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									HCL: A short overview

Latest facts of HCL Enterprise

29th April 2008
What’s inside

  About the HCL journey………….………..……………3-6
    Snapshot of the enterprise
    30 year heritage

 The bottom-line …………………………………………7-14
    Enterprise Business Model
        HCL Infosystems
        HCL Technologies

 Exploring further…………………………………………15-19
    The world is watching
    Media coverage
    CSR initiatives

      HCL - Snapshot

          HCL Technologies                                    Financials*                                       HCL Infosystems

     Product Engineering & R&D,                  Total Revenues        -   $   4.9   Bn
                                                                                                          Hardware, System Integration
     BPO Services, Infrastructure                EBITDA                -   $   500   Mn
                                                                                                             Networking Solutions&
      Management, Enterprise &                   Net Income            -   $   450   Mn
                                                                                                                ICT Distribution
        Custom Applications                      Market Cap            -   $   5.0   Bn

         Global Market Focus                                                                                  Indian Market Focus


                                                                                     India Presence            Sales & Distribution
        Global Presence                 Delivery Facilities                                                          Network
     Operations spanning 18            USA, UK, Poland,                         Offices in 170 cities &         100,000 outlets in
            countries                 Singapore and India                        360 service centers               7,000 towns

*Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) as of 31st March, 2008               3
Start of the dream

1976 - Making Dreams a Reality
Hindustan Computers Ltd. is born

                                       Six young entrepreneurs left their secure
                                         corporate jobs with a dream that the
                                       microprocessor could change the world

Pioneering IT for last 3 decades

Key Milestones : Pioneering of Modern Computing

      YESTERDAY                                TODAY
          8C – First Truly                       Empowering Scientists space
          indigenous computer.                   researches and oil & gas explores
          Shipped same time as                   with High Performance Computing
          Apple, three years before
          IBM PC.

          CIRUS – First RDBMS
          Created indigenous
          RDBMS, ahead of Oracle.
                                                 Designing medical implantable
                                                 device for pain relief

          UNIX-                                  Creating Flight
          One of the first Global source         Management systems for
          code licensees of UNIX                 the world's most advance
          MAGNUM –Unix Mini
                                                 Doing cutting edge design for the
                                                 world’s largest semiconductors
          Ahead of Sun & HP                      majors

       The bottom line

                                     Networking                                           Revenues   EBITDA
                      Services       & Network                                                                 Employee Strength
                                                                                           in Bn $   in Mn $
                                     Integration      Distribution &
                                                      ICT, Telecom                           3.1        113
   IT Manufacturing
                                                      and Imaging      HCL Infosystems                               5,901

                         Technology                                    HCL Technologies      1.7        383          49,802
     Engineering                                BPO
       and R&D
                                                                       HCL Enterprise        4.7        496          55,703
                      Enterprise &

*Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) as of 31st Mar, 2008                           7
Raising the bar of performance

                                            Revenue (2000- LTM Mar'08 in $US Mn)

                 5000                                                                                                  4118             4911
                 4000                                                                                 3546
                 3000                                                                  2503                  2570            2728       3140
                 2000                                                    1544           1740
                       456                                   982                                                         1390           1771
                 1000 251        546               616                   976                                 976
                             299                 331     566
                    0 205         247                285      416            568             764
                        2000     2001               2002     2003          2004         2005              2006        2007           TTM

                                   EBITDA (June 2000 – TTM Mar ’08 in $US Mn)

                         500                                                                                                  496
                         400                                                                                     401          383
                         300                                                                          301        308
                         200                                             161            175           216
                         150              108                 106                                     85
                         100  67                        77                      115                                           113
                          50 48           9018     9                79                                           93
                           0                            68
                                     19                           27         46
                                 2000      2001        2002    2003       2004        2005         2006      2007       TTM

                                                        HCLT             HCLI                HCL E
Figures as on 31st March, 2008
 HCL Global

Among the top 5 service providers in short span of 7
     HCL tops growth rate among IT leaders today                                HCL – Employee First
                                                                           Philosophy being recognized by
Only organization with full service range:
     IT infrastructure, Applications & BPO Services
     Multi Service delivery capacity - large transformational

Pioneers of Modern computing - at the frontiers of
technology                                                                   Leadership Across Services
                                                                                     Business         Enterprise
                                                                                      Process        Applications
                                                                           IT       Outsourcing
                                                                          Infra                               Engg and
                                                                                          13.6%    12.0%        R&D
                                                                                  15.0%                     23.9%


                                                                        Total : $ 1771 mn
 Aerospace      Life Sciences   Semiconductors       Banking and                              Custom
                                                   Financial services                       Applications

      HCL India

1. India’s largest ICT Directs Sales &    - 12800 Engineers                                                  India’s Most Preferred
services organization support             - 360 Locations                                                    Personal Computer Brand by
                                          - 1 Million units                                                  CNBC AWAAZ Consumer
                                                                                                             Award 2007`
2. India’s Leading System Integration     - Pan-India SI Infrastructure
organization                              - Multi Technology product capacity

3. World's No1 Specialty offshore         - Ranked Numero Uno in The Black Book of
infrastructure service provider             Outsourcing survey, among the 50 best-
                                            managed global outsourcing global companies.

4. India’s largest ICT distribution and   - 50000 outlets
retail Network                            - 5000 towns
                                          - Sound post sales service network

5. Largest Manufacturer of PCs in India   - India’s Largest Direct Sales Organization                    Revenue breakup
                                          - India’s Largest Services Organization                            Networking
    Plant Capacity                                                                                                         20%

 Class of Product                                       Installed Capacity                                 70%

 Pondicherry Capacity                                   1.0 million Computers
 Uttaranchal Capacity                                   1.5 million Computers
 Peripherals and Display Monitors                       5.0 lacs                        Telecom and Office Automation
                                                                                                                 Total : $ 3140 mn
HCL’s differentiators

                                                          Strong DNA, Guiding Principles &
    30 Year history of invention,
    innovation & market creation
                                                          The most Modern Management in the
    Successful Carve-outs & M&A history
    Proactively work with governments
                                                          Strong Financial Position

                    3 decades of Technology & Innovation Heritage
                              -Pioneers of Modern Computing-

                Global strengths                                    India strengths

                                                         Comprehensive Range of ICT
    Wide Services portfolio in IT,
                                                         Products & Services
    Infrastructure, and BPO
                                                         Reach into key growth Market
    Strong Product Engineering & R&D
                                                         Segments & Verticals
                                                         Manufacturing Expertise & Nation
    Leadership in Infrastructure services
                                                         wide Service Support Infrastructure

  Partnerships: The growth drivers
Product Partnerships

1977                                       1981                                         1985
Leading position in Office                 25 years of scripting an ear of              21 years of strategic relationship that has seen the
Automation and Laptops in                  computing across the                         computer evolve from a computing device to the
India                                      Microprocessor                               centre of the Digital World

                 1996                                                             2004
                 Dominant position in mobile                                      Partnering in computing and
                 handset market in India                                          providing IT Services

Joint Ventures

                         1996-2003                 2001-05                         2002-05                     2005                         2006
1991-96                  Significant IT Services   First Indian BPO Global         Largest financial service   First Japan- India hi-tech   Industry First “End-To
Created the HP brand for with quarter billion      Delivery Centre, currently      offering widest range of    JV for Product               End” Product Lifecycle
computers in India       dollar enterprise value   employing 2000 UK               Capital Market Services     Engineering Services         Solution for OEMs

Strategic Alliances

                    HCL sets up first Power PC                                                                                 2007
                    architecture design centre                                                                                 Partners with CA for Threat
                                                                                     2007                                      Management Solution Products.
                    outside of IBM
                                                                                     A Strategic partnership with Misys        End to End Product Research,
1996                                                                                 to open new markets and drive             Development & Support.
Largest development (R&D)                  2005                                      innovation, quality improvements
facility outside Cisco. Gold partner       Partners with Boeing for 787              and speed to market for key Misys
for the Indian market                      Dreamliner programme                      financial services solutions in high
                                                                                     growth economies.
Geographical spread

           HCL Global                                                       HCL India
Global presence in 18 countries                                          360 service locations

                                       Europe                                        National Capital
      Americas                                       Asia                            Region of Delhi



                                                               ANZ   Bangalore

Americas         Europe        Asia         ANZ                         Major hubs
USA              UK            India        Australia                   1. National Capital Region:
                 Germany       Japan        New Zealand                    New Delhi, Noida & Gurgaon
                 Netherlands   Singapore                                2. Chennai
                 Sweden        Hong Kong                                3. Bangalore
                 Belgium       Malaysia                                 4. Hyderabad
                 France        Singapore                                5. Pondicherry
                 Italy         S. Korea                                 6. Uttaranchal

HCL’s world class infrastructure
      Software Development Centers            Manufacturing Facilities in India

                    Noida, India                        Uttaranchal, India

                                                         Pondicherry, India
                  Chennai, India

                                                          Chennai, India

                                                         HCL Facilities
Northern Ireland, U.K.                              Current  ~ 5 million sq.ft
                                                    Planned ~15 million sq.ft
The world is watching…

         India’s Most Preferred Personal Computer Brand by CNBC AWAAZ Consumer
         Award 2007

        India’s ‘No. 1 PC Vendor’ consecutively for six years
        HCL among the Top 3 IT companies for the last 3 years, DQ & IDC, Best Employer
        Survey, ‘Best employer 2005’ with Five Star Ratings

         ‘Top 50 in ET Top 500 Companies’ Listings for 2006

          Top 21 companies in Business Standard 1000 Ranking 2006

         Top 50 Fastest Growing Technology Companies in India & ‘Top 500 Fastest
         Growing Technology Companies in Asia Pacific’ by ‘Deloitte & Touche’

        ‘The Most Responsive Company 2005’ – IT Hardware Category by The Economic
        Times – Avaya GlobalConnect

        ‘7th IETE – Corporate Award 2005’ for performance excellence in the field of
        Computer & Telecommunications Systems
The world is watching…

         Cover story on HCL in Forbes Asia in June 2007

         ‘The world's most modern management ” with reference to Employee First

         HCL Technologies ranks 76 in the list of Fastest Growing Global Technology Companies

         Case study on HCL is now taught at Harvard.
               The case study focuses on HCL’s unique transformation over the last 2 years, and highlights HCL’s Employee
               First philosophy.

         IBM and the other multinationals are becoming increasingly nervous about the fifth-
         biggest Indian outsourcer - HCL

         The TIME magazine has referred to HCL as an "intellectual clean room
         where its employees could imagine endless possibilities."
         Making news…

      Broadcast Media

        Please visit for streaming format of above videos

          Print Media

           Digital Media

                                                                                    Knowledge@Wharton interviews
                                               IBM and the other
                                                                                    Shiv Nadar
                                               multinationals are becoming
                                               increasingly nervous about the
                                               fifth-biggest Indian outsourcer,
                                               HCL Technologies
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     HCL refreshes the brand campaign

                                             Technology that Touches Lives – The Sequel

           HCL started global brand building project called Heartbeat in 2004
           Current campaign is based on How HCL’s technology touches
           peoples lives
                 Widespread examples across diverse fields
                 Focuses on a strong youth/emotional connect

Visit for HCL’s global campaigns and for further details on campaign
 HCL cares: CSR* initiatives
             SSN Institutions
                      Founded in 1996 by Shiv Nadar, SSN Institutions provide
                      world class research oriented quality education at an
                      affordable price in India.

     •       Indian School of Business
                                                                                      Shiv Nadar handing HCL’s contribution
               •      ISB symbolizes the vision of establishing a world class         for Tsunami relief

                      business school in India offering to large number of bright
                      students in the region.

     •       Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI)
               •      To act as a think tank on policy issues related to health
                      system and establish standards in public health education
                      and to create an India-relevant institutes of public health.   Shiv Nadar with Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam,
                                                                                     President of India at SSN Institution

             Community Support Programs
                      Works with NGO’s Udayan, Cry for social up-liftment of
                      underprivileged children

             Concert Series                                                           Shiv Nadar being congratulated by
                                                                                      Prof. Rammohan Rao, Dean ISB on
                      Started in 1998 it provides a platform to upcoming young        his joining ISB’s Executive Board.
                      Indian classical artists to express their talent
*CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility
Contact us at for further details


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