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                                                                                                           Amanda Howard Associates Ltd
                                                                                                                     21 Berwick Street
                                                                                                                     London W1F 0PZ
                                                                                                                    Tel: 020 7287 9277
                                                                                                                    Fax: 020 7287 7785


Red Faction                                      NBC Universal/UFO                                      Michael Nankin
Mad, Bad & Sad                                   The Hat Factory                                        Avey Luthra
Snakeboy and the Sandcastles                     Carlton Television                                     Beryl Richards
The Announcement                                 Absolutely/Dakota Films                                Troy Miller
Pasty Faces                                      Noel Gay Films                                         David Baker
With or Without You                              Revolution Films Ltd                                   Michael Winterbottom
Just Like a Woman                                Zenith/LWT/Rank                                        Chris Monger


Sherlock Holmes – Hound of                       Hartswood Films/BBC                                    Paul McGuigan
The Baskervilles
Skins                                            Company Pictures                                       Amanda Boyle
Taggart                                          Cam Beattie                                            Bill Anderson
Doctors                                          BBC                                                    Brett Fallis
Robin Hood, series 3                             Tiger Aspect/BBC                                       Various
The Bill                                         Talkback TV                                            Olivia Lichtenstein
Robin Hood, series 2                             Tiger Aspect/BBC                                       Various
You Can Chose Your Friends                       Avalon                                                 Delyth Thomas
Robin Hood, series 1                             Tiger Aspect/BBC                                       Various
Where the Heart Is                               United Film and TV/ITV                                 Ian Bevitt
River City                                       BBC Scotland                                           Various
Wolf – Manhunters                                BBC                                                    Mark Jobst
The Deal                                         Granada Television                                     Stephen Frears
Barry Welsh Is Coming                            Absolutely Productions                                 Peter Boyd-McLain
Red Cap (Series I and II)                        BBC Television
Where the Heart Is                               United Film & TV
Red Cap (pilot)                                  BBC Television                                         David Richards
Love or Money                                    Monogram/BBC 1                                         Martyn Edwards
Kiss Me Kate                                     BBC/ Carlton                                           Nick Wood
Baddiel’s Syndrome                               Avalon/Sky One
Glasgow Kiss                                     Wall to Wall Drama/BBC                                 Johnny Campbell
The Morwenna Banks Show                          Absolutely Prods/Channel 5                             Peter Boyd Mclean
Red Dwarf                                        Grant Naylor Prods/BBC                                 Ed Bye
Absolutely (4 Series)                            Absolutely Prods/C4

Registered Office: Lion House Red Lion Street London WC1R 4GB Registered in England No: 3188697 VAT No: 677 7620 87
Mac (Sitcom Pilot)            BBC                          Caroline Roberts
Atletico Partick              BBC                          Colin Gilbert
Shelley                       Thames                       Tony Parker
The Insiders                  BBC                          Prod: Caroline Roberts
Big City (Series1 and 2)      Carlton TV                   Prod: Jane Root
The Eleventh Hour             BBC                          Stephen Moss
The National Lottery Show     BBC                          Various
The Travel Show               BBC                          Various
This is David Lander          Hat Trick
Hale and Pace                 LWT
Inspector Morse               Zenith                       Peter Duffell
Les Dennis In: The 29 Steps   BBC                          Mike Leggo
The Saturday Gang             LWT                          Alan Nixon
The Russ Abbott Xmas Show     BBC                          John Bishop
Paul Daniels Magic Show       BBC                          Mike Leggo
The Russ Abbott Show          BBC                          John Bishop
The Greatest                  TWI/Channel 4                Rick Thomas


History on Toast              Absolutely/ Disney TV        Prod: Sarah Fell
Stressed Eric                 Abso/Klaski Tsupo            Prod: Carl Gorham
(series 1 and 2)
Jolly Rodger (Oscar           Channel 4                    Prod Astley/Baker
Big Knights                   BBC                          Prod: Astley/ Baker


The Costorphine Road          Edinburgh Festival Theatre   Joanna Read
Full House and The Hairless   Watford Palace Theatre       Kate Sinclair
Ugly Rumours                  Tricycle Theatre             Christopher Morahan/
                                                           Steven Rayne
Grave Plots                   Nottingham Playhouse         David Kane
Waiting for Gogsie            Edinburgh Fringe             Written/produced/directed
                                                           Gordon Kennedy
Arfington Arfington           Edinburgh Fringe             The Bodgers
Babes In The Wood             Alexandra Theatre            Paul Elliot
The Taming of The Shrew       Brunton Theatre              C. Nowosielski
The Rocky Horror Show         Piccadilly Theatre           Robin Lefevre
Mr Hargreaves Did It          Edinburgh Fringe             The Bodgers

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