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									                     Sharing at
             Our Class Morning Meeting
   Each morning the members of our class take part in a morning
   meeting. During this time we greet each other; have an activity such
   as a song, poem, game or dance; review the news of the day; and
   share. Some students have already initiated bringing in items to share
   or have shared personal experiences. To help with consistency, please
   read the sharing guidelines below so you can help your child choose
   appropriately what he/she would like to share. Children only have
   about a minute or so to share so that we have enough time allowed
   for everyone.

Sharing Guidelines
    Something from nature
    A souvenir
    A photo
    A craft that they made or received
    A holiday related item
    Something your child wrote or drew
    Comments about a special event that happened (such as new
      pet, special visitor) sharing does not have to be a thing-it can just
      be verbal)

   Please avoid bringing in toys, breakable items, video or electronic
   items, very large items.

   There may be occasions when I will send home a note asking that the
   ‘sharing’ follows a certain ‘theme’ that will are studying in school. This
   will be sent home the previous week so that there is plenty of time to

   The class has really shown excitement and interest in our morning
   meeting and many are eager to begin sharing. This activity will
   promote skills such as speaking to a group, vocabulary development,
   caring communication and questioning skills.

   Sharing will begin the week of September 13th. Please see the
   attached calendar for the dates your child may share. Please keep in
   mind that there may be times when a child may want to share
   something exciting or that he/she just can’t wait for, for this reason, I
   will have a sign up sheet for one or two children.

Mrs. Ward

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