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Zebra puzzle - DIY


									                          Can you solve The Puzzle?
                                        How Innovative are you?
                    One of the key qualities of great creative thinkers and problem solvers
                                 is their ability to see things in different ways!

                                           This Puzzle is deceptively simple.
           It consists of just three Pieces. Two of them show a Zebra. One piece shows Two riders.
                            Print this page and cut out the three pieces shown below.
                                  If you like, print it on heavier paper or card stock.
                      Once you've solved it you can also send this pdf on to all your friends
               or carry the puzzle with you and show it to them. Can your boss solve The Puzzle?

The object of the Puzzle is to arrange the three pieces so that you see two zebras being ridden by two riders.
                    The two Zebra cards will not overlap each other in the correct solution.
                           You can not Fold, Cut or Mutilate any of the three pieces.

                    The riders must be seen to be riding each zebra in the correct manner.
                          E.G... on it's back, positioned on the saddle, facing forwards.
                    You must also be able to see all of each zebra, apart from the obvious
            part that will be hidden underneath the rider & saddle when it's being ridden correctly.

                    For further Instructions, a hint or two and of course The Solution visit






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