The Prince William Sound Oil Spill

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					The Prince William Sound Oil Spill
Part I – Voices of the Sound (Produced by Film Center for the Environment)

1. How do you feel about what happened in Prince William Sound after watching this video

Part II - Scientists and the Alaska Oil Spill – The Wildlife, The Cleanup, The Outlook (Produced by the
Exxon Corporation, USA)

1.   What was the date when the Exxon Valdez struck ground?

2.   How many gallons of oil were spilled from the Exxon Valdez?

3.   How does the oil affect the sea otters?

4.   What percent of captured sea otters recovered from the cleaning efforts?

5.   How many oiled seabirds were cleaned up?

6.   How many dead seabirds and dead sea otters were found after the spill?

7.   What was the most common method used for cleaning oil from the shores?

8.   What chemicals did fertilizers add to the environment for bioremediation efforts?

9.   How did this film make you feel about what happened?

         Which perspective (Exxon or the citizens) seems to be more valid in your opinion?

         Do you think there should have been any consequences for the Captain of the Valdez?

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