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					The occurrence of white and beach

A long time ago there lived a poor Farmer and his wife, before falling poor, the Farmer‟s very rich, his field very large. When, the Farmer fell ill a disease that is difficult to treated. Finally, the Farmer and his wife fell poor and it healed it self.

Early in the morning once they leave to found fire wood. : “Let‟s om, fast. Later we oversleep. We must immediately find firewood. So that we can get a lot of wood.” Mrs. Farm : “Yes, wait a second dad. I just to ready our stock up later. Let‟s leaving dad.”

Mr. Farm

When they look for firewood in the forest, Farmer and his wife found two small boys of they were very hungry. : “Who are you and where do you come from?” : “They were very hungry, this is food for both of them.” : “My name‟s Mursada. This is my brother, his name Masrut.” : “We come from far away. Where we squander it. Both our parent had died.” Mr. Farm Mrs. Farm Mursada Masrut : „You are to pity. You can join with us” : They will make our faster children, how? will you?‟ : “Of course, we would like mom.” : “Thank you mr.”

Mr. Farm Mrs. Farm Mursada Masrut

Farmer and his wife brought Mursada and Masrut return to her home, and they both made the Farmer faster child. : “ Oh, so Father and Mother is a Farmer : “Yes, right” : “Mr, Mrs. Can we help Mother and Father working in the field?” : “Yes no problem, we could be pleased to have helped our work.” : “Thank you, dad.”

Mursada Mr. Farm Masrul Mr. Farm Masrut

Rice field that are Mursada and Masrut generate a lot of harvest.

Mursada Masrut Mr. Farm

: “Tank‟s God, our harvest‟s very much.” : “Yes, our parents will be very happy.” : “Mom, how when our harvest in the sale and some plot bought field again.” : ”Yes, it‟s ok” : “Later how ever Mursada and Masrut that the rice fields us”. : “That is a good idea. We lived and enjoyed the results. Yes, dad?

Mrs. Farm Mr. Farm Mrs. Farm

At the time of the planting season has been over. Mursada and Masrut fraudulent fish in the river near field, both have two tails, a gold fish and teo strange tail gold fish can talk. : “Masrut, let‟s we look for fish!” : “Okey brother, more than I have not work.” : “ Eh Masrut, there is a golden fish! There are two fish again.” : “Where is it? Oh yes that is the golden fish.” : “Please don‟t catch us, we are just ordinary fish.” : “Calm gold fishes, we only want to treat you.” : “ Yes we only want to treat you . we will not hurry your, I promise.” : “Okey, we will follow with you. But can we become to your friends? : „Certainly, from now we will be friends.”

Mursada Masrut Mursada Masrut Gold fish I

Gold fish II : “Yes correct, we want to live free.” Mursada Masrut Gold fish I

Gold fish II : “ Can Mursada? Mursada

Finally they were returning at home. Harvest season has arrived Mursada and Masrut reap all the plants n the rice field. After that Mursada and Masrut were preparing to sell outside the village. Mursada : “Father, Mother. We will go to outside the village to sell it. Please give food to our golden fish!” Masrut : “ The golden fish have become to our friends, Father and Mother do not disturb them. If you, it will come a disaster. Mr. Farm Mrs. Farm Mursada Masrut : “ Ya.. ya we will not disturb” : “We will take care goodly.” : “Okey, nr we must go . bye” : “Good by mom, dad..”

Mr. and mrs Farm : „Good bye”

Mursada and Masrut is going to sell it out the harvest village aurally. Is the Farmer and his wife carry out his promise? Is not. When he will food the fish, the Farmer wanted to eat the golden fish‟s meat. Mr. Farm : „ Mom, like as the golden fish are delicious us to be fried. Our to side dish are today.” Mrs. Farm Mrs. Farm Mr. Farm : “Of course, dad. I will fried them!” : “ This is so dad, let‟s we eat”! : “Oh ..realy delicious this fry fish.”

Mursada and Masrut hae returned, they were immedietly to the gold fish‟s pond. Masrut Mursada Masrut Mursada Mr. Farm Masrut : “Assalamu‟alaikum “ : “ Lho, where are ou goldfish, Masrut?” : “I don‟t know, we ask to the Father and Mother.” : “Mom, dad, where are our golden fish?” : “Oh golden fish, we have to fry and eat them.” : “Why does Father do that” Father and Mother have promised to take care them for we go?” Mrs. Farm : “Don‟t choosy! If you are not willing the golden fish, go out of this house!” Masrut : “What is the Father and Mother can not remember? If the golden fish disturbed, it will be come a disaster.‟ Mr.Farm Mursada Masrut : Ah we do not concern to your speak go out!” : “Well, we will go. Let‟s Masrut, we go from here!‟ : “Before that, we say many thank for Father and Mother.

After Mursada and Masrut went, suddenly come a big storm. Mr. Farm Mrs. Farm : “What is it?” : “ I don‟t know, possible it is because of the golden fish!”

Mr. and Mrs. Farm : Please help us

The house of mr. and mrs Farm exposed hurricane, the house in disaster. Farmer and his wife killed a pillar of the house collapsed. Farmers and his life‟s house brought out the wind flow. Rice took involved and perhaps felt at the Tanjung Papuna Beach, South Sea. Rices were changed to the white sand. Beach is now the white sand beach.


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