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					 They do their homework at night. (when)  Mr. Robertson came to the party alone. (who)  The car is across the street from the house. (where)  I like the red blouse, not the blue one. (which)  She felt better after she took a nap. (how)  That is an English book. (what)  My sister called her boyfriend yesterday (when)  She talked to him for an hour. (how long)  He studies piano at the university. (what)  The party lasted all night. (how long)

 The check was for $5.50. (how much)  She was eating a sandwich. (what)  She is working hard. (what)  My parents have two cars. (how many)  They are coming to visit tomorrow. (when)  He is going to work right now. (where)  The man with the white hat is my brother. (who)  I don’t get up early because I like to sleep late. (why)  We have an English class every day. (how often)  They like to dance on weekends. (what)

6. ___ old are you? 1. ___ is your name? What Where When Who 7. ___ books are these? 2. ___ is your favourite actress? What Why When Who 8. ___ did you quit your job? 3. ___ are you from? What Where When Who 9. ___ are you going to America? 4. ___ is your birthday? Whose Where When Who 5. ___ colour is your new car? What How Where Whose 10. ___ aren't you going to Peter's party? What How Where Why Who What When Which Who Which Why Whose Why How Where Whose What How Which Whose

Wh Questions
Who, What, Where, Why, Which, When or How Click the answer button to see the answer. Doug: Hi, Tim. Tim: Not bad. Doug: Fantastic. Tim: Oh! did you do? are you? was your Christmas?

Doug: I went home for Christmas. Tim: Doug: Australia. Tim: long did you go for? is home?

Doug: I spent three wonderful weeks there. Tim: did you leave?

Doug: I left on December 15th. Tim: did you do in Australia?

Doug: I saw my family and friends and visited all my favorite places. Tim: far is it to Australia?

Doug: It's eight and a half hours by plane. Tim: airline did you take?

Doug: I took Singapore Airlines. Tim: didn't you take Australia - Asia Airline?

Doug: Because they were booked out.

Exercise Wh- Question Complete each sentence using who, whom,whose,where,which,how,how many 1.A:_____are you going? B:I am going to the Railway station. 2.A:_____do you go to the Lumpini? B:I go to the Lumpini in 3 day. 3.A:_____goes to the train station? B:Mr.Prayoon goes to the train station. 4.A:_____tickets does the servant buy? B: the servant buys two tickets. 5.A:_____does he want to seats? B:He want two seats because he is very fat. 6.A:_____does she call? B:she call her servant. 7.A:_____has he been for 3 day? B:He has been to the upcountry for 3 day. 8.A:_____are you doing there? B:I am doing my work. 9.A:_____ you do prefer, milk or coffee? B:Milk. 10.A:_____are we going this evening? B:We are going to cinema tonight.

Exercise Yes.-No. Question Complete each sentence using Is, Are, Do, Does, Did, Can 1.A:___this a book? B:Yes, it is. 2.A:___ she have two scaefs? B:No,she didn’t. She has one. 3.A:___you speak English? B:Yes, I can speak English very well. 4.A:___you play chess? B:No, I don’t. 5.A:___they like to read English book? B:Yes, they are. 6.A:___ he live in a village? B:No, he doesn’t. 7.A:___you ride a wide hoese? B:Yes, I can. 8.A:___they spelling correctly? B:Yes, they are. 9.A:___you dream last night? B:Yes, I didm’t. 10.A:___that a door? B:Yes, it is.

Exercise Tag Question Complete each sentence 1.He is samart,__________? 2.I think he doesn’t know the answer,__________? 3.He doesn’t comes late,__________? 4.I am smart,__________? 5.Let’s go now,__________? 6.__________ is ready isn’t it? 7.One wants to be rich, __________? 8.He didn’t say he would come,__________? 9.Open the window, __________? 10.Please take a seat,__________?

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