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									            VIVEK DUTTA MISHRA
                         V IV E K @C ON C E PTA RCH I T E C T. IN
                                      +9 1 9 0 3 60 848 35
                                     +9 1 9 0 3 60 VI V EK
            h t t p : / / w w w. l i n k e d i n . c o m / i n / v i v e k d u t t a m i s h r a

 Working as Consultant Software Architect, Freelance Corporate Trainer &
    Mentor serving leading Software and Technology companies like

 CA, L&T,HP, Amdocs, TCS, Wipro, KPIT, Siemens, Geometrics,
         Sungard, Capgemini, Honeywell, JPMorgans, Nomura, Fujitsu, Vertex ...
                                    (Partial List)

 More than Thirteen years of experience in designing and delivering IT courses to
    Software Engineers and students of MCA, BE and other Degree Courses.

 Worked at responsible positions like

        ○     CTO, Corporate Trainer and Mentor, Matrix Technologies, Pune

        ○     Tech Lead, C-DAC, Ahmedabad

        ○     Center Manager, Bysoft Computer Education, Ahmedabad

 Expertise in C#/.Net (All versions from Beta 1 to 3.5), VC++ (SDK & MFC), C,
    C++, Java, Data Structures & Algorithms.

 Expertise in conducting Training on Object Oriented Programming Practices – UML,
    Object Oriented Design Principles and Object Oriented Design patterns.

 Experience in designing and conducting corporate and In-house trainings for Software
    Engineers, Faculties and Lab Assistants.

 Experience in designing and reviewing courses and study materials for various
    short-term and long-term courses.

 Good working knowledge of Software Engineering, System Development Life
    Cycle, OOAD, UML and other Project development area.

 Experience in implementing various networking protocols                                 using   different
    programming languages including .Net , Java and VC++.

 Experience in developing dynamic web sites including technology such as ASP,

 Experience in deploying various projects using database technology and multi-tier

 Experience in working with old technologies such as DOS/Win 3.1 systems and
    programming languages such as Basic, COBOL, FORTRAN, Pascal and Logo. This
    experience has provided a clear insight in changing trends in software industry and
    ability to adapt to the changes.
 PGDCA (DOEACC Society, New Delhi)
 B.C.S from J.V.B.I Deemed University, Ladnun
 Certification in Java from IIT Kharagpur (DDL)
 Masters Certification in ―C‖ language from Brain Bench
 Certification in ―C++‖ from Brain Bench
 ―Programming Excellence in C‖ from ICIT Nagpur
 “National Standard Test in Programming Competence” certification
    from C.S.I

        ○   .Net:
                    o   Desktop: Win Forms, GDI/GDI+, Networking, Threading, Win
                    o   Web:, MVC, web services, Ajax
                    o   .Net 3.0: WF, WCF, WPF
                    o   .Net 4.0: LINQ, Silverlight, Asp.Net MVC 2.0,3.0, Entity Framework
                        4.0, WF
                    o   Smart Client Apps
                    o   VC++.Net (C++/CLI)
        ○   VC++ : SDK (Win 32 API), MFC, COM, C++/CLI (VC++.Net)
        ○   Java: Core Java, J2EE, Swing, Smart Client, Spring, Hibernate
        ○   C/C++: C/C++ Data Structure and Algorithms, Unix/windows development
            and deployment.
        ○   Legacy Languages (Not training currently): Basic, COBOL, Fortran, Pascal

 Object Oriented Programming, Patterns and Practices
        ○   Patterns, Principles and Practices (GoF Patterns and beyond)
        ○   .Net Patterns
        ○   J2EE Patterns
        ○   Extended Design Patterns
        ○   OOAD
        ○   UML


 Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows (All versions) , DOS,LINUX
 Database: FoxPro, MS Access and Database interaction using Programming
    languages as front-end like ADO, JDBC and ADO.Net
 Areas of Expertise: Object Oriented Programming and Design Patterns, Network
    Protocol Implementation, Multi-Threading, Parallel Programming, Graphics and GDI,
    Data-structure and algorithms. Generic Programming, Smart Client Applications

 HP: Conducting a series of programs on Advanced C#, Advanced C++ and Power Java

 Wipro: A Three day program on java spring framework. We discussed the latest
    version of spring with emphasis on core framework, Spring MVC, Spring DAO, Spring
    Hibernate, Transaction and Web services.

 BMC: A Three day program on Object Oriented Design Patterns, Principles and
    Best practices. Program was attended by java developers with 2 to 10 years of

 ARRK Solutions: A two day programme on mvc. The program targeted
    audience with web forms and .net 3.0 experience. The program discussed the needed
    patterns and best practices on application design.

     Nomura: Another Four day program on object oriented design patterns. It is the
     second batch with Nomura on same concerns.

 Tela: A Four day training programme on MVC. The program was targeting web forms audience with programming experience with .net 2. The program
    included discussion on c# 3.0, extensive understanding of attributes, generics, testing
    and associated patterns.

 Cytel: A four days training program on Data structures and best practices in C
    programming. 12 Participants in experience group of 2-5 years. Participants had
    background in C++, VC++ and C#.

 Capgemini:     A four day training program on Object Oriented Design Patterns,
    Principles and Best Practices. Attended by 15 participants from .Net and Java
    development experience (4-9 years).

 NIIT: A Program on Object Oriented Design Patterns at NIIT Delhi.

 HP: A Four day training Program on Object Oriented Design Patterns, Principles and
    Best Practices. Attended by almost .Net 20 participants from Bangalore and Chennai.

 Nomura: A Four day training program on Object Oriented Design Patterns, Principles
    and Best Practices. Attended by 16 participants with up to eight years of experience on
    varied technology.

 Wipro: An ten day training on Advanced C++ Programming targeting C developers
    working on embedded development environment with experience. Participants
    commanded experience of up to eight years.

 TCS:     A two day training session on Asp.Net MVC framework. The program was in
     response to a project for migrating web forms application to mvc framework.
     Participants commanded experience in the range of 8-10 years.

 Fujitsu India: A three days training program on spring framework. The discussion
     included detailed discussion of best programming practices, java reflection API,
   Dependency Injection, IoC. Spring discussion focused on IoC, AOP, Spring MVC and
   Jdbc Templates.

 ITCube: Another batch of Asp.Net MVC and EF4.0 training program. This is a the
  second batch on the subject in a span of three months. Participants also included
  database administrators and quality testers to understand the details of the two

 Fujitsu India: A two day training program on Java Application development using
  swing framework. Discussion included the details of swing component using MVC.

 Siemens: A workshop on Webservices development in C++ using gSOAP framework.
  The program was attended by more than 30 c++ developers.

 J.P.Morgans: A series of 5 day program on Advanced Java covering concurrency,
  spring, hibernate, reflection, Logger and Testing frameworks.

 J.P.Morgans: A two day training program introducing .Net 3.0 for participants in the
  experience range of 3 to 10 years. The discussion included WCF, WF and WPF.

 ITCube: A Four day training program on EF 4.0 and Asp.Net MVC 2.0. The participants
  possessed experience in the range of 6-9 years on various .Net technology stack and
  were planning a migration from nHibernate and Asp.Net Web Forms to EF 4.0 and MVC

 J.P.Morgans: A Four day training program introducing C# 3.0 for participants in the
  experience range of 3 to 10 years. Participants were from varied background.

 Starent: Repeat training on programming Advanced C under linux. Course discussed
  advanced programming and best practices in C with make, gdb, shared object and
  component based application development.

 Rotary International: Conducted a four days training program on .Net 3.5 including
  C# 3.0, WF and WCF and Ajax. The program was attended by 8 participants in the
  experience range of 1-6 years.

 Honeywell: Conducted a four days training program on Object Oriented Design –
  Patterns and practices. The training covered best programming practices and Design
  patterns which included GoF patterns and beyond. Program included 15 participants in
  experience range 2 to 9 years. Participants had varied programming experience in C++,
  Java, .Net and ADA.

 Geometrics: Training on Multi-threading and parallel programming in .Net 4.0. A large
  batch of approximate 40 participants. This is one of the specialized training focusing on
  multi-threaded application development and the more recent parallel API.

 Nous, Banagalore: Training on PRISM for WPF development. Again almost 20+
  participants with working experience on WPF. The group needed an insight in the
  architectural development using PRISM and the best practices.

 Cross Country: A Four day training on Design Patterns, UML and OOD. Almost 20
  participants participated in the training which spanned two consecutive weekends. The
  participants were all from Java background as such discussion also included some of the
  best practices in java programming including stress on component based development

 Logica: A Three day Training program on Asp.Net MVC Framework. Participants
  included .Net professionals with 6-10 years of experience in either desktop application
  development or web development using web forms. The discussion included
  transition of both the group on Asp.Net MVC. It also included discussion on C# 3.0

 Geometrics: J2EE integration with Microsoft Silverlight. The programme was attended
  by group of 20 software professionals with work experience on J2EE technology in the
  range of 4-10 years and hands-on knowledge of WPF. The Program discussed various
  scenarios in which a J2EE application can use Silverlight application as its front end. The
  discussion covered topics like dynamic XAML creation, Silverlight DOM API and Web
  service integration.

 Sungard: A Three day training program on Advanced C programming under Unix
  environment. Emphasis on Advanced pointers usages, effective C language practice and
  application development under Linux – usage of gdb, make, shared objects and
  interfacing with shell scripts.

 Kale Consultancy: A 6 day training programme on Effective Programming techniques
  and frameworks. The programme included software engineers with 5 to 10+ years of
  experience in various technology and design domain. The discussion included
  architectural design and patterns for scalable software design, including considerations
  of security, deployment and performance. The discussion encompassed latest trends
  and frameworks in both .Net and Java world including. While .Net included WF,
  Silverlight, .Net MVC; Java included J2EE, EJB 3.0, Spring and Hibernate.

 Mettle Consulting: Conducted a 6 days training on OOAD, UML & Design Patterns. The
  training participants included java developers in experience range of 2-5 years, project
  managers and software analysts in the experience range of 6-9 years. The objective of
  the training was to equip the team with OOAD modelling techniques for their ambitious
  product development.

 Vertex Technologies: Conducted a 7 days training on OOD, UML, Design Patterns,
  Effective coding practices and code review. The training was targeted to Java
  developers in the experience group of 3-8 years.

 Miles Soft, Mumbai: A two day training program on 3.5. The training included
  an extensive discussion on LINQ, LINQ to XML, Ajax. It also covered architectural
  aspects such as Assembly and Reflection and advanced aspect of such as
  caching, modules and handlers.

 Starent, Pune: Conducted a five day training program on Advanced C Programming
  under Linux. The course included an in-depth discussion on C language concepts
  including c99 standard, Memory layout, executable headers, Stack frames, gdb, make.
  Course also discussed best programming practices and few patterns like delegation,
  strategy and visitor, safe handles using function pointers and other programming

 Amdocs, Pune: Conducted a four day training program on Java Design Patterns. The
  training included extensive discussion of Object Oriented Design Principles, best
  practices and Java fundamental patterns apart from the complete Gang of Four catalog.
  The training was attended by 11 candidates in the experience range 1 to 5 years.

 Harbinger, Pune: Conducted a two day training program on Design Principles and
  Patterns Studies. The participants were from Java background with experience ranging
  in 2-5 years. The training was conducted to give a foundation for another training
   programme on Enterprise Java Patterns training. The training was also attended by .Net
   and VC++ developers.

 Sungard, Pune: Conducted a 6 day training program on Win 32 bit SDK and API
  Programming. The training was conducted for 5 participants with .Net and C++
  backgrounds. The training was required for one the companies product. The aim was to
  explain the Win32 programming architecture and application of Object Oriented
  Programming. Important set of win32 API included Threading, Networking, GDI, Child
  Controls, Dll etc. The training program also discussed part of Product Framework and

 Tela, Pune: Conducted a 4 days training program of Object Oriented Design
  Patterns (GoF). The session was attended by 12 participants in experience group of 1
  to 10 years. The program was aimed at inculcating effective object oriented design
  practices. The training was required for new software design.

 CA, Hyderabad: Conducting continuous series of 3 day session on Object Oriented
  Design Patterns (GOF). The sessions are generally attended by 18-25 participants
  with average experience of 3-9 years. The Participants possess experience in C++ or
  Java or .Net. One of the trainings requirement is to discuss patterns without stressing
  on any particular language and then guide participants to apply pattern on the language
  of their choice (requirement).

 Siemens, Pune: Conducted two sessions on Object Oriented Design Patterns
  (GOF). The session was attended by 18 candidates with background in either C++ or
  Java. The training was supposed to be language independent and the labs to help them
  in applying the pattern in their own language.

 Bio Analytical, Pune: Conducted a 2 day session on Object Oriented Design
  Patterns (GOF). A group of 20 participants with average experince of 2-6 years. The
  patterns were disuccessed in .Net.

 Satyam Computers, Chennai: Conducted a session on Windows Workflow
  Foundation and Webservice Software Factory. The session was attended by 10
  candidates with experience in range of 1-3 years.

 JDA, Hyderabad: Conducted 7 day session of Programming and Design Practices
  using C#. 15 paticipants in the experience range of 2-8 years attended the program.
  The course was intended for techology migration from MFC to .Net. Program covered
  .Net application developement and Object Oriented Design Patterns. Special highlights
  on windows application developmet, Remoting, GDI Programming and reflection.

 JBIT-EXFO, Pune: Conducted 5 day session of Programmig C# and ASP.Net. The
  training was attended by 11 candidates with experience range 1-5 years, mostly on
  desktop development. The aim of training was to inculcate effective Object Oriented
  Programming Practices and Web application including Asp.Net 2.0, Web Services,
  and Ajax.

 Vertex Technologies, Pune: Conducting continous series of 4 day sessions of OOAD,
  UML and Design Patterns. Each Training programmes are generally attended by 12-
  15 candidates with experience in range of 3-10 years. The trainings are aimed at
  inculcating Object Oriented Programming practices in developers and Project Managers.

 Vertex Technolgoies, Pune: Conducting continous series of 3 day sessions on .Net
  3.5 (WWF,WCF, WPF, C# 3.0). Each sessions are attended by 10-15 candidates with
     an average experience of 3-8 years. The training program are aimed at updating
     candiates with current skill set of .Net 2.0

 Vertex Technologies, Pune: Conducted Series of two day Sessions on Design Pattern
    (.Net). The sessions were attended by 15+ developers with 3-6 years of development
    experience in Object Oriented Domain.

 L & T Infotech, Mumbai: Conducted Training on Technology Migration from .Net 1.x to
    .Net 2.0. The course included special discussion on ASP.Net, Windows Services, Web
    Services and Patterns.

 L & T Infotech, Pune: Conducted two separate training on Technology Migrations from
    .Net 1.x to .Net 2.0. The course had special emphasis on Windows Services, Web
    Services and

 Extensia, Pune: Conducted Training on Overview of Hibernate Technologies

 KPIT, Pune: designed and delivered sessions on Technology migration from MFC to
    C++/CLI (.Net). Attendents included KPIT Developement team and Leads from Pune
    and Bangalore. Special Emphasis on Interopratibility and MFC .Net integration. Course
    included discussions on reflection, GDI, and Threading (15+ Candidates with experience
    in the range of 4-7 years, included Team Leads.)

          (for complete training profile please visit )

 Effective C# Programming: Conducted a 6 day workshop of effective C#
    Programming at Kolhapur. The training was organized by key members of Kolhapur IT
    sector. The program was attended by company owners of at least five software
    development houses in Kolhapur.

 Effective Object Oriented Designing using UML and Design Patterns: A Four day
    workshop spanning two weekends for industry professionals. Participants included
    senior developers and architects.

 OOAD, UML & Design Patterns: Conducting a series of training programme on OOAD,
    UML and Design Patterns for technology professionals. The training is conducted in 20
    sessions of 2 hrs each.

     Java Web Track Workshop: Conducted series of 4 days workshops for web
     developers using Java Technology. The technology discussed included JSP, Struts, EJB,
     spring and hibernate.

 .Net 3.5 workshop: 16 Hrs workshop on Technology overview of new .Net Framework.
    The Programme included and overview of .Net Framework 3.0 and LINQ Preview.
    Workshop was attended and hugely appreciated by 40+ participants from various IT

 Ajax.Net Workshop: 8 Hrs workshop on overview of Ajax.Net. (12 Participants).
 Design Pattern Workshop: 16 Hrs workshop on GOF Design patterns and its
    motivations. Workshop was attended by 20+ participants from various IT Companies.

          (For complete workshop profile please visit )

 Kale Consultancy: Provided consultancy as code reviewer to ensure the quality of
     the new architecture.

 USIT: Working as consultant software architect for their product. The Product will be
     using J2EE, spring, and rich desktop application using Swing. The Client side
     framework will be a propriety framework. Acting as the chief architect of both the
     product and the framework. (The function details of the product is not supposed to be
     discussed at this stage)

 Contech Infotech: Developed a E-collaboration system based on the Microsoft Net
     meeting framework and Net meeting SDK. The Activex powers a collaboration

 State Bank of India: Developed a solution to handle one of their financial module.
     The system was not automated and the tools available for use were Lotus 123. The
     entire product was based on macros.

 Conducted Training in the capacity of Visiting Faculty to various IT Institutes.

 Conducted a two day seminar in the capacity of Invited Lecturer at L.D.Engineering
    College Ahmedabad (Seminar was on Object Oriented Programming. The Participants
    were Lecturers and Trainers from various Engineering Colleges from Gujarat and

 Conducted Seminars on C++, Pointers, and Object Oriented Programming etc at
    various Engineering Colleges in Gujarat.

 Conducted VC++, C# and .Net Training for the training center of Sikkim Manipal
    University, Ahmedabad.

 Worked as project consultant for VC++ at Contec Infotech, Gandhinagar.

 Worked as freelance consultant and Project guide for various projects.

 Participated in various developer forums on web for C, C++ and Java etc.

 MES: A product to integrate with L2 and L4 system is based on J2EE technology and
    rich desktop client interaction.

 Ecol: Provided consultancy to a reputed development house for designing a E-
    Collaboration system using VC++, net meeting sdk to be implement with ASP.
 SFS(Slim FTP Server): Designed in VC++ to act as a Multi-threaded FTP Server.
     Implemented TCP Sockets using MFC class.

 Chat System. Designed Chat System in Java. Uses TCP Protocol to implement Peer
     Chat and Client Server chat supporting one-to-one and many-to-one model.

 AWS (ASP Web Server). Designed in VC++ a complete working model of Web server
     implementing HTTP protocol supporting ASP Scripting.

 Share Analysis. The project was designed in C++ for a Share Broker. The software
     was tracking portfolio and was able to plot HLCO graphs and n days Moving Average.
     Ability to plot as much as 5 Moving Average Graph on the same screen.

 Graphica. Designed in Basic Language as the Final Project for BCS. The software was
     designed to Plot various statistical graphs and general graphs of the format y=f(x).
     Used expression parsing algorithm to Plot graphs real-time. Ability to plot as much as 5
     expressions on user defined range per screen. Also reimplemented the project in C.

 STDR Calculation System. Designed and implemented a STDR Calculation System at
     State Bank of India.



Freelance Corporate Trainer and Software Architect
 Expertise in designing IT courses to meet industry requirement
 Conducting Corporate Training Program in various Programming domains
 Experience in conducting corporate training program with reputed IT companies.

Feb 2007 to May 2008            Matrix Technologies                                      Pune

CTO, Corporate Trainer and Mentor
 Responsible for Managing all Technical Activity of the Organization.
 Defining the long term and short term training strategy for the company.
 Training the Trainers.
 Conducting corporate training for .Net technology.
 Upgrading skill set of In-house Trainers and Developers.
 Designing and deciding course schedules and contents for Corporate Training and In-house
 Planning and controlling Quality of training materials and training aids.

Aug 2005 to Jan 2007                                                               Ahmedabad

Freelance Trainer
 Conducting classes on C#/.Net,          VC++,     Object   Oriented     Programming,   Data
  Structures, Java, C, C++.
 Working as a consultant at various Institutes for designing courses and content.
 Conducting coporate seminars at various Engineering and Polytechnique colleges.

May 2000 to Jul 2005               Gateway Education and                             Ahmedabad
                                      Training Pvt Ltd
                                    (CDAC, Ahmedabad)

Technical Leader
 Responsible for designing, preparing and imparting D.A.C course at Ahmedabad,
  Indore and Surat ATC for CDAC Pune.
 Delivered Lectures for C, C++,C#/.Net Object Oriented Programming, Data
  Structures, Java, VC++, Operating System Concepts, Software Engineering, Data
  Communication and Networks.
 Headed a team for developing study materials and lab manuals.
 Represented Organization at various IT Submits.
 Conducted Corporate Seminars at various Engineering and Polytechnic Colleges in
  Ahmedabad, Surat, Mehsana, Gandhinagar etc.
 Responsible for deciding the content based on the feedback from market, management and
 Implemented training course for new recruits— speeding profitability.
 Conducted training classes for Software Engineers, Faculty and Lab Assistants.

Oct 1999 to May 2000              Bysoft Computer Eduation                           Ahmedabad

Assistant Center Manager
 Responsible for imparting Training to students. Trained students on C, C++ and Java
 Responsible for course and batch planning.
 Responsible for designing, editing and reviewing the course material related to
  various short-term and long-term courses.

Aug 1997 to Apr 1999                   Computer aBc                                   Bhagalpur
 Responsible for delivering Lectures.
 Developed Share management software in FoxPro

 Developer Blog: Maintain a regular blog on various software development related
     topic at
 The Indian Nation: A website on the great nation called India

 Shivalaya: A Website dedicated to Lord Shiva. Maintained in both Hindi and English.


 Languages Known: Hindi and English


        ○   Reading books on various topics including literature and comics.

        ○   Photography

        ○   Programming

        ○   Participating in various web forums and other net activities.

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