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					IYILA 2010 Workshops

February	workshop	with	Manouso	Manos
Manouso	Manos	is	one	of	the	most	capable	 and	experienced	of	the	Senior	Iyengar	Yoga	 Teachers.	He	holds	one	of	only	two	Advanced	 Senior	certificates	granted	worldwide	by	B.K.S.	 Iyengar. He	began	his	studies	with	Sri	B.K.S.	Iyengar	 in	1976,	and	served	as	chairperson	of	the	 First	International	Iyengar	Yoga	Convention	 in	1984.	After	numerous	trips	to	Pune,	India	 and	over	3	decades	of	personal	practice,	his	 understanding	of	and	insights	into	Iyengar	yoga	 are	conveyed	with	authenticity	and	precision. Methodical	in	his	teaching,	Manouso	lays	a	solid	foundation	and	progressively	refines	each	of	 the	asanas.	His	sense	of	humor	and	sensitivity	shine	through	as	his	dynamic	and	challenging	 teaching	style	moves	his	students	beyond	their	perceived	limits.





February 19, 20, and 21 at the Institute
Fri.	 6:00-8:00pm	(All	Levels) Sat.	 9:00-11:00am	(All	Levels) Sat.	 12:00-2:00pm	(All	Levels) Sun.	 8:00am-12:00pm	(All	Levels	with	1	year	Iyengar	yoga	experience) Six	months	Iyengar	Yoga	experience	required	for	all	classes	except	where	noted. All	classes	pre-registration	and	pre-payment	required. No	absolute	beginners.
1835	S.	La	Cienega,	suite	240,	Los	Angeles,	CA	90035	•	tel:	310-558-8212,	fax:	310-558-8313	•
The	B.K.S.	Iyengar	Yoga	Association	and	IYILA	are	dedicated	to	the	study,	teaching	and	 dissemination	of	the	art,	science	and	philosophy	of	Yoga	according	to	the	teachings	of	B.K.S.	Iyengar. All	teachers	at	the	Institute	are	certified	in	accordance	with	the	assessment	process	set	forth	by	B.K.S.	Iyengar.	IYILA	is	a	not-for-profit	institution.

2010	workshops	&	intensives:	Manouso	Manos	-	February	19,	20,	and	21,	2010
Friday	(All	levels)	6-8pm	 	 Saturday	(All	levels)	9-11am	 	 Saturday	(All	levels)	12-2pm	 	 Sunday	(All	levels	+	1yr.	Iyengar)	8am-12pm	 All	Four	Workshops	 	 	 	 	 	 	 ____	$55	($45	before	2/12) ____	$55	($45	before	2/12) ____	$55	($45	before	2/12) ____	$100	($90	before	2/12) ____	$265	($225	before	2/12)

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POLICIES	REGARDING	MANOUSO	MANOS	YOGA	WORKSHOP	CLASSES No	absolute	beginners.	6	months	Iyengar	Yoga	required,	except	where	noted. 1.		Due	to	the	popularity	of	Manouso	Manos’	workshops,	registration	is	by	pre-payment	only.	We	cannot	 hold	a	class	reservation	except	by	payment.	We	accept	checks,	cash,	and	all	major	credit	cards. 2.		Refunds	will	be	given	for	cancellations	made	by	noon	on	the	Wednesday	prior	to	the	workshop. 3.		Choose	your	classes	carefully.	After	the	cancellation	deadline,	no	changes	may	be	made. 4.		You	will	receive	email	or	telephone	confirmation	of	the	pre-registration	acceptance. 5.		In	the	event	that	a	class	you	request	is	full,	you	will	be	contacted	and,	if	you	wish,	put	on	a	waiting	 list.	You	may	also	request	a	refund	at	that	time.	(No	refunds	made	after	the	cancellation	deadline.)	After	 the	Wednesday	noon	cancellation	deadline,	you	will	contacted	as	to	the	availability	of	your	requested	 classes,	according	to	the	order	on	the	wait	list.	After	you	receive	this	notification,	the	classes	are	 considered	sold	out,	and	the	wait	list	is	dispensed	with.	If	you	wish,	you	may	come	no	sooner	than	one	 hour	before	the	start	of	any	class,	put	your	name	on	a	new	wait	list	in	the	event	of	any	no-shows;	first	 come,	first	served.	Be	prepared	to	pay	for	the	class	before	it	begins. 6.		Workshop	registrations	and	payments	are	not	transferrable	to	another	individual	or	another	date.	 7.	Pre-registration	and	payment	for	the	next	Manouso	Manos	workshop	will	be	accepted	on	the	first	 Monday	following	the	current	workshop.	Payment	must	be	accompanied	by	the	correct	application	form,	 which	may	be	obtained	at	the	Institute	or	at

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