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									NEWSTYLE        Letter
                   letter Fall/Winter 2006
                    SPRING | SUMMER 2007

                            Fall/Winter 2006

         BEST          RESSES

               fall preview:
                SHOE TRENDS

     The Fashion
         of           Art
                        S is Back
                Star Poshtyles
      Victoria Beckham:
  Fashion of art             or                                         from the editor
  art of fashion?

U     nderstanding fashion with all its technical awkwardness
      and intellectual free flow is one step closer to thinking
like an artist.   Fashion paints a picture of the times and
often glimpses into the future; it quietly fights wars and
romances the others all while eliminating doubts and
preconceived notions of what intellectual beauty really is.

In this issue of NEWSTYLE we focus on art as an inducement,
a starting point in the creation of masterpieces we gallantly
parade around from season to season. The braver you are when
it comes to fashion choices, the more artistic your ensembles -
and the result is obvious even to the clueless. Ahh, to be brave
enough to pull off a black Giambattista Valli number with an
oversized matching hat to your BF’s wedding – ala Victoria
Beckham‘s bold statement as she left the Hassler hotel in Rome
for TomKat’s wedding in Bracciano, Italy. It should be no surprise
that she is the starlet we’re profiling in this issue of Star Styles.

We’ve seen what spring should look like in London, Paris and
Milan and in this issue, we gladly share the details.          Check
out Travel Tales for snippets from Europe’s fashion capitals
and Spring’s Key Notes for the best dresses we’ve seen on
the runways. All in all, it’s the season of exaggerated florals,
twirly gowns, high sheen suits and geometric separates.

A      ndrea M.
                                                                ON THE COVER:
                                                     A piece from Michelle DeMello’s
                                                               Royal Shoe collection.
We can’t wait for the new Holt Renfrew
store - coming to Vancouver May 31/07
                        STYLE DOME’S TRAVEL TALES:
                                                                            London, Paris and Milan

W           e love what we do. And we love to travel.
            Common sense told us to combine the two.

Although Europe isn’t a stranger to us, Andrea and I
have had the recent pleasure of gallivanting through
the streets of London; people-watching at outdoor
cafés in Paris; and most recently, spotting spring
trends in Milan. Mixing business with pleasure in our
favourite fashion capitals has proved to be a six-
month whirlwind – but someone’s gotta do it.

Apart from styling photo shoots and handling the PR
for some up and coming designers trying to break into
the North American market, the diva and fashionista
wouldn’t live up to their names if they didn’t have
some fun.


Marina and Andrea behind-the-scenes at a London photo

Here are Style Dome’s observations - from across the
                           STYLE DOME’S TRAVEL TALES:

Fashion:       From ballet flats to flat boots, these girls
are all about blending comfort with style. Partly
because they WALK everywhere! Top Shop is their

Music:     A    distinct   Londoner,   Lily   Allen    is   the
princess (she’s only 21) of cheeky lyrics with an
underground tone. Her album Alright, Still is a
must for cruisin’ around with the girls.

Eat: Ping Pong, located in Soho, offers a great range
of Dim Sum in a sophisticated yet cool atmosphere.

Drink: Was a guest taster at a Tanqueray No. 10
mixology event and now I’m hooked.                    Pair this
London gin with tonic for a crisp and modish                      Marina in Piccadilly Circus, London.

Celebs: Kate Moss is seriously royalty. Sienna Miller
graces every magazine and all guys want to date her.

Takeaway: Surprisingly, for being such a fashion hub,
girls and guys stay away from conforming to trends.
They epitomize individual style by understanding
fashion concepts and extrapolating the best pieces
for the occasion. London is       fantastic – the perfect
combination of European forwardness and North
American ease.
                        STYLE DOME’S TRAVEL TALES:
Fashion:    When they’re casual, they’re casual. When
they’re dressy – they dress up! They don’t necessarily mix
jeans and a silk cami for an evening out – they’ll whip out
the Louboutin’s to match their latest off-the-runway dress.

Music: The French love to dance so euro dance
beats top the charts. The kind that you can’t help
but download to your iPod for the gym when you
realize that you need to work off those baguettes.

Eat: Pershing Hall - in the centre of the golden
triangle   (between     the   Champs-Elysees,     Avenue
Montaigne and Avenue George V). The best place
for a rendez-vous where intimate flirts with daring.

Drink: Buddha Bar. Dinner was disappointing so
make it strictly a drinks place. Consider yourself
warned     of   the   expensive    price    tag   though.

Celebs: Girls go crazy for Orlando Bloom look-a-

Takeaway: There really is something in the air - the
city of love, fashion and good wine. It may sound
cliché but it’s true. If you’re not a smoker, you’ll be
                                                              Marina in Paris: the familiar Eiffel Tower photo opt.
tempted. It just feels like the right thing to do as
you sip on your merlot. And if you’re there, make
sure you take the train into London – it’s more
comfortable than a plane and very convenient.
                       STYLE DOME’S TRAVEL TALES:
Fashion:     There is no such thing as casual in Milan.
The Milanese are dressed up, accessorized to the
max and heavily perfumed before they even step
out for an early morning cappuccino (and cigarette).
Men are no exception: in fact, they’re absolutely
up-to-date in their fashion choices and well-deserving of
a seductive smile, although the whistling is a tad annoying.

Music: Milanese love life, fashion, and music. The
music       choices   are   eclectic,   raging   from     dance
to   jazz     to   new-world    and     instrumental    classical.

Eat: Cracco-Peck, near Piazza del Duomo.                Hushed
elegance, impeccable food, and an amazing wine list.

Drink: Just Cavalli Café.       This is Milan’s most stylish
(and by far the most pretentious) bar. Prepare to shell
out up to 20 Euros for a cocktail, but the antelope-
furs draped over your chair, gold fish swimming
in long-fingered bowls on your table and the
beautiful people around you, make it all worth while.

                                                                      Andrea in Milan: The infamous Duomo in the background.
Celebs: The football world champs are fanatical about
their soccer stars. And with good reason! Inter Milan
players like Marco Materazzi are absolute royalty in Milan.

Takeaway: Although Milan’s elite fashion houses found
in the Quadrilatero d’Oro are a must, don’t forget
to visit some bargain basements nearby.                   Check
Basement for Gucci, YSL, D&G, Fendi and Prada;
Matia’s for Cavalli, Jill Sander, CK and Bluemarine.              	
                                                 STAR STYLES:
                                                     Victoria Beckham

T     he term posh is used particularly in
      Britain to describe the somewhat over-
the-top luxuries affected by those with social
pretensions. Aka: Victoria Posh Beckham.

Whether she’s hanging out with the kids,
strolling hand-in-hand with hunky hubby
David, house hunting in LA, designing killer
jeans, sitting front row at Paris fashion
week, or most recently, acting as Harper’s
Bazaar’s guest fashion editor, the infamous
Posh Spice is nothing short of fabulous.

If you haven’t already made her latest
book, “That Extra Half an Inch” a coffee
table bible, you’re missing out. When I
was in London last Fall, I had the honor
of getting my own copy prior to it hitting
stores.   Word   of   advice:   take    notes.

What’s next for this model-like picture poser?
She’s rumored to design a baby fashion line
with BFF, Katie Holmes. Love her or hate
her (she is married to David Beckham after
all!); Victoria is one busy and fashionable
lady topping our Star Styles this season.

                              BEST DRESSES:
                                                              	key notes

                                           Sketches by Srdjan Magas

                             W       hether you prefer polished tutu’s,
                                     neon      mini’s,   jersey’s
                             drapes, cosset the Spring’s hottest one-
                                                                      or   goddess

                             piece: the dress. The dress is your key note
                             this spring, whether at the office, beach or
                             out with the girls. It’s the easiest throw-on,
                             leaving little room for error or contemplation.
                             It can be grand, flirty, sexy, romantic or fun;
                             the interpretations are endless, as are the
                             choices. Take a peak at a few that got us

              Alexander McQueen, Spring 2007
              BEST DRESSES:

                                           	key notes

                          Sketches by Srdjan Magas

              P    eter Dungas did not disappoint with his
                   notion of the dress: from ultra-electric,
              high-color mini’s to spots, stripes and blazing
              neon chiffon, this is surely a collection we
              will be seeing quite a bit on the red carpet.

                                         Emanuel Ungaro, Spring 2007

              BEST DRESSES:
                                            	key notes

                          Sketches by Srdjan Magas

              A    lthough unusually subdued, Cavalli still
                   caused a stir with his habitual leopard
              prints and zebra stripes.

                                          Roberto Cavalli, Spring 2007

              BEST DRESSES:
                                          	key notes

                          Sketches by Srdjan Magas

              H    ere is a brave relay: nude is the hot new
                   color. And we love it! From Laboutin’s
              nude, patent pump to Michael Kors’ nude
              Spring ‘07 palette, we can’t wait to get into
              the nude.     And his nude ballerina dress
              (shown below) - now that’s a revelation!

                                        Michael Kors, Spring 2007
Sty e Dome says...     Love to laugh. Love fashion.

Be chic. Be memorable. Be talked about. Be STYLE. |
                                                                     OF     art
                                                                       THE FASHION

I t’s no secret that the line between fashion and art is a blur.
  Accepting fashion for what it is – a form of art – is getting
closer to mastering the art of seduction, in which fashion clearly
plays a major role. So what’s it all about? It’s about seducing the
world, swaying the equilibrium one way and stirring emotions.

Designers like Giambattista Valli are notorious for their Blanco
versions of art on canvas. Inspired by the abstract expressionist
Alberto Burri, Valli went as far as reprinting one of the artists’ mobile
paintings for a bubble skirt he paired with a collarless, belted jacket
for his spring 2007 collection. And people, one of whom being
Victoria Beckham, appreciate the overlap. So what does this mean
for the next generation? How can we learn from the art of fashion?

Award-winning artist and distinguished Vancouver Fashionista.

Athena Bax explains how she relies on fashion for inspiration and
uses it to covey feelings of affection in her art. “For me, fashion
doesn’t just co-exist with other areas of interest in my life; it is
an equal ingredient in all that makes me who I am. It is where I
choose to live, how I blend paint for my canvasses, but most of
all, it sets a personal inner mood for me,” she explains. “Fashion is
a part of my vision for that moment in time, until something new
is introduced, keeping the process moving forward constantly.
Fueling the desire to create someone new. Paint someone
new. This process is necessary for me. For my art. It keeps me
connected, curious and for some reason…really happy. Like what
                                                                                  Athena Bax
it feels like to buy a great pair of new shoes I guess!” Bax adds.
Mother by Athena Bax
 Rain by Athena Bax
                                                              THE FASHION

Artist and visionary behind NEWSTYLE’s cover.

Shoes and art: what a unified concept. To every glam girl out
there claiming to recognize the basics in trend entice, we need
not elucidate the relationship between shoes and art. To say that
the right shoe will take you to new heights is an unnecessary
cliché. Whether it is Cinderella’s glass slipper, a Balenciaga high-
tech heel or a Louboutin patent pump – shoes are expressions
of emotion, for both the creator and the consumer. To Michelle
DeMello, a young Canadian artist who merges abstract art with
the frilly pleasures of fashioun and design, fashion is art. “I am
inspired by the textures, colors and shapes in their various forms,
which outfit and evoke specific moods and emotions with the
statement they create. Fashion is a perception of beauty and it
crafts a feeling of beauty, which is what I seek to express with my
art,“ explains DeMello. Paintings from her Royal Shoe Collection
grace the walls of some of Vancouver’s most notorious divas
– our Communications Director, Marina Govic, is a proud owner.

                                                                         Michelle DeMello
Pieces from The Royal Shoe Collection
                  by Michelle DeMello.
     Deb and Vlad on the art of fashion.
                                     LADY AND THE CHAMP:
                                                                Deb and Vlad on the art of fashion.

F    rom Vancouver’s high circle of creatives,
     infamous for blurring the boundary of art and
fashion, Vladimir Markovich and Debra Walker of
                                                                   Q:   BCFW has been an important step towards
                                                                   recognition of new and emerging Canadian
                                                                   designers. Thanks to this action, designers such as
BC Fashion Week answer how they use fashion as a                   AsLuxe have received a glimpse of the international
form of expression to emphasize what matters most.                 stage, with Hollywood starlets taking note. How
                                                                   do you see the Canadian fashion landscape today?
Q:    Your BCFW Spring 2007 opening show was
clearly a journey through time, wonder and emotion,                A: “In short, we see potential and we see change,”
all while using fashion to bring importance to socio-              says Debra Walker, Executive Director of BCFW. As
political, cultural and stereotypical blur on an atomic            Walker explains, there is remarkable talent in Canada,
level. What was your motivation behind such grandeur?              but where we fall behind is in the knowledge of
                                                                   fashion marketing and the business side of things.
A: “This grandeur was a challenge for a number
                                                                   The art of fashion and the business of fashion need to
of reasons – but the easiest of all was getting and
                                                                   co-exist in order for the industry to develop further.
remaining motivated in the midst of all the creative
                                                                   “That’s part of the reason why we created BCFW: to
chaos,” says Vladimir Markovich, Executive Director of
                                                                   support emerging Canadian designers and to help
BCFW. “Everything starts with an artistic idea, which
                                                                   them reach a certain status in production, marketing
in turn, evokes emotion and finally you’re ready to
                                                                   and public relations.    We’ve seen a tremendous
create fashion. That’s how some of the world’s most
                                                                   degree of success over the last few seasons and
celebrated collections are born, such as Galliano’s
                                                                   most certainly, there is a seriousness about BCFW;
Crown Collection. With this year’s theme, The Journey,
                                                                   it is relevant to both the retailer and the consumer.
our aim was to showcase the voyage of thought,
                                                                   Furthermore, we’ve been successful in capturing the
creation, execution - in short the journey of life that
                                                                   attention of the local and global community,” she
leads to the collection preview. We gave art a concept,
                                                                   adds. BCFW has established co-op relationships with
so that every collection shown at the opening night
                                                                   Greece, Russia, Japan and Mexico. Thanks to these
had a theme rooted in the initial artistic idea: fear, faith,
                                                                   efforts, Canadian designers will have an opportunity
wonder, joy, desire, love. All of these emotions inspire
                                                                   to showcase their collections in these countries as
and lead a designer in a certain direction,” he adds.
                                                                   a part of their individual Fashion Week previews.
                                LADY AND THE CHAMP:
                                                      Deb and Vlad on the art of fashion.
     Q:    Sustainability is a buzz word – one that has lost its meaning due to
     overuse.      Nonetheless, hordes of conscious, value-based consumers take it
     very seriously. And designers like Twice Shy, Hajnalka Mandula, Mala Kuja and
     Nanna are listening. What are your thoughts about these green collections and
     their effect on fashion as a platform of change and active environmentalism?

     A: According to Vladimir and Debra, although the concept of sustainable fashion has
     become trendy, it will take further production (and marketing) efforts for it to become
     sexy and commercially accepted at large. As Debra explains, it is a battle between
     status versus philosophical ideology: does the consumer buy organic only because it
     is currently hip to be conscious or is there truly a movement towards organic fashion?
     “Currently the industry of sustainable clothing continues to target and reach a very
     narrow niche. In order to expand its reach and gain complete commercial access,
     these designers need to go back to the four basics of design: fabric, fashion, finish
     and fabrication,” adds Vladimir. Both agree that these sustainable collections need
     to reflect the current trends and move forward with seasons. “There are numerous
     local designers, such as Mandula, who are innovative and risqué, but at the same
     time employ the principle of sustainability in their collections. These are the true
     innovators and pioneers who have created quite a buzz in the market,” says Debra.

For more info on BCFW, visit
                       FROM BOTTOM TO TOP:
                                                                          the top 5.

The whole package – seems like that’s what
we want with everything nowadays. If you
plan on making a little spring investment, be
smart and stylish with Style Dome’s top 5.


Metallic meet Wedge:                  The perfect
spring neutral – you’ll wear them more than you
                                                     Cyprus Wedge in platino leather with gold detail,
                                                     Gucci. * Style Dome’s Diva just snagged a pair!


Boyfriend Chic: Suck in no longer! Exhale
in these roomy trousers with boyish appeal. Pair
with a structured top and turn it into an oxymoron
– boyishly feminine.

                                                              Wide Leg Trousers, L.A.M.B.


Asymmetrical Cuts:             Add a new angle
to your wardrobe by making the most of an
elegant neck and shoulders.

                                                                Chiffon Top, 3.1 Phillip Lim
                          FROM BOTTOM TO TOP:
                                                                               the top 5


Smart Makeup:               Believe your ears, we
found make-up that talks! With the touch of a
button, a voice can explain how to create that
perfect seductive gaze.

                                                             Smoky Eye Palette, Stila

Paging Veronica Lake:
Masculine with hints of sexiness and femininity
where soft textures provide flow and movement.
Try it on either short or long hair to make your own
glamorous shape.

                                                       Hair at the Paul Smith fashion show, London.
                                                                 BIKINI READY:
                                                                                 BCFW Spring 2007
                  BC Fashion Week is the week to be in town and we’re never thwarted. Spring
                  2007 surpassed all of our expectations from the opening night to a luxe close
                  with Asluxe. Indeed, it was a journey. Our favourite: the returning siren, Anna
                  Kosturova ( and her line of crochet swimwear in
                  rainbow colours. From preppy glam, modern classics to lacy cover-ups and
                  rainbow blooms – Anna has a little something for a lot of us. And the best
                  part: ultra chic meets divinely comfortable (no puckering nor digging here).

BCFW Spring 2007: Anna Kosturova
                                                             BIKINI READY:

        hat do you prefer: going to the dentist or shopping for a bikini? If you’d
        rather be drilled, flossed, and drugged than slip on a two-piece, let us make
a few suggestions that just might turn you in a different direction – the less painful
one. Here are NEWSTYLE’s bikini basics.

IF YOU ARE CURVY: Accentuate your waistline with belts, mesh insets, and
diagonals. Support the bust with an underwire or built-in cups. Try halter necklines
for better support.

IF YOU ARE LONG-WAISTED: Consider a tankini; the horizontal break in coverage
helps the body look more proportional.

IF YOU ARE BOTTOM-HEAVY: Wear an attention-grabbing colour or detail at the
bustline. Keep the bottom of the suit dark and matte. Use V-necks, along with vertical
stripes, prints and details to elongate the torso. Consider Empire-waist suits.

IF YOU ARE BROAD-SHOULDERED: Look for straps that hit mid-shoulder, to cut off
breadth. Try wider straps which can make the shoulders appear less broad. Look for
vertical details which make the body seem longer.
                                                                          shoe trends.

                                                Sporty Glam.

         e have just returned from Milan, where we attended the largest and
         most prestigious international exhibition of high level footwear
  – MICAM at Rho Fiera Milano. Women’s Fall 2007 collections are hyper, with
  the return to the timeless charm of boots and the boom of sport glam. This
  fall, a true fashionista is a minimalist, one who does not linger over décor
  and maybe shows off one shoe accessory. She is sober but not punitive.
  Another big trend is feminine romanticism with gold, bronze and glitter.
  Rider’s boots as well as eco/chic slouch ankle boots continue to evolve and
  sporty glam is entering the fashion arena once again. Here are some samles.
                             vancouver know how’s

Read: How to Walk in High Heels: The Girl’s Guide to Everything
by Camilla Morton
This is not news; the book has been around for some time. We’re
merely reminding you that you need to buy it, read it, love it, own
it. With a foreword by John Galliano and brilliant illustrations by
Natasha Law, it’s an encyclopaedic catalogue of how to live life to
the full – in heels!
                             vancouver know how’s

Eat: Azia Restaurant. (990 Smithe Street, 604.682.8622) NEW!
The glitz and glam of Asia, an authentic culinary delight, wine by
the legends - try Peter Lehmann Stonewell Shiraz 2000 - and loca-
tion galore! What else can we say? Oh, try the Grilled Lemongrass
Chicken on Tumeric Rice - it’s charbroiled boneless chicken mari-
nated in lemongrass.
                             vancouver know how’s

Bling: Dyrberg/Kern (
What do you look for in jewelry: personality, identity, innovation,
quality, simplicity and value for the money? Good - then we have
just the thing! Gitte Dyrberg and Henning Kern are the master-
minds behind this sharp jewelry line that’s clean, modern and
perfectly Scandinavian chic. Although incalculably current, their
jewelry goes beyond the trends of the time and easily transcends
from one season to the next. Not the same is true for shoes…but
that’s slightly off topic.
                             vancouver know how’s

This is our favorite e-shop, and not only because we LOVE the name.
Teeny Pig offers collections by Dace, WESC, Sweetees, Free People,
Chulo Pony, etc. They claim to represent confidence, trendsetting,
and exclusivity - and we believe every word of it.

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