Cyanobacteria Oscillator by mikeholy


									Cyanobacteria Oscillator

     Harvard iGEM 2006
          Week 3
             Overall goal
We aim to create a kaiABC + reporter
  BioBrick which expresses a circadian
  rhythm in both E. coli and cyanobacteria.
• We’ve obtained three strains of cyanobacteria:
  – From Eric Webb at Woods Hole: WH8102, a marine
     • We’re probably not going to use it because it’s reputed to be
       very difficult to grow and modify
  – From Peter Wiegele at MIT: PCC7942 and PCC6803,
    both freshwater strains
     • PCC6803 can metabolize glucose
     • PCC7942 is the most common strain we’ve encountered in
       the literature on cyanobacteria circadian oscillation
     • Both strains’ genomes have been sequenced
     • Both can be reliably transformed by exogenous DNA
• We modified an incubator by installing a
  timer-controlled fluorescent light (32W +
  22W bulbs)

• The lights are set to stay on for 16 hours each day
• According to Peter Weigele, we should expect growth in 5-7 days (Tuesday-
Thursday this week)
              Next steps
• Design primers for extracting KaiABC
• Learn protocols for transforming PCC7942
  and PCC6803
• Waiting to hear back from…
  – Susan Golden at UT Austin
  – Alexander van Oodenaarden at MIT
  – Jeffrey Chabot

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