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					                                 Cosmetic Dentist San Jose - The Benefits of Cosmetic

                                 You have just one smile, and cosmetic dentistry does
                                 something to both the functionality and beauty your
                                 smile. Subtle changes even from minor cosmetic
                                 dentistry treatments can make a big difference in your
                                 oral health and the beauty of your smile. According to a
                                 top cosmetic dentist San Jose patients will find that
                                 they smile more often, reason: because they like the way
                                 they look and feel about their smile!

                                  San Jose cosmetic dentist offer a wide range of
                                  cosmetic treatment options ranging from minor
                                  corrections of a tiny chip to a more complex procedures.
People often want to know why they can’t simply visit their general dentist for the same
services they might receive from an experienced cosmetic dentist specializing in cosmetic
San Jose orthodontics. It might help if you think about it this way: Would you ask a
building architect to fix your laptop? Of course not. Since cosmetic dentists do have the
same basic training as a general dentist. But general dentists have not completed the post-
graduate training required to practice as a qualified cosmetic dentist who know how to
install San Jose dental implants. Non-cosmetic dentists possess experience that qualifies
them only to correct functional issues of gums and teeth, which is different from cosmetic

In general, cosmetic dentists see the whole picture; they view at your teeth and gums in a
wider context to encompass a larger range of considerations. They look at your entire
face when in relation to your smile. They take careful consideration about your comfort
while you’re in their facility, offering neck pillows, blankets, special props to relieve your
jaw muscles from holding your mouth open, pre-anesthetic numbing, refreshment bars,
paraffin wax hand treatments, and many other amenities, varying from dentist to dentist.

Many procedures are available in cosmetic dentistry: porcelain veneers, dental bonding,
porcelain crowns, teeth whitening, porcelain fillings, gum treatment, and dental implants.
Aside from improving your overall oral health – which can prevent tooth decay, missing
teeth, gum disease, and discoloration – improving your smile enhances your self-esteem,
confidence and overall quality of life. With a bright, attractive smile, your outlook on life
will change and likely get better. When you know you look good, you smile more often,
and people will respond to your positive, friendly demeanor. This could translate to
improved quality of life, good opportunities, and overall happiness.

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