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					          November 2006
                2   Paralegal Grad
                3   Marathon Month
                3   Golf Tournament
                4   Senior Law Day
                5   Back To School
                9   Acquisitions
               11   Donors                                                                                                                             Volume XVII, Number 4

            Judge Oliver W. Wanger
                              The Bar honors Judge Oliver Wanger, SJCL founder, taking senior status at
                              the District Court for the Eastern District of California.

            By Carol Moses, Esq. (Law ‘92)

                      he Transition to Senior Status                Speakers included Chief Judge David        fellow judges from both the state and
                      Celebration for the Honor-                    F. Levi, the Honorable Lawrence J.         federal judiciary. Photographs were
                      able Oliver W. Wanger was                     O’Neill, former Fresno County Sheriff       taken by Hilton Ryder, Esq and Juan
            held on September 8, 2006 at the                        Steve Magarian, Richard Shehadey,          Ramirez. The number of people at
            Radisson Hotel in downtown Fresno.                      and Gary Cocola, Additional speakers       the celebration and their congenial-
            Over 300 people attended the event                      were Peggy Crawford, Judge Wanger’s        ity is truly a wonderful tribute to the
            to honor Judge Wanger, who assumed                      court reporter, Debbie Pell, Judge         Honorable Oliver W. Wanger.
            Senior Status on May 30, 2006. Judge                    Wanger’s secretary of 26 years, and
            Wanger was presented with a number                      Dorothy Pflug, Judge Wanger’s court-
            of gifts, including a new judicial robe                 room interpreter. Family members
            by his wife Lorrie Anthony-Wanger, an                   who spoke in Judge Wanger’s honor
            autographed photo of William Shatner                    were his sons Guy and Andrew, as well
            by Mic Marderosian, and a Waterford                     as his wife, Lorrie Anthony-Wanger.
            crystal gavel and plaque by the Federal
            Bar Association and the Association of                  This was truly an exceptional night.
            Business Trial Lawyers.                                 People from all over traveled many
                                                                                                                       Juan F. Ramirez

                                                                    miles to be present to honor and
                                                                    celebrate Judge Wanger’s transition to
                                                                    senior status, including former clients,
                                                                    law clerks, current staff, attorneys, and                             The Honorable David Levi,
                                                                                                                                         U. S. District Court Judge in
                                                 Juan F. Ramirez
Hilton Ryder

               Judge Wanger celebrating with a                                                   Dianna & Cyrus Setoodeh, Elizabeth O’Neill, and
                                                               Honorable Lawrence O’Neill,
               crystal gavel.                                                                    Dean Janice Pearson
                                                               Master of Ceremonies.
Paralegal Graduation

                                                                                                                       Judge David Kalemkarian

                                             (Above) The Fall Paralegal Class of 2005-2006
                                             (Left) Professor Sally Perring and
                                             Valedictorian Gordon Miller

Congratulations to the Class of 2005-2006                                                                           Keynote Speaker and Professor
Andrea Belknap, Jennifer Finnegan, Gary Frey, Leticia Gonzales, Nicole Helgeson,
                                                                                                                         Deanna Martinez, Esq.
Jeanne James, Oliver Larrivee, Stacie Marcotte, Gina Martinez, Laurel Medlock,
Gordon Miller, Adrian Ramirez, Mary Rosellini, Elizabeth Rouse, Sarah Schneider,
Jasminn Terzian, Teresa Torres, and Colleen Tudman

What I did over my summer vacation
By Sally Perring, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

         his summer I had the good               included judges, attorneys, legal edu-
         fortune to be invited to par-           cators and those who teach education.
         ticipate in the Oxford Round-           While most participants were from the
table. The Oxford Roundtable, now                United States-- Alaska, Texas, Califor-
over 15 years old, gathers, by invita-           nia, Illinois, Ohio, Florida and New
tion only, educators and others for the          York-- we also had coterie of attorneys,
presentation of papers and discussion            educators and a judge from Canada.                         Dining Hall, Pembroke College, Oxford
of such topics as international law, di-
versity, and women’s rights. The topic           The Roundtable was held in Ox-                      ranged from looking at legal educa-
for my roundtable was the Influence               ford, England. We stayed and ate at                 tion for students with disabilities to
of Sir William Blackstone on Educa-              Pembroke College, Blackstone’s alma                 sentencing laws in Canada for driving
tion. (Yes, for all my past students,            mater. Our daily discussion sessions                under the influence. (As you can see,
he’s the one espousing the Occupancy             took place at the Examination Rooms,                some presenters took greater liberties
Theory of property.) Participants                part way across town. Paper topics                  with the scope of the topic than
                                                                                                                    See “Summer vacation” page 10

                        Board of Trustees
                        Douglas Noll, J.D., Chair; Hon. James A. Ardaiz, Vice-Chair; John Loomis, J.D., Treasurer

                        Professor Larry Artenian, J.D.; Ross Borba, Jr.; Richard Caglia, J.D.; Hon. Jane Cardoza; Courtney Caron, SBA President;
                        Deborah Ann Coe, J.D.; Carol Smittcamp Copeland; Greg Durbin, J.D.; Edward D. Fanucchi, J.D.; Traci Fritzler, J.D.;
                        Charlotte Hylton, Alumni Representative; Jan L. Kahn, J.D.; Hon. Robert Oliver; Susie Osterberg; Wanda L. Rogers;
                        Dennis Veeh, CPA; Richard Watters, J.D.; David Weiland, J.D.

2     SJCL Inter Alia
Need to Catch-Up on MCLE Hours? Join SJCL for its Annual January 2007

MCLE Marathon Month
Topics Include                                     MCLE Compliance
•   Elimination of Bias                            Deadlines
•   Legal Ethics *                                 25 total hours
•   Substance Abuse                                Legal Ethics: 4 hours
•   2007 Update: Family Law*                       Substance Abuse: 1 hour
•   2007 Update: Civil Procedure*                  Elimination of Bias: 1 hour
•   2007 Update: Personal Injury*
•   Anti-SLAPP and Anti-SLAPPback                  LAST NAME                         DEADLINE
    Motions*                                       A-G .........................January 31, 2007
•   CJA/TRG Employment Litigation                  N-Z .........................January 31, 2008
    2006*                                          H-M ....................... January 31, 2009
•   Solving Complex Issues in Estate &
                                                                                                               Walk-in Registrations
    Trust Litigation*                              For more information on times and dates
•   Attorney Malpractice: Risks and                of programs, please visit SJCL’s MCLE
    Solutions*                                     web page at for a free
•   Consumer Litigation*                           downloadable brochure or contact
                                                   Kasi Welte, MCLE Coordinator, at
                                                   (559) 323-2100 or

* Topics include 0.5 hours or more of Legal Ethics. All courses subject to change due to availability of materials

                                                                 SAVE THE DATE

                                5TH ANNUAL                                         but what about having a shotgun format? You asked

                                Judy Wiseman                                       for it, and with 80 or more players, we will deliver!

                                Memorial Golf                                      The upcoming tournament promises to be bigger
                                                                                   and better than ever. With your participation, we will

                                Tournament                                         have more sponsors, more prizes, and will raise more
                                                                                   money towards our goal of permanently endowing
                                                                                   the Judy Wiseman Memorial Scholarship. The schol-
                                                                                   arship was created in honor of an SJCL student who
       MARCH 24TH, 2007                                                            sadly lost her courageous battle with cancer, but who,
                                                                                   throughout her illness, inspired classmates with her
       The SJCL Alumni Association is excited to announce                          academic achievement.
       that we have reserved the beautiful Sherwood Forest
       Golf Club for the morning of Saturday, March 24, 2007                       Look for more information coming your way
       to host the 5th Annual Judy Wiseman Memorial Golf                           soon. Please contact Joan Lassley, Alumni Liaison
       Tournament. By popular demand, the Shotgun Start is                         at or Kathy McKenna at kathy.
       back! When we asked last year’s players what we could do          , with your ideas and suggestions
       to improve the tournament, you said it was a great event,                   for sponsors, prize donations and players.

Full-Time Faculty
Lawrence M. Artenian, Brian L. Baker, Richard M. Cartier, Denise M. Kerner, Janice L. Pearson, Sally A. Perring, Jeffrey G. Purvis

Adjunct Faculty
Jesse Avila; Art Baggett, Barry J. Bennett, Hristo Bijev, Stanley A. Boone, David M. Camenson, Dan Casas; Hon. Jonathan B. Conklin, Phil Cronin, Mark
Cullers, Matthew Farmer, Jack Fischer; Tom Georgouses, Christine Goodrich, Gary Green, Jason Hamm, Jeff Hammerschmidt, David Jenkins, Donna
Johnston, Allan E. Junker, Hon. David Kalemkarian, Jeremy Lusk, Kathi K. Kesselman, Michael P. Mallery, Jeff Manning-Cartwright, Deanna Martinez,
Lewis Martinez, William T. McLaughlin II, Mark D. Miller, Douglas E. Noll, Kimberly Nystrom-Geist, Harry Pascuzzi, Curtis Rindlisbacher, Rose Safarian,
Gary Sawyers, Michael Sheltzer, Michael Slater, Jonathan Skiles, Hon. Mark Snauffer, Bob Whitlock, Lynda Williams, Jacqueline Yates.

                                                                                                                            SJCL Inter Alia       3
Senior Citizen’s Law Day                                                                                Got MCLE?
                                                                                                        By Charlotte Hylton,
                                                                                                        2006 Alumni Association President
       100 Senior Citizens attended the SJCL Alumni
                                                                                                        On October 7, 2006, the SJCL Alumni
       Association’s Senior Citizen Law Day on September 16.                                            Association sponsored the Second Annual
                                                                                                        “Got MCLE?” This program provides
By Charlotte Hylton, 2006 Alumni Association President                                                  3-hours of free MCLE to SJCL Alumni
                                                                                                        Association members, and low-cost MCLE

         his community outreach                                                                         for alumni who are not members. This will
         program provides free                                                                          be an annual event!
         legal information and
advice specific to the interests and                                                                     Speakers this year were the Honorable Hil-
needs of Senior Citizens. This has                                                                      ary Chittick on Evidence, Mari Henson on
been an annual event sponsored                                                                          Alternative Dispute Resolution, Roger Lit-
by the San Joaquin College of                                                                           man, Esq. on Immigration Consequences
Law Alumni Association. Topics                                                                          of Criminal Conviction, Brian Baker, J.D.,
included; Estate Planning, End                                                                          M.L.S. on the Basics of Online Research,
of Life Decisions, Health Care                                                                          Marshall Whitney, Esq. on Legal Malprac-
Directives and Durable Powers                                                                           tice & How to Avoid Being a Party, and
of Attorney, Conservatorship                                                                            Jeffrey Purvis, Esq. on Freedom of Religion
and Guardianships, Elder Abuse,                                                                         in the Modern World.
Medicare Part D and Medi-Cal                                           Richard Hemb, Esq.
CRA Changes, Senior Housing,                                                                            I encourage those of you who are not
Reverse Mortgages, the Reality of               Detective David Case, Fresno County                     members of the SJCL Alumni Associa-
Elder Care and Independence, I.D.               Sheriff; Ron Nijmeddin, Esq., Fresno                     tion, to join for the minimal cost of $30
Theft, and current scams. This was the          County Superior Court, Senior                           for a one-year membership. Not only will
largest turnout to-date, and thanks to          Court Examiner; Cathy Sharbaugh,                        you receive 3-hours of free MCLE, but
the help of SJCL alumni and students,           Esq.; Richard Hemb, Esq.; David                         your membership dues support the SJCL
we anticipate it will continue to grow.         A. Roberts, Esq.; Vince Weibert,                        Alumni Association’s community outreach
                                                Corporal, Clovis Police Department;                     programs, student support programs, and
The 2006 Law Day Committee thanks               Nancy Altschuler, Residential                           scholarships.
the following people for giving their           Homecare Services; and Yolonda
time and talents: Nancy LeVan, Esq.;            Reeves, Esq.

Nancy LeVan (Law ‘00)                            Joan Lassley, Alumni Liaison; Judy Rogers, Teresa Petty (Law ‘07) and
                                                 SJCL Alumni Association V.P.; and Jennifer Marjorie Webb (Law ‘07)
                                                 Walters, SJCL Alumni Association Secretary
Janice Pearson, Dean; Sally Perring, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Brian Baker, Director of the Law Library; Debbi Chacon, Secretary &,
Receptionist; Ken Coyle, Manager of Information Systems; Tara Crabtree, Associate Library Director & Head of Public Services; Matthew Dillard,
Maintenance Assistant; Mark Enns, Director of Marketing & Director of Public Relations; Megan Fuller, Library Assistant; Maureen Hayes, Assistant to
Chief Financial Officer; Lonzetta Hightower, Student Services Assistant; Joan Lassley, Facilities Administrator & Alumni Liaison; Jeannie Lewis, Director of
Financial Aid; Joyce Morodomi, Director of Student Services; Carlyn Robbins, Assistant Receptionist; Rick Rodriguez, Maintenance Supervisor;
Pete Rooney, Associate Library Director & Head of Technical Services; Michelle Rude, Accounting Assistant; Patricia Smith, Law Coordinator;
Diane Steel, Director of Admissions; Cynthia Van Doren, Director of Career Services; Jill Waller-Randles, Chief Financial Officer; Gwen Watt, Human
Resources & Regulatory Compliance Officer; Kasi Welte, Development Assistant & Continuing Legal Education Coordinator

4      SJCL Inter Alia
                                                                                 Back to school night

Alexia Belardinelli (Law ‘10), Adam Rodriguez (Law ‘10)   (L-R) Dede Agrava (Law ‘07), Julie Jones (Law ‘07), LeAnn Kent (Law ‘09), Shawn
and their guests                                          Olsen (Law ‘08), Steve Graham (Law ‘09), and Marcie Webb (Law ‘07)

Brianna Ellis (Law ‘07) with guest   Honorable Jon and Val Conklin                               Christina Skaf (Law ‘07) and
                                                                                                 Courtney Caron (Law ‘07)

(L-R) Laura Arnold (Law ‘07), Keri Troehler, and      Kay (Law ‘08) and Frank Strohl           Professor Stan and Karen Boone
Errin Anderson-Woodward (Law ‘07)

(L-R) Jeffrey Suggs (Law ‘09), Robert, Katwyn Delarosa (Law ‘09), and Heather             Craig Tristao (Law ‘07) and Bob Abrams (Law ‘08)
Phillips (Law ‘09) with spouse Jeff.
                                                                                                                     SJCL Inter Alia        5
Alumni Profiles                                                                          of 100 words per minute five seconds
                                                                                        after opening the exam booklet. After
SJCL congratulates our alumni celebrating 10, 20 and 30-year                            typing a half page, 3P dramatically
                                                                                        ripped the paper out of his typewriter,
anniversaries in 2006. It has been my pleasure contacting and                           kicked his feet forward, wadded the
interviewing each of you. Thanks to those who participated in this                      piece of paper, and threw it to the
effort. I look forward to catching up at the next milestone.                             floor with accompanying expletives.
                                       -Joan Lassley, Alumni Liaison                    3P repeated this routine over and over,
                                                                                        until suddenly the power to all the
                                                                                        electric typewriters in the room went
1976                                        Navy Commendation Medals with
                                            combat “V”, and the Vietnamese Gal-
                                                                                        out. A frantic effort by the support
                                                                                        person eventually revealed that 3P had
C. William Brewer                           lantry Cross. Bill currently serves as a    kicked out the main power extension
In late summer 1972, Bill returned          Presidential Appointee to the Board of      cable under their table. After 30 stress-
from his second combat tour in Viet-        National Veterans Small Business De-        ful minutes, power was restored, and
nam. He had miraculously survived           velopment Corporation (Washington,          3P resumed his routine, though some-
his fighter jet being blown full of holes    D.C.). In this role he does pro-bono        what subdued, as Bill and Gary were
by Soviet surface-to-air missiles. He       work for veteran and disabled veteran       throwing him threatening glances.
was met in San Francisco by anti-war        entrepreneurs. Remembering his dif-
activists calling him “Baby Killer” and     ficult return from war, Bill goes out        James Mele
spitting at him.                            of his way to encourage and support         Jim was born and raised in Fresno,
                                            uniformed service men and women.            California. He graduated from UC
Bill intended to attend Harvard Busi-                                                   Davis with a Bachelor’s degree in
ness School, but needing some time to       Bill has been married to Lin for 35         Rhetoric. He entered SJCL in 1972.
readjust to the America he loved, he        years. They have three children and         Jim married Debbie after his second
deferred admission there for a year and     two grandchildren. Bill takes great joy     year and returned from a 2-day honey-
decided at the last minute to enroll in     in being a grandfather, traveling with      moon to argue moot court.
law school at SJCL. Only 17 of his 89       Lin, fishing, backpacking, cycling, na-
fellow students advanced to the second      ture and wildlife photograph, elk and       While in law school, Jim began work-
year. Too stubborn to quit, Bill gradu-     deer hunting in Wyoming, and flying.         ing in private practice with Stanton
ated from SJCL in 1976. He says it                                                      M. Levy, a local attorney who had
was the right decision.                     Bill has done over 30 years of volun-       been practicing in Fresno for many
                                            teer service through the Valley Chris-      years. After graduating from SJCL,
Bill has practiced law in Fresno for 30     tian Center. He has served on several       he continued to work with Mr. Levy,
years. He first spent six years in private   non-profit boards, including New             first as an employee, then as a partner.
practice, followed by six years in          Hope Madera, a gangs-to-jobs training       After many years, they continued in
public practice, the latter ending with     and mentoring outreach that he and          association, but with separate prac-
several months as Acting City Attor-        his wife helped found. In his spare         tices. Jim specializes in representing
ney for Fresno. He has been a partner       time, Bill is a headhunter for a com-       individuals injured as a result of the
in the law firm of Motschiedler, Mi-         pany in Dallas and helps non-profits         actions of others, including medi-
chaelides & Wishon, LLP, since 1988.        with innovative ways of fundraising.        cal negligence. Jim has successfully
His areas of expertise are real property,                                               handled cases for clients with cata-
business and estate planning, eminent       Bill’s memories of SJCL include chats       strophic injuries and losses.
domain and inverse condemnation,            with classmates and instructors while
redevelopment, and environmental            waiting for Professor Wanger to arrive.     Jim has been married over 32 years
law. He has represented clients at all      He remembers Hollis Best’s congenial-       to Debbie, a wonderful wife, mother,
state and federal levels. He has served     ity. He remembers asking Judge Gins-        and friend who cares for everyone
as a seminar speaker, expert witness,       burg, “Do you play golf?” to which          and loves to quilt. They have three
and Congressional witness in condem-        the Judge responded utterly deadpan,        daughters and a son. Jennifer, a gradu-
nation matters.                             “I played for 10 years until I realized I   ate of UC Davis, is a first-year student
                                            had to go back to the office to relax.”       at SJCL, and works full-time as Jim’s
Bill was a strike fighter pilot through                                                  legal assistant. Lisa, a graduate of UC
two combat tours, 238 combat mis-           During the bar exam, Bill sat at the        San Diego with a Master’s in Educa-
sions and 340 carrier landings. He          same table as Gary (now Judge) Austin       tion, teaches in San Ysidro. Andrea, a
received awards including Distin-           and a third candidate (3P). Gary and        recent graduate of UC Berkeley, plans
guished Flying Cross with two Gold          Bill were impressed, if not intimi-         to be a writer. Tony, a student at San
Stars, several individual Air Medals,       dated, when 3P began typing in excess       Francisco State, is majoring in music.

6     SJCL Inter Alia
Jim is interested in singing, playing        Hanford. The temple was built in the          house in Morro Bay where he will one
guitar, performing, hunting, fishing,         1890’s and is on the National His-            day retire.
and backpacking.                             torical Registry. They hold a Harvest
                                             Moon festival each October as a               Jeff currently serves on the California
Jim remembers his first year study            fundraiser.                                   Child Support Director’s Association
partner, Roger Vehrs, and taking the                                                       Legal Practices Committee, working
“Baby Bar” exam somewhere down               Bill wanted Kevin Gunner to know              to standardize and improve child sup-
south. They stayed in a crummy little        that Kevin’s comments about Hazen             port practices throughout the state.
motel. Jim had to carry his “portable”       vs. everybody else were quite accurate;       California is building and imple-
electric typewriter 5 blocks. The            Bill still thinks he is right. Bill enjoyed   menting the largest automated child
sound of 500 typewriters in the exam         his car pool and study partners, Mike         support case management system in
room was overwhelming! He recalls            Splivalo, Jeff Wass and Mary McCar-            the country.
his study partners Paul Hager and            thy, and the many trips to the donut
Jim Sanchez, and the “real” bar exam         shop in the adjacent shopping center.         Jeff always remembered the unique
taken in Sacramento. They took his 10        He also recalls the fashion statement         handwriting of one of his favorite
year old car because it was the newest,      Judge Wanger made in those days               classmates, Baxter Richardson. He
therefore most reliable, and it broke        and enjoyed the roasts of him and his         lost touch with Baxter for about 15
down on Highway 99 on the way.               earlier taste in plaids.                      years after law school. One day, while
Most of all, Jim remembers all of the                                                      reviewing applications for Child
people upon whose lives he has had           Jeffrey Wass                                   Support Attorney positions in Tulare
some impact because of his profession.       Jeff’s first job after law school was with      County, Jeff recognized that unmis-
                                             the Tulare County District Attorney’s         takable handwriting before he recog-

1986Hazen                                    Office prosecuting misdemeanors and             nized (or could make out) the name
                                             serious felonies. Seven years later, he       on the application. Baxter came to
William                                      was promoted to Supervising District          work for them and did an outstanding
Prior to becoming an attorney, Bill          Attorney. After serving a total of 14 years   job. He was well-liked and appreciated
taught for 23 years at Hanford High.         in the Criminal Division of the DA’s          by all, until his passing just a few years
As a teacher he was spoiled with time        office, he became Supervising DA to the         later. Jeff will never forget Baxter or
off to travel. Bill practiced law for two     Family Support Division. It separated         any of his classmates. “Law school was
years with Steve Barnes, but eventually      from the District Attorney’s Office in          a great time!”
realized that while the practice of law      2000 becoming the Tulare County De-
was interesting, he often found himself      partment of Child Support Services. In        Linda Zachritz
dealing with people in unhappy situa-        2001, Jeff was promoted to Chief Child         Linda worked in a law firm the first
tions. Bill returned to teaching at the      Support Attorney and later was placed in      year and a half out of school then
Kings County Juvenile Center for 13          charge of Child Support Operations. He        went into private practice. She con-
years. He retired in 2002.                   managed 160 people with a mission to          centrates on appeals and family law.
                                             collect and distribute money to families.     Linda maintains a great connection to
Bill is married to Rachael, who is a         Jeff said, “What a great job - giving chil-    the law school as the conflicts advisor
speech therapist. He has one son,            dren an opportunity to grow up healthy        to the Small Claims Clinic.
Stephen, an IT graduate from Fresno          and successful.
State. Steve lives in Visalia and runs                                                     Linda has been involved with the
a web page and database service for          In November, 2005, Jeff accepted the           downtown revitalization and served on
Tulare County.                               Chief Child Support Attorney posi-            many committees in that effort. She is
                                             tion for the San Bernardino County            active in the Downtown Fresno Coali-
Bill loves to travel and sail. He recently   Department of Child Support Services          tion and Fresno Arts Council. Linda
moved his boat from Morro Bay to             and moved to Redlands. They have              also served on the Registered Veterinary
Ventura in hopes of being able to use        141,000 child support cases and every         Technician Committee of the State
it more often. He keeps active with          challenge you could imagine. Jeff says,        Veterinary Medicine Board that she
swimming, tai chi and tennis.                “any new lawyer, undecided about an           found a very rewarding experience.
                                             area to practice, should consider child       Linda does not seem to have a lot of
Bill proudly has participated in the         support.”                                     spare time but does enjoy her animals
20-year tradition of the Knudson                                                           and gardening.
run, which provides three high school        Jeff’s children are grown and have left
scholarships each year. He is also           the nest. All are doing well. Sailing has     Linda wanted to express her thanks
on the board for the preservation of         become his passion. He has a boat in          to San Joaquin College of Law for
the Taoist Temple in China Alley in          Dana Point where he spends week-              the rewarding and fulfilling career she
                                             ends, whenever possible. He also has a        continues to enjoy.
                                                                                                                    Continued Page 8

                                                                                                              SJCL Inter Alia       7
1996                                       several published cases while there,
                                           several arguments in the Fifth District
                                                                                      visiting a new state. Two years ago
                                                                                      she discovered Belize and has fallen in
Patrick Aguirre                            Court of Appeal and argued before          love with that little country, making 7
Patrick worked for Nick Reyes and          the Ninth Circuit twice. Leah Ann          trips in the last two years! Being a firm
John Patrick Moore getting intro-          was admitted to the United States          believer that everyone should vacation,
duced into criminal law while he           Supreme Court after receiving notice       in September of ‘05 she talked Barbara
waited for his bar results. He then        they were considering granting certiari    into going with them to Belize. Bar-
joined the Public Defender’s Office in       on a case she had argued in the lower      bara now has the bug. They returned
Fresno where he worked for about 2 ½       courts involving a Miranda issue. Alas,    this past September with a group of
years. In 2000, he met his wife, Elvira,   they ultimately decided not to grant       girlfriends. Leah Ann hopes it will be
in Southern California and decided         certiari.                                  an annual event!
to move there. He opened his private
practice in Downing doing mainly           With her background in juvenile            In addition to travel, Leah Ann
criminal defense and immigration and       probation, she eventually served as an     still enjoys having large groups of
deportation cases. Pat really enjoys       expert on juvenile issues for the AG’s     people over for dinner and cooking
the opportunity to appear in Federal       office. She spent the better part of         as a group. A couple of years ago she
Courts in many states doing this type      her last year at the AG’s office writing     adopted a neurotic little dog from the
of work.                                   the prosecution’s appellate brief in       pound and named him Mr. Lunch.
                                           the Dana Ewell matter. As her time         He insists on daily walks and as the
Pat and his wife, Elvira, live in Long     to handle a capital case approached,       new job is dog-friendly, he accompa-
Beach. They have two children, Amber       she realized that based on personal        nies her to work on days she is not in
10 years old, and Jacob 2 ½. Pat keeps     and spiritual convictions, she simply      court and lays on the floor in front of
busy with the kids and coaches soccer      couldn’t be involved in arguing in fa-     her desk insisting that everyone who
with a league in Long Beach.               vor of the death penalty. She made one     walks by stop to pet him.
                                           of the most difficult decisions of her
In his spare time Pat still enjoys snow    life and resigned from the AG’s office.      While in Fresno, Leah Ann served for
skiing and has taken on a new sport                                                   several years on the Fresno Pacific Uni-
called kite-surfing. You can only do        After taking a couple of months off,        versity School of Business Advisory
this sport from March to September;        Leah Ann joined Cooper & Hoppe             Counsel and on the Board of Direc-
it requires great skill. Pat also enjoys   working in civil litigation, primar-       tors for the Victim Offender Recon-
“RVing” whenever the opportunity           ily insurance defense work. She was        ciliation Program, including a term as
arises. The family often goes to Colo-     with the firm for a little over three       board chair. She served as a judge for
rado and Mammoth.                          years, learned a great deal while there    SJCL’s Moot Court. She held several
                                           and thoroughly enjoyed the people.         offices on the Board of Directors for
Patrick has very fond memories of          “Joe Cooper & Tad Hoppe were great         the Pacific Southwest Mennonite
his days at SJCL. He cut classes with      bosses. It was good to become close        Conference and is currently serving as
Angela Ransom and Marshall Moushi-         friends with Barbara Rueger, who was       Moderator.
gian so they could run up to Sierra        very patient in helping her learn the
Summit to ski. He loved the air guitar     ins and outs of a practice very different   Leah Ann loved her law school experi-
skits they would perform in the back       from the one she had known.”               ence, especially the first year when
seat as Angela drove them home. He                                                    everything was so new. She remembers
recalls the great softball games that      In August of 2006 Leah Ann was             the crew climbing over the fence to
were played when Linden put together       contacted by the firm which had just        grab coffee and donuts. She very much
the SJCL Softball team and what            been appointed the contract public de-     appreciated the personal attention the
a great break it provided from the         fender for Placer County. They offered      professors gave their students and has
intense study. He recalls friendships      her a position as the head of their        fond memories of meeting with each
that will be with him forever – Patricia   juvenile division and she accepted.        of them prior to exams to fill in holes
Carrillo, Angela, and Marshall.            Leah Ann is very happy to be back in       in her outlines. Larry Artenian’s exam
                                           criminal law and decided that juvenile     questions were hilarious. She wishes
Leah Ann Alcazar                           law really is her “first love.”             she had paid better attention in Rich
After her second year at SJCL Leah                                                    Cartier’s Civ Pro class. She was pleased
Ann clerked for the California At-         Leah Ann continues to travel with          to learn Justice Ardaiz can take a joke
torney General’s Office and remained         family and friends and has tried to        (who passed that note to the front of
there full time after graduation.          stick with the vacation plan she and       the class?!!). She doesn’t think she’ll
She felt it was the best of all pos-       her husband adopted while she was          ever be able to get Jan Pearson’s “barf
sible worlds as a good mix of trial        at SJCL – one summer visiting a new        sentences” out of her head.
and appellate work. Leah Ann had           country, alternated with a summer

8     SJCL Inter Alia
Recent Library Acquisitions
1992 Judicial Council Strategic and           California Conservatorships and              California Practice Guide: Civil Procedure
  Reorganization Plan.                          Guardianships / William S. Johnstone,        before Trial / Robert I. Weil, Ira A.
2005 Bankruptcy Reform Legislation with         Jr., Susan T. House ; edited by Pamela       Brown, Jr.
  Analysis 2d.                                  J. Jester.                                 California Practice Guide: Civil Trials and
The Abandoned Mines Technical Advisory        California Criminal Practice, Motions,         Evidence / William E. Wegner, Robert
  Committee’s Report on Abandoned               Jury Instructions, and Sentencing /          H.
  Mines / submitted to the State Water          Edward A. Rucker, Mark E. Overland.        California Practice Guide: Corporations /
  Resources Control Board.                    California Expert Witness Guide / Raoul        C. Hugh Friedman.
The ABCs of Environmental Regulation /          D. Kennedy, James C. Martin ; edited       California Practice Guide. Enforcing
  Joel B. Goldsteen.                            by CEB attorneys, Anne Harris,               Judgments and Debts / Judge Alan M.
ADR Guidebook / Prepared by the                 supervising editor, Linda Compton,           Ahart.
  Ninth Circuit Standing Committee on           Mary Gerber.                               California Practice Guide: Family Law
  Alternative Dispute Resolution.             California Lis Pendens Practice / authors,     / William P. Hogoboom, Donald B.
Basic Contract Law for Paralegals / Jeffrey      Michael D. Berk, Robert M. Hertzberg,        King ; contributing editors, Michael R.
  A. Helewitz.                                  Dean J. Zipser ; edited by CEB attorney,     Asimow, Bruce E. Cooperman.
Borrowers’ Rights and the Agricultural          Craig H. Scott                             California Practice Guide: Federal Civil
  Credit Act of 1987 : a Guide for            California Mortgage and Deed of Trust          Procedure before Trial / William W
  Farmers Home Administration [sic] and         Practice / Roger Bernhardt.                  Schwarzer
  Farm Credit System borrowers and their      California Practice Guide: Alternative       California Practice Guide: Insurance
  attorneys / by Neil D. Hamiliton.             Dispute Resolution / H. Warren Knight,       Litigation / H. Walter Croskey, et. al.
California Automobile Insurance Law             Coleman F. Fannin, Sally Grant Disco.      California Practice Guide: Landlord-
  Guide / Ralph A. Lombardi.                  California Practice Guide: Civil Appeals       Tenant / Terry B. Friedman, David A.
California Civil Litigation / Susan Burnett     and Writs / Jon B. Eisenberg, Ellis J.       Garcia, Mark Hagarty.
  Luten.                                        Horvitz, Howard B. Wiener.

Moot Court was one of her all time            currently, the Hormone Replacement           American Lawyer as the Top Product
favorite experiences. She is still in         Therapy litigations, as well as Novartis     Liability Practice in the country. The
touch with her partner, Roger Wilson,         Consumer Health in the PPA (phen-            recognition from The American Lawyer
and was pleased to see Jon Conklin            ylpropanolamine) litigations. During         was particularly significant because
appointed to the bench. At Dean               her practice at Kaye Scholer, she has        the Product Liability Practice Group is
Pearson’s suggestion, Marshall Moush-         especially enjoyed the opportunity           composed of only a few dozen lawyers
igian and she became study partners           to integrate the fields of science and        - not a large number for a major New
during their second year. They have           law. This intersection has frequently        York law firm.
maintained a close friendship since           resulted in new case law. For example,
their time at SJCL, getting together          she developed expert support for a           On October 1, Beth celebrated her
each Christmas to trade her tamales           Daubert motion that was granted by           first wedding anniversary. Since the
for his mom’s baklava! Leah Ann will          the Southern District of New York            wedding occurred in the middle of a
miss seeing so many former classmates         and precluded MDL Rezulin plaintiffs          trial last year, they were relieved when
in court on a regular basis; it was one       from arguing that the product induced        the trial slated to begin on October 2,
of the real pleasures of being part of        a novel “silent liver injury”. In 2004,      2006 was moved at the last minute.
the Fresno County Bar. “It is exciting        she was a member of the trial team           In between trials, she enjoys cooking,
to see SJCL continue to grow and suc-         that obtained duel defense verdicts on       gardening and spending time with
ceed in its mission to provide quality        behalf of Novartis Consumer Health           their two dogs - a Keeshond and a
legal education in the valley,” she says.     in the first PPA suit to proceed to trial.    Norwegian Elkhound. Beth’s favorite
                                              The verdicts, obtained in the Central        SJCL memories are taking second
Beth Holck                                    Civil West division of Los Angeles           place in the Traynor Moot Court
Beth practices with Kaye Scholer LLP,         Superior Court, were recognized as           competition with Regina Tanner (who
approaching her 8th year in the Los           among the Top 10 of 2004 by The Na-          has a marvelous sense of humor) and
Angeles office. She has practiced pri-          tional Law Journal. In January 2006,         also hunkering down with her talented
marily in the Product Liability Group,        Product Liability Practice Group             study partners - Roberta Rowe, Jenell
representing Pfizer in the Rezulin and,        was honored to be selected by The            Hudson, Leslie Moore and Ty Kharazi.
                                                                                                                    Continued Page 10

                                                                                                               SJCL Inter Alia       9
Jenell Hudson                                in the backyard. Before having chil-      Toni opened her own office in Febru-
Jenell clerked at Wagner and Jones           dren, she coached girls’ softball, but    ary 2002 and decided to continue
while in school and joined the firm           now just enjoys being a mom.              representing tenants in eviction pro-
as an attorney after passing the bar.                                                  ceedings as well as filing affirmative
When she left Wagner’s office, she             What Jenell remembers most about          cases on behalf of tenants against
went to work with Tuttle and McClo-          law school is the study groups and        landlords who have failed to maintain
skey where she gained experience in          friendships that were made and the        their property. She and co-counsel,
municipal and education law repre-           practical knowledge the instructors       Roxanne Romell, recently settled a
senting teachers. Jenell left Tuttle’s of-   provided. She remembers meeting           housing case for $1.1 million. They
fice to work for the City of Fresno as a      to study at the fire house with Ron        filed the action on behalf of about
Deputy City Attorney. After two years        Nissila, Roberta Rowe, Leslie Moore,      70 tenants living in various units in
with the City, she rejoined the private      Ty Kharazi and Jackie De Leon. She        Oakland owned by one of Oakland’s
sector in education law now represent-       also remembers holding study sessions     notorious slumlords, Ms. Pham.
ing school districts working for Lo-         for real property on “future interests”
zano Smith. Jenell enjoys her current        which she loved and everyone else         Toni is currently on the court-appoint-
position at Lozano Smith where she           with whom she studied, hated.             ed panel representing either parents
works with her long time friend and                                                    or children who have been removed
former study partner, Roberta Rowe.          Toni Mims                                 because of abuse or neglect.
                                             Toni moved back to the Bay area after
Jenell enjoys spending time with her         taking the Bar and went to work as a      Toni raised her son, Hasaan, as a
husband, Rob, and their children. She        legal assistant at Pillsbury, Madison     single mom. He is currently 19 and
has a seven year-old stepdaughter, a         & Sutro. Her first attorney position       attending college. On September 30,
three year-old son and a two year-old        was as a staff attorney for the Evic-      2006 Toni married Zizani Cochran
daughter, all of whom keep her busy          tion Defense Center. The EDC is a         and is looking forward to expanding
and active.                                  non-profit law corporation which           their family (crazy… she knows).
                                             provides legal assistance and represen-
Jenell finally likes reading again. She       tation for low-income tenants who are     Toni is working on the next great legal
had stopped reading for pleasure for         being evicted. The EDC was a great        thriller. She will continue to practice
several years after law school; she just     experience because it was definitely       in an area which allows her to help
couldn’t pick up or even look at a           trial experience by fire. She was in the   people in the community in which
book after all that reading. She enjoys      trial department every Friday carry-      she grew up. She enjoys spending time
playing softball and golfing, but has         ing approximately 5-10 cases for jury     with her family and being active in the
been unable to do either since having        trial. While employed at the EDC she      lives of her son, niece and nephews
children. Her athletic activities have       worked with other tenant organiza-        and encouraging them to be successful
been curtailed to working out at the         tions to get EE, Oakland’s Just Cause     –as others did for her.
gym and playing baseball with her son        for Eviction Ordinance on the ballot.
                                                                                       In 2002 Toni volunteered at the
                                                                                       Alameda County’s Self Help Center
                                                                                       running the free landlord tenant clinic

     Summer vacation from page 2
                                                                                       two mornings a week. She volunteers
                                                                                       for and is a member of the Charles
                                                                                       Houston Bar Association’s Legal
     others.) However, Blackstone was indeed mentioned and discussed by                Information Clinic and has made two
     all. Lively intellects engaged in discussion and arguments no matter              appearances on Soul Beat (African
     what the topic. It was truly a stimulating experience. During the after-          American owned television station…
     noons we were escorted on various tours of the other colleges, libraries,         no longer on the air). Toni is cur-
     and other local sites.                                                            rently on the Alameda County Judicial
                                                                                       Evaluation’s Committee, the Elder
     The group members, many accompanied by spouses or companions,                     Access Committee, and in November
     drawn together by our vast love of Blackstone, gathered nightly in a              of this year, will be on the board of the
     local pub and composed ditties and limericks. We had to relocate to a             Women Lawyers of Alameda County.
     new pub each evening, our boisterous compositions apparently unap-
     preciated by other patrons. Unfortunately, the end of the Roundtable              Toni remembers the first day of law
     was marred by the “liquid” terrorist plots in England, giving each of             school and graduation. Also she recalls
     us our own story of making it through the purgatory of Heathrow or                her son would occasionally come
     Gatwick, on our way home.                                                         to class with her. She remembers in
                                                                                       particular during a contracts review

10      SJCL Inter Alia
her son turned to her and whispered
very loudly, “What is a widget?” The
                                            gets nervous whenever she flies there
                                            for work. Overall, she remembers a
                                                                                         2006-’07 Donors
                                                                                         August 1, 2006 - November 1, 2006
classroom erupted in laughter.              lot of studying, and a lot of social-
                                            izing during law school! She especially      San Joaquin College of Law
Connie Roberts                              cherishes friends, like Beth Egan and
                                                                                         thanks the following individuals
Upon graduation, Connie worked for          Sara Blanchard, that she met during
4 years as a research attorney with the     law school.                                  and organizations for their gifts.
Fifth District Court of Appeal. Since                                                    Their generosity helps SJCL
November 2001, Connie has been              Nancy Stegall
employed by McCormick Barstow               In 1997, Nancy started private               deliver an outstanding academic
Sheppard Wayte & Carruth. She loves         practice in family law with the help of      program to students.
the challenging work and the people         her good friend, Julia Brungess. She
there. She has learned so much from         shared office space with Julia for seven       Gifts of $500 – 999
                                                                                         Thomas Canar (Staff)
attorneys she truly admires. Since the      years, and thoroughly enjoyed her            Michael Geis
birth of her last child, she has been       time there. Julia was not only a good        Lang, Richert & Patch
working part time from home. This           mentor, but also Nancy was able to           Gifts of $250 – 499
has enabled her to take care of her         learn procedures from Julia’s staff. In       William Patnaude
children and participate in their activi-   September 2004, Nancy opened her             Gifts of $100 – 249
ties. Her husband, Brent, and she have      own office at the Civic Center Square          Denise Cahill (’05)
                                                                                         Sally A. Perring (Faculty)
4 children - Brendan (11), Cameron          near the Galleria. In December 2004,         Tara Crabtree (’01) (Staff)
(8), Shelby (6), and Ryan (2). The kids     Nancy became a Certified Specialist in        Gwen Watt (Staff)
                                                                                         Joan Lassley (Staff)
keep them very busy! There’s always a       Family Law.                                  Walter Law Group (In Honor of
baseball game or dance recital going                                                       Dean Pryor)
on, and the house seems to be the           Nancy and husband, Allen, have               Other
hangout for the neighborhood kids.          been married for 30 years. Allen is          Vernon Reynolds
                                                                                         Jill Waller-Randles (Staff)
Working at home has been wonderful,         a Human Resource Manager for a
though it definitely has its challenges.     consulting company called Your HR            Donation of Books to the Library
                                                                                         Court of Appeal, Fifth District of
As Ryan gets older, he doesn’t nap as They have two sons             California
much and likes to “tease” her by tug-       of whom they are very proud. Jon,            Miles, Sears, & Eanni
                                                                                         Stanford Unversity-Robert Crown
ging on the computer cord when she is       is 25, lives in San Francisco and is a         Library
working. She also has some scribbling       technical artist for Perpetual Enter-        Philip E. Tavlian (’80)
on a few of her exhibits! But overall       tainment. Jon has a B.S. in computer         In-Kind Gifts
this has been a great arrangement until     programming from Fresno State, and           Bennett & Sharpe Inc.
her kids get a little older.                has nearly completed a B.A. degree in
                                            art. He designs computer games. Matt
Most of Connie’s spare time is spent        is 22 years old and just graduated from
with her kids, but she does some home       U.C. Berkeley with a business degree.
remodeling with her husband. They           Matt works for Pelco in their Interna-
just moved to a bigger house - needed       tional Credit Department.                 is the tobacco initiative to promote
those bedrooms - and there’s lots of                                                  education and services to children ages
work to do. She also took up quilting       Nancy received the Pro Bono Attor-        0-5. She volunteers each year at the
a few years ago, and really enjoys it.      ney of the Year Award in 2006 from        Stand Down for Veterans, giving legal
She tries to keep active with different      Central California Legal Services. She    advice. She has been a member of the
sports. Some weeks she is successful,       was the President of the Family Law       Executive Association of Fresno for
and some weeks she is definitely not.        Section of the Fresno County Bar          eight years, where she has served on
                                            from 2004-2005. Nancy is currently a      the Board and as President.
Connie’s best memories of law school        Member at Large on the Board of the
include getting married and having          Fresno County Women’s Lawyers.            Her fondest memories of law school
their first child during those years.                                                  are sitting around her kitchen table
She also has fond memories of study         Nancy loves to paint watercolors. Allen   with her study group - Linda Richard-
groups, and the “all nighters” to           and she sail and snow ski. They have      son, Michelle West and Jessica Millar.
prepare for the Traynor Moot Court          been taking Tango lessons for the past    They would take a break from their
competition with Sally Moreno and           year. They also enjoy evening walks.      tedious studies to share stories and
Joe O’Keefe. She was one of the few                                                   gossip about their fellow colleagues
students who took the Bar exam in           Nancy is on the Advisory Committee        and teachers -- often resulting in
San Diego, and to this day, Connie          of First Five for Fresno County, which    laughter and kidding.

                                                                                                            SJCL Inter Alia   11
                                                  Mentor Award

Kasi Welte
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                                                  Adjunct Professor Mark Cullers (Criminal Trial Practice) of SJCL received the
                                                  Honorable Blaine Pettit Memorial Mentor Award at the annual Hopper luncheon
                                                  on September 27, 2006. Congratulating him are (L-R) Kathleen DeSantis,
                                                  Esq., Brooke Airey, Laura Arnold, Jody Winter (Hopper Scholarship Winner),
                                                  Christina Skaf, Dean Janice Pearson, Scott Jones, Desiree Terronez, Amy Guerra,
                                                  Dede Agrava, Tim Kuckelman, Myava Escamilla, and Adrian Ramirez.

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