International Harvester Collectors Club

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					                                          International Harvester Collectors Club
                                                   New England Chapter
                                                          No. 18
                                                       Membership Application



                              State______________________________________ Zip_____________

                      Telephone______________________ Email Address__________________________


                       Please enclose a check or money order in the amount of $30.00. Please make checks
                                 payable to: CHAPTER #18 IH-COLLECTORS and Mail to:
                                  Mark Wells, 30 Lincoln St., Stoneham, MA 02180-2502
                                                           Phone no. 781-279-0509
                                                                  cut on dotted line
                          Preserve that Grand Old Farm Machinery and Equipment Company
                                                  International Harvester Co.
                                     And join the International Harvester Collectors Club
                                                 New England Chapter no. 18
           The International Harvester Collectors Club is dedicated to preserving the history and products of the largest and
           one of the oldest farm machinery companies of America. Members of the club bring together many interests,
           talents, and knowledge. Some members enjoy having and using their IH equipment in an unrestored condition,
           while others like to restore their tractors and equipment in a like new condition and take them to shows, parades
           and other events. Some members also like to compete at tractor pulls with their antique IH Tractors. Whatever the
           interest, the bottom line is in preserving International Harvester Company products for the present and future
           generations to enjoy.

           The New England Chapter No. 18 of the International Harvester Collectors club was sanctioned by the National
           Directors in 1995. We now have approximately 240 members. We publish a newsletter four times a year which you
           receive with your membership. We have several activities for the members to participate in, including plow days, an
           annual membership meeting and an occasional cookout and or dinner/dance. Membership dues are $30.00 per year
           which is distributed as follows: $15.00 for Chapter 18 dues and $15.00 for National Dues. With your membership in
           the National Chapter, you receive the National’s publication “Harvester Highlights” four times a year and feature’s
           a wide variety of stories and articles on all International Harvester products.

           We would like you to join our club and enjoy the camaraderie and enjoyment. Simply fill out the application form
           above and return it to the address indicated.

                                We look forward to seeing you at a meeting, show or a club event!!