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Leisa Pichard

                        For his feathers are the colors of the Earth.
   Glittering blue for the sky, flashing red for the African soil, twinkling green for the
                                        sparkling sea.
                     For he is as shy as the smallest twitching mouse.
Hiding, though his bright colors are shouting loudly in a world of dulling browns and greens.

   1. A malachite kingfisher is most likely
   1) a bird.
   2) an insect.
   3) a plant.

                      For he is a fierce hunter, diving from the sky.
Catching dragonflies in mid air, snatching tadpoles, and minnows, nabbing crabs in a deadly
 For he does belly flops when he bathes. Rising back to his perch, fluffing after each dip,
                              cleaning each feather in turn.
                       For he flies faster than the eye can follow.
 Bobbing his head and body before dropping sharply from his branch, beating flashy wings
                                      to lift and lift.
                For he hovers, marking his target with eagle sharp eyes.
 Capturing more than sixty fish each day, feeding himself and his family, chuckling as he
                                 skims across the water.
                         For he digs his nest in sandy river banks.
Tunneling like a marvelous mole, shoveling with his large red beak, taking days to complete
                                          his task.
                             For he is only five inches tall.
       Making his predator presence, showing his lively industry to be, astonishing.

2. How would you describe the malachite kingfisher?
1) hardworking
2) mean
3) dull
Read this sentence from the passage.

      For he is as shy as the smallest twitching mouse.
3. Which word means the OPPOSITE of shy?
      a. big                   b. bold             c. quiet            d. still

4. What is the main idea of the last verse of the poem?
               a. The malachite kingfisher is five inches tall.
               b. The malachite kingfisher is a strong predator.
               c. The malachite kingfisher is small but amazing.
               d. The malachite kingfisher has colors like the Earth.

5. What does a malachite kingfisher do RIGHT BEFORE he drops down from a tree?
         a.    He   shouts loudly.
         b.    He   beats his wings.
         c.    He   bobs his head.
         d.    He   fluffs his feathers.

6. Why is the malachite kingfisher "chuckling as he skims across the water"?
         e.    He   thinks it is fun to play in the water.
         f.    He   is happy that a hard day is over.
         g.    He   thinks it is easy to catch a lot of fish.
         h.    He   is glad to be clean.

7. Based on the poem, how are malachite kingfishers and eagles ALIKE?
               a. Both are large birds.                   b. Both have sharp eyes.
               c. Both are mostly white.                  d. Both catch sixty fish a day.

8. Why might the malachite kingfisher be shy?
         a.    He is a fast flyer.
         b.    He is a great hunter.
         c.    He is five inches tall.
         d.    He's proud of his belly flop.

9. According to the poem, how is a malachite kingfisher LIKE a mole?
                    a.   Both make nests.
                    b.   Both dig tunnels.
                    c.   Both hide in trees.
                    d.   Both hunt for fish.