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					Alaska Department of Education & Early
                   Updated August 2010
               This training will…
 Emphasize the importance of reporting suspension,
    expulsion, and truancy data
   Inform districts of the state and federal laws & regulations
    related to this data collection (NCLB, IDEA, etc.)
   Highlight the changes to data elements
   Demonstrate the new reporting system and the challenges
    that necessitated the revised reporting mechanism
   Show the importance of accuracy and data validation
   Answer the frequently asked questions and frequently
    encountered errors
Why is this data important?
 Allows Alaska to determine Persistently Dangerous
  school status
 Generates legislatively required reports, such as
  bullying data and truancy rates
 Provides information to ensure equal protections for
  students with special needs
Laws & Regulations
 State laws & regulations/NCLB
    AS 14.33.120 (b)
    AS 14.33.210
    4 AAC 06.250
 Federal laws
    Gun-Free Schools Act (subpart 3 of title IV of ESEA)
    IDEA 2004
    Uniform Management Information and Reporting
     System (UMIRS)
                         The New System
    The new data collection system offers the following:

   Secure, online data entry
   Online bulk upload option*
   Data validation for all reported data
   Edit option to correct existing records
   Online reports

*Online bulk upload option will be discussed in a separate audio conference. To learn more about this
   option, please view the Bulk Upload presentation located at
 ALL districts are required to report suspension,
    expulsion, and truancy data
   All districts MUST report using the online system
   Data will be validated
   Incomplete/incorrect records will be rejected by the
   Only full day unexcused absences should be reported
    for truancy
                 What’s New
 New knife/blade distinction (2 ½ in. and above vs. less
  than 2/12 in.)
 Truancy end-date field
 Emphasis on Record Number Field
 Clarification regarding student removals – Students
  with Disabilities Only
 Navigating the Online System

Note: This is a secure database and should only be accessed by those authorized
by the district
                        Logging In
To access the database, visit:

Login into the online database by entering the username and password
sent to the district superintendent and authorized staff.
                           Logging In
Once logged in, the district user will be presented with several options for
entering data or running reports. These options include bulk upload,
suspension/expulsion single, truancy, view/edit record list, record search,
report no incidents, reporting.
                   Entering Data
Data can be entered using the following options:

• Bulk Upload (for districts choosing to enter multiple records at one time)
• Suspension/Expulsion (single record entry)
• Truancy (single record entry)
Suspension/Expulsion Single Record
Districts may enter suspension/expulsion one record
at a time by selecting the Suspension/Expulsion link
on the left-hand side of the screen.
Suspension/Expulsion Single Record
Once on the Suspension Expulsion Single
screen, users can begin entering data. The
first few fields are related to the student
and to the incident date.

            Things to Consider…
 Only schools within the district will be
available in the drop-down menu
Only report for current school
Record number is required.
Student information (AKSID, DOB,
Name) is matched to what is reported in
ASIS. This does not include student
Date Fields can either be typed in
manually or can be selected from a pop-up
Inaccurate/incomplete data will not be
Suspension/Expulsion Single Record
The fields highlighted in blue and yellow are related
to the infraction and to the action taken.

                Things to Consider…
 Weapon/Non-Weapon Field can be left blank if it
does not apply to the incident
 Some infractions carry a mandatory
suspension/expulsion and length. Infractions
involving deadly weapons or firearms will cause the
original action/length to auto-populate to match
the minimum required by law.
 The district may modify the action/length by
selecting “Yes” under Modified and using the
Modified Action and Actual Length field. Do not
adjust the original action or length.
 Use the “Other” non-weapon category only if the
infraction does not match any of the other
categories provided in the drop down menu.
Inaccurate/incomplete data will not be accepted
  Suspension/Expulsion Single Record

The fields following the infraction and action
sections pertain to victims, law enforcement,
transfers, services that may have resulted from the

              Things to Consider…
Victims should only be reported if other students
were harmed during the infraction.
 Suspension/Expulsion Single Record
The fields highlighted in pink are relevant for students with disabilities only. These fields must be
completed for ALL SPED students. Should removals not apply to the SPED student, indicate this by
marking “no” next to each question.

                           Inaccurate/incomplete data will not be accepted
 Suspension/Expulsion Single Record
Once data entry is complete, hit the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

Please note that data entered will go through data validation. If required fields are left blank or student
data is not valid, an error message will be returned. Users will need to go over data and ensure that
everything is accurate.
    Suspension/Expulsion Single Record
After Submitting Records…

 Copy Details to New Incident can be
  used in two separate situations:
     To enter a new record for the same
        Note: When entering a NEW
           incident for the same student,
           be sure to change the record
     To add additional infractions for
       the same event/incident
        Note: When copying details for
           the same incident, be sure to
           keep the record number the
           same, but change the
 Insert a new record for a new student
  by selecting New Incident – this will
  provide a blank entry form
 View Records will take users to the
  view/edit screen.
   New Level of Accountability
Truancy Data…
 Now more accessible to the public
 Reported on the EED website at
            Truancy Single Record Entry
Districts are required to make a report of all
truancies within the district. Each district is
responsible for setting it’s own attendance policy;
however, the state asks that districts report full day
unexcused absences only. Once the truancy single
record entry is complete, hit the “save” button to
submit it.

               Things to Consider…
 Districts that do not have any truancy to report
should use the “Report No Incidents” option.
 Only full day unexcused absences will be accepted
The End Date field allows for the reporting of
consecutive unexcused absences. Non-consecutive
absences need to reported as separate entries.
 Student ID, DOB, and Student Name will be
validated upon submission.

Inaccurate/incomplete data will not be accepted
       Truancy Single Record Entry
After Submitting Records…

 Copy Details to New
  Incident can be used to
  enter a new unexcused
  absence for same student.
 Insert a new record for a
  new student by selecting
  New Incident – this will
  provide a blank truancy
  entry form
 View Records will take
  users to the view/edit
            Reporting No Incidents
Districts with no incidents to report MUST indicate this by selecting the
Report No Incident(s) option. This option can be utilized to report No
Truancy, No Suspension/Expulsion, or both.

                                           Note: If a record has already been
                                           entered for the district, an attempt to
                                           utilize the “no incidents” option will
                                           result in an error message.
           Viewing/Editing Records
The View/Edit Record List and Record Search options allow users to view records entered into the
system and make changes, if necessary. Users can view both suspension/expulsion and truancy
records at once or choose to only view suspension/expulsion or truancies. Click on a student record
to open the edit screen.
          Data Entry Complete
 The data entry complete
  button should be used at
  the end of the school year
  once all district data has
  been entered.
 Districts may make
  changes to data after
  selecting Data Entry
  Complete, but should
  select this option again
  once all changes have been
The following reports are available online and can be
  downloaded into a CSV file (comma delimited):
 Weapon/Non-Weapon Reports
   Non-Weapon Only
   Weapon Only
   Both Weapon and Non-Weapon
 SPED Reports
 Truancy Reports
 Can be run by school or district-wide
 Can be run for current school year or previous school
   Note: For 2010-2011, only the current school year can be
    pulled. Contact Meghan Nelson at for a report from previous
To run a report, click on the report type. This will take users to the online
  version of the report.
 The online report will display student information (AKSID, name,
  gender, etc.), school, and incident-related information. SPED reports
  will only include students identified with a disability.
 To download the report to a CSV file, select the “Download CSV”
 To change report type, select the Toggle Report Criteria option.
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