BSA Troop 184 by chenmeixiu


									                         BSA Troop 184
              Lyme Regis Scout Hut & Fossil Hunt, Dorset
                        21-23 November 2003

This was a dual purpose camp. Since fossil hunting time is limited (due to tides and boredom
after a few hours) we chose to use Saturday afternoon as an opportunity to catch up on some
of the tough FCE requirements.

Some general logistics issues around the hut:

    1. The hut is old but in good condition with plenty of space. There is a garden with
       sufficient room for a few tents if people wish to camp outside. Running water, toilets,
       hot water are available in the hut.
    2. Rhodes lane is very small so the bus was forced to stop at the intersection of Rhodes
       lane and Tappars Knapp. The center of town has very small roads so the best route
       to the hut is to turn left on the B3165 off the A35. Proceed south and turn left on
       Tappars Knapp in Uplyme (next to a pub). The bus can stop at the intersection of
       Rhodes Lane and Tappars Knapp. After unloading he can proceed straight ahead
       and will come back to the A35.
    3. There is a paved parking lot but limited ground space outside. Plan on holding camp
       activities indoor or in the parking lot. Altar fires are OK and there was a marginally
       useful fire pit.
    4. It is roughly 1 mile to the center of town (museum, meeting point with guide)

Some general transport logistics issues:

    1. The meeting point for fossil hunting is the parking lot near the beach in the center of
       town. It is hard to miss.
    2. We used a people carrier and a taxi (people carrier) to move people around.
       Everything is close so it is not difficult to make extra trips (5 min from hut to fossil
       guide meeting point). The taxi is not needed unless there is a large group.
    3. Don’t underestimate the time for transport. It is hard to determine timing due to traffic
       but the A35 is a long slow slog. It took us 4 hours (without stop) to make the trip.
    4. There are stopping points on the M3 and the A31 near Southampton to stop for
       dinner. Once out of the Southampton area there is nothing.

Fossil hunting:

    1. We hired a fossil expert named Paddy Howe from the Lyme Regis Museum 01297
       443370. He did a great job. Note that there are two museums, the Dinosaurland and
       the Lyme Regis Museum. The Dinosaurland museum is better for kids so we had
       Paddy lead the fossil hunt then went to the Dinosaurland museum 01297 443541.
       This seemed to work well.
    2. Tides are a major planning issue. The tides are huge and fossil hunting must be
       done at low tide. Paddy will know the tide tables and can advise on the best time to
    3. This is an activity for the winter, preferably Nov. Storms was the cliff faces and
       improve the fossil hunting. I would suggest Nov or March for this campout, not too
       cold at the beach but weather sufficiently bad to give good chance for fossils.
    4. BRING PLASTIC BAGS for guys to store fossils and a sharpie to mark the
       bags/lunches. If not you will have a very muddy car. I also suggest bringing a
       tarp/blanket to put on the floor of the car for transport from the fossil hunt. The beach
       is muddy.
    5. It can be very cold, wet, and windy on the beach. In addition the guys are using their
       hands without gloves to gather fossils. Be sure to dress appropriately.
    6. Paddy can give very good guidance on how long to hunt etc. After a few hours it
       becomes boring and everyone is cold.
    7. There are public restrooms across the street from the parking lot so make sure to
       plan accordingly.

Other Activities:

    1. As stated above we went to the Dinosaurland museum after the fossil hunt. This
       gave the guys a chance to warm up, eat lunch and use the bathroom. After the
       museum visit we held the hike/orienteering.
    2. The area is beautiful. We used the afternoon to complete the FCE orienteering
       requirement and had a 5 mile hike going in parallel with the orienteering. There is a
       large National Trust property in Charmouth (end of Stonebarrow lane) that is
       appropriate for an orienteering course (open public areas). This area is approx 15
       minutes (one way) from the hut so plan accordingly. There are no restroom facilities
       at this location.
    3. There are also numerous paths that can be used for a hike back to the hut from the
       center of town to construct a 5 mi hike.
    4. This plan worked well and filled the remainder of the day on Saturday.


We will visit the “Jurassic Coast” near the town of Lyme Regis in Dorset. This unique area
has been declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. Fossils embedded in the
cliffs adjacent to the seashore are washed onto the beach by erosion during storms and the
action of the tide. With the help of Paddy Howe, the local museum curator, we will hunt
fossils on Saturday morning.

After fossil hunting on Saturday we will visit the Dinosaur Museum in Lyme Regis. In the
afternoon you can choose from two activities: 1) A five mile hike along the coast or (2) an
orienteering session for those needing the First Class orienteering requirement or those
interested in the Orienteering merit badge. The final session of the Astronomy merit badge
will be offered in the evening (weather permitting).


Date/Time               Drop Off at ACS Scout Hut        Friday 21 Nov at 5.30pm
                        Pick-up                          Sunday 23 Nov at 12.30pm

Campsite Location       The Scout Hut, Rhode Lane, Uplyme, Lyme Regis, Dorset
                        Warden: Mrs Paula Wyon-Brown 01297 445185

Facilities              Indoor camping: Mats on the scout hut floor
                        Oudoor camping: Tents on field on the same site
                        (for scouts who need camping nights for rank advancement)
                        Showers, toilets, hot water, food prep area in Scout Hut (cooking will
                        be outdoors)

Meals                   Bring sack dinner for the journey on Friday night

Equipment               Warm outdoor weather gear, rain gear, sleepwear, gloves.
                        Scout books, COMPASS!!!

Optional equipment      Rock hammer, gloves, safety glasses
                        MUST be rock hammer, carpenter hammer is NOT acceptable.
                        GLASSES and GLOVES required to use a hammer.

Uniforms                None
Medicals                     Medical reports MUST be on file (Katie Lovely 07765 221473)

Price                        £45 pounds per person

Activities                   See above

Other                        Rank advancements - BRING YOUR BOOKS!

Camp Chief:                                                Scoutmaster:
Dave Malone                                                Jim White
The Stables, The Drive                                     12 Heathfield
Tyrells Wood, Leatherhead                                  Cobham
Mobile 07753 811183                                        Mobile 07789 926833

        Permission Slip - Due Back on Monday 17 November
         Outing: Lyme Regis, Dorset, 21-23 November 2003

My son                                has my permission to attend this Troop
184 Outing. I understand that the costs related to the activity are the
responsibility of each scout's family and that the total must be paid in
advance. I understand that all medications must be given to the Camp Chief
with written instructions for administering.

Allergies/medical information:

Signature of parent/guardian:

Contact number in case of emergency:

I will/will not (delete one) be attending this event.

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