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                                                                                             whatever it takes!
Director’s Message :
       I cannot believe another school year has past,    Study and it should be in the hands of the NCAA
nor can I believe that I have completed my 23rd
year at St. Thomas University. This has been both a
                                                         officials by the time you are reading this.
                                                               We brought men’s and women’s basketball            Inside
very busy yet exciting year.                             back this year. I was very proud of both teams, as
       We returned in August to a renewed academic
structure, i.e., Schools and Colleges that house our
                                                         well as all of our teams. There’s too much athletics
                                                         news to reports here so I invite you to visit: http://
                                                                                                                  Alumni Updates/Reminders!            2
departments. If you visit www.stu.edu you’ll find
sports administration under the new School of
                                                         stubobcats.cstv.com where you can see how well
                                                         the teams are doing.
                                                                                                                  Recent Graduates!                    3
Business. Other than that, not much has changed
academically, with sports administration anyway.
                                                               On April 25th, we broke ground for the
                                                         Fernandez Family Center for Leadership and
                                                                                                                  Press Release - Korinth Patterson!   4
We continue to be blessed by our location, South         Wellness. We will be playing our basketball and
Florida, that provides a “natural laboratory setting”    volleyball games off campus again next year but the
for our students to gain experience. As a professor,     year after, we’ll have a new (long overdue) home.
I’d be lost without our local industry professionals     The building will be on the old soccer fields which
who serve as guest speakers (see pg. 3 for my            used to be the Dolphins’ practice fields. The new
2007-2008 guest speaker list-some spoke multiple         soccer fields are being moved toward 37th Avenue
times). Other professors take advantage of our           and should be ready for August practices.
location’s resources as well.                                  The Carnival Cruise Lines Science and
       On September 1st we officially began our first    Technology Building is almost completed and will
year of exploratory membership in the NCAA               be open for classes in the fall.
Division II. Along with that came getting all of the           Since I’ve run out of space, I’ll close by
systems, policies and procedures in place to adhere      saying, “ Have a wonderful and safe summer and
to all of the NCAA rules and regulations. I am           stay in touch.”
happy to report that Laura Courtley-Todd, our A.D.,
and her graduate students, Chris Belmont, Mark                                             Dr. Jan Bell
Green, and Mike Singer, put the finishing touches
on the Annual Report and the Institutional Self-

                                                        Please visit our web pages (www.stu.edu - School of Business) and also spo ad’s database at:
                                                        http://www.stu.edu/sports-administration-alumni-article-1726.html. The University is in he process

  edited by Dr. Jan Bell                                of doing some maintenance. Please accept our apologies if it is undergoing maintenance when
                                                        you visit. The information we keep in our database (although it is not all visible on the www)
                                                        includes - name, degree, year, title, organization, work and home addresses and phone numbers,
  compiled by Marc Di Giore                             email address, etc. Please let us know if you’re not listed and/or if the information is not correct.
                                                        Email us the correct information and we’ll get it corrected as soon as we can. And, remember -
                                                        the information there is only as good as you keep us informed.
                                         Our St. Thomas Students at the Baseball Winter Meetings in
                                         Nashville, TN. From left to right: Dan Nagler, Mark Green,
                                        Marc Di Giore, Jarrod Cole, Chris Belmont, Bryan Shelangoski,
                                                                                                                               Recent Graduates:
                                         Rodney Carter, Dennis Tchir, Mike Singer and Dr. Jan Bell.
                                                                                                                               Christopher Belmont (MS ’08)
                                                                                                                               recently graduated and is in charge of
                                                                                                                               St. Thomas University intramural
                                                                                                                               operations and baseball game day

                                                                                                                               Bryan Shelangoski (MBA ’07)
                                                                                                                               recently joined Kenyon College, in
                                                                                                                               Ohio, as the Assistant Director of
                                                                                                                               Residence Life.

                                                                                                                               Jarrod Cole (MBA ’07)
                                                                                                                               accepted a position with the Columbus
                                                                                                                               Blue Jackets.

                                                                                                                               Julie Zub (MBA ’07)
                                                                                                                               is now working for Show Management
                                                                                                                               as Marketing and Special Events
                                                                                                                               Assistant, which is in charge of running
                                                                                                                               boat shows in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami,
                                                                                                                               St. Petersburg, Sarasota, St. Augustine
                                  Alumni Updates/Reminders                                                                     and West Palm Beach.

                                                                                                                               Herb Rhodes (MS ’07)
                                                                                                                               now teaches at David Lawrence K-8
Amir Alroy has just introduced an English version of his website, which is available at : http://fitnesstogether.co.il/en/     Center, across from FIU Biscayne
Dan Axman accepted a position with TicketReturn LLC., recently purchased a new home and welcomed baby Drew Jacob               Campus, and is an adjunct professor at
Axman, to the family this past February. He currently resides in North Carolina with his wife and son, Dylan.                  Johnson & Wales University.
Chris Orriss, currently resides in South New Jersey, and is working for the Campbell Soup Company in the Finance
department.                                                                                                                    Alysia Dyer (MS ’07)
Eric D. Previte is back in Boston, doing sales for a software company, Parametric Technology Corporation, which is             is the new Sports Information Director
headquartered outside of Boston.                                                                                               at Miami Dade College, following
                                                                                                                               another STU product, George
Jay Mazurowski (MS ‘00) is Vice President of Commercial Accounts, Ashcraft Associates, based out of Alexandria,
Virginia, where he is responsible for financial services, such as retirement products and commercial insurance.
Alan Hancock (MS ‘01) left CBSSports.com last August to become the Assistant Director of Public Affairs at Nova
Southeastern University.
Steve Macchiarolo (MS ‘04) started his new job with Stony Brook University in their campus recreation department,
as the Manager of Student Personnel and Special Events. He is responsible for the hiring and training of the student workers
who will work in the campus wellness center. He also participated in planning and coordination of special events for the
campus recreation department (ex. golf tournaments, ski excursions, 5k runs, etc.)
Felecia Henderson (MS ‘02) is currently the Associate Director of Public Affairs for Nova Southeastern University. She
is responsible for the development of external public relations for the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences, School of
Humanities and Social Sciences, Center for Psychological Studies, Oceanographic Center, The University Center, Athletics and
Public Safety.                                                                                                                 Thank you for being
Adam Wald (MS ‘00) is currently at Long Beach State, where he is an Assistant Athletics Director of Development.               such great alumni and
Steve Sullivan (MS ‘98) is currently the General Manager for Beaver Sports Properties at Oregon State, a division of
                                                                                                                               helping us maintain our
Learfield Sports. Steve has been with Learfield Sports for 3 1/2 years, and resides with his family in Corvallis, Oregon.
John Doyle left the Milwaukee Brewers to work for the Milwaukee Mile.                                                          reputation as the best
David A. Wyman is the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Education and Director of Academic Services for the                      sports administration
University of Miami Athletics program.
Omer Gil (JD/MS ’07) passed the New York Bar and is working in the NY area.
                                                                                                                               program in the country.
Chad Coe, released a country song ( HYPERLINK "http://www.soundclick.com/barkleycoe" www.soundclick.com/barkleycoe)                                        Dr. Jan Bell
that went number one on the Bluegrass chart on New Year’s Day! With over 34,000 songs in that category, it was a great
               A Special Thank You To All of Dr. Bell’s Guest Speakers:
   • Manny Colon - Player Development Assistant | Florida Marlins                                 • Ivan Martin - Vice President | Complete Ticket Solutions (CTS)
   • Laura Courtley-Todd - Director of Athletics | St. Thomas                                     • Nancy Olson - Executive Director | Florida Marlins Community
     University                                                                                     Foundation
   • Paul Dee - Director of Athletics | University of Miami                                       • Lenore Prado - Associate Director of HR | St. Thomas University
   • Ross Devonport - Fantasy Sports Writer | CBSSports.com                                       • Eric Reid - Play-by-Play Broadcaster | Miami Heat
   • Andy Elisburg - Sr. VP Basketball Operations | Miami Heat                                    • Rob Reisenberg - Director of Finance | Dolphin Stadium
   • Monique Garcia - Assistant Director of Compliance/APR                                        • Paul Resnick - Assistant, Community Affairs | Florida Marlins
     Specialist| Florida International University                                                 • Sarah Taladay - Sports Business Writer | South Florida Sun-
   • Ana Hernandez - HR Director | Florida Marlins                                                  Sentinel
   • Joe Kanefsky, MS, ATC, CSCS - Regional Sales Rep | Henry                                     • Sean Todd - Football Operations | Florida Atlantic University
     Schein - Sports Medicine                                                                     • Dr. Mary Carter-Waren - Professor/NCAA Faculty Athletics Rep |
   • Danny Katz - President | Complete Ticket Solutions (CTS)                                       St. Thomas University
   • Chris Kesicke - Director, Partner Relations | Collegiate Images
   • Claudia Laurence - Author                                                                    *Names in White = STU Sports Administration Alum

Nino Berticelli moved to Dallas and is working as the NCAA Compliance Coordinator at Texas Woman’s University.
Beth (Crabb) Capriz started her second semester en route to completing her Master’s Degree at University of New Orleans.
Drew Auguste is now the Assistant Athletic Director for Event Management/Operations at Florida International University.
Kensuke Niwa left the Miami Heat and accepted a position with Maloof Sports & Entertainment, which is the company that runs the Sacramento Kings, Monarchs and ARCO Arena. He is
currently working as Relationship Marketing Manager.
Ross Devonport is currently with CBSsports.com as their Fantasy Sports Writer for Golf.
Jason Bulger is working for the Australian Grand Prix Corporation as Corporate Sales Manager.
Paul Zuccarini welcomed a new member to the family, Parker Zuccarini, on 1/28/2008. He is continuing to work as an Independent Project Manager for the Fontainebleau.
Ruth Mason is currently living in Lexington, Kentucky and is the ticket director for the 2010 World Equestrian Games (http://www.feigames2010.org)
Kevin Retchless is is an Event Programmer for Ticketmaster in Miami.
Jordan Cecic is still with Chaminade-Madonna High School and the Department for Health and Wellness. He and his wife welcomed Gabriella Sofia to the family on March 27th. Their son
is 2 1/2.
Valerie Miyares was offered and accepted a position as Athletic Director for West Broward High School, which is a brand new public, 6A high school in West Pembroke Pines.
Derrick Easley is a Recreation Specialist II for Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department in the Special Events Section.
Anjie Coplin (MS ‘98) has accepted a job as the Director of Communications for the Southwest Region of Aetna. She has also served on the Media Relations team for the AT&T Cotton
Bowl Classic for the past six years.
Jorge I.G. del Valle, Esq. has accepted an opportunity with Centres, Inc. a retail development and construction management company located in Miami, FL.
Doug Harris is currently the Director of Content Licensing for Collegiate Images, LLC, in Leawood, KS.
Michael McCormack was recently married and lives with his wife, Chrissy, in High Point, NC. He is now currently working with Salem Sports Signs based out of Winston-Salem, NC. The
company does signage and interior tent design for PGA & Sr. PGA Tour Events. He also looks forward to directing the Pebble Beach Pro-Am Golf Tournament.
Leon Bichachi is the Assistant of Community Affairs with the Miami Heat.
Cedric Ward is a teacher and the boys’ step coach at Dr. Robert B. Ingram Elementary School is Opa Locka, FL. His boys’ step team performed the halftime show at one of STU’s men’s
basketball games this past season.
Jarett Grushka was promoted to Senior Account Manager for Premium Seating for the Miami Dolphins/Dolphins Stadium.
Kourtney Gallivan is now the Health Educator Consultant, for the Alachua County Health Department.
Ben Mederos is currently working as a autism teacher for the Miami Dade Public Schools at South Miami Sr. High.
Johnny Williams left the Air & Sea Show to practice law full time at Rothstein Rodenfeldt Adler in Fort Lauderdale. He continues to serve as our Sports Law Professor.
Chris Haenn recently became the new Park President at Six Flags America. Chris joined Six Flags in 1993 as a Regional Sales Manager at Great Adventure and was promoted to General
Sales Manager in 1997. He moved to SFA as the Marketing Director when Six Flags re-branded the park in 1999. Since then Chris has become widely recognized as one of the brightest and
most creative marketers in the company. His deep knowledge of the theme park business and Six Flags America in particular will help facilitate a smooth transition as the park approaches
daily operations next week.
                                                       Press Release - Korinth Patterson (MBA 04)
Brad Catherman’s
New Book:                                    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Korinth Patterson, an academic advisor in the Office of Student
                                             Development and Compliance has been named Indiana Athletics Employee of the
                                             Month for the month of December.
Open-field Running: The
Adventure of Selling a                       Korinth joined the academic services staff at Indiana University in August 2005, and
Screenplay                                   currently serves as the academic advisor for men's and women's track and field,
                                             rowing, wrestling, women's basketball, men's and women's soccer and men's and
       Now available anywhere books          women's cross country. Korinth is tireless when it comes to work ethic and consistently
are sold in stores or online. This
autobiography is a humorous story of         works very long days for the benefit of our student-athletes." She has a positive
the 18 years that it took him to sell his    attitude and always has a smile on her face.Prior to joining the Hoosier staff, Patterson
first screenplay, which is unproduced
                                             served as the Aeropostale intern in the media relations department at the Mid-
as of now...but some day will be
coming to a theatre near you!                American Conference.
       The book’s title is a football term
for carrying the ball toward the goal        A native of Ypsilanti, Mich., Patterson earned her bachelor's degree in general studies
line, weaving, cutting, waiting, hoping,
dashing, looking for help, sprinting         with a concentration in physical education from Ball State University in 2002. She then
and scoring...much as the uncertain          received her master's in business administration with a specialization in sports
path to sell a screenplay and make a
                                             administration from St. Thomas University in 2004.
movie. Much as life itself.
       During this time, he wrote 9
screenplays, won awards in 6                 As an undergraduate, she ran track and field for the Cardinals from 1998-2002,
screenwriting competitions, hired and        contributing to the 2000 and 2001 Mid-American Conference Championship teams.
fired 4 agents, tried to be the best
single-dad he could be, and made             Patterson also served as team captain during her senior year. In addition to being a
every writer’s mistake possible!             student-athlete, Patterson became the first African-American female to be picked as
Perhaps his book will inspire you to
                                             Ball State's mascot, Charlie Cardinal. In 2001, Patterson won the Indiana Association
begin, or finish, an impossible dream
of your own.                                 for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Outstanding Student of the Year
       Brad’s “real job” is Vice President   award.
of Gift Planning for Senior Citizen
Services of Metro Atlanta.

Do you have some
news you want to
Email it to jbell@stu.edu
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