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					Peer Assessment Checklist for Speaking
You are going to assess your classmates’ work, use the table below to help you. For each of the criteria give points based on the following scale: 1 poor 2 average 3 good 4 fantastic

Remember you are playing the role of a critical friend and your goal is to identify where you friend did well and where they could improve. Do not be openly critical nor just say everything was ace. Assessment criteria: 1,2,3,4 Content ( were all questions answered) Pronunciation (did they sound like a French speaker) Detail (did they go beyond the basic answers) Clarity (did they speak clearly) Opinions and descriptions Total Name Name Name

Based on your findings now leave a comment on the post. The comment must take the form of a compliment sandwich:
One thing which was good about the performance One thing which needs to be improved One thing which was good about the performance

For example:

“Your pronunciation was good it sounded French, but some of your answers lacked detail. You also spoke very clearly.”

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