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									                     November 12, 2008
             The Palmyra-Macedon Rotary Club’s
                      Canaltown Crier

                                     THE FOUR-WAY TEST

             1.     Is it the TRUTH?
             2.     Is it FAIR to all concerned?
             3.     Will it build GOOD WILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?
             4.     Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Entering Erie Canal Lock #29 at Palmyra, NY   Macedon Veteran's Memorial, Canal Park

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                              Audra Voldbokken
                               People to People

Elmer VerPlank introduced this week's guest speaker, Lance Ward of Geneva, a Past Potentate of
the Damascus Shriners in Webster. Lance has been active for many years in the work of the
“Shriners of North America” and its support of children's hospitals throughout the United States,
Canada and Mexico.
    With the help of a PowerPoint slide presentation
and a touching “case history” video, the speaker traced
 the history of this remarkable organization from its
founding in New York City in 1870 to the present fraternity
of some 375,000 members. Today, Shriners’ of North
America supports a network of 22 hospitals which provide
specialty pediatric care for orthopedic conditions, burns,
spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and palate – all at no charge
 to patients or their families.
    During its first four decades, the Shriners’ organization
focused on fun and fellowship, Lance noted, “But around
1920, members expressed the desire to establish an official                         Lance Ward
charity.” The result of that decision was the foundation of a system of pediatric hospitals to treat
children with polio, which was rampant at that time.
    The first Shriners’ Hospital opened in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1922. By the end of that decade,
13 more had opened across North America, and today that number stands at 22 including one in
Hawaii and one in Montreal, Quebec. During the 1950s, the number of patients waiting for
admission to Shriners’ Hospitals began to shrink due to the polio vaccine and new antibiotics, so
leaders began to look for other ways to help children.
    The Shriners’ soon discovered that there was very limited treatment available for seriously
burned children, and in 1963 the first Shiners’ Burn Center was established at the University of
Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. Three years later the first Shriners’ Burn Hospital in was
established in Galveston, followed in short order by others in Boston and Cincinnati, as well as
another in northern California.
    Two decades later, Shriners’ Hospitals again responded to an unmet medical need. In 1980, the
Shriners’ Hospital in Philadelphia opened the first pediatric spinal cord injury rehabilitation unit
in the country. This program was followed by similar efforts at the Shriners’ Hospitals in Chicago
and San Francisco, which opened in 1984.
    In 2005, Shriners’ Hospitals added a fourth care specialty to its list of treatments: cleft lip and
    “For the past 86 years, Shriners’ Hospitals for Children ... has provided specialty pediatric care
to more than 865,000 kids – all at no charge,” the speaker stated. To be eligible for care a child
must be under age 18 “with a reasonable possibility that the condition can be improved by the
specialized care provided by Shriners’ Hospitals”. Eligibility is not dependent on financial need or
relationship to a Shriner, he added.
    In addition to hospital care, the Shriners health care system is also dedicated to excellence in
research, with 44 million dollars budgeted to fund programs in 2008. Shriners Hospitals are also
dedicated to providing outstanding teaching opportunities, with nearly eight thousand physicians
receiving residency education or postgraduate fellowships over the past 20 years.
   In concluding his presentation, Lance pointed out that since its inception 86 years ago, it has
cost Shriners Hospitals approximately 7.6 billion dollars to help improve the lives of children. “In
2008, it will cost 2.263 million dollars every day to provide the best pediatric specialty care
available,” he added.
   For complete information about Shriners Hospitals for Children and its care specialties, how to
refer a patient, and ways to support the organization, visit the web site at

                                  Guests &
                         Visiting Rotarians

Katie Read, guest of Dave Read

Shirley Bassage, guest of Gene Bassage

Pam Dean, guest of Bill Dean

                                               Jordan, Bridget and Maddie guests of “JJ” Johnson

                               Thoughts and Prayers

We were asked to keep in our prayers the family of Dan and Sally Breen, who were burned out of
their home in a fire over the weekend.

                                   Missing in Action

K. Clement, M. Clement, M. Courtney, T. Cox, B. Culver, V. Daly, N. Farrell, T. Hutter, R.
Leopard, J. McGovern, E. Pinegar, P. Pinegar, A. Pechler, M. Rutkowski, N. Schrader, T. Taylor,
P. VerPlank, E. Wheeler.

                         Birthday’s and Anniversaries

Elmer VerPlank was “two weeks late” in confessing his recent birthday – number 76!
Roger Wilbur will celebrate his 83rd next week.
Cheryl and Dennis Ford just celebrated their third wedding anniversary. Congratulations!
The pressing need for both communities is for donations of paper goods – paper towels, napkins, toilet
paper – as well as laundry soap and dish detergent. Please continue to be generous each week!

                          Happy Bucks & Confessions

 Gene Bassage gave up a pair of “Happy Bucks” to celebrate two Syracuse victories this week: the
football Orangemen's upset win over Louisville, and the basketball team's first exhibition game of
the new season.
  Ralph and Helen Kommer recently enjoyed a 10-day trip to Tennessee, including visits to the
Grand Ole Opry and Dollywood.
  Dianne Sloan offered a “happy buck” for a “new niece”.
  Once again, Joan Shaffer threw in a buck for a Steelers' win.
  Jim Bush confessed to a “traveling dinner badge”.
  Anne Morrell passed around two post cards recently received from Chiaki Kabuto, last year's
exchange student from Japan. It was good to hear from her.
  President Peter's description of “trick-or-treating” with son, Jonah, left members rolling in the

Rotary News:
    Our exchange student, Diego, described his “interesting week”, which included Halloween
     trick or treating in costume, and raking leaves for senior citizens on November 1 with Pal-
     Mac varsity athletes.

    Recently inducted new member Leslie Vecchiotti presented her “One Minute Biography”,
     one of the requirements for obtaining her permanent, Blue Dinner Badge. She is a native of
     Webster, where she graduated from Schroeder High School
     in 1981. She majored in Speech Therapy at Nazareth
     College in Rochester and also earned a Master's degree
     in Special Education. She has been a faculty member of
     Pal-Mac High School for the past 13 years and also does
     Staff Development with BOCES. She has been married
     for 24 years to her husband, Tony, and they have three
     children, Julianna, 16, our Club's outbound Foreign
     Exchange Student in Germany for the current year,
     and 12-year old twins Anthony and Carly. Leslie is
     also a faculty advisor to the Pal-Mac Interact Club.
     President Peter reminded members of the District Foundation Brunch, which will be held
     Sunday, November 16, at Belhurst Castle in Geneva. See Peter Park for details.

    Vice President Cindy Surline passed around the sign-up sheet for members planning to
     attend the Rotary Christmas Party. This year's event will be held Wednesday evening,
     December 3, at Parkwood Heights in Macedon. If you missed the sign-up this week, please
     contact Cindy ASAP so a final count can be made.

    President Peter read a thank you note from
     Palmyra Boy Scout Troop 96 in appreciation
     of our support of the Fall Camporee at the Wayne
     County Fairgrounds. With approval of the Rotary
     BOD, the Club provided our food booth and
     equipment for meal preparations.

The Board of Directors has approved an application for membership in Palmyra-Macedon
Rotary Club from Pam Dean. As required by the Club By-Laws, this application is being
published two times in this newsletter to allow time for any questions or comments members may

                                      50/50 Winner

                       $14, won by Deb LeMoyne; donated to the Breen family

                   Upcoming Programs and Presenters
11/19/08       Club Assembly
11/26/08       No Meeting
12/03/08       Christmas Party – Parkwood Heights
12/10/08       Ralph Kommer
12/17/08       Gary Haigh presents The Pal-Mac Girls Tennis Team, League and Sectional Champions and
their coach, Dave Beaucage
12/24/08       No Meeting
12/31/08       No Meeting
01/07/09       Dave Read
01/14/09       Margaret Brooks
01/21/09       Cheryl Ford
01/2809       CLUB ASSEMBLY---Parkwood Heights

Please give the name of your speaker and topic to Debbie LeMoyne (986-2625 or email ASAP. If you are unable to find a speaker on the day that you are
assigned either find a replacement or switch with someone. If you are looking for topics, please
contact Debbie LeMoyne. Thank you.
                             The Palmyra-Macedon Rotary Club
                                            101 E. Main Street
                                            Palmyra, NY 14522

                                            Board of Directors
                                          Debbie LeMoyne 07-09
                                           Arnie Pechler 07-09
                                           Pat Ver Plank 07-09
                                             Jim Bush 08-10
                                           Eric Chapman 08-10
                                            Gary Haigh 08-10
                                            David Read 08-10
                                           Nancy Schrader 8-10
                                             Bob Yost 08-10

2008 - 2009 Club Officers
President                                   Peter Park
President Elect                             Dave Pray
Vice President                              Cindy Surline
Secretary                                   Joan Shaffer
Assistant Secretary                         Gary Haigh
Treasurer                                   Margaret Brooks
Sergeant-at-Arms                            Roger Wilbur
Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms                  Elmer VerPlank
Past President                              Anne Morrell
R.I. President                              Dong Kurn Lee
District Governor, 7120                     Mike Leone
Assistant Governor Area 11                  Norma Reilly

                                 KEEP UP YOUR ATTENDANCE
                                  NEARBY CLUB MEETINGS

Bloomfield             7:30am      St. Bridget CC
Gananda                6:00pm      Log Cabin Restaurant
Williamson             6:15pm      American Legion
Fairport               6:15pm      Green Lantern Inn
Waterloo               6:30pm      Holiday Inn
Red Jacket             7:30am      Lehigh Valley Family Restaurant (Rt 96 and Rt 21)
Clifton Springs        12:00pm     Clifton Springs Hospital Auditorium
Ontario-Walworth       6:15pm      Ontario Firemen’s Exempt Hall
Red Creek              6:15pm      Shella’s Pizzeria
Sodus                  6:15pm      Steger Haus
Victor-Farmington      12:00pm     DiPacific’s Restaurant
Wolcott                12:05pm     Wolcott Elks Lodge
Newark                 12:05pm     Newark Quality Inn
Canandaigua            12:15pm     Steamboat Landing
Clyde                   6:10pm     Donselaar’s
East Rochester          6:15pm     Hawthorne’s Restaurant

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