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									June 25th, 2011

Letters to the Editor
San Antonio Express-News

Dear Editor,

        Regarding Deborah Martin’s review of the "Corpus Christi play* showing at the San
Pedro Playhouse: I don't know what "Corpus Christi" play Deborah Martin saw which she says
was presented "with sensitivity" and "a clear message of love and acceptance". The play I saw
Friday, June 24th, at the San Pedro Playhouse cellar was a distorted view of the bible,
blaspheming the Lord of Lords and far from being presented with sensitivity. In fact it a
terrible attack on the fundamental core beliefs of Christians.

       Depicted as the "King of Queers", Joshua/Jesus in the San Pedro production was
confused about His divinity and sexuality. This is heresy. Joshua/Jesus is portrayed as a
character revolted by the blind leper seeking healing. Joshua/Jesus in the play has a sexual
encounter with Judas and Satan with open kissing on the stage. The play is splattered with
profanies, scatalogical, and homoerotic language and behavior which I cannot repeat out of
respect for your readership's sense of decency. Yes, contrary
to what the playwright, director, producers, and actors in the play believe there are community
standards of decency that I'm sure most San Antonio residents would agree this infantile and
vulgar play violates.

        A transexual actor plays both the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Peter. Mary is portrayed as
a domineering ill-tempered mother. The actor portraying Mary can't understand why Joseph
objects to her going dancing at night. St. Joseph's character is a drunken, profane wife beater
who tells the virgin on the night of Christ's birth that he "has needs too" and they should go out
and party. He blasphemes God's name as he curses, "God d*** it!" while addressing the Blessed
Virgin Mary. The apostle Philip is an AIDS-infected male prostitute (hustler) who in one scene
propositions Joshua/Jesus who says he has no money (to pay for Philip's services). The Holy
Eucharist is belittled and mocked during the Last Supper when an apostle giggles, "and this is
my gall bladder" after Joshua/Jesus intones what Catholics solemnly believe are Christ's sacred
words of consecrationat the very first Christian Mass.

         The disjointed script gets worst as the play goes on for almost an agonizing two hours.
When Joshua/Jesus is crucified, he is called the "King of Queers". A complete affront to the
biblical    Christ,   the play       Corpus     Christi    is    a   terrible insult  to   every
Christian who is a taxpayer in San Antonio. The city of San Antonio has provided public funding
for San Pedro Playhouse operating costs. If they want to continue to show such offensive plays,
let the playhouse board try to raise its own funds without using our tax dollars to fund such
objectionable productions that mock the divinity of Christ and the fraternal non-sexual
character of the friendship between the apostles and Christ. The "Corpus Christi"
play deliberately offends the sensibilities and religious beliefs of
tens of thousands of San Antonio citizens.

San Pedro Playhouse should not permit such objectionable and blasphemous productions. MY
SA's Deborah Martin should not misrepresent to the public the true nature of this sacrilegious,
profane, and vulgar production.

/S/ Philip Sevilla
Mobile 505-353-1773
130 Talavera Pkwy.
San Antonio, TX 78232


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