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Licensed and Bonded Insurance document sample

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									                         MOBILE COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT
                              DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS

The Mobile County Health Department is requesting proposals to furnish all necessary labor,
supervision, equipment, and supplies to satisfactorily perform janitorial floor services at the various
facilities located throughout Mobile County. The Mobile County Health Department facilities to be
considered in this proposal are:

          Keeler Complex and Buildings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, 251 North Bayou Street
          Semmes Clinic, 3810 Wulff Road
          Semmes WIC Clinic, 3958 Snow Road, Suite M
          Eight Mile Clinic, 4555 St. Stephens Road
          Newburn Building, 248 Cox Street
          Women’s Center, 248 Cox Street
          Vector Compound, 750 Congress Street
          School-Base Clinic, 800 Whitney Street

The Mobile County Health Department will make a single contract award for all listed facilities (see
bid form).

The following information is provided to assist the contractor in understanding the scope of services
needed by the Mobile County Health Department for all facility groupings. The contractor must be
able to meet all financial obligations and provide adequate equipment and staff so that the service to all
facilities can be rendered successfully. If the company is disbarred federally, then that company would
be required to report it to the Mobile County Health Department; this action would be cause for
termination of contract.

As a public health agency for Mobile County, the Mobile County Health Department takes pride in
providing an exceptionally clean and safe environment at all times for its patrons and employees and
expects the janitorial services to demonstrate this same pride in their work preformed. All standards are
set by the Mobile County Health Department and are to be adheared to.

1. Staffing
   The Contractor shall provide adequate personnel, trained in proper janitorial floor methods and
   techniques to properly and satisfactorily maintain the facilities on a day-to-day basis during the
   scheduled times indicated. All services are to be performed during Mobile County Health
   Department non-working hours, Monday through Friday, 5:30 p.m. until 5:30 a.m., at the Semmes
   Clinic and 8 Mile Clinic 6:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m., or unless otherwise indicated. The scheduled
   times are subject to change and Contractor must be able to render service when deemed necessary.

2. Employee Recruitment
   a. Applicant Screening: The Contactor shall be required to conduct the following screening
      process for all employees who will be assigned to work at Mobile County Health Department
          Conduct background checks based on residency location. This report to be given to Mobile
           County Health Department Human Resources Department, pior to employment of any
          Persons with any history of drugs, violence of any type including weapons violations, theft
           of all types, fraud and/or forgery shall not be assigned to work at any Mobile County Health
           Department facility. Violation of this requirement will be cause for contract termination.

   b. The Contactor must demonstrate the ability to provide trustworthy, reliable employees and
      shall make a good faith effort to retain the same employees on the same schedule in the same
      area for as long as possible. If a change of staff is to occur, the Contract Administrator shall be
      notified prior to the change when possible or as quickly as possible thereafter. In addition,
      staff shall have the ability to:

          Read, write, speak and understand the English language.
          Understand written and oral rules and regulations and apply them in a tactful and non-
           confrontational manner.
          Maintain poise, self-control, tact, diplomacy and mature judgment under stress.

3. Employee Acceptance by Mobile County Health Department
   The Mobile County Health Department will be the sole judge of the efficiency and acceptability of
   each janitorial employee’s performance while on site. The Mobile County Health Department
   reserves the right to require the Contractor to remove any janitorial personnel from further duty at
   the Mobile County Health Department, without cause and without the right to recover damages by
   such janitorial employee or by the Contractor from the Mobile County Health Department.

4. Contractor Responsibility
   The successful Contractor shall be responsible for all coordination and supervision of personnel
   associated with the janitorial service at the Mobile County Health Department facilities. These
   activities include, but may not be limited to, the following:

          Recruit, screen, background checks and train personnel.
          Train employees in the Mobile County Health Department’s security protocols and
           procedures (for example: time clocks and security panels, name tags).
          Cooperate with Mobile County Health Department’s official investigation of suspected
           criminal activity.
          Provide an experienced supervisor who shall be responsible for the performance of the
           contract and remain the Contractor’s contact person for the duration of the contract. The
           Project Manager shall establish daily communications with the Mobile County Health
           Department’s Contract Administrator to provide a prompt and timely response to any
           concerns or problems that may arise. Time and frequency of direct meetings may vary as
           determined by the Contract Administrator. The supervisor shall contact the Contract
           Administrator to review overall performance, receive special instructions regarding
           cleaning items, or discuss other pertinent items regarding the contract and the Contractor’s
          Furnish all supplies and equipment necessary for the proper performance of the janitorial
           service. Supplies and materials include, but are not limited to, brooms, brushes, dust cloths,
           wet and dry mops, sponges, squeegees, floor polish, waxes, stripper, metal and furniture
           polish and any other compounds necessary to properly maintain the floors of the premises.
          At a minimum, these supplies and materials shall be of a quality to conform to applicable
          federal specifications. The Contactor shall not use any materials or supplies which the
          Contract Administrator determines would be unsuitable for the purpose, or offensive or
          harmful to any part of the facility, its contents, equipment, employees, or patrons. Provide
          all necessary cleaning equipment including, but not limited to, buffing machines, industrial
          type vacuum cleansers, carpet extractors, floor scrubbers, etc., needed for the performance
          of the work of this contract. Such equipment shall be of the size and type customarily used
          in work of this kind and shall meet the approval of the Contract Administrator. Equipment
          deemed by the Contract Administrator to be of improper type or design or inadequate for
          the purpose intended shall be replaced by the Contractor.
       Provide to the Contract Administrator with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all
          chemicals used or stored in the buildings, all chemicals to be pre-approved for use by
          Contract Administrator. MSDS sheets must be included with bid specification.
       Provide adequate qualified onsite field supervision to ensure janitorial staff arrive at
          assigned post on time, perform their duties throughout their assigned shift, and provide
          backup as needed during all required hours, and check facilities for proper completion of
          work. A plan for providing onsite supervision must be included with the bid
       Development of an internal monitoring system that will be used to ensure service quality to
          include regularly scheduled written inspections with a copy to the Contract Administrator.
          The Contract Administrator may choose to inspect with the Contractor. All deficiencies
          found during daily check will be given to Contractor in writing and must be corrected
          within 8 hours of notification.
       Evaluation of staff performance must be completed.
       Inform Contractor’s employees that the Mobile County Health Department equipment
          including vehicle buffers, scrubbers, sweepers, vacuums, office equipment, shall not be
          used by the Contractor of the Contractor’s employees.
       Must provide proof of Comprehensive General Liability Insurance in the amount of
       Employee signed Statement of Confidentiality (all employees) including any changes in
          staffing must be given to Mobile County Health Department Human Resource Department
          before employee can start work.
       Proof of employee Hepatitis B protection by injection of vaccine (all employees) including
          any change in staffing must to be presented to Human Resources
       Must provide three client references within the past 3 years.
       Must at all times be compliant with all HIPAA provisions.
5. Mobile County Health Department’s Responsibility
   The Mobile County Health Department will be responsible for providing directions to the
   Contractor. These activities include, but may not be limited to the following:

          Identify a Contract Administrator at the time of award. The Contract Administrator will
           submit in writing to the Contractor the names of Mobile County Health Department
           personnel who will have authority to make changes or additions to the contracted items.
           Changes or additions made by anyone other than Mobile County Health Department
           authorized personnel will not be accepted or paid for by the Mobile County Health
          Provide training assistance to Contractor’s staff in security protocols and procedures.
          Furnish electrical power at existing power outlets for the Contractor’s use to operate
           equipment as is necessary in the conduct of the required work. Hot and cold water will also
           be made available as necessary.
          Provide space for the Contractor to store any necessary supplies, material and equipment.
          Establish time and frequency of direct meetings with the Contractor’s Project Manager.
           Schedule inspections with the Contractor’s Project Manager. Quality service and strict
           adherence to the contract will be expected from the Contractor.

6. Security
   Keys to various areas of the facilities will be made accessible to the Contractor and or his
   supervisor agent. All costs accrued by Mobile County Health Department in reinstating facility
   security occasioned by loss of facility keys due to the Contractor’s and/or it employees’ negligence
   will be billed to the Contractor.

   The Contractor will be given instructions on Mobile County Health Department’s clock in/out
   procedures. It shall be the Contractor’s responsibility to assure procedures are strictly followed.
   Upon completion of activities each day, the Contractor shall be responsible for securing all entries
   to offices and to buildings prior to departure.

   The Contractor shall ensure that only their properly identified employees with (MCHD ID badges)
   listed with the Contract Administrator are permitted on the premises during the performance of
   daily duties. Mobile County Health Department will train contractor on the used of time clocks
   and the alarm systems. The Contractor will be held strictly accountable for damages or breaches of
   security caused by its employees.

   Term of Contract
   The contract shall be for a term of one (1) year with options for two (2) additional one-year
   contract terms. Mobile County Health Department reserves the right to cancel the contract for
   whatever reason upon providing a thirty (30) day written notice.
                               BID 2010-20

NAME OF ORGANIZATION:____________________________________________________



Keeler Complex and Bldg. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

Semmes Clinic 3810 Wulff Road

Semmes WIC Clinic 3958 Snow Road, Suite M

Eight Mile Clinic 4555 St. Stephens Road

Newburn Building 248 Cox Street

Women’s Center 248 Cox Street

Vector Compound 750 Congress Street

School-Base Clinic 800 Whitney Street

Total Annual Amount

Contractors bidding on this project must be licensed, bonded and insured. Contractors must have
insurance coverage of no less than $1,000,000.00 (One Million Dollars and no/100).

I attest to the following:

    (1) That I am an authorized agent of the organization and have the authority to make such a
    (2) That all the responses in the invitation to (ITB) are true and accurate to the best of my
    (3) That I understand all the requirements and deadlines as listed in the bid letter and ITB.

______________________________________________                   ____________________
Authorized Signature/Title                                       Date

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