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									     RIS Focus Group

Academic-Business Links and
    Innovation Culture

     Gdansk, 11 – 12 May 2006

            Dana Vachova
       Technology Centre AS CR
             Prague, CR
Innovation Strategy for Prague

 Project BRIS – Bohemian Regional
  Innovation Strategy supported by EC

 Project partners – active involvement

 RIS for Prague elaborated in cooperation
  with the Prague Municipal Authority

 RIS adopted by the City Council in
  January 2005

 Methodology recommended by EC

 Accent put on an analytic stage

The most important analyses conducted within the
BRIS project:
 Survey of SMEs’ needs in innovation
   ◦ interviews in 500 Prague enterprises
   ◦ aim – to identify needs and barriers to innovation

 Analysis of R&D infrastructure
   ◦ interviews in 30 R&D institutions and universities
   ◦ aim - to identify barriers and propose solution for
     a better cooperation between R&D and SMEs

 Analysis of regional innovation infrastructure
   ◦ to describe activities of academic, industrial, public
     and regional actors influencing innovation
Survey of SMEs – questions
How do you obtain information on innovation, new
products, technologies and knowledge?
Survey of SMEs – questions
What is to be improved in Prague to enable innovation ?
Analyses - outcome

Quality information and complete advisory

Support to starting up and developing new firms

Favourable environment for cooperation
between R&D and industry
Development of human resources

Analytic studies identifying economic and
technological trends

Promotion of sectoral business clusters
Thematic areas of the Innovation

A. Competitive innovative enterprises

B. Active involvement of R&D in developing
   innovative entrepreneurship

C. Human resources for innovation

D. Consulting services and infrastructure for

E. Financing innovation

F. Innovation as a part of regional development

G. Interregional cooperation
Action Plan

• Content – innovation support actions and pilot
  projects which are to launch the IS implementation
• 14 actions and pilot projects were proposed
• 7 of them have already started, financed from the
  EU Structural Funds – ERDF and ESF
• 4 projects relate to cooperation between R&D,
  universities and industry and fit in the topic of this
   ◦ Centre for Technology Transfer
   ◦ Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer of
     the Charles University in Prague
   ◦ Innovation Centre and Business Incubator
   ◦ Science Incubator of the Czech Technical University
Relation of the pilot projects to RIS
Pilot projects comply with objectives of the RIS
thematic areas:
B. Active involvement of R&D in developing
   innovative entrepreneurship
  ◦ Strengthening technology transfer, commercialization of
    R&D results and cooperation between R&D institutions
    and the business sphere
  ◦ Support to establishing spin-off companies
  ◦ Greater involvement of enterprises in R&D activities at
    both regional and European level

D. Consulting services and infrastructure for
  ◦ Support to progressive and hi-tech branches in the
  ◦ Qualified consulting and services for innovation
  Thematic area            Pilot projects

                                 Centre for
B. Active involvement of     Technology Transfer
   R&D in developing
       innovative           Centre for Knowledge
    entrepreneurship       and Technology Transfer
                           of the Charles University
                                   in Prague

                            Innovation Centre and
 D. Consulting services       Business Incubator
  and infrastructure
     for innovation
                               Science Incubator
                                   of the CTU
  Centre for Technology Transfer

 Project financed from the ESF

 Cooperation with project partners:
     ◦   Academy of Sciences,
     ◦   Czech Patent and Trademark Office,
     ◦   two Prague universities,
     ◦   large industrial companies,
     ◦   industrial associations

 Objectives of the project:
     ◦ creation of a technology transfer system
       including IPR,
     ◦ education and training of human resources
Centre for Technology Transfer

Aims of the technology transfer system:
 To establish cooperation between firms and
  research institutes
 Assistance in IPR matters:
     ◦ search in existing patents, information materials,
 Legal assistance in selling technologies:
     ◦ licenses, agreements and contracts
 Offering technologies
     ◦ through the IRC network,
     ◦ direct mediation
 Transfer of foreign experience, search for
  cooperation partners
Centre for Technology Transfer

Aims of education and training:

 Understanding the essence and need for

 Learning principles and methods of a successful
  commercialization of R&D results

 Extending knowledge on the protection of
  intellectual property

 Creating a system for an effective transfer of
  knowledge to industry

 Professional development of human resources and
  increase of their value on the labor market
Centre for Technology Transfer

Target groups for education and training:
   Employees of research institutions
   Entrepreneurs
   Employees of SMEs
   Postgraduate university students
   University students
Types of courses:
   Entrepreneurial and managerial courses
   Courses focused on IPR
   Management of research and innovation projects
   Basics of innovative entrepreneurship
   Establishing spin-offs at universities and research
Centre for Knowledge and Technology
Transfer of the Charles University
in Prague

Project financed from the ERDF
Global objective:
  Transfer of knowledge and technologies developed
  at the Charles University (CU) to the commercial
  and non-profit sphere

 Mediating CU services to external clients
 Organizing collective research projects involving
  commercial entities
 Assistance in patent applications and licence sale
 Assistance in establishing and developing spin-offs
Centre for Knowledge and Technology
Transfer of the Charles University
in Prague

   Refurbishment of the building
   Designing the Centre’s optimal structure
   Training of Centre’s employees
   Installation of an information portal
   Monitoring interest of possible partners
 Building a network of partners
 Analysing legal environment
 Selection of pilot projects
 Search for financial sources
Centre for Knowledge and Technology
Transfer of the Charles University
in Prague

 A technologically equipped operating Centre
 Defined relationships to all faculties
 Monitored legal framework
 Review of the CU “commercial potential”
 Review of interest in cooperation with CU
 Created network of partners
 First pilot projects launched
 Information network
Innovation Centre and
Business Incubator

 Project financed from the ERDF within SPD - the
  Objective 2 for the region of Prague
 The aim of the project:
     ◦ to built an up-to-date incubator providing
       start-up firms with basic business services
 The project objective complies with the thematic
  area “D” focused on consulting services and
  infrastructure for innovation
 Utilizing a factory hall in a brownfield situated in
  an industrial area owned by an electrical
  engineering factory
 Reconstruction of the building for the business
  incubator including management offices
Current situation
Business Incubator

 Main focus on start-ups involved in alternative
  energy sources and related sectors

 A close cooperation with an electrical engineering
  factory – a strong industrial partner CKD Nove
 Possibility for incubated firms to use the
  technical facilities of CKD Nove Energo,a.s.

 Total floor space is 5 500 m2,
  the rentable area is 2 300 m2,

 Shared facilities – meeting rooms, social area,
  sanitary facilities, snack bar, underground garage
Services for incubated firms

 Favourable rent of offices, laboratories and
  production spaces to incubated firms

 Link to research and educational institutions

 Services related to management, marketing,
  protection of intellectual property, human

 Consultancy in the area of financing

 IT network and related services

 Assistance to firms in their growth and their
  establishment in the market conditions
Science Incubator of the Czech Technical
University (CTU)
  to provide new firms - spin-offs - with favourable
  conditions and support to their creation and
  Incubator premises are intended for:
  ◦ those planning to establish own firms
  ◦ students of last grades,
  ◦ graduates,
  ◦ students of doctoral studies,
  ◦ CTU employees
  ◦ furnished offices within the CTU area
  ◦ favourable rent
  ◦ advisory services and support to starting firms
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