COMPLEX,5TH A CROSS, 2ND FLOOR, 1ST
                                                                                                                     BLOCK, HRBR LAYOUT, BANASAWADI OUTER RING ROAD
  345 U65992KA2010PTC056267                                                                               12/20/2010 BANGALORE Karnataka 560043
                                      KANAKALAKSHMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              # 2, KUTEER'S ARCADE, NEAR INDIAN BANK 17TH 'A' MAIN, 6TH
                                                                                                                       BLOCK, KORAMANGALA BENGALURU Karnataka 560095
  346 U65992KA2010PTC056360                                                                               12/27/2010
                                      KALPESH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  NO. 543/1, SONAR GALLI MADHAVAPUR VADAGOAV
  347 U65992KA2010PTC056396                                                                               12/29/2010 BELGAUM Karnataka 590005
                                      GOKAVI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   SHOP NO. 2, 1ST FLOOR, PRABHUNATTI BUILDING
                                                                                                                     GURUWARPETH, NEAR GOMBI GUDI GOKAK Karnataka
  348 U65992KA2011PTC056647                                                                                1/18/2011 591307
                                      SRI MUKTHA KARNATAKA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     239, 5th Main,1st stage, 1st Phase Basaveshwar Nagar Near Modi
  349 U65992KA2011PTC056692                                                                                1/19/2011 hopital Bangalore Karnataka 560010
                                      SHRI BANASHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             MANGALWAR PETH BANAHATTI, TALIKA JAMKHANDI
  350 U65992KA2011PTC056779                                                                                1/24/2011 BANAHATTI Karnataka 587311
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      VARADANESHWARI CHITS (BELGAUM) PRIVATE                                         1st Floor, CTS 3503/B,Hadgal Mansion, Narvekar Galli Belgaum
  351 U65992KA2011PTC056784           LIMITED                                                              1/24/2011 Karnataka 590001
                                      SANKRANTHI CHITS FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                          NO.20, I FLOOR, REDDY JANASANGHA BUILDING B D ROAD,
  352 U65992KA2011PTC056840                                                                                1/27/2011 CHITRADURGA Karnataka 577501
                                      SHREE SARVADNYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          VP NO. 253, MIAN ROAD,MRUTHUNJYA CIRCLE GHATPRABHA
  353 U65992KA2011PTC057024                                                                                2/11/2011 GOKAK Karnataka 591306
                                      SPIDER CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   543/I, 543/II Sonar Galli. Madawapur Vadagoan Belgaum
  354 U65992KA2011PTC057064                                                                                2/11/2011 Karnataka 590005
                                      DISHA CHITS COMPANY KARNATAKA PRIVATE                                          CTS NO. 1310, 2ND FLOOR, KAMAL PLAZA, TILAK CHOWK,
  355 U65992KA2011PTC057106           LIMITED                                                              2/14/2011 BELGAUM Karnataka 590001
                                      DHAVALAM CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                             No.52, Iyengar Layout, 3rd Cross, Ganapathi Nagar, Peenya,
  356 U65992KA2011PTC057267                                                                                2/25/2011 Bangalore Karnataka 560058
                                      SHRI CHARMURTHESHWAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     V. P. 656/A MAMDAPUR TAL GOKAK MAMADAPUR Karnataka
  357 U65992KA2011PTC057361                                                                                 3/4/2011 591233
                                      JAYASIMHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                KOLAKI BUILDING HOSPET GALLI, NEAR VITHAL MANDIR
  358 U65992KA2011PTC057547                                                                                3/11/2011 GOKAK Karnataka 591307
                                      PARK VIEW CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           NO.8, LAKSHMI NIVAS WEST PARK ROAD, KUMARA PARK EAST
  359 U65992KA2011PTC057552                                                                                3/11/2011 BANGALORE Karnataka 560001
                                      SHRI VEERASHAIV CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          H. NO. 1456, SHIVARATNA COMPLEX SUBHASH ROAD
  360 U65992KA2011PTC057614                                                                                3/15/2011 SANKESHWAR Karnataka 591313
                                      SHRI SIDDHARUDH CHITS (GOKAK) PRIVATE                                          BEHIND BANASHANKARI TEMPLE MARATHA GALLI GOKAK
  361 U65992KA2011PTC057617           LIMITED                                                              3/15/2011 Karnataka 591307
                                      MAMADAPUR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                V P NO. 478, BAZAR ROAD, MAMADAPUR GOKAK Karnataka
  362 U65992KA2011PTC057644                                                                                3/16/2011 591233
                                      NARS PATIL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               SHOP NO. A-203,203, FIRST FLOOR SANGANABASAVA
  363 U65992KA2011PTC057672                                                                                3/17/2011 SHOPPING COMPLEX, SS ROAD BIJAPUR Karnataka 586101
                                      SRI AMOGHASIDDESHWAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     119,Ground Floor,Shri Sangana Basaveshwar Swamiji Banthanal
  364 U65992KA2011PTC057715                                                                                3/18/2011 Shopping Complex Bijapur Karnataka 586101
  365 U65992KA2011PTC057748           MURUGESH N CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     3/21/2011 MUTALIK BUILDING M G ROAD BIJAPUR Karnataka 586101
                                      JAMAKHANDI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               CTS NO 1638 NEAR HANUMAN CHOWK, K C MARKET
  366 U65992KA2011PTC057940                                                                                3/31/2011 JAMAKHANDI Karnataka 587301
                                      SHRI SHIVA BASAV CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         CTS NO. 1982, WARD NO. 4, SANGAMESHWAR STREET
  367 U65992KA2011PTC057944                                                                                3/31/2011 HUNAGUND Karnataka 587118
                                      RAJAN CHIT FUND AND FINANCE COMPANY                                            THE MALL SOLAN SOLAN Punjab
  368 U65992PB1971PTC003017           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                       6/3/1971
                                      AVTAR CHIT FUND AND INVESTMENT CO P LTD                                        INSIDE LALA LAJPAT RAIMARKIT G T ROAD KHANNA
  369 U65992PB1976PTC003711                                                                               12/29/1976 PUNJAB Punjab 141401
                                      AKASH FINANCE AND CHIT FUND CO PRIVATE                                         CHEEL MANDI AMRITSAR AMRITSAR Punjab
  370 U65992PB1982PTC005173           LIMITED                                                             11/17/1982
                                      PUNJAB CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   SHOP NO 5 IST FLOORPANDIT DEEN DAYAL UPADHAYA
  371 U65992PB1985PTC006580                                                                               12/17/1985 MARKET BHANDARI BRIDGE ASR PUNJAB Punjab
                                      SHAKUN CHIT FUND AND LEASING LIMITED                                           BEHAL NIWAS ADJOININGSUNDER CINEMA DISTT SOLAN
  372 U65992HP1987PLC007878                                                                               12/22/1987 HIMACHAL PRADESH Himachal Pradesh 173211
  373 U65992CH1989PLC008977           DYNAMIC SCRIPS LIMITED                                               1/16/1989 H NO 1126SECTOR 21 B          CHANDIGARH Chandigarh
  374 U65992PB1989PTC009012           UMAT CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           1/25/1989 49 KENNEDY AVENUE AMRITSAR Punjab 143001
                                      SUBLIME CHIT FUND COMPANY PVT LTD                                              27-SEHAJ ENCLAVE MAJITHA ROAD            AMRITSAR Punjab
  375 U65992PB1990PTC010325                                                                                4/23/1990 143001
                                      SUNLINE CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                              KHUSHI KUNJJAUNAJI ROAD SOLAN HIMACHAL PRADESH
  376 U65992HP2000PTC023602                                                                                4/11/2000 Himachal Pradesh 173212
                                      APRAJITA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 13 M C COMPLEXMIDDLE BAZAR SHIMLA HIMACHAL
  377 U65992HP2001PTC024441                                                                                 6/1/2001 PRADESH Himachal Pradesh
                                      VARINDER CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                             HOUSE NO 40 BANSAL BHAWANMADHUBAN COLONY
                                                                                                                     HOSPITAL ROAD SOLAN HIMACHAL PRADESH Himachal
  378 U65992HP2005PTC027852                                                                                1/17/2005 Pradesh
                                      VIBHU PANKAJ CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                        # 40 BANSAL HOUSEMADHUBAN COLONY HOSPITAL ROAD
  379 U65992HP2005PTC027909                                                              1/28/2005 SOLAN HP Himachal Pradesh
                                      DEV BHOOMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                              204,M.C. SOLAN WN.13,BN 31 TEHSIL SOLAN ,DISTT. SOLAN
  380 U65992HP2007PTC030608                                                              1/22/2007 SOLAN Himachal Pradesh 173212
                                      PURASAWAKAM SANTHATHA SANGA NIDHI LIMITED                     NO.49, VELLALA STREET PURASAWALKAM CHENNAI Tamil
  381 U65992TN1879PLC001971                                                     06/06/1879          Nadu 600084
                                      PURASAWALKAM DHANA VARDHANA SASWATHA                          2, KRISHNAPPA MUDALI STREET., PURASALWAKAM,
  382 U65992TN1896PLC001973           NIDHI LIMITED                             08/04/1896          MADRAS Tamil Nadu 600084
                                      PURASAWAKUM PERMANENT FUND LIMITED                            173 VELLALA ST PURASAIWALKAM CHENNAI Tamil Nadu
  383 U65992TN1922PLC001974                                                              9/11/1922 600084
                                      THE MADURA MERCANTILE BANK LIMITED                            NO.16,WEST BUTTAMAR ST,MADURA        MADURA Tamil Nadu
  384 U65992TN1943PLC001741                                                                5/7/1943
  385 U65992TN1944PTC000058           SHREE MAHAVEER FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                12/8/1944 156 TRIPLICANE HIGH ROAD      CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600005
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      AKKUR FINANCAL CHIT CORPN PRIVATE LIMITED                                        1/81,GANDHI STREET,AKKUR P.O.THANKAVUR DISTT.
                                                                                                                       THANKAVUR DISTT. THANKAVUR DISTT. Tamil Nadu 609301
  386 U65992TN1950PTC000153                                                                               10/25/1950
                                      PATCO NOMINEES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 48 VANGUARD HOUSESECOND LINE BEACH CHENNAI 1
  387 U65992TN1955PTC002033                                                                                6/28/1955 CHENNAI 1 Tamil Nadu 600001
                                      THE NEW ORIENTAL CHIT FUNDS TIRUNELVELI                                        MADRAS      Tamil Nadu
  388 U65992TN1956PLC001902           LIMITED                                                               4/1/1956
                                      AMBATTUR SASWATHA NIDHI LTD                                                    2, RAMACHANDRAN STREET,AMBATTUR, MADRAS-53.
                                                                                                                     AMBATTUR, MADRAS-53. AMBATTUR, MADRAS-53. Tamil
  389 U65992TN1962PLC004734                                                                                2/23/1962 Nadu 600053
                                      KUMBAKONAM DIOCESAN CATHOLICS PERMANENT                                        59/13, 3RD CROSSPARAMASIVAPURAM, LALGUDI POST, ,
  390 U65992TN1972PLC006109           FUNDS LTD                                                            2/11/1972 TRICHY. , TRICHY. Tamil Nadu
                                      KOVILPATTI EVEREST CHIT FUNDS & TRADING CO.                                    9, CATHOLIC CENTRE, MAIN ROAD,KOVILPATTI KOVILPATTI
  391 U65992TN1972PTC006149           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      4/10/1972 KOVILPATTI Tamil Nadu 628501
                                      RAMAN CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               NO.66, 3RD CROSS ROAD,BHARATHI NAGAR, AMBATTUR,
  392 U65992TN1972PTC006190                                                                                 7/7/1972 CHENNAI-600 053 CHENNAI-600 053 Tamil Nadu
                                      BLUE MOUNTAIN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            NO 200 THAMBU CHETTY STREETMADRAS-1. MADRAS-1.
  393 U65992TN1972PTC006201                                                                                7/22/1972 MADRAS-1. Tamil Nadu 600001
                                      GIRI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                ROOM NO. 7, 1ST FLOOR, OLD NO.128, NEW NO.255,
  394 U65992TN1973PTC006317                                                                                 3/1/1973 GOVINDAPPA NAICK STREET CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600001
                                      SREE GOKULAM CHIT & FINANCE CO PRIVATE                                         11/11-A, MUTHUGRAMANI STREETMYLOPORE, MADRAS-4.
                                      LIMITED                                                                        MYLOPORE, MADRAS-4. MYLOPORE, MADRAS-4. Tamil Nadu
  395 U65992TN1975PTC006995                                                                                9/29/1975 600004
                                      KANDAN MUTUAL BENEFIT FUND LTD.                                                KANDAN BHAVAN7 MENOD STREET PURASAWALKAM
  396 U65992TN1979PLC007717                                                                                 2/8/1979 CHENNAI 7 Tamil Nadu 600007
                                      ARUL NIDHI LIMITED                                                             1, PONNIAMMANKOIL ROAD, EGMORE, MADRAS Tamil Nadu
  397 U65992TN1979PLC007736                                                                                2/26/1979 600008
                                      RAJAPALAYAM SRI BALAJI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                      139/2, GANDHI NAGARKALAIMANDRAM ROAD RAJAPALAYAM
  398 U65992TN1979PTC007758           LIMITED                                                              3/16/1979 RAJAPALAYAM Tamil Nadu 626117
                                      SRI PARANJOTHI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                       67, BHAGAVATHI AMMANKOOIL ST.,THENI, MADURAI DT.,
  399 U65992TN1979PTC007778                                                                                3/31/1979 THENI, MADURAI DT., TAMIL NADU Tamil Nadu 625531
                                      SREEDEIVAJOTHI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                       64, JAGANNATHA MUDALY ST.,THENI, MADURAI DT., THENI,
  400 U65992TN1979PTC007780                                                                                3/31/1979 MADURAI DT., THENI, MADURAI DT., Tamil Nadu 625531
                                      SREE MALATHI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                         M.S.V. SWAMI KALAI NADAR LINE,NO.3 JAGANATHA MUDALY
                                                                                                                     ST., THENI, MADURAI. THENI, MADURAI. Tamil Nadu 625531
  401 U65992TN1979PTC007781                                                                                3/31/1979
                                      ADAYAR MUTUAL BENEFIT FUND LIMITED                                             NO.19,II CANAL CROSS ROAD,,GANDH NAGAR,ADYAR MADRAS
  402 U65992TN1980PLC008255                                                                                5/14/1980 ,GANDH NAGAR,ADYAR,MADRAS Tamil Nadu
                                      THE AMINJIKARAI BENEFIT FUND LTD                                               NO.215, I FLOOR,KANNAPPAN ST. AYYAVOO COLONY
                                                                                                                     AMINJIKARAI, CHENNAI-600 029 CHENNAI-600 029 Tamil Nadu
  403 U65992TN1980PLC008337                                                                                7/14/1980 600029
                                      SAGOTHRAM HOUSING FINANCE & FINANCIAL AND                                        722, II A, PALU SPRINGS,, ANNA NAGAR EAST            MADRAS Tamil
                                      MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY SERVICES LIMITE                                           Nadu 600102
  404 U65992TN1984PLC011009                                                                                7/11/1984
                                      MAYILADUTHURAI RAMU CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                         26A TOWN EXTENSION MAYILADUTHURAI Tamil Nadu
  405 U65992TN1984PTC011027           LIMITED                                                              7/19/1984 600001
                                      SRI NAMAGIRI LAKSHMI CHIT FUND PRIVATE                                         25,NEW STREET,KARUR,TRICHY DT.25,NEW STREET,KARUR
                                      LIMITED                                                                        TRICHY DT. 25,NEW STREET,KARUR,TRICHY DT. 25,NEW
  406 U65992TN1984PTC011062                                                                                 8/9/1984 STREET,KARUR,TRICHY DT. Tamil Nadu 639001
                                      SRI MUTHALA PARAMESWARI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                     23,IST FLOOR,KASUKKADAIBAZAAR,RAMANATHA-PURAM
                                      LIMITED                                                                        RAMNAD BAZAAR,RAMANATHA-PURAM,RAMNAD
  407 U65992TN1984PTC011112                                                                                8/24/1984 BAZAAR,RAMANATHA-PURAM,RAMNAD Tamil Nadu 623501
                                      VETRI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               33,SIVA COMPLEX, STRINGERS STREET, CHENNAI Tamil
  408 U65992TN1984PTC011117                                                                                8/28/1984 Nadu 600108
                                      SRI PRAKASH CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                          WARD NO.13,DOOR NO.136, MAINBAZAR,GUDALUR THENI
  409 U65992TN1984PTC011145                                                                                9/10/1984 DISTRICT THENI DISTRICT Tamil Nadu 625518
                                      SHRIRAM HOUSING FINANCE AND DEVELOPMENT                                        123,ANGAPPA NAICKEN STREETCHENNAI-1 CHENNAI-1
  410 U65992TN1985PLC011741           COMPANY LTD                                                          4/10/1985 CHENNAI-1 Tamil Nadu 600001
                                      BODI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED.                                               5/74,EAST RAJA STREET,BODINAYAKANUR-626513
                                                                                                                     UTHAMAPALAYAM,MADURAI DIST
  411 U65992TN1985PTC011857                                                                                5/16/1985 UTHAMAPALAYAM,MADURAI DIST Tamil Nadu 625513
                                      STERLING CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 HANGING GARDENS, NO.14,VIDYODAYA IST CROSS ST,
  412 U65992TN1985PTC011931                                                                                6/11/1985 T.NAGAR, CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600017
                                      TAMILNADU VISWAKARMA MUTUAL BENEFIT FUND                                       IST FLOOR,227, CHINNAKADAI STREET, MADURAI 625 001.
  413 U65992TN1985PLC012000           LIMITED                                                               7/9/1985 MADURAI 625 001. Tamil Nadu 625001
                                      PAMMAL MAKKAL NALA FUND LTD                                                    3, 4TH CROSS STLIC COLONY CHENNAI 75 LIC COLONY
  414 U65992TN1985PLC012170                                                                                8/29/1985 CHENNAI 75    CHENNAI 75 Tamil Nadu 600075
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      AMUDA SURABI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        NO 63 SHAKANJI BAZAAR KALAVAI ROAD ARCOT Tamil Nadu
  415 U65992TN1985PTC012195                                                                                9/11/1985 632503
                                      RAMNAD SRI OM SAKTHI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                        NO.123C, DEVIPATTINAM ROAD, KENIKARAI
  416 U65992TN1985PTC012294           LIMITED.                                                            10/16/1985 RAMANATHAPURAM Tamil Nadu 623501
                                      SRI MOOGAMBIGAI BENEFIT SOCIETY LIMITED                                        NEW NO.32, OLD NO.36 DEWAN RAMA ROAD PURASAWALKAM
  417 U65992TN1985PLC012428                                                                               11/29/1985 CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600084
                                      SREE SARAVANA BHAVA CHITS AND FINANCE                                          A.P. 630 H.BLOCK 13TH STREET12 TH MAIN ROAD ANNANAGAR
                                      PRIVATE LIMITED                                                                WEST MADRAS-40 WEST MADRAS-40 Tamil Nadu
  418 U65992TN1986PTC013650                                                                                11/5/1986
                                      SURANA BENEFIT FUND LIMITED                                                    NO.14, MANIAM KANDASAMY STREETTINDIVANAM,
  419 U65992TN1996PLC047191                                                                                 1/5/1996 VIZHUPURAM - 1. VIZHUPURAM - 1. Tamil Nadu
                                      ELVIN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    12-81-A, OPP.TO POLICE STATIONASARIPALLAM JUNCTION
                                                                                                                     (VIA) NAGERCOIL - 629 201. KANYAKUMARI DISTRICT. Tamil
  420 U65992TN1999PTC041696                                                                                 1/6/1999 Nadu 629201
                                      SRI JAMBULINGAM CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       ROOM NO.2 & 3, PLOT NO.20,SUNDARAM BUILDINGS, SHASTRI
                                                                                                                       ROAD, THENNUR, TIRUCHY - 17. Tamil Nadu 600017
  421 U65992TN1999PTC042016                                                                                 3/8/1999
                                      SRI VIGNESHGURU CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          24, GANDHI STREETPETHANIAPURAM MADURAI-16.
  422 U65992TN1999PTC042121                                                                                3/23/1999 MADURAI-16. Tamil Nadu 625016
                                      A.S.N.S.CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  NO.6, BREWEARY ROAD, EXTENSSIONO.6, BREWEARY ROAD
                                                                                                                     EXTENSSIO SHENOY NAGAR, CHENNAI600 030. SHENOY
  423 U65992TN1999PTC042269                                                                                4/13/1999 NAGAR, CHENNAI600 030. Tamil Nadu 600030
                                      ANTON CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                37, P.S.K. RAJA STREETSHENOY NAGAR SHENOY NAGAR
  424 U65992TN1999PTC042636                                                                                6/11/1999 MADURAI - 625 020. Tamil Nadu 625020
                                      V.F.C.CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               NO.12THATHAMUTHIAPPAN STREET THATHAMUTHIAPPAN
  425 U65992TN1999PTC042674                                                                                6/18/1999 STREET CHENNAI - 600 001. Tamil Nadu
                                      KATHIRESAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               NO.75, L.B. ROAD,ADYAR, ADYAR, CHENNAI - 600 020. Tamil
  426 U65992TN1999PTC042676                                                                                6/18/1999 Nadu 600020
                                      MARIS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    127, JAWAHAR BAZAAR127, JAWAHAR BAZAAR 127, JAWAHAR
  427 U65992TN1999PTC042856                                                                                7/16/1999 BAZAAR KARUR. 639 001. Tamil Nadu
                                      THIRUVIDAIMARUDUR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        NO.45, EAST STREET,THIRUVIDAIMARUDUR
                                                                                                                     THIRUVIDAIMARUDUR THIRUVIDAIMARUDUR Tamil Nadu
  428 U65992TN1999PTC042919                                                                                7/26/1999 612104
                                      THANGAALAGAR CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        183, FIRST FLOOR SOUTH MASI STREET MADURAI Tamil
  429 U65992TN1999PTC043031                                                                                8/18/1999 Nadu 625001
                                      MEKALAI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  NO.1, 20TH STREET,KAMARAJAR NAGAR, THIRUVANMIYUR,
  430 U65992TN1999PTC043136                                                                                 9/9/1999 CHENNAI - 600 041. Tamil Nadu 600041
                                      SRI BILVA MANGALA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                   "KJR SHOPPING"44/27 CHOKKAPPA NAICKAN STREET FIRST
  431 U65992TN1999PTC043198                                                                                9/20/1999 FLOOR, MADURAI. MADURAI Tamil Nadu 625001
                                      ANNAMALAI CHIT FUNDS (TRICHY) PRIVATE LIMITED                                  4-A/7, MADURAI ROAD,I FLOOR, TRICHY - 8. TRICHY - 620
  432 U65992TN1999PTC043320                                                                               10/11/1999 008. Tamil Nadu 620008
                                      WELLSHINE CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           B-101 HARIHAR RESIDENCY 20 MANNARPURAM MAIN ROAD
  433 U65992TN2000PTC044007                                                                                1/25/2000 TRICHY Tamil Nadu 620020
                                      MUNEESWARA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          T.S.NO.949,NORTH THIRD STREET, PUDUKKOTTAI PIN - 622
  434 U65992TN2000PTC044033                                                                                1/28/2000 Tamil Nadu 622001
                                      MALAIKKOTTAI-STERLING CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    B.31,FIRST MAIN ROAD RAMALINGA NAGAR TRICHY Tamil
  435 U65992TN2000PTC044323                                                                                 3/6/2000 Nadu 620003
                                      FIRSTCITY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                SINDUR TOWERS, III FLOOR, NEW NO. 160 LUZ CHURCH
  436 U65992TN2000PTC044401                                                                                3/15/2000 ROAD, MYLAPORE CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600004
                                      SUNDARI CHITS (NELLAI) PRIVATE LIMITED                                         17A,PATHALA MADAN KOVIL STREETPALAYAMKOTTAI,
                                                                                                                     PALAYAMKOTTAI, TIRUNELVELI - 627 002. Tamil Nadu 627002
  437 U65992TN2000PTC044491                                                                                3/24/2000
                                      V.M.V.SUBBIAH NADAR VAIDURIAM AMMAL CHIT                                       8, V.P.SOUTH STREET,8, V.P.SOUTH STREET, 8, V.P.SOUTH
  438 U65992TN2000PTC045322           FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  7/5/2000 STREET, WATRAP - 626132. Tamil Nadu 626132
                                      CHRISTINA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           NO.54, 'NRD TOWER'FIRST AVENUE, ASHOK NAGAR,
                                                                                                                     (JAWAHARLAL NEHRU SALAI) CHENNAI - 600 083. Tamil Nadu
  439 U65992TN2000PTC045430                                                                                7/24/2000 600083
                                      TRICHY NATARAAJAA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        C-45, IV CROSS,THILLAINAGAR, THILLAINAGAR, TRICHY.
  440 U65992TN2000PTC045955                                                                               10/19/2000 Tamil Nadu
                                      J.R.R. PALAYAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           128/75A,ANGAIYA RAJA STREET,RAJAPALAYAM RAJAPALAYAM
  441 U65992TN2000PTC046095                                                                               11/13/2000 RAJAPALAYAM Tamil Nadu
                                      ARUL SUNDARAM CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                        168, VIRUDHUNAGAR MAIN ROAD, ARUPPUKKOTTAI,
  442 U65992TN2000PTC046160                                                                               11/21/2000 VIRUDHUNAGAR Tamil Nadu 626101
                                      ANNAM CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               81,AGRAHAREAMCHINAMMANUR CHINAMMANUR
  443 U65992TN2000PTC046261                                                                                12/8/2000 CHINAMMANUR Tamil Nadu
                                      SOUNDARA PANDIANAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       8/66, M.L.A. STREET,CHETTIKULAM PO. CHETTIKULAM PO.
  444 U65992TN2001PTC046723                                                                                 3/1/2001 TIRUNELVELI DISTRICT. Tamil Nadu
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      SRI SAIKARPAGAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          NEW NO 151OLD NO 64 PURASAWALKAM HIGH ROAD
  445 U65992TN2001PTC046975                                                                                4/17/2001 CHENNAI 7 Tamil Nadu 600007
                                      NELLAIDHANALAKSHMI CHIT FUND PRIVATE                                           139 -K SHAH COMPLEXCHERANMAHADEVI ROAD TIRUNELVELI
                                      LIMITED                                                                        -627006 TIRUNELVELI -627006 Tamil Nadu 627006
  446 U65992TN2001PTC047338                                                                                6/28/2001
                                      KANCHEE SHRI RAJALAKSHMI CHITS PRIVATE                                           NO.31-B, VILAKKADI KOIL STREETKANCHIPURAM-631 501.
                                      LIMITED                                                                          KANCHIPURAM-631 501. KANCHIPURAM-631 501. Tamil Nadu
  447 U65992TN2001PTC047471                                                                                7/19/2001
                                      SRI SENTHUR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              NO 336 JAWAHAR BAZAARKARUR KARUR KARUR Tamil
  448 U65992TN2001PTC047496                                                                                7/24/2001 Nadu 639001
                                      SATTUR UDHAYAM CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      390-A DEEPAM COMPLEX MAIN ROADSATTUR - 626 203.
  449 U65992TN2001PTC047572                                                                                8/10/2001 SATTUR - 626 203. SATTUR - 626 203. Tamil Nadu 626203
                                      BHAVAR CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              NO.9, MARICHETTYKULAM STREET,TINDIVANAM. TINDIVANAM.
  450 U65992TN2001PTC047629                                                                                8/23/2001 TINDIVANAM. Tamil Nadu 604001
                                      SATTUR ARASU CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             368, SUBBULAKSHMI COMPLEX,MAIN ROAD, SATTUR-626 203.
  451 U65992TN2001PTC047641                                                                                8/24/2001 VIRUDHUNAGAR DISTRICT. Tamil Nadu 626203
                                      MAYILAI SANTHOSH CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                     NO.128, SRI ABIRAMI COMPLEX MAHADHANA STREET
  452 U65992TN2001PTC047723                                                                                9/12/2001 MAYILADUTHURAI Tamil Nadu 609001
                                      TRICHYVIGIL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              NO.D-465-A, KANNADASAN SALAI,ANNA NAGAR, TENNUR,
  453 U65992TN2001PTC047797                                                                                9/25/2001 TIRUCHIRAPPALLI-17. Tamil Nadu
                                      LICHI AND LICHIN CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    AP1383, 6TH SECTOR, 31ST STREET K.K.NAGAR CHENNAI
  454 U65992TN2001PTC048059                                                                               11/23/2001 Tamil Nadu 600083
                                      CHELLAKANAKAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            194,M.S.COMPLEXMAINROAD,KOLLIDAM. KOLLIDAM.
  455 U65992TN2001PTC048132                                                                               12/10/2001 TAMILNADU Tamil Nadu 609102
                                      THENI SHRINIDHI BENEFIT FUNT LIMITED                                           NO.31/33 SUBBAN STREET,THENI, THENI DISTRICT, THENI (T.K)
  456 U65992TN2001PLC048175                                                                               12/18/2001 THENI (T.K) Tamil Nadu 625531
                                      THOOTHUKUDI DEVI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    35-D, EAST CAR STREET,THOOTHUHUDI 628002
                                                                                                                     THOOTHUHUDI 628002 THOOTHUHUDI 628002 Tamil Nadu
  457 U65992TN2001PTC048194                                                                               12/20/2001 628002
                                      SRI ARUNGARAI AMMAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        8/1, BUNGLOW STREET LANE,CHEYYAR, THIRUVANNAMALAI
                                                                                                                       DISTRICT. THIRUVANNAMALAI DISTRICT. Tamil Nadu 604407
  458 U65992TN2001PTC048207                                                                               12/24/2001
                                      KOVILPATTI ALAGAMMAI CHIT FUND PRIVATE                                         NO.14, SOUTH PUDUGRAMAMFIRST STREET, KOVILPATTI-628
  459 U65992TN2002PTC048253           LIMITED                                                               1/3/2002 501. KOVILPATTI-628 501. Tamil Nadu 628501
                                      PRABHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   17/31, B/49, CHEAKITTAVILAI,KADAYAL, KANYAKUMARI D.T.
  460 U65992TN2002PTC048484                                                                                2/20/2002 KANYAKUMARI D.T. Tamil Nadu
                                      A.K. CHITS CHENNAI PRIVATE LIMITED                                             OLD NO.2,NEW NO 3,N.S.K.STREETMATHIYALAGAN STREET,
                                                                                                                     SALIGRAMAM,CHENNAI 600 093 CHENNAI 600 093 Tamil Nadu
  461 U65992TN2002PTC048616                                                                                3/15/2002
                                      PALUKAL KRISHNA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          10/122-E2, MATHAMPALA,PALUKAL POST, KANYAKUMARI D.T-
  462 U65992TN2002PTC049157                                                                                6/25/2002 629 170. TAMILNADU Tamil Nadu 629170
                                      KOVILPATTI SREE SIVASAKTHI CHIT FUND PRIVATE                                   NO.265, A.ETTAYAPURAM ROAD,KOVILPATTI KOVILPATTI
  463 U65992TN2002PTC049181           LIMITED                                                              6/28/2002 KOVILPATTI Tamil Nadu 628501
                                      SAMBHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   114, P.H.ROAD, FLAT NO.2-C,II FLOOR GEE GEE CRESCENT,
  464 U65992TN2002PTC049218                                                                                 7/4/2002 EGMORE, CHENNAI-84. CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600084
                                      R.K.V.CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               NO. 28, SETHY PALACE KOVILPATTI (P.0.) TUTICORIN Tamil
  465 U65992TN2002PTC049366                                                                                 8/5/2002 Nadu
                                      ANANDA VINAYAGAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         65, CHOKKAR STREET,IST FLOOR, THENI, PIN - 625 531. PIN -
  466 U65992TN2002PTC049396                                                                                 8/9/2002 625 531. Tamil Nadu 625531
                                      SRI SRINIVASA BENEFIT FUND LIMITED                                             17, PERIYAR STREET,SRINIVASA NAGAR, PADI, SRINIVASA
  467 U65992TN2002PLC049545                                                                                 9/4/2002 NAGAR, PADI, CHENNAI - 600 050. Tamil Nadu 600050
                                      JEEVA CHENNAI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       NO.14,MAIN ROAD,ALAPAKKAM, PORUR CHENNAI 600 016
  468 U65992TN2002PTC049654                                                                                9/26/2002 CHENNAI 600 016 Tamil Nadu
                                      JEIKUBERA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                95, Subbaraya Chetty Street, Thirupathiripuliyur, CUDDALORE
  469 U65992TN2002PTC050044                                                                               12/16/2002 Tamil Nadu 607002
                                      PADI CHIT COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED                                              NO.42, RAJA STREET,PADI, CHENNAI-50. CHENNAI-50. Tamil
  470 U65992TN2003PTC050359                                                                                2/18/2003 Nadu 600050
                                      THIRIPURA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                36, JEENIS ROAD,2ND FLOOR, SAIDAPET, CHENNAI-15.
  471 U65992TN2003PTC050623                                                                                 4/1/2003 CHENNAI-15. Tamil Nadu 600015
                                      SREE MUTHUGANAPATHY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      NO.3, I FLOOR,YES YES ARCADE, NO.66, M.T.H.ROAD,
  472 U65992TN2003PTC050836                                                                                 5/5/2003 AMBATTUR, CHENNAI-53. Tamil Nadu
                                      SRI ANDALALAGAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          NO.37, ARUNACHALAM CHETTIAR STNEAR PERIYAR STATE,
  473 U65992TN2003PTC050916                                                                                5/23/2003 KARAIKUDI. KARAIKUDI. Tamil Nadu
                                      SREE ALAGU VINAYAGAR CHIT FUND PRIVATE                                         PLOT NO.193, EAST CROSS STREET NEXT AMBIGA COLLEGE
  474 U65992TN2003PTC051143           LIMITED                                                               7/4/2003 ANNANAGAR Tamil Nadu 625020
                                      R.C.R CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               PLOT NO.15, RAJEEV GANDHI ST, GOLDEN GEORGE NAGAR
  475 U65992TN2003PTC051206                                                                                7/15/2003 MOGAPPAIR CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600107
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      RAJ CHIT FUND THOOTHUKUDI PRIVATE LIMITED                                      NO.45-A, TOOVIPURAM,2ND STREET, THOOTHUKUDI-628 003.
  476 U65992TN2003PTC051472                                                                                8/29/2003 THOOTHUKUDI-628 003. Tamil Nadu
                                      SREE VAKRATHUNDA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         MALLIKA TOWERS, NO. 3, SHIVAJI STREET, T.NAGAR
  477 U65992TN2003PTC051851                                                                               10/29/2003 CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600017
                                      R.P.K. CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   NO.72/2, AYYA MUDALISTRETCHINTADRIPET, CHENNAI - 600
  478 U65992TN2003PTC051897                                                                                11/6/2003 002 CHENNAI - 600 002 Tamil Nadu 600002
                                      MUGAVAI SUBALAKSHMI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                         180-A, I FLOOR,ANDAVAR COMPLEXSIGIL RAJA STREET,
                                      LIMITED                                                                        RAMANATHAPURAM-623 501 RAMANATHAPURAM-623 501
  479 U65992TN2003PTC052167                                                                               12/17/2003 Tamil Nadu 623501
                                      RELIANCE CHIT FUNDS (TAMIL NADU) PRIVATE                                       NO.5, PADMANABHA NAGAR,ADYAR, CHENNAI-20 CHENNAI-
  480 U65992TN2004PTC052423           LIMITED                                                              1/29/2004 20 Tamil Nadu
                                      ANANTHAVALAI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        98, FIRST FLOOR,KHAN PALAYAM FIRST STREET, MADURAI-
  481 U65992TN2004PTC052503                                                                                2/11/2004 625 009 MADURAI-625 009 Tamil Nadu 625009
                                      KAY ARR CEE TEE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          1, KARPAGA VILLAS,GREEN ROAD, KARAIKUDI SIVAGANGA-
  482 U65992TN2004PTC052553                                                                                2/18/2004 DIST SIVAGANGA-DIST Tamil Nadu 630001
                                      SRI AATHIGURU CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            NO.48/2, SUNGA GATEOPP TO LIC KARUR DISTRICT
  483 U65992TN2004PTC052612                                                                                2/23/2004 KULITHALAI 639 14 Tamil Nadu
                                      CAMP ROAD CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           SAKTHI COMPLEX, GROUND FLOOR201/807 VELACHERY ROAD
                                                                                                                     CAMP ROAD JUNCTION, SELAIYUR CAMP ROAD JUNCTION,
  484 U65992TN2004PTC052716                                                                                3/10/2004 SELAIYUR Tamil Nadu
                                      KOLATHUR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   FLAT NNO.CG-3, AISHWARYAM FLAT25-A, REDHILLS ROAD
                                                                                                                       KOLATHUR CHENNAI - 600 099 CHENNAI - 600 099 Tamil Nadu
  485 U65992TN2004PTC053160                                                                                 5/6/2004
                                      CHINNAMANUR SRI GANAPATHI CHITS PRIVATE                                        149 SOUTH CAR STREET,CHINNAMANUR, THENI-DIST      Tamil
  486 U65992TN2004PTC053233           LIMITED                                                              5/11/2004 Nadu
                                      ARUNASIVAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               OM ILLM, 4, PADMAVATHY NAGARN.K.ROAD THANJOUR-613
  487 U65992TN2004PTC053270                                                                                5/19/2004 006 TAMILNADU TAMILNADU Tamil Nadu 613006
                                      GNANA GANAPATHY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          26, NEW STREETMANNADY CHENNAI 600 001 CHENNAI 600
  488 U65992TN2004PTC053664                                                                                 7/7/2004 001 Tamil Nadu 600001
                                      NALAM BENEFIT FUND LIMITED                                                     105/5, 6, PRADEEP TOWERSI FLOOR, CHINNAIYA STREET
  489 U65992TN2004PLC053790                                                                                7/22/2004 PATTUKKOTTAI PATTUKKOTTAI Tamil Nadu 614601
                                      POTHIGAI AMARNATH PERMANENT FUND LIMITED                                       MAIN ROAD, SIVANTHIPURAM, VIKRAMASINGAPURAM
  490 U65992TN2004PLC053829                                                                                7/28/2004 627425 Tamil Nadu 627425
                                      SHAKTHI OM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               B 91, HINDU COLONY, M.G.R. ROAD, NANGANALLUR
  491 U65992TN2004PTC053897                                                                                 8/5/2004 CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600061
                                      G.M. CHIT FUNDS (CHENNAI) PRIVATE LIMITED                                      N0.18, KAMARAJAR SALAIMMC POST SASTRI NAGAR, MANALI
  492 U65992TN2005PTC055181                                                                                1/19/2005 CHENNAI 600051 Tamil Nadu
                                      RELIANCE CHITS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                           NO.5, PADMANABHA NAGARADYAR CHENNAI 600020
  493 U65992TN2005PTC055257                                                                                 2/1/2005 CHENNAI 600020 Tamil Nadu
                                      KUBHER CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                               61/1B, NEW -22,MOOKATHAL STREET PURASAIWALKAM
  494 U65992TN2005PTC055465                                                                                2/23/2005 CHENNAI 600 007 Tamil Nadu
                                      YENUGANTI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           NO.108/109, TRIPLICANE HIGHROAD, HAMEEDIA COMPLEX
                                                                                                                     BASEMENT B1 & B2 TRIPLICANE CHENNAI 600 005 Tamil
  495 U65992TN2005PTC056104                                                                                4/27/2005 Nadu
                                      KANNAN CHITS (CHENNAI) PRIVATE LIMITED                                         NO.236, NEW NO.28, IST FLOORTRUNK ROAD,PORUR,
  496 U65992TN2005PTC056475                                                                                 6/1/2005 CHENNAI-116 CHENNAI-116 Tamil Nadu
                                      SRI GURUVISHNU CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           OLD NO.14, NEW NO.27,PONNAPPA STREET, PURASAWALKAM,
  497 U65992TN2005PTC056510                                                                                 6/3/2005 CHENNAI-84. Tamil Nadu
                                      M.A.V. CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    8-D, SASTRI ROAD TENNUR TIRUCHIRAPALLI Tamil Nadu
  498 U65992TN2005PTC057348                                                                                8/31/2005 620017
                                      AASIR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    NO.20, RICE BAZZAR STREETSATHANKULAM TUTICORIN
  499 U65992TN2005PTC057477                                                                                9/14/2005 DISTRICT PIN 628704 Tamil Nadu
                                      ANASHARA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                             NO.11, 4 B/2NALLANA MUDALI LANE ROYAPETTAH CHENNAI
  500 U65992TN2005PTC057827                                                                               10/17/2005 600014 Tamil Nadu
                                      JAYAMAHESH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               DOOR NO.VI-2-72 KALIYIKKAVILA KANYAKUMARI DISTRICT
  501 U65992TN2005PTC058021                                                                               11/16/2005 Tamil Nadu 629153
                                      S A VASANTH CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                          18-20 D5 VASANTH BUILDING KUNNAMPARAI KATTATHURAI
  502 U65992TN2005PTC058164                                                                                12/1/2005 POST KANYAKUMARI DIST KANYAKUMARI DIST Tamil Nadu
                                      SREELAKAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                NO 55 NAINIAPPA NAICKEN STREET PARK TOWN       CHENNAI
  503 U65992TN2005PTC058175                                                                                12/2/2005 Tamil Nadu 600003
                                      SRI PARASAKTHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           2-V 22/2 FIRST FLOORP K B ROAD SIVAKASI P K B ROAD
  504 U65992TN2005PTC058310                                                                               12/14/2005 SIVAKASI P K B ROAD SIVAKASI Tamil Nadu
                                      PRITHIYANKARA DEVI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       NO.1/1, RAJARAM DIRECTORSCOLONY, ANNA MAIN ROAD
  505 U65992TN2006PTC058748                                                                                 2/3/2006 KODAMBAKKAM CHENNAI 600024 Tamil Nadu
                                      SUBASHRI PERMANENT FUND LIMITED                                                NO B 26 EZUKADALMEENAKSHIAMMAN SHOPPING COMPLEX
  506 U65992TN2006PLC058768                                                                                 2/6/2006 MADURAI Tamil Nadu
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      JIJIS CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               NO.208KANNIMARAMAN KOIL STREET TENKASI TENKASI
  507 U65992TN2006PTC058882                                                                                2/16/2006 Tamil Nadu 627811
                                      KORATTI CAA CHIT FUND COMPANY PRIVATE                                          NO 250 RAJA STREETPANAIYUR CHENNAI CHENNAI Tamil
  508 U65992TN2006PTC059102           LIMITED                                                               3/3/2006 Nadu 600119
                                      VASANTHAM (KUMARI) CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                   ALUVILAI, ALANCODE & POSTALUVILAI, ALANCODE & POST
                                                                                                                     ALUVILAI, ALANCODE & POST KANYAKUMARI - 629 802. Tamil
  509 U65992TN2006PTC059489                                                                                4/12/2006 Nadu 629802
                                      KANCHI AUM AKILANDESWARI CHITS PRIVATE                                         NO.4B, NADU STREETSHEIKPET KACHIPURAM 631501
  510 U65992TN2006PTC059493           LIMITED                                                              4/13/2006 KACHIPURAM 631501 Tamil Nadu 631501
                                      THILLAI SIVA ABIRAMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     OLD O.13 NEW NO.10SIXTEEN PILLAR MANDAPAM STREET
  511 U65992TN2006PTC059537                                                                                4/18/2006 CHIDAMBARAM CUDDALORE 608 001 Tamil Nadu 608001
                                      J.N. CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                83,ACHARAPPAN STREETCHENNAI CHENNAI-600 001.
  512 U65992TN2006PTC059760                                                                                 5/9/2006 CHENNAI-600 001. Tamil Nadu 600001
                                      NIMMATHI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            NO.14,NARAYANASAMY GARDEN,II STREET,R.A.PURAM, II
  513 U65992TN2006PTC059823                                                                                5/12/2006 STREET,R.A.PURAM, CHENNAI-600 028 Tamil Nadu 600028
                                      R.M.K.CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    78/27 SRI RANGALAKSHMI APTS4TH TRUST CROSS STREET
  514 U65992TN2006PTC059904                                                                                5/18/2006 EAST R.A.PURAM MANDAVELLI Tamil Nadu 600028
                                      PBAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     OLD NO.11, NEW NO.21MADA CHURCH STREET ROYPAPURAM
  515 U65992TN2006PTC060052                                                                                 6/1/2006 CHENNAI 600013 Tamil Nadu
                                      STEPWELL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 OLD N.70, NEW N.143,BIG STREET, TRIPLICANE CHENNAI
  516 U65992TN2006PTC060494                                                                                7/10/2006 600005 Tamil Nadu
                                      HOMAI LOVEJI INVESTMENTS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       DHUN BUILDING, II FLOOR,84(OLD NO.827), ANNASALAI,
  517 U65992TN2006PTC060585                                                                                7/18/2006 CHENNAI-2. CHENNAI-2. Tamil Nadu
                                      SHRI KARPAGA VINAYAGAR CHITS PRIVATE                                           NO. 3 VALLALAR KOIL SOUTH STREET MAYILADUTHURAI
  518 U65992TN2006PTC060725           LIMITED                                                              7/27/2006 NAGAPATTINAM Tamil Nadu 609601
                                      SALIYAR BENEFIT FUND LIMITED                                                   NO.62 BIG SALIYA STREET, KORANADU MAYILADUTHURAI
  519 U65992TN2006PLC060702                                                                                7/27/2006 NAGAPATTINAM DISTRICT Tamil Nadu 609002
                                      MAILAM CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              NO.22/17A, LIG COLONY, III STREET, NEW WASHERMANPET
  520 U65992TN2006PTC061420                                                                                11/1/2006 CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600081
                                      ROYAL VINAYAM CHITS PRIVATE LIM ITED                                           21(OLD NO9/10), NEW BUNGALOW STREET CHINTADRIPETTAI
  521 U65992TN2006PTC061600                                                                               11/27/2006 CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600002
                                      SUCCESS DHANA VARDHANA CHITS PRIVATE                                           SS COMPLEX, NEW NO.23, SECOND FLOOR, AUDIAPPA
                                      LIMITED                                                                        MUDALI STREET, (VELLALA STREET) PURASAWAKAM
  522 U65992TN2006PTC061808                                                                               12/20/2006 CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600084
                                      SRI PACHAYAPPA VILAS CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                        No.7, Uppalvadi Street, (1st Floor) Manjakuppam Cuddalore Tamil
  523 U65992TN2007PTC061987           LIMITED                                                              1/10/2007 Nadu 607001
                                      NAYANAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  NO. 52, SINGARACHARI STREET, TRIPLICANE, CHENNAI
  524 U65992TN2007PTC062221                                                                                 2/2/2007 Tamil Nadu 600005
                                      NELLAI MATHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             NO.6-D/1, SEEVALAPERI ROAD PALAYAMKOTTAI TALUK
  525 U65992TN2007PTC062244                                                                                 2/5/2007 PALAYAMKOTTAI Tamil Nadu 627002
                                      PAPATHI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                              139, T.H ROAD, KALADIPET THIRUVOTTIYUR CHENNAI Tamil
  526 U65992TN2007PTC062323                                                                                 2/9/2007 Nadu 600019
                                      JEBA SNEHA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                           2, 94 A, PAVATTIVILAI CHERIKADAI THAKALAY Tamil Nadu
  527 U65992TN2007PTC062650                                                                                 3/8/2007 629169
                                      SREE PNP CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            NO.15/5,KULASEKARA ALWAR STREET PALAYAMKOTTAI
  528 U65992TN2007PTC062984                                                                                 4/3/2007 TIRUNELVELI Tamil Nadu 627002
                                      AMIRTHA GAYATHRI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    32-A, SAVITHRI NADARAJAN STREET, GOLDEN GEORGE
  529 U65992TN2007PTC063666                                                                                5/25/2007 NAGAR, NERKUNDRAM CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600107
                                      NANNILAM LAKSHMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         BAZAAR STREET NANNILAM THIRUVARUR Tamil Nadu
  530 U65992TN2007PTC063804                                                                                 6/6/2007 610105
                                      KANCHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   OLD NO. 17, NEW NO. 4, GANGAI NAGAR 3RD MAIN ROAD
  531 U65992TN2007PTC063942                                                                                6/13/2007 VELACHERRY CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600042
                                      OM ATHISAAKTHI CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                            141, AUTHUR ROAD, KURUMBAR STREET KOPPAMPATTI
  532 U65992TN2007PTC063943                                                                                6/13/2007 THURAIYUR Tamil Nadu 621008
  533 U65992TN2007PTC063958           TIRUCHY SATHYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                 6/14/2007 76,Palayam Bazaar Woriyaur Trichy Tamil Nadu 620003
                                      LOKANAR CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             Door No.17A - 1893 Lalith Avenue Extension,Mugalivakkam
  534 U65992TN2007PTC064167                                                                                 7/3/2007 Chennai Tamil Nadu 600116
                                      SORGAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   NO:92/ E-03, GOVINDAPPA NAICKEN STREET, SIVA
  535 U65992TN2007PTC064387                                                                                 8/4/2007 COMPLEX,4TH FLOOR CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600001
                                      CHITIRAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 NO 160 VELACHERY MAIN ROAD NEAR SANKARA VIDHYALAYA,
                                                                                                                     EAST TAMBARAM CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600059
  536 U65992TN2007PTC064481                                                                                8/18/2007
                                      SRI RENUGA ELLAMMAL CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                         575/279- D, SHANTHI COMPLEX T H ROAD THIRUVOTTIYUR
  537 U65992TN2007PTC064536           LIMITED                                                              8/28/2007 Tamil Nadu 600019
                                      SAMARIN CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             ABINAYA FLATS, 20 M.R.L. COLONY SHASTRINAGAR III
                                                                                                                     STREET, PERIYAKODUNGAIYUR, CHENNAI Tamil Nadu
  538 U65992TN2007PTC065122                                                                               10/23/2007 600118
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      ASSEFA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   NO. 1, LADY DOAK COLLEGE ROAD,       MADURAI Tamil Nadu
  539 U65992TN2007PTC065713                                                                               12/12/2007 625002
                                      BALA SARASWATHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          165, Mela Shunmugapuram Second Street Tuticorin Tamil Nadu
  540 U65992TN2007PTC065756                                                                               12/17/2007 628003
                                      J. J. G. CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 NO.80,II FLOOR GODOWN STREET CHENNAI Tamil Nadu
  541 U65992TN2007PTC065887                                                                               12/31/2007 600001
                                      JBJ CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      PLOT 1742,FIRST FLOOR, B-PORTION,18TH MAIN ROAD ANNA
  542 U65992TN2008PTC066010                                                                                 1/9/2008 NAGAR CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600040
                                      PRAGASAM CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            NEW NO.730, OLD NO.554/1, THIRUVOTTIYUR HIGH ROAD
                                                                                                                     M.C.M.GARDEN,2ND STREET,1ST FLOOR,OLD WASHERMENPET
  543 U65992TN2008PTC066268                                                                                1/31/2008 CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600021
                                      THIRUNITHI CHITS TAMILNADU PRIVATE LIMITED                                     No.1, Kalwath Arcade, Dharba Avenue Government Hospital Road
  544 U65992TN2008PTC066721                                                                                 3/6/2008 Ramanathapuram Tamil Nadu 623501
                                      POONNUS CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             40/50C,J.J.ARCADE, MARKET ROAD, MARTHANDAM Tamil
  545 U65992TN2008PTC066729                                                                                 3/6/2008 Nadu 629165
                                      SRI LOGAGURU CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        3/108, GOVT HR SEC SCHOOL ROAD LALAPET,
  546 U65992TN2008PTC066769                                                                                3/11/2008 KRISHNARAYAPURAM TALUK KARUR Tamil Nadu 639105
                                      BANUVANI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            NO.23/471, ARULAPPA STREET, JAMBULINGAM MAIN ROAD,
  547 U65992TN2008PTC066780                                                                                3/12/2008 G.K.M. COLONY CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600082
                                      JAYARANI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 2/62 Big Street, Vinnamangalam Village & Post    ARNI Tamil
  548 U65992TN2008PTC066793                                                                                3/13/2008 Nadu 632316
                                      JAYA SULOCHANA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                       NO 55, KP COMPLEX, EAST COAST ROAD THIRUVANMIYUR
  549 U65992TN2008PTC066920                                                                                3/20/2008 CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600041
                                      JKR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      1J/9, BRYANT NAGAR 6TH STREET THOOTHUKUDI Tamil
  550 U65992TN2008PTC067297                                                                                4/10/2008 Nadu 628008
                                      SILVERTOUCH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              NO.5, 1ST FLOOR, DHARMA TOWERS, NELSON MANIKAM
  551 U65992TN2008PTC067581                                                                                 5/1/2008 ROAD, CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600094
                                      SREE JAYA NATHAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         KAMATCHIAMMAN KOVIL STREET VIYAMPATTY, VIYAMPATTY
  552 U65992TN2008PTC073425                                                                                 6/6/2008 (PO) MANAPARAI TK Tamil Nadu 621315
                                      VISALA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              31 STRINGER STREET THIRD FLOOR SIVA COMPLEX
  553 U65992TN2008PTC068705                                                                                7/30/2008 CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600108
                                      THENARUVI CHITS (PUDUKKOTTAI) PRIVATE                                          3201, EAST MAIN STREET           PUDUKKOTTAI Tamil Nadu
  554 U65992TN2008PTC068740           LIMITED                                                               8/4/2008 622001
                                      CHENNAI K.K. CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        30/75, THIYAGAPPA CHETTY STREET KORUKKUPET
  555 U65992TN2008PTC068967                                                                                8/21/2008 CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600021
                                      SRI MUTHUMEENA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      VIGNESH EMPIER, C-12, GROUND FLOOR CITY HOSPITAL
  556 U65992TN2008PTC069056                                                                                8/27/2008 ROAD, WORAIYUR TRICHY Tamil Nadu 620003
                                      SRI JEYAMURUGAN CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     155, MARIAMMAN KOIL STREET,            SATTUR Tamil Nadu
  557 U65992TN2008PTC069518                                                                               10/13/2008 626203
                                      DHANALAKSHMI SRINIVASAN CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                     274 C THURAIYUR ROAD PERAMBALUR Tamil Nadu 621212
  558 U65992TN2008PTC069643           LIMITED                                                             10/22/2008
  559 U65992TN2008PTC070311           CHENNAI RAJ CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                   12/30/2008 17,DRIVER STREET PUDUPET CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600002
                                      NELLAI CITY STAR CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                     15/2, 15/3, 15/4 First Floor North Mount Road Tirunelveli Town
  560 U65992TN2009PTC070446                                                                                1/13/2009 Tamil Nadu 627006
                                      AVK NAGARATHAR CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      NEW NO:5, OLD NO:3 JAFFERSHA STREET TRICHY Tamil
  561 U65992TN2009PTC070515                                                                                1/20/2009 Nadu 620008
                                      DHANA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                NRD Tower, No.11, Jawaharlal Nehru Road First Avenue, Ashok
  562 U65992TN2009PTC070784                                                                                2/20/2009 Nagar, CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600083
  563 U65992TN2009PTC071329           HARI KRISHNA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                   4/16/2009 NO.60, N.R.T.MAIN ROAD          THENI Tamil Nadu 625531
                                      SEVENTH DAY CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         OLD NO 13, NEW NO.37, SRINGERI MUTT ROAD,
                                                                                                                     RAMAKRISHNA NAGAR, RAJA ANNAMALAI PURAM CHENNAI
  564 U65992TN2009PTC071615                                                                                5/12/2009 Tamil Nadu 600028
                                      ANNAI THUNAI CHIT COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED                                      25/17, 70 FEET ROAD, JAWAHAR NAGAR, CHENNAI Tamil
  565 U65992TN2009PTC071799                                                                                 6/2/2009 Nadu 600082
                                      SREE ANGALAMMAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          O.N.63-B, New No.13, Vetrivinayagar Kovil Street, Thiruvalleswarar
                                                                                                                     Nagar, Anna Nagar West, Chennai Tamil Nadu 600040
  566 U65992TN2009PTC071888                                                                                 6/9/2009
                                      SRI JEI VAISHNAVI (KALUGUMALAI) CHIT FUND                                      37M , Ettayapuram Road, Thevar 'B' Complex Kalugumalai Tamil
  567 U65992TN2009PTC071898           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      6/10/2009 Nadu 628552
                                      PAARI VALLAL CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        NO.744/A,THIRUVALLUR MAIN ROAD AMMANAM PAKKAM - OPP
                                                                                                                     TO UCO BANK THIRUVALLUR DT TK Tamil Nadu 601103
  568 U65992TN2009PTC071918                                                                                6/11/2009
                                      VENDHAR WELFARE BENEFIT FUND LIMITED                                           NO 3/ 845/ C3, MOOVENDHAR PANPATTU KALAGA VALAGAM,
                                                                                                                     MALLIGAI VEEDHI, BHARATHI NAGAR WEST PARAMAKUDI
  569 U65992TN2009PLC072089                                                                                6/25/2009 Tamil Nadu 623707
                                      CHENTHUR THANGAM CHIT FUNDS (INDIA) PRIVATE                                    NO.51,SANTHANAMARIAMMAN KOVIL STREET TIRUCHENDUR
  570 U65992TN2009PTC072298           LIMITED                                                              7/16/2009 TOWN PO TUTICORIN Tamil Nadu 628215
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      AYYAAUNDU SECURITIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             111/22 STATE BANK COLONY           TUTICORIN Tamil Nadu 628002
  571 U65992TN2009PTC072321                                                                                7/20/2009
                                      PALAY SELVA MURUGAN CHIT FUNDS (INDIA)                                         SHOP NO.12,SATHYA COMPLEX NO.34,PERUMAL EAST CAR
  572 U65992TN2009PTC072803           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                       9/4/2009 STREET PALAYAMKOTTAI Tamil Nadu 627002
                                      SREE DHARMAN CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                              3/33, VEERAMACHANPATTI NORTH STREET
                                                                                                                     VEERAMACHANPATTI PO, THURAIYUR TK Tamil Nadu 621026
  573 U65992TN2009PTC073224                                                                               10/15/2009
                                      SRE MAHARAM JOTHI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                    49-A/16 FIRST FLOOR, GANDHIJI ROAD, THENI Tamil Nadu
  574 U65992TN2009PTC073281                                                                               10/20/2009 625531
                                      TRICHY AISHWARYAM CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                    C - 102, FIRST FLOOR, 11th CROSS (WEST), THILLAI NAGAR
  575 U65992TN2009PTC073477                                                                               11/10/2009 TRICHY Tamil Nadu 620018
                                      GROW S.R.CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 NO.11, KANNADASAN SALAI T.NAGAR CHENNAI Tamil Nadu
  576 U65992TN2009PTC073839                                                                                12/9/2009 600017
                                      POONTHOPPU RBR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           KUSAKUDIVILAI KANNANOOR POST POONTHOPPU Tamil
  577 U65992TN2010PTC074146                                                                                 1/5/2010 Nadu 629158
                                      GURU SANMUGAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            NO.33, E1 IST FLOOR, S.R.COMPLEX SALEM ROAD, MUSIRI
  578 U65992TN2010PTC074471                                                                                 2/3/2010 Tamil Nadu 621211
                                      GOLDEN ORANGE KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           C/O BABURAJ K B NO.14 ANNA STREET RAM NAGAR
  579 U65992TN2010PTC074724                                                                                2/25/2010 AMBATUR Tamil Nadu 600053
                                      A.S. SRI PARVATHI AMMAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                  97 TOOVIPURAM 3RD STREET THOOTHUKUDI Tamil Nadu
  580 U65992TN2010PTC074837                                                                                 3/9/2010 628003
                                      SREE BARANI CHITS CO PRIVATE LIMITED                                           32 7/8, 2ND FLOOR, 3RD CROSS ROAD, KASTURIBAI NAGAR,
  581 U65992TN2010PTC074885                                                                                3/11/2010 ADYAR, CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600020
                                      SRIVARI VARALAKSHMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      31/8, I FLOOR, KARPURA STREET PERIAMET CHENNAI Tamil
  582 U65992TN2010PTC075013                                                                                3/22/2010 Nadu 600003
                                      KCA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      NO.125, BHARATHIPURAM SHENOY NAGAR CHENNAI Tamil
  583 U65992TN2010PTC075014                                                                                3/22/2010 Nadu 600030
                                      PARAYI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              VIGNESHWARA APARTMENTS, DOOR NO 4 1ST FLOOR OLD
                                                                                                                     NO-3,NEW NO-9, PARIYARROAD, T NAGAR CHENNAI Tamil
  584 U65992TN2010PTC075037                                                                                3/23/2010 Nadu 600017
                                      TAMIZHAGAM CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          No:74, Sri Balaji Tower(Basement) Guindy, Mount Road Chennai
  585 U65992TN2010PTC075105                                                                                3/26/2010 Tamil Nadu 600032
                                      SUN (TUTICORIN) CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     212, POST OFFICE STREET MAVADIPANNAI THENTHIRIPERAI
  586 U65992TN2010PTC075122                                                                                3/27/2010 Tamil Nadu 628623
                                      VELLORE MAHARAJA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         61, 1st FLOOR GANDHI ROAD VELLORE Tamil Nadu 632004
  587 U65992TN2010PTC075140                                                                                3/29/2010
                                      SWATHIKHAS CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                           6-25/6 1ST FLOOR SWATHIKHAS BUILDING MAIN ROAD
  588 U65992TN2010PTC075259                                                                                 4/6/2010 MARTHANDAM Tamil Nadu 629165
                                      KANYA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                IST FLOOR,RNO BUILDING MAIN ROAD,PAMMAM
  589 U65992TN2010PTC075511                                                                                4/28/2010 MARTHANDAM Tamil Nadu 629165
                                      SHIRDI SAI MAHARAJ CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       G-25, MOOKAMBIKA COMPLEX LADY DESIKA ROAD,
  590 U65992TN2010PTC075548                                                                                 5/3/2010 MYLAPORE CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600004
                                      PUNITHA ANTHONIYAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       NO-11, CORPORATION BUILDING PALAYAMKOTTAI
  591 U65992TN2010PTC075936                                                                                 6/1/2010 TIRUNELVELI Tamil Nadu 627002
                                      SRI VIRUDHAGIRISWARAR CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                       NO 10 JUNCTION ROAD VRIDHACHALAM Tamil Nadu 606003
  592 U65992TN2010PTC076083           LIMITED                                                               6/9/2010
                                      MAHA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                DOOR NO.6/98, BUTTERWORTH ROAD               TRICHY Tamil Nadu
  593 U65992TN2010PTC076252                                                                                6/22/2010 600002
                                      KALIKAMBAL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               N.NO.79, O.NO 38, IIND FLOOR ANGAPPAN STREET, MANNADY
  594 U65992TN2010PTC076271                                                                                6/23/2010 CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600001
                                      FAT WALLET CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          108/1(80), G N CHETTY ROAD T.NAGAR CHENNAI Tamil Nadu
  595 U65992TN2010PTC076329                                                                                6/25/2010 600017
                                      US CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                       #52, MANNAPAN ST, KOTTURPURAM CHENNAI Tamil Nadu
  596 U65992TN2010PTC076415                                                                                 7/2/2010 600085
                                      ARUMPU CHITFUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               72, SOUTH STREET ARUPPUKOTTAI VIRUDHUNAGAR Tamil
  597 U65992TN2010PTC076525                                                                                 7/8/2010 Nadu 626101
                                      ABI & ABI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                NO.80,ABI & ABI TOWERS OPP: MEDICAL COLLEGE
  598 U65992TN2010PTC076610                                                                                7/15/2010 THANJAVUR Tamil Nadu 613004
                                      MUKTHINARAYANA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           Flat No. B1, Door No.60/38, Bharath Apartments Baroda Street,
  599 U65992TN2010PTC076850                                                                                 8/3/2010 West Mambalam Chennai Tamil Nadu 600033
  600 U65992TN2010PTC076865           SRI AMMAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       8/4/2010 NO.72 -A1, SIVAKKOLAI,        MADUKKUR Tamil Nadu 614903
                                      KUMARI N.V.S. CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            3-89-K2 J.P.COMPLEX, THIRUVARAMBU, THIRUVARAMBU
  601 U65992TN2010PTC076914                                                                                 8/9/2010 Tamil Nadu 629183
                                      SRI SARVALAKSHMI CHIT FUNDS INDIA PRIVATE                                      NEW NO.95, OLD NO.296 PAPER MILLS ROAD, PERAMBUR
  602 U65992TN2010PTC077135           LIMITED                                                              8/25/2010 CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600011
                                      SHRI AYNGARAN BUSINESS CHITS PRIVATE                                           LION CAVE BUILDING NO.51, KOTRAM PALAYAM STREET
  603 U65992TN2010PTC077140           LIMITED                                                              8/26/2010 KANCHEEPURAM Tamil Nadu 631501
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      L R K B CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  54,THIRD FLOOR,OFFICERS LINE           VELLORE Tamil Nadu
  604 U65992TN2010PTC077299                                                                                 9/9/2010 632001
                                      BENI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     21/20 PAMPADIVILAI PALLIYADI, PALLIYADI PO Tamil Nadu
  605 U65992TN2010PTC077363                                                                                9/16/2010 629169
                                      KUMARI G.K. CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              1ST FLOOR, S.T.N. COMPLEX ATTOOR ROAD ARUMANAI
  606 U65992TN2010PTC077401                                                                                9/20/2010 Tamil Nadu 629151
                                      VELAVAN CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             No.19,Malayaperumal Street,1st Floor, Parrys Chennai Tamil
  607 U65992TN2010PTC077439                                                                                9/22/2010 Nadu 600001
                                      DEEBAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   2ND FLOOR ,83H1,LAWRENCE BUILDING OPP:APN
  608 U65992TN2010PTC077543                                                                                10/1/2010 PLAZA,CHETTIKULAM NAGERCOIL Tamil Nadu 620002
                                      SRI MEENAKSHI SUNDARESWARAR CHITS                                              FLAT NO.307,DEVINARAYAN APARTMENTS DOOR
                                      TAMILNADU PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      NO.60,RAMESWARAM ROAD,T.NAGAR CHENNAI Tamil Nadu
  609 U65992TN2010PTC077570                                                                                10/4/2010 600017
  610 U65992TN2010PTC077582           SREE SONIAH CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                10/5/2010 4/730, MOGAPPAIR WEST       CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600037
                                      S J S CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    GANESH COMPLEX,43,1ST FLOOR,FILTERBED ROAD
  611 U65992TN2010PTC077705                                                                               10/14/2010 VELLORE Tamil Nadu 632001
                                      SELVAPRABA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          KALLAKURICHI MAIN ROAD, SANKARAPURAM TALUK,
  612 U65992TN2010PTC078262                                                                               11/30/2010 VILLUPURAM Tamil Nadu 606401
                                      SRI AISWARIYAH JEYAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     14/45-I, JOSE BUILDINGS, (OPP. RDO OFFICE) MAIN ROAD
  613 U65992TN2010PTC078275                                                                               11/30/2010 THUCKALAY Tamil Nadu 629174
                                      DEEPASUDAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               NO.82/35, MALOLA APARTMENT, FIRST FLOOR PUSHPA NAGAR
                                                                                                                     MAIN ROAD, NUNGAMBAKKAM CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600034
  614 U65992TN2010PTC078314                                                                                12/3/2010
                                      K S A CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 2/98, RAILWAY STATION ROAD           SIKKAL Tamil Nadu 611108
  615 U65992TN2010PTC078317                                                                                12/3/2010
                                      CHENNAI ROYAL CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       NO.1/128 TRUNK ROAD OPPOSITE SRMC , IYYAPPANTHANGAL
  616 U65992TN2010PTC078414                                                                               12/10/2010 CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600056
                                      NALLAN FINANCIAL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED                                      57 Sundarapandi Street Moovendar Nagar Kamarajar Street
  617 U65992TN2010PTC078579                                                                               12/27/2010 Madurai Tamil Nadu 625002
                                      KEELA ERAL KAMATCHIAMMAN CHIT FUNDS                                            Old No.35,New No.23, 10th Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai Tamil
  618 U65992TN2011PTC078792           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      1/12/2011 Nadu 600083
                                      KANCHI SRI SARAVANA CHITS FUND PRIVATE                                         No.40-B, Vallal Pachaiyappan Street, KANCHEEPURAM
  619 U65992TN2011PTC078994           LIMITED                                                              1/31/2011 KANCHEEPURAM Tamil Nadu 631501
                                      SRI CHAKRA LAKSHANNYA CHIT FUND PRIVATE                                        50, R.R. COMPLEX, CHINTHAMANI           TIRUCHIRAPPALLI Tamil
  620 U65992TN2011PTC079039           LIMITED                                                               2/3/2011 Nadu 620002
                                      SRI JINAKANCHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           Old. No.47-A, New No.112, Mettu Street (Pallikudathan Street)
  621 U65992TN2011PTC079188                                                                                2/12/2011 Kancheepuram Tamil Nadu 631501
                                      RAGHA GARUDATHRI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         No.113, Adithya Apartments, Plot No.1/C, Arcot Road,
                                                                                                                     Alwarthirunagar, Valasaravakkam CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600087
  622 U65992TN2011PTC079394                                                                                2/28/2011
                                      SRIMAN V. NARAYANA YADHAV CHITS PRIVATE                                        NO.176/6, MALLIGA SANTHANAM COMPLEX, GANDHI BAZAR,
  623 U65992TN2011PTC079557           LIMITED                                                              3/10/2011 GINGEE Tamil Nadu 604202
                                      SRI RAJESWARI GANESH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     NO.16B, IBRAHIM MANSION, II FLOOR, VRM ROAD
  624 U65992TN2011PTC079593                                                                                3/10/2011 VIJAYAPURAM TIRUVARUR Tamil Nadu 610001
                                      SURIYAN CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                              NO.64, MADLEY 2ND STREET, A-9, ARUNODAYA APARTMENTS,
  625 U65992TN2011PTC079736                                                                                3/18/2011 T.NAGAR, CHENNAI Tamil Nadu 600017
                                      KARTHIK LICHI AND LICHIN CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                    No.5 A/4, IInd Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Sreenivasapuram,
  626 U65992TN2011PTC079928           LIMITED                                                              3/30/2011 Korattoor Madras Tamil Nadu 600076
                                      THE COIMBATORE KERALA CHIT FUNDS LIMITED                                       48 HEAD POST OFFICE ROAD COIMBATORE TAMILNADU
  627 U65992TZ1934PLC000027                                                                                 5/4/1934 Tamil Nadu 641001
                                      SALEM SREE RAMAVILAS CHIT COMPANY PRIVATE                                      28 ARYA VYSYAL STREET SHEVAPET SALEM Tamil Nadu
  628 U65992TZ1938PTC000213           LIMITED                                                              1/21/1938 636002
                                      MADRAS CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              90/91OPPANAKARA STREET COIMATORE TAMIL NADU Tamil
  629 U65992TZ1938PTC000098                                                                                 2/9/1938 Nadu 641001
                                      KOVAI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               98 EF UPSTAIRSRAJU NAIDU ROAD TATABAD COIMBATORE
  630 U65992TZ1952PTC000078                                                                                4/22/1952 Tamil Nadu 641012
                                      PALANI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              56/22, RAJAJI STREET OLD DHARAPURAM ROAD PALANI
  631 U65992TZ1958PTC000285                                                                                6/18/1958 Tamil Nadu 624601
                                      RAGHAVANS CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           NO 9ANSARI STREET RAMNAGAR COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu
  632 U65992TZ1964PTC000535                                                                                8/13/1964 641009
                                      VEERAPANDI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                           21MOHAMADIAM STREET GOBICHETTYPALAYAM PERIYAR
  633 U65992TZ1965PTC000544                                                                                 1/2/1965 DISTRICT Tamil Nadu 638452
                                      RAJAKUMAR CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           RAJ CHAMBERS978 THADAGAM ROAD COIMBATORE Tamil
  634 U65992TZ1965PTC000546                                                                                2/22/1965 Nadu 641002
  635 U65992TZ1975PLC000738           PSK FINANCE AND CHIT FUNDS LIMITED                                   9/29/1975 No.395, BAZAR STREET, SALEM Tamil Nadu 636001
                                      COIMBATORE SRI AMBIKA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                       39, KALESWARA MILL ROAD, COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu
  636 U65992TZ1976PTC000764           LIMITED                                                              6/10/1976 641009
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      R A N A MUTHUSWAMY MUDALIAR CHIT FUND                                          121ESWARAN KOIL STREET ERODE TAMIL NADU Tamil Nadu
  637 U65992TZ1982PTC001144           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      1/29/1982 638001
                                      KRISHNAMOORTHI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      319, POLICE STATION ROAD POLLACHI POLLACHI Tamil
  638 U65992TZ1983PTC001251                                                                                 2/7/1983 Nadu 642001
                                      RAMESH CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              R P TOWERS, 1ST FLOOR NO 88 COIMBATORE ROAD
  639 U65992TZ1983PTC001255                                                                                2/23/1983 POLLACHI Tamil Nadu 642002
                                      AJITHA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              98 KALEESWARAR NAGAR KATTOOR COIMBATORE Tamil
  640 U65992TZ1983PTC001268                                                                                 4/7/1983 Nadu 641009
                                      POPULAR CHITS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                            157/3,N.S.R ROAD,SAIBABA COLONY, COIMBATORE
  641 U65992TZ1984PTC001393                                                                                3/15/1984 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641011
                                      JAYAM CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               15, SECOND AGRAHARAM S.S. COMPLEX (GROUND FLOOR)
  642 U65992TZ1984PTC001492                                                                                10/9/1984 SALEM Tamil Nadu 636001
                                      IYVAR CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               83 METTUPALAYAM ROADNARASIMHANAICKENPALAYAM
  643 U65992TZ1984PTC001494                                                                               10/10/1984 COIMBATORE TAMILNADU Tamil Nadu 641031
                                      ASHOKA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   1250BIG BAZAAR STREET VASAVI COMPLEX COIMBATORE
  644 U65992TZ1984PTC001502                                                                               10/20/1984 Tamil Nadu 641001
                                      FOUNTAIN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 160/29 D B ROADR S PURAM COIMBATORE COIMBATORE
  645 U65992TZ1984PTC001521                                                                                12/6/1984 Tamil Nadu 641002
                                      PERUNDURAI DEVI CHIT PROMOTERS PRIVATE                                         414KUNNATHUR ROAD PERUNDURAI ERODE Tamil Nadu
  646 U65992TZ1985PTC001551           LIMITED                                                              1/29/1985
                                      BALAMMBAL CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           2/23 KASTURI NAIDU STREETNGR ROAD P N PALAYAM
  647 U65992TZ1985PTC001583                                                                                 4/4/1985 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641037
                                      LAKSHMI GAJANDIRA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                    10VENKATARAMAPURAM STREET POLLACHI POLLACHI
  648 U65992TZ1986PTC001847                                                                                9/22/1986 Tamil Nadu 642001
                                      SRI JANARDHANA CREDITS LIMITED                                                 8/7 GOPALAPURAMI STREET COIMBATORE TAMILNADU
  649 U65992TZ1988PLC002174                                                                                5/23/1988 Tamil Nadu 641018
                                      KOVAI SRI VASAVAMBIGAI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                      146VYSIAL STREET COIMBATORE COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu
  650 U65992TZ1989PTC002345           LIMITED                                                               2/2/1989 641001
                                      COTTON CITY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              252 CSECOND STREET GANDHIPURAM COIMBATORE Tamil
  651 U65992TZ1989PTC002368                                                                                2/27/1989 Nadu 641012
                                      ABHAICHAND VENDRAVAN PRIVATE LIMITED                                           C O TV & BROTHERSRANJI GOUNDER STREET COIMBATORE
  652 U65992TZ1989PTC002441                                                                                5/23/1989 TAMILNADU Tamil Nadu 641001
  653 U65992TZ1989PTC002482           P T M CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     7/19/1989 42THREE ROADS SALEM TAMILNADU Tamil Nadu 636009
                                      VIJAYA JANANI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            NO 556TH STREET TATABAD COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu
  654 U65992TZ1990PTC002735                                                                                 6/7/1990 641012
                                      AANBU CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               19 1 B K R NAGARSATHY ROAD GANDHIPURAM
  655 U65992TZ1990PTC002820                                                                                 8/8/1990 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641012
                                      COIMBATORE BENEFIT NIDHI LIMITED                                               984, RAJA MANDIRAM TRICHY ROAD           COIMBATORE Tamil
  656 U65992TZ1991PLC003112                                                                                 2/4/1991 Nadu 641045
                                      PRATHISHTA ENTERPRISES PRIVATE LIMITED                                         2000 -A,TRICHY ROAD SINGANALLUR POST COIMBATORE
  657 U65992TZ1991PTC003221                                                                                 4/3/1991 Tamil Nadu 641005
                                      KARPAGA VINAYAGAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        902, AVANASHI ROAD COIMBATORE TAMILNADU Tamil Nadu
  658 U65992TZ1991PTC003232                                                                                4/10/1991 641018
                                      NAMAKKAL PANDIAN CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    2 IST FLOORTECHNOLOGY APARTMENTS SIVANGAM ST
  659 U65992TZ1991PTC003324                                                                                 7/9/1991 GANESHPURAM NAMAKKAL Tamil Nadu 637001
                                      KAVERIPATNAM BENEFIT FUND LIMITED                                              5-3, GOVIDARAJAPURAM EXTENSION THOMSONPET
  660 U65992TZ1991PLC003498                                                                                11/8/1991 KAVERIPATNAM Tamil Nadu 635112
                                      D K B CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    13FKALEESWARA MILL ROAD COIMBATORE TAMILNADU
  661 U65992TZ1992PTC003606                                                                                1/24/1992 Tamil Nadu 641009
                                      NAMAKKAL SREE ANJANEYAA CHIT FUND PRIVATE                                      51, MAIN ROAD, NAMAKKAL,SALEM-637 001.            Tamil Nadu
  662 U65992TZ1992PTC003630           LIMITED                                                               2/7/1992
                                      SALEM BENEFIT FUND LIMITED                                                     Shops No. 4&5, Ground Floor, Divya Towers, Fort Main Road,
  663 U65992TZ1992PLC003664                                                                                2/24/1992 SALEM Tamil Nadu 636001
                                      S D CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 NO. 4/65, ANDAL STREET , SHEVAPET,          salem Tamil Nadu
  664 U65992TZ1992PTC003737                                                                                4/23/1992 636002
                                      HASTAGIRI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           182 DR SUBBARAYAN ROAD TATABAD COIMBATORE Tamil
  665 U65992TZ1992PTC003252                                                                                4/24/1992 Nadu 641012
                                      VALARGANGAI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              326, MANNAYATH BUILDINGS,N.S.R.ROAD, COIMBATORE-641
  666 U65992TZ1992PTC004049                                                                                6/10/1992 011.    Tamil Nadu
                                      COIMBATORE KALYAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        165 AD B ROAD R S PURAM COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu
  667 U65992TZ1992PTC003839                                                                                7/27/1992 641002
                                      COIMBATORE VIJAY CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                     159 NEHRU STREETRAMNAGAR COIMBATORE TAMIL NADU
  668 U65992TZ1992PTC003846                                                                                7/29/1992 Tamil Nadu 641009
                                      KARTHIKEYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               391/ 100 FEET ROADTATABAD COIMBATORE TAMILNADU
  669 U65992TZ1992PTC003859                                                                                8/17/1992 Tamil Nadu 641012
                                      COIMBATORE KALPANA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                          4 /5C UNION ROAD49 KAVUNDAMPALAYAM METTUPALAYAM
  670 U65992TZ1992PTC003887           LIMITED                                                               9/7/1992 ROAD COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641030
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      K L R CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               203 SHASTRI ROAD COIMBATORE COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu
  671 U65992TZ1992PTC004025                                                                                9/16/1992 641009
                                      S.B. SUJI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                'S.B TOWERS'262 POLLACHI MAIN ROAD SUNDARAPURAM
  672 U65992TZ1992PTC004026                                                                                9/16/1992 COIMBATORE 641 024 Tamil Nadu
                                      COIMBATORE PREMIER CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       42 & 43SATHYAMOORTHY ROAD RAMNAGAR COIMBATORE
  673 U65992TZ1992PTC004030                                                                                9/16/1992 Tamil Nadu 641009
                                      GANAPATHY SARASWATHI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                        NO 155 F SATHY ROADPANNERSELVAM COMPLEX
  674 U65992TZ1992PTC004067           LIMITED                                                             10/14/1992 GANAPATHY COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641006
                                      KALAIVANI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           8 RAJA STREET GANAPATHY COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu
  675 U65992TZ1992PTC004068                                                                               10/14/1992 641006
                                      ARASENDRAN CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          58,SUBRAMANIAM ROAD R. S. PURAM COIMBATORE Tamil
  676 U65992TZ1992PTC004089                                                                               10/29/1992 Nadu 641002
                                      UMA MAHESWARI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       No.1435 - 1438, Sathy Main Road, Bharathi Nagar, Ganapathy
  677 U65992TZ1992PTC004106                                                                                11/9/1992 (Post), Coimbatore Tamil Nadu 641006
                                      KOVAI SANJEEV CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       176 6TH EXTENTION GANDHIPURAM COIMBATORE Tamil
  678 U65992TZ1992PTC004127                                                                               11/24/1992 Nadu 641012
                                      YALEY CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               223METTUR ROAD METTUR ROAD ERODE Tamil Nadu
  679 U65992TZ1992PTC004140                                                                                12/1/1992 638011
                                      K M N SURENDRAN CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     SHOP NO S-5 II FLOORV R ARCADE SHOPPING COMPLEX 295
  680 U65992TZ1992PTC004157                                                                               12/14/1992 DR NANJAPPA ROAD COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641018
                                      TOP LIGHT CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           NEAR RAMASAMYMUTHAMMALKALYANA MANDAPAM TIRUPUR
  681 U65992TZ1992PTC004163                                                                               12/14/1992 COIMBATORE DIST Tamil Nadu 641604
                                      TIRUPUR SRIMATHI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    28OLD MARKET STREET TIRUPUR TIRUPUR Tamil Nadu
  682 U65992TZ1992PTC004169                                                                               12/17/1992 641604
                                      TIRUPUR TIPTOP CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      S NO 10&13RAMASAMY MUTHAMMAL STREET PALLADAM
  683 U65992TZ1992PTC004178                                                                               12/23/1992 ROAD TIRUPUR Tamil Nadu 641604
                                      LUCKY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    29A, M G COMPLEX,MARUTHAMALAI MAIN ROAD, VADAVALLI,
  684 U65992TZ1992PTC004183                                                                               12/29/1992 COIMBATORE-. Tamil Nadu 641041
                                      M A P CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               540 N S R ROAD SAI BABA MISSION POST COIMBATORE
  685 U65992TZ1993PTC004193                                                                                 1/8/1993 Tamil Nadu 641011
                                      SRI AYYAPPA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         1/122 AYYAPPA MALIGAI , MAIN ROAD, ARIYANACHI PALAYAM,
                                                                                                                     JOTHAMPATTI POST UDUMALPET Tamil Nadu 642203
  686 U65992TZ1993PTC004215                                                                                1/22/1993
                                      TIRUPUR CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             391 KALLANKATTU THOTTAMKAMARAJ ROAD TIRUPUR
  687 U65992TZ1993PTC004238                                                                                 2/2/1993 TAMILNADU Tamil Nadu
                                      PERUNDURAI SAKTHI MURUGAN CHITS PRIVATE                                        524/5KUNNATHUR ROAD PERUNDURAI ERODE Tamil Nadu
  688 U65992TZ1993PTC004268           LIMITED                                                              2/23/1993 638052
                                      SIVA BALAJI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              B3, III FLOOR,ANDAVAR COMPLEX,752, CROSS CUT ROAD,
  689 U65992TZ1993PTC004286                                                                                 3/8/1993 GANDHIPURAM, COIMBATORE-12.           Tamil Nadu
                                      NAGAPPA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             377 IIND FLOORFANCY COMPLEX 7TH STREET GANDHIPURAM
  690 U65992TZ1993PTC004322                                                                                3/29/1993 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641012
                                      DINDIGUL SRI ARUN CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                   K N H R ROADK N H R ROAD DINDIGUL DINDIGUL Tamil Nadu
  691 U65992TZ1993PTC004341                                                                                4/16/1993
                                      R M P CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               187/ALINGAPPA CHETTY STREET COIMBATORE
  692 U65992TZ1993PTC004345                                                                                4/19/1993 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641001
                                      VASANTHAM CHITS CBE PRIVATE LIMITED                                            19KAMARAJ NAGAR RAMANATHAPURAM COIMBATORE
  693 U65992TZ1993PTC004369                                                                                4/26/1993 Tamil Nadu 641045
  694 U65992TZ1993PTC004385           A P V CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      5/7/1993 65 BRINDA STREET ERODE ERODE Tamil Nadu 638001
                                      SURYA CHAKRA CORPORATE SOLUTIONS PRIVATE                                       No. 1/1, Seth Narayandas Layout Tatabad COIMBATORE Tamil
  695 U65992TZ1993PTC004421           LIMITED                                                              5/26/1993 Nadu 641012
                                      MANONMANI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           11KASTURIBAI STREET GANAPATHY COIMBATORE Tamil
  696 U65992TZ1993PTC004422                                                                                5/26/1993 Nadu 641006
                                      ADESHWAR CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            657OPPANAKKARA STREET IIND FLOOR COIMBATORE Tamil
  697 U65992TZ1993PTC004461                                                                                6/16/1993 Nadu 641001
                                      PUSHPARAGHAM CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        20, GOVINDASAMY LAY OUT SIVANADHA COLONY
  698 U65992TZ1993PTC004529                                                                                7/28/1993 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641012
                                      SRI VAIRALAKSHMI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    10 & 11ANANTHA THIRUVENKATASAMY NAIDU STREET
  699 U65992TZ1993PTC004618                                                                                10/1/1993 PEELAMEDU COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641004
                                      SRI SENTHIL MURUGAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      28A SENTHIL PLAZASHANMUGHA RICE MILL COMPOUND K S C
  700 U65992TZ1993PTC004642                                                                               10/12/1993 H S SCHOOL ROAD TIRUPUR 4 Tamil Nadu 641604
                                      V S D CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                276OPPANAKARA STREET COIMBATORE COIMBATORE
  701 U65992TZ1993PTC004669                                                                                11/2/1993 Tamil Nadu 641001
                                      SRI SENTHIL RAJA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         1 A NAGALINGAMSTREET ARISIPALAYAM SALEM Tamil Nadu
  702 U65992TZ1993PTC004691                                                                               11/23/1993 636009
                                      RAJPRIYA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            49 PERA NAIDU STREETPEELAMEDU COIMBATORE
  703 U65992TZ1993PTC004700                                                                               11/25/1993 TAMILNADU Tamil Nadu 641004
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      PALANI SRI SIDDHI VINAYAGAR CHITS PRIVATE                                      C 17 THIRUVALLUVAR ROADSHANMUGAPURAM PALANI
  704 U65992TZ1993PTC004713           LIMITED                                                              12/2/1993 TANILNADU Tamil Nadu 624614
                                      VELLIMALAR CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          187SECOND STREET GANDHIPURAM COIMBATORE Tamil
  705 U65992TZ1993PTC004725                                                                                12/9/1993 Nadu 641012
                                      K K P CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               88SALEM ROAD NAMAKKAL NAMAKKAL Tamil Nadu 637001
  706 U65992TZ1993PTC004730                                                                               12/10/1993
                                      KR CHITFUND SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           34 SHANMUGA THEATRE ROADR S PURAM COIMBATORE
  707 U65992TZ1993PTC004736                                                                               12/15/1993 TAMIL NADU Tamil Nadu 641002
                                      THANGALAKSHMI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       5 135 A MEENAKSHIPURAM ROADGOPALAPURAM MANNUR
  708 U65992TZ1993PTC004750                                                                               12/23/1993 POST POLLACHI Tamil Nadu 642005
                                      B P R CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               NO.7 RAJA MARKET, 187, OPPANAKARA STREET
  709 U65992TZ1994PTC004771                                                                                 1/7/1994 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641001
                                      MYTHILI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  53 CHINNASWAMY NAIDU LAYOUTLAKSHMIPURAM
  710 U65992TZ1994PTC004772                                                                                 1/7/1994 PEELAMEDU POST COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641004
                                      ALPHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    NO.2 I FLOOR , VIVEKANANDA STREET NEW FAIRLANDS
  711 U65992TZ1994PTC004787                                                                                1/17/1994 SALEM Tamil Nadu 636016
                                      C.R.CHIT FUNDS CBE PRIVATE LIMITED                                             88/CRACE COURSE RACE COURSE COIMBATORE Tamil
  712 U65992TZ1994PTC004804                                                                                1/21/1994 Nadu 641018
                                      BHADRI AND MANI CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                           SREE BALAJI COMPLEXII FLOOR 7 ARUNACHALA ASARI
  713 U65992TZ1994PTC004808                                                                                1/27/1994 STREET SALEM Tamil Nadu 636001
                                      PERUNDURAI SRI VELA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      173 KUNNATHUR ROAD PERUNDURAI PERUNDURAI TALUK
  714 U65992TZ1994PTC004809                                                                                1/27/1994 ERODE Tamil Nadu 638052
                                      MANIVANNAN CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                                270 , KARRUPAIAH STREET     COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu
  715 U65992TZ1994PTC004811                                                                                1/27/1994 641001
                                      SHRI NARASIMHAA MARUTHI CHITS PRIVATE                                          43, FORT MAIN ROAD NAMAKKAL     NAMAKKAL Tamil Nadu
  716 U65992TZ1994PTC004819           LIMITED                                                              1/31/1994 637001
                                      GREAT CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     K.V.A COMPLEX 258, THURAIYUR ROAD NAMAKKAL Tamil
  717 U65992TZ1994PTC004820                                                                                1/31/1994 Nadu 637001
                                      M J T CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               M J T BUILDING9 A BHARATHIYAR ROAD
                                                                                                                     PAPPANAICKANPALAYAM COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641037
  718 U65992TZ1994PTC004835                                                                                 2/9/1994
  719 U65992TZ1994PTC008666           BALA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       2/9/1994 179BAZAAR STREET POLLACHI Tamil Nadu 642001
                                      SRI VIJAYARAM CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       14THAYUMANAVAR STREET ATTUR SALEM DISTRICT Tamil
  720 U65992TZ1994PTC004854                                                                                2/11/1994 Nadu 636102
                                      S N K R CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  443VYSIAL STREET SRI BHUVANESHWARI COMPLEX
  721 U65992TZ1994PTC004874                                                                                2/21/1994 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641001
                                      SRI VASAVI KANNIKA PARAMESWARI CHIT FUNDS                                      530 VYSIAL STREET COIMBATORE COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu
  722 U65992TZ1994PTC004910           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                       3/9/1994 641001
                                      J. P. C. CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            185 LINGAPPA CHETTY STREET COIMBATORE COIMBATORE
  723 U65992TZ1994PTC004922                                                                                3/11/1994 Tamil Nadu 641001
                                      SRI SARADHA VIJI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         37 BI OM NIVASKUPPICHIPALAYAM S R K V POST
  724 U65992TZ1994PTC004938                                                                                3/21/1994 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641020
                                      SREE VIJAYARAJAN CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    145ACHINNAMMAL STREET KK PUDUR COIMBATORE Tamil
  725 U65992TZ1994PTC004943                                                                                3/23/1994 Nadu 641038
                                      BOGANA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              DOOR NO 33A, SAMBALINGAMURTHY STREET SHEVAPET
  726 U65992TZ1994PTC004947                                                                                3/23/1994 SALEM Tamil Nadu 636002
  727 U65992TZ1994PTC004961           ELAKKIYA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                  3/25/1994 11NEHRU STREET ERODE ERODE Tamil Nadu 638001
                                      ONDIPUDUR PERMANENT CHIT FUND PRIVATE                                          2292 TRICHY ROAD ONDIPUDUR COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu
  728 U65992TZ1994PTC004970           LIMITED                                                              3/30/1994 641016
                                      C G V CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               NO 22ANSARI STREET RAMNAGAR COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu
  729 U65992TZ1994PTC004971                                                                                3/30/1994 641009
                                      ACSHAYA GENERAL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          77LINGAPPA CHETTY STREET COIMBATORE TAMIL NADU
  730 U65992TZ1994PTC004879                                                                                4/13/1994 Tamil Nadu 641001
                                      SRI CHENNIAPPA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      NO.50 (1), KULLI CHETTIAR STREET  TIRUPUR Tamil Nadu
  731 U65992TZ1994PTC004994                                                                                4/13/1994 641604
                                      SUBHAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   19 K V R LAYOUT ELEMENTARYSCHOOL STREET
                                                                                                                     KARUVAMPALAYAM TIRUPUR COIMBATORE DISTRICT Tamil
  732 U65992TZ1994PTC005023                                                                                4/25/1994 Nadu 638604
                                      RAJASUNDARI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         205THIRUKUMARAN BUILDING METTUR ROAD ERODE
  733 U65992TZ1994PTC005034                                                                                4/27/1994 PERIYAR DISTRICT Tamil Nadu 638011
                                      VALLIKKANNU CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         6 UDAYAPPA COLONY SALEM TAMILNADU Tamil Nadu
  734 U65992TZ1994PTC005040                                                                                 5/2/1994 636007
                                      MAYILMURUGAN CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        10/8WEST CAR STREET AVANASHI COIMBATORE DIST Tamil
  735 U65992TZ1994PTC005051                                                                                 5/5/1994 Nadu 641654
                                      L M R CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               72RAILWAY STATION ROAD DINDIGUL DINDIGUL DISTRICT
  736 U65992TZ1994PTC005056                                                                                 5/6/1994 Tamil Nadu 624003
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      UMA DEVI CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  5/315JUNCTION MAIN ROAD SALEM SALEM Tamil Nadu
  737 U65992TZ1994PTC005064                                                                                5/16/1994 636004
                                      ATTUR THULUVA VELALAR SANGAM CHIT FUNDS                                        101THAYAMANAVAR STREET ATTUR ATTUR Tamil Nadu
  738 U65992TZ1994PTC005098           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      5/31/1994 636102
                                      V M S CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               30 ANARAYANA PILLAI STREET PERAMANUR SALEM Tamil
  739 U65992TZ1994PTC005120                                                                                6/13/1994 Nadu 636007
                                      K S R CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    183TELUGU BRAHMIN STREET COIMBATORE TAMIL NADU
  740 U65992TZ1994PTC005134                                                                                6/15/1994 Tamil Nadu 641001
                                      BIJOY PERMANENT CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     8/108 APALGHAT ROAD KUNIAMUTHUR COIMBATORE Tamil
  741 U65992TZ1994PTC005141                                                                                6/17/1994 Nadu 641008
                                      POLLACHI RAMSANKAR CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                          121THEPPAKULAM STREET POLLACHI COIMBATORE DIST
  742 U65992TZ1994PTC005173           LIMITED                                                               7/4/1994 Tamil Nadu 642001
                                      MUTHUVEL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 90 BHARATHI STREETL I G COLONY MAHALINGAPURAM
  743 U65992TZ1994PTC005184                                                                                 7/4/1994 POLLACHI Tamil Nadu 642002
                                      V.K.P CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               9 17 26 ONNI CHETTIAR STREETKEELAKOTTAI CHINNALAPATTI
                                                                                                                     DINDIGUL TK DINDIGUL ANNA DT Tamil Nadu 624301
  744 U65992TZ1994PTC005193                                                                                 7/5/1994
                                      SRI THANGAMMAL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           312 A BROUGH ROAD MUTHURAM COMPLEX            ERODE Tamil
  745 U65992TZ1994PTC005200                                                                                 7/6/1994 Nadu 638001
                                      SRI KULANDAIVEL CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                           425, 4TH STREET,, K.K.PUDUR,SAIBABA COLONY -.
  746 U65992TZ1994PTC005207                                                                                7/11/1994 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641038
                                      HARINI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   VAISHNAVI KRIPA130 DR BALASUNDARAM CHETTIARROAD
  747 U65992TZ1994PTC005214                                                                                7/14/1994 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641018
                                      VIJAY RADHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              170 FDR RAJENDRA PRASAD ROAD, TATABAD COIMBATORE
  748 U65992TZ1994PTC005227                                                                                7/18/1994 Tamil Nadu 641012
                                      MYLSWAMY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 MYLAGAM16 CHELLAM TALKIES ROAD POLLACHI
  749 U65992TZ1994PTC005239                                                                                 8/2/1994 COIMBATORE DIST Tamil Nadu 642001
                                      GOBIKUMAR CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           SITE NO 2, YOGIRAM SURAT KUMAR NAGAR FCI ROAD,
  750 U65992TZ1994PTC005271                                                                                8/16/1994 GANAPATHY COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641004
                                      SWAMIMALAI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          151 PERUR MAIN ROADKUMARAPALAYAM SELVAPURAM P O
  751 U65992TZ1994PTC005280                                                                                8/18/1994 COIMBATORE 9/97 Tamil Nadu 641002
                                      A S M CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               73PUDUR MAIN ROAD PEELAMEDU COIMBATORE Tamil
  752 U65992TZ1994PTC005304                                                                                8/26/1994 Nadu 641004
                                      ADHISURYA CHITS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                          MURUGAPPA COMPLEXPALGHAT ROAD POLLACHI Tamil
  753 U65992TZ1994PTC005320                                                                                 9/2/1994 Nadu 642001
                                      DIVYA KARTHIK CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            17,AGILMEDU 5th STREET SAIT COLONY ERODE Tamil Nadu
  754 U65992TZ1994PTC005333                                                                                 9/6/1994 638001
                                      MANGALAMBIGAI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       339KAMARAJAR ROAD VARADARAJAPURAM COIMBATORE
  755 U65992TZ1994PTC005338                                                                                 9/7/1994 Tamil Nadu 641015
                                      KASHIMAHARAJ COTTON MILLS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      411, NETHAJI ROAD, Near Manikoondu Eswarankoil Street Corner
  756 U65992TZ1994PTC005339                                                                                 9/8/1994 ERODE Tamil Nadu 638001
                                      SAROJINI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            4/5/C UNION ROAD49 KAVUNDANPALAYAM COIMBATORE
  757 U65992TZ1994PTC005346                                                                                9/19/1994 Tamil Nadu 641030
                                      DINDIGUL MAHAJOTHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       102 B N V G B HALL ROADNAGALNAGAR,DINDIGUL DINDIGUL
  758 U65992TZ1994PTC005344                                                                                9/19/1994 ANNA DIST TAMILNADU Tamil Nadu 624003
                                      SURRESHRAMESH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            VAIBHAV PLAZA31 A FIRST AGRAHARAM SALEM Tamil Nadu
  759 U65992TZ1994PTC005425                                                                               10/17/1994 636001
                                      SRI KRISHNA LAKSHMI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                         KRISHNA LAKSHMI BHAVANAMNO 7 VELLAIAMMAL LAYOUT
                                      LIMITED                                                                        UTHUKADU ROAD, POLLACHI COIMBATORE DISTRICT Tamil
  760 U65992TZ1994PTC005437                                                                               10/19/1994 Nadu 642001
                                      ANNAI KUSALAMBAL CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    96 FIRST FLOOR, RAJA STREET    COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu
  761 U65992TZ1994PTC005470                                                                                11/7/1994 641001
                                      SREEKARAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                61 B SAMRAJ BUILDINGTATABAD 7TH STREET COIMBATORE
  762 U65992TZ1994PTC005570                                                                                12/7/1994 Tamil Nadu 641012
                                      THANGAMANI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          H 12 MANICKAMPALAYAM HOUSING UNIT NARAYANAVALASU
  763 U65992TZ1994PTC005587                                                                                12/9/1994 ERODE Tamil Nadu 638011
  764 U65992TZ1994PTC005656           SELVASARASWATHY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                               12/30/1994 108TRICHY ROAD SULUR COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641402
                                      PANASUNA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 151 A UPSTAIRSCHINNAKADAI STREET SALEM TAMILNADU
  765 U65992TZ1995PTC005676                                                                                 1/6/1995 Tamil Nadu 636001
                                      SRI SANTHOSHMAHAVEER CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                        NO 151 II FLOORMAHAVEER PLAZA MAIN BAZAAR OOTY
  766 U65992TZ1995PTC005761           LIMITED                                                               2/7/1995 THE NILGIRIS Tamil Nadu 643001
                                      K S P CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               K L R BUILDINGS 203SASTRY ROAD RAMNAGAR
  767 U65992TZ1995PTC005783                                                                                2/13/1995 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641009
                                      SELVAMSUBAMATHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          4/1KAVUNDAMPALAYAM METTUPPALAYAM ROAD
  768 U65992TZ1995PTC005840                                                                                2/23/1995 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641030
                                      VALARNIDHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               596 LPNV COMPLEXRANIPET ATTUR SALEM DISTRICT Tamil
  769 U65992TZ1995PTC005957                                                                                3/27/1995 Nadu 636102
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      AMITY CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               C/3 KLR BUILDINGS207 B SASTRY ROAD RAMNAGAR
  770 U65992TZ1995PTC005969                                                                                3/27/1995 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641009
                                      RATHNAVINAYAGAR CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     780FIRST FLOOR TRICHY ROAD COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu
  771 U65992TZ1995PTC006016                                                                                 4/5/1995 641045
                                      AKSHAYDEEP CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          195RANGAI GOWDER STREET COIMBATORE TAMILNADU
  772 U65992TZ1995PTC006105                                                                                 5/3/1995 Tamil Nadu 641001
                                      DHARMODAYAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              27 / 1 LANGARGANA STREETR S PURAM COIMBATORE
  773 U65992TZ1995PTC006116                                                                                 5/5/1995 TAMILNADU Tamil Nadu 641001
                                      COBLA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    219 CHINNASAMY NAIDU ROAD NEW SIDDHAPUDUR
  774 U65992TZ1995PTC006229                                                                                6/19/1995 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641044
                                      SKYWIN CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              746 C, AVANASHI ROAD COIMBATORE COIMBATORE Tamil
  775 U65992TZ1995PTC006255                                                                                6/23/1995 Nadu 641018
                                      VELUMAYIL CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 40 41VYSIAL STREET COIMBATORE COIMBATORE Tamil
  776 U65992TZ1995PTC006269                                                                                6/26/1995 Nadu 641001
                                      KAMALAMYIL CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          150JJ COMPLEX COIMBATORE ROAD POLLACHI Tamil Nadu
  777 U65992TZ1995PTC006326                                                                                 7/7/1995 642002
                                      SIBI CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      THURAIYUR ROADN KOSAVAMPATTI NAMAKKAL NAMAKKAL
  778 U65992TZ1995PTC006337                                                                                7/11/1995 Tamil Nadu 637001
                                      SENTHILNATHAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            1 D RAMALINGACHETTY STREET DHARMAPURI TAMIL NADU
  779 U65992TZ1995PTC006344                                                                                7/12/1995 Tamil Nadu 636701
                                      CHAMBAKAMALAR CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       THANGAMANI COMPLEXRAJAGOPALAPURAM GUDALUR POST
  780 U65992TZ1995PTC006392                                                                                 8/1/1995 THE NILGIRIS DIST Tamil Nadu 643212
                                      MUTHUARUN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                265 G1 M R NAGARK V P COLONY DHARAPURAM ROAD
  781 U65992TZ1995PTC006523                                                                                9/15/1995 TIRUPUR Tamil Nadu 641608
                                      KAISER CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   R K COMPLEX IST FLOOR209 II AGRAHARAM SALEM TAMIL
  782 U65992TZ1995PTC006545                                                                                9/22/1995 NADU Tamil Nadu 636001
                                      SABARINATH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               NO 524UTHUKULI ROAD KUNNATHUR ERODE DISTRICT
  783 U65992TZ1995PTC006647                                                                                11/2/1995 Tamil Nadu 638103
                                      T R S CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               NO 281 1 OOTY MAIN ROADMETTUPALAYAM COIMBATORE
  784 U65992TZ1995PTC006655                                                                                11/3/1995 TAMILNADU Tamil Nadu 641301
                                      KRISNAKAMAL CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         319TOWN POLICE STATION ROAD POLLACHI Tamil Nadu
  785 U65992TZ1995PTC006669                                                                                11/9/1995 642001
                                      SALEM UTHUMALAI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     30 31 AND 32 DIVYA TOWERSFORT MAIN ROAD SALEM
  786 U65992TZ1995PTC006675                                                                                11/9/1995 TAMIL NADU Tamil Nadu 636001
                                      R V G CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               175GOKALE STREET RAMNAGAR COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu
  787 U65992TZ1995PTC006717                                                                               11/22/1995 641009
                                      PONBAGAVATHY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             5/92 B MAIN ROADGOPALAPURAM MANNUR POST POLLACHI
  788 U65992TZ1995PTC006809                                                                               12/28/1995 TALUK DIST COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu
                                      GAYATRI DEVI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             7 II FLOORSUBBU PLAZA 82 A STATE BANK ROAD
  789 U65992TZ1996PTC006974                                                                                2/23/1996 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641018
                                      TIRUMALAI SESHADHRI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      296 MAIN ROADSHEVAPET SALEM SALEM Tamil Nadu
  790 U65992TZ1996PTC007067                                                                                3/22/1996 636002
                                      B.KARUNAMBIGAI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      220,5TH STREET,GANDHIPURAM, COIMBATORE
  791 U65992TZ1996PTC007074                                                                                3/26/1996 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641012
                                      MANOLAKSHMI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         29 MAIN ROADPERAMANUR SALEM TAMILNADU Tamil Nadu
  792 U65992TZ1996PTC007102                                                                                 4/3/1996 636009
                                      JANABHADRATHA CHITS COIMBATORE PRIVATE                                         65OPPANAKKARA STREET COIMBATORE COIMBATORE
  793 U65992TZ1996PTC007144           LIMITED                                                              4/19/1996 Tamil Nadu 641001
                                      B S R CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               61 DR N R N LAYOUT, PAPPANAICKENPALAYAM
  794 U65992TZ1996PTC007208                                                                                5/22/1996 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641037
                                      C K T CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               127 UPPUKINAR LANE RAJA STREET COIMBATORE Tamil
  795 U65992TZ1996PTC007256                                                                                 6/5/1996 Nadu 641001
                                      VAASAVI KEERTHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          124 /2EDAYAR STREET COIMBATORE TAMIL NADU Tamil
  796 U65992TZ1996PTC007291                                                                                6/19/1996 Nadu 641001
                                      H M S CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                NO.1, EAST SAMBANDHAM ROAD R.S.PURAM COIMBATORE
  797 U65992TZ1996PTC007297                                                                                6/21/1996 Tamil Nadu 641002
                                      SRI VIRAL CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           125OPPANAKARA STREET COIMBATORE COIMBATORE
  798 U65992TZ1996PTC007223                                                                                 7/2/1996 Tamil Nadu 641001
                                      SELVAKIRUTHIKAI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          31 AKANJIKOVILROAD PERUNDURAI        ERODE DISTRICT Tamil
  799 U65992TZ1996PTC007357                                                                                7/18/1996 Nadu 638052
                                      BRINDHA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             SITE NO 10/13RAMASAMY MUTHAMMAL STREET PALLADAM
  800 U65992TZ1996PTC007434                                                                                8/28/1996 ROAD TIRUPUR Tamil Nadu 641604
                                      K M T CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    1 / 10 / 23 MAIN ROAD NELAKOTTAI, DINDIGUL DT
  801 U65992TZ1996PTC007440                                                                                 9/6/1996 NELAKOTTAI, Tamil Nadu 624208
                                      SRI LAKSHMI SARASWATHI CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                    A1 MAHALAXMI APARTMENTSVENKATAKRISHNA ROAD R S
  802 U65992TZ1996PTC007462                                                                                9/12/1996 PURAM COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641002
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      GUNASHREE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                251/A-1, K.T.B COMPLEX DHALI ROAD UDUMALPET Tamil
  803 U65992TZ1996PTC007522                                                                               10/18/1996 Nadu 642126
                                      S P S CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    36 KRISHNAMMA NAIDU STREETNO 1 ONDIPUDUR
  804 U65992TZ1996PTC007581                                                                               11/27/1996 COIMBATORE COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641016
                                      G B L CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               51BAZAAR STREET GOBICHETTIPALAYAM ERODE Tamil
  805 U65992TZ1997PTC007662                                                                                 1/8/1997 Nadu 638452
                                      SUBASELVA NAAYAGI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                           SHOP NO 3 VIJAYALAKSHMICOMPLEX, KALAPATTI PIRIVU,
  806 U65992TZ1997PTC007686           LIMITED                                                              1/30/1997 SARAVANAMPATTI , COIMBATORE 641035. Tamil Nadu
                                      C S V N CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  10 7 7 V P N STREETKEELAKOTTAI CHINNALAPATTI
  807 U65992TZ1997PTC007753                                                                                 3/5/1997 DINDIGUL MANNAR Tamil Nadu 624301
                                      SRI GOVINDARAJ CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                       564 M S COMPLEX, IST FLOOR D B ROAD, R.S PURAM
  808 U65992TZ1997PTC007863                                                                                4/25/1997 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641002
                                      D N C CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    NO 11NACHIAPPA GOUNDER STREET DHARMAPURI
  809 U65992TZ1997PTC007910                                                                                5/16/1997 DHARMAPURI DT Tamil Nadu 636701
                                      LAKSHMI PRABHA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      D NO:632/407 RAGUNATHA NILAYAM TRICHY MAIN ROAD,
  810 U65992TZ1997PTC007953                                                                                 6/5/1997 GUGAI SALEM Tamil Nadu 636006
                                      K C F CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               345 BOOTY MAIN ROAD METTUPALAYAM COIMBATORE
  811 U65992TZ1997PTC007978                                                                                6/13/1997 Tamil Nadu 641301
                                      N S S CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               KRISHNA METAL BUILDING, IIND FLOOR 27B, ANSARI STREET,
  812 U65992TZ1997PTC007983                                                                                6/13/1997 RAM NAGAR COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641009
                                      YAAMINIPRIA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                          1 ST FLOOR K N P COMPLEXN S R ROAD PULIYAMARAM
  813 U65992TZ1997PTC008023                                                                                 7/9/1997 STOP SAIBABA COLONY COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641011
                                      SHRINIDHI SRINIVASA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      438EDAYAR STREET COIMBATORE COIMBATORE Tamil
  814 U65992TZ1997PTC008091                                                                                9/12/1997 Nadu 641001
  815 U65992TZ1997PTC008139           VALAR VIKAS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                   10/16/1997 399B ALAGESAN ROAD COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641011
                                      P L A CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    5/1 AANGAMMAL COLONY SALEM SALEM Tamil Nadu 636009
  816 U65992TZ1997PTC008175                                                                               11/13/1997
                                      THIRAVIYAKANI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            33/165S S KOIL STREET POLLACHI COIMBATORE DISTRICT
  817 U65992TZ1997PTC008171                                                                               11/13/1997 Tamil Nadu 642001
                                      AKPM CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      19, CORPORATION COMPLEX, TRICHY ROAD,
  818 U65992TZ1997PTC008245                                                                               12/31/1997 RAMANATHAPURAM, COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641045
                                      SHRI RAJAMURUGAN CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                          10/7/29 V P N STREETKEELAKOTTAI CHINNALAPATTI
  819 U65992TZ1998PTC008343                                                                                3/24/1998 DINDIGUL DIST Tamil Nadu 624301
                                      KARNAKI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  691, (S.Bangaru Rice Mandy), R.G.Street Coimbatore Tamil Nadu
  820 U65992TZ1998PTC008350                                                                                3/26/1998 641001
                                      SAMSAFE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  183 WEST RAMALINGAM ROADR S PURAM COIMBATORE
  821 U65992TZ1998PTC008363                                                                                 4/3/1998 TAMIL NADU Tamil Nadu 641002
                                      VENUS PPV CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                49VASAGASALAI STREET SHEVAPET SALEM Tamil Nadu
  822 U65992TZ1998PTC008372                                                                                 4/7/1998 636002
                                      D N V CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    NO 42 MBYE PASS ROAD DHARMAPURI DT DHARMAPURI DT
  823 U65992TZ1998PTC008421                                                                                5/18/1998 Tamil Nadu 636701
                                      K.V. CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                565, SUKRAVARPET STREET,COIMBATORE-641 001           Tamil
  824 U65992TZ1998PTC008526                                                                                8/10/1998 Nadu
  825 U65992TZ1998PTC008551           CEE EN CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     9/2/1998 NO 34II ROAD LIEGH BAZAR SALEM Tamil Nadu 636009
                                      SRI VALLIARASI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      40 & 41VYSIAL STREET COIMBATORE COIMBATORE Tamil
  826 U65992TZ1998PTC008615                                                                               10/16/1998 Nadu 641001
                                      SRI SANJEEV GANAPATHY CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                       49VADAKKU THOTTAM GANAPATHY COIMBATORE Tamil
  827 U65992TZ1999PTC008719           LIMITED                                                              1/19/1999 Nadu 641006
                                      GOPALAPURAM THANGALAKSHMI CHITS PRIVATE                                        5/135A MEENAKSHIPURAM ROADGOPALAPURAM MANNUR
  828 U65992TZ1999PTC008730           LIMITED                                                               2/1/1999 POST POLLACHI TK DIST COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 642005
                                      INDRA PRIYADHARSHINI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                        25 BUNGALOW MAIN ROADODAKKADU TIRUPUR DIST
  829 U65992TZ1999PTC008759           LIMITED                                                              2/23/1999 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641602
                                      MEGHALAKSHMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             5/53E MEENASHIPURAM ROADGOPALAPURAM MANNUR POST
  830 U65992TZ1999PTC008772                                                                                 3/3/1999 POLLACHI TALUK Tamil Nadu 642005
                                      SREE BHAGAVATHEESWARI CHITS PRIVATE                                            2 347 B MAIN ROADGOPALAPURAM MANNUR POST
  831 U65992TZ1999PTC008773           LIMITED                                                               3/3/1999 POLLACHI Tamil Nadu
                                      SRI LAKSHMI BALAJI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       15/67A, K.G.LAYOUT, 8TH CROSS, BHARATHI PARK,
  832 U65992TZ1999PTC008819                                                                                 4/5/1999 SAIBABACOLONY, COMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641011
                                      NAINAMALAI PERUMAL CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                          26OLD MARKET STREET TIRUPUR DIST COIMBATORE Tamil
  833 U65992TZ1999PTC008830           LIMITED                                                               4/8/1999 Nadu 641604
                                      SRI ABHIRAMAVALLI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                    103/3 GOUNDER COMPLEXBAZAAR STREET POLLACHI DIST
  834 U65992TZ1999PTC008991                                                                                 9/6/1999 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 642001
                                      NAGAMMA DEVI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        215 HUNDRED FEET ROADTATABAD COIMBATORE
  835 U65992TZ1999PTC009103                                                                                12/9/1999 TAMILNADU Tamil Nadu 641012
                                      SRI DHANAKUBERA CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                           1076 BIG BAZAAR STREET B6 ISTFLOOR COIMBATORE
  836 U65992TZ2000PTC009176                                                                                 2/9/2000 TAMILNADU Tamil Nadu 641001
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      GUGAN CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               37AANNA STREET AVANASHI DIST COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu
  837 U65992TZ2000PTC009203                                                                                2/25/2000 641654
                                      MANAPPURAM CHITS( INDIA )LIMITED                                               IST FLOORSARASWATHY TOWER 34/3 10th st,GANDHIPURAM
  838 U65992TZ2000PLC009437                                                                                7/21/2000 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641012
                                      SREE SIVA GANAPATHY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      106/56BIG BELL COMPLEX R S PURAM COIMBATORE Tamil
  839 U65992TZ2000PTC009483                                                                                9/13/2000 Nadu 641002
                                      SREE ELUMALI VENKATACHALAPATHI CHIT FUNDS                                      2 / 345 PALAKKAD ROADGOPALAPURAM MANNUR POST
  840 U65992TZ2001PTC009692           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      3/21/2001 POLLACHI TALUK TAMILNADU Tamil Nadu 642005
                                      SRI MASANI AMMAN THUNAI CHIT FUNDS KOVAI                                       SMT TOWERS,METTUPALAYAM ROAD,INDIRA NAGAR
                                      PRIVATE LIMITED                                                                TEACHERS COLONY,KARAMADAI COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu
  841 U65992TZ2001PTC009774                                                                                 6/7/2001 641104
                                      ERODE JUPITER CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            110, AKILMEDU 6TH STREET IST FLOOR ERODE Tamil Nadu
  842 U65992TZ2001PTC009801                                                                                6/26/2001 638001
                                      CHIT SHAKTHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             1-C, A S D PURAM MAHALINGAPURAM POLLACHI Tamil Nadu
  843 U65992TZ2001PTC009844                                                                                 8/1/2001 642002
                                      AVG CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      466 RAMASAMY NAGARPANKAJA MILLS ROAD
  844 U65992TZ2001PTC009846                                                                                 8/6/2001 RAMANATHAPURAM COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641045
                                      COIMBATORE VETRI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    311OPPANAKARA STREET COIMBATORE TAMILNADU Tamil
  845 U65992TZ2001PTC009936                                                                               10/22/2001 Nadu 641001
                                      AROGIA MATHA CHIT FUNDS (COIMBATORE)                                           901/420 SATHY RAOD UPSTAIRS OPP VELAN THEATRE
  846 U65992TZ2001PTC009980           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      12/5/2001 GANAPATHY COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641006
                                      SOWDESWARI AMMAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         NO 103N S BUILDING ARUNACHALA ACHARI STREET SALEM
  847 U65992TZ2002PTC010239                                                                                 7/5/2002 Tamil Nadu 636001
                                      M S K CHIT FUND ATTUR PRIVATE LIMITED                                          260THIRUNAVUKARASU NAGAR ATTUR SALEM DISTRICT
  848 U65992TZ2002PTC010243                                                                                 7/9/2002 Tamil Nadu 636102
                                      KAVIN CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               27/14SATHY ROAD VEERAPPAN CHATRAM ERODE Tamil
  849 U65992TZ2003PTC010429                                                                                 1/6/2003 Nadu 638004
                                      ANAIMALAIS CHITS POLLACHI PRIVATE LIMITED                                      THADAGAI NACHI AMMANKOIL STREET KUNCHIPALAYAM
  850 U65992TZ2003PTC010510                                                                                3/12/2003 JAMIN UTHKUZHI POST POLLACHI Tamil Nadu 641604
                                      THAARAI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  28 LIC COLONYTHAARAI PULLIKULAM ILLAM VASANTHAM
                                                                                                                     HOTEL ROAD OPP NEW BUS STAND SALEM Tamil Nadu
  851 U65992TZ2003PTC010651                                                                                6/30/2003 636004
                                      SRI DHURKAAMBIGAI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                   223 3 MAIN ROAD ARIANACHIPALAYAM JOTHTHAMPATTY
  852 U65992TZ2003PTC010700                                                                                 8/1/2003 POST UDUMALPET COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641006
                                      MANOARUN CHITS KOVAI PRIVATE LIMITED                                           A 29GOKHALE STREET RAM NAGAR COIMBATORE Tamil
  853 U65992TZ2003PTC010768                                                                                9/11/2003 Nadu 641009
                                      ERODE JEEVARATHINAM CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                         181, MUTHUCHELLAM COMPLEX, CAUVERY ROAD
  854 U65992TZ2003PTC010838           LIMITED                                                              11/7/2003 KARUNGALPALAYAM ERODE Tamil Nadu 638003
                                      PERUNDURAIKALAI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     165OLD BUS STAND ROAD PERUNDURAI ERODE DIST Tamil
  855 U65992TZ2003PTC010843                                                                               11/12/2003 Nadu 638052
                                      SRI SUBBULAKSHMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         91 G5 SENTHIL NAGARSOMANUR COIMBATORE DISTRICT
  856 U65992TZ2003PTC010911                                                                               12/31/2003 COIMBATORE DISTRICT Tamil Nadu
                                      T V RAMASAMY CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        61 K S CHIGH SCHOOL ROAD TIRUPUR COIMBATORE DIST
  857 U65992TZ2004PTC010997                                                                                2/20/2004 Tamil Nadu 641604
                                      ABORA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    182/1, I FLOOR, SELVALAKSHMI COMPLEX, METTUR ROAD
  858 U65992TZ2004PTC011041                                                                                3/18/2004 ERODE Tamil Nadu 638011
                                      PALLADAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 222 TRICHY ROADOPP ANNA NAGAR WATER TANK PALLADAM
  859 U65992TZ2004PTC011204                                                                                6/24/2004 COIMBATORE DISTRICT Tamil Nadu 641664
                                      SRI JAY CHITS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                            8/7 2ND FLOOR GOPALAPURAMIST STREET NEAR SHANTHI
  860 U65992TZ2004PTC011240                                                                                7/14/2004 THEATRE COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641018
                                      STAR CHITS TIRUPUR PRIVATE LIMITED                                             2/592-A, HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA NAGAR, 5TH STREET
                                                                                                                     PERIYANDIPALAYAM, MANGALAM ROAD TIRUPUR Tamil Nadu
  861 U65992TZ2005PTC011575                                                                                 2/4/2005 641687
                                      SREE PADMAROOPA CHITS COMPANY                                                  17/638 CHANDRATHIL BUILDINGMAIN ROAD CHERAMBADI
  862 U65992TZ2005PTC011607           CHERAMBADI PRIVATE LIMITED                                           2/17/2005 NILGIRI DISTRICT Tamil Nadu 643102
                                      MANJALOOR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                IST FLOOR GOPAL COMPLEXPALAKADU MAIN ROAD
  863 U65992TZ2005PTC011721                                                                                4/11/2005 KUNIAMUTHUR COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641008
                                      SRI SWAMINATHAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          150-D RK COMPLEXPR SRINIVASA RAO STREET DHARMAPURI
  864 U65992TZ2005PTC011722                                                                                4/11/2005 DHARMAPURI Tamil Nadu 636701
                                      LFK CHIT FUND INDIA LIMITED                                                    NO. 3 IST FLOOR, BHARATH NAGAR, NEELIKONAM PALAYAM,
  865 U65992TZ2005PLC011850                                                                                5/31/2005 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641018
                                      T V MYLSAMY CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         18 THIRUMALAISAMY STREETLAKSHMI NAGAR
  866 U65992TZ2005PTC011913                                                                                6/17/2005 KAVUNDAMPALAYAM COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641030
                                      HARIMEKALA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               MUTHU COMPLEXSHOP NO 2 513 BIG BAZAAR STREET
  867 U65992TZ2005PTC011929                                                                                6/23/2005 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641001
                                      SETHUPATHY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               43, NGR ROAD,PALLADAM,      COIMBATORE-641 664 Tamil
  868 U65992TZ2005PTC012208                                                                                10/7/2005 Nadu
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      SRI PANCHAMUGA VINAYAGAR CHITS NAMAKKAL                                        61, MAIN ROAD,NAMAKKAL-637 001  NAMAKKAL DISTRICT
  869 U65992TZ2005PTC012265           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      11/7/2005 Tamil Nadu
                                      PALLAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   1ST FLOOR,GOPAL COMPLEX,PALAKADU MAIN ROAD
  870 U65992TZ2005PTC012330                                                                                12/1/2005 KUNIAMUTHUR, COIMBATORE-641 008. Tamil Nadu 641008
                                      JAIRAMVILAS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              NO.147-F APPUCHETTY,HARI COMPLEX, SHEVAPET, SALEM
  871 U65992TZ2005PTC012358                                                                                12/7/2005 Tamil Nadu 636002
                                      ARUVI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    51,U.K.P.NAGAR UDUMALPET COIMBATORE DIST Tamil
  872 U65992TZ2006PTC012504                                                                                1/25/2006 Nadu 641154
                                      SHRI VANI CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 NO.54,PONNUSWAMY GOUNDERSTREET, KARUVAMPALAYAM,
                                                                                                                     TIRUPUR. COIMBATORE DT. Tamil Nadu
  873 U65992TZ2006PTC012544                                                                                 2/3/2006
                                      SELVANAAYAKI CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                              NO.41/2.N.M.P.NAGAR,PALLAKKATTU PUDUR PIRIVU,
  874 U65992TZ2006PTC012586                                                                                2/16/2006 KANGAYAM ROAD, TIRUPUR Tamil Nadu 641606
                                      SRI LKMS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 473, BROUGH ROAD CSR BUILDING ERODE Tamil Nadu
  875 U65992TZ2006PTC012767                                                                                5/17/2006 638001
                                      ATHITHYABALAJI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           SRI THIRUMOORTHY CORNER, 199/6, DHALI ROAD
  876 U65992TZ2006PTC012927                                                                                7/14/2006 UDUMALPET Tamil Nadu 642126
                                      V.R.P.CHIT FUNDS POLLACHI PRIVATE LIMITED                                      4, RAJA MILL ROAD POLLACHI COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu
  877 U65992TZ2006PTC013237                                                                               11/23/2006 642001
                                      LPK CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      144,KALEESWARA NAGAR, KATTOOR COIMBATORE Tamil
  878 U65992TZ2006PTC013277                                                                               12/11/2006 Nadu 641009
                                      MALARMAGAL CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          11-A, MARIAMMAN KOIL STREET ATHAPPAGOUNDENPUDUR,
  879 U65992TZ2006PTC013303                                                                               12/22/2006 IRUGUR COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641103
                                      RATNA SRI ANANDHASS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      110 GOVERNMENT ARTS COLLEGE ROAD          COIMBATORE
  880 U65992TZ2007PTC013333                                                                                 1/5/2007 Tamil Nadu 641018
                                      SATYAMURTHY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              3/5, KRISHNAN STREET, ARISIPALAYAM, SALEM Tamil Nadu
  881 U65992TZ2007PTC013353                                                                                1/12/2007 636009
                                      SREE VISHNU RATHIKA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      58/2, MUTHU UDAYAR COMPLEX, JOTHI THEATRE MAIN ROAD,
  882 U65992TZ2007PTC013476                                                                                2/28/2007 AMMAPET, SALEM Tamil Nadu 636003
  883 U65992TZ2007PTC013496           SRI KALIAMMAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                   3/5/2007 4, RAJA MILLS ROAD      POLLACHI Tamil Nadu 642001
                                      LIJOY PERMANENT CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     8/106, PALAKKAD MAIN ROAD KUNIAMUTHUR (PO)
  884 U65992TZ2007PTC013584                                                                                3/29/2007 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641008
                                      PANKAJRAJ CHITS KOVAI PRIVATE LIMITED                                          41, ANNAI PILLAIYAR KOVIL STREET, KALAPATTI,
  885 U65992TZ2007PTC013716                                                                                5/16/2007 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641035
                                      SRI SARVA VIGNESWARA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     1/248, RAJAGANAPATHI COMPLEX OPP TO TELEPHONE
  886 U65992TZ2007PTC013800                                                                                6/18/2007 EXCHANGE, MEYANOOR SALEM Tamil Nadu 636004
                                      V V R S CHIT (TIRUPUR) PRIVATE LIMITED                                         17 N C COMPLEX M G R NAGAR,5TH STREET,P N ROAD
  887 U65992TZ2007PTC013864                                                                                7/25/2007 TIRUPPUR Tamil Nadu 641602
                                      APEX ABISHEK CHITS ERODE PRIVATE LIMITED                                       319, I FLOOR, V.S.COMPLEX, E.V.N. ROAD, ERODE Tamil
  888 U65992TZ2007PTC013914                                                                                 9/3/2007 Nadu 638009
                                      OM MURUGA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           #3, SYED KHADER STREET, OPP.AVVAI MARKET,
  889 U65992TZ2007PTC013983                                                                               10/15/2007 ARISIPALAYAM SALEM Tamil Nadu 636009
                                      BUVAN ASWATH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             SF.NO.730/1, NAVITHAN THOTTAM THENNAMPALAYAM EAST
  890 U65992TZ2007PTC014033                                                                               11/21/2007 TIRUPUR Tamil Nadu 641604
                                      K.L.R.CHITS (TAMILNADU) PRIVATE LIMITED                                        203,SASTRY ROAD RAM NAGAR COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu
  891 U65992TZ2008PTC014131                                                                                 1/3/2008 641009
                                      SRI KADESWARA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            S.F.No.292/284, THEIVANIAMMAL LAYOUT, KADESWARA ILLAM,
                                                                                                                     DHARAPURAM ROAD WEST, TIRUPUR Tamil Nadu 641608
  892 U65992TZ2008PTC014143                                                                                 1/9/2008
                                      PREMA MARAPPAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           28-A, K.S.C.H. SCHOOL ROAD, SENTHIL PLAZA, TIRUPUR
  893 U65992TZ2008PTC014165                                                                                1/18/2008 Tamil Nadu 641604
                                      CPL CHIT FUNDS (KOVAI)PRIVATE LIMITED                                          2/234 SRINIVASA NAGAR A SANGAMPALAYAM POLLACHI
  894 U65992TZ2008PTC014192                                                                                1/31/2008 Tamil Nadu 642002
                                      KARPAGATHARU CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        4/27, JAI NAGAR, 3RD STREET, KANGAYAM ROAD, TIRUPUR
  895 U65992TZ2008PTC014223                                                                                2/13/2008 Tamil Nadu 641006
                                      VIVIN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    6/1, 2ND FLOOR, P K BUILDING TRICHY ROAD, SINGANALLUR
  896 U65992TZ2008PTC014229                                                                                2/14/2008 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641005
                                      SRI RAAGASAI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        38-B-2, SRI RAGAVENDRA ILLAM, IG GARDEN, KUMARAN
  897 U65992TZ2008PTC014527                                                                                 6/6/2008 NAGAR, GANAPATHY, COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641006
                                      SHREE SHAKTHI CHITS (TN) PRIVATE LIMITED                                       206 B, ANNUR ROAD METTUPALAYAM METTUPALAYAM
  898 U65992TZ2008PTC014651                                                                                7/21/2008 Tamil Nadu 641301
                                      SRI ANNAPOORANI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          143, KOTTUR ROAD SHANMUGANATHA MILL COMPOUND
  899 U65992TZ2008PTC014718                                                                                8/27/2008 POLLACHI Tamil Nadu 642001
                                      KONGUNADU CHITS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                          CHENKUMAR COMPLEX,2ND FLOOR PARI NAGAR,
                                                                                                                     PALAYAPALAYAM, PERUNDURAI ROAD ERODE Tamil Nadu
  900 U65992TZ2008PTC014910                                                                                12/5/2008 638011
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      KOMARAPALAYAM VENUS CHITS TN PRIVATE                                           OLD NO - 27F, NEW NO - 56 EAST COLONY
  901 U65992TZ2008PTC014941           LIMITED                                                             12/18/2008 KOMARAPALAYAM Tamil Nadu 638183
                                      SRI SENTHILANDAVAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       157/18C-1, K.K.COMPLEX (UPSTAIR), RAILADY STREET, ATTUR
  902 U65992TZ2008PTC014944                                                                               12/19/2008 TK SALEM Tamil Nadu 636102
                                      SSKR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     GROUND FLOOR, MONTY PLAZA,OPP.RAJA THIRUMANA MAHAL
  903 U65992TZ2008PTC014947                                                                               12/22/2008 JUNCTION MAIN ROAD SALEM Tamil Nadu 636004
                                      V.J.NIDHI CHITS(CBE) PRIVATE LIMITED.                                          27/15, BHARATHI PARK ROAD NO:2, OPP, BSNL,
                                                                                                                     AVANASHILINGAM HSC BUSSTOP Coimbatore Tamil Nadu
  904 U65992TZ2009PTC014971                                                                                 1/7/2009 641043
                                      VELUSAMY THULASIAMMAL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    2/21 A, BHODIPALAYAM (PO) MADUKKARAI COIMBATORE
  905 U65992TZ2009PTC015011                                                                                 2/5/2009 Tamil Nadu 641105
                                      BHOJAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   No.10, Y B A BUILDING WENLOCK ROAD OOTY Tamil Nadu
  906 U65992TZ2009PTC015024                                                                                2/13/2009 643001
                                      MAHAGURUJI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               3/395, KADAMBA KADU, NETHIMEDU SALEM Tamil Nadu
  907 U65992TZ2009PTC015118                                                                                3/31/2009 636002
                                      SREE SHADURVEL CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      50, R.V.E NAGAR, 1ST STREET RAKKIYAPALAYAM PIRIVU,
  908 U65992TZ2009PTC015141                                                                                 4/6/2009 KANGAYAM ROAD TIRUPUR Tamil Nadu 641604
                                      ACHAYAA CHIT INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                             18/24, KONGU NAGAR I STREET TIRUPUR Tamil Nadu 641607
  909 U65992TZ2009PTC015217                                                                                5/15/2009
                                      SRI THULASI DHAYALAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     237-E2, ANNA NAGAR SUNDARAPURAM, KURICHI
  910 U65992TZ2009PTC015258                                                                                 6/5/2009 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641024
                                      SRI SHAKTHIVIKRAM CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                   15/71,SRINIVASAPURAM, OPP:LIC OFFICE, KOVAI MAIN ROAD,
  911 U65992TZ2009PTC015269                                                                                6/11/2009 AVANASHI Tamil Nadu 641654
                                      OM ESA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                               295-4A SAMUNDIPURAM 2ND STREET, GANDHI NAGAR POST,
  912 U65992TZ2009PTC015420                                                                                8/21/2009 TIRUPUR Tamil Nadu 641603
                                      KULADEIVAM CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                           15A V V C R LAYOUT - 1 STREET NO 1   ERODE Tamil Nadu
  913 U65992TZ2009PTC015458                                                                                 9/2/2009 638001
                                      SIVASURYA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           1/11,KARAMADAI THOTTAM,VADUGANOOR KARUKKANKATTU
                                                                                                                     PUDUR-POST AVANASHI Tamil Nadu 641654
  914 U65992TZ2009PTC015480                                                                                9/14/2009
  915 U65992TZ2009PTC015498           AKSHAYALAKSHMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                 9/17/2009 SRI SUNDARA VIJAYAM        KOLUMAM Tamil Nadu 642204
                                      SRIBANU CHITS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                          No.41B, FIRST FLOOR, NGR ROAD, PALLADAM Tamil Nadu
  916 U65992TZ2009PTC015509                                                                                9/24/2009 641664
                                      IDEA CHITS IRINJALAKUDA PRIVATE LIMITED                                        SF- 483/1 KOTTAMANGALAM        UDUMALPET Tamil Nadu
  917 U65992TZ2009PTC015536                                                                               10/13/2009 642201
                                      SRII GANAPATHY ARAWIND CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                      48, DHARMALINGAM STREET, VENKATESHA COLONY,
  918 U65992TZ2009PTC015575           LIMITED                                                              11/4/2009 POLLACHI Tamil Nadu 642001
                                      PERUNDURAIROYAL CHIT FUNDS INDIA PRIVATE                                       99/3, OLD BUS STAND ROAD, PERUNDURAI PERUNDURAI
  919 U65992TZ2009PTC015647           LIMITED                                                              12/1/2009 Tamil Nadu 638052
                                      VEERALAKSHMI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        No.11-A, Sree Veera Complex Annaiyappan Street, Nallampalayam
  920 U65992TZ2009PTC015654                                                                                12/4/2009 Road Coimbatore Tamil Nadu 641027
                                      BIBI ANGLO CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               Door No. 33/V,THATTAMPARA HOUSE MUNNANAD POST
  921 U65992TZ2009PTC015720                                                                               12/31/2009 AYYANKOLLY Tamil Nadu 643239
                                      SRI LAKSHMINARAYANAPERUMAL CHITS (INDIA)                                       NO 3/8, SEELANAICKENPATTY BYE PASS SPM COMPLEX,
  922 U65992TZ2010PTC015738           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                       1/6/2010 SEELANAICKENPATTY SALEM Tamil Nadu 636201
                                      SIVASOORYAKRISHNA CHITS INDIA PRIVATE                                          NO. 9, SIVATHANGAM NAGAR, VILLANKURUCHI ROAD,
                                      LIMITED                                                                        VINAYAGAPURAM, SARAVANAMPATTI COIMBATORE Tamil
  923 U65992TZ2010PTC015785                                                                                1/28/2010 Nadu 641038
                                      ANYWHERE KURIES (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                        4A, 1ST FLOOR, 1ST STREET P.N. PUDUR COIMBATORE
  924 U65992TZ2010PTC015798                                                                                 2/3/2010 Tamil Nadu 641041
                                      URBAN THRISSUR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                          4A, 1ST FLOOR, 1ST STREET P.N. PUDUR COIMBATORE
  925 U65992TZ2010PTC015801                                                                                 2/4/2010 Tamil Nadu 641041
                                      SIRUVANI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            997, GNANALAKSHMI COMPLEX, METTUPALAYAM ROAD NEAR
                                                                                                                     CROSS CUT ROAD SIGNAL, R.S.PURAM COIMBATORE Tamil
  926 U65992TZ2010PTC015835                                                                                2/18/2010 Nadu 641002
                                      SRI NEELAMBUR AMMAN CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE                                         DOCTOR THOTTAM, NO.61 GOUNDAYANVALASU KARAIYUR
  927 U65992TZ2010PTC015870           LIMITED                                                               3/4/2010 POST DHARAPURAM Tamil Nadu 638661
                                      JAGATHGURU CHITFUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                            S F NO:160/1, KANAKKAN THOTTAM, VIGNESHWARA NAGAR,
                                                                                                                     P.N. ROAD, POOLUVAPATTI POST, TIRUPUR Tamil Nadu
  928 U65992TZ2010PTC015955                                                                                3/31/2010 641602
                                      SRI ANURAKHAVI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      No.76,Mahavishnu Nagar, Angeripalayam (po), Tirupur Tamil
  929 U65992TZ2010PTC015973                                                                                 4/7/2010 Nadu 641603
                                      NAMAKKAL VENKATESA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       258, KVA COMPLEX, FIRST FLOOR THURAIYUR ROAD
  930 U65992TZ2010PTC015978                                                                                 4/8/2010 NAMAKKAL Tamil Nadu 637001
                                      K.R.S. MOORTHY CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      No.22, Shriyan Church Road No.1 Coimbatore Tamil Nadu
  931 U65992TZ2010PTC015998                                                                                4/15/2010 641001
  932 U65992TZ2010PTC016013           SHRI RAMA MANI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                 4/20/2010 36 BAIRAPPA ROAD        KRISHNAGIRI Tamil Nadu 635001
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      MPS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      DOOR NO. 1/223, MAIN ROAD CHINNA THADAKAM
  933 U65992TZ2010PTC016094                                                                                 6/1/2010 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641108
                                      BHAGYAROOPA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              14/64 B2, VICAS COMPLEX, GHSS JUNCTION ERUMAD,
  934 U65992TZ2010PTC016148                                                                                6/17/2010 P.O.KONNACHAL PANDALUR TALUK Tamil Nadu 643239
                                      JJSS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     DOOR No.4/203C NEAR PATTAVAYAL POST OFFICE,
  935 U65992TZ2010PTC016180                                                                                6/29/2010 PATTAVAYAL P.O PANDALUR Tamil Nadu 643240
                                      SIGNAL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   SHOP NO.14, SRI AARVE HOTEL COMPLEX SIDHAPUDUR
                                                                                                                     POST, NEAR GANDHIPURAM BUS STAND COIMBATORE Tamil
  936 U65992TZ2010PTC016211                                                                                 7/9/2010 Nadu 641044
                                      ARULNITHIRMURALIS CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                   64/4, B.B.C. COMPLEX, ANGERIPALAYAM MAIN ROAD J.V.
  937 U65992TZ2010PTC016252                                                                                7/29/2010 TAPES NEAR TIRUPUR Tamil Nadu 641602
                                      K R U L S CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           177/6-B, BHARATHIYAR STREET, TIRUPPUR ROAD,
  938 U65992TZ2010PTC016261                                                                                 8/3/2010 KANGAYAM Tamil Nadu 638701
                                      HARINANDANAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             14/84 B1, AISWARYA COMPLEX, SCHOOL JUNCTION ERUMAD,
                                                                                                                     P.O.KONNACHAL PANDALUR TALUK Tamil Nadu 643239
  939 U65992TZ2010PTC016263                                                                                 8/4/2010
                                      VISWAVIKAS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               "CHANDRAGIRI BUILDING", 175, AVARAMPALAYAM ROAD, (Opp.
                                                                                                                     to SRI RAMAKRISHNA ARTS COLLEGE), COIMBATORE Tamil
  940 U65992TZ2010PTC016267                                                                                 8/5/2010 Nadu 641044
                                      VETHA VARNA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              53, CHINNASWAMY NAIDU LAYOUT LAKSHMIPURAM,
  941 U65992TZ2010PTC016321                                                                                8/25/2010 PEELAMEDU COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641004
                                      TIRUPUR SENDHUR CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     OLD No.1/96, NEW No.1/120, METTUKKADAI ANAIPPALAYAM
  942 U65992TZ2010PTC016387                                                                                9/21/2010 POST, PERUNDURAI TALUK ERODE Tamil Nadu 638752
                                      ALAGU IYAPPA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        OLD NO. 235A, NEW NO. 592 ARIYANACHIPALAYAM,
  943 U65992TZ2010PTC016403                                                                                9/27/2010 JOTHAMPATTI UDUMALPET Tamil Nadu 642203
                                      OM BARANI ESWARAN CHITS INDIA PRIVATE                                          15A, RANGANATHAPURAM FIRST STREET KONGU MAIN ROAD
  944 U65992TZ2010PTC016405           LIMITED                                                              9/27/2010 TIRUPUR Tamil Nadu 641607
                                      VALAM CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               S.F.NO.722 & 729/2, 60 FEET ROAD MUTHAIYAN LAYOUT,
  945 U65992TZ2010PTC016437                                                                               10/13/2010 VELLIYANGADU TIRUPUR Tamil Nadu 641604
                                      ALANKAR KURIES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                           SF 483/2, THOMSON NAGAR KOTTAMANGALAM UDUMALPET
  946 U65992TZ2010PTC016476                                                                               10/29/2010 Tamil Nadu 642201
                                      AGARAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   165,OLD BUS STAND ROAD        PERUNDURAI Tamil Nadu
  947 U65992TZ2010PTC016488                                                                                11/3/2010 638052
                                      PRAVASI BENEFIT FUND LIMITED                                                   SITE NO.34,SUSHAMA ILLAM,KRISHNA GARDENS
                                                                                                                     UPPLIPALAYAM.P.O,SINGANALLUR COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu
  948 U65992TZ2010PLC016493                                                                                11/9/2010 641015
                                      SURYA GANAPATHY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          24 A, DSP COMPOUND LAKSHMIPURAM, GANAPATHY
  949 U65992TZ2010PTC016523                                                                               11/19/2010 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641006
                                      ACHIEVERS AISWARYAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      II FLOOR, SUBHAM TOWERS, MEYYANUR MAIN ROAD, NEAR
  950 U65992TZ2010PTC016548                                                                               11/23/2010 FIVE ROADS SALEM Tamil Nadu 636004
                                      SHALOM PROMOTIONAL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       36, KAKKAN NAGAR 4TH STREET, SINGANALLUR
  951 U65992TZ2010PTC016553                                                                               11/26/2010 COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641005
                                      VIJAYARATHANA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                        1343, FIRST FLOOR, BHARATHI COMPLEX SATHY MAIN ROAD,
  952 U65992TZ2010PTC016555                                                                               11/26/2010 GANAPATHY COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu 641006
                                      SAI RAGHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                137 / 79-A SWAMY DHAYANANDHA AVENUE II ND STREET NEW
  953 U65992TZ2010PTC016591                                                                               12/10/2010 FAIRLANDS SALEM Tamil Nadu 636016
                                      SUNSHINE S R CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                         1/547, PANDIYAN PAPPATHI ILLAM SRINIVASA NAGAR
  954 U65992TZ2010PTC016595                                                                               12/14/2010 EXTENTION, VELLIYANKADU, TIRUPUR Tamil Nadu 641604
                                      SALEM JAI KALYANI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        118/24, S.N.R. COMPLEX, ARUNACHALA ASARI STREET,
  955 U65992TZ2011PTC016649                                                                                 1/4/2011 SALEM Tamil Nadu 636001
                                      KONGUNADU ANNAI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          58/36 CARNEL NAGAR PODANUR COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu
  956 U65992TZ2011PTC016756                                                                                2/14/2011 641023
                                      LILLY CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     Old No. 3A/1, New No. 5, Subbammal Illam Amulu Nagar,(Indira
  957 U65992TZ2011PTC016765                                                                                2/17/2011 Nagar), Selvapuram Coimbatore Tamil Nadu 641026
                                      SRI ABIRAMI AMMAN CHIT FUNDS (CBE) PRIVATE                                     92/14, SRI ABIRAMI BUILDING, NEAR ANGAPPA SCHOOL, P & T
                                      LIMITED                                                                        COLONY, KOUNDAMPALAYAM COIMBATORE Tamil Nadu
  958 U65992TZ2011PTC016797                                                                                2/28/2011 641030
                                      DHANANIDHI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          NO 10/132-A SALEM MAIN ROAD OPPOSITE TO FIRE OFFICE,
  959 U65992TZ2011PTC016872                                                                                3/18/2011 VINAYAGAPURAM PO ATTUR TALUK Tamil Nadu 636102
                                      SRI ISWARYA BALAJI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       SHRI SIVA COMPLEX, NO.7, N.M.LAYOUT YESODHA
                                                                                                                     RAMALINGAM NAGAR EXTN., UDUMALPET Tamil Nadu
  960 U65992TZ2011PTC016876                                                                                3/18/2011 642126
                                      BLUESHINE CHIT FUNDS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                     18-A, K.R.C. BUILDING, NO.8, IST FLOOR MG PUDUR 1ST
  961 U65992TZ2011PTC016913                                                                                3/30/2011 STREET TIRUPUR Tamil Nadu 641604
                                      NEW INDIA FINANCE(CHIT) AND TRADING CO                                         UDITNAGARROURKELA          ROURKELA Orissa
  962 U65992OR1974PTC000638           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     12/12/1974
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      ASSOCIATED FINANCE (CHIT) AND TRADING CO PVT                                     MAIN ROAD, UDIT NAGAR,ROURKELA              ROURKELA Orissa
  963 U65992OR1975PTC000671           LTD                                                                   7/1/1975
                                      .UTKAL FINANCE (CHIT) AND TRADING CO. PVT LTD                                    ASKA      GANJAM Orissa
  964 U65992OR1976PTC000706                                                                                8/27/1976
                                      MAHALAXMI AUCTION BENEFIT CHIT FUND PRIVATE                                      6/90 W.E.A, KAROL BAGH        DELHI Delhi 110005
  965 U65992DL1958PTC003005           LIMITED                                                              12/9/1958
                                      YOUNGMEN BENEFIT CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                     177, GAUTAM NAGAR, OPP. GULMOHAR PARK NEW DELHI
  966 U65992DL1961PTC003354                                                                                10/7/1961 Delhi
                                      SHRI AMRIT CHIT FUND AND FINANCE PRIVATE                                       188 / 15-9, PATEL NAGAR NEW DELHI DELHI Delhi
  967 U65992DL1963PTC004036           LIMITED                                                              10/3/1963
                                      GIRNAR INVESTMENT LTD                                                          105, Ashoka Estate, 24, Barakhamba Road NEW DELHI Delhi
  968 U65992DL1972PLC006182                                                                                6/24/1972 110001
                                      PROSPER CHIT FUND AND FINANCE COMPANY                                          N.F.     Delhi
  969 U65992DL1974PTC007127           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      3/12/1974
  970 U65992HR1979PLC009561           MUTHOOT M GEORGE CHITS INDIA LIMITED                                 4/21/1979 107 SECTOR-25FARIDABAD          HARYANA Haryana
  971 U65992DL1980PTC010375           VIKAS PORTFOLIO PRIVATE LIMITED                                      4/21/1980 B-9,BHAGWAN DASS NAGAR          NEW DELHI Delhi 110026
                                      SURAJ FINANCE AND CHIT PVT LTD                                                 FF-3, STUTEE BLDG. BANK ST.KAROL BAGH N DELHI               Delhi
  972 U65992DL1980PTC011176                                                                               12/29/1980
                                      VARINDA FINANCE AND CHIT FUND PRIVATE                                          1541 S.P.MUKHERJEE MARGDELHI BEHIND FIRE STATION
  973   U65992DL1980PTC011201         LIMITED                                                             12/31/1980 Delhi
  974   U65992DL1981PTC011608         V T S FINANCE AND CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                  4/18/1981 34/1 VIKAS APARTMENTS PUNJABIBAGH DELHI               Delhi
  975   U65992DL1981PTC011865         WASON FINANCE AND CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                  6/15/1981 B-9, MODEL TOWN DELHI DELHI Delhi 110009
  976   U65992DL1981PTC011946         J B CHIT FUND AND TRADING PVT LTD                                    6/30/1981 8-A, PARTAP MARKETMUNIRKA NEW DELHI             Delhi
                                      JAGDISH CHITS (INDIA) PRIVATE LTD                                              7, NEHRU ROAD, ARJUN NAGAR,KOTLA MAUBARAKPUR,
  977 U65992DL1981PTC012186                                                                                8/18/1981 NEW DELHI Delhi
                                      AJAY SHREE CHIT FOUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                          PROMOTER, 8233 RANI JHANSI ROAD NEW DELHI Delhi
  978 U65992DL1981PTC012315                                                                                9/11/1981 110006
                                      SUPNISHAD CHIT FUND AND FINANCE PRIVATE                                        2188 GALI HINGA BEG TILAKBAZAR        NEW DELHI Delhi
  979 U65992DL1981PTC012564           LIMITED                                                             10/30/1981 110006
                                      MAGNIFICIENT CHIT FUND AND FINANCIERS                                          116, PRABHAT KIRAN BUILDING RAJINDRA PLACE NEW
  980 U65992DL1981PTC012911           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     12/29/1981 DELHI Delhi 110008
                                      AMAR PREM CHIT AND TRADING PRIVATE LIMITED                                     136 BEGUM PUR PANCHSHEEL MALVIYA NAGAR DELHI Delhi
  981 U65992DL1981PTC012921                                                                               12/30/1981 110017
                                      GANDHI GUPTA INDUSTRIAL FINANCE AND CHIT                                       1-A TRIBUNE COLONYAMBALA CANTT AMBALA HARYANA
  982 U65992HR1982PLC013119           FUND COMPANY LIMITED                                                  2/6/1982 Haryana
                                      MUNISH CHIT FUND AND FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED                                   KHASRA N0-729/670/204/1/1SARAI PEEPALTHALA             Delhi
  983   U65992DL1982PTC013123                                                                               2/8/1982
  984   U65992DL1982PTC013132         SAQI CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                               2/10/1982 489, ESPLANADE ROAD,DELHI-110006          Delhi
  985   U65992DL1982PTC013340         JHELAM CHIT AND TRADING PVT LTD                                      3/24/1982 238 AMBIKA VIHAR NEW DELHI        Delhi 110087
  986   U65992DL1982PTC013590         VIPUL CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                      4/30/1982 19, REMESHWAR NAGAR, AZADPUR,DELHI-33              Delhi
  987   U65992DL1982PTC013628         JOS CHIT AND INVESTMENTS PRIVATE LIMITED                              5/6/1982 SHIV PURI", DELHI Delhi 110051
  988   U65992DL1982PTC013767         GURMEHAR FINANCE AND CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                           5/31/1982 10186-ARYA SAMAJ ROAD, NEWDELHI-5           Delhi
                                      K R SETH FINANCE AND CHIT FUND PRIVATE                                         Delhi
  989 U65992DL1982PTC013925           LIMITED                                                              6/25/1982
                                      SHAHNAAZ CHITFUND AND FINANCE CO PRIVATE                                       18, DEFENCE COLONY MARKET NEW DELHI Delhi
  990 U65992DL1982PTC013933           LIMITED                                                              6/26/1982
                                      WINSOME CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  1855/15IIND FLOOR ZAZIR SINGHSTREET CHUNA MANDI
  991 U65992DL1982PTC014003                                                                                 7/8/1982 PAHARGANJ N DELHI-55        Delhi
  992 U65992DL1982PTC014042           JOGI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                       7/16/1982 24, PARK AREA, KAROL BAGH, NEWDELHI           Delhi
                                      HIMANSHU CHIT FUND AND FINANCE PRIVATE                                         13/10, MANDIR LANE YUSUF SARAI, NEW DELHI Delhi
  993 U65992DL1982PTC014197           LIMITED                                                              8/18/1982 110016
                                      TARSON TIGER CHIT FUND COMPANY PRIVATE                                         2745, MINERVA STREET, KASHMERE GATE,            DELHI Delhi
  994 U65992DL1982PTC014246           LIMITED                                                              8/25/1982
                                      SUN BIRD FINANCE AND CHIT FUND PRIVATE                                         4/15, REGAL BUILDING,CONN.PLACE NEW DELHI.             Delhi
  995 U65992DL1982PTC014397           LIMITED                                                              9/24/1982
  996 U65992DL1982PTC014509           DOSTI CHIT AND TRADING PRIVATE LIMITED                              10/14/1982 12/46, GEETA COLONY, DELHI Delhi 110031
                                      WESTEND CHIT FUND AND FINANCE PRIVATE                                          2/40, ANSARI ROAD, DARYA GANJ.NEW DELHI.           Delhi
  997 U65992DL1982PTC014522           LIMITED                                                             10/18/1982
                                      ACQUA CHITS AND FINANCE COMPANY PRIVATE                                        PLOT NO-5SECTOR-6 FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana
  998 U65992HR1982PTC014774           LIMITED                                                             11/30/1982 121006
                                      GINCO CHIT FUND AND FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED                                    5406/2, 3RD FLOOR, PRATAP MARKET, SADARBAZAR,
  999   U65992DL1983PTC015038                                                                              1/20/1983 DELHI Delhi
 1000   U65992DL1983PTC015869         ONTARIO CHIT AND FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED                              6/7/1983 Z-67, LOHA MANDI, NARIANA       NEWDELHI Delhi 110088
 1001   U65992HR1983PTC016000         GRONAR CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                     6/24/1983 SECTOR-16, HOUSE NO.1401,FARIDABAD           Haryana
 1002   U65992DL1983PTC016129         CHANDIGARH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     7/13/1983 1557, CHURCH ROAD, KASHMEREGATE, DELHI               Delhi
 1003   U65992DL1983PTC016267         EURO CHIT AND FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED                                 8/1/1983 231, SARAI PEEPAL JHALLA,G.T.ROAD, DELHI-33            Delhi
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      STATUS MARK FINVEST LIMITED                                                    601, 6TH FLOOR COPIA CORPORATE SUITES, 9 JASOLA
 1004   U65992DL1983PLC016494                                                                               9/7/1983 COMMERCIAL COMPLE NEW DELHI Delhi 110025
 1005   U65992DL1983PTC016536         MANSI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                      9/17/1983 A-47 HAUZ KHAS - NEW DELHI Delhi 110016
 1006   U65992DL1983PTC016566         BLUE CHIPS CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                 9/20/1983 PROMOTER, 33/34 RAM NAGAR DELHI DELHI Delhi 110051
 1007   U65992DL1983PTC016775         KANSAL CHIT AND FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED                             10/17/1983 2637, NAYA BAZAR DELHI Delhi 110006
                                      USHA HOTEL AND ESTATE HOLDINGS PRIVATE                                         B 210 ANSAL CHAMBER I3 BHIKAJI CAMA PLACE      NEW
 1008 U65992DL1983PTC016838           LIMITED                                                             10/26/1983 DELHI Delhi 110001
                                      GANESH LAXMI CHIT AND FINANCE PRIVATE                                          C-43, ACHARYA KIRPALANI ROAD, ADARSH NAGAR,      DELHI
 1009 U65992DL1983PTC016840           LIMITED                                                             10/26/1983 Delhi 110033
                                      HAR MILAP CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                            627-GALI MANIHARI, CHURIWALAN,CHAWRI BAZAR      DELHI
 1010 U65992DL1983PTC017128                                                                               12/16/1983 Delhi 110006
                                      A.H.V ANEJA CHIT AND FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED                                   11098 B, DORIWALAN EAST PARKRD, NEW DELHI       Delhi
 1011 U65992DL1983PTC017133                                                                               12/16/1983
                                      MAKKAR CHITS AND FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED                                       HARISH KOTHI NO.594 DAYAL COLONY G.T. ROAD, PANIPAT,
 1012 U65992HR1983PTC017144                                                                               12/17/1983 HARYANA Haryana 132103
 1013 U65992DL1984PTC017838           TULIKA CHIT AND FINANCE PVT LTD                                      3/31/1984 30,GANDHI GALI,FATEH PURI,,DELHI     Delhi
                                      BOON CHIT FUND CO PRIVATE LIMITED                                              ROOM NO.14(TOP FLOOR GURUNANAK MOTOR MARKET),TERA
 1014 U65992DL1984PTC018025                                                                                4/26/1984 HOTEL,KASHMERE GATE, DELHI Delhi
 1015 U65992DL1984PTC018416           SANYUKTA CHIT FUND COPRIVATE LIMITED                                 6/15/1984 7/9 EAST PATEL NAGAR NEW DELHI Delhi 110005
                                      PLANET CHIT FUND COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED                                       2646-47 BANK STREET KAROL BAGH     NEW DELHI Delhi
 1016 U65992DL1984PTC018488                                                                                6/23/1984 110005
 1017 U65992DL1984PTC018491           BABLOO CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                     6/23/1984 4/7 D B GUPTA ROAD PAHAR GANJ     NEW DELHI Delhi
 1018 U65992DL1984PTC018495           B D O CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          6/23/1984 590 GALI BAZAJAN SADAR BAZAR DELHI Delhi
                                      ANUP CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 3022,GALI NO.2,BHAGAT SINGHSTREET,PAHARGANJ NEW
 1019 U65992DL1985PTC020237                                                                                2/22/1985 DELHI      Delhi
                                      ROSEBUD CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                                      CHIRAG PRINTING PRESS, KRISHNASTREET, NARWANA DISTT
 1020 U65992DL1985PTC020574                                                                                3/29/1985 JIND HARYAN       Haryana
                                      MURLI MANOHAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            148,MEHAR CHAND MARKET LODHI ROAD,NEW DELHI-3.
 1021 U65992DL1985PTC021193                                                                                6/12/1985 Delhi
                                      SAHIL CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                XV/2209,RAJGURU ROAD PAHAR GANJ NEW DELHI Delhi
 1022 U65992DL1985PTC021246                                                                                6/18/1985 110055
 1023 U65992DL1985PTC021406           ZODIAC CHIT FUND PRIVATE LTD.                                         7/3/1985 20/47 WEST PATEL NAGAR     NEW DELHI Delhi 110008
 1024 U65992DL1985PTC021461           NEW WAY CHIT FUND PRIVATE LTD.                                        7/9/1985 E-25 HAUZ KHAS NEW DELHI Delhi 110016
                                      YOUNG HEARTS CHIT FUND PRIVATE LTD.                                            B-12-6/79, W.E.A.GURUDWARA ROAD, KAROL BAGH, NEW
 1025 U65992DL1985PTC021530                                                                                7/23/1985 DELHI-05. NEW DELHI Delhi
                                      CARTEL CHITS PVT LTD                                                           H-35/2 PHASE-IDLF QUTAB ENCLAVE DISTT GURGAON
 1026 U65992HR1985PTC021688                                                                                 8/6/1985 HARYANA Haryana
                                      BANGA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                137 CYCLE MARKET, PHASE I , JHANDEWALAN NEW DELHI
 1027 U65992DL1985PTC021687                                                                                 8/6/1985 Delhi
                                      WATERFALL CHIT FUND COMPANY PRIVATE                                            19,SAVITRI CINEMA COMPLEX,,GREATER KAILASH-II NEW
 1028 U65992DL1985PTC021725           LIMITED                                                               8/9/1985 DELHI      Delhi
                                      GREH SANCHYA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                         PROMOTER A - 77, MALVIYA NAGAR, NEW DELHI Delhi
 1029 U65992DL1985PTC022058                                                                                9/18/1985 110017
                                      RAM MOHAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                BE-409, HARI NAGAR EXTN, OPP.MAYAPURI INDUSTRIAL
 1030 U65992DL1985PTC022161                                                                                10/4/1985 AREA,     NEW DELHI Delhi
                                      PANALPINA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                            9 SEWAK BHAWAN, Ist FLOOR 16/2", W.E.A. KAROL BAGH
 1031 U65992DL1985PTC022358                                                                               10/28/1985 New Delhi Delhi 110005
 1032 U65992DL1985PTC022456           NIKETAN CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                    11/6/1985 E-28, ANAND NIKETAN NEW DELHI     Delhi 110021
                                      OCEANIC CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  CHAUDHARY RAM CHANDER COMMERCIAL COMPLEX 17,
                                                                                                                     COMMUNITY CENTRE, BASEMENT NO 4 , ASHOK VIHAR
 1033 U65992DL1985PTC022575                                                                               11/20/1985 DELHI Delhi
 1034 U65992DL1986PTC022936           ZORLIN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED.                                         1/1/1986 E-66/1, GURU NANAK PURA, JAIL ROAD NEW DELHI Delhi
                                      SAMRATH CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                              B-607-608 DDA COLONY CHOWKHANDI , TILAK NAGAR NEW
 1035 U65992DL1986PTC022939                                                                                 1/1/1986 DELHI Delhi 110008
 1036 U65992DL1986PTC022966           SAIN CHIT FUND PRIVATE LTD.                                           1/3/1986 7 EAST OF KAILASH E BLOCKMARKET NEW DELHI      Delhi
 1037 U65992DL1986PTC023521           ROLEX CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                       3/4/1986 A-2/4 MODEL TOWN NEW DELHI Delhi 110009
                                      MARKANDESHWAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            SUBZI MANDI SHAHABAD,MARKANDAHARYANA         Haryana
 1038 U65992HR1986PTC023569                                                                                 3/7/1986
                                      PANIPAT CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                              60-L MODELTOWN,PANIPAT MODELTOWN HARYANA Haryana
 1039 U65992HR1986PTC023826                                                                                 4/4/1986 132103
                                      WHEELS CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    1019,ARYA SAMAJ ROAD, KAROL BAGH, NEW DELHI Delhi
 1040 U65992DL1986PTC024211                                                                                5/13/1986
                                      KALAKAR CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                              772/14, KATRA KIRPA MUNSHI RAM, TILAK BAZAR DELHI
 1041 U65992DL1986PTC024259                                                                                5/20/1986 Delhi
 1042 U65992DL1986PTC024290           JDM CHITS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                    5/22/1986 SHOP-A-8, INDER PURI, NEW DELHI Delhi 110012
 1043 U65992HR1986PTC034952           NARWAL FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED                                        6/4/1986 HOUSE 7 SEC-14HUDA ROHTAK, HARYANA. Haryana
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      SUKH DUKH CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                            9 DARYAGANJ, NEAR TELEPHONE OFFICE NEW DELHI Delhi
 1044 U65992DL1986PTC024557                                                                                6/20/1986 110002
 1045 U65992DL1986PTC024755           MAHADEV CHITS PVT.LTD.                                                7/8/1986 C-1/135,LAWRANCE ROAD,,DELHI-35.            Delhi
                                      SALWAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   6,GADODIA ROAD ANAND PARUAT             NEW DELHI Delhi
 1046 U65992DL1986PTC024852                                                                                7/15/1986 110005
                                      PRACHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   2483 GALI NO. 9 BEADON PURAKAROL BAGH NEW DELHI
 1047 U65992DL1986PTC025251                                                                                8/26/1986 Delhi
 1048 U65992DL1986PTC025269           GOLD FIELDS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    8/28/1986 5/6 JAI DEV PARK NEW DELHI Delhi 110026
                                      S N M P CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  Promoter's Add:- AIG, 143B MIG Flats, Viaks Puri New Delhi NEW
 1049 U65992DL1986PTC025337                                                                                 9/3/1986 DELHI Delhi 110018
 1050 U65992HR1986PTC025466           SUBHUSHAN BUILDERS PRIVATE LIMITED                                   9/17/1986 L 56MODEL TOWN PANIPAT HARYANA Haryana
                                      RUDRAKSH CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                                     ESSKAY HOUSE OLD RAILWAY ROADGURGAON HARYANA
 1051 U65992HR1987PTC026662                                                                                1/13/1987 Haryana
 1052 U65992HR1987PTC026675           KHUBSOORAT CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                 1/14/1987 10 ANAJ MANDIJAKHAL HISSAR          HARYANA Haryana
 1053 U65992DL1987PTC027092           AARTI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          2/23/1987 PROMOTER, , D-1/11 JANAK PURI NEW DELHI Delhi
                                      LUV CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      BLOCK-1 6103 STREET NO-7PADAM SINGH ROAD DEV NAGAR,
 1054 U65992DL1987PTC027170                                                                                 3/2/1987 KAROL BAGH        Delhi 110005
                                      BIKU CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     521/7SUBHASH NAGAR GURGAON HARYANA Haryana
 1055 U65992HR1987PTC027543                                                                                 4/8/1987 122001
                                      CHOICE CHITS PRIVATE LTD                                                       1859/47 IIND FLOOR NAIWALAKAROL BAGH NEW DELHI
 1056 U65992DL1987PTC027771                                                                                4/28/1987 Delhi
                                      SURYAJYOTI CHIT FUND COMPANY PRIVATE                                           27B-66 INDUSTRIAL AREAHAROWARE CHOWK FARIDABAD
 1057 U65992HR1987PTC027861           LIMITED                                                               5/6/1987 HARYANA Haryana
                                      SAMBANDHI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                            FLAT NO 48 CENTRAL MARKET, LAJPAT NAGAR II              NEW
 1058 U65992DL1987PTC028202                                                                                 6/4/1987 DELHI Delhi
 1059 U65992HR1987PTC028503           ABHIPRIYA CHITS PVT LTD                                               7/6/1987 3G-172 NITFARIDABAD        HARYANA Haryana 121001
                                      VINTAGE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  28, PUSHPA MKT. CENTRAL MKT.LAJPAT NAGAR.               NEW
 1060 U65992DL1987PTC028514                                                                                 7/6/1987 DELHI Delhi
 1061 U65992DL1987PTC028574           SETH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           7/10/1987 H-11, VIJAY NAGAR, DELHI Delhi 110009
 1062 U65992DL1987PTC028773           SILVER CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                      8/3/1987 A-78 INDRA PURI NEW DELHI Delhi 110012
                                      MARSHALL CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                                     PALLY RAM CHAMBERSCIVIL ROAD ROHTAK HARYANA
 1063 U65992HR1987PTC029162                                                                                 9/8/1987 Haryana 124001
 1064 U65992HR1987PTC029274           SALDI CHITS PVT LTD                                                  9/21/1987 D-2046, PALAM VIHAR, GURGAON Haryana 122017
                                      PARBHAWSHALI CHIT FUND COMPANY PRIVATE                                         CIVIL ROAD NEAR CBI ROHTAK HARYANA Haryana 124001
 1065 U65992HR1987PTC029332           LIMITED                                                              9/24/1987
                                      VIDHI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                1922 KATRA SHAUSHAI CHANDNI CHOWK               DELHI Delhi
 1066 U65992DL1987PTC029741                                                                               11/11/1987 110006
                                      CITY CHITS PRIVATE LTD                                                         CB 356 FIRST FLOOR, RING ROAD, NARAINA NEW DELHI
 1067 U65992DL1987PTC029759                                                                               11/13/1987 Delhi 110028
                                      NEW AGE CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                              A-34, MARLA NEW COLONY, PALWALDISTT-FARIDABAD
 1068 U65992HR1987PTC029801                                                                               11/17/1987 HARYANA.       Haryana
                                      A. P. CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    ARORA NIWAS BACK SIDE HUDACOLONY, PANIPAT HARYANA.
 1069 U65992HR1987PTC029825                                                                               11/19/1987 Haryana
                                      A.M.R.F. CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 PROMOTER, , 41/25A VISHWAS NAGAR SAHADRA DELHI Delhi
 1070 U65992DL1987PTC029877                                                                               11/25/1987 110032
 1071 U65992HR1987PTC030030           MOETS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         12/21/1987 R-173, MODEL TOWN, SONIPAT,HARYANA.               Haryana
                                      VIBHV CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                                        243 SUBHASH CHOWK MAIN BAZARBAHADURGARH
 1072 U65992HR1988PTC030173                                                                                 1/4/1988 (HARAYANA)         Haryana
                                      SEVENTH CHITS PVT LTD                                                          41 SHIVALIK BUILDUNGDELHI ROAD GURGAON HARYANA
 1073 U65992HR1988PTC030175                                                                                 1/5/1988 Haryana 122001
                                      VINNY CHITS PVT LTD                                                            OPP. DHOBI GHAT NEAR CANARABANK GURGAON
 1074   U65992HR1988PTC030176                                                                               1/6/1988 Haryana
 1075   U65992DL1988PTC030528         VIN CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                         2/5/1988 PROMOTER ADD: 7, RAM NAGAR NEW DELHI Delhi 110055
 1076   U65992DL1988PTC030681         INTER MODES PRIVATE LIMITED                                          2/19/1988 M-25 VIKAS PURI       NEW DELHI Delhi 110018
 1077   U65992HR1988PTC030207         PICK N MOVE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    2/29/1988 5D/121A FARIDABAD - HARYANA Haryana
                                      MAJBOOT CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  5605 KOCHA KHAN CHAND, NAI SADAK - NEW DELHI Delhi
 1078 U65992DL1988PTC031021                                                                                3/21/1988 110006
 1079 U65992HR1988PTC030239           SIPPY CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                               4/7/1988 2/31 SHIVAJI NAGARGURGAON           HARYANA Haryana
 1080 U65992HR1988PTC030243           DINAR CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                       4/8/1988 456/7 OLD RAILWAY ROAD GURGAON HARYANA Haryana
                                      AMBALA FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 5546,NICHOCSON ROAD, AMBALACANTT,HARYANA.
 1081   U65992HR1988PTC030249                                                                              4/19/1988 Haryana
 1082   U65992HR1988PTC030277         SARTHI CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                             5/20/1988 225-226, MODEL TOWN PANIPAT HARYANA Haryana
 1083   U65992DL1988PTC031966         SHRINE CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                      6/7/1988 B-174 EAST OF KAILASH NEW DELHI Delhi
 1084   U65992DL1988PTC032668         POWERMEN CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                    8/4/1988 Delhi
 1085   U65992DL1988PTC032710         MOTHER'S CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                    8/8/1988 511/3A VISWAS NAGAR - NEW DELHI Delhi 110032
 1086   U65992DL1988PTC032828         DARIYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         8/17/1988 2554, SUNDER BHAWAN CHOORIWALAN, DELHI                 Delhi
 1087   U65992HR1988PTC030349         FLOWMORE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       8/26/1988 281-L, NEW COLONY PALWAL,. HARYANA Haryana
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      KARTAVYA CHIT FUND COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED                                       A-8 (SHOP) INDER PURI,       NEW DELHI Delhi 110012
 1088 U65992DL1988PTC032980                                                                                8/30/1988
                                      UTTHAN CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                                         1436-A,H.B.COLONY,SECTOR-29,OLD FARIDABAD                  Haryana
 1089 U65992HR1988PTC030363                                                                                9/12/1988
                                      COPAL CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                C/O LAXMI GUPTA 52, ASHOKA PARK EXTENSION, NEW
 1090 U65992DL1988PTC033269                                                                                9/21/1988 DELHI Delhi 110026
 1091 U65992HR1988PTC030322           ANANDPUR CHITS PVT LTD                                               9/26/1988 1051-P SECTOR-14 GURGAON HARYANA Haryana 12201
 1092 U65992DL1988PTC033372           RUHANI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         9/28/1988 B3/164 JANAK PURI - NEW DELHI Delhi 110058
                                      DALIP CHITS PVT LTD                                                            HOUSE NO.490 WARD NO.-8,PANIPAT       HARYANA Haryana
 1093 U65992HR1988PTC030384                                                                               10/17/1988 132103
                                      YORK CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 61, SOUTH ANARKALI EXT. KRISHAN NAGAR, PREET VIHAR
 1094 U65992DL1988PTC033914                                                                               11/16/1988 HARYANA DELHI Delhi 110051
                                      KJMS CHITS FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                CBS-16 SONA MAL INDUSTRIALESTATE AZAD PUR DELHI-33
 1095   U65992DL1988PTC034096                                                                              12/2/1988 Delhi
 1096   U65992DL1988PTC034152         D.M. CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           12/7/1988 A-8A SHOP INDERPURI N DELHIL-12      Delhi
 1097   U65992DL1988PTC034167         NORMA FINANCIERS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     12/9/1988 R-52-D DILSHAD GARDEN SHAHDRADELHI.          Delhi
 1098   U65992DL1988PTC034266         PARAKH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        12/16/1988 H-14 A VIJAY NAGARDELHI 9      Delhi
                                      JAWASH CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                                       PROMOTER 186, W. N. 10, G. T. ROAD, PALWAL, HARYANA
 1099   U65992HR1988PTC030442                                                                             12/22/1988 Haryana
 1100   U65992HR1988PTC030449         ABHEYKIRAM CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                12/30/1988 HARYANA INDIA       Haryana
 1101   U65992DL1989PTC034657         UDAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           1/13/1989 B-2/209 PASCHIM VIHAR NEWDELHI.       Delhi
 1102   U65992HR1989PTC030466         ALMAST CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                             1/16/1989 BHIWANI STAND ROHTAK HARYANA Haryana 124001
                                      BIRBHAI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  6604/2 IST FLOOR NEEMWALACHOWK NABI KARIN SADAR
 1103 U65992DL1989PTC034720                                                                                1/23/1989 BAZAR DELHI.      Delhi
 1104 U65992DL1989PTC035058           UCHIT CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          2/15/1989 B-46, KALKAJI NEW DELHI Delhi 110019
 1105 U65992DL1989PTC035169           MAGSON CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         2/22/1989 297 BANK ENCLAVE NEAR LAXMINAGAR DELHI.           Delhi
                                      CAMA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     R-9 ANSAL CHAMBER-II 66,BHIKAJI CAMA PLACE NEW DELHI
 1106   U65992DL1989PTC035172                                                                              2/22/1989 Delhi
 1107   U65992DL1989PTC035343         R.O.B. CHITS FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                     3/6/1989 26A KHAN PUR EXTENSION - NEW DELHI Delhi 110062
 1108   U65992DL1989PTC035403         CHINTAPURNI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                 3/9/1989 BE-48 CLOCK TOWER HARI NAGARNEW DELHI            Delhi
 1109   U65992DL1989PTC030518         WALKWELL CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                           3/27/1989 2A-2 NIT FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana
 1110   U65992HR1989PTC030539         KAMUDI CHIT FUND PVT.LTD.                                             4/6/1989 VILLAGE POST OFFICE TIGAONMAIN BAZAR          Haryana
 1111   U65992DL1989PTC036136         SUKHSAGAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       5/5/1989 I/16 ANSARI ROAD DARYA GANJNEW DELHI          Delhi
                                      JACKNO CHIT FUND CO. PVT.LTD.                                                  E - 121, SECOND FLOOR, MASJID MOTH, GREATER KAILASH -
 1112 U65992HR1989PTC030582                                                                                5/30/1989 III, NEW DELHI Delhi 110048
 1113 U65992HR1989PTC030601           SAMMAN CHITS PVT. LTD.                                               6/23/1989 69/5 JAGUBPURA GURGAON HARYANA Haryana
 1114 U65992HR1989PTC030605           DUSHYANT CHIT FUND COMPANY PVT.LTD.                                   7/3/1989 H.NO 514 NEAR SALAR GUNJPANIPAT         Haryana
                                      DRAW-N-MOVE CHITS PVT.LTD.                                                     PROMOTER, , 1448 SECTOR-16 FARIDABAD HARYANA
 1115 U65992HR1989PTC030616                                                                                7/20/1989 Haryana
                                      POLO CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     B-28 GANESH NAGAR OPP. B-1CHEEK POST JANAK PURI NEW
 1116 U65992DL1989PTC037371                                                                                8/14/1989 DELHI      Delhi
 1117 U65992HR1989PTC030640           POSITION CHITS PVT LTD                                               8/16/1989 757 SECTOR-4GURGAON         HARYANA Haryana 122001
 1118 U65992HR1989PTC030650           KANTIWALA CHIT FUND PVT.LTD.                                         8/25/1989 554/16 OPP P.W.D. OFFICE CIVILLINE GURGAON          Haryana
                                      PUSHKAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  4/132 GALI NO-8KATH MANDI SONEPATH        HARYANA
 1119   U65992HR1989PTC030661                                                                               9/1/1989 Haryana 131001
 1120   U65992HR1989PTC030671         ISHNEH CHITS PVT. LTD.                                                9/8/1989 ASANDH ROAD OPP, TIKONA PARKPANIPAT           Haryana
 1121   U65992HR1989PTC030681         KALEAMB CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        9/19/1989 227-L, MODEL TOWN PANIPAT HARYANA Haryana
 1122   U65992DL1989PTC037761         ADVANTAGE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      9/20/1989 2129/2 PREM NAGAR NEW DELHI Delhi 110008
                                      PAPREJA CHITS PVT.LTD.                                                         173 /19 BHATIA COLONYASSANDH ROAD PANIPAT HARYANA
 1123   U65992HR1989PTC030684                                                                              9/21/1989 Haryana 32103
 1124   U65992HR1989PTC030692         PERT CHITS PVT.LTD.                                                  9/28/1989 M-102 GREATYER KAILASH -I - NEW DELHI Delhi 110048
 1125   U65992HR1989PTC030698         ZENAX CHITS PVT.LTD.                                                 10/4/1989 876 IST FLOOR CHARYA BAZARKARNAL           Haryana
 1126   U65992DL1989PTC038008         PANNALAL GUPTA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                            10/12/1989 I-139 ASHOK VIHAR PHASE-I(BASEMENT) DELHI          Delhi
                                      UNITY CHITS (HARYANA) PVT. LTD.                                                PROMOTER,G-6-11 SHIVAJI ENCLAVE NEW DELHI Delhi
 1127 U65992HR1989PTC030717                                                                               10/26/1989 110027
 1128 U65992DL1989PTC038308           AAP AUR HUM CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                11/8/1989 J-14, HARI NAGAR BERIWALA BAGHNEW DELHI          Delhi
                                      DEVOTED CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                              SHOP NO-10 NEHRU STADIUM,SOHNA ROAD GURGAON
 1129   U65992HR1989PTC030728                                                                              11/9/1989 Haryana
 1130   U65992DL1989PTC038320         NETWORK CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        11/9/1989 65/21, NEW ROHTAK ROAD NEWDELHI         Delhi
 1131   U65992DL1989PTC038466         AYOJIT CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        11/27/1989 B-1/240 PASCHIM VIHAR NEWDELHI       Delhi
 1132   U65992HR1989PTC030756         BUXOM CHITS PVT.LTD.                                                12/13/1989 2062 SECTOR-XII, URBAN ESTATEKARNAL          Haryana
                                      SARTHAK CHITS PVT. LTD.                                                        173/21,GALI NO-05MADANPURI GURGAON HARYANA
 1133 U65992HR1989PTC030757                                                                               12/15/1989 Haryana 122001
 1134 U65992HR1989PTC030769           GLORIOUS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      12/27/1989 SE/50B P NIT     FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana 121001
                                      HARBAIL CHIT FUND COMPANY PVT. LTD.                                            PROMOTER H. NO. 2150, SECTOR - 28, FARIDABAD, HARYANA
 1135 U65992HR1989PTC030770                                                                               12/27/1989 Haryana
 1136 U65992HR1990PTC030783           ANSHUMAN CHITS PVT.LTD.                                               1/3/1990 17/674 A, JAGDISH COLONYROHTAK       HARYANA Haryana
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                        REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
 1137 U65992HR1990PTC030795           AADES CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       1/17/1990 5TIKONA PARK NIT FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana
                                      TANVI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 303 SITA RAM MANSION 718 JOSHIROAD KAROL BAGH           NEW
 1138 U65992DL1990PTC039064                                                                             1/29/1990 DELHI Delhi
                                      SACHET CHITS PVT. LTD.                                                      PROMOTER, WB-185/6 GANESH NAGAR SHAKAR PUR DELHI
 1139 U65992HR1990PTC030827                                                                             2/23/1990 Delhi 110092
                                      UDIT CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                              407/15ARYA NAGAR ROHTAK HARYANA Haryana 124001
 1140 U65992HR1990PTC030837                                                                              3/2/1990
 1141 U65992HR1990PTC030842           BATHLA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       3/5/1990 476/18 ARYA NAGAR ROHTAK HARYANA Haryana 124001
                                      YOGINDERA CHITS PVT. LTD.                                                   BLUE HEAVEN BUILDINGOLD RLY ROAD GURGAON
 1142 U65992HR1990PTC030846                                                                              3/7/1990 HARYANA Haryana 122001
 1143 U65992HR1990PTC030860           ROOCHIE RICH CHITS PVT. LTD.                                      3/15/1990 B-450,NEHRU GROUND,FARIDABAD.          Haryana
                                      ALWAR CHITS PVT LTD                                                         B-430 NEHRU GROUNDFARIDABAD           HARYANA Haryana
 1144 U65992HR1990PTC030861                                                                             3/15/1990 121001
                                      SUKRAM CHITS PRIVATE. LIMITED.                                              357-A, BLOCK A GALI NO.1SANJAY MEMORIAL NAGAR N.I.T.
 1145 U65992HR1990PTC030886                                                                              4/2/1990 FARIDABAD        Haryana
 1146 U65992HR1990PTC030895           BANSALI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                  4/9/1990 1D-109SHOP NO 5 NIT FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana
                                      PALAK CHITS PVT.LTD.                                                        H NO 841 ST NO 7 ASHOKVIHAR GURGAON             HARYANA.
 1147 U65992HR1990PTC030917                                                                             4/24/1990 Haryana
                                      UNIDUS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                F-222 SHUTTER WALI GALI,DEOLI ROAD,KHANUR, NEW DELHI.
 1148 U65992DL1990ULT039965                                                                             4/24/1990 Delhi
 1149 U65992HR1990PTC030919           NINETY NINE CHITS PVT LTD                                         4/25/1990 123 BMODEL TOWN KARNAL HARYANA Haryana 132001
                                      CHARAUNDA CHITS PVT. LTD.                                                   SHOP NO. 7, PHASE-I OLDHOUSING COLONY PANIPAT
 1150 U65992HR1990PTC030935                                                                             5/10/1990 Haryana
                                      WINDFALL CHIT FUND PVT. LTD.                                                SHOP NO. S-24 PALAM VYAPAARKENDRA PALAM VIHAR
 1151 U65992HR1990PTC030936                                                                             5/14/1990 GURGAON         Haryana
                                      CHAUBEY CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED.                                          1/348 FRIENDS COLONY INDL AREAGALI NO.1 G.T. ROAD
 1152 U65992DL1990PTC040284                                                                             5/28/1990 SHADHARA DELHI         Delhi
                                      GIKKU CHIT FUND PVT.LTD.                                                    B-575 FIRST FLOOR NEHRUGROUND N.I.T FARIDABAD
 1153 U65992HR1990PTC030963                                                                              6/5/1990 Haryana
 1154 U65992DL1990PTC040464           MAHA MAI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED.                               6/11/1990 B-132 B.K. DUTT COLONY NEWDELHI         Delhi
 1155 U65992DL1990PTC040546           FINESSE CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED.                                6/18/1990 PROMOTER C-1/40 JANAKPURI NEW DELHI Delhi 110058
                                      N.I.T. CHITS PVT. LTD                                                       202-203 OM SHUBHAM PLAZASCO-90-91 NEAR SAGAR CINEMA
 1156 U65992HR1990PTC030978                                                                             6/20/1990 SECTOR 16 FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana
 1157 U65992HR1990PTC030982           CGG CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         6/21/1990 HARYANA INDIA        Haryana
                                      LRKD CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  SHOP NO 342/10 INSIDE ROTTAKGATE GOHANA SONEPAT
 1158 U65992HR1990PTC030986                                                                             6/26/1990 Haryana
                                      PCM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   HOUSE NO 1CIVIL HOSPITAL COLONY PANIPAT HARYANA
 1159 U65992HR1990PTC031003                                                                             7/12/1990 Haryana 132103
                                      POLAR CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                             STALL NO.76 D D A MARKETVASANT PLACE R.K.PURAM
 1160 U65992DL1990PTC040968                                                                             7/25/1990 SECTOR-IV NEW DELHI          Delhi
 1161 U65992HR1990PTC031028           H.S.S. CHIT FUND PVT. LTD.                                        8/10/1990 1874, SECTOR - 8, FARIDABAD, HARYANA Haryana 121006
 1162 U65992HR1990PTC031032           YATAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       8/20/1990 1009, SECTOR -37        FARIDABAD Haryana 121002
                                      SAIPRIYA CHITS PVT LTD                                                      41-B NARAIN SINGH PARK OPP.SEEMS CINEMA PANIPAT
 1163 U65992HR1990PTC031037                                                                             8/27/1990 Haryana
                                      SURJAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                1F/32KALYAN SINGH CHOWK FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana
 1164   U65992HR1990PTC031073                                                                           10/9/1990
 1165   U65992HR1990PTC031075         BABA RAM DEV CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                               10/11/1990 14/447, SIKKA COLONY, SONEPAT        Haryana 131001
 1166   U65992HR1990PTC031077         DHANUSH KUTI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                               10/12/1990 H. NO. 2683 SECTOR-7AFARIDABAD         Haryana
 1167   U65992HR1990PTC031096         PENU CHITS PVT. LTD.                                             11/14/1990 14/320 HEM NAGAR SONEPAT HARYANA Haryana 131001
 1168   U65992DL1990PTC042180         SPEEDY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     11/26/1990 A-1-A 35-A JANAK PURI        NEWDELHI Delhi
 1169   U65992DL1990PTC042205         S.D.M. CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     11/28/1990 382, MUKHERJEE NAGAR,NEW DELHI.          Delhi
 1170   U65992HR1990PTC031115         DONGAR MAL CHITS PVT. LTD.                                        12/5/1990 779 SECTOR 15A MAIN MARKETFARIDABAD             Haryana
                                      SAPPHIRE CHITS PVT. LTD.                                                    C-4 NEHRU GROUND ARYA SAMAJROAD, NIT, FARIDBAD
 1171 U65992HR1990PTC031132                                                                            12/13/1990 HARYANA        Haryana
 1172 U65992DL1990PTC042546           HANU CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       12/28/1990 71-D KAMALA NAGAR NEW DELHI Delhi 110009
 1173 U65992DL1991PLC042635           SHANKAR GROWTH FUND LIMITED                                        1/7/1991 C - 7 / 65, SECTOR - 8 ROHINI NEW DELHI Delhi 110085
                                      JHANDEWALAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           126-A DDA CYCLE MARKETJHANDEWALAN EXTN. NEW DELHI
 1174 U65992DL1991PTC042730                                                                             1/15/1991 Delhi
                                      GIGLES CHITS PVT.LTD.                                                       VILL.TAKHANA, G.T.ROAD, TARORI, DISTT.KARNAL HARYANA
 1175   U65992HR1991PTC031161                                                                           1/17/1991 Haryana
 1176   U65992DL1991PTC042870         V.A.R.S.H. CHITS PVT. LTD.                                        1/25/1991 FLAT NO. 7 KHAN MARKET NEWDELHI           Delhi
 1177   U65992HR1991PTC031180         ON-DOT CHITS PVT. LTD.                                            2/12/1991 E-22 RAJOURI GARDEN - NEW DELHI Delhi 110027
 1178   U65992HR1991PTC031201         SAYA CHIT FUND COMPANY PVT. LTD.                                  2/28/1991 B-512 NEHRU GROUND N.I.TFARIDABAD           Haryana
 1179   U65992HR1991PTC031210         GROW MORE CHITS PVT. LTD.                                         3/11/1991 1368/28 FARIDABAD        Haryana
                                      ISHAAN CHITS PVT.LTD.                                                       B-284-285,FIRST FLOOR NEHRU GROUND NIT FARIDABAD
 1180 U65992DL1991PTC031216                                                                             3/13/1991 Haryana 121001
 1181 U65992HR1991PTC031245           D.S.V. CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       4/5/1991 1615/13 SECTOR URBAN ESTATE KARNAL Haryana
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                        REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
 1182 U65992HR1991PTC031248           SAVIKAR CHITS PVT LTD                                              4/9/1991 5D-41 NITFARIDABAD        HARYANA Haryana
                                      GUNPAR CHIT FUND PVT. LTD.                                                  181, SECTOR-14, URBAN ESTAE, GURGAON Haryana 122001
 1183 U65992HR1991PTC031270                                                                             4/13/1991
                                      KOLMET CHITS PVT. LTD                                                       312, SADAR BAZAR, GURGAON, HARYANA Haryana 122001
 1184 U65992HR1991PTC031258                                                                             4/19/1991
 1185 U65992HR1991PTC031271           AMANAT CHITS PVT LTD                                              4/30/1991 HOSUE NO 125MARLA -8 SONEPAT HARYANA Haryana
                                      SHARNAM CHITS PVT. LTD.                                                     NEAR LUDHINA SHAWL MARKET G.T.ROAD PANIPAT
 1186 U65992HR1991PTC031293                                                                             5/29/1991 Haryana
 1187 U65992HR1991PTC031295           LAFANI CHIT FUND PVT. LTD.                                        5/30/1991 331/13 BHAGAT SINGH COLONYROHTAK              Haryana
                                      KNOIX CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 431 UDHYOG VIHARPHASE - III GURGAON HARYANA
 1188 U65992HR1991PTC031297                                                                              6/3/1991 Haryana
 1189 U65992DL1991PTC044529           SINDHU CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       6/4/1991 S-277 NEW SUBJI MANDI AZADPURDELHI            Delhi
                                      ARIHAN CHITS PVT.LTD.                                                       NOVELTY BUILDING FIRST FLOORG.T.ROAD PANIPAT
 1190 U65992HR1991PTC031301                                                                              6/7/1991 Haryana
                                      BADSHAH RETAILS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             371 HUDA SECTOR 11-12 PARTI PANIPAT HARYANA
 1191 U65992HR1991PTC031304                                                                             6/11/1991 Haryana
                                      PLANWEL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               17 TIKONA PARKNIT MAIN BAZAR FARIDABAD HARYANA
 1192 U65992HR1991PTC031313                                                                             6/20/1991 Haryana
                                      CONCEPT CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               PROMOTER, 508-L MODEL TOWN KARNAL HARYANA Haryana
 1193 U65992HR1991PTC031315                                                                             6/20/1991
                                      AMK CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   SHOP NO 11PLAZA MARKET OPP. NIRULAS DELHI ROAD
 1194 U65992HR1991PTC031316                                                                             6/21/1991 GURGAON Haryana
                                      WORSHIP CHITS PVT LTD                                                       HOUSE NO 97 SECTOR-16AFARIDABAD             HARYANA Haryana
 1195 U65992HR1991PTC031333                                                                              7/5/1991 121002
                                      JAI GOPAL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             15/144 MAHAVIR PARK BAHADUR-GARH ROHTAK               Haryana
 1196 U65992HR1991PTC031335                                                                              7/8/1991
                                      PRANSHU CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               204 HIMLAND HOUSE MILANCOMMERCIAL COMPLEX
 1197 U65992DL1991PTC044938                                                                             7/11/1991 KARAMPURA NEW DELHI           Delhi
 1198 U65992HR1991PTC031344           ORA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         7/15/1991 HOUSE NO.52 SECTOR 19 OLDFARIDABAD              Haryana
                                      BEEHIVE CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                                   B 209-210 NEHRU GROUNDNST FRIDABAD             HARYANA
 1199   U65992HR1991PTC031348                                                                           7/16/1991 Haryana 121001
 1200   U65992HR1991PTC031353         HITAISHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    7/18/1991 486/23JAWAHAR NAGAR ROHTAK HARYANA Haryana
 1201   U65992HR1991PTC031358         RAGHUBIM CHITS PVT LTD                                            7/24/1991 7D 2097FARIDABAD        HARYANA Haryana
 1202   U65992DL1991PTC045074         ROOHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       7/24/1991 6/7 SARVA PRIYA VIHAR NEW DELHI Delhi 110016
                                      TOPSY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 A-99, GROPL INDL AREA, WAZIR PURINDL AREA, NEW
 1203 U65992DL1991PTC045104                                                                             7/25/1991 DELHI Delhi
                                      BRIJESH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               301 SHIVLOK HOUSE 11 KARAMPURA COMMERCIAL COMPLEX
 1204 U65992DL1991PTC045356                                                                             8/13/1991 OPP MILLAN CINEMS NEW DELHI          Delhi
                                      PULLMAN CHIT FUND PVT. LTD.                                                 26 MOLUSRI AVENUE DLF CITYGURGAON              HARYANA
 1205 U65992HR1991PTC031391                                                                              9/4/1991 Haryana
                                      SRI NARAIN CHIT FUND PVT.LTD.                                               SHOP NO 19&20 IST FLOORMELA RAM SCHOOL MARKET
 1206 U65992HR1991PTC031415                                                                             9/20/1991 KARNAL HARYANA Haryana 132001
                                      BABA SAI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              I-H-60 , 2ND FLOOR, B.P., NIT     FARIDABAD Haryana 121001
 1207 U65992HR1991PTC031418                                                                             9/23/1991
 1208 U65992HR1991PTC031422           SUBEET CHITS PVT. LTD.                                            9/26/1991 NISSAN HUTS NO.99 NITFARIDABAD             Haryana
                                      SUHANI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                554/12 QUILA MOHALLABAHADURGARH              HARYANA Haryana
 1209 U65992HR1991PTC031440                                                                            10/15/1991
 1210 U65992DL1991PTC046074           BOB CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                    10/17/1991 1604 MAIN BAZAR PAHARGANJ NEWDELHI              Delhi
                                      ORACLE CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                            406 CA CHAMBERS 18/12 WEAKAROL BAGA NEW DELHI
 1211 U65992DL1991PTC046076                                                                            10/17/1991 Delhi
                                      UDBHAV CHITS PVT LTD                                                        HAILY MANDI PATAVDI DISTTGURGAON             HARYANA Haryana
 1212 U65992HR1991PTC031448                                                                            10/22/1991
 1213 U65992HR1991PTC031449           DELHICA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                10/24/1991 5 L MODEL TOWEN SONIPAT HARYANA Haryana
                                      MODERATE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              951 ARJUN NAGAR ROAD KOTLAMUBARAKPUR, NEW DELHI
 1214 U65992DL1991PTC046318                                                                             11/6/1991 Delhi
 1215 U65992HR1991PTC031469           SCENT CHITS PVT.LTD.                                             11/13/1991 507L MODEL TOWN KARNAL HARYANA Haryana
 1216 U65992HR1991PTC031477           DHAROHAR CHITS PVT LTD                                           11/25/1991 1133SECTOR 17 GURGAON HARYANA Haryana
                                      VIBHUTI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                           56, ANAJ MANDI BAHADUR GARH BAHADURGARH HARYANA
 1217 U65992HR1991PTC031502                                                                             12/6/1991 Haryana 124507
 1218 U65992DL1991PTC046905           LUCKY STAR CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                             12/30/1991 C/O MRS. SUMAN C-7/164. SECTOR-VIII, ROHINI, DELHI Delhi
 1219 U65992DL1992PTC046987           SHINA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                    1/2/1992 C-2/364 JANAKPURI NEW DELHI Delhi 110058
                                      DCM REALTY INVESTMENT AND CONSULTING                                        VIKRANT TOWER 4RAJENDRA PLACE              NEW DELHI Delhi
 1220 U65992DL1992PLC047018           LIMITED                                                            1/3/1992 110008
 1221 U65992HR1992PTC031529           JUMADI CHITS PVT.LTD.                                              1/6/1992 SHOP NO-3 OPPOSITE JAI CINEMAHARYANA.              Haryana
                                      INTERCON CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              6/3 KALKAJI EXTENSION NEHRUENCLAVE NEW DELHI               Delhi
 1222 U65992DL1992PTC047049                                                                              1/7/1992
 1223 U65992HR1992PTC031549           OAKWOOD INTERIOR DECOR PRIVATE LIMITED                            1/23/1992 5 M/27,N.I.T. FARIDABADFARIADBAD         HARYANA Haryana
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME               DATE OF                      REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
 1224 U65992DL1992PTC047356           PASAND CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED.                     1/27/1992 B-1577 SHASTRI NAGAR NEW DELHI Delhi 110052
 1225 U65992HR1992PTC031554           DSC CONSTRUCTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED                 1/28/1992 SCO-43 HUDA COMPLEX ROHTAK Haryana 124001
 1226 U65992DL1992PTC047377           SURMELA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                     1/28/1992 2/3 A JANGPURA EXT NEW DELHI Delhi 110014
                                      BIG BOSS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                              WZ-95/2TITAR PUR TAGORE GARDEN SHIVAJI MARG NEW
 1227 U65992DL1992PTC047391                                                             1/29/1992 DELHI Delhi 110027
 1228 U65992HR1992PTC031559           JOHRI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                   1/31/1992 1157 SECTOR-19FARIDABAD         FARIDABAD Haryana
                                      TRANS YAMUNA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                          E-10-12TRIVENI COMPLEX VIKAS MARG LAXMI NAGAR DELHI
 1229 U65992DL1992PTC047431                                                             1/31/1992 Delhi 110092
                                      DOLPHIN CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED.                          24 MAI AMRKET GARNIEAST OF CALASH        NEW DELHI Delhi
 1230 U65992DL1992PTC047504                                                              2/6/1992 110065
 1231 U65992HR1992PTC031592           KRIRALI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                      3/4/1992 B-606NEHRU GROUND         FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana
                                      K.S.R. MALIK CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                          RAJ KUMAR BATRA, S/O-SH. KRISHAN LAL BATRA B - III NDSE -
 1232   U65992HR1992PTC031596                                                            3/5/1992 I NEW DELHI Haryana
 1233   U65992HR1992PTC031599         MAN BHAVAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                  3/10/1992 4 RAMAN MARKET ASSANDLS ROADPANIPAT            Haryana
 1234   U65992HR1992PTC031630         SPARSH CHITS PVT LTD                              4/24/1992 E-15/A NEHRU GROUNDFARIDABAD          HARYANA Haryana
 1235   U65992DL1992PTC048748         ROSIKA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                  5/13/1992 22/6 CHOTI SOBJI MANDI TILAKNAGAR NEW DELHI         Delhi
 1236   U65992HR1992PTC031666         THREE DOUBLE NINE CHITS PVT. LTD.                 5/20/1992 H.NO.436 MOHALLA KALLANSONIPAT          Haryana
 1237 U65992DL1992PLC048951                                                             5/28/1992 1 NEW DELHI Delhi 110031
 1238 U65992HR1992PTC031696           LINE-UP CHITS PVT LTD                              6/4/1992 1822 SEC 9FARIDABAD       HARYANA Haryana
                                      DOLF LEASING LIMITED                                        B-211, OKHLA INDUSTRIAL AREA, PHASE-I, NEW DELHI NEW
 1239 U65992DL1992PLC049167                                                             6/15/1992 DELHI Delhi 110020
 1240 U65992DL1992PTC049654           VAP CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                     7/22/1992 BG-5/47A PASCHIM VIHAR       NEW DELHI Delhi
                                      ABHI CHITS PVT. LTD.                                        VATS COMPLEX NEAR PLOT NO 47UDYOG VIHAR PHASE-I
 1241 U65992HR1992PTC031750                                                              8/3/1992 GURGAON HARYANA Haryana
                                      SUDARSHAN HOUSING AND FINANCE LIMITED                       PLOT NO 4 SAGAR COMPLEXLSC RAJDHANI ENLAVE           DELHI
 1242 U65992DL1992PLC049872                                                              8/7/1992 Delhi 110092
                                      MERCHANT CHITS PVT. LTD.                                    329, UDYOG VIHARPHASE II, GURGAON        HARYANA Haryana
 1243 U65992HR1992PTC031806                                                             10/9/1992
                                      SIKHAR JEE CHITS PVT LTD                                    A-1/5, NEELAM BATA ROADNEHRU GROUND, NIT FARIDABAD
 1244 U65992HR1992PTC031816                                                            10/20/1992 HARAYANA Haryana
                                      M.R.P.A. CHITS PVT LTD                                      BASEMENT, ABW TOWER IFFCO CHOWK GURGAON Haryana
 1245 U65992HR1992PTC031825                                                            10/23/1992 122001
                                      SABAK CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                 648 - A ARYA NAGARROHTAK          HARYANA Haryana 124001
 1246   U65992HR1992PTC031863                                                           11/7/1992
 1247   U65992HR1992PTC031862         NEW VINTAGE CHITS PVT LTD                         12/2/1992 WZM 44 NEW MAHAVIR NAGAR - NEW DELHI Delhi 110018
 1248   U65992HR1992PTC031864         SEHRAWAT FINANCE COMPANY PVT. LTD.                12/4/1992 V S PDISTT BHIWANI      HARYANA Haryana
 1249   U65992DL1992PTC051445         F.C. KAPOOR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                12/22/1992 10671, JHANDEWALAN ROADNABI CREAM, DELHI           Delhi
 1250   U65992HR1993PTC031917         G.K.H. CHITS PVT LTD                              2/12/1993 209-L MODEL TOWNPANIPAT           HARYANA Haryana
                                      MAK PLUS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                              27-A 1ST FLOOR NEW QUTUB ROAD SADAR BAZAR           DELHI
 1251 U65992DL1993PTC052511                                                             3/11/1993 Delhi 110006
                                      GANGA RAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                             C-51/6, MAHENDRA ENCLAVEG.T. KARNAL ROAD NEW DELHI
 1252 U65992DL1993PTC052578                                                             3/15/1993 Delhi
                                      SHIVGUN CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                           8338/41, ROOM NO 4, IIND FLOORARYA NAGAR
 1253 U65992DL1993PTC052592                                                             3/15/1993 PAHARGANJ,NEW DELH I        Delhi
                                      RISHU CHITS PVT LTD                                         VILLAGE AND POST OFFICEMURTHAL SONEPAT HARYANA
 1254 U65992HR1993PTC031974                                                             4/16/1993 Haryana
                                      NAMBARDAR CHIITS PVT LTD                                    VILLAGE & P.O. JHALARIDISTT ROHTAK HARYANA         Haryana
 1255   U65992HR1993PTC031979                                                           4/20/1993
 1256   U65992HR1993PTC031990         SHIVANGI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                     5/3/1993 18/12 GEETA COLONY NEW DELHI Delhi 110031
 1257   U65992HR1993PTC032000         JOGDHIAN CHITS PVT LTD                            5/10/1993 MAIN BAZARLADWA KARUKSHETRA HARYANA Haryana
 1258   U65992HR1993PTC031995         SINCERELY YOUR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED              5/14/1993 108-RNEW COLONY GURGAON HARYANA Haryana
 1259   U65992DL1993PTC053563         NEETA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                   5/14/1993 492/34 TRI NAGAR NEW DELHI Delhi 110035
 1260   U65992DL1993PTC053729         T P N CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                       5/24/1993 T-241BALJEET NAGAR       NEW DELHI Delhi 110008
 1261   U65992DL1993PTC054304         RSD CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                          7/5/1993 902, JOSHI LANEKAROL BAGH,NEW DELHI         Delhi
                                      TROOP TRAC CHITS PVT LTD.                                   HOUSE NO 255 SECTOR 19FARIDABAD HARYANA            Haryana
 1262 U65992HR1993PTC032057                                                             7/13/1993
                                      AYUSH CHITS PVT LTD                                         873 HOUSING BOARD COLONYAMBALA CANTT             HARYANA
 1263 U65992HR1993PTC032047                                                             7/17/1993 Haryana
                                      D JAIN CHITS PVT LTD                                        HOUSE NO 304 SECTOR 16FARIDABAD          HARYANA Haryana
 1264 U65992HR1993PTC032081                                                             8/16/1993
                                      DEEP SHAKTI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                           60/16 SONA CHOWKBASAI ROAD GURGAON HARYANA
 1265 U65992HR1993PTC032097                                                              9/2/1993 Haryana
 1266 U65992HR1993PTC032103           JAI JAI MAA CHITS FUND PVT LTD                    9/14/1993 3D-57B P NIT FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana
                                      SPECTRUM CHITS PVT LTD                                      1/6/1900 SECTOR-15 MAIN MARKET, FARIDABAD HARYANA
 1267 U65992HR1993PTC032137                                                            10/14/1993 Haryana 121007
 1268 U65992HR1993PTC032144           UNITEX CHITS PVT LTD                             10/18/1993 17/359, BHAGAT PURASONEPAT          HRYANA Haryana
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                       REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
 1269 U65992HR1993PTC032159           GREAT GOD FATHER CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                        11/2/1993 5L/101, NIT, FARIDABAD      FARIDABAD Haryana 121001
 1270 U65992DL1993PTC055948           KEDAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       11/5/1993 4261, JOGIWARA, NAI SARAK, DELHI Delhi 110006
                                      RAINDROP ADVISORY SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED                                  151, HEWO APARTMENTS, SECTOR-15, PART-II, GURGAON
 1271 U65992HR1993PTC032172                                                                            11/25/1993 HARYANA Haryana 122001
                                      MAJAL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 HOUSE NO-10 AGRAWAL COLONYSARAI KHAWAJA FARIDABAD
 1272 U65992HR1993PTC032176                                                                             12/1/1993 HARYANA Haryana
                                      BULLION CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               60-B,POCKET-B, MAYUR VIHAR,PHASE-II NEW DELHI Delhi
 1273 U65992DL1993PTC056407                                                                            12/13/1993 110091
                                      SUNSIP CHITS PVT LTD                                                        304/2, DELHI ROADNEAR MICROVAVE STATION GURGAON,
 1274 U65992HR1994PTC032199                                                                              1/7/1994 HARYANA        Haryana
                                      MAN BAHAR CHITS PVT LTD                                                     744, MOHALLA KOTAGANAUR, KARNAL HARYANA             Haryana
 1275 U65992HR1994PTC032211                                                                             1/27/1994
 1276 U65992HR1994PTC032217           FAIRMAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      2/4/1994 406SECTOR 28 FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana 110008
                                      AGANTUK CHITS PVT LTD                                                       H NO 161SECTO-31        FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana 121001
 1277 U65992HR1994PTC032230                                                                              3/8/1994
                                      SAI PRAGYA CHITS PVT LTD                                                    S-10/8 QUTAB ENCLAVEPHASE III DLF GURGAON HARYANA
 1278 U65992HR1994PTC032268                                                                             4/18/1994 Haryana
 1279 U65992HR1994PTC032303           TOP-O-TOP CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                    5/13/1994 747/15-A, FARIDABADHARYANA          Haryana
 1280 U65992HR1994PTC032326           BHARATA CHITS PVT LTD                                             6/23/1994 20, INDL.AREAFARIDABAD         Haryana
                                      J D S CHIT PVT LTD                                                          SCO-30 SWASTIK VIHARSECTOR-5 NAVSERANI COMPLEX
 1281 U65992HR1994PTC032336                                                                              7/6/1994 PANCHKULA HARYANA Haryana
 1282 U65992HR1994PTC032349           MANJUSHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    7/15/1994 32ASECTOR-11E         FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana
 1283 U65992HR1994PTC032369           ALASKA CHITS PVT LTD                                               8/9/1994 AJROUNDA ROADSECTOR 15A FARIDABAD ] Haryana
                                      RAJAT FINCAP PRIVATE LIMITED                                                SCO 122 1ST FLOORAGARSAIN MARKET CHAWLA COLONY
 1284 U65992HR1994PTC032394                                                                              9/8/1994 BALLABGARH FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana
 1285 U65992DL1994PTC061428           KID CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         9/13/1994 A-1/37-F MAYUR VIHAR-III NEW DELHI Delhi 110096
                                      FOCUS CHITS PVT LTD                                                         B-154, IST FLOORNEHRU GROUND NIT FARIDABAD
 1286 U65992HR1994PTC032434                                                                            10/20/1994 Haryana
                                      DEEPANSHU CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                         U-36/46, DLF PHASE IIIQUTAB ENCLAVE COMPLEX GURGAON
 1287 U65992HR1994PTC032458                                                                            11/30/1994 HARYANA Haryana
                                      GAY WAY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               59 ASHOKA PART-IINEAR SECTOR-37 FARIDABAD HARYANA
 1288 U65992HR1995PTC032527                                                                              2/1/1995 Haryana 121003
                                      KAMSON CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                            4A BASEMENTD-24 MARKET, LAJPAT NAGAR NEW DELHI
 1289 U65992DL1995PTC064921                                                                              2/1/1995 Delhi
 1290 U65992HR1995PTC032584           PURANJIT CHITS PVT LTD                                             3/7/1995 532 MIE INDUSTRIALBAHADURGARH           HARYANA Haryana
                                      GURU-DEV SPRINGS PVT LTD                                                    806 CHAWLA COLONYBALLABGARH FARIDABAD HARYANA
 1291 U65992HR1995PTC032613                                                                             3/27/1995 Haryana 121004
                                      BHANU CHIT PVT. LTD.                                                        UPKAR NURSING HOUSE, ADARSHNAGAR, GIJJI ROAD, NEAR
 1292 U65992HR1995PTC032619                                                                              4/3/1995 RAILWAY STATION HARYANA         Haryana
 1293 U65992HR1995PTC032634           CONVINCING CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                      4/17/1995 22 PALAM VIHAR EXTN GURGAON HARYANA Haryana
                                      SUKRITI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               PROMOTER, L-2/90A DDA FLATS KALKAJI NEW DELHI Delhi
 1294 U65992DL1995PTC067855                                                                             4/26/1995 110019
 1295 U65992DL1995PTC068094           S.N.Y. CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                   5/2/1995 A-54, G.T. KARNAL ROAD, INDLAREA        DELHI Delhi
                                      STYLE CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                             A-115, MADAM CHAMBER STREETNO 1 VIKAS MARG,
 1296 U65992DL1995PTC069235                                                                             5/21/1995 SHAKARPUR DELHI Delhi
                                      CUMULATIVE RAASHI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                 F-252 SANT NAGAR 1ST FLOOR EAST OF KAILASH NEW
 1297 U65992DL1995PTC069267                                                                              6/1/1995 DELHI Delhi 110065
                                      CORO CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  171, RAJENDRA BHAWAN RAJENDRA PLACE NEW DELHI
 1298 U65992DL1995PTC069731                                                                             6/13/1995 Delhi 110008
 1299 U65992HR1995PTC032724           PEPSONS CHIT FUNDS PVT. LTD.                                      6/14/1995 12/540, BATRA COLONYSONEPAT           Haryana
                                      SAMANIA CHITS PVT. LTD.                                                     5/490 MAHABIR PARKNEAR STATE BANK PATIALA
 1300 U65992HR1995PTC032785                                                                             7/21/1995 BAHADURGARH HARYANA Haryana
                                      CHINU CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                                     PIYAO MANYARI, NARELA ROAD P.O. KUNDLI KUNDLI
 1301 U65992HR1995PTC032817                                                                             8/24/1995 Haryana 131028
 1302 U65992DL1995PTC071979           DISHTI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                  8/25/1995 11 / 14 SUBHASH NAGAR NEW DELHI Delhi 110027
                                      SURYA PRABHAT CHITS PVT. LTD.                                               GIAN SAGAR,ICHHPUNIANI BHAWAN,WARD NO 12
 1303 U65992HR1995PTC032840                                                                             9/12/1995 KHARKHANDE SONEPAT          Haryana
                                      NPV CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   MAHAVIR OIL INDUSTRIELSJHAJJAR DIST ROHTAK
 1304   U65992HR1995PTC032864                                                                           10/9/1995 HARYANA Haryana
 1305   U65992DL1995PTC073395         SAI LEELA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                  10/20/1995 21/3, SHAKTI NAGAR       DELHI Delhi 110007
 1306   U65992HR1995PTC032900         SHAHANSHAH CHIT FUND CO PRIVATE LIMITED                          11/13/1995 482SECTOR - 10 FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana
 1307   U65992HR1995PTC032901         OTTO CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       11/14/1995 1353 SECTOR-37 FARIDABAD Haryana 121001
 1308   U65992HR1995PTC032903         BHAVESH CHITS PVT LTD                                            11/15/1995 1341 SECTOR-3FARIDABAD         HARYANA Haryana 121002
                                      PANVARIYA CHITS PVT LTD                                                     H NO-98 SECTOR-18AFARIDABAD          HARYANA Haryana
 1309 U65992HR1995PTC032904                                                                            11/16/1995 121002
                                      SOM CHIT FUND COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED                                       HOUSE NO--283SECTOR--16 FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana
 1310 U65992HR1995PTC032911                                                                            11/23/1995
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                         REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
 1311 U65992DL1995PTC074962           BLUE HEAVEN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                12/27/1995 D-183, PEERA GARHI CHOWKDELHI              Delhi
 1312 U65992DL1996PTC077481           ULTIMATE CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                3/25/1996 A-114 HARI NAGAR NEW DELHI Delhi
 1313 U65992HR1996PTC033071           HUM SABKA CHIT FUND CO. PVT. LTD.                                 4/17/1996 E-21, N.I.T., FARIDABAD, HARYANA Haryana
                                      ENN-DEEP CHITS PVT. LTD.                                                    103, SHOPPING COMPLEXMAIN MARKET SEC-37, FARIDABAD
 1314 U65992HR1996PTC033074                                                                             4/18/1996 U.P Haryana 121003
                                      ANCHOR CHITS PVT. LTD.                                                      1723, JWAHAR COLONY NIT FARIDABAD HARYANA
 1315   U65992HR1996PTC033077                                                                           4/18/1996 Haryana
 1316   U65992HR1996PTC033088         SRI SHYAM CHITS PVT LTD                                            5/1/1996 1-H -60 B PNIT FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana 121001
 1317   U65992HR1996PTC033094         SAKAR CHITS PVT. LTD.                                              5/2/1996 722 SECTOR 37 FARIDABADHARYANA                 Haryana
 1318   U65992HR1996PTC033095         HALFMOON CHITS PVT. LTD.                                           5/6/1996 3A - 97, NIT, FARIDABAD, HARYANA Haryana 121001
                                      ALLEPPY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               B-16 III Floor, Acharya Niketan Mayur Vihar, Phase - I DELHI
 1319 U65992DL1996PTC078844                                                                             5/10/1996 Delhi 110091
 1320 U65992HR1996PTC033104           SRG CHITS PVT. LTD.                                               5/14/1996 1444-A, SECTOR-29FARIDABAD            HARYANA Haryana
                                      S P A MAHESHWARI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      B-73 JAWAHAR PARK DEVLI ROAD KHANPUR NEW DELHI
 1321 U65992DL1996PTC078863                                                                             5/15/1996 Delhi 110062
 1322 U65992DL1996PTC033126           MADHUVAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    5/28/1996 504-B, IIND FLOOR SHIV MARKET WAZIRPUR               Delhi 110052
 1323 U65992DL1996PTC079382           SHANE AWADH CHITS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                            6/3/1996 F 14, IST FLOOR, KALKAJI DELHI Delhi 110019
                                      GURUDIKSHA CHITS PVT LTD                                                    1051 P SECTOR 14GURGAON              HARYANA Haryana 122001
 1324 U65992HR1996PTC033141                                                                              6/6/1996
                                      MERU CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  104 PRAKASH CHAMBERS,6 NETAJI SUBHASH MARG DARYA
 1325 U65992DL1996PTC079444                                                                              6/6/1996 GANJ NEW DELHI Delhi 110002
 1326 U65992HR1996PTC033148           AAA CHITS PVT. LTD.                                               6/10/1996 5E/41, NIT FARIDABAD.FARIDABAD           HARYANA Haryana
                                      PRARAMBHIC CHITS PVT LTD                                                    74-D POCKET A-3KALKAJI EXTENSION              NEW DELHI Haryana
 1327 U65992HR1996PTC033149                                                                             6/12/1996 110019
                                      AINDRI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                261/9, NEAR RAMLEELA GROUND SHIV PURI GURGAON
 1328 U65992HR1996PTC033145                                                                             6/17/1996 Haryana 122001
 1329 U65992DL1996PTC080073           KRG CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          7/3/1996 AG 1/131 D VIKASPURI NEW DELHI Delhi 110018
                                      NEW HELPAGE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           WZ-57, SRI NAGAR COLONY, SHAKUR BASTI NEW DELHI
 1330 U65992DL1996PTC080192                                                                              7/8/1996 Delhi 110034
 1331 U65992HR1996PTC033188           P.A. CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        7/10/1996 H. NO.77/3, NEAR BUS STAND GURGAON Haryana 122001
                                      MAZDOOR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               435/5LAL DARWAZA SONEPAT HARYANA Haryana 123001
 1332 U65992HR1996PTC033194                                                                             7/11/1996
                                      EQUAL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 C-134, HARI NAGAR CLOCK TOWER, NEW DELHI Delhi
 1333 U65992DL1996PTC081284                                                                             8/20/1996 110064
                                      SARNAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                8408, 2ND FLOOR ARYA NAGAR PAHAR GANJ NEW DELHI
 1334 U65992DL1996PTC081550                                                                             8/30/1996 Delhi 110006
                                      KAPOORI CHITS PVT LTD                                                       700/23 LAXMI GARDENKHANDSA ROAD OPP D A V SCHOOL
 1335 U65992HR1996PTC033277                                                                             9/10/1996 GURGAON HARAYANA Haryana
 1336 U65992DL1996PTC081893           N.V.R.S. CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                9/12/1996 23-B, CHIRAG DELHI NEW DELHI Delhi
                                      KARISHMA CHITS PVT LTD                                                      B-496 2ND FLOOR NEHRU GROUNDFARIDABAD                  HARYANA
 1337   U65992HR1996PTC033286                                                                           9/13/1996 Haryana 121001
 1338   U65992DL1996PTC081952         TWENTY ONE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                  9/13/1996 21F KAMLA NAGAR NEW DELHI Delhi 110007
 1339   U65992HR1996PTC033299         NRG CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         9/25/1996 7/298 MODEL TOWNBAHADURGARH                HARYANA Haryana
 1340   U65992DL1996PTC082223         EASYMEANS CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                               9/25/1996 962, G.F., DR. MUKHARJI NAGAR, DELHI Delhi 110009
                                      GINZA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                             H NO 136SECTOR 6 BAHADURGARH BAHADURGARH
 1341 U65992HR1996PTC033320                                                                             10/7/1996 HARYANA Haryana
 1342 U65992DL1996PTC082534           GREATBROTHERS CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                          10/10/1996 1663A/15 GOVINDPURI KALKAJI NEW DELHI Delhi
                                      ISHOO CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                                     R/O 2K 40,NEAR HANUMAN MANDIR, FARIDABAD.                 Haryana
 1343 U65992HR1996PTC033367                                                                            10/13/1996
                                      PARVEEN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               NEAR OLD POST OFFICETARAIOPI              HARYANA Haryana
 1344 U65992HR1996PTC033356                                                                            10/23/1996 136116
 1345 U65992HR1996PTC033363           RATIONAL CHITS PVT LTD                                           10/28/1996 524 SECTOR 15 SONEPAT HARYANA Haryana 131001
                                      CHARAK CHITS PVT.LTD.                                                       HOUSE NO. 383, SECTOR 8FARIDABAD              HARAYANA Haryana
 1346 U65992HR1996PTC033408                                                                             12/4/1996
 1347 U65992HR1996PTC033419           YASHIV CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     12/16/1996 DHARAM PURABAHADUR GARH                HARYANA Haryana
                                      AABHAS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                3545, JAI MATA MARKET, BAZAR SITA RAM DELHI Delhi
 1348 U65992DL1996PTC083959                                                                            12/20/1996 110006
                                      SAWAIBABA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             UNIT NO 105,VARDHMAN ROYAL PLAZA LOCAL SHOPPING
                                                                                                                  CENTRE, GUJRANWALA TOWN,DELHI. NEW DELHI Delhi
 1349 U65992DL1997PTC084286                                                                              1/7/1997 110009
 1350 U65992HR1997PTC033451           JAG PRIYA CHITS PVT LTD                                              1/10/1997 1A - 217, NIT, FARIDABAD, HARYANA Haryana 121001
 1351 U65992DL1997PTC084960           PUNDHIR CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                     2/6/1997 15-AASHOKA APARTMENT DEVLI NEW DELHI Delhi 110062
                                      THREE DEE CHITS PVT .LTD.                                                      241-A,WARD NO.7,GALI NO.6,MODEL TOWN,BAHADURGARH.
 1352 U65992HR1997PTC033482                                                                                 2/7/1997 Haryana
                                      HARIALI CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   209-AGALI NO-13 BHIKAM COLONY BALLABGARH HARYANA
 1353 U65992HR1997PTC033501                                                                                2/26/1997 Haryana
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      COUNTER CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  201, ABC COMPLEX, 20 VEER SAVARKAR BLOCK SHAKARPUR
 1354 U65992DL1997PTC085460                                                                                2/28/1997 DELHI Delhi 110092
                                      AGAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     CW-648, SANJAY GANDHI TRANSFORD NEW DELHI Delhi
 1355 U65992DL1997PTC085845                                                                                3/14/1997 110042
 1356 U65992HR1997PTC033516           SINGARWAL CHITS PVT LTD                                              3/17/1997 657/8,PARTAP COLONY,KURUKSHETRA.         Haryana
                                      PARACHUTE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED.                                               72-A, ARJUN NAGAR, SAFDARJUNG ENCLAVE NEW DELHI
 1357 U65992DL1997PTC086130                                                                                3/26/1997 Delhi 110029
                                      BHAYANA CHIT FUND (P) LTD                                                      136/3 HSIDC INDUSTRIAL AREAKARNAL       HARYANA Haryana
 1358 U65992HR1997PTC033559                                                                                4/11/1997
 1359 U65992HR1997PTC033582           ARYANS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         5/13/1997 B-57SHASHI GARDEN PAHARGANJ DELHI Haryana
 1360 U65992HR1997PTC033586           UMTA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                       5/14/1997 1-H - 60B P NIT FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana 121001
                                      MFC CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  7/6368, DEV NAGAR KAROL BAGH NEW DELHI Delhi 110005
 1361 U65992DL1997PTC087374                                                                                5/20/1997
                                      V.B. CHITS PVT LTD                                                             B-541,NEHRU GROUND,N.I.T.FARIDABAD.      HARAYANA
 1362 U65992HR1997PTC033600                                                                                5/29/1997 Haryana
                                      LIVE AID CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                             B-17 IST FLOOR B.BLOCKCOMMUNITY CENTRE         NEW DELHI
 1363 U65992DL1997PTC087674                                                                                 6/4/1997 Delhi 110058
                                      B M D CHITS PVT LTD                                                            S SIPLOT NO 12/5 MARKET NO- 5 N T T FARIDABAD
 1364 U65992HR1997PTC033618                                                                                 6/5/1997 HARYANA Haryana
                                      M T V CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                                        B-7,2ND FLOOR,COMMUNITY CENTRE, B-BLOCK, JANAK PURI,
 1365 U65992DL1997PTC087778                                                                                 6/9/1997 NEW DELHI Delhi 110058
                                      SATYAVRATA CHITS PVT LTD                                                       315 PANDIT RATAN SINGH HOUSE       VILLAGE PURKHAS
 1366 U65992HR1997PTC033622                                                                                6/10/1997 RATHI GANNAUR Haryana 131008
                                      EKNATH CHITS PVT LTD                                                           13 - C, DLF COLONY, GURGAON HARYANA Haryana 122001
 1367 U65992HR1997PTC033639                                                                                6/19/1997
                                      JALAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    206 AJANARA BHAWAND BLOCK MARKET, VIVEK VIHAR,
 1368 U65992DL1997PTC088239                                                                                6/30/1997 NEW DELHI Delhi 110095
 1369 U65992DL1997PTC088340           PARAMRAVI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       7/3/1997 A-8/215 BRIJPURI GOKULPURI NEW DELHI Delhi 110094
                                      SAMPURAN SAMARPIT CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        FCA 2069- BGALI NO-16 SGM COLONY FARIDABAD HARYANA
 1370 U65992HR1997PTC033645                                                                                 7/4/1997 Haryana 121001
 1371 U65992DL1997PTC089557           RAMA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           7/10/1997 3339, GALI HARI MANDIR PAHARGANJ, NEW DELHI Delhi
                                      HARGOBIND CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                            4/453 BHOLA NATH NAGAR, SHAHADRA NEW DELHI Delhi
 1372 U65992DL1997PTC088492                                                                                7/11/1997 110032
                                      SAGAVI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   SHOP NO 2 CSC POCKET E ` MAYUR VIHAR PH II NEW DELHI
 1373 U65992DL1997PTC088544                                                                                7/15/1997 Delhi 110091
                                      AGGRESSIVE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               28, PUSHPA (CENTRAL) MKT. 2ND FLOOR, LAJPAT NAGAR
 1374 U65992DL1997PTC088890                                                                                 8/4/1997 NEW DELHI Delhi
 1375 U65992DL1997PTC089012           OJAS CHITS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                   8/11/1997 WZ-69CTODAPUR        NEW DELHI Delhi 110012
                                      MAHANTA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  101,BHARTI CHAMBER,2G COMUNICATION CENTRE VIKASPURI
 1376 U65992DL1997PTC089163                                                                                8/20/1997 NEW DELHI Delhi
                                      SATYA M N P CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              A 888 GD COLONY, MAYUR VIHAR PHASE III, NEW DELHI
 1377 U65992DL1997PTC089255                                                                                8/26/1997 Delhi 110096
 1378 U65992HR1997PTC033695           SCYLLA CHITS PVT. LTD.                                               8/29/1997 1615 MATHUR ROADFARIDABAD        HARYANA Haryana
                                      R.G.S. CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   1976 AZEENAT MAHAL LAL KUAN NEW DELHI Delhi 110006
 1379 U65992DL1997PTC089472                                                                                 9/5/1997
                                      MUNMUN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   ROOM NO 207 208, BAJAJ TOWER, G BLOCK HARI NAGAR
 1380 U65992DL1997PTC089528                                                                                 9/9/1997 NEW DELHI Delhi
                                      RAVI CHAWLA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                          BANKEY LAL MARKET BADARPUR NEW DELHI Delhi 110044
 1381 U65992DL1997PTC089649                                                                                9/12/1997
                                      KRISHNESH CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                            154 CMIG DDA FLATS RAJOURI GARDEN NEW DELHI Delhi
 1382 U65992DL1997PTC089811                                                                                9/23/1997 110027
                                      TRINETRA CHIT FUND CO PVT LTD                                                  PLOT NO-50 SECTOR 27 CFARIDABAD        HARYANA Haryana
 1383 U65992HR1997PTC033729                                                                                10/3/1997
                                      LAKSHEY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  B-3/M-5, MAGNUM-II, KARAMPURA COMMERCIAL COMPLEX
 1384 U65992DL1997PTC090111                                                                                10/9/1997 NEW DELHI Delhi
                                      EVERGROWTH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               FLAT NO 11/1217A/38 NEA KAROL BAGH NEW DELHI Delhi
 1385 U65992DL1997PTC090126                                                                               10/10/1997 110005
                                      CLASSIC STAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             185JAWAHAR NIWAS ARYA NAGAR OLD KACHERI SONEPAT
 1386 U65992HR1997PTC033768                                                                                11/4/1997 HARYANA Haryana
                                      JAI BABA CHITS PVTLTD                                                          GARG BHAWAN, 66-67, YATI NAGAR HANSI       HISAR Haryana
 1387 U65992HR1997PTC033772                                                                                11/7/1997
                                      SAHI CHITS PVT. LTD.                                                           PLOT NO U-5 OPP.V.M PUBLICSCHOOL JAWAHAR COLONY,
 1388 U65992HR1997PTC033774                                                                               11/13/1997 FARIDABAD      Haryana
 1389 U65992DL1997PTC090959           U AND I CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED.                                       12/2/1997 15/55 GEETA COLONY NEW DELHI Delhi 110031
 1390 U65992HR1997PTC033797           SACHIDANAND CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    12/9/1997 165 SECTOR 14SONEPAT       HARYANA Haryana 131001
                                      INDRAPRASTHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             73,AMRAPALI APPARTMENTS, 56, I.P.EXTENSION, DELHI
 1391 U65992DL1997PTC091218                                                                               12/18/1997 Delhi 110092
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                       REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
 1392 U65992DL1997PTC091351           BULLAND CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                12/26/1997 A-2,REDI ROAD, KHANPUR NEW DELHI Delhi 110062
 1393 U65992HR1997PTC033814           SUNGYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     12/29/1997 H NO 229SEC 14 FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana 121001
                                      JLH CHIT PVT LTD                                                            23 NEAR MUNICIPALCOMMITTEE INDRI ROAD LAJWA
 1394 U65992HR1998PTC033825                                                                             1/13/1998 KURUKSHETRA HARYANA Haryana 132132
 1395 U65992HR1998PTC033831           TELIC CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                           1/19/1998 1690 SECTOR 28FARIDABAD       HARYANA Haryana
 1396 U65992HR1998PTC033841           SUYASH CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                   2/3/1998 H NO 603SECTOR-XIV       GURGAON HARYANA Haryana
                                      ANGELUS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               SHOP NO 62/3 (GF), VILLAGE BER SARAI OPP OLD JMU
 1397 U65992DL1998PTC092229                                                                             2/12/1998 CAMPUS NEW DELHI Delhi
                                      KAMVIN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                B-20,21 FRUIT GARDEN RAILWAY ROAD NH-5 FARIDABAD
 1398 U65992HR1998PTC033861                                                                             2/17/1998 Haryana 121001
                                      MARATHON CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              6, VIVEKANAND NAGAR,BAHADURGARH,DISTT. ROHTAK
 1399 U65992HR1998PTC033871                                                                             2/27/1998 Haryana
                                      EVER - WEL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            H.NO. 82, SECTOR-4R NEAR GOODYEAR FARIDABAD
 1400 U65992HR1998PTC033875                                                                              3/5/1998 Haryana 121004
                                      AIM CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                               101 BARODA TOWER D-12CENTRAL MARKET PRASHANT
 1401 U65992DL1998PTC092711                                                                             3/12/1998 VIHAR NEW DELHI Delhi
 1402 U65992HR1998PTC033892           KAMALNAIN CHITS PVT LTD                                           3/16/1998 5N/49 NITFARIDABAD       HARYANA Haryana
                                      BARSAT CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                208 VARDHMAN COMPLEX,C 2 YAMUNA VIHAR DELHI Delhi
 1403 U65992DL1998PTC092906                                                                             3/23/1998 110053
                                      BHATT JAIN CHITS (P) LTD                                                    C-135 ASHOKA ENCLAVE-IISECTOR-37 FARIDABAD
 1404 U65992HR1998PTC033895                                                                             3/23/1998 HARYANA Haryana
                                      INDERPRASTH CHITS PVT. LTD.                                                 E-36/102, JAWAHAR PARKVIKAS MARG, LAXMI NAGAR        NEW
 1405 U65992DL1998PTC093066                                                                              4/1/1998 DELHI Delhi 110092
                                      DAYNM CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED.                                            A-54, CHAWLA COLONYBALLABH GARH        HARYANA. Haryana
 1406 U65992HR1998PTC033912                                                                              4/2/1998
 1407 U65992HR1998PTC033922           INTACT CHITS PVT. LTD.                                            4/16/1998 778 SECTOR 31GURGOAN        HARYANA Haryana
                                      R.P. CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED.                                                 GF 1 RMA PLACEARONDA FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana
 1408 U65992HR1998PTC033928                                                                             4/23/1998
 1409 U65992DL1998PTC093561           HOMELY CHITS PVT LTD                                               5/1/1998 30 GANDHI GALIFATEH PURI      NEW DELHI Delhi 110006
                                      YOGRAJ CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                B-71, ASHOKA ENCLAVE-II, SECTOR-37    FARIDABAD
 1410 U65992HR1998PTC033941                                                                             5/12/1998 Haryana 121001
 1411 U65992DL1998PTC093757           MILAP CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                   5/12/1998 9/43 MOTI NAGAR NEW DELHI Delhi 110015
                                      YKS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   1/50 FF LALITA PARKMAIN VIKAS MARG LAXMI NAGAR DELHI
 1412 U65992DL1998PTC093901                                                                             5/18/1998 Delhi 110092
                                      SHREE MANGLA CHIT FUND COMPANY PRIVATE                                      13/227 GEETA COLONY DELHI Delhi 110031
 1413 U65992DL1998PTC094049           LIMITED                                                           5/25/1998
                                      K.T.C. CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                WZ-27 MAYA PURI INDL. AREA, PHASE-I NEW DELHI Delhi
 1414 U65992DL1998PTC094371                                                                              6/9/1998 110064
                                      GURU ARJUN DEV CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        32/3B, KANTI NAGAR, MAIN ROAD KRISHNA NAGAR, NEW
 1415 U65992HR1998PTC033968                                                                             6/18/1998 DELHI Delhi 110051
                                      SARVE PRIYA CHITS PVT LTD                                                   2082 MIE BAHADURGARHJHAJJAR        HARYANA Haryana
 1416 U65992HR1998PTC033970                                                                             6/23/1998 124507
                                      SIWAS CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                             A 2, JAWAHAR PARK, DEVLI ROAD, KHANPUR DELHI Delhi
 1417 U65992DL1998PTC094844                                                                              7/6/1998 110062
                                      FAST GROWTH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           762 SARASWATI VIHAR CHAKARPURGURGAON           HARYANA
 1418 U65992HR1998PTC033981                                                                             7/13/1998 Haryana
                                      VEE AAR CHIT COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED                                        B-5,CO-OPRATIVE HOUSING SOCIETY NDSE PART-I NEW
 1419 U65992DL1998PTC095201                                                                             7/27/1998 DELHI Delhi 110049
 1420 U65992HR1998PTC034002           ALLEGRO CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      8/6/1998 1677/8FARIDABAD       HARYANA Haryana
                                      HIM NEEL CHITS PVT LTD                                                      12/28 QUILLA ENCLAVE BAHADURGARH        HARYANA Haryana
 1421 U65992HR1998PTC034006                                                                             8/14/1998 124507
 1422 U65992DL1998PTC095596           SKYMOON CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     8/17/1998 A-12 PITTAM PURA VILLAGE DELHI Delhi
                                      ARIANCHAL CHITS PVT LTD                                                     B-491-92, IIND FLOOR NEHRUGROUND NIT      FARIDABAD HAR
 1423 U65992HR1998PTC034012                                                                             8/20/1998 Haryana
 1424 U65992DL1998PTC095754           MITTAL SUBH CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                  8/26/1998 WP-278WAZIR PUR GAON        NEW DELHI Delhi 110025
                                      VKS AND S CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             A-2/154 SAFDARJUNG ENCLAVE EXTN. NEW DELHI Delhi
 1425 U65992DL1998PTC095779                                                                             8/27/1998 110029
                                      NAIVEDYAM CHITS PVT. LTD.                                                   H N-39MARLA-8 MODEL TOWN GURGAON HARYANA Haryana
 1426 U65992HR1998PTC034023                                                                              9/1/1998
                                      TANYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 476/18 ARYA NAGARROHTAK        HARYANA Haryana 124001
 1427 U65992HR1998PTC034031                                                                             9/11/1998
                                      SAKET BUILDWELL PRIVATE LIMITED                                             3/305 , ASHISH COMPLEX , NEW RAJDHANI ENCLAVE , VIKAS
 1428 U65992DL1998PTC096385                                                                             9/22/1998 MARG DELHI Delhi 110092
                                      SPEARHEAD CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             C - 8/111 KESHAV PURAM, LAWRENCE ROAD NEW DELHI
 1429 U65992DL1998PTC096438                                                                             9/24/1998 Delhi 110035
                                      AAYAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 204-B PRIYANKA TOWERSBASAI DHARAPUR MOTI NAGAR
 1430 U65992DL1998PTC096813                                                                            10/26/1998 NEW DELHI Delhi 110015
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      M CHITS PVT LTD                                                                EWS 212 HOUSING BOARDVILLAGE CHAKKARPUR GURGAON
 1431 U65992HR1998PTC034062                                                                               10/28/1998 HARYANA Haryana
 1432 U65992HR1998PTC034069           AMSUM CHITS PVT LTD                                                  11/9/1998 706C SECTOR-22GURGAON             HARYANA Haryana
                                      WELCOME SOCIAL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           208 AVADH COMPLEX, D-5 LAXMI NAGAR NEW DELHI Delhi
 1433 U65992DL1998PTC096981                                                                                11/9/1998 110092
 1434 U65992DL1998PTC097076           GURLEEN CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                   11/13/1998 D-49, FATEH NAGAR, NEW DELHI Delhi 110018
                                      RAMNEEK CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  SHOP NO-148KRISHNA PLACE NEAR SOHNA CHOWK BASTI
 1435 U65992HR1998PTC034078                                                                               11/23/1998 ROAD GURGAOON HARYANA Haryana
 1436 U65992DL1998PTC097225           SEHGAL BROTHERS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                               11/27/1998 C-1/5 RANA PRATAP BAGH DELHI Delhi 110007
                                      SHANLO CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   83-BB, POCKET-K SHEIKH SARAI PHASE-II NEW DELHI Delhi
 1437 U65992DL1998PTC097229                                                                               11/27/1998 110017
                                      V.S.A. ANEJA CHITS PVT. LTD.                                                   E 274 DOUBLE STOREY11ND FLOOR RAMESH NAGAR
 1438 U65992DL1998PTC097290                                                                                12/2/1998 DELHI Delhi 110015
 1439 U65992HR1998PTC034087           PARAMPARA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     12/11/1998 472 RMODEL TOWN PANIPAT HARYANA Haryana 132103
                                      SANTUSHTI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                E-261, AMAR COLONY, LAJPAT NAGAR NEW DELHI Delhi
 1440   U65992DL1998PTC097510                                                                             12/17/1998 110024
 1441   U65992DL1998PTC097651         AGRABANDHU CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    12/24/1998 R-119/1, MODEL TOWN -III NEW DELHI Delhi 110009
 1442   U65992DL1999PTC098041         HOME NEEDS CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                      1/22/1999 E-18/259, SECTOR-3 ROHINI NEW DELHI Delhi 110085
 1443   U65992HR1999PTC034140         VPS CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                                 2/3/1999 1200,SEC-9,FARIDABAD H.R          Haryana
                                      JEM JOTHIS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               BG-3/55D PACHIM VIHAR NEW DELHI NEW DELHI Delhi
 1444 U65992DL1999PTC098420                                                                                2/16/1999 110063
                                      SUNIT CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    117, KAILASH HILLS, EAST OF KAILASH,         NEW DELHI Delhi
 1445 U65992DL1999PTC098427                                                                                2/16/1999 110065
                                      DAGAR CHIT FUND P. LTD                                                         H.N.715 JHAHHAR ROADSAMPLA DISTT ROHTAK              HARYANA
 1446 U65992HR1999PTC034150                                                                                2/23/1999 Haryana
 1447 U65992HR1999PTC034158           GURUDASS CHITS PVT LTD                                                3/9/1999 654 SECTOR 14GURGAON            HARYANA Haryana
                                      SIR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      Commercial Unit No.264,IInd Floor, Aggarwal Modern Bazar, Plot
 1448 U65992DL1999PTC098772                                                                                3/11/1999 No.C-33,Lawrence Road, Delhi Delhi 110035
                                      SHRI JAI MATA CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                                NO 04M B ROAD KHANPUR MAIN MARKET NEW DELHI Delhi
 1449 U65992DL1999PTC098824                                                                                3/12/1999 110062
                                      LOHMOR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   VILLAGE SEHATPURPOST OFFICE TILPAT FARIDABAD
 1450 U65992HR1999PTC034207                                                                                4/13/1999 HARYANA Haryana
                                      TMA CHITS PVT LTD.                                                             107 , SECTOR-4 MANSA DEVI COMPLEX PANCHKULA
 1451 U65992HR1999PTC034220                                                                                4/22/1999 Haryana 134109
                                      JAI MAA BHAWANI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          F-14 ANSAL UTILITYCOMMERCIAL CENTRE OPP JAWALA MERI
 1452 U65992DL1999PTC099519                                                                                4/28/1999 MKT PASCHIM VIHAR NEW DELHI Delhi 110063
                                      COMPLETE CHIT FUND CO. PRIVATE LIMITED                                         207/ 2 E F LANE NO 9, THAN SINGH NAGAR ANAND PARBAT
 1453 U65992DL1999PTC099746                                                                                5/13/1999 NEW DELHI Delhi 110005
 1454 U65992HR1999PTC034252           N D P CHITS PVT LTD                                                  5/25/1999 1/260 GOPAL NAGAR SONYPAT Haryana 131001
                                      UPASNA CHITS PVT LTD                                                           104/74 SILVER OAK APTTSDLF QUTAB ENCLAVE, GURGAON
 1455 U65992HR1999PTC034272                                                                                6/11/1999 Haryana
                                      SAFE HAND CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                PALLA TAJPUR ROADJATTI KHURD SONEPAT               HARYANA
 1456 U65992HR1999PTC034279                                                                                6/22/1999 Haryana
 1457 U65992DL1999PTC100605           RADHA RAMAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     7/8/1999 16/22SHAKTI NAGAR         DELHI Delhi 110007
 1458 U65992HR1999PTC034302           JASGURU CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                     8/3/1999 H.NO.59,SECTOR 30 FARIDABAD.           Haryana
                                      DONEWELL CHITS (PVT) LTD.                                                      2057/38 OFF NO 205GOLD PLAZA BUILDING GURUDWARA
 1459   U65992DL1999PTC100992                                                                               8/4/1999 ROAD KAROL BAGH NEW DELHI 5 Delhi 110005
 1460   U65992HR1999PTC034307         HARSHA BUILTCOM PRIVATE LIMITED                                       8/6/1999 D-203SECTOR-II      FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana
 1461   U65992HR1999PTC034312         ARB CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                                8/12/1999 F-1/18DLF PHASE-I      GURGAON HARYANA Haryana
 1462   U65992DL1999PTC101157         SHRISAI PRAGYA CHITS PVT LTD                                         8/13/1999 F-21/5SECTOR 15 ROHINI DELHI Delhi 110085
 1463   U65992HR1999PTC034316         BHAVIYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        8/17/1999 2263/1 JIWLE BAZAR, REWARI HARYANA Haryana
                                      HIMLOK CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                               VILL NARGALE TECHBALLABHGARH PO FATHPUR DISTT
 1464 U65992HR1999PTC034319                                                                                8/25/1999 FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana
                                      LG CHITS (PVT) LTD.                                                            H NO -1965 VILLAGE -PILLANJIKOTLA MUBARAKPUR N DELHI
 1465 U65992DL1999PTC101326                                                                                8/27/1999 Delhi
                                      SHREE SHINAJEE CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED.                                      3-B GOPALA TOWER25,RAJENDER PLACE               NEWDELHI.15.
 1466   U65992DL1999PTC101360                                                                              8/30/1999 Delhi 110008
 1467   U65992DL1999PTC101418         SUMITA SIWAS CHIT FUND (INDIA) PVT LTD                                9/2/1999 619-620/12, VILLAGE DEOLI, NEW DELHI Delhi 110062
 1468   U65992HR1999PTC034331         SIMON CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           9/8/1999 568 SECTOR 16/AFARIDABAD            HARYANA Haryana
 1469   U65992DL1999PTC101892         SONEX DECOR PVT LTD.                                                 10/8/1999 K-38A KALKAJI NEW DELHI Delhi
 1470   U65992DL1999PTC102207         RAMANDEEP CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     10/28/1999 D-18 JANG PURA -B NEW DELHI Delhi 110014
                                      TULSI DASS TAHIL RAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     40-BDEEP ENCLAVE POCKET-D PHASE-III ASHOK VIHAR
 1471 U65992DL1999PTC102376                                                                               11/11/1999 DELHI Delhi 110052
 1472 U65992HR1999PTC034384           V.S.V. CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        11/26/1999 PLOT NO 49 SECTOR 15-AFARIDABAD              Haryana
                                      MILLINIUM CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                            C-10/89 FIRST FLOORYAMUNA VIHAR             DELHI Delhi 110053
 1473 U65992DL1999PTC102574                                                                               11/26/1999
 1474 U65992HR1999PTC034386           PRAASHADHAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    12/1/1999 4519 SECTOR 23-A GURGAON            HARYANA Haryana
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      SHALIMAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 543 SECTOR 7HOUSING BOARD BAHADURGARH
 1475 U65992HR1999PTC034388                                                                                12/2/1999 BAHADURGARH HARYANA Haryana
                                      SHIV SAI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                             314 GANPATI ARCADE GURGAON ROAD, GURGAON,
 1476 U65992HR1999PTC034394                                                                               12/20/1999 HARYANA Haryana 122001
 1477 U65992HR1999PTC034398           SHUBHANIA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                 12/21/1999 1-B-27 NIT FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana
                                      GOD CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      PLOT NO 12 NEAR MICRO INDUSTRINEAR DELHI POLICE
                                                                                                                     CHECK POST G T ROAD KUNDLI SONEPAT HARYANA
 1478 U65992HR1999PTC034399                                                                               12/23/1999 Haryana 131028
 1479 U65992DL1999PTC103015           AWAKE CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                     12/29/1999 15 RAM MANDIRNAJAFGARH            NEW DELHI Delhi 110043
                                      AJEX CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     C/O JAI BHAGWAN,V & PO DHADPURTEHSIL, SAMALKHA
 1480 U65992HR2000PTC034405                                                                                 1/5/2000 DIST.PANIPAT HARYANA.         Haryana
                                      SUN N SAND CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               318 DURGA CHAMBERS 1334 D BGUPTA ROAD KAROL BAGH
 1481 U65992DL2000PTC103129                                                                                 1/6/2000 NEW DELHI Delhi 110005
 1482 U65992HR2000PTC034407           RAM CHANDRA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    1/11/2000 2J/WH/50NIT FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana 121001
                                      MAHAGAURI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                B-7/41 (G.F)SAFDARJUNG ENCLAVE          NEW DELHI Delhi
 1483 U65992DL2000PTC103225                                                                                1/12/2000 110029
                                      U AND N CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  A-10 (BASEMENT)JANGPURA EXTENSION              NEW DELHI Delhi
 1484 U65992DL2000PTC103279                                                                                1/14/2000 110014
                                      SAHIB DAYAL CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                          B-20 NEWKRISHNA PARKVIKAS PURI            NEW DELHI Delhi
 1485   U65992DL2000PTC103943                                                                              2/24/2000 110018
 1486   U65992DL2000PTC104383         BPG CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                        3/13/2000 27-H/2 JIA SARAI NEW DELHI Delhi 110016
 1487   U65992DL2000PTC105194         SUBH LAXMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     4/11/2000 C-1/84 SECTOR 11ROHINI         DELHI Delhi 110085
 1488   U65992HR2000PTC034486         MILESTONE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      5/15/2000 F-1/18DLF PHASE I       GURGAON HARYANA Haryana
 1489   U65992DL2000PTC105708         B N K CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          5/15/2000 RZ/B-139NIHAL VIHAR         NEW DELHI Delhi 110041
 1490   U65992DL2000PTC106031         SRI PARTISHWAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                  6/1/2000 111 BHAI PARMANAND COLONY NEW DELHI Delhi 110009
                                      GREEN VALLEY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             85 AKRISHAN KUNJ EXTENTION LAXMI NAGAR DELHI Delhi
 1491 U65992DL2000PTC106126                                                                                 6/6/2000 110092
 1492 U65992DL2000PTC106176           HIMANDRI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                    6/8/2000 A-5 KRISHNA PARK NEW DELHI NEW DELHI Delhi 110062
 1493 U65992DL2000PTC106449           SOMYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          6/23/2000 B-5/67, PASCHIM VIHAR NEW DELHI Delhi 110063
                                      RACHITA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  2072/4, Ground Floor, Katra Roshan Ud Daulla Kinari Bazar Delhi
 1494 U65992DL2000PTC106887                                                                                7/19/2000 Delhi 110006
                                      THIRD EYE CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                            313 C-58 SHAHPURITIRATH SINGH TOWER COMMUNITY
 1495 U65992DL2000PTC107076                                                                                 8/1/2000 CENTRE JANAK PURI NEW DELHI Delhi 110058
                                      EVERSAFE CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                             L-5 SAMRAT BHAWAN,RANJEET NAGAR, COMMERCIAL
 1496 U65992DL2000PTC107373                                                                                8/21/2000 COMPLEX,RANJEET NGR NEW DELHI Delhi 110008
                                      ADEQUATE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 M-20-22 IST FLOORRAJIV GANDHI MARKET SHAKURPUR
 1497 U65992DL2000PTC107617                                                                                 9/8/2000 DELHI Delhi 110034
                                      SURKSHIT CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                             SHOP NO 143&144 1ST FLOOROM SHUBAM TOWER NEELAM
 1498 U65992HR2000PTC034548                                                                                9/11/2000 BATA ROAD FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana 121001
 1499 U65992DL2000PTC107678           KAPOOR SUNNY CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                               9/12/2000 B-467MAJLIS PARK        NEW DELHI Delhi 110033
                                      KUBER LAKSHMI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                        3488,GALI BAJRANG BALI,CHAWRI BAZAR,            DELHI-6. Delhi
 1500 U65992DL2000PTC107984                                                                                9/29/2000
 1501 U65992DL2000PTC108263           RADHA MOHAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                   10/20/2000 2956, SANT NAGAR,RANI BAGH           DELHI Delhi 110034
                                      SIMSUBH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  PLOT NO 71,72 CHANDRIKA VIHAR PATEL NAGAR
 1502 U65992HR2000PTC034442                                                                                11/4/2000 BAHADURGARH Haryana 124507
                                      DIGITAL HUB INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                              A-42,NARAINA INDUSTRIAL AREA, PHASE - II NEW DELHI
 1503   U65992DL2001PTC191667                                                                               2/5/2001 Delhi 110028
 1504   U65992HR2001PTC034643         WINMORE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        3/19/2001 1013/7-C FARIDABADHARYANA           HARYANA Haryana
 1505   U65992HR2001PTC034666         KHARO CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                      4/19/2001 317/19SECTOR-19 FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana
 1506   U65992HR2001PTC034667         ANCHIT CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         4/24/2001 1009 SECTOR 37 FARIDABAD          HARYANA Haryana
 1507   U65992HR2001PTC034673         MARK VIEW CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      5/11/2001 525, SECTOR 17, FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana
 1508   U65992DL2001PTC110825         MONEY SPINNERS CHITS PVT LTD                                         5/14/2001 3603 CHAWRI BAZAR DELHI Delhi 110006
                                      B.A. CHITS PVT. LTD.                                                           2/12 ANSARI ROADDARYA GANJ           NEW DELHI Delhi 110002
 1509 U65992DL2001PTC111201                                                                                6/11/2001
                                      CARE-IN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  2525 JAWAHAR COLONYFARIDABAD             HARYANA Haryana
 1510 U65992HR2001PTC034710                                                                                7/10/2001
                                      KSA HOTELS & RESORTS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           GOPAL DEV COMPLEX, SHIMLA MOLANA ROAD SECTOR-40,
 1511 U65992HR2001PTC034711                                                                                7/11/2001 HUDA (BABARPUR) PANIPAT Haryana 132103
                                      S P DANGRA CHITS PVT LTD                                                       C-40OM ENCLAVE P & O TILPAT FARIDABAD HARYANA
 1512 U65992HR2001PTC034714                                                                                7/18/2001 Haryana
 1513 U65992HR2001PTC034715           CHANDRA GHATA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                  7/18/2001 1470 M I EBHADURGARH          HARYANA Haryana 124507
 1514 U65992DL2001PTC111732           S D R M CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        7/19/2001 AB-79 SHALIMAR BAGH DELHI Delhi 110088
                                      VCC CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                                          House No 1774, Gali No 29 Surat Nagar Phase - II, Near Railway
 1515 U65992HR2001PTC034737                                                                                8/13/2001 Crossing Gurgaon Haryana 122001
                                      MAA DEVI SHREE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           HN 9/310 BISWA JAYWARA MOHALLABHADUR GARH ROHTAK
 1516 U65992HR2001PTC034734                                                                                8/24/2001 HARYANA Haryana 124507
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      ADD PLUS CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                             71 OLD ANARKALINEAR RADHEY PURI SCHOOL          DELHI
 1517 U65992DL2001PTC112425                                                                                9/14/2001 Delhi 110051
                                      SAMBHAV CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                              209 NAVNITI APARTMENTSPLOT NO.51 I.P.EXTN.       NEW
 1518 U65992DL2001PTC112610                                                                                9/28/2001 DELHI Delhi 110092
                                      JOJI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     HOUSE no 3047,      LANE 2, RANJEET NAGAR, WEST PATEL
 1519 U65992DL2001PTC112729                                                                                10/9/2001 NAGAR NEW DELHI Delhi 110008
                                      S.P.SUMAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                D-5/70A, ARJUN GALIVIJAY COLONY, NEW USMANPUR, DE LHI
 1520 U65992DL2001PTC112844                                                                               10/16/2001 NEW DELHI Delhi 110053
                                      K C B INVESTMENTS AND PROPERTIES PRIVATE                                       135, GOLF LINKS, NEW DELHI Delhi 110003
 1521 U65992DL2001PTC112908           LIMITED                                                             10/22/2001
                                      TOSHIBA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                              PLOT NO-17 NEW SHIV COLONYBEHIND RACHNA CINEMA SEC-
 1522 U65992HR2001PTC034777                                                                               11/23/2001 22 FARIDABAD H.R Haryana
                                      PMG CHITS FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 17/98 IST FLOOR FRONT SIDESUBHASH NAGAR         DELHI
 1523 U65992DL2001PTC113353                                                                                12/5/2001 Delhi 110027
 1524 U65992HR2002PTC034803           RDS CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                         1/4/2002 S-28 /6 DLF CITY PH-IIGURGAON     HARYANA Haryana
                                      PARASNATH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                D-133-A GALI NO-6LAXMI NAGAR      NEW DELHI Delhi 110092
 1525 U65992DL2002PTC113816                                                                                1/14/2002
 1526 U65992DL2002PTC113930           SHEEBA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                     1/22/2002 H-2/10VIKASPURI       NEW DELHI Delhi 110018
 1527 U65992DL2002PTC114093           WEST ZONE CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                   2/4/2002 C-332 VIKASPURI NEW DELHI Delhi 110018
                                      INCA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     N-20 IIND FLOOR KRISHNA COMPLEX,PASCHIM VIHAR         NEW
 1528 U65992DL2002PTC114186                                                                                2/12/2002 DELHI Delhi 110063
                                      TSC CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  Z/636 HAMILTON ROADKASHMERE GATE           NEW DELHI Delhi
 1529 U65992DL2002PTC114262                                                                                2/18/2002 110006
                                      NISHIMA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  H-22MAIN MARKET RAJOURI GARDEN NEW DELHI Delhi
 1530 U65992DL2002PTC114288                                                                                2/19/2002 110027
                                      R A CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  D-88 GROUND FLOORSTREET NO-5 LAXMI NAGAR DELHI
 1531   U65992DL2002PTC114365                                                                              2/26/2002 Delhi 110092
 1532   U65992HR2002PTC034853         NKG CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             4/1/2002 143/5 BARI PAHARPANIPAT HRR       Haryana
 1533   U65992HR2002PTC034860         FORBES CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          4/9/2002 H.N.951 SEC-15FARIDABAD       Haryana
 1534   U65992HR2002PTC034863         COMET CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          4/10/2002 662/2/10KRISHNA COLONY GURGAON HARYANA Haryana
 1535   U65992HR2002PTC034912         APG CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            6/19/2002 767 SEC-23FARIDABAD       HARYANA Haryana
 1536   U65992HR2002PTC034917         MONTU CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          6/25/2002 38 SUKH DEV NAGAR HARYANA Haryana -
 1537   U65992HR2002PTC034911         VISION CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         6/28/2002 KOTHI NO 6 SEC-6BAHADUR GARGH          HARYANA Haryana
 1538   U65992HR2002PTC034930         ENERGY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         7/15/2002 33GREEN PARK        HISSAR HARYANA Haryana 125001
                                      PIPALA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   X-9A,TEACHER GALI NO 2 BRAHMPURI NEW DELHI Delhi
 1539 U65992DL2002PTC116252                                                                                7/19/2002 110053
                                      VPB CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  163/1 BLOCK-IVILLAGE TIGAON FARIDABAD HARYANA
 1540 U65992HR2002PTC034944                                                                                 8/5/2002 Haryana 121005
                                      GOOD SAFE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                A-13 DEEPALI ENCLAVEISMAILPUR EXTN. FARIDABAD
 1541 U65992HR2002PTC034961                                                                                9/11/2002 HARYANA Haryana
 1542 U65992DL2002PTC116933           SPACIOUS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       9/11/2002 AG-1/172 B, VIKAS PURI, NEW DELHI Delhi 110018
                                      SIND-WAVE FINANCE SERVICES LIMITED                                             UNIT NO. 250,BLOCK.3 TRIBHUVAN COMPLEX, ISHWAR NAGAR
 1543 U65992DL2002PLC116962                                                                                9/13/2002 NEW DELHI Delhi 110065
                                      SUNTEC CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   B 333-334,1ST FLOOR NEHRU GROUND,NIT FARIDABAD
 1544 U65992HR2002PTC034976                                                                               10/10/2002 Haryana 121001
                                      VRINDA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   878 2ND FLOORS P MUKHERJEE MARG          NEW DELHI Delhi
 1545 U65992DL2003PTC118287                                                                                 1/2/2003 110006
 1546 U65992DL2003PTC118333           SS BABA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                     1/7/2003 B-372 OLD SEEMA PURI NEW DELHI Delhi 110095
                                      BALAK CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    VILL DOONDA HERAGURGAON          HARYANA Haryana 122001
 1547 U65992HR2003PTC035023                                                                                 1/9/2003
                                      KAS CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  C/O SURAJ HAR BHANDAR MISSION CHOWK, NEAR SHIV
                                                                                                                     MANDIR,ROHTAK ROAD, BAHADURGARH SONIPAT Haryana
 1548   U65992HR2003PTC035033                                                                              1/21/2003 131001
 1549   U65992DL2003PTC118761         S B NATH PURI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                   2/3/2003 198/56 RAMESH MARKET GARHI NEW DELHI Delhi 110024
 1550   U65992DL2003PTC118855         GEOFIN INVESTMENTS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    2/7/2003 4/42 PUNJABI BAGH    NEW DELHI Delhi 110026
 1551   U65992HR2003PTC035050         KANAKVERMA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                 2/14/2003 M-39 PH-INEW PALAM VIHAR GURGAON       Haryana
 1552   U65992HR2003PTC035051         PARUL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          2/14/2003 RAISONIPATH      HARYANA Haryana
 1553   U65992HR2003PTC035052         KUMASTHA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                  2/14/2003 3028 SECT-55 FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana
                                      VAIBHAVLAKSHMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           PLOT NO-435UDOYOG VIHAR PHASE IV GURGAON
 1554 U65992HR2003PTC035110                                                                                5/14/2003 HARYANA Haryana 122001
 1555 U65992HR2003PTC035124           NEW LIGHT CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                   6/9/2003 5N-33 NIT FARIDABADHARYANA       Haryana
                                      JAI GITESH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               D-4 TANDON ROADADARSH NAGAR        NEW DELHI Delhi
 1556 U65992DL2003PTC120898                                                                                6/13/2003 110033
                                      OSHO CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     1051 P SECTOR 14GURGAON      HARYANA Haryana 122001
 1557 U65992HR2003PTC035123                                                                                6/14/2003
 1558 U65992HR2003PTC035148           HYLINE CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     7/2/2003 1160 SECTOR-9FARIDABAD      HARYANA Haryana
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      SETMAK CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     108-R NEW COLONYGURGAON               HARYANA Haryana 122201
 1559 U65992HR2003PTC035161                                                                                7/22/2003
                                      JAMDAGNI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 315 VILLAGE & P OSHAHJADPUR DISTT SONEPAT HARYANA
 1560 U65992HR2003PTC035171                                                                                 8/1/2003 Haryana 131001
                                      RSY CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  PLOT NO 4NEAR BUS STANDV& P O SHAHBAD DAULATPUR
 1561 U65992DL2003PTC121583                                                                                 8/1/2003 NEW DELHI Delhi 110042
                                      FREGNENCE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                697/6 KUMHAR GATEGYAN NAGAR SONEPAT HARYANA
 1562 U65992HR2003PTC035187                                                                                8/29/2003 Haryana
 1563 U65992HR2003PTC035194           SUKHSHREE-CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       9/4/2003 1359-A/5PIRJI MOHALLA        ROHTAK HARYANA Haryana
 1564 U65992HR2003PTC035203           D.V.KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           9/24/2003 3H-110 NITFARIDABAD         HARYANA Haryana
                                      SSR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      NAGAR BHAWAN NEAR B E DCOLLEGE TIGAON TEH
 1565   U65992HR2003PTC035221                                                                             10/22/2003 BALLABGAR FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana
 1566   U65992DL2003PTC122775         MSN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           10/22/2003 K-1/87CHITRANJAN PARK          NEW DELHI Delhi 110019
 1567   U65992DL2003PTC122871         SONA CHANDI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                   10/30/2003 WZ-1647 NANGAL RAYA NEW DELHI Delhi 110046
 1568   U65992DL2003PTC123681         R P CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                       12/24/2003 C-182HARI NAGAR         DELHI Delhi 110064
 1569   U65992DL2004PTC123981         R C M CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                       1/9/2004 F-2179NETAJI NAGAR         DELHI Delhi 110023
 1570   U65992DL2004PTC124027         VDN CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                        1/12/2004 E-30 PHASE- IASHOK VIHAR         DELHI Delhi 110052
 1571   U65992DL2004PTC124229         SYSCAB CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         1/21/2004 15/5 PUNJABI BAGH EXTN         NEW DELHI Delhi 110026
 1572   U65992DL2004PTC124341         TA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             1/28/2004 A-1/117-118SECTOR-11 ROHINI DELHI Delhi 110085
                                      AABHUSHAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                1853 BHAGIRATH PLACECHANDANI CHOWK              NEW DELHI
 1573 U65992DL2004PTC124580                                                                                2/10/2004 Delhi 110011
 1574 U65992DL2004PTC126012           CAMAAN CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                     4/23/2004 173 C3MEHRAULI         NEW DELHI Delhi
 1575 U65992HR2004PTC035371           ADARSH CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                          4/26/2004 318A LAJPAT NAGARGURGAON            HARYANA Haryana
                                      ACHAL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    S-1 SATYAM PLAZA IIND FLOORB AND E POCKET MARKET
 1576 U65992DL2004PTC126192                                                                                 5/5/2004 DILSHAD GARDEN DELHI Delhi 110095
 1577 U65992DL2004PTC126266           V V K CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          5/11/2004 2743 IIND FLOORQUTAB ROAD          NEW DELHI Delhi 110055
 1578 U65992DL2004PTC126640           RPI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED.                                           5/28/2004 S-3/4 CSC-3SECTOR -11 ROHINI NEW DELHI Delhi 110085
                                      SANGAT CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   74, Sector 16 Old Faridabad FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana
 1579 U65992HR2004PTC035413                                                                                6/21/2004 121001
 1580 U65992DL2004PTC127268           ASRA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                       6/30/2004 F-14LADO SARAI        NEW DELHI Delhi 110049
                                      SALHAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   Village Sarhaul Near Shiv Mandir GURGAON HARYANA Haryana
 1581 U65992HR2004PTC035421                                                                                 7/9/2004 122001
                                      DHANANIA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                             187/71 MOHNA MANDINEAR OLKD ANAJ MANDI HISSAR
 1582 U65992HR2004PTC035429                                                                                7/14/2004 HARYANA Haryana 125001
 1583 U65992HR2004PTC035433           SHRI NATH KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                     7/21/2004 HOUSE NO.2013 SECTOR-7D FARIDABAD Haryana 121006
                                      HARVIND CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                              DIAMOND PLAZA BASEMENTNEAR AGGARWAL DHARAMSHALA
                                                                                                                     LINK ROAD OLD FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana
 1584 U65992HR2004PTC035437                                                                                7/22/2004
                                      JAI SANTOSHI TRADEX PRIVATE LIMITED                                            803, NIRMAL TOWER, CONNAUGHT PLACE         NEW DELHI
 1585 U65992DL2004PTC128581                                                                                8/25/2004 Delhi 110001
                                      RISHAB CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   1227/14 MAHAVIR COLONY OPP TBHOSPITAL ROHTAK
 1586 U65992HR2004PTC035542                                                                               11/29/2004 HARYANA       Haryana
                                      HOMELIGHT CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                            PLOT NO 15 SHAKTI PARKKHANDSA ROAD GURGAON
 1587 U65992HR2004PTC035552                                                                                12/6/2004 HARYANA Haryana
                                      BADAULI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                              VILLAGE & P.O. BADAULITEHSIL PALWAL FARIDABAD
 1588   U65992HR2004PTC035566                                                                             12/14/2004 HARYANA Haryana
 1589   U65992HR2004PTC035570         HITKARAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      12/17/2004 989 KALLALA MOHALLAROHTAK HARYANA           Haryana
 1590   U65992DL2004PTC131349         JWALAJI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                   12/17/2004 D-8BALI NAGAR       NEW DELHI Delhi 110015
 1591   U65992DL2005PTC132486         SIFT SALAH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     1/28/2005 A-14/2 FATEH NAGAR NEW DELHI DELHI Delhi 110018
 1592   U65992HR2005PTC035612         MOONBEAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        2/3/2005 SHOP NO 97MAIN MARKET SECTOR-14 SONEPAT Haryana
                                      RAVIHAR GANDHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           IX/6858GANDHI BHAWAN NEAR ASHOK GALI MAIN BAZAR
 1593 U65992DL2005PTC132677                                                                                 2/4/2005 GANDHI NAGAR NEW DELHI Delhi 110031
 1594 U65992HR2005PTC035640           S.L.P.CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          2/24/2005 M 200, SOUTH CITY 1,GURGAON HARYANA        Haryana
                                      SGA SHYAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                19/310 JALANDHAR BODYCOMPLEX DAYA BASTI         DELHI
 1595 U65992DL2005PTC133434                                                                                2/28/2005 Delhi 110035
                                      T.A.K. CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   184 WARD NO 4VIKAS NAGAR GOHANA SONIEPAT HARYANA
 1596 U65992HR2005PTC035683                                                                                 4/7/2005 Haryana
                                      GURU SAHIBAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             M-21 IIIRD FLOOR RAJOURI GARDEN NEW DELHI Delhi
 1597 U65992DL2005PTC136060                                                                                 5/3/2005 110027
                                      SUMAANYA CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  B-67 LIC COLONYPASCHIM VIHAR        NEW DELHI Delhi 110063
 1598 U65992DL2005PTC137918                                                                                6/23/2005
 1599 U65992HR2005PTC035793           D V CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             7/1/2005 585MODEL TOWN PANIPAT HARYANA Haryana
 1600 U65992DL2005PTC140025           N R B CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          8/25/2005 130B GAUTAM NAGAR NEW DELHI Delhi 110049
                                      VAISHNAV CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 RZ-143 MAIN JAGDAMBA ROADTUGLAKABAD EXT NEAR TARA
 1601 U65992DL2005PTC140684                                                                                9/13/2005 APTTS NEW DELHI Delhi 110019
                                      G.B.CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      78/3 OLD SUBZI MANDIJACUBPURA GURGAON GURGAON
 1602 U65992HR2005PTC035889                                                                                10/6/2005 Haryana
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      SSS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      250, MASJID MOTH SOUTH EXTENSION PART II NEW DELHI
 1603 U65992DL2005PTC141610                                                                                10/7/2005 Delhi 110049
                                      GANGA SHIV CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               RZ-140 FIRST FLOORMAIN JAGDAMBA ROAD TUGLAKABAD
 1604 U65992DL2005PTC142444                                                                               11/10/2005 EXT NEW DELHI Delhi
                                      WPS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      C-3/69-B JANAKPURINEW DLEHI NEW DLEHI NEW DLEHI
 1605 U65992DL2005PTC142978                                                                               11/25/2005 Delhi
                                      SANGHI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                               C/O DEVI DAYAL HOUSE NO 189/4MOHALLA KABIL
                                                                                                                     SANGHIWARA NARNAUL DISTT MAHENDERGARH HARYANA
 1606 U65992HR2005PTC035934                                                                               11/29/2005 Haryana
                                      V.S REALMART PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   4/1602, MAHAVEER BLOCK, BHOLANATH NAGAR, SHAHDARA
 1607 U65992DL2005PTC143710                                                                               12/15/2005 DELHI Delhi 110032
 1608 U65992DL2005PTC143807           ATTALIKA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      12/19/2005 KD - 278PITAMPURA        NEW DELHI Delhi 110085
                                      ELAN MUTUAL FUND ADVISORS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      D-228-229 LAJPAT NAGAR INEW DELHI-24 NEW DELHI-24
 1609 U65992DL2005PTC143883                                                                               12/21/2005 NEW DELHI-24 Delhi
                                      AARS CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 90/9 SUBHASH NAGARGURGAON GURGAON GURGAON
 1610 U65992HR2005PTC035977                                                                               12/29/2005 Haryana
 1611 U65992DL2006PTC144482           DIME CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                        1/4/2006 H-70 VIJAY CHOWKLAXMI NGR DELHI-92 DELHI-92 Delhi
 1612 U65992HR2006PTC035993           VIRBATI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                    1/10/2006 B-43 B DAYAL BAGHSURAJ KUND FBD FBD Haryana
                                      PEB CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  ST-9 SUPREME PLAZAPLOT NO 15-16 DWARKA SECTOR 6
 1613 U65992DL2006PTC145482                                                                                1/27/2006 DELHI-75 DELHI Delhi
                                      VVSA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 E-18/244 SECTOR 3 ROHININEW DELHI-85 NEW DELHI-85
 1614 U65992DL2006PTC145585                                                                                1/30/2006 NEW DELHI-85 Delhi
                                      JAI KUNJ BIHARI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          2265 SHORA KOTHISUBZI MANDI, DELHI SUBZI MANDI, DELHI
 1615 U65992DL2006PTC145737                                                                                 2/1/2006 SUBZI MANDI, DELHI Delhi
                                      YATIN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    404-405 IIND FLOORGALI RAJAN KALAN KASHMERE GATE,
 1616 U65992DL2006PTC146224                                                                                2/13/2006 DELHI DELHI Delhi
                                      NAVLAKSHMI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                           G-5/59 SECTOR 15ROHINI, DELHI-85 ROHINI, DELHI-85 DELHI
 1617 U65992DL2006PTC146362                                                                                2/15/2006 Delhi
                                      JAI-SUKH CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                             CB-385-B RING ROADNARAINA NEW DELHI NARAINA NEW
 1618 U65992DL2006PTC146449                                                                                2/16/2006 DELHI NARAINA NEW DELHI Delhi
                                      MDS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      774/18 GOBIND BHAWAN 1ST FLOOR SOHNA ROAD
 1619 U65992HR2006PTC036048                                                                                2/17/2006 GURGAON Haryana 122001
                                      SANCHAYDEEP CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              187 IST FLOORASHOKA ENCLAVE III FARIDABAD FARIDABAD
 1620 U65992HR2006PTC036058                                                                                2/23/2006 Haryana
 1621 U65992DL2006PTC147253           S.J.V. CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          3/8/2006 687 MUNIRKA VILLDELHI-67 DELHI-67 DELHI Delhi
                                      BERDHAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED.                                                 D-II/520 SHIV DURGA VIHAR,LAKKARPUR FARIDABAD
 1622 U65992HR2006PTC036186                                                                                 6/3/2006 Haryana 121009
 1623 U65992DL2006PTC150659           AQUARIUS CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                    7/7/2006 3208 - C MAHINDRA PARK RANI BAGH DELHI Delhi 110034
                                      SBJ CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      HOUSE NO. 777, WARD NO. 29, SHAM NAGAR,           SONEPAT
 1624 U65992HR2006PTC036270                                                                                7/28/2006 Haryana 131001
 1625 U65992HR2006PTC036283           PANCHESHWAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     8/3/2006 C-89 MIANWALI COLONY GURGAON Haryana 121001
                                      HRIDYA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED.                                              MCP-545,SANJAY COLONY SECTOR-22 FARIDABAD Haryana
 1626 U65992HR2006PTC036303                                                                                8/22/2006 121005
                                      U-TURN CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              A-115, VAKIL CHAMBER 4th FLOOR, VIKAS MARG, SHAKARPUR
 1627 U65992DL2006PTC152766                                                                                8/30/2006 DELHI Delhi 110092
                                      DEEPAPRABHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              B-21, SECOND FLOOR DAYAL BAGH FARIDABAD Haryana
 1628 U65992HR2006PTC036345                                                                                 9/7/2006 121006
                                      RKR SHEEL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                SE-5, SINGHAL PUR, FIRST FLOOR SHALIMAR BAGH DELHI
 1629 U65992DL2006PTC153268                                                                                 9/7/2006 Delhi 110088
 1630 U65992HR2006PTC036397           HARI OM CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                    9/27/2006 729 BHIM NAGAR GURGAON Haryana 122001
                                      RAMNEET CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  261, SECTOR -12, PART-II U.E. KARNAL, FIRST FLOOR
 1631 U65992HR2006PTC036412                                                                                10/4/2006 KARNAL Haryana 132001
                                      SANGRAH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  9/5184, O.D. SEELAMPUR GANDHI NAGAR DELHI Delhi
 1632 U65992DL2006PTC155062                                                                               10/30/2006 110031
                                      D K CHITFUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   114/4 , C-3, SILVER OAK APPT. DLF PHASE-1 GURGAON
 1633 U65992HR2006PTC036462                                                                               11/22/2006 Haryana 122002
                                      DEVISHT CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  H.NO.706 SARASWATI VIHAR CHAKARPUR Haryana 122001
 1634 U65992HR2007PTC036562                                                                                1/23/2007
                                      PUJYA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                G-9/44, RATIA MARG SANGAM VIHAR NEW DELHI Delhi
 1635 U65992DL2007PTC158359                                                                                1/24/2007 110062
                                      RAGHAV ADITYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            F-134, Ground Floor, Sushant Shopping Arcade Sushant Lok-I
 1636 U65992HR2007PTC037449                                                                                 3/7/2007 Gurgaon Haryana 122001
                                      J4K CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  2782/20,SHOP NO. 207 2nd floor, KAROL BAGH, DELHI Delhi
 1637 U65992DL2007PTC160454                                                                                3/13/2007 110005
 1638 U65992DL2007PTC161222           JPV CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            3/28/2007 A - 40, GULMOHAR PARK NEW DELHI Delhi 110049
 1639 U65992HR2007PTC036739           S.V.D. CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          4/5/2007 H NO 2238 SECTOR - 16 FARIDABAD Haryana 121002
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      OM SHUBHAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               109, GUPTA TOWER, COMMERCIAL COMPLEX AZADPUR
 1640 U65992DL2007PTC162053                                                                                4/16/2007 Delhi 110033
                                      EKAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     PLOT NO 13, SECTOR 64-C CHANDWALI BALLABHGARH
 1641 U65992HR2007PTC036765                                                                                4/16/2007 Haryana 121004
 1642 U65992DL2007PTC162530           DEVRAH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         4/24/2007 D-4/8 SARUP VIHAR DELHI Delhi 110036
                                      ATTAL-ISH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED.                                               H.N. 1559, BLOCK NO. 17 MOHALLA DHEIR PALWAL Haryana
 1643 U65992HR2007PTC036818                                                                                4/30/2007 121102
                                      AKHAND BHARAT CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                        MANOHAR BUILDING, KANHAAN BANA BAUND KALAN
 1644 U65992HR2007PTC036870                                                                                5/17/2007 Haryana 127025
                                      JBB CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  20-21, SHAKUNTALA COMPLEX, PALIKA BAZAR            PANIPAT
 1645 U65992HR2007PTC036879                                                                                5/22/2007 Haryana 132103
 1646 U65992DL2007PTC164165           SRB CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                        5/30/2007 9657, ISLAM GANJ AZAD MARKET DELHI Delhi 110006
 1647 U65992HR2007PTC036903           REYAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          5/31/2007 V.P.O. - PAKASMA       ROHTAK Haryana 124401
                                      P.KHURANA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                House No.1, 8 Marla, Khandsa Road, Opposite State Bank of India,
 1648 U65992HR2007PTC036902                                                                                5/31/2007 Gurgoan Haryana 122001
                                      GURSANT CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  B-516, SUSHANT LOK-I, GURGAON HARYANA Haryana
 1649 U65992HR2007PTC036911                                                                                 6/4/2007 121001
 1650 U65992HR2007PTC036919           D.D.N CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           6/6/2007 6/86 SHIVAJI NAGAR GURGAON Haryana 121001
                                      CYBER CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                N-1, SECOND FLOOR KIRTI NAGAR NEW DELHI Delhi 110015
 1651 U65992DL2007PTC164642                                                                                6/12/2007
 1652 U65992HR2007PTC036972           RANI SATI CHITS COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED                              6/22/2007 33/36, DLF CITY PHASE-I, GURGAON Haryana 122001
                                      GOODLUCK CHIT FUND (HARYANA) PRIVATE                                           326, AAP KA BAZAR GURUDWARA ROAD GURGAON Haryana
 1653 U65992HR2007PTC036981           LIMITED                                                              6/26/2007 122001
 1654 U65992HR2007PTC037007           AYUSHMAN CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                    7/6/2007 398/11 PRATAP NAGAR GURGAON Haryana 122001
                                      TULSI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    B-805 SANSKRITI APARTMENTS, GH PLOT-5, SECTOR-43
 1655 U65992HR2007PTC037051                                                                                7/23/2007 GURGAON Haryana 122001
                                      H. R. CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                1K, SSI PLOT NO. 9 NIT, FARIDABAD FARIDABAD Haryana
 1656 U65992HR2007PTC037056                                                                                7/24/2007 121001
                                      V G CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      SHOP NO.-1, CHAWLA BHAWAN OPP. RAILWAY STATION
 1657 U65992HR2007PTC037141                                                                                8/21/2007 FARIDABAD Haryana 121001
                                      SM-CITADEL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               C-2/5 MANGLA APARTMENTS PATPARGANJ, IP EXTENSION,
 1658 U65992DL2007PTC167265                                                                                8/21/2007 DELHI Delhi 110092
 1659 U65992HR2007PTC037160           SATYAMEV CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       8/24/2007 H. NO. 307 SECTOR-9 PANCHKULA Haryana 134109
 1660 U65992HR2007PTC037167           NU VALENTINOS CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                              8/29/2007 J-12/3, D. L. F., PHASE-II, GURGAON Haryana 122002
                                      UTTAM SARAF CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              PLOT NO-119, SECTOR-6, IMT MANASER GURGAON Haryana
 1661 U65992HR2007PTC037176                                                                                8/31/2007 124001
                                      A.V.P. CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                               11/7, DELHI MATHURA RAOD POST OFFICE, AMAR NAGAR,
 1662 U65992HR2007PTC037200                                                                                 9/6/2007 FARIDABAD Haryana 120103
                                      NCF CHIT (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                               9, VASHISTH COMPLEX M.G. ROAD, SIKANDARPUR
 1663 U65992HR2007PTC037214                                                                                9/12/2007 GURGOAN Haryana 122001
                                      ATTAL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED.                                                   H. N. 1559 BLOCK NO. 17 MOHALLA DHEIR PALWAL Haryana
 1664 U65992HR2007PTC037232                                                                                9/19/2007 121102
                                      SHREE SHREE KHATUJISHYAM CHITS PRIVATE                                         20/21, SHAKHUNTALA COMPLEX PALIKA BAZAR PANIPAT
 1665 U65992HR2007PTC037233           LIMITED                                                              9/19/2007 Haryana 132103
 1666 U65992HR2007PTC037251           BLB CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            9/26/2007 306, PHASE-II, UDYOG VIHAR, GURGAON Haryana 122301
                                      NEW SHAKEHAND CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            BUILDING HOLKARAN DASS HEMRAJ, AZAD CHOWK NARNAUL
 1667 U65992HR2007PTC037265                                                                                10/1/2007 NARNAUL Haryana 123001
                                      SRI RAGHUBIR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             KHASRA NUMBER-2501 MAIN RAILWAY ROAD, BAHADURGARH,
 1668 U65992HR2007PTC037271                                                                                10/3/2007 JHAJJAR HARYANA Haryana 124507
                                      U L B CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                FF 107 FIRST FLOOR MOULSARI ARCADE DLF PHASE III
 1669 U65992HR2007PTC037272                                                                                10/4/2007 GURGAON Haryana 122002
 1670 U65992DL2007PTC168943           DSL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            10/4/2007 F-25, SOUTH EXTENSION PART-I NEW DELHI Delhi 110049
                                      MVS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      1224,HUDA SEC-3 BALLABGARH FARIDABAD Haryana
 1671 U65992HR2007PTC037286                                                                                10/9/2007 121004
                                      NDV CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      K-31, POLICE LANE AREA SHOPPING COMPLEX KAMRU ROAD
 1672 U65992HR2007PTC037326                                                                               10/22/2007 HISSAR Haryana 125001
                                      KUNWARDEEP CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               F-458, PHASE-II,ROYAL CASA FLOORS, SUSHANT LOK,SECTOR-
 1673 U65992HR2007PTC037327                                                                               10/22/2007 56 GURGAON Haryana 122001
 1674 U65992HR2007PTC037329           SONAKSHI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                  10/23/2007 756, SECTOR-14, GURGAON GURGAON Haryana 122001
                                      SAY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      203, DAFFODIL, GREEN VALLEY SARAI KHWAJA FARIDABAD
 1675 U65992HR2007PTC037358                                                                                11/2/2007 Haryana 121003
                                      YASHNA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   203, DAFFODIL, GREEN VALLEY SARAI KHWAJA FARIDABAD
 1676 U65992HR2007PTC037359                                                                                11/2/2007 Haryana 121003
                                      SWARAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   F-171, OMAXE EXECUTIVE FLATS SUSHANT LOK-II, SECTOR-57
 1677 U65992HR2007PTC037381                                                                               11/13/2007 GURGAON Haryana 122001
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      SIVAGIRI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              No 416, DELHI ROTAK ROAD, OPPOSITE DVILAL PARK PULIA
                                                                                                                       N) 3, VILLAGE SANKHOL BAHADURGARH Haryana 124507
 1678 U65992HR2007PTC037391                                                                               11/16/2007
                                      VPSK CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 1074 SECTOR-4, HOUSING BOARD COLONY KARNAL
 1679 U65992HR2007PTC037413                                                                               11/26/2007 Haryana 132001
 1680 U65992HR2007PTC037420           DIL DEEP CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      11/28/2007 683/8 YARN MARKET PANIPAT Haryana 132103
                                      PROFIT INDIA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED.                                            SCF-20 & 21 COMMERCIAL COMPLEX DLF INDUSTRIAL AREA,
 1681 U65992HR2007PTC037427                                                                               11/29/2007 FARIDABAD HARYANA Haryana 121002
                                      SUKH SAMRIDDHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           593, BARGIA PATTI, NEAR GIRLS SENIOR SEC. HIGH SCHOOL,
 1682 U65992HR2007PTC037436                                                                                12/5/2007 TIGAON BALLABHGARH Haryana 121101
                                      NANDESHWAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               D - 1174, SAINIK COLONY SECTOR - 49 FARIDABAD Haryana
 1683 U65992HR2007PTC037437                                                                                12/5/2007 121001
                                      KARAM DEVI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               J-406 4TH FLOOR WEMBLAY ESTATE ROSEWOOD CITY NEAR
 1684 U65992HR2007PTC037442                                                                                12/6/2007 SRS MALL SOHNA ROAD GURGAON Haryana 122001
                                      KANHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    ULTIMATE FINANCIAL SERVICES G.T.ROAD, NEAR HOTEL
 1685 U65992HR2007PTC037450                                                                               12/10/2007 WEST PANIPAT Haryana 132103
                                      AGARNI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   41 SHIVALIK BUILDING IST FLOOR DELHI ROAD GURGAON
 1686 U65992HR2007PTC037455                                                                               12/10/2007 Haryana 122001
                                      MULTICITY CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                            C/O AGGARWAL PAINTS & HARDWARE IN FRONT OF ARYA
                                                                                                                     PUBLIC SCHOOL SECTOR-7 , KRISHNA COLONY GURGAON
 1687 U65992HR2007PTC037468                                                                               12/14/2007 Haryana 122201
                                      SANTSAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  House No. 147, Sanjay Enclave 22 Futa Road, Nangla Road, NIT
 1688 U65992HR2007PTC037473                                                                               12/17/2007 Faridabad Haryana 121005
 1689 U65992HR2007PTC037483           SAINI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                     12/19/2007 648/1/22 Shivaji Park, Khandsa Gurgaon Haryana 122001
                                      SHRI RAM KAUSHALYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       5E, BP (BUNGLOW PLAT) NIT, FARIDABAD Haryana 121001
 1690   U65992HR2007PTC037491                                                                             12/20/2007
 1691   U65992HR2007PTC037498         TAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           12/27/2007 184 Gohana Gohana Haryana 131001
 1692   U65992HR2007PTC037502         DKD CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           12/28/2007 1305, SECTOR-12 HUDA PANIPAT Haryana 132103
 1693   U65992HR2008PTC037507         DHAN LAKSHMI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    1/1/2008 549 Ward No.-2, Tehsil- Gannaur Gannaur Haryana 131101
 1694   U65992HR2008PTC037508         PAL VANSHIKAM CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                              1/1/2008 F-265 SGM NAGAR FARIDABAD Haryana 121001
 1695   U65992HR2008PTC037534         S S M CHITS PRIVATE LIMITIED                                         1/11/2008 54/8 SHIWAJI COLONY ROHTAK ROHTAK Haryana 124001
                                      SNIA CHITS FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                904, MIE BAHADURGARH BAHADURGARH Haryana 124507
 1696 U65992HR2008PTC037537                                                                                1/14/2008
                                      MAHANDRU CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 H.NO-422,SECTOR-7 URBAN ESTATE GURGAON Haryana
 1697 U65992HR2008PTC037557                                                                                1/23/2008 122001
 1698 U65992HR2008PTC037580           PSB CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            1/31/2008 292-B MIANWALI        GURGAON Haryana 122001
                                      KHATU SHAYAM CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                         F-170 RAVI KANT MARG, LAXMI NAGAR DELHI Delhi 110092
 1699 U65992DL2008PTC173464                                                                                 2/1/2008
 1700 U65992HR2008PTC037594           SHREE SANMATI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                   2/6/2008 1101-P, SECTOR-46 GURGAON Haryana 122001
 1701 U65992HR2008PTC037626           KARMATH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        2/15/2008 333 SECTOR-14        GURGAON Haryana 122001
                                      D. P. S. CHIT FUND COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED                                     G 28, INDRA ENCLAVE, SECTOR 21-D, FARIDABAD Haryana
 1702 U65992HR2008PTC037629                                                                                2/18/2008 124001
 1703 U65992HR2008PTC037659           AWAKE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          2/28/2008 407 AAP KA BAZAR GURGAON Haryana 122001
 1704 U65992HR2008PTC037668           ANUBHA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                      3/3/2008 423, SECTOR 11-12 HUDA PANIPAT Haryana 132103
                                      POLOLITE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 931/5, PECH KAPOOR CHAND RAILWAY ROAD ROHTAK
 1705 U65992HR2008PTC037691                                                                                3/11/2008 Haryana 124001
                                      NERON CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    G-415, IIND FLOOR SUSHANT LOK-II, SECTOR-57 GURGAON
 1706 U65992HR2008PTC037791                                                                                 4/2/2008 Haryana 122001
                                      BEST BROTHERS CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                        C/O M/S SAINI AUTOMOBILES, MAIN DELHI ROHTAK ROAD
                                                                                                                     SECTOR-09, GALI CORNER, BAHADURGARH, HARYANA
 1707 U65992HR2008PTC037826                                                                                4/16/2008 Haryana 124507
                                      A.Y. CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     120, MOHYAL COLONY NEAR MMI SCHOOL, SECTOR -40,
 1708 U65992HR2008PTC037848                                                                                4/21/2008 GURGAON Haryana 122001
                                      MANSOON CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED.                                             FIRST FLOOR 11/7 DELHI-MATHURA ROAD FARIDABAD
 1709 U65992HR2008PTC037894                                                                                 5/2/2008 Haryana 121003
 1710 U65992HR2008PTC037955           EDGE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED.                                          5/26/2008 909, SECTOR-40      GUGAON Haryana 122003
 1711 U65992HR2008PTC037971           PCF CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                        5/28/2008 125,JAIN GALI      BALLABHGARH Haryana 121004
                                      GVM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      LADOT ROAD CITY DIVISION, ROHTAK-III ROHTAK Haryana
 1712 U65992HR2008PTC038040                                                                                6/16/2008 124001
 1713 U65992HR2008PTC038087           VERSATILE CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                  6/24/2008 H No. 536 Sector-6   Panchkula Haryana 134109
                                      JANABHISHEK CHIT FUND CO. PRIVATE LIMITED                                      303/12, CHANDAN VIHAR WEST SANT NAGAR BURARI Delhi
 1714 U65992DL2008PTC180798                                                                                7/11/2008 110084
                                      NEW NAGRIK CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               PLOT NO. 4081 SECTOR-9A BAHADURGARH Haryana 124507
 1715 U65992HR2008PTC038159                                                                                7/14/2008
                                      R.S.CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      1015, GALLERIA OFFICE COMPLEX, DLF PHASE-IV,
 1716 U65992HR2008PTC038176                                                                                7/22/2008 GURGAON Haryana 122009
 1717 U65992DL2008PTC181668           RRC CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED.                                            8/4/2008 N-9 KIRTI NAGAR NEW DELHI Delhi 110015
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      APIC CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                       946, GALI NO. 4, ASHOK VIHAR         GURGAON Haryana 122001
 1718 U65992HR2008PTC038311                                                                                 9/1/2008
                                      ADEQUATE CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                             11/381, Central Bank Wali Gali Teacher Colony, Bahadurgarh
 1719 U65992HR2008PTC038312                                                                                 9/3/2008 Haryana 124507
                                      PREMIUMSTAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              5D/8D, FIRST FLOOR RAILWAY ROAD, N.I.T. FARIDABAD
 1720 U65992HR2008PTC038314                                                                                 9/4/2008 Haryana 121001
                                      JSV CHIT FUND COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED                                          204,VASHISHT COMPLEX, IInd FLOOR M.G ROAD, SIKANDER
 1721 U65992HR2008PTC038315                                                                                 9/4/2008 PUR GURGAON Haryana 122002
                                      AASHYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   201, The KRITI CGHS Limited, GH-25, SECTOR-21C, Part-III
 1722 U65992HR2008PTC038317                                                                                 9/4/2008 FARIDABAD Haryana 121003
                                      KARTIK CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   H. N. 1559 BLOCK NO.17 MOHALLA DHEIR PALWAL Haryana
 1723 U65992HR2008PTC038345                                                                                9/16/2008 121102
                                      AMLESHWAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                H-NO. 241, STREET NO.1 , RAVI NAGAR BASAI ROAD
 1724 U65992HR2008PTC038363                                                                                9/19/2008 GURGAON Haryana 122001
                                      SOUTHERN STAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            C-1, FIRST FLOOR, DDA MARKET, MOR LAND NEW RAJINDER
 1725 U65992DL2008PTC183650                                                                                9/24/2008 NAGAR NEW DELHI Delhi 110060
 1726 U65992HR2008PTC038402           HPR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            10/3/2008 644 SECTOR-5 GURGAON Haryana 122001
 1727 U65992HR2008PTC038415           SHREE BHAIYA DASS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                              10/7/2008 HOUSE NO. 371 SECTOR-10 A GURGAON Haryana 122001
                                      T.R.A.C. CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                             B - 844, Green Field Sarai Khwaja Faridabad Haryana 121002
 1728 U65992HR2008PTC038420                                                                                10/7/2008
                                      THOMSON CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             134, ANSAL CHAMBERS - II 6, BHIKAJI CAMA PLACE New Delhi
 1729 U65992DL2008PTC184093                                                                                10/8/2008 Delhi 110066
 1730 U65992HR2008PTC038442           SKYBIRDS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      10/15/2008 1649, SECTOR 11-12, HUDA         PANIPAT Haryana 132103
                                      ALLEPPY CHITS AND PROFITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      Room No.78, 2nd Floor Chandela Market, 28/29 Chowk, Old
 1731 U65992HR2008PTC038446                                                                               10/16/2008 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana 121002
                                      PSP CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      C-1879, SUSHANT LOK, PHASE-I         GURGAON Haryana
 1732 U65992HR2008PTC038447                                                                               10/16/2008 122002
 1733 U65992HR2008PTC038474           RESOLVE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       10/27/2008 194 SECTOR-37 FARIDABAD Haryana 121001
 1734 U65992HR2008PTC038521           KKV CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           11/18/2008 C/o INDER PRAKASH          MEHAM Haryana 124112
                                      NU NAYYAR CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                            KHASRA NO. 580, PLOT NO.102, KUNDLI SONEPAT Haryana
 1735 U65992HR2008PTC038525                                                                               11/19/2008 131028
                                      CONVENIENT CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               FLAT NO. 11, FIRST FLOOR BLOCK E- 6, STERLING
                                                                                                                     APARTMENT, CHARMWOOD VILLAGE FARIDABAD Haryana
 1736 U65992HR2008PTC038539                                                                               11/24/2008 121001
                                      GURU VARDAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              98, BASEMENT, BLOCK-V, EROS GARDEN, SURAJKUND ROAD
 1737 U65992HR2008PTC038540                                                                               11/24/2008 FARIDABAD Haryana 121009
                                      SOUTHERN STAR CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                        SHOP NO. 135, K.C. ROAD NIT FARIDABAD FARIDABAD
 1738 U65992HR2008PTC038541                                                                               11/24/2008 Haryana 121001
                                      BESTDEAL PORTFOLIOS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            219, Lower Ground Floor Vinoba Puri, Lajpat Nagar-II New Delhi
 1739 U65992DL2008PTC185263                                                                               11/26/2008 Delhi 110024
                                      RITA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     HOUSE NO. 293, SECTOR-15 PART-I, GURGAON Haryana
 1740 U65992HR2008PTC038557                                                                               11/28/2008 122001
                                      CAMMAAN CHIT FUND (HARYANA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                    219, IMLIWALI GALI WARD 13       BAHADURGARH Haryana
 1741 U65992HR2008PTC038576                                                                                12/4/2008 124507
                                      MONEY GAIN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               SHOP NO - 1 KAUSIK SADAN, MEHAM GATE BHIWANI
 1742 U65992HR2008PTC038577                                                                                12/4/2008 Haryana 127021
 1743 U65992HR2008PTC038620           KESHAV CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                    12/17/2008 6005 DLF PHASE IV GURGAON Haryana 122002
                                      GROAT CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    1336/19 NEW CHINYOT COLONY ROHTAK Haryana 124001
 1744 U65992HR2008PTC038626                                                                               12/18/2008
 1745 U65992HR2008PTC038627           INITIAL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       12/18/2008 671 SECTOR - 15 FARIDABAD Haryana 121007
                                      DTNT CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      719G/1, FIRST FLOOR GAUSHALA ROAD NAJAFGARH Delhi
 1746 U65992DL2008PTC186175                                                                               12/29/2008 110043
                                      MALORY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   8 B, POCKET J SEIKH SARAI, PART - II NEW DELHI Delhi
 1747 U65992DL2009PTC186291                                                                                 1/1/2009 110017
                                      SONIA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    9/1220, SUBHASH ROAD, GANDHI NAGAR DELHI Delhi
 1748 U65992DL2009PTC186656                                                                                1/14/2009 110031
                                      SAARCO CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED.                                                  B-109 PHASE-2 NEW PALAM VIHAR GURGAON Haryana
 1749 U65992HR2009PTC038723                                                                                1/21/2009 122017
                                      GURUSHARAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               COMMERCIAL SHOP NO.12, SECOND FLOOR, JAGMAL SINGH
 1750 U65992HR2009PTC038784                                                                                2/10/2009 MARKET, M.G.ROAD, SIKANDERPUR Haryana 125001
 1751 U65992HR2009PTC038819           DHANESH CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                    2/18/2009 B-1205 GREEN FIELD FARIDABAD Haryana 121003
                                      SAHYOG MEGACHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               H.NO-13, GALI NO-6, VISHAL NAGAR SONIPAT Haryana
 1752 U65992HR2009PTC038825                                                                                2/23/2009 131001
 1753 U65992HR2009PTC038849           NEW A F CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         3/3/2009 306 PHASE-II UDYOG VIHAR GURGAON Haryana 122301
 1754 U65992DL2009PTC188210           PETALS CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                      3/5/2009 E-54 3RDFLOOR NARAINA VIHAR DELHI Delhi 110028
                                      TC CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   HOUSE NO-31, GALI NO-2 SHYAM COLONY PART-I, SEHATPUR
 1755 U65992HR2009PTC038866                                                                                 3/9/2009 EXTENSION FARIDABAD Haryana 121003
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      ASRA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     Pawan Goyal S/o Mr. Chanan Mal Goyal Village PO Bhattu Kalan
 1756 U65992HR2009PTC038899                                                                                3/20/2009 Fatehavad Haryana 125053
 1757 U65992HR2009PTC038910           SATGURU KRIPA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                              3/24/2009 1642/1, MIE     BAHADURGARH Haryana 124507
 1758 U65992HR2009PTC038944           SHRI BVM CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                    4/1/2009 16-C PALAM VIHAR GURGAON Haryana 122017
                                      GANGANAPATHY CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                         S-8-A , Second Floor, Pankaj Plaza , Plot No. - 7, Pocket-VII , SEc-
 1759 U65992DL2009PTC189100                                                                                 4/2/2009 12, Dwarka , New Delhi Delhi 110075
                                      P D KHANNA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                           H/No. 388, SECTOR 17 HOUSING BOARD COLONY HUDA
 1760 U65992HR2009PTC038956                                                                                 4/6/2009 Haryana 122001
                                      SHUBH SANMATI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            HOUSE NO. 95, WARD 4 PANIPAT PANIPAT Haryana 132103
 1761 U65992HR2009PTC038998                                                                                4/21/2009
                                      NEO JINDALS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              7/18 ANSARI ROAD DARYA GANJ NEW DELHI Delhi 110002
 1762 U65992DL2009PTC189588                                                                                4/22/2009
 1763 U65992HR2009PTC039015           PUTTARI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        4/24/2009 75/8 SHIVAJI COLONY ROHTAK Haryana 124001
                                      KAPINATH CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                             A - 2360 Green Field Colony, Sarai Khawaja Faridabad Haryana
 1764 U65992HR2009PTC039019                                                                                4/27/2009 121002
 1765 U65992HR2009PTC039022           INAYAT CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                     4/29/2009 252/1 P13-SANOLI ROAD INSAR Haryana 132103
 1766 U65992HR2009PTC039171           MKN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             6/3/2009 272, Sec-31/32A Gurgaon Gurgaon Haryana 122001
                                      NEW EVERGREEN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            FLAT NO. 803A GALLERIA BUILDING DLF CITY IV GURGAON
 1767 U65992HR2009PTC039248                                                                                 7/2/2009 Haryana 122009
                                      SUKHSHANTI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               593, BARGIA PATTI, NEAR GIRLS SENIOR SEC. HIGH SCHOOL,
 1768 U65992HR2009PTC039480                                                                                9/15/2009 TIGAON BALLABHGARH Haryana 121101
                                      G. P. V. CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 D-425, SHIV DURGA VIHAR, LAKKARPUR, FARIDABAD
 1769 U65992HR2009PTC039503                                                                                9/22/2009 Haryana 121009
                                      SAKET ASHIYANA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           S-2- 2ND FLOOR RAHEJA SQUARE COMMERCIAL COMPLEX
 1770 U65992HR2009PTC039606                                                                               10/15/2009 IMT MANESAR GURGAON Haryana 122050
 1771 U65992HR2009PTC039741           PURAN JYOTI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                   11/27/2009 199,M.I.E.    BAHADURGARH Haryana 124507
                                      DEEPAJYOTI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               B-21 SECOND FLOOR DAYAL BAGH FARIDABAD Haryana
 1772 U65992HR2009PTC039795                                                                                12/9/2009 121006
                                      LUK UP CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   377/12, NEW RAILWAY ROAD,           GURGAON Haryana 122001
 1773 U65992HR2010PTC039957                                                                                1/13/2010
                                      ARPANDEV CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 HOUSE NO 10 BLOCK 4 SPRINGFIELD COLONY SECTOR-31
 1774 U65992HR2010PTC040166                                                                                 3/2/2010 NEAR SUBJI MANDI FARIDABAD Haryana 121003
 1775 U65992HR2010PTC040187           AMRAUN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          3/8/2010 815/24, NETAJI NAGAR,        ROHTAK Haryana 124001
                                      KUNJ BEHARI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                          HOUSE NO.-5, GALI NO.-2, MATHUR BHAWAN SHIV ENCLAVE,
 1776 U65992HR2010PTC040370                                                                                4/12/2010 ISMAILEPUR FARIDABAD Haryana 121003
                                      KMB CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      PLOT NO. 104, GALI NO. 8, OPPOSITE SKY LARK PUBLIC
                                                                                                                     SCHOOL, ASHOK VIHAR, PHASE-3, GURGAON Haryana
 1777 U65992HR2010PTC040399                                                                                4/15/2010 122001
 1778 U65992HR2010PTC040886           SRISHTI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                    7/13/2010 145/23 H      GURGAON Haryana 122010
                                      V.J.R. CHIT FUNDS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                      2nd Floor Office Shop No.34, Neelam Flyover, N.I.T, Faridabad
 1779 U65992HR2010PTC041069                                                                                8/17/2010 Haryana 121001
 1780 U65992HR2010PTC041173           NSM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             9/8/2010 748 KAYASTHWARA, REWARI REWARI Haryana 123401
                                      SHUBH TULSI DASS TAHIL RAM CHITS PRIVATE                                       B-805, SANSKRITI APPTT. GH PLOT-5, SECTOR-43,
 1781 U65992HR2010PTC041415           LIMITED                                                             10/21/2010 GURGAON Haryana 122001
 1782 U65992HR2010PTC041456           CHITRANSH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     10/28/2010 A-07, AE-II, FF SECTOR - 37 FARIDABAD Haryana 121003
 1783 U65992HR2010PTC041481           MANOHAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        11/3/2010 L-4/21, DLF, PHASE-II     GURGAON Haryana 122002
                                      STREAK CHITFUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               139, ASHOKA ENCLAVE -I, IIND FLOOR, SECTOR-34
 1784 U65992HR2010PTC041655                                                                                12/3/2010 FARIDABAD Haryana 121001
                                      SKS CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  184,2ND FLOOR, ROOM NO. 13 JHARIA MARIA GARHI NEW
 1785 U65992DL2010PTC211761                                                                               12/27/2010 DELHI Delhi 110065
                                      SSG CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      158, BASEMENT SECTOR- 9, HUDA MARKET FARIDABAD
 1786 U65992HR2010PTC041754                                                                               12/29/2010 Haryana 121006
                                      ONN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      N-5/11, DLF CITY PHASE-II, GURGAON,         GURGAON Haryana
 1787 U65992HR2011PTC041792                                                                                 1/3/2011 122002
                                      P S CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  D - 168, GALI NO. - 6, SHASTRI NAGAR PALLA NO. - 01, SARAI
 1788 U65992HR2011PTC041940                                                                                1/21/2011 KHWAJA FARIDABAD Haryana 121002
 1789 U65992HR2011PTC042001           JAIMAAKOSH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      2/2/2011 C-222 MIANWALI COLONY GURGAON Haryana 122001
 1790 U65992HR2011PTC042147           MANNAT CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                     2/18/2011 D/121/8 NEW COLONY          PALWAL Haryana 121102
                                      SHIRIN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   2144 MIE Part B Urban Estate Bahadur Garh Haryana 124507
 1791 U65992HR2011PTC042210                                                                                2/24/2011
 1792 U65992HR2011PTC042259           JAI SANMATI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     3/1/2011 House No. 1101-P, Sec-46, GURGAON Haryana 122001
                                      KSL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      HOUSE NO. 20, GALI NO. 2, SHYAM COLONY, PART-I,
 1793 U65992HR2011PTC042306                                                                                 3/7/2011 SEHATPUR EXTN. FARIDABAD Haryana 121003
 1794 U65992HR2011PTC042339           BANSHIDHAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      3/8/2011 HOUSE NO 371, SECTOR 10 A GURGAON Haryana 122001
 1795 U65992HR2011PTC042364           JAI MATA DI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                3/10/2011 527, B-6 PRATAP MOHALLA ROHTAK Haryana 124001
                                      SHREE BRIJESHWARI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                    L-292, GALI NO.- 4, SANGAM VIHAR NEW DELHI Delhi 110062
 1796 U65992DL2011PTC215702                                                                                3/11/2011
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      COBB CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     H.NO. 93, BLOCK-5 , UPPAL'S SOUTHEND, SOHNA ROAD
                                                                                                                     VILLAGE FAZILPUR JHARSA AND GHASOLA GURGAON
 1797 U65992HR2011PTC042549                                                                                3/28/2011 Haryana 122101
                                      AMRUTHADHARA CHITS AND FINANCE PRIVATE                                         C/21/213, CIVIL LINES ROAD, TRICHUR Kerala
 1798   U65992KL1901PTC003541         LIMITED                                                               1/1/1901
 1799   U65992KL1901PTC002586         LOUIS CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      1/1/1901 NORTH RAILWAY STATION ROAD         COCHIN Kerala 682018
 1800   U65992KL1901PTC001826         DIG VIJAYA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                 1/1/1901 PATTAMBI ROAD        KUNNAMKULAM Kerala 680503
 1801   U65992KL1901PTC000533         KANDASSANKADAVU KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                1/1/1901 KANDASANKADAVU KERALA          Kerala
                                      THE DHARMMODYAM COMPANY                                                        DHARMODAYAM BUILDINGSXXVI/602 THE ROUND EAST
 1802 U65992KL1919NPL000306                                                                                1/25/1919 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      GURUVIJAYA KURI COMPANY LIMITED                                                35/1458 P B NO 199GURUVIJAYA TOWER PALIYAM ROAD
 1803 U65992KL1921PLC000176                                                                                 4/2/1921 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      THE PARISH CHIT CO LTD                                                         PARISH BUILDING MAIN ROAD, CHERPU THRISSUR Kerala
 1804 U65992KL1926PLC000848                                                                               10/16/1926 680561
                                      KSHEMAVILASAM KURI COMPANY LTD                                                 BISHOP MONACHARYBLDG NO XXIV/976 ROUND SOUTH
 1805 U65992KL1927PLC000527                                                                                9/23/1927 TRICHUR Kerala 680001
 1806 U65992KL1928NPL000117           BHAGYODAYAM COMPANY                                                  1/16/1928 CHATHIATHPACHALAM COCHIN 12 ERNAKULAM Kerala
 1807 U65992KL1928PLC000855           THE PUBLIC FUND LTD                                                   6/6/1928 PUDUKAD THRISSUR THRISSUR Kerala 680301
                                      THE TRADING AND CHIT FUNDS COMPANY LIMITED                                     NAYARAMBALAM, VYPEEN-MUNAMBAM ROAD ERNAKULAM
 1808 U65992KL1928PLC000190                                                                                11/9/1928 Kerala 682509
 1809 U65992KL1928PLC000635           OLLUR LITTLE FLOWER KURIES LIMITED                                  11/19/1928 OLLUR P.O. THRISSUR THRISSUR Kerala 680306
 1810 U65992KL1929PLC000193           THE SYNDICATE CHIT FUNDS LTD                                          4/6/1929 TANAIRIJALAKUDA       TRICHUR Kerala 680121
                                      VIJAYALAKSHMI KURIES AND TRADES PVT LTD                                        MAIN ROADDOOR NO VI/3 NORTH PARUR ERNAKULAM
 1811   U65992KL1929PTC001294                                                                              9/12/1929 Kerala 683513
 1812   U65992KL1929PLC000191         CATHOLIC UNION CHITTIES LTD                                         11/19/1929 BUILDING NO 754 11MALA       TRICHUR Kerala 680732
 1813   U65992KL1931NPL000310         THE DHARMAPOSHANA COMPANY                                             1/8/1931 12/131MAIN ROAD IRINJALAKUDA TRICHUR Kerala 680121
 1814   U65992KL1932PLC000123         TRICHUR KURI SYNDICATE LTD                                           3/17/1932 XXV/126HIGH ROAD       TRICHUR Kerala 680001
 1815   U65992KL1932PLC000202         POPULAR KURIES LTD                                                   4/22/1932 High Road THRISSUR THRISSUR Kerala 680001
 1816   U65992KL1933PLC000835         ORIENTAL KURIES LTD                                                  8/19/1933 ROUND SOUTH THRISSUR THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      MAR APPRAEM KURI CO LTD                                                        TC.IX/576/53-55, SAKTHAN ARCADE TUDA SHOPPING
 1817 U65992KL1934PLC000686                                                                                2/27/1934 COMPLEX, SAKTHAN NAGAR THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      THE SUBURBAN CHIT FUNDS PVT LTD                                                RAMA VARMA BLDGROUND WEST            THRISSUR Kerala
 1818 U65992KL1934PTC001033                                                                                11/5/1934 680001
 1819 U65992KL1935PLC000025           THE ASSYRIAN CHARITIES KURI LTD                                      6/22/1935 Rice Bazar    TRICHUR Kerala 680001
 1820 U65992KL1936PLC000206           COCHIN KURIES LTD                                                    6/13/1936 XXX/1403 ROUND SOUTH TRICHUR Kerala 680001
                                      THE EMPLOYEES KURIES LTD                                                       EMPLOYEES BUILDINGERINJERY ANGADY ERINJERY ANGADY
 1821 U65992KL1936PLC000331                                                                               11/19/1936 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
 1822 U65992KL1937PLC001042           THE SAVINGS TRUST LTD                                                5/21/1937 76GIRI NAGAR       ERNAKULAM Kerala 682020
                                      TRIVANDRUM CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                           TC-15/1459, LALBHAG ROAD DPI JUNCTION, JAGATHY,
 1823 U65992KL1938PTC001177                                                                                1/18/1938 THYCAUD P.O. TRIVANDRUM Kerala 695014
 1824 U65992KL1943PLC000223           THE COCHIN COMMERICIAL SYNDICATE LTD                                 6/16/1943 TANAIRIJALAKKUDA        TRICHUR Kerala 680121
                                      LAKSHMI CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             T.C.648(23/1594) M.G.ROAD, PUTHENCHANTHAI, TRIVNDRUM
 1825   U65992KL1947PTC000642                                                                              3/11/1947 Kerala
 1826   U65992KL1949PTC000432         HINDUSTAN CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                10/20/1949 PALACE ROAD        ALLEPPEY Kerala
 1827   U65992KL1952PTC001534         MALLIKA CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                     1/9/1952 10/331, PALAYAM ROAD, CALICUT. Kerala
 1828   U65992KL1954PLC000324         THE DAMIEN SUBSIDIES AND KURIES LTD                                  2/25/1954 HIGH ROAD       TRICHUR Kerala 680001
 1829   U65992KL1955PTC000109         ALLEPPEY CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                   4/22/1955 ALLEPPEY       KERALA Kerala
                                      THE BHARAT CORPORATION KUNNAMKULAM PVT                                         14/406 PARAYILPATTAMBI ROAD KUNNAMKULAM TRICHUR
 1830 U65992KL1955PTC000158           LTD                                                                  6/30/1955 Kerala 680503
                                      MOOTHAKUNNAM INDUSTRIES PVT LTD                                                BLDG NO VP V/115MOTHAKUNNAM N PARAVUR ERNAKULAM
 1831 U65992KL1956PTC000770                                                                                3/28/1956 Kerala
                                      SUDARSAN TRADING CO LTD                                                        SUDARSAN BLDGCHAKKORATHUKULAM
 1832 U65992KL1959PLC001839                                                                                7/30/1959 CHAKKORATHUKULAM CALICUT Kerala 673011
                                      MANNARGHAT CHIT AND INVESTMENTS PRIVATE                                        THANDAVAN'S BLDG MAIN ROAD MANNARGHAT Kerala
 1833 U65992KL1960PTC001881           LIMITED                                                               9/1/1960
                                      THE NEW TRICHUR CO PVT LTD                                                     NEW TRICHUR TOWERS, KANDASSANKADAVU TRICHUR
 1834 U65992KL1960PTC001893                                                                                11/2/1960 Kerala 680613
                                      OLLUKARA WELFARE CO PVT LTD                                                    HOUSE NO 48MANNUTHY OLLUKARA TRICHUR Kerala
 1835   U65992KL1961PTC001911                                                                              3/15/1961 680651
 1836   U65992KL1961PTC001925         SERVICE CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                   5/16/1961 T C 20/974 PUTHENCHANTHAI TRIVANDRUM Kerala
 1837   U65992KL1962PTC001965         BINDIA FUNDS PVT LTD                                                 2/20/1962 XX/44PULIMOOD JUNCTION        KOTTAYAM Kerala 686001
 1838   U65992KL1964PLC002056         KURIS AND TRADES LTD                                                 3/26/1964 XVI/26MARKET ROAD COCHIN ERNAKULAM Kerala 682035
                                      SENIOR TRADERS KURIES PVT.LTD.                                                 D/NO 269KOTTEKAD ANGADI P O KUTTUR TRICHUR Kerala
 1839 U65992KL1964PTC002071                                                                                10/7/1964 680013
                                      BHARATHAKSHEMAM                                                                BHARATHAKSHEMAM BUILDINGSST THOMAS COLLEGE ROAD
 1840 U65992KL1965NPL002119                                                                               11/20/1965 EAST FORT THRISSUR Kerala 680005
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      ARANATTUKARA KURIES LTD                                                        S KUMAR SHOPPING COMPLEXM G ROAD           TRICHUR Kerala
 1841 U65992KL1966PLC000173                                                                                7/13/1966 680001
 1842 U65992KL1966PTC002131           KERALA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                        8/17/1966 ALWAYE KERALA        Kerala
                                      NEW GOTHURUTHY EDUCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL                                          C P N 90/XGOTHURUTHY P O GOTHURUTHY P O
 1843 U65992KL1967NPL002132           COMPANY LTD                                                          1/27/1967 ERNAKULAM Kerala 683523
                                      UNITED COMMERCIAL CHIT FUNDS PVT LTD                                           HOUSE NO 334GURUDARSHAN BUILDINGS NORTH PARAVUR
 1844 U65992KL1967PTC002150                                                                                 9/1/1967 ERNAKULAM Kerala 683513
                                      ANGAMALY CHITTY FUND PVT LTD                                                   BIDG NO 559/A WARD NO 5ANGAMALLY         ERNAKULAM
 1845 U65992KL1967PTC002161                                                                               12/20/1967 Kerala 683572
 1846 U65992KL1968PTC002182           ALLIED CHIT SYNDICATE PRIVATE LIMITED                                6/28/1968 ALLIED JUNCTION, CHIRATTAPALAM, COCHIN-1 Kerala
 1847 U65992KL1968PTC002198           WANDOOR JUPITER CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                11/2/1968 MALAPPURAM KERALA          Kerala
                                      LITTLE FLOWER KURIES AND ENTERPRISES LTD                                       1/1924 KUNNUMPURAMPOST BOX NO 19 COCHIN
 1848   U65992KL1969PLC002206                                                                               1/4/1969 ERNAKULAM Kerala 682001
 1849   U65992KL1969PTC002230         HAREESREE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       6/4/1969 KAILAS BUILDING COURT ROAD PALGHAT Kerala
 1850   U65992KL1969PTC002233         MODERN CHIT AND BENEFITS PRIVATE LIMITED                             7/16/1969 AMULIA BUILDINGS BANERJI ROAD COCHIN Kerala 682018
 1851   U65992KL1970PLC002276         KSHEMODAYAM KURIES LTD                                               4/22/1970 X/90RICE BAZAR      TRICHUR Kerala 680001
                                      KERALODAYAM KURIES PVT LTD                                                     LAMEX ARCADE BUILDINGP O ROAD          TRICHUR Kerala
 1852 U65992KL1970PTC002305                                                                                9/28/1970 680001
                                      MANNUTHY CHIT FUNDS CO PVT LTD                                                 VII/190 OLLUKKARA PANCHAYETOLLUKKARA VILLAGE P O
 1853 U65992KL1970PTC002315                                                                               11/19/1970 MANNUTHY TRICHUR Kerala 680651
 1854 U65992KL1971PTC002343           CHANDINI CHITS PVT LTD                                                4/8/1971 524/VII, ERIYAD, KODUNGALLURTRICHUR DISTT        Kerala
                                      NEW KERALA CHITS AND TRADES PRIVATE LIMITED                                    MC NO. 516, ANDAMUKKAM WARD SOUTHERN SIDE OF
 1855 U65992KL1971PTC002370                                                                                8/30/1971 PAIKADA ROAD KOLLAM Kerala
                                      GOSRI CHIT FUNDS PVT LTD                                                       DOOR No.41/3646 C, PROVIDENCE PLAZA PROVIDENCE ROAD
 1856 U65992KL1972PTC002408                                                                                3/15/1972 COCHIN Kerala 682018
 1857 U65992KL1972PTC002440           COMMUNITY CHIT FUNDS PVT LTD                                         8/11/1972 58/985BANERJI ROAD       ERNAKULAM Kerala 682018
 1858 U65992KL1972PTC002394           BHARATHODAYAM KURIES PVT LTD                                        10/19/1972 XXV/910RICE BAZAR       TRICHUR Kerala 680001
                                      SUDARSAN CHITS INDIA LIMITED                                                   SUDARSAN BUILDING CHAKKORATHUKULAM CALICUT
 1859 U65992KL1973PLC002481                                                                                2/19/1973 Kerala 673011
                                      KERALAVIJAYA LOANS AND CHITTIES PVT LTD                                        PAULS BUILDINGIST FLOOR HIGH ROAD TRICHUR Kerala
 1860 U65992KL1973PTC002523                                                                                9/24/1973 680001
                                      THE AMALA CHARITIES PVT LTD                                                    0IV/179 PT USHA ROADNEAR 4THN RLY GATE        CALICUT
 1861 U65992KL1974PTC002600                                                                                4/18/1974 Kerala 673001
                                      JANAKSHEMAM KURIES PVT LTD                                                     KUTTANCHERRY PORINCHU JOHNBUILDINGS HIGH ROAD
 1862 U65992KL1975PTC002657                                                                                1/10/1975 TRICHUR Kerala 680001
                                      KERALAKSHEMAM UNIQUE KURIES PVT LTD                                            R 33MUNICIPAL BUILDING SAKTHAN THAMPURAN NAGAR
 1863 U65992KL1975PTC002692                                                                                 5/6/1975 TRICHUR Kerala 680001
 1864 U65992KL1975PTC002697           THE CHALDEAN SYRIAN KURIES PVT LTD                                    6/4/1975 Door No.XXVI/932 Rice Bazar THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      THECHALAKUDY FINANCE KURI CO PVT LTD                                           XIII/20K MAIN ROADCHALAKUDY        THRISSUR Kerala 680307
 1865 U65992KL1978PTC002962                                                                                2/22/1978
 1866 U65992KL1978PTC002963           COSMOS CHITTIES PVT LTD                                              2/25/1978 COSMOS BUILDINGMANNUTHY           TRICHUR Kerala 680651
 1867 U65992KL1978PLC003006           NAVODHAYA KURIES AND LOANS LTD                                       9/18/1978 POST OFFICE ROAD THRISSUR THRISSUR Kerala 680301
                                      JANASAKTHI LOANS AND CHITTIES PVT LTD                                          BLDG NO 25/1244/15CHETTUPUZHA BLDG KURUPPAM ROAD
 1868 U65992KL1978PTC003028                                                                               12/18/1978 TRICHUR Kerala 680001
 1869 U65992KL1979PTC003034           MAYILVAHANAM FUNDS PVT LTD                                           1/11/1979 P B NO 8SHORNUR        PALAKKAD Kerala 679121
                                      SAKTHI CHITTIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                              BUILDING NO. XII/460VELIYANNAR ROAD, TRICHUR.       Kerala
 1870 U65992KL1979PTC003091                                                                                8/10/1979
                                      MINERVA KURIES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                           MUNICIPAL SHOPPINGCOMPLEX IRINJALAKUDA TRICHUR
 1871 U65992KL1979PTC003113                                                                               10/29/1979 Kerala 680125
 1872 U65992KL1979PTC003124           PEOPLES KURIES PVT LTD                                              11/21/1979 III 427 PARIYARAMCHALAKUDY        TRICHUR Kerala 680721
                                      UNITED KURIES PVT LTD                                                          NEAR VYAPARA BHAVANMAIN ROAD CHALAKUDY TRISSUR
 1873 U65992KL1979PTC003132                                                                               12/18/1979 Kerala 680307
                                      MERCHANTS WELFARE KURIES AND LOANS P LTD                                       NIRMALA ENTEPRISESBUILDING RICE BAZAR TRICHUR
 1874 U65992KL1979PTC003136                                                                               12/27/1979 Kerala 680001
 1875 U65992KL1980PTC003151           ALLIED KURIS PVT LTD                                                 2/21/1980 EAST FORT THRISSUR THRISSUR Kerala 680005
                                      ERNAKULAM FINANCIERS AND KURIES PVT LTD                                        T D ROAD P B NO 3538COCHIN        ERNAKULAM Kerala 682035
 1876 U65992KL1980PTC003153                                                                                2/21/1980
                                      VIJAYA KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LTD                                            "VIJAYA TOWERS" ST. THOMAS COLLEGE ROAD THRISSUR
 1877 U65992KL1980PTC003159                                                                                2/29/1980 Kerala 680001
                                      SWARAJ KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  SWARAJ CORNER, EASTERN BAZAR TRICHUR Kerala
 1878 U65992KL1980PTC003183                                                                                 4/8/1980 680001
 1879 U65992KL1980PTC003191           CHERUPUSHPAM KURIES OLARIKKARA PVT LTD                               5/15/1980 PULLAZHI P OTHRISSUR        THRISSUR Kerala 680012
                                      UNITED INDIA CHITTIES PVT LTD                                                  AISWARYA BHAVANNEW CHURCH ROAD            TRICHUR Kerala
 1880 U65992KL1980PTC003208                                                                                 6/6/1980 680001
                                      ASSOCIATED KURIES PVT LTD                                                      AYSWARYA BHAWANNEW CHURCH ROAD             TRICHUR Kerala
 1881 U65992KL1980PTC003210                                                                                6/13/1980 680001
 1882 U65992KL1980PTC003212           SAMPANNA KURIES PVT LTD                                              6/28/1980 XXV/1129HIGH ROAD       TRICHUR Kerala 680001
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      WELFARE KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                               X/4/14 VIMALA BUILDINGRICE BAZAR          TRICHUR Kerala
 1883 U65992KL1980PTC003224                                                                                7/23/1980 680001
                                      IRINJALAKUDA KURIES AND FINANCES PVT LTD                                       NEAR MUNCIPAL BUS STANDIRINJALAKUDA              THRISSUR
 1884 U65992KL1980PTC003239                                                                                 9/4/1980 Kerala 680121
                                      PATRIOT KURIES PVT LTD                                                         DOOR NO V/96CHAKKITHRA ROAD P O NHAMANMGHAT
 1885 U65992KL1980PTC003249                                                                                10/3/1980 THRISSUR Kerala 679563
                                      KALINGA CHIT FUNDS PVT LTD                                                     KIZHAKKEPEEDIKA COMPLEXTANA IRINJALAKUDA
 1886 U65992KL1980PTC003252                                                                                10/9/1980 TRICHUR Kerala 680121
                                      COMMON MANS CHITTIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                         DOOR NO.X/756, ERINJERYANGADY THRISSUR Kerala
 1887 U65992KL1980PTC003253                                                                                10/9/1980 680001
                                      VIKAS FUNDS AND KURIES PVT LTD                                                 ANTHIKAD PANCHAYAT WARD NO VIBLDG NO 91 MAIN ROAD
 1888 U65992KL1980PTC003256                                                                               10/10/1980 PUTHENPEEDIKA TRICHUR Kerala 680642
 1889 U65992KL1980PTC003263           DHANAKSHEMAM KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                               11/18/1980 RICE BAZAR      TRICHUR Kerala 680001
                                      JANATHA KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                               VIII/233, PATTAMBI ROAD, KUNNAMKULAM THRISSUR Kerala
 1890 U65992KL1980PTC003275                                                                               12/20/1980 680503
 1891 U65992KL1980PTC003277           SUVARNA KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                    12/27/1980 T C 16/1775EASTERN BAZAR         THRISSUR Kerala 680001
 1892 U65992KL1980PTC003283           MAJESTIC KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                   12/31/1980 XI/107/1, HIGH ROAD, TRICHUR Kerala 680001
                                      PRAKASH KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                               MUNCIPAL BUILDING A BLOCKM O ROAD              THRISSUR
 1893 U65992KL1981PTC003305                                                                                 2/4/1981 Kerala 680001
                                      ST SEBASTIANS KURIES AND ENTERPRISES LTD                                       5/178 ELAVALLY PANCHAYATCHITTATUKARA              THRISSUR
 1894 U65992KL1981PLC003303                                                                                 2/4/1981 Kerala 680511
 1895 U65992KL1981PTC003306           BEST KURIES AND FINANCE PVT LTD                                       2/6/1981 X/1884POST OFFICE ROAD         TRICHUR Kerala 680001
                                      DON BOSCO KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               DON BOSCO BUILDINGRICE BAZAR            THRISUR Kerala 680001
 1896 U65992KL1981PTC012544                                                                                 2/6/1981
                                      ALPHA KURIES AND FINANCE PVT LTD                                               JAI HIND MARKET BUILDINGM O ROAD           TRICHUR Kerala
 1897 U65992KL1981PTC003310                                                                                2/21/1981 680001
 1898 U65992KL1981PTC003315           GENERAL KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                     3/12/1981 IV/105WADAKANCHERY          THRISSUR Kerala 680582
                                      PREMIER KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                               XI/386B, M.S.M Complex, Vellangallur Grama Panchayat, P O
 1899 U65992KL1981PTC003318                                                                                3/21/1981 Konathukunnu, Thrissur Kerala 680123
 1900 U65992KL1981PTC003322           DHARMAKSHEMAM KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                               3/28/1981 NO 16/1014KALLAI ROAD        CALICUT Kerala 673002
                                      MODEL KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                                 DOOR NO 25/152, HAFISA ARCADE CHETTIANGADI, THRISSUR
 1901 U65992KL1981PTC003325                                                                                3/31/1981 P O THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      SEVANA KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                                CATHEDRAL JUNCTIONIRINJALAKUDA             TRICHUR Kerala
 1902 U65992KL1981PTC003326                                                                                3/31/1981 680121
                                      PRABHAT KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                               LAMEX ARCADEPOST OFFICE ROAD             THRISSUR Kerala
 1903 U65992KL1981PTC003331                                                                                 4/8/1981 680001
                                      SANTHI CHITTIES PVT LTD                                                        JAIHIND MARKET BUILDINGM O ROAD            TRICHUR Kerala
 1904 U65992KL1981PTC003338                                                                                4/30/1981 680001
                                      RELIABLE KURIES PVT LTD                                                        WARD NO 2/632 MALA PANCHAYATVADANA VILLAGE
 1905 U65992KL1981PTC003355                                                                                6/17/1981 MUKUNDAPURAM TALUK TRICHUR Kerala 680732
                                      SUSAKTHA FINANCES AND CHITS PVT LTD                                            V/40NATIONAL HIGHWAY PUDUKAD THRISSUR Kerala
 1906 U65992KL1981PTC003362                                                                                 7/7/1981 680301
                                      BHAGYALAKSHMI KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                         10/419NIRMALA BUILDING RICE BAZAR TRICHUR 1 Kerala
 1907 U65992KL1981PTC003361                                                                                 7/7/1981 680001
                                      SUPREME KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                               ARAFA BUILDINGDSCHURCH CIRCLE             TRICHUR Kerala
 1908 U65992KL1981PTC003379                                                                                7/29/1981 680001
                                      DEVAMATHA KURIES AND FINANCES PVT LTD                                          XXV/1244/14CHETTUPUZHA BUILDING KURUPPAM ROAD
 1909 U65992KL1981PTC003386                                                                                 8/5/1981 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      ALWAYE CHITTIES AND FINANCES PVT LTD                                           PRASAD BLDGSBRIDGE ROAD DOOR NO 122 WARD VI
 1910 U65992KL1981PTC003387                                                                                 8/6/1981 ALWAYE ERNAKULAM Kerala 683101
                                      HOLY FAMILY CHITTIES AND LOANS PRIVATE                                         DOOR NO.424/12, AMBADY LANE VELIYANNUR THRISSUR-21
 1911 U65992KL1981PTC003395           LIMITED                                                              8/18/1981 Kerala
 1912 U65992KL1981PTC003401           PUTHUR KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                      8/27/1981 PUTHUR PUTHUR PO TRICHUR Kerala 680014
                                      SATHYADEEPAM KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                          1st FLOOR,DEVAMATHA TOWERS ST.THOMAS COLLEGE ROAD
 1913 U65992KL1981PTC003410                                                                                 9/5/1981 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      BHARATHAMATA KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                          BHARATHAMATHA BUILDINGCHERUTHURUTHY                  TRICHUR
 1914 U65992KL1981PTC003417                                                                                9/23/1981 Kerala 679531
                                      BRIGHT KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                                BRIGHT TOWERSST THOMAS COLLEGE ROAD                THRISSUR
 1915 U65992KL1981PTC003422                                                                                9/30/1981 Kerala 680001
                                      QUEENS KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                                26/1025 5 QUEENS TOWERSPALAKKAL ANGADI              THRISSUR
 1916 U65992KL1981PTC003438                                                                               10/28/1981 Kerala
                                      MAITHRI CHITS AND FINANCE PVT LTD                                              V/133 ALAGAPPA NAGARMAITHRI BUILDINGS             TRICHUR
 1917 U65992KL1981PTC003436                                                                               10/28/1981 Kerala 680302
                                      THALOR CHIT FUNDS AND FINANCES PVT LTD                                         I/634, AISWARYA COMPLEX THALORE THRISSUR DISTRICT
 1918 U65992KL1981PTC003441                                                                               10/31/1981 Kerala 680306
                                      AYYANTHOE KURIES (P) LTD                                                       211, WARD NO 6 PUZHAKKAL ROADAYYANTHOLE
 1919 U65992KL1981PTC003448                                                                                11/9/1981 PANCHAYATH BANGALORE - 560 060. Kerala
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      LOKHAMATHA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              XXVI/603/10VIMALA BUILDING RICE BAZAR TRICHUR Kerala
 1920 U65992KL1981PTC003451                                                                               11/10/1981 680001
                                      PRIYADHARSINI KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           VI/299 PRIYADARSINI BLDGMAIN ROAD IRINJALAKUDA
 1921 U65992KL1981PTC003450                                                                               11/10/1981 THRISSUR Kerala 680121
                                      LOANS AND KURIES OLLUR PVT LTD                                                 13/256OLLUR PANCHYAT OPP INDUSTRIAL ESTSATE
 1922 U65992KL1981PTC003457                                                                               11/24/1981 TRICHUR Kerala 680306
                                      RONIA KURIES AND MONEY LENDERS PVT LTD                                         REVENUE OFFICE LANE, NADA IRINJALAKUDA THRISSUR
 1923 U65992KL1981PTC003458                                                                               11/26/1981 Kerala 680121
                                      BLAZE KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                                 BLAZE COURTMAIN ROAD IRINJALAKUDA THRISSUR Kerala
 1924 U65992KL1981PTC003465                                                                                12/5/1981 680121
                                      JOWILL KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                                V/133 COURT VIEW MAIN ROADIRINJALAKUDA       TRICHUR
 1925 U65992KL1981PTC003464                                                                                12/5/1981 Kerala 680121
                                      SOUTHERN KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                              NO VI/448VATANAPALLY PANCHAYAL TRICHUR Kerala
 1926 U65992KL1981PTC003467                                                                                12/7/1981 680614
 1927 U65992KL1981PTC003472           THE RURAL KURIES PVT LTD                                            12/11/1981 EASTERN BAZAAR18/1785      TRICHUR Kerala 680001
                                      MAVELI KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                                ARFA BUILDINGS,NEW CHURCH ROAD, TRICHUR - 680 001.
 1928 U65992KL1981PTC003471                                                                               12/11/1981 Kerala
                                      PRINCE KURIES PVT LTD                                                          XXV/1037, PRINCE BLOCKBUILDING HIGH ROAD, TRICHUR PIN -
 1929 U65992KL1981PTC003477                                                                               12/16/1981 680 001     Kerala
                                      SANJO CHITS AND LOANS PVT LTD                                                  SANJO CORNERPAVARATTY P O        TRICHUR Kerala 680507
 1930 U65992KL1982PTC003482                                                                                 1/6/1982
                                      DHANASAKTHI CHITTIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                         DHANASAKTHI BUILDINGSKANJANY P O       TRICHUR Kerala
 1931 U65992KL1982PTC003493                                                                                1/18/1982 680612
                                      CHERPU KURIES AND LOANS P LTD                                                  5/637 APERUMPILLISSERRY CHERPU TRICHUR Kerala
 1932 U65992KL1982PTC003494                                                                                1/18/1982 680561
                                      AMBAL CHITTIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                               PATHAN'S BUILDING, ROUND SOUTH TRICHUR Kerala
 1933 U65992KL1982PTC003497                                                                                1/27/1982 680001
                                      JANMABHOOMI CHITS LIMITED                                                      TC 18/75KRP LODGE POST OFFICE ROAD TRICHUR Kerala
 1934 U65992KL1982PLC003500                                                                                 2/3/1982 680001
                                      MUVATTUPUZHA KURIES PVT LTD                                                    MUVATTUPUZHA ORCHIDS, ARAKUZHA ROAD,
 1935 U65992KL1982PTC003503                                                                                 2/8/1982 MUVATTUPUZHA, MUVATTUPUZHA Kerala 686661
                                      PRAMUGA KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                               OMEGA COMPLEXKURUPPAM ROAD          TRICHUR Kerala
 1936 U65992KL1982PTC003507                                                                                2/11/1982 680001
 1937 U65992KL1982PTC003509           NOBLE KURIES AND HIRE PURCHASE CO PVT LTD                            2/16/1982 NOBLE BUILDINGRICE BAZAR      TRICHUR Kerala 680001
                                      ANGEL KURI COMPANY KERALA LIMITED                                              PANCHAYATH SHOPPING CNETRER S ROAD OLLUR
 1938 U65992KL1982PLC003516                                                                                2/27/1982 THRISSUR Kerala 680306
                                      IMMACULATE KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                            DHARMAPOSHANA CO BUILDINGMAIN ROAD IRINJALAKUDA
 1939 U65992KL1982PTC003521                                                                                3/16/1982 THRISSUR Kerala 680121
 1940 U65992KL1982PTC003545           THARAMGINI KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                   5/6/1982 21/174, CIVIL LANE ROAD, TRICHUR Kerala 680004
                                      THRIPTHI KURIES AND FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED                                    HALL NO 4MANNACHIRA MUNICIPAL COMPLEX PALAKKAD
 1941 U65992KL1982PTC003550                                                                                5/31/1982 Kerala 678014
                                      SURYAVILASOM KURIES AND LOANS P LTD                                            T C 31/547KOORKANCHERRY PANCHATATH BUILDING
 1942 U65992KL1982PTC003553                                                                                 6/3/1982 KANIMANGALAM THRISSUR Kerala
                                      KSHEMANIDHI KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                           KSHEMANIDHI KURIES & LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED EASTEND
 1943 U65992KL1982PTC003559                                                                                6/19/1982 PLAZA, RICE BAZAR THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      KALLUR CHITS AND FINANCE PVT LTD                                               KULLUR CHITS BUILDING IX/229PALAKKAPARAMBU KALLUR
 1944 U65992KL1982PTC003565                                                                                6/22/1982 TRICHUR Kerala 680317
                                      SOVEREIGN CHITS PVT LTD                                                        METRO BAZZARMARKET ROAD        PALAKKAD Kerala 678014
 1945 U65992KL1982PTC003568                                                                                6/26/1982
                                      VYLATHUR KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                              VYLATHUR NAYARANGADINHAMANANGHAT P O           THRISSUR
 1946 U65992KL1982PTC003572                                                                                 7/3/1982 Kerala 679563
                                      SURAKSHITHA KURIES PVT LTD                                                     PATHANS BUILDINGSROUND SOUTH        TRICHUR Kerala
 1947 U65992KL1982PTC003573                                                                                 7/5/1982 680001
                                      VIVITHA GASES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  VICTORY SHOPPING COMPLEXKUNNAKULAM         THRISSUR
 1948 U65992KL1982PTC003575                                                                                 7/7/1982 Kerala 680503
                                      SOUMYA KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                                DOOR NO 31 2ND FLOOR, S.T. NAGAR SHOPPING COMPLEX
 1949 U65992KL1982PTC003589                                                                                 8/2/1982 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      VADAKKUMMURI FINANCIERS AND KURIES PVT LTD                                     PUTHENPEEDIKA P OTHRISSUR       TRICHUR Kerala 680642
 1950 U65992KL1982PTC003602                                                                                8/18/1982
                                      SAUHARDHA KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                             MARIYA TOWERERIJERI ANGADI       THRISSUR Kerala 680001
 1951 U65992KL1982PTC003601                                                                                8/18/1982
                                      SANMARG KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                               10/1078 IST FLOORNEW CHURCH JUNCTION HIGH ROAD
 1952 U65992KL1982PTC003636                                                                               11/12/1982 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      VILVATTOM KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                             VI/676VILVATTOM PANCHAYAT CHEROOR P O TRICHUR
 1953 U65992KL1983PTC003688                                                                                3/24/1983 Kerala 680008
                                      GOOD SHEPHERED CHITTIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                      JAICO (FATHIMA) BUILDINGSKURUPPAM ROAD, TRICHUR.
 1954 U65992KL1983PTC003710                                                                                 5/7/1983 Kerala
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      NITYA CHAITANYA KURIES PVT LTD                                                 XIII / 801 to 804 PRIYADHARSHINI CO-OPERATIVE COMPLEX
 1955 U65992KL1983PTC003742                                                                                 7/6/1983 ATHANI Kerala 683585
                                      JAYAVIJAYA KURIES AND TRADES PVT LTD                                           P B NO 84KIZHAKKE NADA IRINJALAKUDA THRISSUR Kerala
 1956 U65992KL1983PTC003744                                                                                 7/8/1983 680121
                                      SURAG CHITTIES PVT LTD                                                         A K P BUILDINGSTANA IRINJALAKUDA THRISSUR Kerala
 1957 U65992KL1983PTC003745                                                                                7/11/1983 680125
                                      BUSINESS CHITTY FUND ASRAMOM PVT LTD                                           BUSINESS BUILDING, K C 578/XVII, BEACH ROAD, KOLLAM
 1958 U65992KL1983PTC003763                                                                                7/26/1983 Kerala 691001
                                      VYAPARA VIJAYAM CHITTIES AND LOANS KERALA                                      ADAM BAZAREASTERN RICE BAZAR              THRISSUR Kerala
 1959   U65992KL1983PTC003772         PVT LTD                                                              8/20/1983 680001
 1960   U65992KL1983PTC003775         VARAPUZHA KURIES PVT LTD                                             9/12/1983 111/35 PUTHENPALLY VARAPUZHA P O Kerala 683517
 1961   U65992KL1983PTC003777         BHASURA CHIT FUNDS PVT LTD                                           9/13/1983 COCHIN DEVASWOM BOARDBUILDING               TRICHUR Kerala
 1962   U65992KL1983PTC003784         TRISIVA KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                     9/16/1983 RICE BAZAR         TRICHUR Kerala 680001
                                      JAIHIND KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                               JAIHIND BUILDINGCHURCH CIRCLE            TRICHUR Kerala
 1963 U65992KL1983PTC003798                                                                               10/10/1983 680001
                                      ABHIMAN KURIES PVT LTD                                                         AL AMEEN SHOPPING COMPLEXTANA IRINJALAKUDA
 1964   U65992KL1983PTC003801                                                                             10/12/1983 THRISSUR Kerala 680125
 1965   U65992KL1983PTC003799         VENAD KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                      10/12/1983 288/326, PARRURAIKKALTHRISSUR-680001.           Kerala
 1966   U65992KL1983PTC003808         YUVASAKTHI KURIES PVT LTD                                           10/24/1983 RICE BAZAR THRISSUR           Kerala 680001
 1967   U65992KL1983PTC003805         OURS KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LTD                                   10/24/1983 P.O.ROAD         THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      SISCO KURIES AND LOANS LTD                                                     VICTORY SHOPPING COMPLEXVICTORY PRESS ROAD BYJU
 1968 U65992KL1983PLC003804                                                                               10/24/1983 ROAD KUNNAMKULAM TRICHUR Kerala 680503
 1969 U65992KL1983PTC003810           AMALA REAL ESTATE AND KURIES PVT LTD                                10/26/1983 KALLUR TRICHUR          Kerala 680317
                                      TRULY KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                                 XVI/275JOBS SHOPPIN COMPLEX KUNNAMKULAM THRISSUR
 1970 U65992KL1983PTC003811                                                                               10/27/1983 Kerala 680503
                                      SWADESI CHITTIES PVT LTD                                                       TC 18/1879ADAM BAZAR BUILDING EASTERN BAZAR
 1971 U65992KL1983PTC003816                                                                                11/1/1983 TRICHUR Kerala 680001
                                      WEST FORT KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                             DOOR NO 38/687, GROUND FLOOR SREES SILVER SAND
                                                                                                                     BUILDING, M G ROAD, WEST FORT THRISSUR Kerala 680004
 1972 U65992KL1983PTC003818                                                                                11/2/1983
                                      BHADRA BHARATHAM CHITTIES AND LOANS PVT                                        VIMALA BUILDINGSRICE BAZAR      TRICHUR Kerala 680001
 1973 U65992KL1983PTC003835           LTD                                                                 11/23/1983
 1974 U65992KL1983PTC003838           KOTTEKKAD KURIES PVT LTD                                            11/24/1983 KOPTTEKADKUTTUR P O       TRISSUR Kerala
                                      CHITTATTUKARA KURIES PVT LTD                                                   VADAKKOOT KOCHAPPU MEMORIALBUILDING
 1975 U65992KL1983PTC003846                                                                                12/3/1983 CHITTATTUKARA,      TRICHUR Kerala 680511
                                      MAJOR KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                                 XXV/1083NARAYANA PAZHAYA NADAKKAVU THRICHUR
 1976 U65992KL1983PTC003847                                                                                12/3/1983 Kerala 680001
                                      USHUS KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                                 XX/516/3 USHUS BUILDING, M.G. ROAD, POOTHOLE
 1977 U65992KL1983PTC003848                                                                                12/7/1983 TRICHUR Kerala 680004
                                      EVERLASTING KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                           SHOPPING COMPLEXVENKITANGU P O         TRICHUR Kerala
 1978 U65992KL1983PTC003849                                                                                12/7/1983 680510
 1979 U65992KL1983PTC003852           ST RAPHAEL CHITTIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                12/8/1983 POLICE STATION ROADOLLUR       TRICHUR Kerala 680306
                                      INSAT KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   DOOR NO XI/215KOOLIYADAN BUILDING VELLANGALLUR P O
 1980 U65992KL1983PTC003853                                                                                12/8/1983 TRICHUR Kerala 680662
                                      KURI LAND PVT LTD                                                              KURILAND TOWER, ROOM NO: XII/333/23 3RD FLOOR, MARAR
 1981 U65992KL1983PTC003857                                                                               12/14/1983 ROAD, THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      SAKTHAN KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                               X/555/1 SAKTHAN TOWERSPALLIKULAM ROAD        TRICHUR
 1982 U65992KL1983PTC003863                                                                               12/19/1983 Kerala 680001
                                      BHOOPRABHA KURIES LIMITED                                                      VICTORY SHOPPING COMPLEXBYJU ROAD KUNNAMKULAM
 1983 U65992KL1983PLC003873                                                                               12/30/1983 TRICHUR Kerala 680503
                                      SNEHABHANDHAM CHITTIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                       THIRUVONAM BUILDINGSSHORNUR ROAD          TRICHUR Kerala
 1984 U65992KL1983PTC003878                                                                               12/31/1983 680001
                                      CHILANKA CHITTIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                            THIRUVONAM BUILDINGSSHORNUR ROAD          TRICHUR Kerala
 1985 U65992KL1984PTC003890                                                                                1/24/1984 680001
                                      TOWN KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                                  P B NO 86MAIN ROAD IRINJALAKUDA P O THRISSUR Kerala
 1986 U65992KL1984PTC003897                                                                                1/25/1984 680121
 1987 U65992KL1984PTC003899           SAMRAKSHA KURIES PVT LTD                                             1/25/1984 REGAL BUILDING RICE BAZAR TRICHUR Kerala 680001
                                      BIG BEN KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                               HOUSE OF TRUST BUILDINGSP O ROAD THRISSUR KERALA
 1988 U65992KL1984PTC003910                                                                                 2/6/1984 Kerala 680001
 1989 U65992KL1984PTC003938           YUVARAJ KURIES PVT LTD                                               3/16/1984 Marar Road Thrissur THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      GLAZE CHITTIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                               BLAZE COURTMAIN ROAD IRINJALAKUDA THRISSUR Kerala
 1990 U65992KL1984PTC004010                                                                                7/20/1984 680121
 1991 U65992KL1984PTC004051           JOFAS KURIES PVT LTD                                                 9/29/1984 XXX/1369HIGH ROAD      TRICHUR Kerala 680001
                                      CHIVAS KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                                IX/397/4SAKTHAN THAMPURAN NAGAR MISSION QUARTERS
 1992 U65992KL1985PTC004162                                                                                 3/8/1985 TRICHUR Kerala 680001
                                      NANMA KURIES PVT LTD                                                           KALLUKARANN SHOPPINNG COMPLEX MARKET ROAD,
 1993 U65992KL1985PTC004250                                                                                 7/5/1985 ANGAMALY ERNAKULAM Kerala 683572
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                       REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
 1994 U65992KL1985PTC004252           GREENLAND KURIES PVT LTD                                           7/9/1985 XI/445POST OFFICE ROAD       TRICHUR Kerala 680001
 1995 U65992KL1985PTC004273           THARAKA CHITTIES AND ENTERPRISES PVT LTD                           8/7/1985 VI/126 KALLURP O MUTTITHADI       THRISSUR Kerala
                                      SUGAMYA CHITS (P) LTD                                                       2229/XLVIIIBHAGAVATHIPARAMBIL PALARIVATTOM COCHIN
 1996 U65992KL1985PTC004277                                                                             8/16/1985 ERANAKULAM Kerala 682025
                                      SREEDHANA KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                          ELUVATHINGAL BUILDINGSERINJERI ANGADI THRISSUR
 1997 U65992KL1985PTC004329                                                                             11/1/1985 Kerala 680001
                                      PAZHAMBALACODE KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE                                     1/287 THARURPAZHAMBALACODE          PALGHAT Kerala
 1998   U65992KL1985PTC004344         LTD                                                              11/20/1985
 1999   U65992KL1986PTC004396         KOMPANAL CHITTY FUNDS (P) LTD                                     1/14/1986 35/2280,KARIMPATTA ROAD,,COCHIN-16       Kerala
 2000   U65992KL1986PTC004475         ABEWDAYA CHITTIES PRIVATE LTD                                      5/2/1986 ARIMPURERAVU P O TRICHUR TRICHUR Kerala 680620
 2001   U65992KL1986PTC004518         STARWIN KURIES LOANS P LTD                                        7/14/1986 AYSWARYA BHAVANN C ROAD          TRICHUR Kerala 680001
                                      MARY MATHA KURIES PVT LTD                                                   VIMAL BUILDINGERINJERI ANGADI       TRICHUR Kerala 680001
 2002 U65992KL1986PTC004523                                                                             7/16/1986
                                      JAYANTHI CHIT FUNDS P LTD                                                   YMCA SHOPPINNG COMPLEXYMCA ROAD KOZHIKODE
 2003 U65992KL1986PTC004545                                                                             8/22/1986 KOZHIKODE Kerala 673001
                                      DHANIYA KURIES LTD                                                          IX/267F, NEAR R C CHURCH PAVARATTY PANCHAYATH
 2004 U65992KL1986PLC004607                                                                            11/21/1986 THRISSUR Kerala 680507
                                      EAST INDIA CHITTIES AND FINANCE COMPANY LTD                                 EAST INDIA BUILDINGPERUMBILLISSERY CHERPU POST
 2005 U65992KL1986PLC004610                                                                            11/26/1986 KERALA Kerala 680561
                                      NEETHI KURIES P LTD                                                         MADAPARAMBIL CHAMBERST B JUNCTION MUVATUPUZHA P O
 2006 U65992KL1987PTC004721                                                                             3/12/1987 ERNAKULAM Kerala 686661
                                      RADHAKRISHNA KURIES P LTD                                                   XIII/203WEST NADA GURUVAYOOR TRICHUR Kerala 680101
 2007 U65992KL1987PTC004728                                                                             3/25/1987
                                      AVITTAM KURIES AND LOANS P LTD                                              BYJU ROADPOST KUNNAMKULAM           TRICHUR Kerala 680503
 2008 U65992KL1987PTC004793                                                                              6/8/1987
                                      ALL SEASONS CHITS AND INVESTMENTS PVT LTD                                   38/1500, JEW STREET, PULLEPADYCOCHIN-31         Kerala
 2009 U65992KL1988PTC004980                                                                             2/23/1988
                                      AYYAPPANKAVU CHITTIES P LTD                                                 XLII/321 KIV BUILDINGS CHITTORROAD AYYAPPANKAVA
 2010 U65992KL1988PTC005015                                                                             3/30/1988 ERNAKULAM Kerala 682018
                                      BENHUR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                XLI/1636MASS BUILDINGS ERNAKULAM NORTH
 2011 U65992KL1988PTC005150                                                                             8/24/1988 ERANAKULAM Kerala 682018
                                      NADUVILAL KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            NO.25, 1031/2 SREESYLAM TOWER, M.G. ROAD THRISSUR
 2012 U65992KL1988PTC005176                                                                             9/15/1988 Kerala 680001
                                      EDAMUTTAM LOANS AND KURIES PVT LTD                                          X/53 EDAMUTTAM CENTREEDAMUTTAM           TRICHUR Kerala
 2013 U65992KL1988PTC005226                                                                            11/11/1988 680568
                                      AKSHARA KURIES PVT LTD                                                      2 ND FLOOR OORAKATHBUILDINGS ALWAYE ERNAMKULAM
 2014 U65992KL1989PTC005267                                                                              1/2/1989 Kerala 683101
                                      ARIAN KURIES AND LOANS P LTD                                                ROOM NO.13/418/2 CONVENT ROAD, CHIYYARAM THRISSUR
 2015 U65992KL1989PTC005296                                                                              2/7/1989 Kerala 680026
 2016 U65992KL1989PTC005537           MIDDLESTATE KURIES AND PVT LTD                                    3/31/1989 96JAIHIND MARKET BUILDING C BLOCK THRISSUR Kerala
                                      SYMPHONY CHIT FUNDS (P) LTD.                                                BUILDING NO. MMC-V/127,M.M.C.MARKET P.O.,
 2017 U65992KL1989PTC005386                                                                             5/22/1989 MUVATTUPUZHA, PIN--686 673. Kerala
                                      SREE BHAVITA KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                       ORISON COMPLEXWADAKKANCHERRY ROAD
 2018 U65992KL1989PTC005456                                                                             8/23/1989 KUNNAMKULAM Kerala 680503
                                      CHEMISTS DRUG MANUFACTURING AND CHIT                                        382/E CMC 23SOUTH BAZAR CHERTHALA ALLEPPEY Kerala
 2019 U65992KL1989PTC005482           COMPANY PVT LTD                                                   9/21/1989 688524
                                      ARK CHIT FUNDS PVT LTD                                                      291/C ANANTHAPURI COMPLEXT B JUNCTION
 2020 U65992KL1989PTC005488                                                                             9/25/1989 MUVATTUPUZHA ERNAKULAM Kerala 686661
                                      CHORUS KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                             V/426 CHORUS BUILDINGGURUVAYOOR ROAD
 2021 U65992KL1989PTC005532                                                                            11/17/1989 KUNNAMKULAM TRICHUR Kerala 680503
                                      ST ANTONY S SAMUDAYAM KURIES LIMITED                                        C/2067REGAL BUILDING PALACKAL ANGADI THRISSUR
 2022 U65992KL1990PLC005574                                                                              1/3/1990 Kerala 680001
                                      DHANASREE CHITTIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                        NO 60UNITY BUILDINGS MANNADIAR LANE TRICHUR Kerala
 2023 U65992KL1990PTC005587                                                                             1/12/1990 680001
                                      OLARIKKARA KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                         VIII/28 OLARIKARA PULLAZHIP O TRICHUR      TRICHUR Kerala
 2024 U65992KL1990PTC005593                                                                             1/18/1990 680012
                                      CONCORD KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                            IV/250TOWN HALL ROAD KUNNAMKULAM TRICHUR Kerala
 2025 U65992KL1990PTC005622                                                                              2/8/1990 680503
                                      VAIKOM KURIES PVT LTD                                                       KOCHUKAVALA, BUS STAND ROAD, VAIKOM KOTTAYAM
 2026 U65992KL1990PTC005647                                                                              3/1/1990 Kerala 686141
                                      ACUMEN KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                             42UNITY BUILDINGS MANNADIAR LANE THRISSHUR Kerala
 2027 U65992KL1990PTC005659                                                                             3/26/1990 680001
 2028 U65992KL1990PTC005665           JAYAPRAKASH KURIES PVT LTD                                         4/2/1990 26/749RICE BAZAR      TRICHUR Kerala 680001
 2029 U65992KL1990PTC005740           WINWELL CHITTIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                7/10/1990 7/369 BEACH ROADVADANAPPILLY         TRICHUR Kerala
                                      FAIR KURIES INDIA LIMITED                                                   10/52/19A, EASTEND PLAZA BUILDING (2ND FLOOR) RICE
 2030 U65992KL1990PLC005760                                                                             7/27/1990 BAZAR THRISSUR Kerala 680001
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      PULLAZHY KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                              PULLAZHY KURIES AND LOANSPVT LTD OLARIKKARA
 2031 U65992KL1990PTC005869                                                                               11/27/1990 TRISSUR Kerala 680012
 2032 U65992KL1990PTC005882           HUMAN WELFARE KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                               12/3/1990 S N G S BUILDINGP O KANJANY      TRICHUR Kerala 680612
                                      YOGAKSHEMAM KURIES AND LOANS LTD                                               YOGAKSHEMAM APARTMENTKALLINGAL LANE
 2033 U65992KL1991PLC005965                                                                                2/13/1991 THIRUVAMBADY THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      HEMAMBIKA CHITTIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                           31/361 ENNAKOTTIL STREET BIG BAZAR PALGHAT Kerala
 2034 U65992KL1991PTC005972                                                                                2/18/1991 678014
                                      KERALA JANATHA FINANCE AND KURIES PRIVATE                                      C/O C.T DAVIS CHELAPADAN HOUSE,FATHIMA NAGAR
 2035 U65992KL1991PTC006041           LIMITED                                                              4/22/1991 THRISSUR Kerala 680005
                                      TELFIN KURIES LOANS AND INVESTMENTS PRIVATE                                    XII 605 KUNNATHUTELLICHERRY      KANNUR Kerala 670101
 2036 U65992KL1991PTC006233           LIMITED                                                             10/25/1991
                                      WEST LAND FINANCE AND CHIT FUNDS PVT LTD                                       KUZHUPPILYAYYAMPILLY P O       ERNAKULAM Kerala 682501
 2037 U65992KL1991PTC006241                                                                                11/1/1991
                                      SANGAMAM CHITTIES AND HIRE PURCHASE PVT                                        XVIII/1443CHURCH CIRCLE     TRICHUR Kerala 680001
 2038 U65992KL1991PTC006278           LTD                                                                 11/22/1991
 2039 U65992KL1991PTC006293           CARMEL KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                     11/28/1991 50/1000EDAPPALLY P O     ERNAKULAM Kerala 682024
                                      MYTHRI CHITTIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                              POST OFFICE BUILDINGVADANAPILLY P O      THRISSUR Kerala
 2040 U65992KL1992PTC006356                                                                                1/17/1992 680614
                                      NORTH KERALA FINANCE AND CHITS PVT LTD                                         MAS TOWERSSOUTH BAZAR         CANNANORE Kerala 670002
 2041 U65992KL1992PTC006414                                                                                 3/4/1992
                                      KERALA HOUSING FINANCE LTD                                                     II FLOOR, AFRICAN PLAZA PULIMOODU TRIVANDRUM Kerala
 2042 U65992KL1992PLC006417                                                                                 3/5/1992 695001
                                      GURUVAYOOR AKSHAYA KURIES PVT LTD                                              AKSHAYA BUILDINGSNORTH RING ROAD GURUVAYUR
 2043 U65992KL1992PTC006490                                                                                4/13/1992 TRICHUR Kerala 680101
                                      SRIPATHY CHIT AND FINANCE PVT LTD                                              XL/1825 ARUNDHATHI BUILDINGS2ND FLOOR POST OFFICE
 2044 U65992KL1992PTC006512                                                                                5/20/1992 LINK ROAD ERNAKULAM Kerala 682031
                                      PALLATH FINANCE AND CHITS PVT LTD                                              ST JOHN CENTREROOM NO C 35 3048 8 PALARIVATTOM
 2045 U65992KL1992PTC006551                                                                                6/15/1992 ERNAKULAM Kerala 682025
                                      PANTHERA IMPRINT PRIVATE LIMITED                                               POONITHARAYACHT CLUB ENCLAVE COCHIN ERNAKULAM
 2046 U65992KL1992PTC006655                                                                                 8/6/1992 Kerala 682013
                                      CHOWALLORPADY KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                         4 / 581F, THREEJAY COMPLEX P O THAIKKAD THRISSUR
 2047 U65992KL1992PTC006685                                                                                 9/2/1992 Kerala 680104
                                      SAN PREMIER CHIT FUNDS PVT LTD                                                 15/524 MAIN ROADTRIPUNITURA      ERNAMKALAM Kerala
 2048 U65992KL1992PTC006721                                                                                9/24/1992 682301
                                      HOPE MICROCREDIT FINANCE (INDIA) PRIVATE                                       NO.14/748, SREE SAKTHI COMPLEX, COIMBATORE ROAD
 2049 U65992KL1992PTC006751           LIMITED                                                             10/16/1992 PALAKKAD. PALAKKAD Kerala 678001
                                      MULAGUNNATHUKAVU KURIES AND LOANS PVT                                          MULANKUNNATHUKAVU         THRISSUR Kerala 680581
 2050 U65992KL1992PTC006773           LTD                                                                 10/23/1992
                                      GUILD KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                                 ROOM NO 28 876 28WEST PALLITHAMAM BLDGS
 2051 U65992KL1992PTC006808                                                                               11/18/1992 KARUNAKARAN NAMBIAR ROAD TRICHUR Kerala 680020
                                      CHARTERED CAPITAL KURIES PVT LTD                                               X/1861 3 CHANDY S DAVIS CHACKOBLDGS P O ROAD EAST
 2052 U65992KL1992PTC006833                                                                                12/1/1992 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      VISHWAS CHITS AND INVESTMENTS PVT.LTD.                                         XL/5589, EMIRATES,M.G. ROAD, ERNAKULAM-682035      Kerala
 2053 U65992KL1992PTC006846                                                                               12/11/1992
                                      DARSANA KURIES PVT LTD                                                         MAIN ROAD NADAIRINJALAKUDA        TRICHUR Kerala 680121
 2054 U65992KL1993PTC006887                                                                                 1/4/1993
                                      KEYNES KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                                KEYNES COMPLEXNO 2/187 A PALIYEKKARA CHITTISSERY P O
 2055 U65992KL1993PTC006891                                                                                 1/6/1993 THRISSUR Kerala 680301
                                      MALABAR CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             JAYANTHI BUILDINGS3RD FLOOR       CALICUT Kerala 673001
 2056 U65992KL1993PTC006950                                                                                1/27/1993
 2057 U65992KL1993PTC006987           FATHIMANATHA KURIES PVT LTD                                          2/12/1993 X/438KOTTEKAD P O KUTTUR TRICHUR Kerala 680013
                                      SREE SADAN CHIT AND FINANCE COMPANY                                            ROOM NO.14,JAWAHAR BUILDING,K.P.KESAVA MENON ROAD,
 2058 U65992KL1993PTC007031           PVT.LTD.                                                             3/12/1993 CALICUT-1.      Kerala
                                      VARTHAKAKSHEMAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                         FIRST FLOOR, ADAM BAZAR EASTERN RICE BAZAR
 2059 U65992KL1993PTC007090                                                                                4/12/1993 TRICHUR Kerala 680001
                                      TRADE LINK KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                            1ST FLOORTRIPRAYAR SHOPPING COMPLEX TRIPRAYAR P O
 2060 U65992KL1993PTC007088                                                                                4/12/1993 THRISSUR Kerala 680566
                                      PERPETUAL CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             MAHATMA PRESS BUILDINGPALACE ROAD         THRISSUR
 2061 U65992KL1993PTC007129                                                                                5/10/1993 Kerala 680020
                                      DHANA SIMHA KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                           13/33 VELLANIKARAN SHOPPINGCOMPLEX TANA MAIN ROAD
 2062 U65992KL1993PTC007128                                                                                5/10/1993 IRINJALAKUDA TRICHUR Kerala 680121
                                      VANCHINAAD KURIES PVT.LTD.                                                     XL/7639, P.S.M COMPLEX,DORAISWAMY IYER ROAD, COCHIN-
 2063 U65992KL1993PTC007155                                                                                5/25/1993 682035      Kerala
                                      BHAGYAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 18/267 B C DTRICHUR ROAD     IRINJALAKUDA Kerala 680121
 2064 U65992KL1993PTC007170                                                                                 6/3/1993
 2065 U65992KL1993PTC007185           PATHROSE CHITS PVT LTD                                               6/16/1993 AKKARA HOUSE TIRUNELLAI PALAKKAD Kerala
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      SRI KALI KURIES PVT LTD                                                        V/97 THRIKKUR PANCHAYATKALLUR VILLAGE SREE
                                                                                                                     GUVAYURA PPAN BLDG MUKUNDAPURAM TALUK THRISSUR
 2066 U65992KL1993PTC007246                                                                                7/16/1993 Kerala
                                      PHARMA KURIES PVT LTD                                                          X/37/20, ADAM BAZAR BUILDINGS, RICE BAZAR (EAST)
 2067 U65992KL1993PTC007307                                                                                8/18/1993 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      DHARMA PRIYA KURIES PVT LTD                                                    KIZHAKKEPEEDIKA SHOPPINGCOMPLEX TANA IRINJALAKUDA
 2068 U65992KL1993PTC007325                                                                                8/27/1993 THRISSUR Kerala
 2069 U65992KL1993PTC007345           THAIKKAD KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                      9/13/1993 THAIKKAD      TRICHUR Kerala 680104
                                      PERINNANAM KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                            KUDILINGAL BUILDINGHIGH SCHOOL ROAD PERINNANAM
 2070 U65992KL1993PTC007377                                                                                9/24/1993 TRICHUR Kerala 680686
                                      KAKKAT SIVA KURIES PVT LTD                                                     MAPRANAMMADYIKONAM P O IRINJALAKUDA TRICHUR
 2071 U65992KL1993PTC007489                                                                               11/17/1993 Kerala 680712
                                      ST PETERS KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                             X/466/2 MINERVA BLDGSPALLIKULAM ROAD         TRICHUR
 2072 U65992KL1993PTC007541                                                                                12/2/1993 Kerala 680001
                                      SUKANYA KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                               2ND FLOOR,BRIGHT TOWERS COLLEGE ROAD THRISSUR
 2073 U65992KL1993PTC007543                                                                                12/3/1993 Kerala 680001
                                      NADAKKAVU KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                             XXVI 988 5AL RIYADH BUILDING PALAKKAL ANGADI TRICHUR
 2074 U65992KL1993PTC007550                                                                                12/7/1993 Kerala 680001
                                      UTHRADAM KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                              BYJU ROADPOST KUNNAMKULAM KUNNAMKULAM
 2075 U65992KL1993PTC007549                                                                                12/7/1993 THRISSUR Kerala 680503
                                      CORONATION KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              2ND FLOOR ALANGADANBUILDINGS TANA IRINJALAKUDA
 2076 U65992KL1993PTC007554                                                                                12/9/1993 KERALA Kerala 680121
                                      GRAMYA KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                                PLAKKAL COMPLEX,EDATHIRINJI P O IRINJALAKUDA
 2077 U65992KL1993PTC007570                                                                               12/15/1993 TRICHUR Kerala 680122
                                      HIGHWAY KURIES PVT LTD                                                         V1308/EFG HIGHWAY APARTMENTNEAR TOWN HALL
 2078 U65992KL1993PTC007604                                                                               12/29/1993 IRINJALAKUDA TRISSUR Kerala 680121
                                      KERALA DHANAVYAVASAYA KURIES AND LOANS                                         SHORNUR ROAD THRICHUR         Kerala 680001
 2079 U65992KL1994PTC007628           PVT LTD                                                               1/6/1994
 2080 U65992KL1994PTC007625           CHAMBER CHITTIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                    1/6/1994 7/416 ANCHERY TRICHUR Kerala 680006
                                      THE ULIYANNOOR CHITS AND INVESTMENTS PVT LT                                    XIX/41 ROADERANAKULAM ROAD ALUVA ERNAKULAM
 2081 U65992KL1994PTC007649           D                                                                    1/14/1994 Kerala 683101
                                      MAHATHMA CHTTIIES PVT LTD                                                      X/1141 PORTHISSERYMADAYIKONAM P O IRINJALAKUDA
 2082 U65992KL1994PTC007675                                                                                1/25/1994 TRICHUR Kerala 680712
                                      HIGHNESS KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                              WARD NO V ROOM NO 87DHIGHNESS BUILDING PARLOM
 2083 U65992KL1994PTC007735                                                                                2/24/1994 PANCHAYAT KODANNUR P O TRICHUR Kerala 680574
                                      SAGA KURIES PVT LTD                                                            GROUND FLOORKODAVATH SHOPPING COMPLEX ALWAYE
 2084 U65992KL1994PTC007765                                                                                3/11/1994 ERNAKULAM Kerala 683101
 2085 U65992KL1994PTC007812           ANCHERY CHITTIES PVT LTD                                             3/31/1994 VALARKKAVUANCHERY P O         THRISSUR Kerala 680006
                                      VYPEEN KURIES AND FINANCING CO PVT LTD                                         DOOR NO. VI/402 CHEMMAYATH HOUSE, OCHANTHURUTH P.O
 2086 U65992KL1994PTC007822                                                                                 4/6/1994 KOCHI Kerala 682508
                                      VISRUTHA KURIES AND LOANS LTD                                                  ABSHAR TRADE CENTREPOOTHOLE ROAD            TRICHUR Kerala
 2087 U65992KL1994PLC007843                                                                                4/11/1994 680004
 2088 U65992KL1994PTC007851           ALOOR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                         4/18/1994 X/179 FALOOR PANCHAYATH        THRISSUR Kerala
                                      JEWEL ROCK HIRE PURCHASE AND KURIES PVT                                        25/1489 OMEGA COMPLEXKURUPPAM ROAD            TRICHUR
 2089 U65992KL1994PTC007858           LTD                                                                  4/20/1994 Kerala
                                      BENIGN KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                                KALINGAPURAM SHOPPING COMPLEXNADA IRINJALAKUDA
 2090 U65992KL1994PTC007879                                                                                4/28/1994 TRICHUR DIST Kerala 680121
                                      SAHYA FINANCE AND CHITS PVT LTD                                                12/189 II FLOORCOIMBATORE ROAD SULTANPET PALAKKAD
 2091 U65992KL1994PTC007881                                                                                4/29/1994 Kerala 678001
 2092 U65992KL1994PTC007925           KRISHNASREE KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                 5/18/1994 XV/201 KARAKKAD ROAD GURUVAYUR Kerala 680101
                                      PUTHENPEEDIKA FUNDS AND KURIES PRIVATE                                         VII/500 PUTHENPEEDIKA P.O. TRICHUR Kerala 680642
 2093 U65992KL1994PTC007955           LIMITED                                                               6/2/1994
                                      SANNIDHANAM CHITTIES PVT LTD                                                   M/s SANNIDHANAM CHITTIES PVT LTD 42/865,1ST
                                                                                                                     FLOOR,SHIVSHAKTI BUILDING,AYYAPPANKAVU KOCHI
 2094 U65992KL1994PTC007953                                                                                 6/2/1994 Kerala 682018
 2095 U65992KL1994PTC008021           MALA TOWN KUIRES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                   7/13/1994 II/664MAIN ROAD MALA TRICHUR Kerala 680732
                                      PRASASTHY CHITS AND FINANCE PVT LTD                                            41/3090A IST FLOORCARMEL CENTRE BANERJEE ROAD
 2096 U65992KL1994PTC008121                                                                                8/30/1994 COCHIN ERNAKULAM Kerala 682018
                                      KOTTARAM CHITTIES AND FINANCE PVT LTD                                          42/1334POWER HOUSE ROAD KOCHI ERNAKULAM Kerala
 2097 U65992KL1994PTC008141                                                                                 9/5/1994 682018
                                      NUMBER ONE KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                            V/40 MAIN ROADIRINJALAKUDA         TRICHUR Kerala 680121
 2098 U65992KL1994PTC008173                                                                                9/14/1994
 2099 U65992KL1994PLC008177           KARSHAKA KURIES AND LOANS LTD                                        9/14/1994 CHALAKUDY TRICHUR        Kerala 680307
                                      MADHURAPURI CHITS AND FINANCE CO PVT LTD                                       MEEKSHAKARAN BLDGSM M ALI ROAD PALAYAM CALICUT
 2100 U65992KL1994PTC008207                                                                                9/27/1994 Kerala 673002
 2101 U65992KL1994PTC008252           KUDUMBAKSHEMAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                               10/10/1994 Kuttanchery Complex HIGH ROAD TRICHUR Kerala 680001
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      KSHEMAKERALAM CHITTIES FINANCIERS PVT LTD                                      GOOD LUCK SHOPPING COMPLEXVELIYANNUR             TRICHUR
 2102 U65992KL1994PTC008282                                                                               10/20/1994 Kerala 680021
                                      SARASWATH KURIES AND INVESTMENTS PVT.LTD.                                      T.D.SHOPPING COMPLEX T.D.WEST ROAD COCHIN Kerala
 2103 U65992KL1994PTC008293                                                                               10/24/1994 682035
                                      ST JOSEPH'S KURIES LIMITED                                                     KUTTANCHERY COMPLEXHIGHROAD HIGHROAD THRISSUR
 2104 U65992KL1994PLC008331                                                                                11/9/1994 Kerala 680001
                                      DEVALOKAM KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     WARD NO III D R 74 AMUTHUVATHOOR CHAVAKKAD
 2105 U65992KL1994PTC008344                                                                               11/11/1994 THRISSUR Kerala
                                      SUMANGALAM KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE                                            SUMANGALAM BUILDINGCHELAKARA            TRICHUR Kerala
 2106 U65992KL1994PTC008343           LIMITED                                                             11/11/1994 680586
                                      KIRIYANTHAN'S CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                                I/135&136NEAR CHURCH BRIDGE NARAKKAL ERNAKULAM
 2107 U65992KL1994PTC008348                                                                               11/14/1994 Kerala 682505
                                      CHANDYS CARMEL CHITS PVT LTD                                                   CHANDYS DAVIS CHACKO BLDGSPOST OFFICE ROAD
 2108 U65992KL1994PTC008363                                                                               11/17/1994 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      JAYSON CHITS AND FINANCE PVT LTD                                               6/577, 2ND FLOOR M A BAZAR , BANKN ROAD CALICIT Kerala
 2109 U65992KL1994PTC008376                                                                               11/21/1994 673001
                                      SILVER LINKS CHITS AND INVESTMENTS PRIVATE                                     VADAKKALPONNURUNNI VYTTILA ERNAKULAM Kerala
 2110 U65992KL1994PTC008404           LTD                                                                 11/24/1994
                                      DASHAMI KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       IV 397MULANGUNNATHUKAVU P O           THRISSUR Kerala
 2111 U65992KL1994PTC008426                                                                                12/1/1994 680581
                                      KALOOR CHITS AND INVESTMENTS PVT LTD                                           PAVAKULAM BLDGSKALOOR COCHIN ERNAKULAM Kerala
 2112 U65992KL1995PTC008524                                                                                 1/3/1995 682017
                                      CHOWANNOOR KURIES AND FINANCE PVT LTD                                          I/417A IST FLOORBYJU ROAD KUNNAMKULAM TRICHUR
 2113 U65992KL1995PTC008555                                                                                1/11/1995 Kerala 680503
                                      THE AMBALAMEDU CHIT FUND PVT LTD                                               2/18 FACT JUNCTIONAMBALAMEDU           ERNAKULAM Kerala
 2114 U65992KL1995PTC008569                                                                                1/17/1995 682303
                                      PAZHAYANNUR KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE                                           PRABALA BUILDINGPAZHAYANNUR P O           TRICHUR Kerala
 2115 U65992KL1995PTC008609           LIMITED                                                              1/27/1995 680587
 2116 U65992KL1995PTC008630           MARIANATHA KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                   2/3/1995 I/577, KOTTEKKAD KUTTUR P O THRISSUR Kerala 680013
 2117 U65992KL1995PTC008629           KURUMPILAVU KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                  2/3/1995 PAZHUVILKURUMPILAVU P O          TRICHUR Kerala 680564
                                      INDEX CHITS AND FINANCE PVT LTD                                                INDRAPRASTHAM SHOPPING COMPLEXNATIKA P O
 2118 U65992KL1995PTC008640                                                                                 2/8/1995 TRIPRAYAR TRICHUR Kerala 680566
 2119 U65992KL1995PTC008644           ACHARYA KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                      2/8/1995 TRICHUR DISTRICT        Kerala 680572
                                      PALA CHITS AND FINANCE PVT LTD                                                 VIII/506 VELLIAPALLIL BLDGST B ROAD PALA KOTTAYAM
 2120 U65992KL1995PTC008652                                                                                 2/9/1995 Kerala 686575
                                      POORAM KURIES AND LOANS PVT LTD                                                TERATIL PUTHUKADAN AIPE BLDGT C 6/1855 RICE BAZAR
 2121 U65992KL1995PTC008666                                                                                2/15/1995 TRICHUR Kerala 680001
                                      KOTTUKKAL CHITTIES PVT LTD                                                     KOTTUKKAL BLDGS 42/621EAYYAPPANKAVU           ERNAKULAM
 2122 U65992KL1995PTC008680                                                                                2/17/1995 Kerala 682018
                                      DHANAKENDRA KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE                                           XXII/27 MUNICIPAL BUILDINGSC BLOCK MARKET ROAD
 2123 U65992KL1995PTC008713           LIMITED                                                               3/1/1995 TRICHUR Kerala 680307
                                      POOKODE WELFARE KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE                                       IV/572 C THAMPURANPADIPOOKODE PANCHAYATH
 2124 U65992KL1995PTC008714           LIMITED                                                               3/1/1995 KOTTAPADI TRICHUR Kerala 680505
                                      VALIYAPARAMBU KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE                                         11/502MALA PANCHAYATH KURUVILASSERY P O TRICHUR
 2125 U65992KL1995PTC008729           LIMITED                                                               3/2/1995 Kerala 680735
 2126 U65992KL1995PTC008728           MILAN KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                          3/2/1995 VII/40KUTTUR P O      TRICHUR Kerala 680013
                                      CHEVOOR KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       CHEVOOR KURIES AND LOANSPRIVATE LIMITED CHEVOOR
 2127 U65992KL1995PTC008726                                                                                 3/2/1995 TRICHUR Kerala 680027
                                      SERVICE EMPLOYEES KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE                                     XI/33POST OFFICE ROAD        TRICHUR Kerala 680001
 2128 U65992KL1995PTC008727           LIMITED                                                               3/2/1995
                                      LUCKYDOOR HIRE PURCHASE FINANCE PRIVATE                                        18/458 A1FLOOR E G COMPLEX KODUNGALLUR ROAD TANA
 2129 U65992KL1995PTC008748           LIMITED                                                               3/9/1995 THRISSUR Kerala 680121
                                      ORMA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    ORMA PALACECHRIST COLLEGE JUNCTION IRINJALAKUDA
 2130 U65992KL1995PTC008745                                                                                 3/9/1995 THRISSUR Kerala 680125
                                      AMPUCHIYA CHITTIES AND FINANCE PRIVATE                                         EDAPPULLY COMPLEX, 2ND FLOOR IRINJALAKUDA
 2131 U65992KL1995PTC008784           LIMITED                                                              3/17/1995 THRISSUR Kerala 680121
                                      SAPTHAMI KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      X111/474 VICTORY BUILDINGPATTAMBI ROAD KUNNAMKULAM
 2132 U65992KL1995PTC008801                                                                                3/20/1995 THRISSUR Kerala 680503
                                      SUBHIKSHA KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     11/443 D,MEKKKAT COMPLEX KAIPARAMBU PANCHAYAT,
 2133 U65992KL1995PTC008829                                                                                3/27/1995 MUNDUR P.O. THRISSUR Kerala 680541
                                      SARVA BHAGYA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            ROOM NO VIII/609 DMAIN ROAD KANDASSANKADAVU
 2134 U65992KL1995PTC008845                                                                                3/29/1995 TRICHUR Kerala 680613
 2135 U65992KL1995PTC008613           ANTHIKAD KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                            3/31/1995 VII 214ANTHIKAD      TRICHUR Kerala 680641
                                      GOODWILL HIRE PURCHASE CHITS AND FINANCE                                       .XI/180POST OFFICE ROAD CHETTIYANGADI TRICHUR Kerala
 2136 U65992KL1995PTC008897           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      4/10/1995 680001
 2137 U65992KL1995PTC008904           JANA VIKAS KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                    4/17/1995 X/713 Pallikulam Road Trichur Kerala 680001
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      KIZHUPPILLIKARA KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE                                       DOOR NO 289 SNDP BUILDINGWARD 11 KIZHUPPILLIKARA P O
 2138 U65992KL1995PTC008921           LIMITED                                                              4/18/1995 THRISSUR Kerala 680704
                                      NELLIKODE CHITS AND FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED                                    ROOM NO. 7,8, FIRST FLOOR, 17/483 B SREEKANTESWARA
 2139 U65992KL1995PTC008936                                                                                4/21/1995 COMPLEX CALICUT Kerala 673004
                                      JAYA KURIES AND FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED                                        VIII/356KURUVILASSERY P O MALA TRICHUR Kerala 680735
 2140 U65992KL1995PTC008975                                                                                 5/3/1995
                                      PARAPPUR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                V/302A DEVASSY VAKAYIL HOUSEPARAPPUR P O       TRICHUR
 2141 U65992KL1995PTC009053                                                                                5/19/1995 Kerala 680552
                                      PARAMBIKATTIL KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE                                         KRISHNA COMPLEX JUNCTIONCHALAKUDY         THRISSUR
 2142 U65992KL1995PTC009125           LIMITED                                                              6/13/1995 Kerala 680307
                                      VALLATHOL NAGAR KURIES AND FINANCE PRIVATE                                     IX/177 H VALLATHOL TOWERSPADMALAYA ROAD
 2143 U65992KL1995PTC009134           LIMITED                                                              6/15/1995 CHERUTHURUTHY P O THRISSUR Kerala 679531
                                      KANJANY KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       IV 50 FNEAR PETROL PUMP KANJANY P O TRICHUR
 2144 U65992KL1995PTC009166                                                                                6/27/1995 DISTRICT Kerala 680612
                                      SUJAVA KURIES AND FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED                                      ROYAL BUILDINGSOPP MAMMIYOOR TEMPLE GURUVAYOOR
 2145 U65992KL1995PTC009185                                                                                6/30/1995 TRICHUR Kerala
                                      CHIYYARAM KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     XIII/5CHIYYARAM P O    TRICHUR Kerala 680026
 2146 U65992KL1995PTC009192                                                                                 7/3/1995
                                      CHARTERED CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                XI/423/3CHANDY S DAVIS CHACKO BUILDING P O ROAD
 2147 U65992KL1995PTC009217                                                                                7/10/1995 TRICHUR DISTRICT Kerala 680001
                                      BHAVI KURIES AND HIRE PURCHASE PRIVATE                                         DOOR NO VI/162H VENGINISSERYSERVICE CO OP BANK
                                      LIMITED                                                                        BUILDING PALAKKAL PALLISSERY P O TRICHUR Kerala
 2148 U65992KL1995PTC009214                                                                                7/10/1995 680027
                                      PALAZHI CHITTIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     30/409/2, CHAITHRAM PUNKUNNAM THRISSUR Kerala
 2149 U65992KL1995PTC009222                                                                                7/11/1995 680002
                                      MAHADARSANAM KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE                                          VI/518MANNUTHY        TRICHUR Kerala 680651
 2150 U65992KL1995PTC009229           LIMITED                                                              7/13/1995
                                      KAUSTHUBHAM CHITS AND LOANS PRIVATE                                            256 - D, MOTHER COMPLEX,VATANAPPILLY P.O. KERALA - 680
 2151 U65992KL1995PTC009249           LIMITED                                                              7/17/1995 614     Kerala
 2152 U65992KL1995PTC009264           ALTHARA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                       7/19/1995 V/184 PIRINJALAKUDA       THRISSUR Kerala 680121
                                      CHEMISTS KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      XXV/734, BALAJI MEDICAL STORE BUILDING MANNATH LANE
 2153 U65992KL1995PTC009296                                                                                7/28/1995 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      WE ONE KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        NO 29/713/17 PARTK P NAMBOODIRIES SHOPPING COMPLEX
 2154 U65992KL1995PTC009337                                                                                8/17/1995 SHORNUR ROAD THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      SILVER STAR KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                   11/2761KANJANY ROAD CHUNGUM THRISSUR Kerala
 2155 U65992KL1995PTC009335                                                                                8/17/1995 680003
                                      THATHWAMASI CHITS AND INVESTMENTS PRIVATE                                      VII/754 BAKERY JUNCTIONCHERAI         ERNAKULAM Kerala
 2156 U65992KL1995PTC009360           LIMITED                                                              8/23/1995 683514
                                      SEA QUEEN KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               CC 36/1251PAPALY BUILDING FIRST FLOOR LISSIE ROAD
 2157 U65992KL1995PTC009399                                                                                9/12/1995 LISSIE JUNCTION ERNAKULAM Kerala 682018
                                      KARITHALA CHITS AND FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED                                    39/864ANAND BAZAR RAILWAY STATION ROAD ERNAKULAM
 2158 U65992KL1995PTC009417                                                                                9/14/1995 Kerala 682016
                                      ANUGRAHA KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      111/773PANCHAYATH SHOPPING COMPLEX
 2159 U65992KL1995PTC009416                                                                                9/14/1995 VARANDARAPPILLY THRISSUR Kerala 680303
                                      SREESYLAM CHITTIES AND LOANS PRIVATE                                           19/789/XIII II ND FLOORT K M COMPLEX KOKKALAI
 2160 U65992KL1995PTC009426           LIMITED                                                              9/18/1995 THRISSUR Kerala 680021
 2161 U65992KL1995PTC009429           ADMOND KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                              9/19/1995 EDATHIRINJIIRINJALAKUDA       THRISSUR Kerala 680121
                                      NAVADEEPAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              310/VII,THAIKKAD PANCHAYATH,MAMA BAZAR, P.O. THAIKKAD,
 2162 U65992KL1995PTC009476                                                                                9/28/1995 THRISSUR. Kerala
                                      SAFE AND SECURED CHITS AND FINANCIERS                                          8/48 E PARIYARATH BUILDINGSBYE PASS JUNCTION ALUVA
 2163 U65992KL1995PTC009486           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      10/5/1995 ERNAKULAM Kerala 683101
                                      SUREKSHA KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      XXI/519, K K THAMPAN BUILDING NEAR PRABHATH THEATRE,
 2164 U65992KL1995PTC009489                                                                                10/6/1995 IRINJALAKUDA TRICHUR Kerala 680121
                                      THALAPPILLY CHITS AND CREDITS PRIVATE                                          DOOR NO.XIV/429A, N S S TALUK UNION BUILDING, MAIN
 2165 U65992KL1995PTC009499           LIMITED                                                              10/9/1995 ROAD, WADAKANCHERY, THRISSUR Kerala 680582
                                      HI RANGE HOUSING FINANCE AND CHITS PRIVATE                                     S 6 TOWN HALL COMPLEXT C ROAD CHIRAKKARA
 2166 U65992KL1995PTC009508           LIMITED                                                             10/11/1995 TELLICHERRY KANNUR Kerala 670104
                                      DELUXE KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        STN SHOPPING COMPLEXROOM NO 31 SAKTHAN THAMPURAN
 2167 U65992KL1995PTC009520                                                                               10/13/1995 NAGAR TRICHUR Kerala 680001
                                      THE FINANCIAL CREDITS AND CHITS COMPANY                                        F.C.C.BUILDING,NEAR:L.F.CONVENT SCHOOL
 2168 U65992KL1995PTC009549           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     10/19/1995 MAMMIYOOR,GURUVAYOOR THRISSUR Kerala 680101
                                      MAYURAM CHITTIES AND GENERAL FINANCE                                           PARANTHAN SHOPPING COMPLEX,ETHAI, POST KUNDALIYAR,
 2169 U65992KL1995PTC009580           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      11/2/1995 THRISSUR DIST, PIN-680 616.    Kerala
                                      BETTER LIFE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              K M H B S BUILDINGM M ALI ROAD        CALICUT Kerala 673002
 2170 U65992KL1995PTC009591                                                                                11/3/1995
                                      NAVAGRAHA KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     ROOM NO 110MAHARAJA TOURIST HOME SOUTH END
 2171 U65992KL1995PTC009598                                                                                11/3/1995 GURUVAYOOR THRISSUR Kerala 680101
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      NANMA CHITS AND FINANCIERS LIMITED                                             DOOR NO.XIV/115, VANDANMEDU, VANDANMEDU P.O.
 2172 U65992KL1995PLC009618                                                                               11/10/1995 VANDANMEDU. IDUKKI DIST. Kerala 685551
                                      MATHA KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         DOOR NO IV/578/DKAIPARAMBU PANCHAYATH MUNDUR P O
 2173 U65992KL1995PTC009674                                                                               11/22/1995 TRICHUR Kerala 680541
                                      ANAMALA KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       XXVIII/236 AKADICHEENY COMPLEX MAIN ROAD CHALAKUDY
 2174 U65992KL1995PTC009723                                                                                12/5/1995 TRICHUR Kerala 680307
                                      SAMATHA KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       OUSO MASTER BUILDINGVALAVANANGADI PADIYOOR
 2175 U65992KL1995PTC009750                                                                                12/8/1995 THRISSUR Kerala 680122
                                      SHELTER FINANCING AND CHITTIES LIMITED                                         T K M BUILDINGKUNNAMKULAM ROAD CHOONDAL TRICHUR
 2176 U65992KL1995PLC009753                                                                                12/8/1995 Kerala 680502
                                      EDAPPALLY KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     ROOM NO 34/1793 E23RD FLOOR MATHEWSONS SQUARE
 2177 U65992KL1995PTC009764                                                                               12/12/1995 EDAPPALLY ERNAKULAM Kerala 682024
                                      SURAMYA CHITS AND AUTO FINANCE PRIVATE                                         IIND FLOOR, MAZHUVANCHERY ENCLAVE MAMANGALAM
 2178 U65992KL1995PTC009766           LIMITED                                                             12/12/1995 COCHIN Kerala 682025
                                      RENIL CHITTIES AND HIRE PURCHASES PRIVATE                                      VII/1065 CHOONDALKECHERI     TRICHUR Kerala 680501
 2179 U65992KL1995PTC009777           LIMITED                                                             12/13/1995
                                      SAFE GUARD CHITTIES AND LOANS PRIVATE                                          SAFE GUARD CHITTIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED ,
                                      LIMITED                                                                        35/4859, N.P.COMPLEX, MANNATH LANE, M.G.ROAD
 2180 U65992KL1995PTC009804                                                                               12/19/1995 TRICHUR Kerala 680001
                                      COIN INVESTMENT AND CHITTY PRIVATE LIMITED                                     XIV/ 148 TAJ BUILDINGSSUBJAIL ROAD ALUVA ERNAKULAM
 2181 U65992KL1995PTC009837                                                                               12/28/1995 Kerala 683101
                                      EASY KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          Room No. VI/653/B7 OLARIKKARA, PULLAZHI P O THRISSUR
 2182 U65992KL1996PTC009852                                                                                 1/1/1996 Kerala 680012
 2183 U65992KL1996PTC009855           ATHIRA CHITTIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                             1/1/1996 XI/135 MAIN ROADPAVARATTY        TRICHUR Kerala 680507
                                      CLASSIC FINANCE AND KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                     DOOR NO 25/2163AYYANTHOLE LANE         TRICHUR Kerala
 2184 U65992KL1996PTC009896                                                                                 1/9/1996 680001
                                      DHARMA DEEPAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           05/358 JUNCTIONANGAMALI MUNICIPALITY ERNAKULAM
 2185 U65992KL1996PTC009897                                                                                 1/9/1996 Kerala
 2186 U65992KL1996PTC009907           PALAMUTTAM CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                  1/11/1996 AMBADY BUILDINGS,M.G. ROAD, COCHIN-35.        Kerala
                                      OTTAPALAM KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     5/1360 G SAFA COMPLEXMAIN ROAD OTTAPALAM PALGHAT
 2187 U65992KL1996PTC009913                                                                                1/12/1996 Kerala 679101
                                      KERALA VIKAS CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        ROOM NO 2EDAPPAL CHUNGAM EDAPPAL MALAPPURAM
 2188 U65992KL1996PTC009919                                                                                1/16/1996 Kerala 679576
                                      SREETHILAKAM CHITS AND FINANCE PRIVATE                                         VII/135, THAIKKAD PANCHAYATH,P.O. CHAKKAMKANDOM,
 2189 U65992KL1996PTC009923           LIMITED                                                              1/16/1996 THRISSUR, KERALA.     Kerala
                                      POORNASREE CHITS AND INVESTMENTS PVT LTD                                       T C 25/1429 1 MEDAYIL VEEDUS S KOVIL ROAD THAMPANOOR
 2190 U65992KL1996PTC009978                                                                                 2/6/1996 P O TRIVANDRUM Kerala 695001
                                      GOPIKA KURIES AND FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED                                      V/313 A 71PENTA PLAZA NORTH PARUR ERNAKULAM Kerala
 2191 U65992KL1996PTC010005                                                                                 2/9/1996 683513
                                      KOONAMOOCHI KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE                                           NALAKATH COMPLEXKOONAMMOCHI P O           THRISSUR Kerala
 2192 U65992KL1996PTC010064           LIMITED                                                              2/22/1996 680504
                                      MEGASTAR KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      THERATTILPUDUKADAN AIPU BLDG RICE BAZAR THRICHUR
 2193 U65992KL1996PTC010079                                                                                2/26/1996 Kerala 680001
                                      NAMBOODIRI S CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                          DOOR NO. 4/427 ARIMBOOR POST THRISSUR Kerala 680620
 2194 U65992KL1996PTC010110                                                                                 3/4/1996
                                      VALIYAPARAMBIL CHITTIES AND INVESTMENTS                                        MARY MATHA SHOPING COMPLEXPALARIVATTOM P.O.
 2195 U65992KL1996PTC010135           PRIVATE LIMITED.                                                     3/11/1996 PALLINADA COCHIN -25 Kerala
                                      DEVI MOOKAMBIKA CHITS AND LOANS PRIVATE                                        CLASSIC BAZAROPP DONBOSCO HOSPITAL NORTH PARAVUR
 2196 U65992KL1996PTC010164           LIMITED                                                              3/15/1996 ERNAKULAM Kerala 683513
 2197 U65992KL1996PTC010190           CANAAN KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED.                             3/21/1996 VIMALA BLDGRICE BAZAR        TRICHUR Kerala 680001
                                      VALANCHERRY KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE                                           DOOR NO 4/171 A PQL II FLOORPATTAMBI ROAD
 2198 U65992KL1996PTC010215           LIMITED                                                              3/26/1996 VALANCHERRY MALAPPURAM Kerala 676552
                                      PERUVANAM KURIES AND HIRE PURCHASE                                             X/441CHIRAKKADAVIL BUILDING CHERPU THRISSUR Kerala
 2199 U65992KL1996PTC010209           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      3/26/1996 680561
                                      MATTOM WELFARE KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE                                        VI/770ST THOMAS CHURCH BUILDING MATTOM P O
 2200 U65992KL1996PTC010211           LIMITED                                                              3/26/1996 THRISSUR Kerala 680607
                                      SOUTH WEST KURIES AND LOANS LIMITED                                            ROOM NO X /37/161ADAM BAZAR EASTERN BAZAR TRICHUR
 2201 U65992KL1996PLC010214                                                                                3/26/1996 Kerala 680001
                                      KERAM CHITS AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          K K A M BUILDING EAST NADANEAR RAILWAY GATE
 2202 U65992KL1996PTC010222                                                                                3/28/1996 GURUVAYUR THRISSUR Kerala 680101
                                      MAHARAJA CHITS AND FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED                                     V/267 PERINJANAM PANCHAYATSHOPPING COMPLEX
 2203 U65992KL1996PTC010221                                                                                3/28/1996 MOONNUPEEDIKA PERINJANAM TRICHUR Kerala 680686
                                      PANDAVA KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       XIV/488/14-SUN CITY KOORKANCHERY THRISSUR Kerala
 2204 U65992KL1996PTC010240                                                                                3/29/1996 680007
                                      KARAMUCK KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      I/IA KARAMUCKKANJANY P O        TRICHUR Kerala 680612
 2205 U65992KL1996PTC010254                                                                                 4/3/1996
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      SEEMS KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         IV 474 T C M BUILDINGTOWN HALL ROAD KUNNAMKULAM
 2206 U65992KL1996PTC010245                                                                                 4/3/1996 TRICHUR Kerala 680503
                                      IRITTY CHITS FINANCE AND INVESTMENTS PRIVATE                                   KCP XIII/722MAIN ROAD IRITTY KANNUR Kerala 670703
 2207 U65992KL1996PTC010295           LIMITED                                                              4/12/1996
 2208 U65992KL1996PTC010307           MATTOM KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                              4/19/1996 MATTOM MATTOM P.O. TRICHUR Kerala 680602
                                      NAM NADU KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                CHITTATTUKARA CHITTATTUKARA P.O. TRICHUR Kerala
 2209 U65992KL1996PTC010306                                                                                4/19/1996 680511
                                      GRAMANIDHI KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    KOMBODINJAMAKKALTHAZHEKADU POST         TRICHUR Kerala
 2210 U65992KL1996PTC010329                                                                                4/30/1996 680697
                                      STHUDI KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  CATHEDRAL CENTINARY BLDGTANA IRINJALAKUDA
 2211 U65992KL1996PTC010365                                                                                 5/8/1996 TRICHUR Kerala 680121
                                      ADARSH CHITTIES AND TRADERS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    V/361A 17ADAM PLAZA NORTH PARUR ERNAKULAM Kerala
 2212 U65992KL1996PTC010380                                                                                5/15/1996 683513
                                      THOTTUMKAL CHITS AND INVESTMENTS PRIVATE                                       ADAM STAR SHOPPING COMPLEXTHODUPUZHA         IDUKKI
 2213 U65992KL1996PTC010385           LIMITED                                                              5/16/1996 DISTRICT Kerala 685586
                                      ANJALI KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        VIII/665METHALA PANCHAYAT KODUNGALLUR THRISSUR
 2214 U65992KL1996PTC010391                                                                                5/20/1996 Kerala 680664
                                      KALLARAKKAL KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE                                           339/IV MANI BAZARPALLIPURAM PANCHAYAT PALLIPORT P O
 2215 U65992KL1996PTC010409           LIMITED                                                              5/24/1996 ERNAKULAM Kerala 683515
                                      PAULSON KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 27/3677 A MARIA BUIIDINGPERUMANOOR P O COCHIN
 2216 U65992KL1996PTC010427                                                                                5/31/1996 ERNAKULAM Kerala 682015
                                      BRAHMA KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        ROOM NO 1/153 BTHAIKKAD CHOWALLOORPADY THRISSUR
 2217 U65992KL1996PTC010464                                                                                6/12/1996 Kerala 680104
                                      AMRUTHAM CHITS AND GENERAL FINANCE                                             BUILDING NO 319 WARD NO 4ANNAMANADA PANCHAYAT
 2218 U65992KL1996PTC010466           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      6/12/1996 MALA TRICHUR Kerala 680741
                                      PRATHEEKSHA KURIES AND INVESTMENTS                                             5TH FLOOR, AKSHARA MANDIRAM MARINE DRIVE COCHIN
 2219 U65992KL1996PTC010469           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      6/12/1996 Kerala 682011
                                      MONARCH KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 19/1836 ADAM BAZAR RICE BAZAR TRICHUR Kerala 680001
 2220 U65992KL1996PTC010502                                                                                6/19/1996
                                      CHAITHANYA INVESTMENTS AND CHITS PRIVATE                                       BUILDING NO V/1362FIRST FLOOR BAFA BUILDING FACT ROAD
 2221 U65992KL1996PTC010533           LIMITED                                                               7/4/1996 KALAMASSERY NORTH ERNAKULAM Kerala 683104
                                      SIXON KURIES AND LOANS KERALA PRIVATE                                          PIPELINE JUNCTIONPALARIVATTOM P O KOCHI ERNAKULAM
 2222 U65992KL1996PTC010547           LIMITED                                                               7/8/1996 Kerala 682025
                                      VAISALI KURIES AND INVESTMENTS PRIVATE                                         DELMON TOWEROPPT. NEW BUS STAND VADAKARA
 2223 U65992KL1996PTC010554           LIMITED                                                              7/11/1996 CALICUT Kerala
                                      DHANIKA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 SAFA COMPLEXKARUPPADANNA KODUNGALLUR TRICHUR
 2224 U65992KL1996PTC010575                                                                                7/23/1996 Kerala 680688
                                      THIRUVENKIDOM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           171A/III THIRUVENKIDOMGURUVAYUR MUNICIPALITY
 2225 U65992KL1996PTC010588                                                                                7/30/1996 GURUVAYUR P O THRISSUR DISTRICT Kerala 680101
                                      PADMATHEERTHAM KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE                                        CHAITHANYA BUILDINGS ATHANI THRISSUR Kerala
 2226 U65992KL1996PTC010586           LIMITED                                                              7/30/1996
                                      EDAKKALATHUR CHITTIES AND LOANS PRIVATE                                        XXVIII/673PALLITHAMAM SHOPPING COMPLEX      TRICHUR
 2227 U65992KL1996PTC010599           LIMITED                                                               8/1/1996 Kerala 680001
                                      PALLAN KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        2ND FLOORT K MT K M SHOPPING COMPLEX VYTTILA
 2228 U65992KL1996PTC010658                                                                                8/16/1996 JUNCTION ERNAKULAM Kerala 682019
                                      SUKRUTHAM KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     I V / 21VIYYUR PALAM J N VIYYUR P O TRICHUR Kerala
 2229 U65992KL1996PTC010675                                                                                8/21/1996 680010
                                      DHANAMITHRA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             XIII/219C CHRIST COLLEGEROAD IRINJALAKUKDA
 2230 U65992KL1996PTC010687                                                                                8/22/1996 MUKUNDAPURAM TALUK TRICHUR Kerala 680125
                                      AMARTHYA CHITTIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    3RD FLOORADAM BAZAR RICE BAZAR       TRICHUR Kerala
 2231 U65992KL1996PTC010700                                                                                8/30/1996 680001
                                      THE ADHERSH KURIES AND FINANCES PRIVATE                                        E G COMPLEXTANA IRINJALAKUDA TRICHUR Kerala 680121
 2232 U65992KL1996PTC010711           LIMITED                                                               9/6/1996
                                      ECOMARK KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 XI/947/28 SECOND FLOORECOMARK TOWERS T B ROAD
 2233 U65992KL1996PTC010726                                                                                9/11/1996 KOKKALAI TRICHUR Kerala 680021
                                      TRIPRAYAR KURIES AND FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED                                   WARD NO V/46 ESKAY BLDGSNEAR SOUTH PETROL PUMP
 2234 U65992KL1996PTC010797                                                                                9/30/1996 NATTIKA P O TRIPRAYAR TRICHUR Kerala 680566
                                      NAMBIS CHITS AND GENERAL FINANCE PRIVATE                                       168/1X HAPPY HOMEVATANAPPILLY PANCHAYATH
 2235 U65992KL1996PTC010805           LIMITED                                                              10/1/1996 VADANAPPILLY BEACH P O THRISSUR Kerala 680614
                                      YUVADARSAN KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              VII/119AYUVADARSAN COMPLEX CHITTATTUKARA P O
 2236 U65992KL1996PTC010820                                                                                10/7/1996 THRISSUR Kerala 680511
                                      ELAVALLY KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      DOOR NO 116/B/WARD NO 7 CHITTATTUKARA TRICHUR
 2237 U65992KL1996PTC010835                                                                                10/9/1996 Kerala 680511
                                      KARUNYA KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       X/1409 KARUNYA CHAMBERSHIGH ROAD        TRICHUR Kerala
 2238 U65992KL1996PTC010846                                                                               10/10/1996 680325
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      THODUPUZHA CHITS AND INVESTMENTS PRIVATE                                       NO 869 OF WARD XXITHODUPUZHA MUNCIPALITY ADAM STAR
                                      LIMITED                                                                        MUVATTUPUZHA ROAD THODUPUZHA IDUKKI Kerala
 2239 U65992KL1996PTC010868                                                                               10/18/1996 685584
                                      MIDLINE CHITS AND INVESTMENTS PRIVATE                                          THADATHIL BUILDINGSKADATHURUTHY PO          KOTTAYAM
 2240 U65992KL1996PTC010878           LIMITED                                                             10/24/1996 Kerala 686604
                                      SENSI CHITTIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       1ST FLOORFAWZIYA COMMERCIAL CENTRE CALVERY ROAD
 2241 U65992KL1996PTC010887                                                                               10/28/1996 THRISSUR Kerala 680004
                                      LORDS VIEW KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    KRIPA SHOPPING COMPLEXEAST NADA NEAR RLY GATE
 2242 U65992KL1996PTC010907                                                                                11/5/1996 GURUVAYOOR THRISSUR Kerala 680101
                                      KAUSTHUBHAM FINANCE AND KURIES PRIVATE                                         V M C COMPLEXKUMARANELLUR WADAKKANCHERY
 2243 U65992KL1996PTC010909           LIMITED                                                              11/7/1996 THRISSUR Kerala 680582
                                      KOORKKENCHERRY KURIES AND HIRE PURCHASE                                        DOOR NO TC 33/1598S N D P BUILDING KOORKENCHERRY
 2244 U65992KL1996PTC010946           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     11/21/1996 TRICHUR Kerala 680007
                                      NAVAJEEVAN KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              NAVAJEEVANKULAYATTIKKARA P O THOTTARA NEERPPARA
 2245 U65992KL1996PTC010947                                                                               11/21/1996 ERNAKULAM Kerala
                                      VINDHYA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             A C NAIR BUILDINGPERINKULAM P O ALATHUR PALAKKAD
 2246 U65992KL1996PTC010968                                                                                12/3/1996 Kerala 678542
                                      DAWN KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          BRIGHT TOWERSIIND FLOOR COLLEGE ROAD TRICHUR
 2247 U65992KL1996PTC011003                                                                               12/12/1996 Kerala 680001
                                      ORIEON KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        ECOMARK BUILDING 2ND FLOORXI/347/31 OPP CASINO HOTEL
 2248 U65992KL1996PTC011021                                                                               12/17/1996 KOKKALAI T B ROAD THRISSUR Kerala 680021
                                      DESABANDHU KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE                                            WESTEND SUPER MARKET BUILDING PUNKUNNAM
 2249 U65992KL1996PTC011034           LIMITED                                                             12/19/1996 TRICHUR Kerala 680002
                                      DHANASREE CREDITS INVESTMENTS AND KURIES                                       16/617 3R S NAIDU BUILDING KUNNATHURMEDU PALAKKAD
 2250 U65992KL1996PTC011057           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     12/31/1996 Kerala 678013
                                      TRADE LINK CHITS AND FINANCIAL ENTERPRISES                                     DOOR NO 118/7OPP ELECTRICITY OFFICE KATTOOR
 2251 U65992KL1997PTC011079           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                       1/3/1997 THRISSUR Kerala 680702
                                      SREE SAIVA KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    29/188/15 ATHEKKARAYILPLAZA TOWER SHORNUR ROAD
 2252 U65992KL1997PTC011092                                                                                 1/8/1997 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      NAYASREE CHITS AND FINANCIERS PRIVATE                                          VEEGI COMPLEXKATTOOR ROAD IRINJALAKUDA THRISSUR
 2253 U65992KL1997PTC011104           LIMITED                                                              1/10/1997 Kerala 680125
                                      NADAN KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   YOOSUF HAJI BUILDINGS PALACE ROAD, ALUVA
 2254 U65992KL1997PTC011103                                                                                1/10/1997 ERNAKULAM DIST Kerala 683101
                                      M M CHITS FINANCE AND INVESTMENTS PRIVATE                                      NO 183 MURALI SADANAMTHEKKUMPURAM PUTHOOR P O
 2255 U65992KL1997PTC011120           LIMITED                                                              1/16/1997 KOTTARAKKARA QUILION DIST Kerala 691507
                                      SIVAPURI KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      ANUGRAHA SHOPPING COMPLEX           THRISSUR Kerala 680020
 2256 U65992KL1997PTC011147                                                                                1/22/1997
                                      KURISSUMMOOTTIL CHITTY FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                    ROOM NO PP/I/91PAYYAVOOR POST          KANNUR Kerala
 2257 U65992KL1997PTC011179                                                                                 2/6/1997 670633
                                      BANKERMAN KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     DOOR NO 359A/IIIKAM SQUARE TANA IRINJALAKUDA
 2258 U65992KL1997PTC011187                                                                                 2/7/1997 THRICHUR Kerala 680121
                                      PANJAJANYAM CHITS AND FINANCE PRIVATE                                          V/440 PRABHALA BUILDINGSPAZHAYANNUR          TRICHUR DIST
 2259 U65992KL1997PTC011214           LIMITED                                                              2/17/1997 Kerala 680587
                                      DAM CITY CHITS AND INVESTMENTS PRIVATE                                         DOOR NO V/139H.O. AISWARYA BUILDING CHERUTHONY
 2260 U65992KL1997PTC011275           LIMITED                                                               3/6/1997 IDUKKI Kerala 685602
                                      FACE TO FACE KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            HOUSE NO 459/12AANUGRAHA SHOPPING COMPLEX MARKET
 2261 U65992KL1997PTC011303                                                                                3/17/1997 ROAD CHALAKUDY TRICHUR Kerala 680307
                                      SOPANAM CHITS AND FINANCIERS PRIVATE                                           XX/1240N,2ND FLOOR,THARAIF BAZAR, TIRUR MALAPURAM
 2262 U65992KL1997PTC011320           LIMITED                                                              3/20/1997 Kerala 676101
                                      AKSHAYA KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       XVII/40E IRB COURTK M K JUNCTION NORTH PARAVUR
 2263 U65992KL1997PTC011370                                                                                4/11/1997 ERNAKULAM Kerala 683513
                                      CPM CHITT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                BLDG NO 1256 WARD NO 6ERUMELY PANCHAYATH ERUMELY
 2264 U65992KL1997PTC011428                                                                                5/13/1997 P O KOTTAYAM Kerala 686509
                                      DHANAREKHA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              SREEKRISHNA COMPLEX, NEAR THIRUVAMBADY TEMPLE,
                                                                                                                     ROOM NO XVIII/509/26, IInd FLOOR, PATTURAIKKAL
 2265 U65992KL1997PTC011430                                                                                5/13/1997 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      POORNIMA KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      V/656MULAKKAL BUILDING VARANDARAPPILLY P O
 2266 U65992KL1997PTC011443                                                                                5/19/1997 THRISSUR Kerala 680303
                                      METRO KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         "METRO TOWER", DOOR NO.40/8177, IIND FLOOR OPP.
                                                                                                                     SHENOY'S THEATRE, CONVENT ROAD, ERNAKULAM KOCHI
 2267 U65992KL1997PTC011445                                                                                5/19/1997 Kerala 682035
                                      PULARI CHITS AND FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED                                       7/902, MALAYATTOOR ROAD, KALADY KALADY Kerala
 2268 U65992KL1997PTC011496                                                                                 6/4/1997 683574
                                      MANOJ TRADES AND KURIES INDIA PRIVATE                                          26/51 F MATTAMMAL JUNCTIONKONTHURUTHY ROAD KOCHI
 2269 U65992KL1997PTC011507           LIMITED                                                               6/5/1997 ERNAKULAM Kerala 682013
                                      ENSURE CHITS AND INVESTMENTS PRIVATE                                           2nd FLOOR, S.KUMAR SHOPPING COMPLEX M.G. ROAD,
 2270 U65992KL1997PTC011524           LIMITED                                                              6/12/1997 NADUVILAL THRISSUR Kerala 680001
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      SOVEREIGN KURIES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                         TC 10/734/35 1ST FLOORMARS COMMERCIAL CENTRE
 2271 U65992KL1997PTC011551                                                                                6/19/1997 PALLIKKULAM ROAD THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      PERAMANGALAM KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE                                          VIII/579G 1ST FLOORHIGH SCHOOL ROAD PERAMANGALAM
 2272 U65992KL1997PTC011580           LIMITED                                                              6/25/1997 THRISSUR Kerala 680545
                                      LOKAMALESWARAM KURIES AND FINANCES                                             12/399WEST NADA KODUNGALLUR THRISSUR Kerala
 2273 U65992KL1997PTC011575           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      6/25/1997 680664
                                      FRIENDS KURIES AND TRADES PRIVATE LIMITED                                      VP VIII/37A VARAPUZHA PANCHAYATH THUNDATHUMKADAVU
                                                                                                                     CHETTIBHAGAM VARAPUZHA P O ERNAKULAM Kerala
 2274 U65992KL1997PTC011583                                                                                6/26/1997 683517
                                      NOTIONAL CHITS AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       IX/432, THRISSUR ROAD VADANAPPILLY THRISSUR Kerala
 2275 U65992KL1997PTC011615                                                                                7/10/1997 680614
                                      SANATHANA KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     3rd FLOOR, ROYALE PLAZA BRIDGE ROAD, ALUVA ALUVA
 2276 U65992KL1997PTC011621                                                                                7/15/1997 Kerala 683101
                                      PALAKKAL KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                VI/162 DALANGATTIL BUILDING PALISSERY TRICHUR Kerala
 2277 U65992KL1997PTC011634                                                                                7/18/1997 680027
                                      CHAKIATH KURIES AND INVESTMENTS PRIVATE                                        V/198 IIND FLOORBOVANS BUILDINGS THRISSUR ROAD
 2278 U65992KL1997PTC011662           LIMITED                                                              7/29/1997 ANGAMALLY ERNAKULAM Kerala 683572
                                      GIFT INDIA KURIES AND LOTTERIES PRIVATE                                        GIFT INDIA KURIES AND LOTTERIES PRIVATE LIMITED DOOR
 2279 U65992KL1997PTC011690           LIMITED                                                               8/8/1997 NO. IV/491 K, GIFT INDIA TOWERS ALAPAD Kerala 680641
                                      DECCAN KURIES AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        FORANE CHURCH COMPLEX MALA TRICHUR Kerala 680732
 2280 U65992KL1997PTC011718                                                                                8/21/1997
                                      ALMARK HOUSING COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED                                         5th Floor, Santhi Emarald Cheruparambath Road, Kadavanthra
 2281 U65992KL1997PTC011733                                                                                8/27/1997 Ernakulam Kerala 682020
                                      G F S CHITS AND LOANS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          DOOR NO 19/84AABSHAR TRADE CENTRE POOTHOLE ROAD
 2282 U65992KL1997PTC011801                                                                                9/23/1997 TRICHUR Kerala 680004
                                      SHREYAS HIRE PURCHASE AND KURIES PRIVATE                                       XL/7179-A SRI RAM BUILDINGT D ROAD         ERNAKULAM Kerala
 2283 U65992KL1997PTC011804           LIMITED                                                              9/24/1997 682035
                                      ST MARTIN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                IST FLOORPAUL ARCADE N H JUNCTION ANGAMALY
 2284 U65992KL1997PTC011869                                                                               10/17/1997 ERNAKULAM Kerala 683572
                                      NAYANTHARA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               BLDG NO 198/VIIVADASSERIKKARA PANCHAYATH P O
                                                                                                                     VADASSARIKKARA RANNI TALUK PATHANAMTHITTA Kerala
 2285 U65992KL1997PTC011878                                                                               10/23/1997 689662
                                      SOURABHYA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               IV/153 SOUHRUDHA BUILDING2ND FLOOR MAIN ROAD
 2286 U65992KL1997PTC011897                                                                                11/6/1997 WADAKKANCHERY TRICHUR Kerala 680582
                                      ALAKA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   CW 35/3063, SUSHIL TOWERS, II FLOOR BANK ROAD
 2287 U65992KL1997PTC011898                                                                                11/6/1997 KANNUR Kerala 670001
                                      SUDRIDAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                ROOM NO 1/162CHOWALLURPADI P O THAIKKAD THRISSUR
 2288 U65992KL1997PTC011912                                                                               11/13/1997 Kerala 680104
                                      GREEN CHANNEL LINK KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                      MARS COMMECIAL CENTREPALLIKULAM ROAD        THRISSUR
 2289 U65992KL1997PTC011916                                                                               11/19/1997 Kerala 680001
                                      DHANESWARI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               ROOM NO C 23 IIIRD FLOORMALABAR GATE RAM MOHAN
 2290 U65992KL1997PTC011921                                                                               11/21/1997 ROAD CALICUT Kerala 673004
                                      KODAKARA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                IV/785BALBHAVAN KODAKARA P O THRISSUR Kerala 680684
 2291 U65992KL1997PTC011924                                                                               11/24/1997
                                      HIGH GLORY KURIES LIMITED                                                      IIND FLOORCITY COMPLEX SHORNUR ROAD TRICHUR
 2292 U65992KL1997PLC011763                                                                               11/28/1997 Kerala 680001
                                      KRISHNAKRIPA CHITS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                       1ST FLOOR UNITED SHOPPINGCOMPLEX, POOTHOLE
 2293 U65992KL1997PTC011934                                                                                12/1/1997 THRISSUR Kerala 680004
                                      KANIKKAPURAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            KANIKKA TOWER,PANAMUKKU NEDUPUZHA P O THRISSUR
 2294 U65992KL1997PTC011935                                                                                12/2/1997 Kerala 680015
                                      ST ROSE KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 14 ST JOHN S SHOPPING COMPLEXPARAPPUR        THRISSUR
 2295 U65992KL1997PTC011982                                                                               12/29/1997 Kerala 680552
                                      SWATHANTHRA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             I FLOORADAM BAZAR EASTERN BAZAR THRISSUR Kerala
 2296 U65992KL1997PTC011983                                                                               12/29/1997 680001
                                      PRATHIBHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                DOOR NO V/474 MAIN ROADPALAKUNNU POST BEKAL
 2297 U65992KL1998PTC012003                                                                                 1/7/1998 KASARGOD Kerala 671318
                                      JESUS KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   DOOR NO TC 6/25822ND FLOOR KALLIATH ROYAL SQUARE
 2298 U65992KL1998PTC012029                                                                                1/20/1998 PALACE ROAD TRICHUR Kerala 680020
                                      NEW JEYES KURIES (KERALA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                      X/434, NEW CHURCH ROAD,ERINJERI ANGADI, THRISSUR-
 2299 U65992KL1998PTC012031                                                                                1/21/1998 680001     Kerala
                                      SAYUJYA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED.                                                5 14 SECOND FLOORADAM BAZAR RICE BAZAR TRICHUR
 2300 U65992KL1998PTC012047                                                                                 2/2/1998 Kerala 680001
                                      CHETHANA KURIES THRISSUR PRIVATE LIMITED.                                      ROOM NO XI/598/34ARAFA TOWER VELIYANNUR ROAD
 2301 U65992KL1998PTC012063                                                                                 2/5/1998 THRISSUR Kerala 680021
                                      VAZHAKKALA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              III/337 BCHEMBUMUKKU THRIKKAKARA P O COCHIN
 2302 U65992KL1998PTC012069                                                                                 2/6/1998 ERNAKULAM Kerala 682021
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      CHUNGATH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 MPI V/461ARAKULAM WEST KODUNGLLUR TRICHUR Kerala
 2303 U65992KL1998PTC012076                                                                                2/10/1998 680664
 2304 U65992KL1998PTC012183           SREE PADAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                     3/31/1998 10/248COLLEGE ROAD       PALAKKAD Kerala 678001
                                      EZHUTHACHAN KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             WOMEN S CLUB ROADCHEMBUKKAVU          TRICHUR Kerala
 2305 U65992KL1998PTC012186                                                                                 4/1/1998 680020
                                      WHITEHORSE CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            BLDG NO TKA/IV/89CMENACHERY BILDG MAROTTICHODU
 2306 U65992KL1998PTC012229                                                                                4/29/1998 EDAPPALLY COCHIN ERNAKULAM Kerala 682024
                                      SPACEAGE KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                XXVIII 720 PALLITHAMAMSHOPPING COMPLEX ROUND NORTH
 2307 U65992KL1998PTC012236                                                                                 5/4/1998 THRISSUR Kerala 680020
                                      RICE BAZAR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              ROOM NO.5A, 1ST FLOOR ELANJIKKAL BUILDING, PALAKKAL
 2308 U65992KL1998PTC012328                                                                                6/16/1998 ANGADY THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      ELEVENSTAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               VENUS CASTLE35/18A 14 STATUE JUNCTION PALARIVATTOM
 2309 U65992KL1998PTC012354                                                                                6/30/1998 KANAYANNUR TALUK ERNAKULAM DIST Kerala 682025
 2310 U65992KL1998PTC012373           KARMALAMATHA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                  7/13/1998 X/37/78ADAM BAZAR      THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      CUSTOMER S KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              25/657 (4), RIYAZ COMPLEX, GODOWN STREET BIG BAZAR
 2311 U65992KL1998PTC012388                                                                                7/16/1998 PALAKKAD Kerala 678014
                                      GMT BUSINESS CHITS LIMITED                                                     XL/4845KOLUTHARA HOUSE BASIN ROAD ERNAKULAM
 2312 U65992KL1998PLC012435                                                                                8/13/1998 Kerala 682031
                                      KUNDUKULANGARA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                          V/72A KUNDUKULANGARAPOULOSE MEMORIAL BUILDING
 2313 U65992KL1998PTC012479                                                                                9/16/1998 THOLUR PARAPPUR P O TRICHUR Kerala 680552
                                      GOKUL KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   DOOR NO V/76RADHAKRISHNA COMPLEX ATHANI P O
 2314 U65992KL1998PTC012488                                                                                9/21/1998 THRISSUR Kerala
                                      SHOGUN KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  X/550/4A Y COMPLEX PALLIKULAM ROAD TRICHUR Kerala
 2315 U65992KL1998PTC012516                                                                                10/9/1998 680001
                                      KALLECTION KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              XV/393 UNUSCAT BUILDING MAIN ROAD CHELAKARA P O
 2316 U65992KL1998PTC012519                                                                               10/12/1998 THRISSUR Kerala 680586
                                      SUHRUDHA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                DOOR NO IV/69/A 16SOUHRUDHA ARCADE NEAR COURT
 2317 U65992KL1998PTC012525                                                                               10/13/1998 WADAKKANCHERY P O THRISSUR Kerala 680582
                                      RESMI CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 DOOR NO XII/338,RESMI TOWERS, OLLUR P O TRICHUR
 2318 U65992KL1998PTC012528                                                                               10/16/1998 Kerala 680306
                                      KATHIYALAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              IX/3EDAVILANGU P O KODUNGALLUR TRICHUR Kerala
 2319 U65992KL1998PTC012558                                                                                11/3/1998 680671
                                      MUTHUVARA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               VI/325 MARATH BUILDINGPUZHAKAL P O MUTHUVARA
 2320 U65992KL1998PTC012592                                                                               11/17/1998 THRISSUR Kerala 680553
                                      SAMBADHYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                XA-4261 ADHADI BLDGKALOOR ROAD CALICUT KOZHIKODE
 2321 U65992KL1998PTC012608                                                                               11/19/1998 Kerala 673007
                                      THE VEMBANAD KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            VII/108 KESAVA MANDIRPALACE ROAD VAIKOM KOTTAYAM
 2322 U65992KL1998PTC012703                                                                               12/30/1998 Kerala 686141
                                      HIMAVARSHA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              T C 18/3433OPP C S I CHURCH MISSION QUARTERS
 2323 U65992KL1999PTC012809                                                                                2/15/1999 TRICHUR Kerala 680001
 2324 U65992KL1999PTC012834           KINS KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                          2/25/1999 III/522AKAVANAD STOP MALA THRISSUR Kerala 680732
                                      UDAYASURYA CHITTY FUND MALABAR PRIVATE                                         X559,SHIVAPRIYA BUILDINGS ERANHIKKAL P O CALICUT
 2325 U65992KL1999PTC012837           LIMITED                                                               3/1/1999 Kerala 673303
                                      WINFINN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  37/755 KACHAPILLY CHAMBERSMAHAKAVI G ROAD
 2326 U65992KL1999PTC012889                                                                                3/16/1999 KARIKKAMURI JUNCTION ERNAKULAM Kerala 682011
                                      AADAMBAZAR KURIES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                        X/37/120ADAM BAZAR BUILDING     THRISSUR Kerala 680001
 2327 U65992KL1999PTC012893                                                                                3/17/1999
                                      SEVENA CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                SWADESI BUILDINGEASTERN BAZAR        THRISSUR Kerala
 2328 U65992KL1999PTC012899                                                                                3/18/1999 680001
                                      BASILICA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                ROOM NO T C 1236/6ELINJIKKAL BUILDING PALAKKAL ANGADI
 2329 U65992KL1999PTC012979                                                                                4/21/1999 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      SOLIDARITY KURIES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                        DOOR NO 25/927/4 II FLOORROYAL COMPLEX RICE BAZAR
 2330 U65992KL1999PTC012998                                                                                 5/4/1999 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      THE PENINSULA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            K J COMPLEX 1ST FLOORCHRIST COLLEGE JUNCTION
 2331 U65992KL1999PTC013021                                                                                5/12/1999 THRISSUR ROAD IRINJALAKUDA THRISSUR Kerala 680125
                                      PALLURUTHY KURIES AND CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    39/4326 AIIND FLOOR MANIKKIRI ROAD ERNAKULAM Kerala
 2332 U65992KL1999PTC013032                                                                                5/17/1999 682016
                                      EDAKULAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                DOOR NO 40 G WARD NO VIIPOOMANGALAM VILLAGE
 2333 U65992KL1999PTC013053                                                                                5/26/1999 EDAKKULAM P O EDAKKULAM TRICHUR Kerala 680121
                                      MARUTHAYUR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              378 PST THOMAS SHOPPING COMPLEX NEAR POST OFFICE
 2334 U65992KL1999PTC013158                                                                                7/21/1999 PAVARATTY P O TRICHUR Kerala 680507
                                      RICHFIELD CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             SHUKOOR BUILDING NO 18/826KANDAMKULAM ROAD
 2335 U65992KL1999PTC013156                                                                                7/21/1999 CALICUT Kerala 673002
                                      SIXAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    DOOR NO CC 32/2324 B1LILY S TOWERS OPP TELEPHONE
                                                                                                                     EXCHANGE M K K NAIR ROAD PALARIVATTOM Kerala 682025
 2336 U65992KL1999PTC013245                                                                                8/23/1999
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      GURUSREE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 XIX/550 4TOWN HALL IRINJALAKUDA P O THRISSUR Kerala
 2337 U65992KL1999PTC013286                                                                                9/10/1999 680121
                                      KATTOOR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 MARKET ROAD ROOM NO 5/468BAZAR KATTOOR P O
 2338 U65992KL1999PTC013290                                                                                9/14/1999 KATTOOR THRISSUR Kerala 680702
                                      NELLANGARA FAMILY KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                       DOOR NO II/52NELLANGARA BUILDING OLLUR CHEERACHIL P
 2339 U65992KL1999PTC013303                                                                                9/20/1999 O THRISSUR Kerala 680306
                                      KATTOOR DHANA BINDU CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      VI/452 KATTOOR P OPUTHENPURACKAL BUILDING BAZAR
 2340 U65992KL1999PTC013319                                                                                9/24/1999 ROAD THRISSUR Kerala 680702
                                      ALEENA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  M K P TOWERS XVI / 86MAIN ROAD TANA IRINJALAKUDA P O
 2341 U65992KL1999PTC013340                                                                                10/6/1999 TRICHUR Kerala 680121
                                      TRICHUR MONARCH CHIT FUND LIMITED                                              19/1837, ADAM BAZAR RICE BAZAR TRICHUR Kerala 680001
 2342 U65992KL1999PLC013342                                                                                10/7/1999
                                      STANWORTH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                THEKKERAYIL PLAZASHORNUR ROAD               THRISSUR Kerala
 2343 U65992KL1999PTC013356                                                                               10/12/1999 680001
                                      SNEHADEEPAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             DOOR NO X/508 DKUNNATH BUILDING KOTTEKAD KUTTUR P O
 2344 U65992KL1999PTC013377                                                                               10/21/1999 THRISSUR Kerala 680013
                                      MANPOWER KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                187/4 CHERUVALKARAN HOUSEKALLOOR P O               THRISSUR
 2345 U65992KL1999PTC013380                                                                               10/22/1999 Kerala 680317
                                      VADAMA WELFARE KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                          ROOM NO III/870BM S M BUILDING VADAMA P O MALA
 2346 U65992KL1999PTC013424                                                                                11/8/1999 THRISSUR Kerala 680736
                                      BHAKTHAPRIYA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            HI POWER COMPLEXENAMMAVUROAD CHAVAKKAD P O
 2347 U65992KL1999PTC013428                                                                                11/9/1999 THRISSUR Kerala 680506
                                      FUNDAMENTAL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              IST FLOOR N P COMPLEXMANNATH LANE M G ROAD
 2348 U65992KL1999PTC013439                                                                               11/15/1999 TRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      NEW MILLENNIUM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                          C JANARDHANAN SMARAKMANDIARAM MANNADIAR LANE
 2349 U65992KL1999PTC013441                                                                               11/15/1999 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      VADAKKUMCORE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             BUILDING NO IX/310YMC WARD VAIKOM P O KOTTAYAM
 2350 U65992KL1999PTC013444                                                                               11/16/1999 Kerala 686141
                                      AKHILYA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 VII/254/EDURGA SHOPPING COMPLEX VARAPUZHA
 2351 U65992KL1999PTC013463                                                                               11/29/1999 ERNAKULAM Kerala 683517
                                      PUDUYUGAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               PANCHAYATH SHOPPING COMPLEXMUNDUR P O
 2352 U65992KL1999PTC013498                                                                                12/9/1999 THRISSUR Kerala 680541
                                      FORTGATE KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                NO P/5037/93 REGENCY CENTRESECOND FLOOR CALVARY
 2353 U65992KL1999PTC013509                                                                               12/14/1999 ROAD P O POOTHOLE THRISSUR Kerala
                                      CHOONDAL CHITHRA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                        NO 117 I/ II 1ST FLOORTKM BUILDING CHOONDAL P O
 2354 U65992KL1999PTC013519                                                                               12/17/1999 TRICHUR Kerala 680502
                                      KADAMPANAD KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              NEW PANCHAYATHU SHOPPINGCOMPLEX KADAMPANAD P O
 2355 U65992KL1999PTC013544                                                                               12/27/1999 TEMPLE ROAD PATHANAMTHITTA Kerala 691553
                                      KALABHAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                REGENCY CENTRE IIND FLOORTC 37 1748 KALVERY ROAD
 2356 U65992KL2000PTC013568                                                                                 1/4/2000 WEST FORT THRISSUR Kerala 680004
                                      GOKULAKRIPA CHITS KERALA PRIVATE LIMITED                                       XXI/622 GOKULAKRIPA CHAMBERS, KANJIRAMATTOM BYE
 2357 U65992KL2000PTC013634                                                                                1/27/2000 PASS ROAD THODUPUZHA Kerala 685585
                                      HEBRON KURIES PVT LIMITED                                                      ROOM NO IX/585AST JOSEPH BUILDING COMPLEX
 2358 U65992KL2000PTC013650                                                                                 2/3/2000 PAVARATTY TRICHUR Kerala 680507
                                      MYNAKAM GENERAL CHITS KERALA PRIVATE                                           ROOM NO X/179FLAKSHMI BUILDING THRIPRAYAR NATTIK P
 2359 U65992KL2000PTC013671           LIMITED                                                              2/11/2000 O TRICHUR Kerala 680566
                                      GURUDEVA SAMGAMAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        NEAR POST OFFICEMAIN ROAD OLLUR              THISSUR Kerala
 2360 U65992KL2000PTC013681                                                                                2/17/2000 680306
                                      THARANGAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               VI/700THANDASSERY BUILDING VELUPADAM P O THRISSUR
 2361 U65992KL2000PTC013708                                                                                2/24/2000 Kerala 680303
                                      MUDAPPILAVU KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             NO XIII/53A GURUCHAITHANYASHOPPING COMPLEX
 2362 U65992KL2000PTC013715                                                                                2/25/2000 CHIYYARAM P O THRISSUR Kerala 680026
                                      TANA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    VELLANI KARAN SHOPPINGCOMPLEX TANA IRINJALAKUDA
 2363 U65992KL2000PTC013754                                                                                3/13/2000 THRISSUR Kerala 680121
                                      AMBALLUR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                AMBALLURALAGAPPANAGAR.P O               TRICHUR Kerala 680302
 2364 U65992KL2000PTC013756                                                                                3/13/2000
                                      JANANANMA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               12/344/9POOVATHINGAL ARAVADE H O OLLUR THRISSUR
 2365 U65992KL2000PTC013757                                                                                3/14/2000 Kerala 680306
                                      ANANDAPURAM KURIES KERALA PRIVATE LIMITED                                      MURIYAD ANANDAPURAM P.O. THRISSUR Kerala 680323
 2366 U65992KL2000PTC013749                                                                                3/20/2000
                                      BOOMIKA CHIT FUND LIMITED                                                      Deejay Arcade, IInd Floor, Convent Road, Chalakudy THRISSUR
 2367 U65992KL2000PLC013782                                                                                3/24/2000 Kerala 680307
                                      ALATHUR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 5/856 KRISHNA BUILDINGSOPP NEW BUS STAND COURT ROAD
 2368 U65992KL2000PTC013810                                                                                3/29/2000 ALATHUR P O PALAKKAD Kerala 678541
                                      MARIYA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  1/364-S, PRATHIBA BUILDING KAIPARAMB THRISSUR Kerala
 2369 U65992KL2000PTC013812                                                                                3/30/2000 680546
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      SKYLAND KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 MADATHUMPADY HOUSECHEROOR P O            THRISSUR Kerala
 2370 U65992KL2000PTC013849                                                                                 4/7/2000 680008
                                      RAMAPURAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                V/421PAIMPILLIL BUILDING RAMAPURAM BAZAR PO
 2371 U65992KL2000PTC013855                                                                                4/10/2000 KOTTAYAM Kerala 686576
                                      KOTTAYIL KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                DOOR NOUNITED SHOPPING COMPLEX POOTHOLE
 2372 U65992KL2000PTC013860                                                                                4/11/2000 THRISSUR Kerala 680004
                                      KUNNATH CHITS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                            DOOR NO 642/DKUNNATH TOWERS A C ROAD CHERTHALA
 2373 U65992KL2000PTC013862                                                                                4/12/2000 ALLEPPY Kerala 688524
                                      KIZHAKKEKOTTA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           SUN TOWERS1ST FLOOR 147/XIII T EAST FOR THRISSUR
 2374 U65992KL2000PTC013880                                                                                4/19/2000 Kerala 680005
                                      CONFLUX CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  BUILDING NO X/122HVATTAKALAM BUILDINGS THODUPUZHA
 2375 U65992KL2000PTC013894                                                                                4/26/2000 IDDUKKI Kerala 685584
                                      T F KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     HOUSE NO 13/722 WARD NO 13KANJANY ROAD
 2376 U65992KL2000PTC013910                                                                                4/28/2000 AYYANTHOLE P O TRICHUR Kerala 680003
                                      PUTHOORKAVU KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             DOOR NO.204/F, 2ND FLOOR PENTA CENTRE, PUTHUR P.O.
 2377 U65992KL2000PTC013911                                                                                 5/2/2000 THRISSUR Kerala 680014
                                      PUDUKAD CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  DOOR NO VII/293 C SHALLOWCOMPLEX HOSPITAL ROAD
 2378 U65992KL2000PTC013914                                                                                 5/4/2000 PUDUKAD THRISSUR Kerala 680301
                                      P VEMBALLUR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             DOOR NO X/413 S N PURAMPANCHAYATH P VEMBALLUR
 2379 U65992KL2000PTC013916                                                                                 5/5/2000 THRISSUR Kerala 680664
                                      SUNROCK KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 DOOR NO VIII/350/29O K JOHN MEMORIAL BUILDING MISSION
 2380 U65992KL2000PTC013918                                                                                 5/8/2000 QUARTERS THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      VADUTHALA YOUTHS KURIES LIMITED                                                DOOR NO 28/977VADUTHALA KOCHI ERNAKULAM DISTRICT
 2381 U65992KL2000PLC013921                                                                                5/12/2000 Kerala 682023
                                      PACE KAIRALY KURIES KERALA PRIVATE LIMITED                                     44/32 A1MANAVALAN BUILDINGS LISSIE JUNCTION
 2382 U65992KL2000PTC013962                                                                                5/13/2000 ERNAKULAM Kerala 682018
                                      SREE VADAKKUMNATHAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      XVIII/196/21REGENCY CENTRE CACVARY ROAD THRISSUR
 2383 U65992KL2000PTC013929                                                                                5/16/2000 Kerala 680004
 2384 U65992KL2000PLC013969           OLARI LITTLE FLOWER KURIES LIMITED                                    6/2/2000 OLARIKKARAP O PULLAZHILE        THRISSUR Kerala 680012
                                      AMALOLBHAVA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             KALAVATH TOWERS, PLARIVATTOM, ERNAKULAM Kerala
 2385 U65992KL2000PTC013999                                                                                6/14/2000 682025
 2386 U65992KL2000PTC014038           DIVYA DEEPAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                  6/27/2000 KUZHURPARAPPURAM          THRISSUR DIST Kerala 680734
                                      EKOPANAM CHITTS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                ROOM NO.VII/23 B 18, 1ST FLOOR EDACHERIL BUILDINGS,
 2387 U65992KL2000PTC014074                                                                                7/14/2000 MARKET ROAD ANGAMALY Kerala 683572
                                      ASHWAS KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  PENTA MENAKA SHANMUGHAM ROADDOOR NO 144A/2908
 2388 U65992KL2000PTC014111                                                                                7/26/2000 SHANMUGHAM ROAD P O ERNAKULAM Kerala 682031
                                      MONETARY KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                NO 53 3RD FLOORBELLMOUTH BUILDING THERATTIL J
 2389 U65992KL2000PTC014145                                                                                8/10/2000 ANTONY MEMORIAL THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      THRISSIVA PEROOR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                        KAK BUILDINGROOM NO XXVI/1065/19 RICE BAZAR
 2390 U65992KL2000PTC014146                                                                                8/10/2000 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      CHETTUPUZHA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             V/254EZHUTHACHAN SAMAJAM BUILDGINGS CHETTUPUZHA P
 2391 U65992KL2000PTC014157                                                                                8/16/2000 O THRISSUR Kerala 680621
                                      SEVENEX KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 KOLUTHARA BUILDINGSBROADWAY          ERNAKULAM Kerala
 2392 U65992KL2000PTC014197                                                                                 9/7/2000 682031
                                      JATHAKA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 DOOR NO V/40 F1 AYYAPPACOMPLEX NEAR POST OFFICE
 2393 U65992KL2000PTC014200                                                                                9/13/2000 WADAKKANCHERRY TRICHUR Kerala 680582
                                      FARMERS KURIES KOTTEKKAD PRIVATE LIMITED                                       X/3560 KOTTEKKADUDAYA BUILDING KUTTUR P O
 2394 U65992KL2000PTC014199                                                                                9/13/2000 THRISSUR Kerala 680013
 2395 U65992KL2000PTC014231           MEGAVARSHA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                    9/28/2000 KODALIKODAKARA P O         THRISSUR Kerala 680684
                                      DEVAPRASTHAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             DOOR NO 6NATTIKA P O THRIPRAYAR THRISSUR Kerala
 2396 U65992KL2000PTC014293                                                                                11/2/2000 680566
                                      AEPPYEM CHITS AND KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                       AEPPYEM BUILDINGS,SREEKRISHNA TOWERS,KAVUVATTOM
 2397 U65992KL2000PTC014304                                                                                11/7/2000 CHERPULASSERY PALAKKAD Kerala 679503
                                      LLOYD KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   CHGERRY COMPLEXTANA IRINJALAKUDA THRISSUR Kerala
 2398 U65992KL2000PTC014333                                                                               11/21/2000 680121
 2399 U65992KL2000PTC014341           PAVIZHAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                     11/23/2000 DOOR NO XII/110MALA       TRICHUR Kerala 680568
                                      MERLIN KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  DOOR NO VIII/291ARIPALAM IRINJALAKUDA TRICHUR Kerala
 2400 U65992KL2000PTC014346                                                                               11/27/2000 680688
                                      FRIENDS NEW MILLENNIUM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                   DOOR NO IV/75EDATHURUTHY         TRICHUR Kerala 680703
 2401 U65992KL2000PTC014362                                                                               11/30/2000
                                      KANDANASSERY KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            X/167, 1ST FLOOR KARISMA PALACE, MATTOM P.O.
 2402 U65992KL2000PTC014372                                                                                12/4/2000 THRISSUR Kerala 680602
                                      SAN GEO KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 ST GEORGE BUILDINGSLOURD NAGAR CHAKKARAPARAMBU
 2403 U65992KL2000PTC014382                                                                                12/8/2000 THAMMANAM P O ERNAKULAM Kerala 682032
                                      KURUVILASSERY GRAMINA KURIES PRIVATE                                           286-A7/VIIIATHIYARATH SHOPPING COMPLEX
 2404 U65992KL2000PTC014403           LIMITED                                                             12/13/2000 KURUVILASSERY P O MALA THRISSUR Kerala 680735
 2405 U65992KL2000PTC014414           AL HOME KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                      12/15/2000 VELLANGALLUR       TRICHUR Kerala 680662
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      ISLAND KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  BUILDING NO XIX/374 & 375SANGAMESWARA CHAMBERS
 2406 U65992KL2000PTC014415                                                                               12/15/2000 IRINJALAKUDA TRICHUR Kerala 680121
                                      PALATTY MILLENNIUM CHITS LIMITED                                               DOOR NO 388 4/VIIIPALATTY BUILDING KARUKUTTY P O
 2407 U65992KL2000PLC014412                                                                               12/15/2000 ERNAKULAM Kerala 683576
                                      BETHLEHEM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               DOOR NO 193 G VII ST MARY SCHURCH COMPLEX
                                                                                                                     POOMANGALAM PANCHAYATH ARIPALAM P O TRICHUR
 2408 U65992KL2000PTC014421                                                                               12/18/2000 Kerala 680688
 2409 U65992KL2001PTC014448           PUNARJANI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       1/5/2001 KKM COMPLEX IRINJALAKUDA P O TRICHUR Kerala 680125
 2410 U65992KL2001PTC014466           KUTTANELLUR ASHA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                              1/11/2001 AFC BUILDINGVETTUKAD      THRISSUR Kerala 680014
                                      JANAKIYA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                ST THOMAS SHOPPING CENTRECASINO COMPLEX KOKKALAI
 2411 U65992KL2001PTC014470                                                                                1/12/2001 THRISSUR Kerala 680004
                                      FORT CITY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                GERMAN PLAZAII FLOOR COLLEGE ROAD PALAKKAD Kerala
 2412 U65992KL2001PTC014541                                                                                2/14/2001 678001
                                      UKKENS KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  DOOR NO XI/64A SI SHORE SILOSHOPPING COMPLEX
                                                                                                                     VELLANGALLORE EDAKULAM IRINJALAKUDA TRICHUR
 2413 U65992KL2001PTC014546                                                                                2/15/2001 Kerala 680662
                                      MANAVEEYAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              ROOM NO 33/390 391ARAFA TOWERS VELIYANNUR ROAD
 2414 U65992KL2001PTC014591                                                                                3/13/2001 THRISSUR Kerala 680021
                                      BEFRIEND KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                C IV/32/6PUTHUR VILLAGE VETTUKADE P O THRISSUR
 2415 U65992KL2001PTC014663                                                                                4/19/2001 Kerala 680014
 2416 U65992KL2001PTC014664           THOTTIPAL KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                     4/19/2001 XIV/571 THOTTIPAL THRISSUR Kerala 680310
 2417 U65992KL2001PTC014696           KONIKKARA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                      5/4/2001 NEAR NORTH BUS STAND      TRICHUR Kerala 680020
                                      SALVATION CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             TC-X/46/13, EASTEND PLAZA RICE BAZAR THRISSUR Kerala
 2418 U65992KL2001PTC014701                                                                                 5/8/2001 680001
                                      LORD BHARATHA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       VI/260A THEKKETHALA BUILDINGCOURT VIEW ROAD
 2419 U65992KL2001PTC014734                                                                                5/22/2001 IRINJALAKUDA P O TRICHUR Kerala 680121
                                      WESTAR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  NO VI/636WESTERN BUILDING KANJANI P O TRICHUR
 2420 U65992KL2001PTC014740                                                                                5/24/2001 Kerala 680612
                                      TWINS CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               37 468BROADWAY LODGE ENCLAVE BROADWAY
 2421 U65992KL2001PTC014743                                                                                5/25/2001 ERNAKULAM Kerala 682031
                                      LOURDE MATHA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            DOOR NO 54/565LOURDE MATHA CHURCH BUILDING
 2422 U65992KL2001PTC014747                                                                                5/28/2001 PERUMANUR P O ERNAKULAM Kerala 682015
                                      SAMARITAN KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               XIII/48/1 CASINO COMPLEXKOKKALAI T B ROAD TRICHUR
 2423 U65992KL2001PTC014756                                                                                5/31/2001 Kerala 680021
                                      KANIMANGALAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            DOOR NO II/361/1KANIMANGALAM P O     TRICHUR Kerala
 2424 U65992KL2001PTC014790                                                                                6/13/2001 680027
                                      PARIVARTHANA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            XVIII/477 OLD MARKET ROADKRISHNA COMPLEX
 2425 U65992KL2001PTC014841                                                                                7/13/2001 IRINJALAKUDA P O THRISSUR Kerala 680121
                                      THALAKKOTTUKARA KUTTIKAT WELFARE KURIES                                        X/546/59ANCHERY COMPLEX PALLIKULAM ROAD THRISSUR
 2426 U65992KL2001PTC014848           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      7/18/2001 Kerala 680001
                                      SWARARAGAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              DOOR NO C 2 128/7M K S BUILDINGS KIZHAKKETHALA
 2427 U65992KL2001PTC014883                                                                                 8/7/2001 CHITTATTUKA THRISSUR Kerala 680511
 2428 U65992KL2001PTC014886           JIMSON KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                         8/8/2001 T C 27/368OLLUR P O    THRISSUR Kerala 680306
                                      HIGH ROAD KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               T C 815/51 53ST LOUIS COMMERCIAL COMPLEX ERINJERI
 2429 U65992KL2001PTC014893                                                                                8/14/2001 ANGADI THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      PANCHAMITHRA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             BUILDING NO P 375 WARD VIIINEDUMPURAKKAL BUILDING
                                                                                                                     POST KARUVANNUR CHERIYAPALAM THRISSUR Kerala
 2430 U65992KL2001PTC014900                                                                                8/17/2001 680711
                                      LABOUR CHITS LIMITED                                                           7/XII JUNCTIONPOTTA CHALAKUDY THRISSUR Kerala
 2431 U65992KL2001PLC014909                                                                                8/24/2001 680722
                                      CHRISTHURAJ CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              ROOM NO VII/126 1ST FLOORADAM BAZAR MARKET ROAD
 2432 U65992KL2001PTC014922                                                                                 9/5/2001 ANGAMALY P O ERNAKULAM Kerala 683572
                                      TOPLINE KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 ROOM NO X/815/37 38ST LOUIS COMMERCIAL BUILDING
 2433 U65992KL2001PTC014944                                                                                9/14/2001 ERINJERI ANGADI CHURCH CIRCLE TRICHUR Kerala 680001
                                      SAMUNNADHA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              ROOM NO 230 N WARD NO 11HARWIN PLAZA EDAKUNNU
                                                                                                                     VILLAGE PANAMKUTTICHIRA OLLUR P O THRISSUR Kerala
 2434 U65992KL2001PTC014948                                                                                9/18/2001 680306
                                      KUDUMBASREE CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         BUILDING NO 1/514KALLETTUMKARA NEAR FEDERAL BANK
 2435 U65992KL2001PTC014951                                                                                9/18/2001 LTD THRISSUR Kerala 680683
                                      INSIGHT CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  BUILDING NO VII/159AINVEST COMPLEX URAKAM P O
 2436 U65992KL2001PTC014956                                                                                9/19/2001 TRICHUR Kerala 680562
                                      UTHRALI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  MINUMART OTTUPARA, WADAKKANCHERY THRISSUR
 2437 U65992KL2001PTC014982                                                                                10/4/2001 Kerala 680590
                                      RESOURCE INDIA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                          ROOM NO 4 GROUND FLOORMARS COMMERCIAL COMPLEX
 2438 U65992KL2001PTC015007                                                                               10/17/2001 PALLIKULAM ROAD THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      SHUBHAKAMKSHI KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           XVII/22 NSS BUILDINGMUKUNDAPURAM TALUK CHALAKUDY P
 2439 U65992KL2001PTC015052                                                                                11/6/2001 O THRISSUR Kerala 680307
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      C N N KERALA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             BUILDING NO 35/344 10B R M COMPLEX OLAVAKKOD P O
 2440 U65992KL2001PTC015054                                                                                11/7/2001 PALAKKAD Kerala 678002
                                      SHORANUR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                BUILDING NO VII/531 MMUTHAPPAN COMPLEX
                                                                                                                     OPP.SHORANUR CO OP URBAN BANK MAIN ROAD
 2441 U65992KL2001PTC015061                                                                               11/13/2001 SHORANUR Kerala 679121
                                      KECHERI KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   ROOM NO III/48/AKNIGHT GROUP OPP KIRALUR ROAD
                                                                                                                       ARAMPULLY ANJUR MUNDUR P O THRISSUR Kerala 680549
 2442 U65992KL2001PTC015063                                                                               11/13/2001
                                      BHADRASANA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              ROOM NO TC 18 2098PAVANA BUILDING PALLIKULAM ROAD
 2443 U65992KL2001PTC015062                                                                               11/13/2001 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      SAMOOHYANEETHI KURIES LIMITED                                                  TC XXXV/2447JAIHIND MARKET ROAD       TRICHUR Kerala
 2444 U65992KL2001PLC015081                                                                               11/21/2001 680001
                                      CENTRE MALAYALAM CHITS LIMITED                                                 XXIX/164 II FLOORSUHARSHA TOWERS SHORNUR ROAD
 2445 U65992KL2001PLC015083                                                                               11/22/2001 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      MAHILA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  ROOM NO X/91 FIRST FLOORNIRMALA BUILDING RICE BAZAR
 2446 U65992KL2001PTC015088                                                                               11/27/2001 THRISSUR H P O THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      M V M CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               21/194 MAYIVAHANAM BUILDINGSKULAPPULLY P O
 2447 U65992KL2001PTC015091                                                                               11/29/2001 SHORANUR PALAKKAD Kerala 679122
                                      DHANAREKSHA CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           DHANASAKTHI BUILDINGSKANJANI P O       THRISSUR Kerala
 2448 U65992KL2001PTC015099                                                                                12/4/2001 680612
                                      FINEART CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             11/574-1, FIRST FLOOR, ART CHAMBERS A R T JN., NEXT TO
                                                                                                                     GOVT.HOSPITAL JN., M C ROAD CHENGANNUR Kerala
 2449 U65992KL2001PTC015112                                                                               12/11/2001 689121
                                      CORPORATE KURIES KERALA PRIVATE LIMITED                                        DOOR NO XIII/220 KALLETTUMKARAMANGALLYA SHOPPING
                                                                                                                     COMPLEX MUKUNDAPURAM TALUK THRISSUR Kerala
 2450 U65992KL2001PTC015132                                                                               12/21/2001 680683
                                      CARE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     DOOR NO T C 40/1042KOORKKENCHERRY      THRISSUR
 2451 U65992KL2001PTC015135                                                                               12/27/2001 Kerala 680007
                                      OPERA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    BUILDING NO 31/685 B 13SIMSON TOWERS SAHODARAN
                                                                                                                     AYYAPPAN ROAD VYTTILA P O ERNAKULAM Kerala 682009
 2452 U65992KL2001PTC015139                                                                               12/28/2001
                                      VATANAPPALLY CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                          ROOM NO 10/357 BNH 17VATANAPPALLY P O CHAVAKKAD
 2453 U65992KL2002PTC015153                                                                                 1/1/2002 TALUK THRISSUR Kerala 680614
                                      NAGOOR KHANI RAWTHER CHITS INDIA PRIVATE                                       BUILDING NO XX/55 1 2 3LOOLU COMPLEX ANAPPARA
 2454 U65992KL2002PTC015158           LIMITED                                                               1/2/2002 PATHANAMTHITTA Kerala 689645
                                      PARAPURAM PRATHEEKSHA KURIES PRIVATE                                           ROOM NO 444/1KUZHOOR P O PARAPPURAM TRICHUR
 2455 U65992KL2002PTC015161           LIMITED                                                               1/3/2002 Kerala 680734
                                      LUSTRE KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  18/397 MALIYEKKALBUILDING MAIN ROAD IRINJALAKUDA
 2456 U65992KL2002PTC015212                                                                                1/30/2002 THRISSUR Kerala 680121
                                      GURUDEEPAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              CASINO COMPLEX, ST.THOMAS SHOPPING CENTER ROOM
 2457 U65992KL2002PTC015244                                                                                2/13/2002 NO:13/36 & 41, KOKKALAI THRISSUR Kerala 680021
 2458 U65992KL2002PTC015251           NEW KANNAPURAM CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                              2/18/2002 TC.44/266 CHETTUPUZHA P O THRISSUR Kerala 680621
                                      ALAPPAT KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 XXIV/349(I) CITY HEIGHTS BUILDING, CHALAKKUDY
 2459 U65992KL2002PTC015266                                                                                2/21/2002 THRISSUR Kerala 680307
                                      CIVIL LANE KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              DOOR NO XVIII/447/16SAEED PLAZA CIVIL LANE ROAD
 2460 U65992KL2002PTC015306                                                                                3/18/2002 AYYANTHOLE THRISSUR Kerala 680003
                                      NAVANEETHAM KURIES KOCHI PRIVATE LIMITED                                       ROOM NO III/440RAVI CENTRE TEMPLE ROAD NORTH PARUR
 2461 U65992KL2002PTC015321                                                                                3/25/2002 ERNAKULAM Kerala 683513
                                      KIZHUTHANI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               BUILDING NO V/382KIZHUTHANIM THANISSERY P O
 2462 U65992KL2002PTC015334                                                                                 4/1/2002 TRICHUR Kerala 680701
                                      GRAMODHARANA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            12/231POLICE STATION ROAD OLLUR P O TRICHUR Kerala
 2463 U65992KL2002PTC015350                                                                                 4/8/2002 680306
                                      GURUPADMAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              SREENARAYANAPURAMKOORKKENCHERRY P O
 2464 U65992KL2002PTC015406                                                                                5/10/2002 THRISSUR Kerala 680007
 2465 U65992KL2002PTC015450           TEAM PLUS KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                      6/3/2002 VIII 513 EAMMADAM P O      THRISSUR Kerala 680563
                                      PERINTHALMANNA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           426/V K P S BUILDINGOPP PRIVATE BUS STAND
 2466 U65992KL2002PTC015484                                                                                6/17/2002 PERINTHALMANNA P O MALAPPURAM Kerala 679322
                                      KELPETTA JANAKSHEMA MARUTHI CHITS PRIVATE                                      KM 8/180/19, ROYAL PLAZA NEAR FEDERAL BANK, GUDALAI
 2467 U65992KL2002PTC015480           LIMITED                                                              6/17/2002 KALPETTA Kerala 673121
                                      PANANCHERY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               DOOR NO VII/141/B6KANNAMPUZHA BUILDING PATTIKAD P O
 2468 U65992KL2002PTC015481                                                                                6/17/2002 THRISSUR Kerala 680652
                                      MC COY MASCOT KURIES KERALA PRIVATE LIMITED                                    VIII/350/31 DR O K JOHNMEMMORIAL BUILDING IKKANDA
                                                                                                                     WARRIER CROSS ROAD MISSION QRTS THRISSUR Kerala
 2469 U65992KL2002PTC015490                                                                                6/20/2002 680006
                                      DHANAPOSHINI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             ROOM NO IV/558HIGHWAY INDIA COMMERCIAL COMPLEX
 2470 U65992KL2002PTC015539                                                                                7/18/2002 AMBALLUR TRICHUR Kerala 680301
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      UNNI MISIHA KURIES KOOVAPADAM PRIVATE                                          XII/1576 C, INFANT JESUS CHURCH BUILDINGS SANTO
                                      LIMITED                                                                        GOPALAN ROAD, KOOVAPADAM COCHIN COCHIN Kerala
 2471 U65992KL2002PTC015640                                                                                9/10/2002 682002
                                      HRUDHYA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 10/815 ST LOUISCOMMERCIAL COMPLEX ERINJERI ANGADI
 2472 U65992KL2002PTC015645                                                                                9/13/2002 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      PALLISSERY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               PULIKKAN HYPER BAZAR BUILDING BAZAR ROAD, PUDUKKAD
 2473 U65992KL2002PTC015646                                                                                9/16/2002 THRISSUR Kerala 680301
                                      JAYA KERALA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             XVI/390B, MS MENON SHOPPING COMPLEX P O
 2474 U65992KL2002PTC015714                                                                               10/25/2002 KONATHUKUNNU TRICHUR Kerala 680123
                                      MANICKANAMPARAMBIL CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                    UDEYAMPEROORNADAKAVU P O           ERNAKULAM Kerala
 2475 U65992KL2002PTC015766                                                                               11/22/2002 682307
                                      SHELTER KURIES LIMITED                                                         II/117 G 1IST FLOORTKM BUILDINGS CHOONDAL POST
 2476 U65992KL2003PLC015976                                                                                2/28/2003 THALAPPILLYTALUK THRISSUR Kerala 680502
                                      GRAMASREE KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               2/383KANNANAIKKAL BUILDING KAIPARAMBA P O THRISSUR
 2477 U65992KL2003PTC016047                                                                                3/27/2003 Kerala 680546
                                      LALAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    BUILDING NO VIII/338/C/9KUNJAMMA TOWERS PALA P O
 2478 U65992KL2003PTC016182                                                                                 6/5/2003 KOTTAYAM Kerala 686575
                                      PATTURAIKAL KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             26/1236/5, ELANJIKKAL BUILDING, 1ST FLOOR PALAKKAL
 2479 U65992KL2003PTC016197                                                                                6/10/2003 ANGADI, CHEMBUKAVU THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      SWARAKSHA CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           4/86 STJOSEPHS CHURCH COMPOUNDKANNUR ROAD
 2480 U65992KL2003PTC016324                                                                                7/22/2003 NADAKAVU P O KOZHIKODE Kerala 673001
                                      REMYA CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 17/1042 NEAR NEW PRIVATEBUS STAND OPPOSITE TO FISH
 2481 U65992KL2003PTC016359                                                                                 8/5/2003 MARKET PERUM BAVOOR P O ERNAKULAM Kerala 683547
                                      SELDATE KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 TC/29/1304PAUL ARCADE PANAMKUTTICHIRA OLLUR PO
 2482 U65992KL2003PTC016553                                                                               10/17/2003 THRISSUR Kerala 680306
                                      ASSET KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   ROOM NO 10/37/136IVTH FLOOR ADAM BAZAR       THRISSUR
 2483 U65992KL2003PTC016591                                                                                11/4/2003 Kerala 680001
                                      AMBALLUR CROWN KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                          ROOM NO 108 W AMBALLURKOOVAKADAN COMPLEX
                                                                                                                     ALAGAPPANAGAR PO MUKUNDAPURAM THRISSUR Kerala
 2484 U65992KL2003PTC016602                                                                                11/7/2003 680302
                                      TOWER CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    7/53 8S M COMPLEX COLLEGE ROAD PALAKKAD P O
 2485 U65992KL2003PTC016660                                                                                12/3/2003 PALAKKAD Kerala 678001
                                      BIGFIELD CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 VIII/480THAZHATHU VEEDU PATHANAMTHITTA P O
 2486 U65992KL2004PTC016786                                                                                1/19/2004 PATHANAMTHITTA Kerala 689645
                                      NAVADHARA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               TC 46969THATTIL BUILDING OLARIKKARA,P O PULLAZHY
 2487 U65992KL2004PTC016815                                                                                1/29/2004 THRISSUR Kerala 680012
                                      KRISHNA SOPANAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                         DOOR NO TC 48/1280MARKET JUNCTION ARANATTUKARA P O
 2488 U65992KL2004PTC016833                                                                                 2/5/2004 THRISSUR Kerala 680018
                                      MAHESHAYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                DOOR NO17/581 MASHRIQ SHOPPINGCOMPLEX PUTHIYARA
                                                                                                                     ROAD NEAR STADIUM CIRCLE PUTHIYARA P O CALICUT
 2489 U65992KL2004PTC016998                                                                                3/31/2004 Kerala 673004
                                      ARPPANAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                DOOR NO 10/176PAPPACHAN BUILDING P O PAVARATTY
 2490 U65992KL2004PTC017038                                                                                4/12/2004 THRISSUR Kerala 680507
                                      CHALAKUZHI CHITS LIMITED                                                       DOOR NO 274/12/VICHALAKUZHI BAZAR THIRUVALLA P O
 2491 U65992KL2004PLC017039                                                                                4/12/2004 PATHANAMTHITTA Kerala 689101
                                      KOSAMATTAM CHITS AND KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                    732 2ARAFA TOWER     KOTTAYAM Kerala 686001
 2492 U65992KL2004PTC017087                                                                                4/30/2004
                                      SREESABARI KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              ROOM NO 785/3 SREE SAILAMSHOPPING COMPLEX AZHOOR
                                                                                                                     ROAD PATHANAMTHITTA P O PATHANAMTHITTA Kerala
 2493 U65992KL2004PTC017154                                                                                 6/1/2004 686645
                                      SHALOM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  T C 26/1314/9//1PAS BUILDING FIRST FLOOR PALAKKAL
 2494 U65992KL2004PTC017282                                                                                7/19/2004 ANGADI THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      THIRUTHANATHIL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           DOOR NO III/496 CCHADRAPURA MANJAPRA P O
 2495 U65992KL2004PTC017445                                                                                9/16/2004 ERNAKULAM Kerala 683581
                                      PAITHRUKAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               V/176E PAITHRUKAM CASTLEEAST NADA IRINJALAKUDA
 2496 U65992KL2004PTC017447                                                                                9/17/2004 THRISSUR Kerala 695014
                                      PUNCHIRI KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                111, CATHEDRAL COMPLEX, KODUNGALLUR ROAD TANA,
 2497 U65992KL2004PTC017448                                                                                9/17/2004 IRINJALAKUDA TRICHUR Kerala 680121
                                      CHERUTHURUTHY KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           VALLATHOL NAGAR, ROOM NO VI/67 1ST FLOOR, N P A
 2498 U65992KL2004PTC017510                                                                               10/11/2004 COMPLEX MARKET ROAD CHERUTHURUTHY Kerala 679531
                                      THIRUKOCHI CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            BULDING NO VPP/IX/527&528KUZHIVELIL BUILDING N H 49
 2499 U65992KL2004PTC017513                                                                               10/12/2004 PUTHENCRUZ P O ERNAKULAM Kerala 682308
 2500 U65992KL2004PTC021751           NEDUNGAD CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      10/20/2004 4/153A NEDUNGAD NAYARAMBALAM Kerala 682509
                                      KERALA PRAVASI CHITS COMPANY PRIVATE                                           "Sharjah Building Complex", lst Floor, Engandiyoor P.0, Chandapadi
 2501 U65992KL2004PTC017587           LIMITED                                                             11/15/2004 Thrissur Kerala 680615
                                      ALL KERALA CHIT FOREMANS COMPANY PRIVATE                                       R.NO.XXXVI/1951II FLOORKALOOR TOWERS KALOOR P O
 2502 U65992KL2004PTC017595           LIMITED                                                             11/18/2004 ERNAKULAM Kerala 682017
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      SREE KOVIL CHITS COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED                                       DOOR NO 12/344 1NEELIKANDY APARTMENTS MAIN ROAD P O
 2503 U65992KL2004PTC017657                                                                                12/9/2004 KALPETTA WAYANAD Kerala 673121
                                      HI LANE KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 DOOR NO TC 10/550/14 & 15A & Y COMPLEX PALLIKULAM
 2504 U65992KL2004PTC017688                                                                               12/16/2004 ROAD THRISSUR P O Kerala 680001
                                      NANDANAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 T C 19/849/5 CALDEAN SYRIANCHURCH BUILDING
 2505 U65992KL2004PTC017703                                                                               12/21/2004 LOURDUPURAM EAST FORT P O THRISSUR Kerala 680005
                                      BRAHMAGIRI CHITS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                         6/636DSABARI TOWERS NOORANAD P O ALAPPUZHA Kerala
 2506 U65992KL2004PTC017731                                                                               12/29/2004 690504
                                      NAIPUNYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 VI/481/26AMBUJA ARCADE NORTH PARAVUR P O
 2507 U65992KL2005PTC017782                                                                                1/12/2005 ERNAKULAM Kerala 683513
                                      GENTLEMAN CHIT FUNDS COMPANY INDIA PRIVATE                                     DOOR NO 735/II ANAND BAZARTHALAYOLAPARAMBU P O
 2508 U65992KL2005PTC017892           LIMITED                                                               2/7/2005 VAIKOM TALUK KOTTAYAM Kerala 686605
                                      UDAY KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    ROOM NO 345/19P V COMPLEX CIVIL LINE WEST FORT
 2509 U65992KL2005PTC017910                                                                                2/14/2005 POOTHOLE P O THRISSUR Kerala 680004
                                      AISWARYA IDEAL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           DOOR NO KP/I/66NIRAVATH BUILDING MAIN ROAD
 2510 U65992KL2005PTC017915                                                                                2/15/2005 KATTAPPANA P O IDUKKI Kerala 685508
                                      KIZHAKKE ATTATHU CHITTY PRIVATE LIMITED                                        BUILDING NO 49 A WARD NO VIIPHIBIN BUILDING VETTIYAR P
 2511 U65992KL2005PTC017961                                                                                 3/2/2005 O ALAPPUZHA Kerala 690557
                                      PRASANTHY KURIES KERALA PRIVATE LIMITED                                        BUILDING NO 727 WARD NO XIIIRADHA SADANAM BUILDINGS
                                                                                                                     MANKAMKUZHY P O VETTIYAR VIL ALAPPUZHA Kerala
 2512 U65992KL2005PTC017962                                                                                 3/2/2005 690557
                                      SHREE THIRUVANGAD CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        ROOM NO 9/1177 II FLOORMANU PLAZA,AIR PORT ROAD
 2513 U65992KL2005PTC017993                                                                                3/11/2005 RAMANATTUKARA P O CALICUT Kerala 673633
                                      ST GEORGE CHITTIES KARAKKATTU PRIVATE                                          DOOR NO VPP/XI//660KARAKKATTU BUILDINGS KANINADU P O
 2514 U65992KL2005PTC018001           LIMITED                                                              3/14/2005 VADAVUCODE VIA ERNAKULAM Kerala 682310
                                      WHITE LINKS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              MP VI/784 S 2PP BUILDING ST JOSEPH HOSPITAL ROAD
 2515 U65992KL2005PTC018159                                                                                 5/3/2005 MANANTHAVADY POST WAYANAD Kerala 670645
                                      SOORYA DHANASREE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         BUILDING NO IV/38 APERINGAMALAYIL BUILDINGS KADAVU
 2516 U65992KL2005PTC018308                                                                                6/16/2005 ROAD PIRAVAM POST ERNAKULAM Kerala 686664
                                      SREEKAMESWARI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            XI/144/VKANDATHI PARAMBU CHERANELLORE P O
 2517 U65992KL2005PTC018351                                                                                6/28/2005 ERNAKULAM Kerala 682034
                                      VIVENTO KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 BUILDING NO 35/1263ST MARTIN ROAD PALARIVATTON P O
 2518 U65992KL2005PTC018406                                                                                7/11/2005 KOCHI ERNAKULAM Kerala 682025
                                      ALUVA MERCANTILE CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                    396/1/VI/ III FLOORYENVEE COMPLEX ALUVA P O
 2519 U65992KL2005PTC018470                                                                                7/26/2005 ERNAKULAM Kerala 683101
                                      ORANGE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   SWAPNAM COMPLEX, ROOM NO 10/541/8,9,10,11
 2520 U65992KL2005PTC018557                                                                                8/22/2005 CHRISTOPHER NAGAR, OLLUR THRISSUR Kerala 680306
                                      SUBSCRIBERS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              TC/26/347/2,LEELATOWER,BEHIND MODELBOYS HIGHSCHOOL
 2521 U65992KL2005PTC018646                                                                                9/19/2005 CONVENT ROAD, THRISSUR THRISSUR Kerala 680020
                                      MAPRANAM CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED                                             RM NO 8 BLDG NO 430/QWARD NO 11 PORATHISSERY
 2522 U65992KL2005PTC018649                                                                                9/20/2005 PANCHAYATH MADAYIKONAM THRISSUR Kerala 680712
                                      MANJAPRA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                BUILDING NO IV/408 AMANJAPRA P O ALUVA TALUK
 2523 U65992KL2005PTC018694                                                                                10/4/2005 ERNAKULAM Kerala 683581
                                      DIVYANADHAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             DOOR NO 10/541CHRISTOPHER NAGAR OLLUR P O
 2524 U65992KL2005PTC018698                                                                                10/7/2005 THRICUR Kerala 680306
 2525 U65992KL2005PTC018740           ARAVAM CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                     10/21/2005 III/238ARIMPUR P O     THRISSUR Kerala 680620
                                      ASSURANCE KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               BUILDING NO.XVI/15-561-6,CHERYY COMPLEX,
 2526 U65992KL2005PTC018798                                                                               11/11/2005 P.O.IRINJALAKUDA, THRISSUR Kerala 680121
                                      PALLIKUNNU KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              DOOR NO.KP/I/605,VENNATTUPARAMBIL BUILDING,
                                                                                                                     PALLIKUNNU P.O.,VARANDARAPILLY THRISSUR-680 302.
 2527 U65992KL2005PTC018808                                                                               11/16/2005 Kerala
                                      SEA LAND CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 H.NO.11/332,VADAKKE VAIPEL,VADAKARA P.O.,VELLOOR,
 2528 U65992KL2005PTC018829                                                                               11/18/2005 KOTTAYAM-686 605. KOTTAYAM-686 605. Kerala
                                      OMKARA LAKSHMI KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                          VII/6A,ROOM NO.1,II FLOOR,RAZAS TOWER, THRIKKAKARA
 2529 U65992KL2005PTC018866                                                                               11/28/2005 P.O.,KAKKANAD, ERNAKULAM-682 021. Kerala
                                      OMAX KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    DOOR NO.XIV/812,CATHEDRAL JUNCTION, IRINJALAKUDA P.O.,
 2530 U65992KL2005PTC018868                                                                               11/28/2005 THRISSUR-680 121. Kerala
                                      UVARON CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   XX/330, VKK BUILDING MAIN ROAD, IRINJALAKUDA TRICHUR
 2531 U65992KL2005PTC018887                                                                                12/2/2005 Kerala 680121
                                      ANANYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   ROOM NO. TMC 45/104,ASHIQATOWER, 2ND FLOOR, LOGANS
 2532 U65992KL2005PTC018930                                                                               12/14/2005 ROAD,THALASSERY P.O. KANNUR 670 101. Kerala
                                      PLANT CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    DOOR NO.IX/640/40,IKKANDA WARRIER ROAD, THRISSUR
 2533 U65992KL2005PTC018954                                                                               12/19/2005 HEAD P.O., THRISSUR-680 001. Kerala
                                      PUBLIC CHITS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                           BUILDING NO.18/562,KALLINGAPURAM COMPLEX, NEAR
 2534 U65992KL2005PTC018975                                                                               12/22/2005 ALTHARA P.O.IRINJALAKUDA TRICHUR DIST.680121 Kerala
                                      THANIMA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 BUILDING NO.352,WARD 11,P.O.KUTTICHIRA,KODASSERY
 2535 U65992KL2005PTC018980                                                                               12/23/2005 GRAMA PANCHAYATH, THRISSUR-680 724. Kerala
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      CHALIYAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 XII/72A, IIND FLOOR, MALABAR SHOPPING MALL, NILAMBUR
 2536 U65992KL2005PTC018987                                                                               12/26/2005 Kerala 679329
                                      ARGUS KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   3rd FLOOR, FRUITS & VEGETABLES MARKETING SOCIETY
 2537 U65992KL2006PTC019027                                                                                 1/3/2006 BUILDING, HIGH ROAD THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      SREE KALKI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               DOOR NO.14/357,TEMPLE ROAD, P.O.THIRUVILLWAMALA,
 2538 U65992KL2006PTC019057                                                                                1/11/2006 THRISSUR-680 588. Kerala
                                      MATTATHIL SAFE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           4/6,FIRST FLOOR,NSS BUILDING,VELLORKUNNAM, MARKET
 2539 U65992KL2006PTC019064                                                                                1/12/2006 P.O.,MUVATTUPUZHA, ERNAKULAM-686 673. Kerala
                                      PUNNAKKAL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                18/652,A-31,PALAYAM ROAD,JEWELLERY BAZAR, P.O.TALI,
 2540 U65992KL2006PTC019066                                                                                1/12/2006 CALICUT-673 002. Kerala
                                      DHANA BHADRA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            XXVII/480,SAI KIRAN,MUSEUM ROAD, CHEMBUKKAVU P.O.,
 2541 U65992KL2006PTC019078                                                                                1/17/2006 THRISSUR-680 020. Kerala
                                      COMPANYPADY KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             ROOM NO.10/9/E,FIRST FLOOR PONIKARA SHOPPING
 2542 U65992KL2006PTC019177                                                                                2/10/2006 COMPLEX, P.O.OLLUR, THRISSUR-680 306. Kerala
                                      CYNOSURE KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                DOOR NO.X/221,CHALISSERYBUILDINGS,HICHRIMU NAGAR-I
 2543 U65992KL2006PTC019184                                                                                2/13/2006 KATTOOR P.O., THRISSUR-680 702. Kerala
                                      KIZHAKKEPURAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           15/230,KIZHAKKEPURAM,P.O.ARAANATTUKARA, THRISSUR-680
 2544 U65992KL2006PTC019189                                                                                2/14/2006 618. THRISSUR-680 618. Kerala
                                      FORMOST KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 DOOR NO.XII/142,P.O.MALA, THRISSUR-680 732. THRISSUR-
 2545 U65992KL2006PTC019193                                                                                2/14/2006 680 732. Kerala
                                      KURUMBANADOM SWASRAYA CHITS PRIVATE                                            VIII/8,THALAKULAM BUILDINGPERUMPANACHY P.O.
 2546 U65992KL2006PTC019211           LIMITED                                                              2/16/2006 CHANGANACHERRY KOTTAYAM DIST.686 536 Kerala
                                      WAYANAD JANAPRIYA SREE GOPURAM CHITS                                           DOOR NO.X/141/142KALPATA P.O. WAYANAD DIST. 673 121
 2547 U65992KL2006PTC019229           PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      2/23/2006 KERALA Kerala
                                      SAMOOHAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                ROOM NO.381,WARD NO.18,GROUND FLOOR,MAIN ROAD, NR
                                                                                                                     STATE BANK OF INDIA,IRINJA- LAKUDA P.O.,THRISSUR-680
 2548 U65992KL2006PTC019245                                                                                2/27/2006 126 Kerala
                                      FLYWELL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  FLYWELL BUILDING,DOOR NO.433BII,AKAMALA,
                                                                                                                     P.O.KUMARANELLUR,WADAKKANCHERRY,          TRICHUR Kerala
 2549 U65992KL2006PTC019284                                                                                 3/3/2006 680059
                                      FINWIN KURIES (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                          XIII/580B(3) EKS BLDG, OPPO. SNS HALL, SOUTH NADA,
 2550 U65992KL2006PTC019343                                                                                3/31/2006 KODUNGALLUR TRICHUR Kerala 680664
                                      NILAMBUR CHIT AND KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                       APEX TOWER NP-519 PALACE ROAD NILAMBUR Kerala
 2551 U65992KL2006PTC019401                                                                                4/28/2006 679329
                                      WEGA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    BUILDING NO VI/252 D PUTHIRIKATTIL BUILDING ,
                                                                                                                     MAPRANAM,P O MADAYIKONAM IRINJALAKUDA Kerala
 2552 U65992KL2006PTC019425                                                                                5/16/2006 680712
                                      MADAPPURA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               B.NO.V/392F,SOBHANAM BUILDINGS NEAR GOVT.HOSPITAL,
 2553 U65992KL2006PTC019445                                                                                5/19/2006 PATTAMBI ROAD CHERUPULASSERY Kerala 679503
                                      PONNAMBALAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              DOOR NO. TC-20/2514 KARAMANA P O
 2554 U65992KL2006PTC019463                                                                                5/25/2006 THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Kerala 695002
                                      BHAVIBADRA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              SEON BUILDING LAKSHMI MILL ROAD, PULLAZHI P O
 2555 U65992KL2006PTC019475                                                                                5/29/2006 TRICHUR Kerala 680012
                                      KOCHUKONATHU CHITTY PRIVATE LIMITED                                            THADATHIL BUILDINGS,COLLEGE JUNCTION ALAYAMON,325F
 2556 U65992KL2006PTC019485                                                                                 6/1/2006 P O ALAYAMON ANCHAL Kerala 691320
                                      SHON KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    TC 46/1444,SNDP BUILDING, P O PULLAZHI OLARIKKARA
 2557 U65992KL2006PTC019513                                                                                6/12/2006 THRISSUR Kerala 680012
                                      J.J. ALAPPATT KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           WARD NO IX/377C,S N BUILDING MANNOOR KEEZHILLAM
 2558 U65992KL2006PTC019522                                                                                6/13/2006 Kerala 683541
                                      JEEVODAYAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              1ST FLOOR, EASTEND PLAZA, T C 18/1802 RICE BAZAR
 2559 U65992KL2006PTC019570                                                                                6/30/2006 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      CHERUVANNUR CHITS COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED                                      DOOR NO. 12/193 C C COMPLEX FEROKE POST KOZHIKODE
 2560 U65992KL2006PTC019581                                                                                 7/3/2006 Kerala 673631
                                      MANIKYAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 II/440B, PAMBAMTHODU CHEVOOR P O TRICHUR DT Kerala
 2561 U65992KL2006PTC019588                                                                                 7/4/2006 680027
                                      MESIGO CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   XIX/185, 1ST FLOOR, CITY TOWER BANK JUNCTION MARKET
 2562 U65992KL2006PTC019626                                                                                7/12/2006 ROAD ALWAYE Kerala 683101
                                      AHALYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   ROOM No. 28/102/12, GROUND FLOOR VARNAM COMPLEX,
 2563 U65992KL2006PTC019634                                                                                7/14/2006 PATTURAIKKAL THRISSUR Kerala 680022
                                      SREE SANKARA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             DOOR NO.3/731, MATTOOR JUNCTION, MATTOOR P.O.,
 2564 U65992KL2006PTC019690                                                                                 8/2/2006 KALADY ERNAKULAM Kerala 683574
                                      SOUBHADRAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              DOOR NO. V/500 ,HARE RAMA COMPLEX P.O VALAPAD ,
 2565 U65992KL2006PTC019718                                                                                 8/9/2006 TEMPLE ROAD , TRIPRAYAR THRISSUR Kerala 680567
                                      IMMANUEL KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                ROOM NO : III/98 VALAPPAD POST THRISSUR Kerala 680567
 2566 U65992KL2006PTC019805                                                                                8/31/2006
                                      REACHOUT CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 BUILDING NO. 364/14, PAULSON BUILDING ANCHERY P.O.
 2567 U65992KL2006PTC019816                                                                                 9/6/2006 THRISSUR Kerala 680006
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      HIGHLINE INDIA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                          PULIKKAN HI-POWER BAZAR,320/I/VII BAZAR ROAD,
 2568 U65992KL2006PTC019843                                                                                9/14/2006 PUDUKKAD THRISSUR Kerala 680301
                                      SREE ANJANAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            DOOR NO 2F BHIMA TOWER, WADAKKANCHERY THRISSUR
 2569 U65992KL2006PTC019854                                                                                9/18/2006 Kerala 680582
                                      AGATHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   V/5, IIND FLOOR, P V COMPLEX CIVIL LINE ROAD, P O WEST
 2570 U65992KL2006PTC019863                                                                                9/18/2006 FORT TRICHUR Kerala 680005
                                      NEW WORLD CAPITAL CHITS COMPANY PRIVATE                                        IV/637C, LIWA SHOPPING COMPLEX TOWN HALL ROAD,
 2571 U65992KL2006PTC019901           LIMITED                                                              10/9/2006 KUNNAMKULAM THRISSUR Kerala 680503
                                      THELAKKADAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              DOOR NO.VIII/350-22, FIRST FLOOR, O.K.JOHN MEMORIAL
 2572 U65992KL2006PTC019905                                                                               10/11/2006 BUILDING, MISSION QUARTERS, THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      JANASRADHA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              ROOM NO. X/546/57, ANCHERY COMPLEX PALLIKULAM ROAD
 2573 U65992KL2006PTC019916                                                                               10/16/2006 THRISSUR DISTRICT Kerala 680001
                                      SYSTEMS KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 X/TC 2622, MGM BUILDING MISSION QUARTERS THRISSUR
 2574 U65992KL2006PTC019937                                                                               10/23/2006 Kerala 680001
                                      INNOVA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  5/239A, BUS STAND BUILDING NADA, IRINJALAKUDA
 2575 U65992KL2006PTC019974                                                                                11/8/2006 IRINJALAKUDA Kerala 680121
                                      SUMORO CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   SUMORO CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED,DOOR NO XVIII/11(9) A & T
                                                                                                                     COMPLEX, STADIUM BYEPASS ROAD PALAKKAD Kerala
 2576 U65992KL2006PTC019981                                                                                11/8/2006 678001
                                      MANIES JANASOBHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         Door no. XV/161 WADAKKANCHERY POST THRISSUR Kerala
 2577 U65992KL2006PTC019992                                                                               11/13/2006 680582
                                      THRAYAMBAKA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              SHOP ROOM NO 19/1923 G, SHERATON COMPLEX,
                                                                                                                     KOZHIPURATH PARAMBA, CHALAPPURAM, KASABA VILLAGE
 2578 U65992KL2006PTC019996                                                                               11/14/2006 CALICUT Kerala 673002
                                      MASWER CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   XX/1160, IIND FLOOR, MALABAR GATE BUILDING, OPP.GOVT
                                                                                                                     BOYS HIGH SCHOOL, KACHERY PADDI, MANJERI
 2579 U65992KL2006PTC019999                                                                               11/15/2006 MALAPPURAM Kerala 676121
                                      MOHAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   V/75&76, GROUND FLOOR, M.K. TOWER PARALAM P.O.,
 2580 U65992KL2006PTC020021                                                                               11/23/2006 VENGINISSERY THRISSUR Kerala 680575
                                      MANAVALASSERY KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           ROOM NOS.VI/451, VI/452, FIRST FLOOR,E.V.M.COMPLEX TANA,
 2581 U65992KL2006PTC020048                                                                               11/29/2006 IRINJALAKUDA.P.O THRISSUR Kerala 680121
                                      ADATT KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   ROOM NO 3 VALLACHIRAKARAN COMPLEX, NORTH BAZAR
                                                                                                                     NEAR OLLUR CHURCH, P O OLLUR THRISSUR Kerala 680306
 2582 U65992KL2006PTC020053                                                                               11/30/2006
                                      CHERUVALLIL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                BUILDINGNO:TPXIV550,ROHINICOMMUNICATIONBUILDING,
                                                                                                                       PERAYAM, UMAYANALLOOR.P.O KOTTIYAM Kerala 691589
 2583 U65992KL2006PTC020083                                                                                12/8/2006
                                      KALPADHENU KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              VIII/535, KALPADHENU TOWER OLD FRANCIS LANE,
 2584 U65992KL2006PTC020135                                                                               12/27/2006 KANDASSANKADAVU THRISSUR Kerala 680613
                                      ANON KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    DOOR NO. 15/184, THURUTHIPARAMBIL HOUSE
                                                                                                                     KIZHAKKEPURAM; ARANATTUKARA .P. O THRISSUR Kerala
 2585 U65992KL2007PTC020146                                                                                 1/2/2007 680618
                                      CHALAPPURAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              20/5,KALLAI KALLAI POST OFFICE KOZHIKODE Kerala
 2586 U65992KL2007PTC020186                                                                                 1/4/2007 673003
                                      FIERY INDIA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              DOOR NO 25/846/3/B ANJANEYA APPARTMENTS, A. R. MENON
 2587 U65992KL2007PTC020210                                                                                 1/9/2007 ROAD THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      KOKKULANGARA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            DOOR No. TC/X/1631-1633 URATH COMPLEX, NETTISSERY P O
 2588 U65992KL2007PTC020248                                                                                1/17/2007 THRISSUR DISTRCIT Kerala 680657
                                      DEVI SAHAYAM MOTHER CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      I/231/P, ANUGRAHA COMPLEX NEAR POLICE STATION
 2589 U65992KL2007PTC020258                                                                                1/19/2007 KODAKARA Kerala 680684
                                      SADH KEERTHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             Building No.IX/283A,Valiyaparambu Desam, Kuruvilassery P.O,Mala
 2590 U65992KL2007PTC020287                                                                                1/31/2007 Grama Panchayath. Thrissur Dist Kerala 680735
                                      CHITTI LAND KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             XI/782/8, BHAVATHI COMPLEX, II ND FLOOR RAMANCHIRA
 2591 U65992KL2007PTC020322                                                                                 2/8/2007 LANE, POST OFFICE ROAD THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      CENTRE POINT CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                          DOOR NO:11/819/8,FATHIMA ARCADE, NEAR NEW PATTALAM
 2592 U65992KL2007PTC020329                                                                                 2/9/2007 MARKET, RING ROAD, THRISSUR Kerala 680021
                                      VIJAYAPURAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             DOOR NO.XII/268, P O RAMAVARMAPURAM VILLADAM
 2593 U65992KL2007PTC020341                                                                                2/13/2007 THRISSUR Kerala 680631
                                      SHAMROCK CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 IST FLOOR, CHERUVALLIL BUILDING IDUKKI KAVALA
 2594 U65992KL2007PTC020360                                                                                2/15/2007 KATTAPPANA Kerala 685508
                                      PUDUSSERY KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               B-NO VI/409(G) DESAMANGALAM ROAD,CHERUTHURUTHY
 2595 U65992KL2007PTC020368                                                                                2/19/2007 ROAD THRISSUR Kerala 679531
                                      NIRAMALA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 II/207 E, VAISHNAVAGRAM BUILDING, MAHAVISHNUTEMPLE P
                                                                                                                     O ANANDAPURAM, MUKUNDAPURAM TALUK TRICHUR Kerala
 2596 U65992KL2007PTC020414                                                                                2/27/2007 680323
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      PRIYANKARA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              VI/5, CHRIST COLLEGE ROAD, OPPOSIT LIC OF INDIA P O
                                                                                                                     IRINJALAKUDA, MUKUNDAPURAM TALUK, TRICHUR Kerala
 2597 U65992KL2007PTC020468                                                                                 3/8/2007 680125
                                      DHANAKARYAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             TC 26/939,CHALDEAN SYRIAN KURIES BUILDING, RICE BAZAR,
 2598 U65992KL2007PTC020508                                                                                3/19/2007 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      POPENAGAR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               TRINITY COMPLEX, DOOR NO.TC 593 E 20.21 OPP. LIC
                                                                                                                     BUILDING,SAKTHAN THAMPURAN NAGAR THRISSUR Kerala
 2599 U65992KL2007PTC020543                                                                                3/26/2007 680001
                                      SREE MURALERAVAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         TC XXX/23, NEAR POST OFFICE AKKARA TOWERS, MAIN
 2600 U65992KL2007PTC020545                                                                                3/27/2007 ROAD, OLLUR THRISSUR Kerala 680306
                                      ARSHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    III/149-C, PARAMEL ARCADE PATTIKKAD THRISSUR Kerala
 2601 U65992KL2007PTC020546                                                                                3/27/2007 680652
                                      ORUMA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED.                                                   H.NO. VII/417K, MANJAPPRA ROAD, ANKAMALY P.O.,
 2602 U65992KL2007PTC020557                                                                                3/27/2007 ERNAKULAM Kerala 683572
                                      SREE GOWREESWARAM CHITS LIMITED                                                GURUMANDIRAM B NO 594 W NO XIV CHERAI P O Kerala
 2603 U65992KL2007PLC020588                                                                                3/30/2007 683514
                                      MADATHILAMMA CHITS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                       DOOR NO.291/26 1ST FLOOR, NAKSHATRA INN, WEST NADA
 2604 U65992KL2007PTC020596                                                                                 4/3/2007 GURUVAYOOR Kerala 680101
                                      ORAYAMPURAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             X/381, PERUVAMKULANGARA NEAR AYYAPPANKAVU TEMPLE,
 2605 U65992KL2007PTC020610                                                                                 4/5/2007 P.O.OLLUR THRISSUR Kerala 680306
                                      KUNDANNUR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               DOOR No. 8/371 E, OPP. CHURCH POST KUNDANNUR
 2606 U65992KL2007PTC020622                                                                                 4/9/2007 WADAKKANCHERY Kerala 680590
                                      VETTATH KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 DOOR NO.IV/17, SOWPARNIKA TOWERS AMALA NAGAR POST
 2607 U65992KL2007PTC020623                                                                                 4/9/2007 THRISSUR Kerala 680555
                                      MACHAD KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  11/44-A, KALLOOR BUILDING THEKKUMKARA POST
 2608 U65992KL2007PTC020631                                                                                4/10/2007 WADAKKANCHERY Kerala 680608
                                      OXTER CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    DOOR NO.3/444, YOUNG SHINE ROAD CHELAKKOTTUKARA,
 2609 U65992KL2007PTC020646                                                                                4/16/2007 EAST FORT P.O THRISSUR Kerala 680005
                                      KRISHNAARPANAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           CHALLAYIL HOUSE, DOOR NO.III/252, MUNDATHIKODE,
 2610 U65992KL2007PTC020688                                                                                4/24/2007 PUDURUTHY P O THRISSUR Kerala 680623
                                      VAIDOORYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                39/5003,KARIMPET LAKSHMI VILAS OLD THEVARA ROAD
 2611 U65992KL2007PTC020712                                                                                4/27/2007 ERNAKULAM Kerala 682016
                                      SAMAGRA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  ROOM NO. 309, THIRD FLOOR CALICUT MALL, STADIUM
 2612 U65992KL2007PTC020910                                                                                6/11/2007 JUNCTION, PUTHIYARA (PO) CALICUT Kerala 673004
                                      ASTERN CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    MP VI/789-0 P.P. BUILDING, ST.JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL ROAD
 2613 U65992KL2007PTC020920                                                                                6/13/2007 MANANTHAVADI Kerala 670645
                                      SAMANUAYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                ROOM NO.6, VYAPARI BHAWAN BUILDING KURIAPPILLY
                                                                                                                     SOUTH, MOOTHAKUNNAM P.O. NORTH PARAVUR Kerala
 2614 U65992KL2007PTC020970                                                                                6/20/2007 683516
                                      KODANDAPANI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              DOOR NO V111/359 CHEMBILODE PANCHAYATH
                                                                                                                     ANJARAKANDY P O MAMBA CHAKKARAKAL KANNUR Kerala
 2615 U65992KL2007PTC020984                                                                                6/22/2007 670611
                                      CHELOOR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 DOOR NO. 20/396G, KURUVEETTIL COMPLEX CHELOOR
 2616 U65992KL2007PTC021000                                                                                6/25/2007 IRINJALAKUDA Kerala 680121
                                      PADALIPUTHRA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            DOOR NO.13/182/14 PADALIPUTHRA COMPLEX,
 2617 U65992KL2007PTC021001                                                                                6/25/2007 KOORKENCHERY P.O. THRISSUR Kerala 680007
                                      SHAREWEALTH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              DOOR NO : 28 / 774-5, THIRD FLOOR SIVASAKTHI BUILDING,
                                                                                                                     OPP: NEHRU PARK, ROUND NORTH THRISSUR Kerala
 2618 U65992KL2007PTC021069                                                                                7/24/2007 680001
                                      WINCOST KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 ROOM No.4/20K, WARD - 4, SREERAM COMPLEX NANDIKKARA
 2619 U65992KL2007PTC021117                                                                                8/16/2007 POST THRISSUR Kerala 680301
                                      PARAMEKKAVU KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             XXI/575.34 VEENUS BUILDING, SECOND FLOOR, POOTHOLE
 2620 U65992KL2007PTC021118                                                                                8/16/2007 P.O. WEST FORT Kerala 680004
                                      WESTLINE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 DOOR NO.A.P.VIII-296/D5, KOTTARAM ROAD ALAKODE
 2621 U65992KL2007PTC021169                                                                                8/31/2007 KANNUR Kerala 670571
                                      THEVAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   17/2283, ALAKAPURI BUILDING, M M ALI ROAD, CALICUT
 2622 U65992KL2007PTC021256                                                                                10/1/2007 Kerala 673002
                                      DHANAKODI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                HOUSE NO. 327/6,MATTATHIL HOUSE, THOVARIMALA POST,
                                                                                                                     MANIVAYAL, SULTHAN BATHERY, SULTHAN BATHERY Kerala
 2623 U65992KL2007PTC021301                                                                               10/11/2007 673592
                                      PONNUKKARA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              3/434-B THEKKUTTU COMPLEX PONNUKKARA CENTRE
 2624 U65992KL2007PTC021303                                                                               10/11/2007 THRIKKUR P O Kerala 680314
                                      PSALM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   12/99D, MARATHAKKARA P.O TRICHUR TRICHUR Kerala
 2625 U65992KL2007PTC021317                                                                               10/16/2007 680320
                                      GRAMAJYOTHI KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             THIRUVATHIRA COMPLEX EAST BAZAAR CHITTATTUKARA
 2626 U65992KL2007PTC021329                                                                               10/18/2007 Kerala 680511
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      VALIYANGADI KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             DOOR NO.VI/643A, THRISSUR ROAD TANA, IRINJALAKUDA
 2627 U65992KL2007PTC021377                                                                                11/2/2007 IRINJALAKUDA Kerala 680121
                                      VIKASANA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                1ST FLOOR, KEYTEES BUILDING PERINTHALMANNA.P.O
 2628 U65992KL2007PTC021406                                                                               11/14/2007 VALANCHERY Kerala 676552
                                      KURUPPAMPADY CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                          2/505 Q, MANIYATTU BUILDING RAYAMANGALAM
                                                                                                                     PANCHAYATH, KURUPPAMPADY P.O ERNAKULAM Kerala
 2629 U65992KL2007PTC021419                                                                               11/16/2007 683545
                                      KURILINK KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                X/46/6, EAST END PLAZA RICE BAZAR THRISSUR Kerala
 2630 U65992KL2007PTC021470                                                                               11/27/2007 680001
                                      BASELINE KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                III / 588 F & III / 588 G, SREENARAYANA BUILDING
 2631 U65992KL2007PTC021471                                                                               11/27/2007 PALIYEKKARA, CHITTISSERY P.O THRISSUR Kerala 680301
                                      PYRAMID KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 WARD 1, 2ND FLOOR, KUNDUKAVU SHOPPING COMPLEX,
                                                                                                                     AMBALLUR, P.O. ALAGAPPA NAGAR THRISSUR Kerala
 2632 U65992KL2007PTC021475                                                                               11/28/2007 680302
                                      UNIPOWER KURIES CHALAKUDY PRIVATE LIMITED                                      MATTEKADAN BUILDING NEAR POLICE STATION, CHALKUDY
 2633 U65992KL2007PTC021479                                                                               11/29/2007 THRISSUR Kerala 680307
                                      HESHBON CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  I/21 CDE, JBM Building Udumbanoor P.O Thodupuzha Kerala
 2634 U65992KL2007PTC021575                                                                               12/18/2007 685595
                                      THAZHEKAD KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               XIII/37, ST. SEBASTIAN'S CHURCH BUILDING MUKUNDAPURAM
                                                                                                                     TALUK, THAZHEKKAD,P.O.KALLETTUMKARA TRICHUR Kerala
 2635 U65992KL2007PTC021590                                                                               12/21/2007 680683
                                      DHAKSHINA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                151, NEAR LFCGHSS PARK ROAD, IRINJALAKUDA TRICHUR
 2636 U65992KL2007PTC021613                                                                               12/28/2007 Kerala 680121
                                      FLAIR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   DOOR NO 48/1828 KIZHAKKEPURAM, P O ARANATTUKARA
 2637 U65992KL2007PTC021615                                                                               12/28/2007 THRISSUR Kerala 680618
                                      VANCHIYOOR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              VI/444, IVTH FLOOR, SURYA COMPLEX NEAR GIRLS HIGH
 2638 U65992KL2008PTC021716                                                                                1/22/2008 SCHOOL, VADAKKENADA KODUNGALLUR Kerala 680664
                                      SOURIYAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 III / 646, ST. XAVIERS CHURCH BUILDING CHEVOOR P O
 2639 U65992KL2008PTC021725                                                                                1/22/2008 THRISSUR Kerala 680027
                                      THUSHARAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               DOOR NO. VI/30C, PUTHUR GRAMA PANCHAYATH VETTUKKAD
 2640 U65992KL2008PTC021759                                                                                1/29/2008 P.O., VETTUKKAD THRISSUR Kerala 680014
                                      VELAPPAYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                ROOM NO II/274 OPPOSITE VELAPPAYA TEMPLE, VELAPPAYA
 2641 U65992KL2008PTC021828                                                                                 2/8/2008 PO THRISSUR Kerala 680596
                                      PADINJATTUMURI KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                          DOOR NO.344/10 P.O.CHERPU WEST CHERPU Kerala
 2642 U65992KL2008PTC021829                                                                                 2/8/2008 680573
                                      JALAKAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 VI / 829, SUMANGALY COMPLEX S V STREET, KOLLENCODE
 2643 U65992KL2008PTC021854                                                                                2/14/2008 PALAKKAD Kerala 678506
                                      GRAHASREE KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               MSC COMPLEX THIROOR, M.G.KAVU. P O THRISSUR Kerala
 2644 U65992KL2008PTC021935                                                                                2/28/2008 680581
                                      MALA CATHOLIC SOCIAL FORUM CHITTIES PRIVATE                                    Bldg No:II \2A29,K.K.ROAD, MALA P.O. PIN 680732 THRISSUR
 2645 U65992KL2008PTC021962           LIMITED                                                               3/4/2008 Kerala 680732
                                      ARIMPUR MATTEDESAM CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                    Door No.II/348 CD MARIYA UKKURU COMPLEX, ARIMPUR
 2646 U65992KL2008PTC022032                                                                                3/12/2008 THRISSUR Kerala 680620
 2647 U65992KL2008PTC022044           ABACUS KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                        3/13/2008 XII/397 MURIYAD THRISSUR DISTRICT Kerala 680694
                                      EVERWIN KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 DOOR No.X/133(9), VIGNESWARA BUILDING MUKKATTUKARA,
                                                                                                                     P.O.NETTISSERY THRISSUR Kerala 680657
 2648 U65992KL2008PTC022129                                                                                3/25/2008
                                      COROUS KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  K K FRANCIS BUILDINGS,FIRST FLOOR HIGH ROAD
 2649 U65992KL2008PTC022188                                                                                 4/2/2008 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      G-POWER CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  DOOR NO.BT8/538C, WARD NO.8, CHRISTY COMPLEX,
                                                                                                                     VYLATHOOR, NHAMANGHAT POST, VADAKKEKKAD
 2650 U65992KL2008PTC022239                                                                                4/10/2008 PANCHAYATH THRISSUR DISTRICT Kerala 679563
 2651 U65992KL2008PTC022252           ARIKKATT KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                      4/11/2008 Door No. 10/230-C Aloor Junction Aloor Kerala 680683
                                      SANGEERTHANAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           DOOR NO. 13/452/6 ST MARY'S CHURCH, AYYANTHOLE P O
 2652 U65992KL2008PTC022276                                                                                4/17/2008 THRISSUR POST Kerala 680003
                                      JANASABHALYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             DOOR NO.TC50/1352 , NAMPANATH BUILDING GROUND
                                                                                                                     FLOOR, CIVIL LANE, P O AYYANTHOLE THRISSUR Kerala
 2653 U65992KL2008PTC022300                                                                                4/24/2008 680003
                                      RJP CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      PAVITHRAM, TC 36/820(3) PERUMTHANNI, VALLAKADAVU P.O
 2654 U65992KL2008PTC022310                                                                                4/28/2008 TRIVANDRUM Kerala 695008
                                      SREEMOOLAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              Room No : 1/652-B-10 RAJAPRABHA BUILDING CHELAKKARA
 2655 U65992KL2008PTC022355                                                                                 5/6/2008 Kerala 680586
                                      PADAVARAD KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               PADAVARAD TOWER IX/655A/6, PADAVARAD, P.O.
 2656 U65992KL2008PTC022360                                                                                 5/7/2008 KUTTANELLUR - 680014 THRISSUR Kerala 680306
                                      STANCASH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 ROOM No. TMC-20/21, FORT BELL BUILDING AMBAKKADAN
 2657 U65992KL2008PTC022375                                                                                 5/8/2008 JUNCTION, COLLEGE ROAD THRISSUR Kerala 680005
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      KUTTUMUCK KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               ROOM No. TMC-VIII/970 KUTTUMUCK, R V PURAM P O
 2658 U65992KL2008PTC022376                                                                                 5/8/2008 THRISSUR Kerala 680631
                                      THIRUNAL KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                V/613, C.K.K.BUILDING TANA NORTH, THRISSUR ROAD
 2659 U65992KL2008PTC022456                                                                                5/21/2008 IRINJALAKUDA Kerala 680121
                                      APPLETREE CHITS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                          V/421-H, 1st FLOOR, VRINDHAVAN SHOPPING COMPLEX
 2660 U65992KL2008PTC022496                                                                                5/26/2008 PUTHUPALLY POST KOTTAYAM Kerala 686001
                                      BRYDAL KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  XXVI / 853, 1st FLOOR, REGAL BUILDING, PALAKKAL ANGADI,
 2661 U65992KL2008PTC022531                                                                                5/30/2008 THRISSUR THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      DS CHITS PACHALAM PRIVATE LIMITED                                              PREMISES NO. 70/2283 PACHALAM P O, SRM ROAD KOCHI
 2662 U65992KL2008PTC022591                                                                                6/13/2008 Kerala 682012
                                      MURINGOOR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               XI / 513D,PAYYAPPILLY BLDGS, MURINGOOR P.O. THRISSUR
 2663 U65992KL2008PTC022622                                                                                6/16/2008 Kerala 680309
 2664 U65992KL2008PTC022639           JOICE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          6/19/2008 1/13 OKKAL PUNCHAYAT PERUMBAVOOR Kerala 683550
                                      CORONA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  Door No.678/A, KAITHAVALAPPIL COMPLEX THRISSUR ROAD,
 2665 U65992KL2008PTC022696                                                                                6/27/2008 TANA IRINJALAKUDA Kerala 680121
                                      FINKKAS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  5/631 A 8, NEAR PASSPORT OFFICE, BYE-PASS ROAD,
 2666 U65992KL2008PTC022706                                                                                 7/1/2008 ERANHIPALAM, CALICUT Kerala 673006
                                      VELIYATH KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                BLDG NO. 261/C/IV ANKAMALY MUNICIPALITY ERNAKULAM
 2667 U65992KL2008PTC022737                                                                                 7/8/2008 Kerala 683573
                                      CHIRAMEL KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                T.C. X/37/140, ADAM BAZAR EASTERN BAZAR THRISSUR
 2668 U65992KL2008PTC022760                                                                                7/10/2008 Kerala 680001
                                      SAMBALSAMRUDHI KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                          TMC-50/580, FRIENDS BUILDING, 2ND FLOOR LAW COLLEGE
 2669 U65992KL2008PTC022881                                                                                7/29/2008 ROAD, AYYANTHOLE POST THRISSUR Kerala 680003
 2670 U65992KL2008PTC022910           PADLOCK KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                        8/4/2008 PADY COMPLEX ROOM NO.790/VI KODALY Kerala 680699
 2671 U65992KL2008PTC022923           KATTILAPOOVAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                  8/6/2008 KATTILAPOOVAM VIYYUR.P.O THRISSUR Kerala 680028
                                      NALAMBALAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              Door No.8/206, N S S KARAYOGAM, P.O.EDAKULAM
 2672 U65992KL2008PTC023011                                                                                8/21/2008 IRINJALAKUDA Kerala 680688
                                      SULTHAN KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 SECOND FLOOR, ST LOUIS COMMERCIAL COMPLEX,
 2673 U65992KL2008PTC023049                                                                                8/27/2008 ERINJERY ANGADY THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      CO-ORDINATOR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            XXI/393, NEAR MUKUNDAPURAM SUB TREASURY,OPP.KSEB
 2674 U65992KL2008PTC023069                                                                                8/29/2008 IRINJALAKUDA TRICHUR Kerala 680121
                                      DHEERGHA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                THE MENONS DHULKHUSH LANE, M.G. ROAD THRISSUR
 2675 U65992KL2008PTC023076                                                                                 9/1/2008 Kerala 680004
                                      Y.C.T. KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  Tokyo Market Chilanka Junction Vadanappally Kerala 680614
 2676 U65992KL2008PTC023078                                                                                 9/1/2008
                                      EBENEZER KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                /263, PUTHEDAN BUILDING PALAKKAPARAMBU, P O KALLUR
 2677 U65992KL2008PTC023196                                                                                9/23/2008 THRISSUR Kerala 680317
                                      EVERON KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  DOOR NO 18, EASTEND PLAZA BUILDING RICE BAZAR
 2678 U65992KL2008PTC023240                                                                                10/6/2008 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      SANJISHA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                TC X 546/65, ANCHERY COMPLEX, PALLIKULAM ROAD,
 2679 U65992KL2008PTC023266                                                                               10/10/2008 TRICHUR - 1 Thrissur Kerala 680001
                                      SREE PATTATH VISHNUMAYA CHITS LIMITED                                          Room Number 5/453/D Pura Trading Centre, Near Amala Medical
 2680 U65992KL2008PLC023409                                                                               11/14/2008 College Thrissur Kerala 680553
                                      VISMAYA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 6/111/5, LATE SMT. LUCY ANTONY MEMORIAL BUILDING
 2681 U65992KL2008PTC023425                                                                               11/19/2008 PUTHENPEEDIKA P.O. THRISSUR Kerala 680642
                                      ANSON CHITS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                              VIII/435A,KARINGATTIL BUILDING EAST JUNCTION,CSI CHURCH
 2682 U65992KL2008PTC023431                                                                               11/20/2008 ROAD NEDUMKANDOM Kerala 685553
                                      GREENLIFE FIRST KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                         X/46/35, EAST END PLAZA RICE BAZAR THRISSUR Kerala
 2683 U65992KL2008PTC023527                                                                                12/9/2008 680001
                                      MONEYLINE KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               DOOR NO 1/44- O & P, JAYAMOHAN SHOPPING CENTRE
                                                                                                                     AMBALLUR, P O ALAGAPPANAGAR THRISSUR Kerala 680302
 2684 U65992KL2008PTC023528                                                                                12/9/2008
                                      NEDUPUZHA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               TC42/126/UA, NIDHIN STORES BUILDING NEAR NEDUPUZHA
 2685 U65992KL2008PTC023539                                                                               12/11/2008 CHURCH, NEDUPUZHA P O TRICHUR Kerala 680015
                                      SEVEN PLUS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               129C/10, LIFE LINE BUILDING SHORANUR ROAD, P O MG KAVU
 2686 U65992KL2008PTC023557                                                                               12/16/2008 THRISSUR Kerala 680581
                                      PUNARTHAM SANGEETHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      636L,PENTAGON CHAMBER NEAR ENGLISH CHURCH
 2687 U65992KL2008PTC023563                                                                               12/17/2008 KOZHIKODE Kerala 673001
                                      DHANAGAMAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              DOOR NO.IX/123, HOSPITAL ROAD PARAPPUR P.O.
 2688 U65992KL2008PTC023570                                                                               12/19/2008 THRISSUR Kerala 680552
                                      PROXIMA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 307B/1, 1st FLOOR, NEAR CEE PEES STORES MAMMIYOOR,
 2689 U65992KL2008PTC023582                                                                               12/22/2008 GURUVAYUR P.O. THRISSUR Kerala 680101
                                      THANAL KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  IV/524-A(11), AVM COMPLEX CHIRANGARA, KORATTY SOUTH
 2690 U65992KL2008PTC023583                                                                               12/22/2008 P.O. THRISSUR Kerala 680308
                                      KARUKAPUTHUR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            No: XIII / 597, MARUNNAMKAD COMPLEX KARUKAPUTHUR,
                                                                                                                     CHZHIYATTIRI P O, PERINGODE VIA PALAKKAD Kerala
 2691 U65992KL2008PTC023592                                                                               12/23/2008 679535
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      DHANAKSHAYA CHITS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                      50/1112, Mohammedhaji Buildings, Station Kavala, Edappally,
 2692 U65992KL2008PTC023595                                                                               12/23/2008 Kochi Kerala 682024
                                      CHERAMAN KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                NO.22/422, PLAZA COMPLEX (NEAR K.S.E.B) THEKKENADA,
 2693 U65992KL2008PTC023596                                                                               12/24/2008 KODUNGALLUR THRISSUR Kerala 680664
                                      DHANABHOOMI KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             BUILDING NO.XIV/794 ABHIMAN TOWER, MARKET JUNCTION
 2694 U65992KL2008PTC023623                                                                               12/29/2008 P O IRINJALAKUDA Kerala 680121
                                      SEBAT KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   BUILDING NO.XXIV/184 KURUVEETTIL SEBASTIAN MEMORIAL
 2695 U65992KL2008PTC023624                                                                               12/29/2008 BUILDING, CHELOOR P O IRINJALAKUDA Kerala 680121
                                      CHANDRAYAN KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              BUILDING NO.XI/682, KAITHAVALAPPIL COMPLEX THRISSUR
 2696 U65992KL2008PTC023625                                                                               12/29/2008 ROAD, TANA IRINJALAKUDA Kerala 680121
                                      THAYAMKULANGARA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                         XVII/346-G, I FLOOR, MALITHU TOWERS CHERPU P O
 2697 U65992KL2008PTC023629                                                                               12/30/2008 THRISSUR Kerala 680561
                                      OCTOVIA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 202A,K M HAJI BUILDING PEINJANAM P O TRICHUR Kerala
 2698 U65992KL2009PTC023641                                                                                 1/2/2009 680686
                                      BELLONA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 DOOR NO.10/470-471, 1ST FLOOR PCK COMPLEX, NEW
 2699 U65992KL2009PTC023672                                                                                 1/8/2009 CHRUCH ROAD THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      NAIR SAMRAKSHANA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                        IV/236, VADAKKENADA IRINJALAKUDA TRICHUR Kerala
 2700 U65992KL2009PTC023677                                                                                 1/8/2009 680121
                                      SREEGATHI KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               IX/707C, NALUVAZHI ELANTHIKARA.P.O, PUTHENVELIKARA
 2701 U65992KL2009PTC023692                                                                                1/13/2009 ERNAKULAM Kerala 683594
                                      ASWAGANA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 535/I, Immatty Building Nemmara Mukku, Nemmara Kerala
 2702 U65992KL2009PTC023711                                                                                1/16/2009 678508
                                      DEVARAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 VADAKKEPUTHEN VEEDU, KUNNUVILAYYA APPATTUVILA
                                                                                                                     PLAMOOTTUKADA P O, NALLOORUATTOM TRIVANDRUM
 2703 U65992KL2009PTC023727                                                                                1/19/2009 Kerala 695128
                                      BHAGYODHAYA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             MANGATTUNJALIL HOUSE MATTAMPURAM, KURICHIKKARA
 2704 U65992KL2009PTC023742                                                                                1/23/2009 TRICHUR Kerala 680028
 2705 U65992KL2009PTC023804           SREE SABAREESAN KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                               2/10/2009 SANTHI NIVAS THOLICODU P.O PUNALUR Kerala 691333
                                      ANIVARYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 DOOR NO. 476,477 P.O. KELAKAM, OPP. KELAKAM POLICE
 2706 U65992KL2009PTC023818                                                                                2/13/2009 STATION KANNUR Kerala 670674
                                      SREE UDAYAGOPURAM KURIES (KERALA) PRIVATE                                      V.P.B. COMPLEX, 1ST FLOOR DOOR NO. 17/1261 -B I D, RAM
 2707 U65992KL2009PTC023819           LIMITED                                                              2/13/2009 MOHAN ROAD KOZHIKODE Kerala 673006
                                      ATHENS KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  1/440F,ST .THOMAS PARISH HALL BUILDING P O PUTHUR
 2708 U65992KL2009PTC023834                                                                                2/17/2009 THRISSUR Kerala 680014
                                      SREE SADGAMAYA CHITS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                     ABHISHEK HOUSE, NO.75, MYTHRI NAGAR, PUNNATHANAM
                                                                                                                     JUNCTION, ASRAMAM P.O., KOLLAM KOLLAM Kerala 691002
 2709 U65992KL2009PTC023836                                                                                2/17/2009
                                      PANCHABHOOTHA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           19/54/2, MANEESH PLAZA M.G. ROAD THRISSUR Kerala
 2710 U65992KL2009PTC023842                                                                                2/18/2009 680001
                                      UNISON CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   XIX/138/8, 1ST FLOOR POOTHOLE ROAD, POOTHOLE P O
 2711 U65992KL2009PTC023876                                                                                2/25/2009 THRISSUR Kerala 680004
                                      CHURCHVALLEY KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            CHURCHVALLEY KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED 14/379 PORATHUR
 2712 U65992KL2009PTC023887                                                                                2/27/2009 BUILDING, MUNDUR P.O. THRISSUR Kerala 680541
                                      AARJAVAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                DOOR NO 298 M, AVEMARIA COMPLEX MANNAMPETTA, PO
 2713 U65992KL2009PTC023898                                                                                 3/3/2009 VARAKKARA THRISSUR Kerala 680325
                                      PADMAVYUHAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             PREMISES NO.46/1442, SNYF BUILDING P.O.PULLAZHI,
 2714 U65992KL2009PTC023920                                                                                 3/6/2009 OLARIKKARA THRISSUR Kerala 680012
                                      ADDFINA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  SAJEEV BHAVAN PAYATTUVILA,BALARAMAPURAM
 2715 U65992KL2009PTC023927                                                                                 3/9/2009 TRIVANDRUM Kerala 695501
 2716 U65992KL2009PTC023928           PUTHUMA CHITS IRANIKULAM PRIVATE LIMITED                              3/9/2009 A203/208 AIRANIKULAM.P.O MALA Kerala 680734
                                      NELLARA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  25/331, 1ST FLOOR, CEEKEY TOWER SHORNUR ROAD,NURANI
 2717 U65992KL2009PTC023974                                                                                3/23/2009 PALAKKAD Kerala 678004
                                      ELAVOOR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 DOOR NO.XV/349 ELAVOOR.P.O. ANGAMALY Kerala 683572
 2718 U65992KL2009PTC024008                                                                                 4/1/2009
                                      GREENHOME KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               XII - 218 A, ASHTAMICHIRA MAREKAD LINK ROAD,
                                                                                                                     ASHTAMICHIRA, VADAMA VADAKKUMBAGAM (VILLAGE) MALA
 2719 U65992KL2009PTC024037                                                                                 4/8/2009 Kerala 680731
                                      POLYGON KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 TC.16/1394(3), MOUNTED POLICE ROAD JAGATHY, THYCAUD
 2720 U65992KL2009PTC024042                                                                                 4/8/2009 P.O. THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Kerala 695014
                                      SABARMATHI KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              DOOR NO.28/533/3 MADASSERY BUILDINGS, NEAR NORTH BUS
 2721 U65992KL2009PTC024046                                                                                 4/8/2009 STAND THRISSUR Kerala 680020
                                      DHANARANI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                ROOM NO.SBP V11/463 K THOTTATHIL COMPLEX, CHULLIYODE
 2722 U65992KL2009PTC024059                                                                                 4/9/2009 ROAD SULTHAN BATHERY Kerala 673592
                                      BHAGYARATNA KURIES (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                     IX/401, MISSION QUARTERS JUNCTION TRICHUR-1 TRICHUR
 2723 U65992KL2009PTC024062                                                                                4/15/2009 Kerala 680001
                                      CLASSMATES KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              TC/12/626/1, POTTAYIL LANE POOTHOLE P.O. THRISSUR
 2724 U65992KL2009PTC024064                                                                                4/15/2009 Kerala 680004
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                         REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
 2725 U65992KL2009PLC024084           AMAZONE INDIA CHIT COMPANY LIMITED                                4/22/2009 Vattakkatt Building P.P.Road Ponkunnam Kerala 686506
                                      BLACKBURY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             2ND FLOOR, HAPPY BUILDING, PUTHIYARA P.O KOZHIKODE -
 2726 U65992KL2009PTC024088                                                                             4/23/2009 673004 PUTHIYARA Kerala 673004
                                      HILLVALLEY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            DOOR NO IX/33 (OLD NO VII/30), HILLVALLEY BUILDING
                                                                                                                  THIROOR, MULAKUNNATHUKAVU P O THRISSUR Kerala
 2727 U65992KL2009PTC024137                                                                              5/7/2009 680581
                                      NEW ALLEGIANCE KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                          Room No: XI/279 Padavarad, P.O. Kuttanellur Thrissur Kerala
 2728 U65992KL2009PTC024145                                                                                5/11/2009 680014
                                      PLUS-MINUS KURIES KERALA PRIVATE LIMITED                                       ROOM NO. IV/14B, MARWA COMPLEX MAIN ROAD,
 2729 U65992KL2009PTC024163                                                                                5/13/2009 MULLURKKARA THRISSUR Kerala 680583
                                      SNEHATHEERAM KSHEMA SABHA KURIES PRIVATE                                       IV/237E, FIRST FLOOR, KUDUMBASREE BUILDING P O
 2730 U65992KL2009PTC024199           LIMITED                                                              5/21/2009 PANANGAD TRICHUR Kerala 680665
                                      KOOTHUPARAMBU KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           V/414, AKP JUNCTION IRINJALAKUDA TRICHUR Kerala
 2731 U65992KL2009PTC024222                                                                                5/26/2009 680125
                                      GEPRO CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    1/133V, IST FLOOR, HARWIN PLAZA THALORE TRICHUR
 2732 U65992KL2009PTC024230                                                                                5/28/2009 Kerala 680306
 2733 U65992KL2009PTC024257           NAZRETH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         6/1/2009 St. Cecilian Building Chullickal Cochin Kerala 682005
                                      SREEKURUMBA KURIES (KERALA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                    KOTTUNGAL HOUSE, VENGINISSERY PARALAM P O
 2734 U65992KL2009PTC024293                                                                                 6/8/2009 THRISSUR Kerala 680575
                                      CHERPULASSERY CHITS AND KURIES PRIVATE                                         B.NO. 9/60 KIZHAKKEPALLATH BUILDING CHERPULASSERY
 2735 U65992KL2009PTC024303           LIMITED                                                              6/11/2009 Kerala 679503
 2736 U65992KL2009PTC024332           ROLAND KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                        6/17/2009 AMA COMPLEX POOTHOLE THRISSUR Kerala 680004
                                      DHANAJYOTHI KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             VIII/314, SREELAKSHMI COMPLEX AKP JUNCTION, NORTH
 2737 U65992KL2009PTC024335                                                                                6/17/2009 IRINJALAKUDA IRINJALAKUDA Kerala 680125
                                      IVAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     XII/23, AKKARAKARAN HOUSE PARAKULAM ROAD,
 2738 U65992KL2009PTC024339                                                                                6/18/2009 IRINJALAKUDA P O TRICHUR Kerala 680121
                                      PERUMBULLISSERY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          SREYAS BUILDING DOOR NO 630/8,PERUMBULLISSERY
 2739 U65992KL2009PTC024344                                                                                6/18/2009 THRISSUR Kerala 680561
                                      SREENILAYAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             VII/455(3) SSJ BUILDING, VADAKENADA KODUNGALLUR P O
 2740 U65992KL2009PTC024346                                                                                6/19/2009 TRICHUR Kerala 680664
                                      PUZHAKKAL KURIES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                         DOOR NO 8/19, NATIONAL UNION FUND BULIDING PUZHAKKAL
 2741 U65992KL2009PTC024353                                                                                6/19/2009 P O THRISSUR Kerala 680553
 2742 U65992KL2009PTC024386           HEYDAY KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                        6/29/2009 Door No. 4/21 C Near Famia Novelties Viyyur Kerala 680010
                                      THALIKULAM GRAMEENASWAYAMSAHAYAKA                                              DOOR NO X/180A, THALIKULAM RAVI NAGAR THALIKULAM
 2743 U65992KL2009PTC024475           SANGAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                        7/17/2009 RAVI NAGAR THRISSUR Kerala 680569
                                      JAYHO KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   Door No V/46 B,C A.R. Towers, Ollur Road, Poochinnippadam
 2744 U65992KL2009PTC024492                                                                                7/23/2009 Kerala 680562
                                      REVIERA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  ROOM NO MP X/11&12 MYSORE ROAD,MANANTHAVADY P O
 2745 U65992KL2009PTC024499                                                                                7/24/2009 MANANTHAVADY Kerala 670645
                                      MADAKKATHARA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            DOOR NO. 12/238, KEETTIKKAL SHOPPING COMPLEX P O
 2746 U65992KL2009PTC024515                                                                                7/27/2009 MADAKKATHARA THRISSUR Kerala 680656
                                      WECANMAN KURIES (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                        799/12, 1ST FLOOR, CHERPULASSERY CLINIC BUILDING NEAR
 2747 U65992KL2009PTC024562                                                                                 8/5/2009 BUS STAND CHERPULASSERY Kerala 679503
                                      SREERUDHRAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             KUTTUKARAN HOUSE MADAKKATHARA THRISSUR Kerala
 2748 U65992KL2009PTC024581                                                                                8/11/2009 680656
                                      KALLUR HARI SREE SOUBAGYA KURIES PRIVATE                                       DOOR NO X1/348 KALLUR, MUTTITHADI P. O. THRISSUR
 2749 U65992KL2009PTC024587           LIMITED                                                              8/11/2009 Kerala 680317
                                      RAJAPUTHRA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              ROOM NO.XII/192&193, KAROT BUILDING KARUVAPPADY,
 2750 U65992KL2009PTC024697                                                                                 9/1/2009 VARAKARA P.O THRISSUR Kerala 680325
                                      NARAKKAL KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                3/516, WESTERN STREET NARAKKAL.P.O ERNAKULAM
 2751 U65992KL2009PTC024748                                                                                9/14/2009 Kerala 682505
                                      SOUVENIR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 850 / 7 & 8, J J BUILDING ANCHERY CHIRA, ANCHERY P O
 2752 U65992KL2009PTC024749                                                                                9/14/2009 THRISSUR Kerala 680006
                                      SAPHALYAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               2ND FLOOR, SAMRUTHA BUILDING KODALY JUNCTION, P O
 2753 U65992KL2009PTC024784                                                                                9/18/2009 PADY THRISSUR Kerala 680699
                                      DHANATHEERAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             II/510 A, KOTTAPUZHAKKAL HOUSE MADAPPALLY P O
 2754 U65992KL2009PTC024785                                                                                9/18/2009 CHANGANACHERY Kerala 686546
                                      VENGILASSERY KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            VI/169, OPP. PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE POST VELUR BAZAR
 2755 U65992KL2009PTC024816                                                                                10/1/2009 THRISSUR Kerala 680601
                                      ATHUN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    KULATHOOR FINANCE KULATHOOR P.O.
 2756 U65992KL2009PTC024822                                                                                10/5/2009 THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Kerala 695583
 2757 U65992KL2009PTC024828           DHANAGRIHA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                    10/6/2009 II/699, VIII/82Q PUDUKAD P O THRISSUR Kerala 680303
                                      HALCYON INDIA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            JUHANON MARTHOMA HALL COMPLEX PARK LANE, K K ROAD
 2758 U65992KL2009PTC024831                                                                                10/6/2009 KOTTAYAM Kerala 686001
                                      GREESHMAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               ROOM NO: TMC/26/25 GROUND FLOOR, KUTTANELLORE POST,
 2759 U65992KL2009PTC024844                                                                                10/9/2009 THRISSUR Kerala 680014
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      CLUSTER KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 IX/37 MADAYIKONAM PORATHUSSERY PANCHAYATH
 2760 U65992KL2009PTC024850                                                                                10/9/2009 IRINJALAKUDA Kerala 680712
                                      VAYUJITH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 SUMA NIVAS METHEL VERKOT, MANKAVE KOZHIKODE
 2761 U65992KL2009PTC024884                                                                               10/16/2009 Kerala 673007
                                      POTTOR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  DOOR NO 191/2, EDAKULATHUR BUILDING POTTOR P O
 2762 U65992KL2009PTC024899                                                                               10/20/2009 THRISSUR Kerala 680581
                                      KOOTTANAD CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                DOOR NO I/190 J, MUNDROTTU COMPLEX HIGH SCHOOL
 2763 U65992KL2009PTC024912                                                                               10/22/2009 ROAD, KOOTTANAD P O THRISSUR Kerala 679533
                                      CICILY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   IST FLOOR, 17/1391,A-18, MEDUVIL COMPLEX C.P.BAZAR,
                                                                                                                     NEAR DAVISON THEATRE, M.M.ALI ROAD CALICUT Kerala
 2764 U65992KL2009PTC024926                                                                               10/26/2009 673002
                                      K M L M CHITS INDIA LIMITED                                                    I FLOOR, MATHEWSONS TRADE CENTRE Nr J N
                                                                                                                     INTERNATIONAL STADIUM, KALOOR P.O COCHIN Kerala
 2765 U65992KL2009PLC024944                                                                               10/28/2009 682017
                                      MEPPADI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  Door No. V/529, Ground Floor, K. M. H. Guest House Building,
 2766 U65992KL2009PTC024991                                                                               11/11/2009 Meppadi Kerala 673577
                                      CASABLANCA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               28/85/32, 1ST FLOOR CAPITAL TOWERS, PATTURAIKKAL
 2767 U65992KL2009PTC024998                                                                               11/11/2009 THRISSUR Kerala 680022
                                      KIZHAKKUMURI KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            6/280G, KIZHAKKUMMURI P O THANNIAM PANCHAYATH
 2768 U65992KL2009PTC025000                                                                               11/12/2009 TRICHUR Kerala 680571
                                      MANJIYIL CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              10/657/4, R.P.TOWERS PALLIKULAM ROAD THRISSUR Kerala
 2769 U65992KL2009PTC025006                                                                               11/12/2009 680001
                                      BHOOCHAKRA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              ROOM No. VI/282, KURUSUPALLY ROAD MATTOM P O
 2770 U65992KL2009PTC025012                                                                               11/13/2009 THRISSUR Kerala 680602
                                      MAVINCHUVADU KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            ROOM NO 12/400, PUNNILATH SHOPPING COMPLEX
                                                                                                                     MAVINCHUVADU, P O MUTTITHADI THRISSUR Kerala 680317
 2771 U65992KL2009PTC025021                                                                               11/17/2009
                                      GURU KADAKSHAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                          III/209A, S N D P Sabha Building P.O. Kara, Edavilangu Village,
 2772 U65992KL2009PTC025069                                                                               11/26/2009 Kodungallur Kerala 680671
                                      GAINERS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  I/322, CHEERAKULANGARA HOUSE NEDUMPURA, KATTOOR
 2773 U65992KL2009PTC025096                                                                                12/2/2009 TRICHUR Kerala 680702
 2774 U65992KL2009PTC025097           CHITMAN KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                       12/2/2009 XVI/43, K K ROAD MALA THRISSUR Kerala 680732
                                      POORNNANIDHI KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            FIRST FLOOR R . P. TOWER PALLIKULAM ROAD Kerala
 2775 U65992KL2009PTC025100                                                                                12/2/2009 680001
                                      SBY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                      AMBILY BUILDING , OPP:MATHA THEATRE, CHULLIYODE
 2776 U65992KL2009PTC025101                                                                                12/2/2009 ROAD SULTHAN BATHERY Kerala 673592
                                      BRAINTECH KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               II/180, SECOND FLOOR AISWARYA SHOPPING COMPLEX, P O
 2777 U65992KL2009PTC025104                                                                                12/3/2009 THALORE TRICHUR Kerala 680306
                                      CREDIBLE CHITS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                           S33,Second Floor Municipal Shopping Complex,Near Municipal
 2778 U65992KL2009PTC025110                                                                                12/4/2009 Stadium Pala Kerala 686575
                                      KUTTICHIRA CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            DOOR NO XI/414, KURINJIKKADAN MADHAVAN'S BUILDING
                                                                                                                     NEAR SBI KUTTICHIRA, KUTTICHIRA P O CHALAKUDY Kerala
 2779 U65992KL2009PTC025127                                                                                12/7/2009 680724
                                      PARAVATTANI KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             TC: III/29, PARAVATTANI EAST FORT P.O. THRISSUR Kerala
 2780 U65992KL2009PTC025153                                                                               12/14/2009 680005
                                      THAMPURAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                1/5059 A 30 ,RATHNAM SQUARE BUILDING WEST
                                                                                                                     NADAKKAVU,VANDIPETTA JUNCTION CALICUT Kerala
 2781 U65992KL2009PTC025155                                                                               12/14/2009 673011
                                      THRAILOKYANATHA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                         XI/302M, A.V.M. BUILDING THANIKUDAM, KURICHIKKARA POST
 2782 U65992KL2009PTC025157                                                                               12/14/2009 THRISSUR Kerala 680028
                                      INDEEVARAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              GROUND FLOOR S N SHOPPING COMPLEX, KURUVILASSERY
 2783 U65992KL2009PTC025166                                                                               12/16/2009 POST, MALA VIA THRISSUR Kerala 680735
                                      SEBULOON KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                TC 27/ 653 J P.O. KUTTANELLUR, PADAVARAD THRISSUR
 2784 U65992KL2009PTC025190                                                                               12/18/2009 Kerala 680014
                                      SAMPUSHTA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               1ST FLOOR, KUNDUKAVU SHOPPING COMPLEX AMBALLUR,
 2785 U65992KL2009PTC025193                                                                               12/18/2009 P.O ALAGAPPA NAGAR THRISSUR Kerala 680302
                                      SAMSUDHI KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                DOOR NO XII/16, PULLAYIL TRADERS BUILDING VILLAGE
 2786 U65992KL2009PTC025195                                                                               12/18/2009 JUNCTION, KUTTICHIRA P O KUTTICHIRA Kerala 680721
                                      SAMUCHITHA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               DOOR NO. 202 S N TRADE CENTRE, KOORKENCHERY P O
 2787 U65992KL2009PTC025201                                                                               12/21/2009 KOORKENCHERY Kerala 680007
                                      CHOLAKKAPARAMBIL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                         NP/11/981 A-10(Old), 102/21(New), Queen's Complex, Opp.Govt.
 2788 U65992KL2009PTC025212                                                                               12/21/2009 Model U.P.School, NILAMBUR Kerala 679329
                                      LISBUN KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  XI/772, C K K COMPLEX THRISSUR ROAD IRINJALAKUDA
 2789 U65992KL2009PTC025213                                                                               12/21/2009 Kerala 680121
                                      ANIZHAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  VIII/ 341 H, FIRST FLOOR NATTUVETTY COMPLEX,
 2790 U65992KL2009PTC025214                                                                               12/21/2009 KIZHAPPULIKKARA P O THRISSUR Kerala 680704
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      NIVEA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    WARD NO.19, KANNANKILLATH BUILDING NEAR PRABHATH
 2791 U65992KL2009PTC025215                                                                               12/21/2009 THEATRE IRINJALAKUDA Kerala 680121
                                      DHANAMALYAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             SHOP NO IX 670 THANNAPADAM, KANDASSANKADAVU
 2792 U65992KL2009PTC025219                                                                               12/22/2009 THRISSUR Kerala 680613
                                      OZONE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    BUILDING NO 8/42 SOUPARNIKA SHOPPING CENTER, VELUR P
 2793 U65992KL2009PTC025224                                                                               12/22/2009 O THRISSUR Kerala 680601
                                      ALPHONSA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                17/188, ADAM BYPASS OPP. LF HOSPITAL ANGAMALY Kerala
 2794 U65992KL2009PTC025237                                                                               12/23/2009 683572
                                      PANGU KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   XI/117, PANGU, PUVATHUR P.O. PARAPPUR ROAD
 2795 U65992KL2009PTC025240                                                                               12/28/2009 THRISSUR Kerala 680508
                                      MALAGURUDHARMAM CHITS LIMITED                                                  Ward No. XV, Building No.205 Post Office Road, Mala.P.O Mala
 2796 U65992KL2010PLC025276                                                                                 1/4/2010 Kerala 680732
                                      TWENTY-TWENTY KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           X/198A, 1ST FLOOR SOBHA TOWER, P.O.PUTHUR THRISSUR
 2797 U65992KL2010PTC025278                                                                                 1/5/2010 Kerala 680014
                                      ELTHURUTH KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               IV-181/3, THOTTIAN MOOLA ELTHURUTH P O THRISSUR
 2798 U65992KL2010PTC025283                                                                                 1/5/2010 Kerala 680611
                                      JERRY.D CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   8/273,Lalithyam,Pyari Nagar Attinkuzhy,Kazhakuttom P.O
 2799 U65992KL2010PTC025306                                                                                 1/8/2010 Trivandrum Kerala 695582
                                      ENKAKAD KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 KODANGATIL BUILDING OPP. POST OFFICE, POST ENKAKAD
 2800 U65992KL2010PTC025313                                                                                 1/8/2010 THRISSUR Kerala 680589
                                      SANCTUARY KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               XVII/503, NAZARIL COMPLEX OPP. ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL,
 2801 U65992KL2010PTC025314                                                                                 1/8/2010 ERUMAPETTY POST THRISSUR Kerala 680584
                                      JANASAGARAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             THALORE HOUSE, P O PALAZHI NENMANIKKARA PANCHAYATH
 2802 U65992KL2010PTC025319                                                                                1/11/2010 THRISSUR Kerala 680301
                                      LEADERS KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 DOOR NO 12/357, CHOONDAL PANCHAYATH ERANELLOR,
 2803 U65992KL2010PTC025324                                                                                1/13/2010 KECHERI P O THRISSUR Kerala 680501
                                      KADUKUTTY KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               DOOR NO. II/373, CHURCH ROAD, KADUKUTTY P.O.
                                                                                                                     MURINGOOR, THEKKEMURI VILLAGE, MUKUNDAPURAM TALUK
 2804 U65992KL2010PTC025326                                                                                1/13/2010 THRISSUR Kerala 680309
                                      FEATHER TOUCH KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           TMC: XXII/826, 2ND FLOOR, KRISHNA COMPLEX BY-PASS
 2805 U65992KL2010PTC025348                                                                                1/15/2010 JUNCTION, NADATHARA P.O. THRISSUR Kerala 680751
                                      MAHALIFE KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                DOOR NO.9/1152 VCM BUILDING, NEAR DIVINE HOSPITAL,
 2806 U65992KL2010PTC025360                                                                                1/18/2010 WADAKKANCHERY THRISSUR Kerala 680582
                                      PALLINADA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               XI \ 560,CHURCH BUILDING MELOOR JUNCTION,MELOOR
 2807 U65992KL2010PTC025362                                                                                1/19/2010 THRISSUR Kerala 680311
                                      VALLANGI ATHANADE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                        BUILDING NO.6/480 NEDUNGODE P. O.,CHITTUR TALUK
 2808 U65992KL2010PTC025390                                                                                1/22/2010 NENMARA Kerala 678508
                                      KADANTHOTTU CHITS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                        19/330, I.C.O JUNCTION    CHANGANACHERRY Kerala 686102
 2809 U65992KL2010PTC025414                                                                                1/28/2010
                                      PONPANAM KURIES (KERALA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                       PONPANAM KURIES (KERALA) PRIVATE LIMITED ROOM NO
                                                                                                                     TC/1120, S. N. ROAD, KOORKENCHERY TRICHUR Kerala
 2810 U65992KL2010PTC025440                                                                                 2/3/2010 680007
                                      HOUSEWAY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 VEBAL HOUSE, DOOR NO: V/745/A VASANTHA NAGAR,
 2811 U65992KL2010PTC025460                                                                                 2/8/2010 PARAKKOT LANE PATTURAKKAL Kerala 680022
                                      RENEERHEA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                Door No. XXI/973 CHENGINIMATTAM BUILDING CHURCH ROAD
 2812 U65992KL2010PTC025461                                                                                 2/8/2010 CHALAKUDY THRISSUR Kerala 680307
                                      PONNETH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  GOKULAM HOUSE HMT COLNY PO,KALAMASSERY
 2813 U65992KL2010PTC025471                                                                                 2/9/2010 ERNAKULAM Kerala 683503
                                      VENDORE KURIES LIMITED                                                         II / 498,MAIN ROAD VENDORE , ALAGAPPANAGAR POST
 2814 U65992KL2010PLC025514                                                                                2/16/2010 THRISSUR Kerala 680302
                                      DHANASRAYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               ROOM NO - 262 SARA COMPLEX, VELUR POST THRISSUR
 2815 U65992KL2010PTC025540                                                                                2/19/2010 Kerala 680601
                                      VALLARPADAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              1ST FLOOR, VIMALA BUILDING MARKET ROAD JN.,BANERJI
 2816 U65992KL2010PTC025555                                                                                2/24/2010 ROAD, COCHIN - 682035 KOCHI Kerala 682035
                                      WELLNESS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 I st FLOOR,MARIYIL COMPLEX VELLOORKKUNNAM, MARKET
 2817 U65992KL2010PTC025566                                                                                2/25/2010 P.O., MUVATTUPUZHA Kerala 686673
                                      JACOB AND SONS MALIYAKKAL CHITS PRIVATE                                        25/118/15-2, C JANARDHANAN SMARAKA COMPLEX
 2818 U65992KL2010PTC025568           LIMITED                                                              2/25/2010 MANNADIAR LANE THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      THEKKINKADU CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              ROOM NO: 12/686/6, SECOND FLOOR UNITED SHOPPING
 2819 U65992KL2010PTC025582                                                                                2/25/2010 COMPLEX, POOTHOLE ROAD THRISSUR Kerala 680004
                                      CHERUKIDA VYAPARI MITHRA KURIES PRIVATE                                        9/415/17A, SALU COMPLEX MISSION QUARTERS JUNCTION,
 2820 U65992KL2010PTC025599           LIMITED                                                               3/4/2010 T.B.ROAD THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      ECCLESIA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                DOOR NO 8/217, ST JOHN BAPIST CHURCH BUILDING
 2821 U65992KL2010PTC025600                                                                                 3/4/2010 KARAMUCK P O KANDASSANKADAVU Kerala 680613
                                      KANDAMKULANGARA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                         DOOR NO. V/251, KANDANKULANGARA VELLAPPADY
 2822 U65992KL2010PTC025623                                                                                 3/5/2010 KODAKARA P O Kerala 680684
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      ASPA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    14/110F, KAROTHUKUZHY, MUTTUM TAHIKKATTUKARA P O
 2823 U65992KL2010PTC025642                                                                                 3/8/2010 ALUVA Kerala 683106
                                      BHAGYADHARA CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           WARD 15 144/2, ST. THOMAS CHURCH SHOPPING COMPLEX
                                                                                                                     CHURCH ROAD, ARANATTUKARA THRISSUR Kerala 680618
 2824 U65992KL2010PTC025630                                                                                 3/8/2010
                                      MANDAPAM CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              DOOR NO. III/402 ,SURYALAYA , P.O.CHERAMANGALAM
 2825 U65992KL2010PTC025633                                                                                 3/8/2010 ,CHITTUR TALUK NENMARA Kerala 678508
                                      IRIS KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    ROOM NO:21/653/44/1 2ND FLOOR,RAYS COMPLEX,
 2826 U65992KL2010PTC025641                                                                                 3/8/2010 SANKARAYYAR ROAD THRISSUR Kerala 680004
                                      OLIVE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    NO.10/103, PARAMBATH       NERIAMANGALAM POST Kerala
 2827 U65992KL2010PTC025651                                                                                3/10/2010 686693
                                      MADHAVAPURAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            DOOR No.30/57C, AINIKUNNATH AMRUTHA CORNER,
 2828 U65992KL2010PTC025659                                                                                3/10/2010 CHIYYARAM THRISSUR Kerala 680026
                                      SEED KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    28/293/21 3rd FLOOR, R V TRADE CENTRE, PATTURAIKKAL
 2829 U65992KL2010PTC025667                                                                                3/10/2010 THRISSUR Kerala 680022
                                      METROCITY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                DOOR NO. 44/1022A2 LFC ROAD, KALOOR P O COCHIN
 2830 U65992KL2010PTC025677                                                                                3/13/2010 Kerala 682017
                                      JJTR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     SAFE CHITTY FUND,THUNDATHUMKADAVU, VARAPUZHA
                                                                                                                     P.O,MECHERI BUILDING,NEAR POST OFFICE ERNAKULAM
 2831 U65992KL2010PTC025678                                                                                3/13/2010 Kerala 682317
                                      ASTUTE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   KANJIRAPARAMBIL ESTATE,1ST FLOOR, MAMMANJIMUKKU,
 2832 U65992KL2010PTC025681                                                                                3/13/2010 THEVARA P.O COCHIN Kerala 682013
                                      SALKARA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 WARD 16, ROOM NO. 96,EMSON COMPLEX, R.S.ROAD
 2833 U65992KL2010PTC025692                                                                                3/16/2010 IRINJALAKUDA Kerala 680121
                                      SURYAKANTI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               V/434/A4 ADAM CIRCLE, T.B JUNCTION ANGAMALY Kerala
 2834 U65992KL2010PTC025713                                                                                3/18/2010 683572
                                      GATEWAY KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 No. X/184A, Sweety Bakery Building,1st Floor Opp: Mala Block Town
 2835 U65992KL2010PTC025721                                                                                3/19/2010 Co-op. Bank Ltd. Aloor Kerala 680683
                                      CNINE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    15/498, I FLOOR K P CHACKO GOLD CENTRE, HIGH RANGE
 2836 U65992KL2010PTC025750                                                                                3/25/2010 JUNCTION KOTHAMANGALAM Kerala 686691
                                      KUTTIVILAYIL CHIT PRIVATE LIMITED                                              MAHILA MANDIRAM CHATHINAMKULAM CHANDANATHOPPE
 2837 U65992KL2010PTC025753                                                                                3/26/2010 KOLLAM Kerala 691014
                                      SRIDVM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   DOOR NO. V/646 OPP. VIJAYA L.P.SCHOOL PULPALLY Kerala
 2838 U65992KL2010PTC025760                                                                                3/26/2010 673579
                                      INDRANEELAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             VIII/344A, VALIYAPARAMBU KOTTAKKAL ROAD
 2839 U65992KL2010PTC025784                                                                                 4/1/2010 KURUVILASSERY THRISSUR Kerala 680735
                                      NIRAKUDAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                ROOM NO:371/J SARAS COMPLEX CHELAKARA Kerala
 2840 U65992KL2010PTC025804                                                                                 4/7/2010 680586
                                      MONEYFARM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               DOOR NO 9/332,NELLIKKADU ALUMAVU STOP,
 2841 U65992KL2010PTC025805                                                                                 4/7/2010 RAMAVARMAPURAM P O THRISSUR Kerala 680631
                                      ENGANDIYUR CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            DOOR NO 377A, WARD NO 14 NEAR KUNDALIYUR POST
 2842 U65992KL2010PTC025822                                                                                 4/9/2010 OFFICE, KUNDALIYUR P O THRISSUR Kerala 680616
                                      NELLIYAMPATHY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            IV/774, 1ST FLOOR KMS ARCADE, MAIN ROAD, NEMMARA
 2843 U65992KL2010PTC025827                                                                                4/12/2010 PALAKKAD Kerala 678508
                                      ABSOLUTE CHITS (KERALA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                        605-A-7/21 P.K.G BUIDING, HOSPITAL ROAD,TRIPPUNITHURA
 2844 U65992KL2010PTC025880                                                                                4/22/2010 KOCHI Kerala 682301
                                      VADAKARA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 H No 17/171, VAIKKALERI HOUSE, MEPPAYIL BADAGARA
 2845 U65992KL2010PTC025910                                                                                4/27/2010 Kerala 673109
                                      CHITTISSERY CHITS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                      WARD NO III, BUILDING NO -III/574 (0) NENMANIKKARA GRAMA
 2846 U65992KL2010PTC025925                                                                                4/29/2010 PANCHAYATH,PALLIAKKARA THRISSUR Kerala 680301
                                      PERUMA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  X/539A, MOHYUDEN MEMORIALM BUILDING BEACH ROAD
 2847 U65992KL2010PTC025931                                                                                4/30/2010 JUNCTION, VATANAPPILLY VATANAPPILLY Kerala 680614
                                      JIJO CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  18/129 M M SHOPPING COMPLEX, GURUVAYOOR ROAD
 2848 U65992KL2010PTC025940                                                                                 5/4/2010 KUNNAMKULAM Kerala 680503
                                      THEERADESAM CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           OPP.T.N.P THEATRE, MAIN ROAD KARUNAGAPPALLY Kerala
 2849 U65992KL2010PTC025985                                                                                5/11/2010 690518
                                      DEALERS KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 DOOR NO 9/286/5, 2ND FLOOR, M G M COMPLEX OP: URBAN
                                                                                                                     DEVELPMENT BANK LTD, MISSION QUARTERS THRISSUR
 2850 U65992KL2010PTC026009                                                                                5/13/2010 Kerala 680001
                                      THALORE AMALJYOTHI KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                      DOOR NO 1/453 AND 454 NEAR EDUTHAN'S HALL, THALORE P
 2851 U65992KL2010PTC026027                                                                                5/17/2010 O THRISSUR Kerala 680306
                                      THRIKOOR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                322/5, EDAPULAVAN BUILDING THRIKKOOR P.O. THRISSUR
 2852 U65992KL2010PTC026046                                                                                5/21/2010 Kerala 680314
                                      KAVUMPURAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               DOOR NO:457, WARD 18 VALANCHERY P.O,
                                                                                                                     THOZHUVANUR,KAVUMPURAM MALAPPURAM Kerala 676552
 2853 U65992KL2010PTC026055                                                                                5/24/2010
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      WILPOWER CHITS (INDIA) LIMITED                                                 III/497, SREE NARAYANA BUILDING PALIYEKKARA, P O
 2854 U65992KL2010PLC026062                                                                                5/25/2010 CHITTISSERY THRISSUR Kerala 680301
                                      MAYOOGHAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                23/1073, FIRST FLOOR, MAYILVAHANAM BUILDING EAST FORT
 2855 U65992KL2010PTC026089                                                                                 6/1/2010 MAIDAN PALKKAD Kerala 678001
                                      FEDORA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   1ST FLOOR, TC 2/1273, KAVUNGAL PLAZA OPP. VYDHYUTHI
                                                                                                                     BHAVAN, PATTOM PALACE P.O, PATTOM TRIVANDRUM
 2856 U65992KL2010PTC026093                                                                                 6/1/2010 Kerala 695004
                                      ISHTAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  VI/585, LAKSHMI SMRITHI BUILDING NEAR SBT, BEHIND
                                                                                                                     VINCENT CYCLES, NADA,IRINJALAKUDA TRICHUR Kerala
 2857 U65992KL2010PTC026103                                                                                 6/2/2010 680121
                                      NIYATI CHITS (KERALA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                          DOOR NO: 48/24 A1 3rd FLOOR, DANFOSS ARCADE,
 2858 U65992KL2010PTC026115                                                                                 6/2/2010 POTTAKUZHI JUNCTION ERNAKULAM Kerala 682026
                                      AXON KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    AXON, A&K COMPLEX POOTHOLE ROAD THRISSUR Kerala
 2859 U65992KL2010PTC026133                                                                                 6/4/2010 680004
                                      VELAYANADU KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              III/662, FIRST FLOOR KOOLIYADAN TRADE CENTRE,
 2860 U65992KL2010PTC026141                                                                                 6/7/2010 VELLANGALLUR P.O. THRISSUR Kerala 680662
                                      VALLUVANAD CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               CHOZHIYATTIL HOUSE AYIROOR, PERUMPADAPPU
 2861 U65992KL2010PTC026153                                                                                 6/7/2010 MALAPPURAM Kerala 679580
                                      SPENTAB KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 X1V/245, P.O. POVATHUR, ELAVALLY PANCHAYAT
 2862 U65992KL2010PTC026158                                                                                 6/9/2010 THRISSUR Kerala 680508
                                      ARABIAN KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 XVII/69F, Block "A" Joseph Plaza, Opposite LF Hospital, M C Road
 2863 U65992KL2010PTC026168                                                                                 6/9/2010 Angamaly Kerala 683572
                                      BMR CHITS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                              16/101/5, SS COMPLEX KUNNATHURMEDU P.O PALAKKAD
 2864 U65992KL2010PTC026235                                                                                6/22/2010 Kerala 678013
 2865 U65992KL2010PTC026241           MALAVEEYAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                    6/23/2010 VI/347 ASHTAMICHIRA P.O. VIA MALA Kerala 680731
                                      SKY GOPURAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              37/3519-A28,, INFINITY METRO HIGHWAY ROAD, NEAR
 2866 U65992KL2010PTC026243                                                                                6/24/2010 DESHABHIMANI JN., KALOOR ERNAKULAM Kerala 682017
                                      VIRGIN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   DOOR NO X/125, 2ND FLOOR PUTHENPARAMBIL BUILDING
 2867 U65992KL2010PTC026248                                                                                6/24/2010 OPP: UC COLLEGE ALUVA Kerala 683102
                                      NAVAYUG KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 DOOR NO.999, KRISHNA TOWER P O. VARANDRAPPILLY
 2868 U65992KL2010PTC026249                                                                                6/24/2010 THRISSUR Kerala 680303
                                      CHENGAZHICODE KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           KUNNATHUPARAMBIL HOUSE, VELLATTANJUR P O , VELUR
 2869 U65992KL2010PTC026256                                                                                6/25/2010 VIA, THRISSUR Kerala 680601
                                      JBR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     DOOR No. XXI/1018 KATTAKAYAM BLDG NEAR PHENOMENAL
                                                                                                                     LIFE STYLE BLDG CHURCH ROAD, SOUTH CHALAKUDY
 2870 U65992KL2010PTC026272                                                                                6/28/2010 THRISSUR Kerala 680307
                                      WAY4WEALTH ONLINE CHIT INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                   TC 12/689/16 PANDARATH SHOPPING COMPLEX THRISSUR
 2871 U65992KL2010PTC026278                                                                                 7/1/2010 Kerala 680004
                                      WELLROSE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 1ST FLOOR, A.M.A. COMPLEX, NEAR RAILWAY GATE,
 2872 U65992KL2010PTC026279                                                                                 7/2/2010 WADAKKANCHERY RS (P.O.) THRISSUR Kerala 680623
 2873 U65992KL2010PTC026299           FEDFIN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                          7/5/2010 IIX/544, FBOA CENTRE FBOA ROAD ALUVA Kerala 683101
                                      NEWLAND KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 NO.32, 2ND FLOOR, REGENCY CENTRE CALVARY ROAD
 2874 U65992KL2010PTC026331                                                                                7/13/2010 THRISSUR Kerala 680004
                                      KANAKANJALI KURIES (KERALA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                    ROOM NO. 474 K, IIND FLOOR KOONAMOOCHI TOWER, P O
 2875 U65992KL2010PTC026336                                                                                7/13/2010 KOONAMOOCHI THRISSUR Kerala 680504
                                      ANANTHASILA CHITS KERALA PRIVATE LIMITED                                       XX/140, 28TH MILE JUNCTION NAVAIKULAM, VETTIYARA P.O.
 2876 U65992KL2010PTC026342                                                                                7/14/2010 THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Kerala 695603
                                      KOTTANELLUR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             DOOR NO.VI/413,NEAR KOTTANELLUR PANCHAYATH OFFICE,
                                                                                                                     KOTTANELLUR,KOTTANELLUR VILLAGE,MUKUNDAPURAM
 2877 U65992KL2010PTC026371                                                                                7/20/2010 TALUK THRISSUR Kerala 680672
                                      VISHNUMAYA CHITS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                       32/1180, KODUVATHARA BUILDING, 2ND FLOOR CIVIL LINE
 2878 U65992KL2010PTC026391                                                                                7/21/2010 ROAD, PALARIVATTOM POST COCHIN Kerala 682025
                                      SHAMBOMAHADEVA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           40/665,MASHIRIQ SHOPPING COMPLEX PUTHIYARA ROAD,
 2879 U65992KL2010PTC026414                                                                                7/23/2010 NEAR STADIUM JUNCTION KOZHIKODE Kerala 673001
                                      ETM CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   ROOM NO.500/A, SOUTHERN BUILDING KUZHOOR MALA
 2880 U65992KL2010PTC026424                                                                                7/23/2010 Kerala 680734
                                      JAYRUP CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   JAYRUP CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED BUILDING NO.8/787,
 2881 U65992KL2010PTC026434                                                                                7/27/2010 SREEKUMAR BUILDING PARAVUR Kerala 691301
                                      NIGAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    TOMS PARK, Ist FLOOR PMC XVI/760 PERUMBAVOOR Kerala
 2882 U65992KL2010PTC026447                                                                                7/28/2010 683542
                                      GRAMADEEPTHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             V/685E R.S.ROAD, KOMBODINJAMAKKAL THAZHEKAD P O
 2883 U65992KL2010PTC026484                                                                                 8/4/2010 Kerala 680697
                                      MANAVASURAKSHA KURIES (KERALA) PRIVATE                                         TC-10/1820/II, DAS ARCADE HIGH ROAD THRISSUR Kerala
 2884 U65992KL2010PTC026485           LIMITED                                                               8/4/2010 680001
                                      WEALTH PLUS CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              16/298 , KUNNUMMEL TOWER NEAR SUB TREASURY BUILDING,
                                                                                                                     MANJERI ROAD , WANDOOR MALAPPURAM Kerala 679328
 2885 U65992KL2010PTC026495                                                                                 8/5/2010
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      THOZHUVANOOR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              WARD NO.III/78, VALANCHERY PANCHAYAT,THOZHUVANOOR
                                                                                                                       BHAGAVATHI DEVASOM BUILDING, PO., THOZHUVANOOR
                                                                                                                       VALANCHERY Kerala 676557
 2886 U65992KL2010PTC026508                                                                                 8/6/2010
                                      TOPTEN KURIES (KERALA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                         ROOM NO. 17/377 MUNICIPAL BUILDING, MARKET
 2887 U65992KL2010PTC026547                                                                                8/12/2010 IRINJALAKUDA Kerala 680121
                                      MANALUR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  1st FLOOR, ROOM No. 17, K K B BUILDING MANALUR POST
 2888 U65992KL2010PTC026548                                                                                8/12/2010 THRISSUR Kerala 680617
                                      CHERPUNKAL CHITS AND KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                    VIII/102/B, Puthiyaveettil Buildings Cherpunkal P.O. Cherpunkal
 2889 U65992KL2010PTC026555                                                                                8/13/2010 Kerala 686584
                                      EDAKKARA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 IX/983, 1st floor, ROYAL ARCADE EDAKKARA POST NILAMBUR
 2890 U65992KL2010PTC026576                                                                                8/17/2010 Kerala 679331
                                      PALMGHAT CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 18/88(5), AISWARYA COMPLEX, Manappulikkavu Road,
 2891 U65992KL2010PTC026577                                                                                8/17/2010 Palakkad Kerala 678013
                                      UJJAYANI KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                Room No. 7A, I Floor, Mayoogham Shopping Mall Olarikkara,
 2892 U65992KL2010PTC026580                                                                                8/17/2010 Pullazhy P O, Thrissur Kerala 680012
                                      CHEMBAZHANTHI KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           DOOR NO 17/626, IST FLOOR, THANARI BUILDING NANDIPULAM
                                                                                                                     ROAD, VARANDARAPILLY P O THRISSUR Kerala 680303
 2893 U65992KL2010PTC026596                                                                                8/24/2010
                                      NANDIKAILAS CHIT FUNDS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                 KARAKUNNY PARAMBA BUILDING KAVU BUS STOP, MEDICAL
 2894 U65992KL2010PTC026605                                                                                8/26/2010 COLLEGE ROAD KOZHIKODE Kerala 673017
                                      VADUKKOOT KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               43/1151 GROUND FLOOR FINU TOWERS OLARIKKARA,
 2895 U65992KL2010PTC026612                                                                                8/27/2010 PULLAZHY P O THRISSUR Kerala 680012
                                      VELLANGALLUR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            XI/493, LAZAR BUILDING VELLANGALLUR P O TRICHUR
 2896 U65992KL2010PTC026694                                                                                 9/9/2010 Kerala 680662
                                      PULIYANNUR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              ROOM NO. 402, KODAPPADATH BUILDING PULIYANNUR,
 2897 U65992KL2010PTC026710                                                                                9/15/2010 VELLATTANJOOR P.O THRISSUR Kerala 680601
                                      BELTHANGADY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              MATTATHUR, DOOR NO 8/2 VELLIKULANGARA TRICHUR
 2898 U65992KL2010PTC026720                                                                                9/17/2010 Kerala 680693
                                      CASHLINK KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                ROOM NO.22/694, 695 , OPP. MUNICIPAL OFFICE SWAPNA
                                                                                                                     COMPLEX, MAIN ROAD, CHAVAKKAD THRISSUR Kerala
 2899 U65992KL2010PTC026737                                                                                9/21/2010 680506
                                      ALVITA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  KALLUKALAM JAYANAGAR, MARADU P.O KOCHI Kerala
 2900 U65992KL2010PTC026753                                                                                9/23/2010 682304
                                      DHOLATH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  R-1, DELTA ARCADE, 2ND FLOOR VELLOORKUNNAM, MARKET
 2901 U65992KL2010PTC026757                                                                                9/23/2010 P.O. MUVATTUPUZHA Kerala 686673
                                      PEERMADE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 XII/392, PUTHIYEDATH BUILDING POST PAMBNAR IDUKKI
 2902 U65992KL2010PTC026779                                                                                9/27/2010 Kerala 685537
                                      Q-MART KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  1ST FLOOR, ABOVE CYBER COMPUTERS MUPLIYAM ROAD, PO
                                                                                                                     VARANDARAPILLY, NEAR KSEB OFFICE VARANDARAPILLY
 2903 U65992KL2010PTC026780                                                                                9/27/2010 Kerala 680303
                                      KUNDUKAD KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  VADAKKUT BUILDING KUNDUKAD              KUNDUKAD Kerala 680028
 2904 U65992KL2010PTC026781                                                                                9/27/2010
                                      SIVADEVA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 Door No 3/219, Alakkal House, Durga Nagar, Thathamangalam P O,
 2905 U65992KL2010PTC026796                                                                                9/29/2010 Mettupalayam Palakkad Kerala 678102
                                      EKETREASURE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              ROOM NO:21,FRIENDS MALL SHOPPING ARCADE SHORNOOR
 2906 U65992KL2010PTC026847                                                                                10/8/2010 ROAD, PATTURAIKKAL POST THRISSUR Kerala 680022
                                      PENUEL KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  HASSISHA ARCADE NEAR MATHRUBHUMI CHETTIYANGADI
 2907 U65992KL2010PTC026864                                                                               10/12/2010 TRICHUR Kerala 680001
                                      VEEJIKA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  DOOR NO: IV, 40 A1, BHARATH COMPLEX, GURUVAYOOR
 2908 U65992KL2010PTC026865                                                                               10/12/2010 ROAD, KUNNAMKULAM Kerala 680503
                                      PEACELAND KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               X/37/27 ADAM BAZAR BUILDING, SOUTH BAZAR THRISSUR
 2909 U65992KL2010PTC026867                                                                               10/12/2010 Kerala 680001
                                      ENGLISH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  546-P4, NAKKARA BUILDING OPP:TOWN HALL IRINJALAKUDA
 2910 U65992KL2010PTC026869                                                                               10/12/2010 Kerala 680121
                                      SALABHAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                DOOR NO.33A/6,ATHANI MADAVANA P.O,ERIYAD PANCHAYAT
 2911 U65992KL2010PTC026876                                                                               10/13/2010 KODUNGALLUR Kerala 680666
                                      KAZHIMBRAM PRANAVAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                      16/9, PADMASURAM BUILDING KAZHIMBRAM, VALAPAD
 2912 U65992KL2010PTC026899                                                                               10/20/2010 PANCHAYATH TRICHUR Kerala 680562
                                      MESSENGER KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               20/447 TILE FACTORY ROAD MARATHAKKARA PO TRICHUR
 2913 U65992KL2010PTC026901                                                                               10/21/2010 Kerala 680320
                                      MUTHALAKODAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             XXIII/507B, PUTHENVEETTIL BUILDING KANJIRAMATTOM
 2914 U65992KL2010PTC026903                                                                               10/21/2010 JUNCTION THODUPUZHA Kerala 685584
                                      SUNDARESHWAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             THAVAKKARA SHOPING COMPLEX ROOM NO CE 792 A37 1ST
 2915 U65992KL2010PTC026905                                                                               10/21/2010 FLOOR,THAVAKARA KANNUR Kerala 670001
                                      WESTERNWEALTH KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           283/C, V STAR BUILDING CHITTILAPPILLY THRISSUR Kerala
 2916 U65992KL2010PTC026912                                                                               10/25/2010 680551
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      LEGACY KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  GROUND FLOOR, THURUTHIYIL BUILDING NEAR
                                                                                                                     CHUVANNAMANNU POST OFFICE, P O CHUVANNAMANNU
 2917 U65992KL2010PTC026914                                                                               10/25/2010 THRISSUR Kerala 680652
                                      FIRSTWIN KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                NEDUNGATTIL BUILDING P O CHEVOOR THRISSUR Kerala
 2918 U65992KL2010PTC026920                                                                               10/27/2010 680561
                                      YADHUKULAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               24/893, KRISHNA KRIPA BUILDING, KALOOR ROAD, POST
 2919 U65992KL2010PTC026950                                                                                11/1/2010 MANKAVE, KOZIKODE Kerala 673007
                                      OCTOPUS CHIT FUNDS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             DOOR NO. 18/2/6, IInd FLOOR, ETHIKKAL TOWER,EAST FORT
 2920 U65992KL2010PTC026955                                                                                11/2/2010 ROAD PALAKKAD Kerala 678001
                                      KARUPADANNA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             BUILDING No. 277 WARD No.17,KARUPADANNA
 2921 U65992KL2010PTC026956                                                                                11/2/2010 IRINJALAKUDA Kerala 680670
                                      CALTON CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   337,Ward 13 ROK BUILDING, 1ST FLOOR,PUVATHOOR POST
 2922 U65992KL2010PTC026994                                                                                11/8/2010 THRISSUR Kerala 680508
                                      PILAVALLY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                DOOR NO. TP XI/201(G,H), CALICUT ROAD THAMARASSERI PO
 2923 U65992KL2010PTC026995                                                                                11/8/2010 KOZHIKODE Kerala 673573
                                      MANNIL CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   Vadakke Veedu, First Floor, IX/995, KSRTC Road, Pathanamthitta
 2924 U65992KL2010PTC027022                                                                               11/11/2010 Kerala 689645
                                      FUOCO CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    Door no. III/430, Kochery Building Bazar Road Pattikkad Kerala
 2925 U65992KL2010PTC027059                                                                               11/19/2010 680652
                                      MILAGREZ KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                DOOR NO.XVIII/11 KALATHIPARAMBIL BUILDINGS,
 2926 U65992KL2010PTC027077                                                                               11/24/2010 OCHANTHURUTH P.O. KOCHI Kerala 682508
                                      BHAGYAPADAM CHITS (KERALA) PRIVATE LIMITED                                     VII/63H KAKKADAVATH BUILDINGS CALICUT Kerala 673001
 2927 U65992KL2010PTC027080                                                                               11/24/2010
                                      SPLASH KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  DOOR NO 412/W/1, PULIKKAN TOWER P O PUDUKKAD
 2928 U65992KL2010PTC027104                                                                               11/29/2010 THRISSUR Kerala 680301
                                      INFANT MARY KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             XIII / 375 MENACHERY BUILDING, NEAR SUB TRASURY
 2929 U65992KL2010PTC027106                                                                               11/29/2010 NAYARAMBALAM Kerala 682509
                                      SRITHIRUVULLAKKAVU KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                      OPP. MINI CIVIL STATION THIRUVULLAKAVU CHERPU P O
 2930 U65992KL2010PTC027117                                                                               11/30/2010 Kerala 680561
                                      SENATE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   ROOM NO. :385 1ST FLOOR, PAUL ARCADE ANGAMALY
 2931 U65992KL2010PTC027122                                                                                12/1/2010 Kerala 683572
                                      MONEY LAND CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               Door No.487, THINDIYIL HOUSE KAINOOR POST THRISSUR
 2932 U65992KL2010PTC027135                                                                                12/3/2010 Kerala 680014
 2933 U65992KL2010PTC027151           SWAPNAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                       12/6/2010 VII/274A VELLIKULANGARA.P.O TRICHUR Kerala 680693
                                      POOYAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  DOOR NO IX/272, BHAVA COMPLEX, 1ST FLOOR NEAR SBT,
 2934 U65992KL2010PTC027155                                                                                12/6/2010 CHALISSERY P O PALAKKAD Kerala 679536
                                      VIDYAPUSHPAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            VII/19,MANALUR GRAMAPANCHAYATH S.N.G.S.BUILDING
 2935 U65992KL2010PTC027200                                                                               12/14/2010 KANJANY Kerala 680612
                                      TEMPLETREE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               THUSHARAM, PUZHAMPALLAM PUTHUR P O THRISSUR
 2936 U65992KL2010PTC027208                                                                               12/15/2010 Kerala 680014
                                      KOTTOPADAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                               KP I/210 C&G , FIRST FLOOR K.T.TOWER KUTTIPPURAM
 2937 U65992KL2010PTC027213                                                                               12/16/2010 Kerala 679571
                                      KUDAJADRI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                DOOR NO: IV/363,364 NEAR TRIPRAYAR BUS STAND,
 2938 U65992KL2010PTC027214                                                                               12/16/2010 P.O.NATTIKA TRIPRAYAR Kerala 680566
                                      PCB KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     Door No. 405/XV, KADEEJA MANZIL NEAR GURUKULAM
 2939 U65992KL2010PTC027215                                                                               12/16/2010 SCHOOL, CHOKLI P.O KANNUR Kerala 670672
                                      KOOTHUPALAKKAL KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                          IV/406, GEEVARGHESE COMPLEX THELAPPILY, MADAYIKONAM
 2940 U65992KL2010PTC027244                                                                               12/21/2010 POST THRISSUR Kerala 680712
                                      DEVANAND CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 PP X/640 NEAR SIVA TEMPLE PAYYAVUR KANNUR Kerala
 2941 U65992KL2010PTC027245                                                                               12/21/2010 670633
                                      KWADIYAR CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 NO.TC-2/757(7),IIND FLOOR, SN BUILDING,NEAR BRIDGE
                                                                                                                     NIRMAL HOSPITAL RIGHT SIDE,MEDICAL COLLEGE P O
 2942 U65992KL2010PTC027247                                                                               12/22/2010 THIRUVANTHAPURAM Kerala 680695
                                      NITHYA SAHAYA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                           DOOR NO VIII/369 (R) P O KUNDANNUR WADAKKANCHERY
 2943 U65992KL2010PTC027249                                                                               12/22/2010 THRISSUR Kerala 680590
                                      KARULAI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  II/1165,V P AUTO BUILDING OPPOSITE LITTLE FLOWER
 2944 U65992KL2010PTC027251                                                                               12/22/2010 ENGLISH SCHOOL NILAMBUR Kerala 673329
                                      THULUNADU CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                II FLOOR, ARAMANA ARCADE BANK ROAD KASARAKOD
 2945 U65992KL2010PTC027285                                                                               12/27/2010 Kerala 671121
                                      KNACK KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   1st floor VILAKKUMKAL JUNCTION, POST KUZHUR THRISSUR
 2946 U65992KL2010PTC027316                                                                               12/30/2010 Kerala 680734
                                      HARISREE KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                PANANGHAT BUILDING, OLARIKKARA, P O PULLAZHI
 2947 U65992KL2010PTC027317                                                                               12/30/2010 THRISSUR Kerala 680012
                                      KOTTAMTHAZHAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                            DOOR NO. VII/474 (OLD NO.VII/418), J P BUILDING ARINALLOOR
                                                                                                                     P O, NEAR BATHEL MARTHOMA CHURCH THEVALAKKARA
 2948 U65992KL2010PTC027322                                                                               12/30/2010 Kerala 690538
Note:The information contained in the list is derived from e-records available in the MCA portal. If any discrepancy/ deviation is noticed by company/ representative of company, the same
may be kindly brought to the notice of ministry for rectification.

                                                          LIST OF CHIT FUND COMPANIES
S.No.               CIN                                  COMPANY NAME                               DATE OF                            REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS
                                      VYDOORYAM CHITS (CHELAKKARA) PRIVATE                                           436D,VALLIKUNNATH BUILDING NEAR LITTTLE FLOWER GIRLS
 2949 U65992KL2010PTC027323           LIMITED                                                             12/30/2010 HIGH SCHOOL CHELAKKARA Kerala 680586
                                      CHAMPAPPILLIL CHITS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                      ROOM NO. KP/III/21, CHORUKKALA, KURUMATHUR P O
 2950 U65992KL2011PTC027342                                                                                 1/4/2011 TOLIPARAMBA KANNUR Kerala 670142
                                      PEEDIKAPARAMBU KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                          CD-210.70, P.O.AYYAPPANKAVU, PEEDIKAPARAMBU
 2951 U65992KL2011PTC027343                                                                                 1/4/2011 THRISSUR Kerala 680751
                                      AKSHAYARITHU CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                             TC 7/671-4,1ST FLOOR ULLOOR, MEDICAL COLLEGE POST
 2952 U65992KL2011PTC027351                                                                                 1/5/2011 THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Kerala 695011
                                      VAVA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                     Door No. TP9/1259J, AYSHA SHOPPING COMPLEX NEAR OLD
 2953 U65992KL2011PTC027388                                                                                1/10/2011 BUS STAND, THAMARASSERY CALICUT Kerala 673573
 2954 U65992KL2011PTC027398           MAYYAZHI CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       1/12/2011 30/993B, SURYAPRABHA VYTTILA COCHIN Kerala 682019
 2955 U65992KL2011PTC027403           DIRECTORS KURIES (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED                             1/13/2011 ROOM No. XV/160 KUTTUR P O THRISSUR Kerala 680013
                                      PS AMALA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 27/484, MATTATHIL BUILDING, I FLOOR COLLEGE ROAD,
 2956 U65992KL2011PTC027407                                                                                1/13/2011 KOTHAMANGALAM Kerala 686691
                                      GOLDLAND KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                DOOR NO. IX/97/Q- KAVALLOOR ARCADE P O NELLAYI
 2957 U65992KL2011PTC027408                                                                                1/13/2011 THRISSUR Kerala 680305
                                      VISUAL KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  DOOR NO: 2/648/A, JEEVA COMPLEX P.O. MULAYAM,
 2958 U65992KL2011PTC027410                                                                                1/13/2011 VALAKKAVU THRISSUR Kerala 680751
                                      MELAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                   411/E,CHERPU HANDLOOM WEAVERS CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY
                                                                                                                     BUILDING, THIRUVULLAKKAVU,OPP: MINI CIVIL STATION
 2959 U65992KL2011PTC027413                                                                                1/13/2011 THRISSUR Kerala 680561
                                      THINKAL KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 Door No.V/42, Palliyil Building Opposite St.Sebastian Forane
 2960 U65992KL2011PTC027415                                                                                1/13/2011 Church, Chalakudy Via Kuttikad Kerala 680724
                                      NIRAM CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                    "JOHNY SAGARIGA" 41/399,OPP.HOTEL ABAD METRO, RAJAJI
 2961 U65992KL2011PTC027425                                                                                1/14/2011 ROAD KOCHI Kerala 682035
                                      FULLMOON KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                DOOR VII/508 A, GROUND FLOOR MERRYLAND COMPLEX,
 2962 U65992KL2011PTC027432                                                                                1/18/2011 AMBALLUR, PUDUKKAD P O THRISSUR Kerala 680301
                                      PANAMARAM CHITTIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             AMRATHESHWARI COMPLEX, WARD NO. 10, BUILDING NO. 317
 2963 U65992KL2011PTC027433                                                                                1/18/2011 PANAMARAM Kerala 670721
                                      CHEMMANNUR KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              TC-25/651-3, GROUND FLOOR AMBIKA ARCADE, M.G. ROAD
 2964 U65992KL2011PTC027446                                                                                1/19/2011 THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      NADAVARAMBU KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                             NADAVARAMBA POST IRINJALAKUDA THRISSUR Kerala
 2965 U65992KL2011PTC027463                                                                                1/19/2011 680661
                                      G-FIVE KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                  ROOM NO: 171, CHOONDAL PANCHAYATH ERANELLUR P O
 2966 U65992KL2011PTC027472                                                                                1/20/2011 THRISSUR Kerala 680501
                                      MANOMONEY CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                T.C 05/538 (5), Rajasoudam Building Opp. SNDP Hall, Indira Nagar
                                                                                                                     Road,Peeroorkada Thiruvananthapuram Kerala 695005
 2967 U65992KL2011PTC027473                                                                                1/20/2011
                                      JANAPATHAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              XII/281, 2ND FLOOR, HILAL BUILDING MARAR ROAD,
 2968 U65992KL2011PTC027492                                                                                1/24/2011 CHETTIANGADI JUNCTION THRISSUR Kerala 680001
                                      ANKRISHNA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                               DOOR No.X/1-T, FEDERAL BANK BUILDING, P O ERANELLUR,
 2969 U65992KL2011PTC027504                                                                                1/24/2011 KECHERY TRICHUR Kerala 680501
 2970 U65992KL2011PTC027509           ZAAMINAH CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                       1/25/2011 K P, 7/153 MANIPURAM POST KOZHIKODE Kerala 673572
                                      SOUTHLINE CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                536, THEKKEKARA 9 VADAKKEKAD GRAMA PANCHAYAT
 2971 U65992KL2011PTC027522                                                                                1/25/2011 VADAKKEKAD Kerala 679562
                                      GOODMEN KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 6/302, EDATHURUTHIKARAN BUILDING MAIN ROAD
 2972 U65992KL2011PTC027533                                                                                1/28/2011 IRINJALAKUDA Kerala 680121
                                      MONEYBHAVAN CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                              DOOR.No.KM XI/450(26) TRIDENT ARCADE, PINANGODE ROAD,
 2973 U65992KL2011PTC027534                                                                                1/28/2011 KALPETTA Kerala 673121
                                      ALANGAD KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 ROOM NO. VIII/8F THURUVALIL BUILDING, MUTTITHADI P.O.,
 2974 U65992KL2011PTC027540                                                                                1/31/2011 ALANGAD THRISSUR Kerala 680317
                                      GURUCHAITHANYA CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                           PANCHAYATH SHOPPING COMPLEX, CHAVADIMUKKU
                                                                                                                     MUTTAPALAM .P. O, VARKALA TRIVANDRUM Kerala 695145
 2975 U65992KL2011PTC027550                                                                                 2/1/2011
                                      AASA SOUDHAM KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                            THAKKU SHOPPING MALL ANTHIKAD CENTRE ANTHIKAD
 2976 U65992KL2011PTC027576                                                                                 2/5/2011 Kerala 680641
                                      DHANAPRADA KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                              1/231W, ANUGRAHA COMPLEX VELLIKULANGARA ROAD,
 2977 U65992KL2011PTC027586                                                                                 2/5/2011 KODAKARA TRICHUR Kerala 680684
                                      MAGICPOT CHITS PRIVATE LIMITED                                                 DOOR NO. 15/242, ROOM NO. 23, CENTURY COMPLEX, MATHA
                                                                                                                     KOVIL STREET, SULTHANPET PALAKKAD Kerala 678001
 2978 U65992KL2011PTC027591                                                                                 2/5/2011
                                      POOCHATTY HIPOWER KURIES PRIVATE LIMITED                                       DOOR NO: 1/41