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									Diablo 3 Character Classes

The following is a list of the types of characters that will be available when playing the online RPG
Diablo 3. Each type of character class is available in either gender.

The Wizard – similar to the character type in previous editions, the Wizard uses such familiar abilities as
Firebolt, Ice Nova, and Chain Lightning. In addition, the Wizard in Diablo 3 has spells to alter time on
the battlefield, and has slightly different healing spells than you may be used to, due to the fact that
potions in Diablo 3 have become instant.

The Witch Doctor – will Diablo 3 include a Necromancer? Basically. The Witch Doctor is a little bit
different but essentially plays the same. Let’s just hope he can raise Golems in Diablo 3!

The Demon Hunter – if you’re looking for a Bowazon in Diablo 3, this will be your best bet. The
Demon hunter will operate with crossbow and bombs, and be something of the rogue. Best character to
use to be an archer in Diablo 3.

The Barbarian – classic and unchanged. Be ready for some of your old favorites like Bash and
Whirlwind, along with an improved ability to jump into the fray and break up groups of enemies. He is
the tank of Diablo 3.

The Monk – the monk in Diablo III is essentially the assassin in Diablo II, with a bit of the old Druid
mixed in. Best inclusion of Martial Arts in the Diablo franchise.

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