Telescope Worksheet Name 1 What can a large diameter telescope do better tha by wanghonghx


									                                 Telescope Worksheet

                                                                  Name _________________

1. What can a large diameter telescope do better than a small diameter telescope?

2. Given two telescopes one meter long, why is the focal length greater on the reflector
   than on the refractor?

3. What is the value of a “Focal Ratio”?

4. Why is there a limit to how powerful a telescope can be?               (What limits

5. What is the value of a good telescope tripod?

6. What is the down side of having a large, powerful telescope?

7. Of the three types of telescopes described, which one would you prefer to own?
   Explain your answer in a paragraph or two. (Remember- a paragraph is at least four
   sentences long!)

8. Why should you doubt that a telescope with a two inch diameter could have a
   magnifying power greater than 300X?

9. How is telescope magnification calculated?
10. Which is more important, light gathering ability or magnification, to the performance
    of your telescope? Why??

11. According to the article’s author, what type of person should own which type of
    scope? List a typical owner for each of the three scope types.

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