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					                                                 Kristina Johnston
                                            7516 Majestic Woods Drive
                                                 Linden, MI 48451
                                                 C: (810)287-8441

       Masters in Public Administration with a Concentration in Non-Profit Management at the University of
               Michigan – Flint, December, 2007
       B.F.A., College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI, 2000-2003
               Major: Illustration
       Central Michigan University, 1998-2000 – Art History, English, and Graphic Design

Work Experience:
Jan. 2010 – present             Owner
                                KJohnston Presents…
                                Services: Event Planning, Strategic and Organizational Planning, Graphic Design,
                                Illustration, and Fine Art

Sept. 2008 – Dec. 2009          Director
                                Red Ink Flint
                                Duties: Coordinated exhibition schedule; created and coordinated professional
                                development programs; fostered relationships with other nonprofits and local
                                businesses to provide outreach programming in the arts. Managed staff and resident
                                artists; recruited volunteers; vetted and recruited new artists for residency and
                                exhibition. Created and managed organization budget, in coordination with the
                                Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce (who served as the fiscal agent), and the
                                C.S. Mott Foundation (the main funder of the Red Ink project). Found, wrote, and
                                obtained grants for additional program funding. Recruited and assembled a new
                                Board of Directors. Worked to secure non-profit status for the organization’s future
                                autonomy. Maintained facility and studio equipment.

May 2001 – Sept. 2008           Arts, Enrichment & Community Projects Coordinator (2001 – 2005)
                                Recreation & Enrichment Director (2006 – 2008)
                                Southern Lakes Parks & Recreation, Fenton MI
                                Duties: Created and maintained half of the organization’s budget (approx. $500,000);
                                part of goal creation and long-term planning process, developed new organizational
                                procedures, managed branch office, coordinated organization-wide technological
                                changes, reported program changes, successes, and challenges to the governing board.
                                Lead volunteer groups through event planning and implementation processes.
                                Secured grant dollars for many of the organizations programs as well as community
                                group projects. Worked with Superintendents, Principals, and school administrative
                                staff at Fenton and Lake Fenton Schools on facility scheduling procedures and
                                operational cooperatives. Developed advertising/marketing scheme; created all
                                promotional material including seasonal brochures. Organized all arts & enrichment
                                classes and special events; maintained and created program budgets and
                                administrative budgets; supervised part-time employees and program instructors, as
                                well as office staff, and volunteers. Researched, purchased and maintained all
                                computer hardware, software and components for entire office. Coordinator for:
                                Fenton Family Jubil’Eve, Drama Classes, Dance Classes, Music Classes, Art Classes,
                                and all other Enrichment Classes for all ages, as well as special events, and Artist
                                Workshops in cooperation with the Fenton Artist Guild.
    Proficient in Microsoft Office (all versions), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Streamline, Adobe
        Pagemaker, Adobe InDesign, Dreamweaver, Fireworks
    Researched and implemented new registration software – served as lead administrator for the system.

    Currently serve as President of the South Lakes Community Arts Council
    Currently serve as member of the Fenton Fund Advisory Board through the Community Foundation of
      Greater Flint
    Served as a board member, Entertainment Committee Chair, and Coordinator of the Fenton Family New
      Year’s Jubil’Eve performing arts festival. Instrumental in grant-acquisition, entertainment coordination, and
      advertising/marketing strategy as well as chair of entertainment committee and in charge of program brochure
      development and website design and implementation. Prepared all fundraising materials and monitored
      budget. Gathered all quotes for all event expenses. Designed, coordinated, and ordered all sponsor signage,
      volunteer sweatshirts, newspaper, TV, billboard, radio and other media coverage. Distributed and coordinated
      tickets (wristbands) to ticket-selling locations. Created organizational structure and charts, wrote committee job
      descriptions and timelines, generated event deadlines, and reported progress to the board throughout the year.
      Coordinated all aspects of the event with a volunteer board.
    Coordinated the Concerts in the Park for the City of Fenton and the Music by the Mill for the City of Linden
      by securing grant money, booking all bands, processing contracts, and communicating with the Parks &
      Recreation Board for the City of Fenton.
    Served as a board member of the Cultural Center Research Committee and assisted in an extensive Feasibility
      Study for the possibility of a Fenton Cultural Center performed by the University of Michigan – Flint Outreach
    Lead the marketing committee of the Fenton Area Cultural Center group through a strategic planning process
      that resulted in a comprehensive marketing plan.
    Grants and sponsorships received from the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, The Fenton Fund, the
      Greater Flint Arts Council, the Youth Advisory Council and more.

Supplemental Information:
    Assisted in the setup of a government office, which involved creating procedures, forms, organizational charts,
      budgets, filing systems, record retention systems for the office and board of directors.
    Worked extensively with community volunteer groups (i.e. South Lakes Arts Council, Fenton Village Players,
      Fenton Artist Guild, etc.) and municipal and elected officials (City of Fenton, Fenton Township, City of
    Familiar and experienced with parliamentary procedure. Have taken, written, and presented board meeting
      minutes according to the standards of the Open Meetings Act.
    Practicing Freelance Artist and Event-Planner

References and Recommendations available upon request.

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