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Reading is important thing to do. But, reading habit is poor among Indonesians because people haven’t realized the importance of reading.

Reading is importance to increase to knowledge . By reading, we can know the word . we will understand what we haven’t known yet. We can read anything, includes the lines of the paragraphs in on article contain pieces is knowledge. So, valuable books in libraries and bookstores mean nothing if they are not read.

Realizing the importance of reading will make some one motivated to read. When we know that something is very importance because it can give us valuable information, we will try to get or do something, by reading, we can know about latest information’s or news.

By reading we can spend or leisure time. If we haven’t anything to do, we can read to spend our leisure time there are many things which can be read such as magazine, newspaper, novel, etc and also, we needn’t special place to read, because we can read in everywhere like in the room, park, bus, and train station.

Reading is a good thing society in the word especially in Indonesia should develop this good habit. Beside that, we will be faced the tighter competition. So that, if we don’t like to read we will be left behind.

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