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Our reading and sharing theme for the next several weeks is
Animals. As you can imagine, this is a first grade favorite! Please
help your child to decide what to bring and practice what he/she
would like to say. The presentation should include what the item
is, where and when he/she got it, and why it’s special.

Ideas for Animals.
     *a picture of your pet
     *a picture of your favorite animal
     *an article or book about an animal
     *a picture of you at the zoo
     *a realistic-looking stuffed animal or animal figure that you
     know some facts about
     * other ideas---be creative!
***Please do not bring in live (or no longer living) animals to share.

We would love to have photographs or other items to hang on our
Question/Concept Board. These items will be returned to you
after we display it on our Question/Concept Board.

In addition to your sharing item, if you have interesting articles
from kids’ magazines that fit the theme, you may bring them in
any time to hang on the Question/Concept Board.

Sharing Schedule:
Tuesday, September 21: Jack, Colin, Matthew, Sophia, Abby
Thursday, September 23: Harrison, Michael, Jonathan, Mikiah, Masyn
Tuesday, September 28: Ava, Emma L., Chase, Reilee, Jacob
Thursday, September 30: Olivia, Emma T., Lucas, Kadence

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