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                                     GIIA                                        Winter 2010

         Glen Isle Improvement Association, PO Box 222, Riva, MD 21140
President’s Message
                                                         Within a month, we will begin organizing the “Spring
                                                         chores”. We are in need of help with various tasks
                                                         from landscaper type work to a little carpentry and
As we head into another year, I am reminded of all of
                                                         pathway work.     Keep an eye on the newsletter and
the time, energy and effort it took to run the
                                                         website for our “list of chores”. Give your name to a
“business” side of Glen Isle.   With the help of your
                                                         board member to get on the Volunteer List. We will
board members and lot of volunteering, work was
                                                         be planning “fun” parties, as well as “work” parties.
accomplished, and of course, there is still more to
                                                         There is still snow on the ground, but I can also see
                                                         some of the “Spring’s growth” popping up through
Last year’s unexpected beach road replacement
                                                         the thawing ground. We are near the end of winter!
expense changed the financial planning we had in
place. The recent increase in covenant fees will allow   Michael Wagener
us to continue maintaining our community’s assets
and to rebuild the funds needed to replace our
We also shared the burden of a record snow fall this
year. Soon enough we will be looking back on those
days of shoveling mountains of snow.      There were
many of our neighbors and friends taking time to
help dig each other out.    To all of you that spent     CONVENANT FEES
many cold hours helping your neighbors, a very           Just a reminder, your $350 Covenant Fee for 2010 is
warm “Thank You”.                                        due by March 31st. If the fee is not paid by April 15th,
With the roads and shoulders encumbered by tons of       a 10% late charge ($35) will be added to the amount
snow, community parking was tricky.       We did not     owed.   If you have any questions, please call the
enforce the “Parking for events only” at the clubhouse   Treasurer, Pat Crosby at 410-956-8340.
for obvious reasons. Please remember, the clubhouse
parking area is not for personal use. There are many
                                                         VOLUNTEER LIST
events held at the clubhouse, and those who use this
                                                         At   the    December      Community       Meeting,    a
as their personal overflow parking place are making
                                                         recommendation was made to create a Volunteer List
no effort to move their vehicle during events which is
                                                         so when community tasks are required, the Board
causing an issue.
                                                         knows who to call. Several names were collected at
If you feel you need to temporarily park at the
                                                         the meeting; however, there is always the need for
clubhouse, do not leave your vehicle there during
                                                         more volunteers, especially as summer gets closer. If
scheduled events. It is up to you to find out when the
                                                         you can volunteer a few hours a month and want to
clubhouse is being used. The website, newsletter or
                                                         be on the Volunteer list, please contact a Board
a phone call are all ways of knowing the planned
                                                         Member and let them know.
rentals. People pay to use the clubhouse and parking
 GIIA Board Notes                                                                                                Page 2

KARAOKE                                                      Clubhouse
Karaoke continues to be a fun night for family and Board Meeting                                 March 16th, 7:30 PM
friends. Enjoy a Friday evening at the Clubhouse to Karaoke                                      March 26th, 7:00 PM
share some food and laughs. Kids can participate from Movie Night                                April 2nd, 6:00 PM
7-9 PM. Adults take over the mic at 9 PM – 11 PM. Karaoke                                        April 16th, 7:00 PM
Snacks are available but feel free to bring some to Board Meeting                                April 20th, 7:30 PM
share. Please bring your own beverages. Upcoming Movie Night                                     May 7th, 6:00 PM
dates are March 26th (note the 4th Friday), April 16th, and May Board Meeting                    May 18th, 7:30 PM
21st.                                                           Karaoke                          May 21st, 7:00 PM

                                                             Clubhouse Rental Information:
BOATING SEASON                                           Weeknight rental: $65 + $50 refundable deposit.
The 2010 Boating season is right around the corner. If Weekend rental: $100 +$50 refundable deposit.
you are interested in renting a boat slip or need to pay Children’s party: $30 + $50 refundable deposit.
your RAMP Fee, send in your 2010 Application for *Children's party fee applies to any day of week, for
Annual Dockage or Boat Ramp Access. The application children aged 12 and under.
is attached. Be sure to read the Pier Rules and
Regulations which can be found on our website Call Dawn Risher at 410-956-5034 for reservations Contact the Pier Chairman, or email your request to
Mike Risher, with any questions.
                                                             Board Members
                                                             President: Mike Wagener                      410-956-4632
                                                             Vice President: Mike Risher                  410-956-5034
                                                             Corresponding Secr: Sam Liff *               410-956-0516
BIDDERS FOR GRASSCUTTING                                     Treasurer: Pat Crosby                        410-956-8340
The Board of Directors is seeking bids for Lawn Service      Asst. Treas: Margie Fleming                  410-956-3349
in Glen Isle for the 2010 season. Bids should include        Temp Secr: Deb Wagener                       410-956-4632
the cost of cutting the beach area from the swim area        Ben Borchelt                                 410-956-0160
across the shore line to the A Pier area and up the          Paul Hare                                    410-956-6717
community path to Pinecrest circle. The area should be       Tim Keating                                  410-956-5046
cut and trimmed. The trash can near the swim beach is        Jack Thibodeau                               410-798-4963
to be emptied weekly and a new bag inserted.                 Chuck Malcomson                              202-997-5266
The bid should also include cutting the grounds of the       Julie Bradley                                410-956-3944
club house every 10 days and emptying the trash can.         Steve Burke                                  410-956-8438
Bids must be submitted by March 15 to the President          Joe Perona                                   410-956-5706
Mike Wagener or Treasurer Pat Crosby. They will be           Mark Grant                                   410-949-8955
considered at the March 16 Board meeting so cutting          Committee Contacts
can begin in early April and will be done as needed          Beach: Ben Borchelt                          410-956-0160
depending on the weather. Cutting ends by October            Playground: Tim Keating                      410-956-5046
31. Invoices shall be submitted the first of each month      Piers: Mike Risher*                          410-956-5034
from May to October with a breakdown of the work             Clubhouse: Dawn Risher                       410-956-5034
provided.                                                    *For Gate or Ramp Keys, contact Mike Risher or Sam Liff.

A separate bid may be submitted for two trimmings of
                                                              Please do not litter. It’s everyone’s responsibility
the bushes in the area around the club house and
along the beach.                                                      to keep the neighborhood clean.
 GIIA Board Notes
            Nts                                                                                         Page 3

INTERIORS) IN GLEN ISLE                                  Each has a 6-24 month warranty still remaining.
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Visit and shop
                                                         NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH
ODD JOBS                                                 The Neighborhood Watch will be preparing for the
                                                         summer season.       Warm weather seems to bring
If you are interested in a little extra cash by doing
                                                         additional   challenges.    Block   Captains    will   be
some odd jobs (like yard work and snow shoveling)
                                                         contacted regarding a meeting in late April to begin
in the neighborhood, call Deb Wagener at 410-
                                                         reviewing procedures and spreading the word. If you
956-4632 to have your contact information added
                                                         would like to volunteer as a Neighborhood Block
to the newsletter classifieds.
                                                         Captain, please contact Deb Wagener at 410-956-
FURNITURE FOR SALE                                       4632 or
Double pedestal wood executive desk 64x32 for
$195.   Wood antique teacher's desk 42x32 for            Remember--be observant!      Watch what is going on
$125. Metal 4-drawer file cabinet $45. Call Robert       around you.     Everyone can help keep Glen Isle a
Reynolds at 410-956-4052, 568 Laurel Road                crime-free area.

1997 Pontiac Trans Am convertible, triple white,
Ram air, 6-speed, very nice. Cal Robert Reynolds at
                                                         SAVE THE DATES
If you’re going out of town or need a little help with   Community Dumpsters: May 3rd – May 5th at the
your pet, who are you going to call??        Call Pati   Clubhouse.    Please do not put hazardous materials
Patrick to help with any of your pet walking and/or      (such as paint, thinners, gasoline, etc) in the
pet sitting needs. She can do the caring of your         dumpster.
animals in your home or her home for a reasonable        EMAIL ADDRESSES NEEDED
fee. Contact her via email
or Pati Patrick 443-203-6747.                            If you did not receive this newsletter by email, it may
                                                         be because we don’t have your email address! Get
HOME FOR SALE IN GLEN ISLE                               on the mailing list. All community notices are sent
Three bedroom rancher with 1/3 acre (approx.)            out by blind carbon so your email address is not
fenced yard, two fireplaces, concrete patio and lots     open to the public. You can request it to be added
more. Appraisal available on request. The only           by going to our website.
home on this very private street located 511 Holly
Lane. For Sale by Owner for $374,500 (considerably       KEEP OUR ROADS SAFE! DRIVE 25!
less than recent appraisal).
                      GLEN ISLE LADIES AUXILIARY
Dear Neighbors,                                              MONTHLY GILA MEETINGS FOR 2009:
This has been quite a winter! The neighborhood will be         March 18 – Monthly Meeting at 2756 Riverview Dr
bustling with even more activity very soon. Spring is          April 21-New Members Wine & Cheese Party at
around the corner and a great time to do some                            the clubhouse
cleaning. And just in time, we will be holding our             May 19 – Monthly Meeting at 2718 Cedar Dr
Annual Yard Sale. Details are in the newsletter and a          June 24 – GILA Dinner – Location TBD
flyer will be distributed in April.                            July 21 – Community Beach Party
                                                               August 18 –Monthly Meeting at 2767 Riverview Dr
Spring is also a good time to make some new friends.
                                                               Sept 15–Monthly Meeting at 2791 Cedar Dr
The Ladies Auxiliary will be hosting a Wine & Cheese
                                                               Oct 20 – Monthly Meeting at 564 Laurel Rd
party at the Clubhouse on April 21st to welcome new
                                                               Nov 17– Monthly Meeting at 2748 Riverview Dr
members. We currently have 25 members and continue
                                                               December – Date and Place TBD
to grow. For more information, please call one of our
GILA Officers. Also, keep a look out for the invitation      MOVIE NIGHT
in your mail.
                                                             GILA will be holding Movie Night at the clubhouse
Our meetings give you the opportunity to meet your starting at 6:00 pm on:
neighbors, find playmates for your children, develop
                                                                    April 2nd - Alvin & The Chipmunks
your support group and have a little fun socializing.
                                                                    May 7th – To be advised by email
While we’re doing all of that, we even find the time to
help the community by holding events such as Movie As a reminder, the cost for the Movie Permit is $325.
Night, Karaoke, and Kids Play dates.               Because of the popularity of this family event, this
                                                             permit will be renewed. Donations will be collected
GILA continues support for families during births and
                                                             during movie night to help cover the cost of the
the passing of family. Helping others is what we do and
                                                             permit. Total donations to date approximately $120.
who we are. Become a part of the Ladies Auxiliary. Put
in as much, or as little, time as you want. You might HELPING OTHERS
really like it!                                              Cleaning out and looking for someone to give those
         Sincerely,           Ulla K. Dean, GILA President   nice clothes to? You know the ones that don’t fit the
                              Deb Wagener, GILA VP           kids anymore.    There is always someone in need.
                                                             GILA is collecting items. Contact Kristen Novak at
                                                             410-956-8288 to contribute to a good cause.
The Ladies Auxiliary is organizing the community yard        GLEN ISLE LADIES AUXILIARY OFFICERS
sale for April    24th   from 8 am to 1 pm. Host a sale in
                                                             President: Ulla Dean          410-956-6106
your own yard ($5 donation) or rent a table at the
                                                             Vice Pres: Deb Wagener        410-956-4632
clubhouse ($10 donation). Need a table at your yard?
                                                             Treasurer: Dawn Risher        410-956-5034
We’ll drop one off for a $5 fee. Advertising, signs and
                                                             Secretary: Christina Feindt   443-203-6018
maps with all addresses highlighted will be taken care
                                                             Goodwill: Anna Seward         301-205-0013
of for you.
                                                             Clubhouse: Dawn Risher        410-956-5034
The Ladies Auxiliary will be selling food and baked
goods at the clubhouse. Bake good donations would
be appreciated.
RSVP to Deb Wagener 410-956-4632 by April 20th to
get your address on the Map being distributed to
potential buyers.

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