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					Welcome to the HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) Campaign
a project of HOPE Events Inc. an energy conscious 501(c)3 non-profit focused on involving
artists and their contributions in campaigns, programs and events to support existing
social projects that promote education and peace around the world.

The HOPE Campaign launched in January 2007 and worked to bring the crisis in Darfur,
Sudan to the forefront of the media by raising awareness through the creative class
and developing collaborative projects and funds to help existing educational and social
projects move forward in sustainability.

With the help of contemporary artist Shepard Fairey and hundreds of participating artists
and groups, the HOPE Campaign has raised awareness to millions of people and funds
for important humanitarian and social issues across the world.

Through collaborations with the Creative Community, the HOPE Campaign has highlighted
ways people can educate themselves and others about ongoing issues in Sudan, Kenya,
Congo and America and has also supported educational workshops and programs for
refugees, genocide survivors and nine other projects in East Africa.

The HOPE Campaign is expanding in the U.S. and abroad. After continued growth in 2009,
HOPE is enrolling new artists and partners to assist in the form of talent, technology,
products and funds for upcoming HOPE Events and initiatives. These contributions help
fund all HOPE Projects which allow creatives the ongoing opportunity to share their talents
and time through collaborations and workshops with identified educational programs in
the United States and across the globe.

      Join the HOPE Campaign and help bring artists and media to places in need.
In December 2006, Creative Producer and Graphic Artist, Andi Scull and former Marine Captain, International Cease Fire Monitor and Human
Rights Advocate, Brian Steidle began discussing ways to inform and involve the Creative Community in the ongoing crisis in Darfur, Sudan. As
the first American witness to the genocide in Darfur, Steidle felt there was a huge need for more outreach about this humanitarian disaster and
Scull was confident that the artistic and creative industries could help.

Through this brainstorm session Brian and Andi recognized that artists and creatives worldwide have historically shown involvement in
humanitarian and social causes and could contribute talents and skills to help aid human rights issues, build awareness around social programs
and add sustainable global growth to projects promoting education and peace around the world.

These ideas became the foundation for the HOPE Campaign, HOPE Artists and HOPE Events.

After the January 2007 Sundance premiere of The Devil Came On Horseback, the documentary based on Captain Brian Steidle and his experi-
ence in Darfur, a meeting was arranged for Steidle and Scull with contemporary artist Shepard Fairey. They discussed ways to involve artists
and creatives in raising awareness and funds for the Darfur crisis and other educational peace projects through a creative concept called HOPE
(Helping Other People Everywhere).

Together this group launched the HOPE Campaign with a collaboration art piece between Brian Steidle and the OBEY mastermind. Steidle’s photo
of a “Young girl and brother” from a refugee camp in Chad was made into posters, t-shirts and full page ads. It was the single image used for
the sold-out LA Darfur Observance Day Reception art show in City Hall and by September 2007, the HOPE Tee became the #1 selling design of
OBEY Clothing to that date.

Brian Steidle, Andi Scull and Shepard Fairey became the first HOPE Artists and since then hundreds of artists, creatives, people and groups have
joined the HOPE Campaign and this movement towards education and peace.
                                       HOW HOPE WORKS
The HOPE Campaign has three simple steps to involving artists and their contributions in campaigns,
programs and events to support existing social projects that promote education and peace around the world.

STEP NUMBER ONE:               Become a HOPE Artist by using a talent and/or skill to create art, music,
                               graphics, photography, video, etc. for donation to the HOPE Campaign.

                               Currently HOPE has the following education & peace campaigns running:
                               HOPE for Darfur
                               HOPE for Kenya
                               HOPE for Congo
                               HOPE for America

STEP NUMBER TWO:               Contribute to and participate in a HOPE Event that raises awareness and/or
                               funds for the HOPE Campaign, HOPE Projects and identified existing
                               educational and peace programs in the U.S. and around the world.

STEP NUMBER THREE:             Apply to volunteer time and talents on a HOPE Project which works to
                               collaborate and train existing groups in arts, media & production based
                               programs. Each HOPE Artist is eligible to participate 1-2 per year. Each
                               HOPE Artist must have a valid passport with all updated travel shot
                               requirements foe each destination to qualify.

The HOPE Campaign thanks and supports these educational
Projects | People | Groups
Aegis Trust: SurViva Program          Humanity United                        TEVA Shoes
Africa As One                         HURLEY                                 The Devil Came on Horseback
American Jewish Committee             Jacaranda Designs                      The Devil Came on Horseback
American Rag, CIE                     myspace                                The Grain Collective
Annenberg Foundation                  National Geographic TV                 The Schramm Group
AVP Dig!TV                            Obey Giant Art                         Three Generations
Branding Farm                         Obey Clothing                          Tiziano Project
Break thru Films                      Quiksilver Foundation                  TRACE
Berman Gallery                        RAISE Hope for Congo                   Writers Boot Camp
Bergamot Station                      Sarakasi Trust                         Young African Express Newspaper
Causecast                             Sawa Sawa Festival                     Zambezi Ink
Chanuka Express                       SPIN
ENOUGH Project                        Studio Number One
Global Grassroots                     SWINDLE
GoDown Arts Center                    Team Darfur
Great American Volleyball             Tents of Hope

311                             The Earth Harp          Andrew Jones         Jeffrey Vincent Parise   Brian Steidle
Cesar Aragon                    Gregory Wiley Edwards   Erin Jones           Holly Parker             Slightly Stoopid
David Armistead                 Jude Fagéas             Juliani (Kenya)      PhaDroid                 Susie Suh
Jon Armstrong                   Shepard Fairey          Christoff Koon       Onyay Pheori             Edward Sharpe and The
Fairuza Balk                    Brian Furano            Bart Kresa           Cleon Peterson           Magnetic Zeros
Sofia Balme                     Dan Fauci               Brendan Lake         Chris Pierce             The Shore
Chino Casino                    Brothers Ferraro        Christian Lamb       Chris Price              Reji Thomas
Chrysta Bell                    Nishira Fitzgerald      John Langford        Denise Prince            Kelly Towles
Larry Bell                      Brian Ford              Karrie Lee           Chris Raih               Troublemaker
Edwin Bethea                    Ryan Gall               Lemon Sun            Rasul                    Tylan Troyer
Jordan Bloch                    James (JimmyZ) Ganzer   Sarah Lemos          Lindsay Ray              The Truth
Jessica Blower                  Zach Gibson             Francisco Letelier   Ria Ray                  Bob & Kat Tudor
Brandon Boyd                    Peter Goetz             Heidi Luerra         Jen Reed                 The Ultravelvet Collection
Christopher Brent               Don Goede               David Lynch          Deborah Reilly           Kiante Walker
Lauren M. Brock                 Good Charlotte          MASS Ensemble        Scott Richards           Jonny West
Awer Bul                        Cameron Gray            Amir Magal           Ellwood T. Risk          Brett Wilson
Roscoe Burnems                  Heather Grimme          Dean Mahan           Rebecca Rogers           Renee Wilson
Kevin Circosta                  Lance Greenr            Patrick Marston      Emily Rose               Thomas Weems
Dianna Cohen                    Barbara Grover          Dave Mathews Band    Douglas Rouse            Lorenzo White
Manuel Coral                    Jay Hargrave            R. Dean McCreary     Jesse Ruben              Matt Wise
Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell   Kenny Harris            Andrew McGregor      Casey Ryder              Gary Wong
Daniel José Custódio            The Handcuffs           Mallory McMarrow     Hill Salomon             Marques Wyatt
DJ Hoff                         Ben Harper              Terrell Moore        Bob Schneider            You Said Saturday
Stephanie Daniel                Niles Harrison          Jesselisa Moretti    Bekah Schouten           Florencio Zavala
JD (John Davis)                 Hans Haveron            Wynn Meyers          Chris Scull              Tony Zimney
Lola Del Fresno                 Kristian Henson         Mariska Nicholson    Slam Nahuatl
Penny De Los Santos             Marc Huebert            Ian Noe              Amanda Smith
Mariano A. Diaz                 Samantha James          Bruce Northam        Selena Souders
Drummie Zeb                     Chris Jensen            King Orba            Andi Scull Steidle
                                                  HOPE PROJECTS

2008 HOPE PROJECT #3 Rwanda: SurViva Program SurViva is a Three Generations & Aegis Trust sponsored
training program that benefits orphans and genocide survivors in Rwanda. HOPE worked to help educate on
fine design printing and business development. The three day program was funded by HOPE in addition to
bringing the needed materials for the workshop. HOPE documented, established distribution of the product and
created a limited edition series of shirts for the Dave Mathews Band to raise funds online for HOPE.

2008 HOPE PROJECT #4 Rwanda: Tiziano Project The Tiziano Project creates self-sustaining, multimedia, online
citizen journalism in areas of the world neglected by the established press. They do this by providing equipment
to talented locals and mentoring them in journalism until they are contributing to Western news agencies. HOPE
delivered recycled/donated equipment, aided as mentors in photo journalism, writing and video, and helped to
create published content to aid in establishing Tiziano students.

2009 HOPE PROJECT #3 Kenya: Sarakasi Trust Sarakasi is East Africa’s largest performing arts organization.
It assists hundreds of acrobats, dancers and musicians in developing their skills, improving their professional
techniques and enhancing their social development. HOPE organized an Assault Prevention & Yoga for HOPE
Workshop by Sensei & Artist Jeremy Corbell. This workshop was a follow-up to Corbell’s HOPE 08 workshop with
students with the Sarakasi Trust.

2009 HOPE PROJECT #2 Kenya: Chanuka Express - Jacaranda Designs Chanukah EXPRESS is an educational
outreach initiative of UNESCO-Decade for Education for Sustainable Development and Jacaranda Designs in
Nairobi. The program is designed for the mobile bus unit to equip young people with practical life skills,
motivation and inspired attitudes to make informed choices and to help others in advancing quality of life by
engaging in sustainable efforts to end poverty while preventing and causing no harm to themselves, others
and the environment. HOPE & Jacaranda Designs organized a Song writing Workshop by Renee Wilson (USA) &
Juliani (Kenya) with the GOAL School. Recording and production of song of the song will be donated to “Adopt-
A-School” program with Jacaranda Designs & the Young African Express

2009 HOPE PROJECT #4 Kenya: Home Boyz Radio DJ Academy Home Boyz Technology Academy is the first pro-DJ
certificate course school that focuses on developing studio engineers and music producers in audio production,
live sound, and video productions. HOPE, Sarakasi Trust & Ghetto Radio organized a DJ workshop focused on
talent direction and serato skills with LA based DJ Troublemaker & Kenya’s own DJ Zaq.

2009 HOPE PROJECT #6 Kenya: Sawa Sawa Festival Sarakasi Trust presents the Sawa Sawa Festival which
works to foster cultural exchange and cross disciplinary collaboration in the arts and to develop, facilitate,
support and promote arts and culture for social and economic advancement of society. www.sarakasi.org
HOPE provided documentation, talent donations, T-shirts & design and sponsor involvement for the 3 day event.
May 29th VIP Night with Renee Wilson & the Aaron Rumbui Trio. Special guest appearance by Neema Ntela, Big
Kenny (Big & Rich) and Damien Horne. May 30th DJ Troublemaker (WAPI Stage & Main Stage) May 31st Renee
Wilson (Jazz Night). HOPE sponsorship from Quiksilver.

Please visit: www.hopecampaign.org/projects for footage and details on all HOPE Projects

                                                                                               Sept 25, 2008 Santa Monica, CA
                                                                                               Light of HOPE Art Event 2nd annual HOPE Art
                                                                                               Event in Bergamot Station. Artwork sales sup-
                                                 May 7, 2009 Santa Monica, CA                  port HOPE Projects in Rwanda & Kenya.
                                                 Fred Segal HOPE Charity Event HOPE builds
UPCOMING: New Years Eve                          awareness thru displays and poker night       July 5, 2008 Long Beach, CA
Art Show / Fundraiser - The HOPE Campaign        benefit.                                      HOPE Volleyball Fours Event Great American
will host the 3rd Annual Light of HOPE Art                                                     Volleyball hosts 2nd one day charity fours vol-
Event New Year’s Eve 2010. Using a photo                                                       leyball event.
taken during HOPE’s spring trip to Kenya,
artists will produce their interpretation and                                                  April 25, 2008 Santa Monica, CA
donate their pieces to raise funds to further    March 14, 2009 Austin, TX                     HOPE Campaign in Fred Segal HOPE gains
support HOPE Projects. The evening acts as a     SXSW HOPE Benefit Music & raffle night to     support from Fred Segal. An educational wall
HOPE fundraiser as well as an opportunity to     raise awareness and funds for HOPE.           display is designed for the two month instal-
inform and educate guests about educational                                                    lation.
programs and how they can participate in
supporting them.                                                                               Nov 21, 2007 Stockholm,Sweden
                                                 Jan 18, 2009 Park City, UT                    Nordic Human Rights Conference & Darfur
                                                 Sundance Film Festival HOPE Awarness booth    Awareness Brian Steidle goes to support
                                                                                               education on Darfur & Global Grassroots.
Sept 12, 2009 Dockweiler Beach, CA               Dec 19, 2008 Richmond, VA
HOPE Volleyball Charity Tournament HOPE will     Silent Night in Darfur Benefit featuring a
host the 3rd annual sporting event with Great    short film produced and organized for the
American Volleyball and the JAYO Invitational.   HOPE Campaign.                                Sept 30, 2007 Los Angeles, CA
                                                                                               HOPE Tribute Night at Key Club for Brian
                                                 November 7, 2008 Denver, CO                   Steidle & Shepard Fairey.Sponsored in part by
                                                 Light of HOPE: Colorado                       Humanity United & myspace.com

May 15, 2009 Austin, TX                          Nov 6-9, 2008 Washington DC                   Please visit: www.hopecampaign.org/events
Portraits Assignment Benefit night to raise      Tents of Hope & Global Grassroots HOPE sup-   for a complete listing past HOPE Events
awareness and funds for HOPE.                    ports Darfur event in Washington, DC.

HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere)
           HOPE Campaign
Los Angeles / Austin Fax: 310.694.3064

147 Standard Ave. El Segundo, CA 90245

    414 Waller St. Austin, TX 78702

   The HOPE Campaign is a project of
 HOPE Events Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit
        organization registered in
California and Texas. EIN #: 26-0444000

          Board of Directors
           Andi Scull Steidle
    Founder / CEO / Creative Director

             Brian Steidle
      Co-Founder & Exec. Director

             Brian Furano
         Director of Operations

               Ryan Gall
     Director HOPE Media & Events

              Chris Scull
      HOPE Media / Board Member

            Chrysta Bell
      HOPE Music / Board Member

           HOPE Merchandise
             Chris Jensen

            Nick Behunin

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