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Foreign Body Modification


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									Foreign Body Modification
      by: Tim, Meg, Lyndsay
• A modification is something that a person
  does willingly, it is their choice.

• A mutilation is something that is
  involuntary and not wanted.
• Most common is tattooing.
• Piercings are on the rise
• Tattoos are generally regarded as forms of individual
  expression and creativity.
• They celebrate individuality, they still identify their
  wearers as members of the community who celebrate
  body art.
• The last decade has seen explosive growth.
                 U.S.        continues
• The art is often thought of with prisoners, but has now become
  a part of mainstream American culture.
• 60% of the tattooed were A and B students between the ages
  18- 30 (Myrna Armstrong, a professor at Texas Tech University
  Health Sciences Center)
• Not only young people are contributing to the tattoo boom, 65%
  of the tattoos being done are being done on middle aged
• In South Carolina and Oklahoma tattooing is illegal!!!!
• For men in West Africa scarring is a form of tribal initiation,
  sign of bravery.

• Done with razor blades, the painful process starts at puberty
  and continues into adulthood.

• Each tribe has distinctive tattoo designs indicates a clan and
  include black magic symbols to keep away evil spirits.
• New Guinea the Maisin women cover their entire
  faces with exotic curvilinear patterns.
• Until they are tattooed, they are thought to have
  "blank faces” and are not yet fitted for marriage.
• Padaung woman wearing neck rings
• In china, woman used to bind their feet to make them
  smaller. From the Tang dynasty in 618 until the 20th
• Japanese culture mafia are known for their intricate full
  body tattoos of mythological characters.
• Tattoos are also considered a sign of initiation into the
• The process can take up to two years to complete.
• Tattoos are used in religious ceremonies, so are
•   Ritual
•   Right of passage
•   Tell a story
•   Show off an ancient art
•   Some people only want attention
•   Feel like you belong to something
•   Prove the point that our body is ours
•   Good luck
• Religious reasons- your body is a temple
• They think it is weird, because it is something
  they wouldn’t want.
• The dangerous drastic change can be scary
• The stereotype of tattooing and piercing is
  associated only with the mob or something bad.
• Introduces color into the skin through the use of needles.

• Tattooing has been practiced since the ancient Egyptians

• Tattooing is a ritualistic practice with powerful social and
  spiritual significance.

• Some tattoos denote an affiliation with spirits, or ancestors,
  may ward off harm or disease.

• Some mark the coming of age, signify tribal rank, or
  distinguish friend from foe.
                 Tat it up!!
• Others recognize great hunting power, weaving
  skills, or a successful headhunting raid.
• They make people feel wanted, if not in this
  culture than the sub-culture will take them.
• A way to remember things
• Punching a hole through the skin and inserting a
  piece of metal, bone, shell, ivory or glass
• Body piercing occurs worldwide and is practiced
  on men, women and children.
• It's grown in popularity during the past five
  years, among American teenagers with ears,
  noses, tongues, and belly buttons.
• multiple piercings are nothing new: 4000 year-
  old clay figurine with multiple-pierced ears from
  Iran, 3500-2900 B.C.
• Raised scars by in decorative patterns.
• Scarification occurred primarily among darker
  skinned people in much of Africa, and Australian
• In Africa the boys get scared all over with razors
  to make their skin look like an Alligators.
•  There are several ways to get the
1. Branding, your skin is burned at 1,000
2. Electrocution, the shocks burn off your
3. Cutting of the skin.
• practices like dentistry, cosmetic surgery, and
  even using make up are so common they are
  not thought of as body modifications.
• But it is still a voluntary change= Body
• Through botox, butt implants, rhinoplastie, hair
  plugs, muscle implants, people can change their
  natural look to make them look better in their
  own way.
• Was used in Asia to identify criminals
• Tattooed designs dating to 300–400 B.C
• Used to be used to show a persons statis in the
  world, now it is for beauty
• Piercings have been around for millennia.
• The oldest tattooed body known was found in
  the Austrian Alps, he was over 5,000 years old.
• VIDEO to rock your mind.

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