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 Vol 6, NO. 33                                     Features, Lifestyle & News You Can Use!

                                                                                                                                                                          December 30, 2010

                                                                                                                                                          New Year’s
 TH IS WEE K                                                                                                                                              checkpoints
                                                                                                                                                          and results

   Inland Empire
 Community News
 Papers wishes the
 community a safe
                                                                                                                                                                he     Redlands       Police
and happy new year!                                                                                                                                             Department will conduct two
                                                                                                                                                                DUI/Drivers License check-
                                                                                                                                                       points this week in partnership with
                                                                                                                                                       the Avoid DUI Task Force Campaigns
                                                                                                                                                       and law enforcement nationwide.
                                                                                                                                                         Officers will conduct the first
       Student                                                                                                                                         checkpoint from 10 p.m. Thursday,
     volunteers                                                                                                 IECN PHOTO COURTESY   RICARDO TOMBOC
                                                                                                                                                       Dec. 30, through 3 a.m. Friday, Dec.
                                                                                                                                                       31, in the southbound lanes of Cajon
     recognized                After a week of rain the city of Highland suffered some of the most damage in Southern California.                      Street at Cypress Avenue.
                            A6 Pictured here is Kristine Sanchez standing in front of her home. Her husband is one of many work-                         The second checkpoint will be con-
                               ing night and day to remove debris and redirect mud flow from the neighborhood.                                         ducted from 9 p.m. Friday, Dec. 31,
                                                                                                                                                       through 3 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 1, in

                                Neighbors help storm victims                                                                                           the eastbound lanes of Redlands
                                                                                                                                                       Boulevard at 7th Street.
                                                                                                                                                         During a checkpoint conducted
                                                                                                                                                       Thursday, Dec. 23, officers arrested
                                By Naima Ford                           and Immanuel Baptist Church               workers and emergency response
                                                                                                                                                       four people for driving under the
                                                                        served as a shelter to 90 people last     teams kept working.
                                                                                                                                                       influence. Four people were cited
                                                                        week.                                       On Tuesday morning volunteers

                                         ighland made national                                                                                         for driving without a license and
                                         news for the damage that         However as soon as damage               from Highland stepped in to help
                                                                                                                                                       another driver was cited for driving
                                         last week’s storms creat-      began emergency service crews             their neighbors as well.
                                                                                                                                                       on a suspended license. A total of
                                ed. However this week the local         were on the scene making sure peo-          The city, in conjunction with
                                                                                                                                                       233 vehicles passed through the
                                                                        ple were safe and preventing fur-         Immanuel Baptist Church, the
 A community                    community has gathered together
                                to recover.                             ther damage.                              Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-
                                                                                                                                                         Checkpoint, cont. on next pg.
reminder not to
                                  During the storm residents in           “There’s a great effort happen-         day Saints and other organizations
                                                                        ing,” said Bill Peters, CAL FIRE          hosted a clean up day through the
 Drink & Drive                  north and east Highland experi-
                                enced flooding, mudslides and           spokesperson.                             Highland Improvement Team
                       A15      damage to their homes. Bridges
                                collapsed, such as Boulder
                                                                          Even through the worst portions
                                                                        of the storm and through
                                                                        Christmas, fire crews, Red Cross
                                                                                                                  Program. The city asked all resi-
                                                                                                                  dents to join them in a one day      tree pickups
                                Bridge,major streets were damaged                                                   Storm, cont. on next pg.

  INSIDE New values will guide council
    ONE SECTION, 28 PAGES       By Naima Ford
Classifieds      A16

                                        he Redlands City Council
Hollywood Gossip A13                    created its first set of core
                                        values last week in prepara-
Horoscope        A12           tion for future decisions, both in
Legal Notices    A17           finance and policy.
Library column    A8             The idea was proposed by recent-
                               ly elected Councilmember Bob
Movie Showtimes A12            Gardner. He complied a list that he

Opinion           A4                                                                                                                                              ould you like to recycle
                               calls “standards for behavior.”
                                                                                                                                                                  your Christmas tree has-
Service Dir.     A10           They are meant to address the way
                                                                                                                                                                  sle free this year?
                               the city council, clerk, treasurer,
Sports          A11                                                                                                                                       Here is how you can -
                               city employees and volunteers of
                                                                                                                                                        Simply place your Christmas tree at
                               the city conduct city business.
                                                                                                                                                       the curb on your regular collection
 H O W T O R E A C H U S “Core values are an important part                                                                                            d          a           y           .
        Inland Empire          of any successful organization pub-
                               lic or private,” said Gardner when
 Community Newspapers he presented the idea in his first                                                                                                 • Burrtec customers, place your
     Office: (909) 381-9898                                                                                                                            trees out from Dec. 26th - Jan. 9th
                               council meeting at the beginning of
      Fax: (909) 384-0406                                                                                                                                • Cal Disposal customers, place
                               the month.
                                                                                                                                                       your trees out from Jan. 4th - Jan.
Editorial:       “Our core values remind us of our
Advertising: constant need to do the right thing.”
                                                                                                                                                         • Trees over 6ft must be cut in half.
 FREE CLASSIFIED ADS The values include fiscal respon-                                                                                                   • Please remove all tinsel, orna-
                               sibility, responsiveness to resi-
SELL YOUR CAR AT ANY dents’ needs, respect and diversity.                                                                                              ments, plastic, bags, stands, braces,
PRICE, OR ANY ONE                                                                                                                                      wire and nails.
                                 The second draft which was
ITEM $150 OR LESS FOR adopted on the 21st reflects input                                                                                                 • No artificial, flocked or fire-
4 WEEKS FREE!                                                                                                                                          proofed trees will be accepted.
                               from employees, commissions and
                                                                                                                                                         For more information, please con-
Call our FREE ad hot the council.                                                                                                                      tact:
line at (909) 381-9898           “I think it has been strengthened
                                                                                                                                                         • Burrtec at (909) 889-1969
                    ext. 204   by the input it has received,” said
                                                                                                                                          NAIMA FORD
                                                                                                                                                         • Cal Disposal at (909) 885-1023
                    Deadline Gardner.                                                                                        IECN PHOTO
                                                                                                                                                         • City of Highland, Public Services
                 is Monday                                              Councilmember Bob Gardner proposed a new set of core values
                                  Values, cont. on next pg.                                                                                            Coordinator, Andrea Saavedra at
                 at 4 p.m.                                              that will guide the city council and city employees.                           (909) 864-8732 ext 271
 Page A2 • December 30, 2010 • Inland Empire Community Newspapers • Inland Empire Weekly

                                                                            IECN PHOTO COURTESY     RICARDO TOMBOC                                                          IECN PHOTO   NAIMA FORD
Over 80 inmate crews worked to remove mud and bring sandbags to the residences below the                                  Volunteers used wheelbarrows and shovels to remove the de-
Baseline Hills. Over twenty homes were in danger of mudslides and the neighborhood was evac-                              bris that damaged property like this partially buried car.

                                                                                                                                                                            IECN PHOTO   NAIMA FORD
                                                                                             IECN PHOTO   NAIMA FORD      Over 700 volunteers worked on Tuesday to help homeowners
Much of the mud was removed from roads, however piles of dirt remained in people’s front yards                            begin to put their lives back together.
and driveways.
                                                                                                                           Checkpoint, cont. from front          week Winter Holiday campaign,
                                                                                 munity.”                                                                        36 Californians were killed in
                                                                                   According to Peters, shoveling           checkpoint.                          crashes statewide with a blood al-
                                                                                 mud from people’s yards is one of          An Avoid the 25 Saturation Patrol    cohol concentration (BAC) of .08
                                                                                 the most work intensive projects         Monday, Dec. 27, resulted in two       or higher and another 1,168 were
                                                                                 that has to be done and is usually       arrests for driving under the influ-   injured in alcohol involved wrecks.
                                                                                 left up to the homeowner. How-           ence.                                  In the city of Redlands during the
                                                                                 ever it is usually too large a project     As party-goers celebrate the hol-    past six months, three people were
                                                                                 for one or two people to do, that is     idays with friends and family, driv-   killed with a BAC of .08 percent or
                                                                                 why volunteers are invaluable.           ers should heed the Redlands           higher.
                                                                                   Meanwhile 39 fire crews are still      Police Department’s warning to           Funding for this operation is pro-
                                                                                 working to clear flood control           keep the party off the road or be      vided by a grant from the Califor-
                                                                                 channels, drains, and debris basins.     ready to face the consequences.        nia Office of Traffic Safety,
                                                                                   According to Peters, in addition       Law Enforcement will be out in         through the National Highway
                                                                                 to cleaning up, crews were also          force through the New Year’s           Traffic Safety Administration. Sgt
                                                                                 preparing the area for the next          weekend cracking down on anyone        Rick Smith who supervises the
                                                                                 storm. This included adding to the       caught drunk or drugged behind         RPD Traffic Unit recommends
                                                                                 already 100,000 sandbags in use          the wheel.                             these simple tips for a safe holiday
                                                                                 and setting up barriers from mud-           “After hearing about the dangers    season:
                                                                                 slides.                                  of drinking and driving time after       • Plan a safe way home before the
                                                                                   “We’re actually looking pretty         time, most people have gotten the      festivities begin;
                                                                                 good,” said Peters, “We feel that        message that if they’re planning on      • Before drinking, designate a
                                                                                 we are being successful.”                drinking, they should always plan      sober driver;
                                                                                   Though the entire county experi-       a safe way home,” said Police            • If you’re impaired, use a taxi,
                                   IECN PHOTO COURTESY     RICARDO TOMBOC        enced the severity of the rainstorm,     Chief Jim Bueermann. “But sadly,       call a sober friend or family mem-
Rushing waters and fast moving debris caused a portion of the                    the city of Highland had some of         millions of Americans still think      ber, or use public transportation;
Boulder Avenue Bridge to shift and buckle.                                       the most damage.                         they are invincible and regularly        • If you happen to see a drunk
                                                                                   “The flooding turned many lives        choose to get behind the wheel         driver on the road, don’t hesitate to
 Storm, cont. from front                  “So many houses were im-
                                                                                 upside down and replaced a season        after having too much to drink.”       contact your local law enforce-
                                        pacted,” said Peters.
                                                                                 of joy and happiness with fear and         Redlands Police say parents          ment;
 effort to relieve homeowners and         Over 700 volunteers, men,
                                                                                 uncertainty,” said San Bernardino        should take note that young males        • And remember, Friends Don’t
rescue workers who have been suf-       women and children, showed up
                                                                                 County Supervisor Derry.                 are at particularly high risk, with    Let Friends Drive Drunk. If you
fering through the damage all           at 8 a.m. and worked through
                                                                                   “These workers are to be com-          nearly one-quarter admitting to rid-   know someone who is about to
week, specifically by shoveling         lunch time to do what they could.
                                                                                 mended for answering the call of         ing with someone who should not        drive or ride while impaired, take
mud. Affected homeowners were           185 came from Immanuel like vol-
                                                                                 service and working tirelessly           have been behind the wheel in the      their keys and help them make
invited to call the city and add        unteer Christ Shupe.
                                                                                 throughout the holiday to help vic-      past year.                             other arrangements to get to where
their address to a list of houses         “They asked and we came,” said
                                                                                 tims of the flooding.”                     “We know that the holiday sea-       they are going safely.
volunteers would visit.                 Shupe. “Community helping com-
                                                                                                                          son can be one of the deadliest and      For more information on local
 Values, cont. from front               sees as more important commu-            I do not agree with,” he said.           most dangerous times on Amer-          and statewide Avoid DUI Task
                                        nity wide values such as philan-           Mayor Pete Aguilar said that he        ica’s roadways due to an increase      Force Campaign Enforcement
  Councilmember Jerry Bean ob-          thropy, volunteerism,          and a     saw sustainability as something          in drunk driving,” said Chief          Schedules and Daily DUI Ar-
jected to the value outlined as sus-    healthy city asking that they be in-     that encompasses all resources           Bueermann. “Don’t let your 2010        rest/Fatal Statistics, visit the
tainability. He sees it as something    cluded if sustainability is.             such as finances. Mayor Pro Tem          end in an arrest or worse, injury or         The
that is going to be debated              “Those are the real values of our       Paul Foster agreed.                      death. Remember, whether you’ve        Program is funded by the Califor-
throughout the year as a commu-         community,” said Bean.                     “This is a terrific document,” said    had way too many or just one too       nia Office of Traffic Safety which
nity wide value and should not be         “I am for sustainability but there     Foster. The council voted unani-         many, it’s not worth the risk!”        reminds everyone to please – Re-
a part of the list. He listed what he   are a lot of sustainability ideas that   mously to adopt it.                         During last year’s two and half     port Drunk Driving – Call 911!
                                                                                                            Inland Empire Community Newspapers • December 30, 2010 • Page A3

Young lifesavers remembered for
their heroism at Unforgettables Walk

                                                                                                                                                  IECN PHOTO COURTESY   THE UNFORGETTABLES
                                                                                                                      The purpose of the walk, in its 11th year, is to honor children who
                                                                                                                      have passed away within the year.
                                                                       IECN PHOTO COURTESY   THE UNFORGETTABLES
Members of the Loma Linda Valley Kiwanis club gather around last year’s recipient of the award given
to individuals who saved the life of a child by the use of CPR or the Heimlich Manuever in honor of
Christopher Kohlmeier, represented by his parents Jack and Pat Kohlmeier, who are shown here
standing behind 2009 winner Dante Williams, who saved his little brother’s life. Also pictured to
Dante’s left is The Unforgettables founder Tim Evans.

By Naima Ford                          Church.                                 his mother Pat Kohlmeier, “of
                                         The event is free and sponsored       what a terrific young man he was.”
                                       by The Unforgettables Foundation         Ransom of Romoland was also a

        he Unforgettables Founda-
        tion is honoring heroes at     who works year round to help            hero. He saved a child’s life from
        its 11th Annual Lights for     needy families afford funerals for      drowning while he was serving as
Little Lives Walk on New Year’s        their children.                         a youth life guard.
Eve.                                     The late Lucas Ransom will be          Sadly, earlier this year he was
  The Lights for Little Lives Walk     receiving the Unforgettable             killed in a shark attack while he
includes a candle lighting and         Christopher Kohlmeier Little Life-      was surfing. The lives of these two
awards ceremony. It has been held      saver Memorial Award. The award         heroes that were tragically cut
every year on New Year’s Eve to        is given every year to someone          short will be forever commemo-
commemorate the young lives that       who has saved the life of a child.      rated by the award and in the lives
were lost that year. Whether to        Ransom has a story similar to that      of the children they saved.
sickness or accident the walk gives    of the award’s namesake which            For the first time there will also
families the opportunity to honor      makes this year’s award especially      be performances by Country
and remember a beloved child who       poignant.                               Christian Music teenage recording
was lost. It is also an opportunity      Kohlmeier was a 15-year-old           artist Brooke Pernice accompanied
for families who have gone             who saved the life of a nine-           by the Young Artists Symphony.
through similar situations to sup-     month-old neighbor. His fast             For more information on the
port one another.                      thinking and knowledge of CPR           Lights for Little Lives Walk or the
  The walk begins at the Ronald        saved the child’s life. When he         Unforgettables call Founder Tim
McDonald House in Loma Linda           was 20 years old he was riding his      Evans at (909) 855-3130 or visit
and will continue for three blocks     motorcycle to school and was hit        their website at www.theunfor-
past Loma Linda University Chil-       in a car accident that took his life.
dren’s Hospital to Campus Hill           “It reminds us every year,” said

Community warned of residential burglaries
                                       other adults, will be hiding nearby.    ers posing as utility workers; one

        an Bernardino County
        Sheriff’s Department has       If someone answers the door, the        to distract the homeowner while
        been investigating residen-    juvenile crew member will ask for       the other goes into back rooms
tial burglaries in which the front     a person by name, who obviously         looking for valuables. Rarely will
door has been kicked in. Residents     doesn’t live there. When the            utility workers come to your house
are arriving home, finding the         homeowner states there is no one        “just to check things out”. You
front door kicked in and valuables     there by that name, the juvenile        can ask them to wait outside while
taken.                                 will simply leave and go to the         you call the utility company to ver-
  During the course of their inves-    next house. They will continue in       ify their presence. Or you can tell
tigation, detectives have learned      this manner until the door goes         them this isn’t a good time and you
that the suspects will approach        unanswered. And they will then          will call to reschedule.
houses in a neighborhood they be-      enter that house the same way.            Join a Neighborhood Watch Pro-
lieve to be unoccupied. One will         This has been the case recently in    gram. This popular crime preven-
go to the door and knock. When         the city of Loma Linda. Detective       tion program is an effective way to
no one answers, they will give the     Kenny Green, who has been in-           deter criminal activity in your
door a swift, hard kick and force it   vestigating similar residential bur-    neighborhood. Contact your local
open.                                  glaries in the city, offers the         law enforcement agency for more
  The rest of the crew will then       following advice to homeowners:         information on starting a Neigh-
enter the residence and fan out.         Once they leave, look out the         borhood Watch Program in your
They will take flat screen televi-     window and see if you can get a         area.
sions, laptop computers, IPads,        vehicle description and license           “But most importantly, we must
IPods, Playstations, Wii games         plate number. Chances are a house       all be aware of what is going on in
and jewelry. They will be in and       will be hit in the neighborhood and     our neighborhoods and stay alert
out of the house within a short        you may be able to provide inves-       to suspicious activity,” Detective
time.                                  tigators with valuable information.     Green adds. “Keeping a notepad
  It’s not uncommon for these            Beware of utility workers want-       handy by the front window or tele-
crews to use a juvenile to approach    ing to look at the electrical panel     phone is a great tool for jotting
the residence. The rest of the         or other such device when you           down notes whenever something
crew, consisting of a parolee or       haven’t made a service call. In re-     just doesn’t seem right.”
                                       cent scams there will be two work-
Page A4 • December 30, 2010 • Inland Empire Community Newspapers

OPINION&EDITORIAL                                                                                                                                                                Views expressed in Opinion & Editorial do
                                                                                                                                                                                  not necessarily reflect the views of IECN

                                                           plan for achieving them? Good
                                                           questions to ask oneself include
                                                           what habits and thought patterns
                                                           are holding me back from achiev-
                                                                                                                         YOUR COMMUNITY COMMENTARY!
                                                                                                                                   All letters must be signed. Please include your name, address & phone number
                                                           ing my goals? What kind of peo-
                                                           ple am I surrounding myself with                                              for verification purposes only. Anonymous letters will not be printed.
                                                           and allowing to influence me?
                                                           What are some attitudes that I                             Setting record straight on downtown theater project
                                                           need to change?
                                                                                                                        A petition is circulating through-                 entertainment. Merely reopening        theater? No. Other theater opera-
                                                             I encourage everyone to take
                                                                                                                      out the community that contains                      the movie theater and hoping it        tors could certainly operate the
                                                           these last few days and even the
                                                                                                                      an error-filled memorandum re-                       stays open would not be a success      cinema. The fact that the City re-
                                                           first few days of the 2011 to really                       garding the reopening of the                         – that would simply repeat the         ceived eight proposals is evidence
                                                           do some reflecting and soul                                downtown movie theater. On Jan-                      failures of the past.                  of the market for a theater com-
                                                           searching about what they’d like                           uary 10, 2011 the mayor and com-                                                            plex in downtown. Merely re-
                                                           to change in their lives. Make a                           mon council will conduct a public                      To ensure success, the City re-      opening the movie theaters is
                                                           list and write down about five                             hearing to consider a 34 year lease                  tained several expert consultants      absolutely the wrong measure of
                                                           things you’d like to be different in                       agreement with the Regal Enter-                      to evaluate options for reopening      success. Success will only be
                                                           any area of your life; marriage,                           tainment Group (operator of Ed-                      the movie theaters. These con-         achieved by movie theaters that at-
Cynthia Mendoza
                                                           children, work, finances, health,                          wards Cinemas, United Artists,                       sultants have proven track-records     tract additional private investment
                                                           spiritually, anything at all.                              and Regal Cinemas). It is apparent                   in the disciplines of theater devel-   and business into downtown.
                                                             Don’t worry about making the                             from the information contained in                    opment and operations, retail de-
Fresh start                                                list what you consider realistic or
                                                           feasible, just write it down. Then,
                                                                                                                      these memoranda that legally con-
                                                                                                                      fidential information is being dis-
                                                                                                                                                                           velopment and modern urban
                                                                                                                                                                           planning and design principles.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    It is unfortunate the error-filled
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  memorandum being circulated by
                                                           for each item, write down two or                           seminated to advance certain                         These consultants have assisted        certain local self-interests ignores

           s wonderful as Christ-                          three small, doable baby steps you                         private and political agendas.                       other cities in our state and nation   these basic principles of commer-
           mas is, I’m glad it’s                           can take to work towards that                              More troubling is the fact that this                 in making decisions that ensure        cial real estate and economic de-
           over. While I don’t                             goal. The baby steps and small                             information is so factually inaccu-                  targeted public investments are a      velopment. The memorandum
allow the calendar to dictate to me                        changes do have to be realistic                            rate that its purpose is clearly to                  catalyst for private investment.       advocates the City immediately
when I make a fresh start, at the                          though.                                                    misinform the public about the                                                              sell the theater property to a north-
same time, I can’t wait till it’s of-                        If one of your overall life goals                        proposed reopening of the movie                        I attach and share with you com-     ern California real estate specula-
ficially 2011 so I can shed this old                       is to be debt free, for example,                           theaters.                                            ments received from the Fransen        tor, so this company can profit
2010 skin once and for all and                             start by writing down ways you                                                                                  Company, one of our retained re-       from leasing the theater to an op-
move on.                                                   can reduce unnecessary spending                              I am writing this letter to provide                tail and entertainment experts for     erator like Regal Cinema or
  This year went by so quickly,                            or ways to tackle just ONE credit                          you the facts, in the hope our City                  this project. John Fransen, princi-    worse, a small unknown theater
didn’t it! To be completely can-                           card or major bill at a time. And                          does not once-again “shoot itself                    pal of the firm has successfully       franchise. Does anyone remember
did, 2010 year was a rough one                             along with the actual financial                            in the foot” because of self-inter-                  aided communities across the na-       the name Cinemastar?
for me, especially during the sum-                         changes, reflect on your attitude                          ests, as we have done so often in                    tion in these types of projects.
mer. As some of you know I was                             towards money and spending in                              the past. It is time for San                                                                  The problem in selling the prop-
involved in a rear end hit and run                         general that may be keeping you                            Bernardino to make decisions                           The City solicited proposals         erty without a well capitalized op-
collision that threw a massive                             bound in the chains of debt.                               guided by professionals and ex-                      from cinema operators to reopen        erator, is that the City has no
wrench into my summer plans to                               You may not be debt free by the                          perts, not politics and self-interest.               the movie theater and asked these      ability to ensure the theater actu-
put it very nicely.                                        end of the year, but if you make                           Our residents deserve this and our                   experts to evaluate not only via-      ally reopens; the City has no abil-
  But the growth and learning that                         small,      but     CONSISTENT                             businesses need this.                                bility of the proposals to success-    ity to ensure the theater is operated
came from it were priceless and as                         changes all year, and if you re-                                                                                fully reopen the theaters, but also    by a company that will attract
ironic as it seems, this accident is                       evaluate your perception of                                  Historically, public investment                    to evaluate which proposals had        other private investment and busi-
what I’m most thankful for this                                                                                       in downtown San Bernardino in-                       the best chance to succeed on the      nesses to downtown; in fact, once
                                                           money, even if it’s uncomfortable
                                                                                                                      tended to create economic growth                     only measure of success that           the City sells the property, it has
year. It was like the impact of the                        or painful, your state of mind and
                                                                                                                      has often failed to produce results                  counts – the ability to immediately    no ability to ensure it’s even
hit literally knocked a lot of junk                        sense of accomplishment will soar
                                                                                                                      because the plans and decisions                      attract additional private invest-     reused for a movie theater at all.
out of me in order to make room                            through the roof and that in itself                        did not give sufficient considera-                   ment and business to the city.
for the positive changes that had                          will motivate you to keep making                           tion to ensure that the public in-                                                            If we are committed to having a
to happen in my life in order for                          more changes.                                              vestment was a true catalyst for                       The consultants concluded that       movie theater in downtown San
me to mature but I’m so glad it’s                            Finances are just one example                            private investment. Past public in-                  of the 8 proposals received, Regal     Bernardino (which the market in-
behind me.                                                 though. Apply these principles to                          vestments have been made with                        Cinemas not only created the           dicates strong support for), then
  But on the upside, I also spent                          any area of your life and you will                         insufficient plans to ensure it en-                  greatest return on investment of       let’s make sure this time around
most of this year de-cluttering my                         be amazed at what a big differ-                            couraged private investment. The                     the public dollars, but also had the   our efforts result in spurring other
life; I’ve gotten rid of sentimental                       ence small changes in attitude and                         original movie theater and the                       greatest chance of attracting addi-    economic development around the
junk, furniture, clothes, old docu-                        daily choices will make.                                   baseball stadium built during the                    tional private investment and busi-    theater. Experts with a proven
ments, you name it. I can’t think                            So regardless of what your goals                         mid-1990’s are good examples.                        ness in and around the movie           track record of success have ad-
of a better way of starting a new                          and dreams are, I wish you all the                         Neither public investment was                        theater complex. In fact, once it      vised the City that Regal Cinemas
year.                                                      very best in achieving them, per-                          tied to plans for additional private                 became known the City was nego-        provides the best opportunity of
  This got me thinking how it’s so                         haps not this year but in making                           investment. As a result, both have                   tiating with Regal Cinemas, de-        ensuring a successful outcome.
much better to approach a new                              the small consistent change                                sat for 15 years in isolation doing                  velopment groups and businesses
year with new priorities that are a                        needed to get there, but most of all                       very little to spur private invest-                  began contacting the City regard-        I am hopeful that the City will
result of an actual change in mind-                        I wish you all genuine fulfillment,                        ment and economic growth.                            ing the opportunities adjacent to      follow the professional advice and
set and the way we conduct our                             peace and joy regardless of what                                                                                the Regal-operated movie theater.      recommendations it has received
lives rather than just making                              your circumstances may be.                                  Thus, if our City is to reopen the                                                         to best ensure that our limited pub-
empty promises because January                               Be safe on New Year’s Eve,                               downtown movie theater, the only                       Why? Very simply, Regal Cine-        lic investment spurs economic de-
1 is the day to do that.                                   don’t drink at all but if you must,                        measure of success should be                         mas is a known commodity that          velopment – a formula for success
  What are some of your goals and                          don’t drive.                                               whether the reopening of the                         other investors trust and are will-    seen in other cities like Ontario,
new priorities for 2011 and be-                              Love and hugs all around!                                movie theater spurs additional pri-                  ing to assume that if Regal be-        Riverside, and Rancho Cuca-
yond? Do you have a workable                                 See you in 2011!                                         vate investment and business in                      lieves there is a good market in       monga, but rarely in San
                                                                                                                      downtown restaurants, shops, and                     downtown San Bernardino, then          Bernardino. To do otherwise
                                                                                                                                                                           they are willing to make their own     would be to once again follow the

 IECNInland Empire Community Newspapers
    (909) 381-9898 • FAX 384-0406
                                                                                                                                                                           investment. It is very similar to an
                                                                                                                                                                           “anchor tenant” in a shopping cen-
                                                                                                                                                                           ter. The type of anchor tenant
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  mistakes of the past and let self-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  interest prevail over the collective
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  and long-term economic health of
  Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6247, San Bernardino, CA 92412 • Office Location: 1809 Commercenter West, San Bernardino, CA 92408                                             largely dictates what secondary        this City.
                                                                                                                                                                           tenants sign leases. If you attract
       Letters are printed in the order they are received and are subject to editing for clarity.                                                                          a strong anchor, you attract strong                      Emil Marzullo
         Deadline is Tuesdays at noon. Readers may also submit their perspectives online                                                                                   secondary tenants.                                  Executive Director
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           City of San Bernardino
            at • For advertising inquiries email                                                                                            Does that mean only Regal Cin-                 Economic Development
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                                                                                                           Inland Empire Community Newspapers • December 30, 2010 • Page A5

Las Playas de Tabares; similar name, great new food
                                                                              review pancakes at a Mexican
                                                                              restaurant, the new recipe at Playas
                                                                              de Tabares is truly noteworthy.
                                                                              The batter cooks up to a light and
                                                                              fluffy cinnamon and vanilla cake
                                                                              that tastes very much like a hot,
                                                                              freshly sugared churro.
                                                                                So even in serving up non-tradi-
                                                                              tional Mexican breakfasts, which
                                                                              incidentally are served all day
                                                                              long, Las Playas de Tabares man-
                                                                              ages to add a touch of Mexican fla-
                                                                              vor here too.
                                                                                One of the most popular items on
                                                                              the menu however is the menudo,
                                                                              which is served all day, every day
                                                                              for $3.99. Menudo lovers will be
                                                                              hard pressed to find a better deal.
                                                                                And unlike past management,
                                                                              Tabares upped the quality of the
                                                                              service, operates consistent hours
                                                                              and restored the eatery to a fully
                                                                              family friendly environment.
                                                                                Las Playas de Tabares serves                                                                 IECN PHOTO      CYNTHIA MENDOZA
                                                                              beer and wine and limited liquor       Pancakes at a Mexican restaurant? Yes, and at Playas de
                                                                              only for making margaritas and
                                                                                                                     Tabares, these are some of the best pancakes around, with a
                                            IECN PHOTO   CYNTHIA MENDOZA      piña coladas.
                                                                                And in keeping with what made        touch of cinnamon and vanilla for a very tasty, churro-like flavor.
Gilberto Tabares, who began his 25-year career in the hospital-
                                                                              the establishment well known,          does plan to do a few special                   most,” he concluded about the
ity industry at a hotel in Guadalajara, Mexico, is the new owner of
                                                                              Playas de Tabares continues to         things such as giving out a flower              changes and improvements he’s
Las Playas de Tabares in Colton, formerly, Las Playas. While he               serve up many varieties of shrimp
made several changes to the recipes, the one that remained the                                                       on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s                 made. “The food.”
                                                                              and seafood plates.                    Day.                                              Playas de Tabares is located on
same is the salsa recipe. “Only the salsa stayed the same,” he                  In fact, the fresh salsa for the       And on the weekends, music                    Valley Blvd. in Colton just west of
said. “That’s one item our customers really like.”                            complimentary chips comes with a       lovers can always enjoy Karaoke                 Rancho.
                                                                              chunk of seafood in the middle.        in the banquet room.                              Hours of operation are Sunday
By Cynthia Mendoza                     salsa is very good indeed, with          On Sunday, Dec. 19, Playas de
                                       enough kick to make it enjoyable                                                But none of it would matter with-             through Thursday 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.
                                                                              Tabares hosted an outdoor grand-       out great food and that’s what                  and Friday from 8 a.m. until mid-
                                       but not so much that it overpowers

        he face may be the same,                                              opening celebration but severe rain
                                       the traditional ‘trinity’ flavors.                                            Gilberto Tabares hopes draws cus-               night, and Saturday from 8 a.m.
        but the heart and soul of                                             brought the event to a screeching
                                         Tabares also made the switch to                                             tomers and keeps existing ones.                 until 11 p.m.
        Las Playas in Colton has                                              halt, which was to include a toy
                                       100% vegetable oil, which vege-                                                 “That’s where I’ve focused the                  Their number is (909) 422-1264.
changed and so has the name. The                                              giveaway, live music, and food
well-known establishment on Val-       tarians or those who do not eat        and drink specials.
ley Blvd., just west of Colton High    pork will greatly appreciate.            So while there is no grand open-
School, is now under new owner-          And as unusual as it may seem to     ing re-scheduled as of yet, Tabares
ship and goes by the name of Las
Playas de Tabares, after new
owner Gilberto Tabares.
  And as often comes with new
ownership, much of the food,
which is the heart of any restau-
rant, has also undergone a meta-
  Tabares, who has 25 years expe-
rience in the hospitality and night-
                                                                                                                                                                                In 2011
club business, took over the
establishment in August of 2010,
and one of his first orders of busi-
ness was to sample the dishes and
adjust according to what his expe-
rienced palate dictated.
  “Only the salsa stayed the same,”
said Tabares, who is not a chef but
has a lot of experience running
kitchens. “That’s one item our cus-
tomers really like.”                                                                                                                909-825-0205
  The tomato, cilantro and onion

Ramos named to California Attorney General’s transition team
                                       San Bernardino County District
                                       Attorney Michael A. Ramos. Stat-
                                                                              level in the area of gang prosecu-
                                                                              tion. I look forward to helping              We Now Rent Trucks
                                       ing that,                              move the State forward in the areas
                                         “We have brought together Cali-      of gang suppression, prevention
                                       fornia’s best and brightest to help    and intervention. I have worked
                                       develop smart and innovative poli-     with Attorney General Elect Har-
                                       cies on how to fix California’s bro-   ris on legislation regarding victim
                                       ken criminal justice system,”          and witness assistance and reloca-
                                       AG-elect Harris named Ramos to         tion. We also testified before a
                                       co-chair the committee on Gangs,
                                       Gun Crimes and Organized Crime,
                                       one of eleven “Smart on Crime”
                                                                              State Senate hearing committee re-
                                                                              garding truancy as a key to pre-
                                                                              vention. I look forward to working
                                                                                                                                       Casa De Flores
                                       Committees.                            with AG-elect Harris. She will                                342 S. Mt. Vernon Ave., San Bernardino, CA 92410
                                         Ramos commented, “Our office         bring a new and dynamic approach
                                       has done great work at the local       to the Attorney General’s office."
                                                                                                                                                      Our Specialty
                                                                                                                                    Complete Florist Service
                                                                                                                                Wedding & Bridesmaids Dresses,
         t a recent press confer-
         ence held in the Hiram                                                                                             Quinceaneras & Baptismals, Tuxedo Rentals
         W. Johnson State Build-
ing, California Attorney General                                                                                               Mon.-Fri. 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. • Sat. 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. • Sunday Closed
Elect Kamala Harris announced
her transition leadership team.
Among those named to the team is
                                                                                                                                       (909) 885-7051
Page A6 • December 30, 2010 • Inland Empire Community Newspapers

St. Bernardine honors student volunteers
By Cynthia Mendoza                        “Each year the program grows by
                                        thousands of hours,” said Jean
                                        Close, community outreach proj-

        t. Bernardine Medical Cen-
        ter had more than Christ-       ect manager. “We are anticipating
        mas to celebrate in             additional growth but are reaching
December. On Dec. 28, the hospi-        capacity.”
tal hosted its third annual recogni-      Through Stepping Stones, which
tion lunch to honor the members of      was initiated when the hospital
“Stepping Stones,” a teen and           started getting many phone calls
young adult volunteer and career        from schools and college needing
development program.                    to place students for community
  The program was established in        service hours, the staff of St.
2007 to provide a place for stu-        Bernardine works closely with
dents to fulfill their school’s com-    everyone who enrolls, providing
munity service requirements while       students with the tools they’ll need
gaining valuable hospital work-         to get ahead. While these individ-
place experience.                       uals are learning new skills and ex-
  “This event allows us the oppor-      periencing the health care
tunity to recognize certain individ-    environment up close, they also
uals that are volunteering their        are building their resumes and pro-                                                                                          IECN PHOTO   CYNTHIA MENDOZA
time to lend a hand in a variety of     viding real-life assistance through-     Just a few of the community members who came to support students in the Stepping Stones pro-
ways throughout the hospital,”          out the hospital.                        gram recognition luncheon at St. Bernardine on Tuesday, Dec. 28. From left: Kathleen McDonnell,
said Linda McDonald, vice presi-          During the luncheon, several of        community benefits analyst at St. Bernardine, Bryant Fairley, service learning coordinator at Cal
dent of Mission Services. “These        the volunteers shared their experi-      State San Bernardino, Dr. Diane Podolske, Ph.D., director of community and university partner-
students have the ability to fulfill    ence in the program.                     ships and service learning at Cal State San Bernardino, and Lowell King, regional operations of-
community service requirements            Marisa Hall, 21, is a biology
                                                                                 ficer at Goodwill Southern California in San Bernardino.
while exploring career options          major at Cal State San Bernardino
through our employee mentoring          and completed 100 hours as part of         “This is a great program,” she        “St. Bernardine gave me the best       through the program. Over 5,000
program and resource center.”           her internship.                          said. “It was a great networking       experience of my life by allowing       service hours were provided from
  Since its inception three years         “I was able to meet people I           experience and the people are re-      me to work in different depart-         December 2009 through Novem-
ago, Stepping Stones students           wouldn’t have outside this proj-         ally friendly.”                        ments.”                                 ber 2010, which is quite remark-
from local high schools and col-        ect,” she said. “It helped me find         Amandeep Kaur, a bio-chemistry        “When we started this program,         able.”
leges have donated over 12,000          my career.”                              major at Cal State San Bernardino      we really didn’t know what to ex-         For more information on the
hours. Just this year alone, the 109      Hall’s long-term goal is to work       called the Stepping Stone program      pect,” concluded Close. “To date,       Stepping Stones program contact
volunteers donated 5,200 hours.         as a clinical lab scientist and pos-     one of the ‘best experiences’ of her   we have had over 210 teens in a         St. Bernardine Medical Center at
                                        sibly in research later in the future.   life.                                  variety of levels of participation go   (909) 883-8711.

Less fortunate given holiday surprise
                                        mentor of children and youth. He         Center they expected an overflow, their feelings of depression for an “It just made them feel like whole
                                        founded the organization in order        but the partnership with the evening.                                 people,” said Harris.
                                        to support the neediest communi-         LaBaron Group is what helped
                                        ties in San Bernardino.                  them to accommodate everyone.
                                          Temple Community Outreach              Through funding from the Mental
                                        Center is under Temple Mission-          Health Services Act (MHSA) in
                                        ary Baptist Church. The church           collaboration with San Bernardino
                                        hosts LaBaron Group events as            County Department of Behavioral
                                        well as food giveaways and other         Health they were able to purchase
                                        events there.                            enough gifts.
                                          The groups decided to connect            After everyone ate they were
                                        because they both serve the same         given the opportunity to pick out a
                                        area of San Bernardino. Through-         Christmas gift.
                                        out the year they have been work-          “We try to give them hope and
                                        ing together to bring uplifting          encouragement so they can press
                                        events and classes to the commu-         on,” said Harris.
                                        nity. They host parenting classes          Harris said she has seen the event
                                        and encouraging, life-improve-           give families an unexpected and
                                        ment classes for youth called re-        memorable surprise. The center is
   IECN PHOTO COURTESY    ROCHELLE      silience classes. This was the first     fully decorated for the holidays
                          WILLIAMS      year that the LaBaron Group part-        and each table is covered with
The LaBaron Group partnered             nered with the center to help host       table cloths and decorated with
with Temple Community Out-              the Christmas party.                     flowers. It has made families feel
reach Center to throw a Christ-           Many of the people who partici-        special especially in a time when
mas party for a local                   pate in those classes attended the       the struggle emotionally can be as
neighborhood. Pictured here is          event. They usually host 300 every       tough as the financial struggle.
                                        year but due to funding were only          Many of those who attended are
Dr. Winifera Harper of the
                                        able to invite 75 people. 140 came       homeless, running out of food
LaBaron Group.                          and according to Helen Harris of         stamps or just down on their luck.
By Naima Ford                           Temple Community Outreach                Some said that the event lifted

         he Resilience Promotion
         of African American Chil-
         dren Program joined with
Temple Community Outreach
Center to make Christmas an even
more special time for children in
west San Bernardino.
  On Dec. 21 they hosted a Christ-       BUY 2 WHOLE CHICKENS FOR
mas party at the outreach center in
San Bernardino. Families were in-
vited from the local community                                                                 FOR
and over 100 adults and children

                                                                                          $              99
enjoyed a Christmas meal and hol-
iday festivities.
  “It was a glorious event,” said Dr.
Winifred Harper of the LaBaron
  The LaBaron Group is the parent
organization of Resilience Promo-
tion of African American Chil-
                                         At any
                                                                      U N
                                                                   COcoupPOime of order
                                                                     t on at t
                                                             Must presen
                                             2 WHOLE CHICKENS, Choice of 20 Corn Tortillas or
dren. The group was founded by               20 Flour Tortillas, and 11 fl. Oz. of Hot or mild salsa
Patrick McKinstry, a community               Not valid for catering or party orders • May not be combined
advocate who has worked as a                         with any other offers • 2 orders per customer
                                                                                                        Inland Empire Community Newspapers • December 30, 2010 • Page A7

San Bernardino may get better returns from California Angels
By Harvey M. Kahn                     monies to help the city with its an-    Credit Union has been able to            omits the mention of San                  Empire before the team name was
                                      nual $1.2 million minimum pay-          maintain itself due in part to its as-   Bernardino. Since the stadium will        a marketing strategy developed in
                                      ment on the baseball stadium,           sociation with professional base-        be an economic loss to the resi-          2003 and that 66ers officials are

          s San Bernardino says
          goodbye to Frank and        which was dubbed an "economic           ball. Game results of the Inland         dents of San Bernardino for the           now in early discussions toward
          Jamie McCourt and their     drain on the city" by former Eco-       Empire 66ers can be read nation-         next 15 years, the professional           bringing the name San Bernardino
former interest in the Los Angeles    nomic Development Director              wide with the lead paragraph not-        baseball team can instead serve as        back to the forefront. "We defi-
Dodgers affiliated baseball team      Maggie Pacheco.                         ing the Arrowhead Credit Union           a "benefit to the quality of life, city   nitely want to get back to our
known as the Inland Empire 66ers,       During the 15-year life of the        Stadium. The Sporting News,              pride and notoriety," says the Cen-       roots," said Shaw.
San Bernardino now welcomes a         5,000-seat San Bernardino sta-          USA Today, and all re-          ter for Public Policy and Adminis-          He said that the 66ers team
new partner in the California An-     dium, the Seattle Mariners and          port California League results.          tration at the University of Utah.        owner, the Elmore Sports Group,
gels and its owner Artie Moreno.      Dodgers have realized the benefits        Arrowhead Credit Union offi-           The mention of San Bernardino             has a landlord/tenant relationship
  While the McCourts battle in di-    from their Professional Baseball        cials seemed surprised about the         has nearly become extinct with its        for the San Bernardino-owned sta-
vorce court over an estimated $1.5    Agreements with the city and El-        magnitude of its name recognition        association to the 66ers.                 dium.
billion worth of professional base-   more and his partner Donna Tuttle.      received from the stadium naming           Upon signing its recent two-year          "We pay rent, the electric bill,
ball assets, none of which was ever     There is a long list of players who   deal, indicating that it was initially   Player Development Contract with          and for the liquor license. The An-
going to help San Bernardino off-     polished up at California League        an institutional advertising deci-       the 66ers, Angels spokesman Abe           gels pay the players and managers’
set the cost incurred by housing a    teams stationed in San Bernardino       sion to promote goodwill in the          Flores said in a press release, "It is    salary. The stadium and the team
pro baseball team and the accom-      and went on to help increase the        San Bernardino area.                     our hope to cultivate a relationship      are a separate business. We pay
panying bond issue from the con-      value of major league teams.              "It was a non-traditional way for      with the city of San Bernardino           our own bills," Shaw said.
struction of its Arrowhead Credit       Elmore and Tuttle have probably       us to get our name to enter people's     and embrace the fans of the Inland          "We do want the stadium to be a
Union Stadium.                        seen increased value of their 66ers     minds," said Arrowhead Credit            Empire."                                  community drawing point and to
  When paid off in 2026, the total    franchise while the property value      Union marketing director Elsa              Calls to 66ers officials and to San     be part of community pride." Shaw
cost will exceed $100 million, for-   of the baseball stadium has drasti-     Montes. "Overall, it has given us        Bernardino City administrators for        said the Angels will be pro-active
mer redevelopment agency officer      cally decreased.                        the ability to reach markets that we     further clarification were not re-        in its involvement with San
Warner Hodgdon announced dur-           Another player in the sphere of       would not have been able to tap."        turned. The 66ers open the 2011           Bernardino and that 19 percent of
ing a January 2008 city council       the Inland Empire 66ers is the Ar-      Montes said she has seen mention         season at home on April 7th               all Angels ticket sales come from
meeting.                              rowhead Credit Union, perhaps           of the company on various na-            against Rancho Cucamonga.                 San Bernardino and Riverside
  Additional costs to the city are    making the best business move in        tional sports television channels.         A good start for the Angels             counties.
adding up from lengthy court cases    its 60-year existence by signing a      Montes did say Arrowhead Credit          would be to make sure that San              "The Angels want to get their
against the Inland Empire 66ers       10-year naming rights agreement         Union will not build a proposed          Bernardino gets a better share of         brand out there and are doing a
and its subsidiaries.                 to the stadium. It calls for a          office building and operations cen-      the economic action. In addition,         good job at it. Our facility is up to
  Knowing how important a good        $100,000 annual payment, with           ter south of the baseball stadium.       66ers management should rid itself        major league standards and we are
relationship with San Bernardino      the 66ers getting an estimated            On the losing side of naming           of the Inland Empire moniker. The         constantly striving to make it bet-
will be to his new local Player De-   $75,000 and the city getting            rights is the city of San                home team should read the San             ter. It's expensive to operate a pro-
velopment Contract, Artie Moreno      $25,000.                                Bernardino. When the California          Bernardino 66ers.                         fessional team in California," said
might start by appropriating            Despite its well publicized finan-    League standings are posted, it            Sixers spokesman Kevin Shaw             Shaw.
                                      cial difficulties, the Arrowhead        reads the Inland Empire 66ers and        said that the insertion of Inland

Energy company gives charities a boost
                                                                                                                       ganizations stay funded.                  just in time to help those who
                                                                                                                        According to Captain Stephen             needed it over the Christmas holi-
                                                                                                                       Ball, Salvation Army Corps Offi-          day.
                                                                                                                       cer, the $10,000 grant they re-             Other organizations who re-
                                                                                                                       ceived was an important part of           ceived the grant felt the same.
                                                                                                                       them reaching the goals of their          Other local recipients include
                                                                                                                       fall fundraiser.                          Family Services of Redlands and
                                                                                                                        “With the down economy, we               the Time for Change Foundation.
                                                                                                                       were faced with a shortfall from            The Sempra Energy Foundation
                                                                                                                       our annual fundraising efforts,”          will be presenting a check to the
                                                                                                                       said Ball. “This donation really          Children’s     Fund     of    San
                                                                                                                       helped us make up the difference.”        Bernardino County at the next San
                                                                                                                        The foundation gives the grant           Bernardino Board of Supervisors
                                                                                                                       annually, but this was the first time     meeting.
                                                                                                                       the Salvation Army received it.             For more information about the
                                                                               IECN PHOTO COURTESY    CHRIS SLOAN      The check was given to them one           Salvation Army San Bernardino
The Sempra Energy Foundation has given a $10,000 grant to the Salvation Army San Bernardino                            week before Christmas which was           Corps call (909) 888-1336.
Corps. Pictured from left are Capt. Stephen Ball (Corps officer), donor Sara Cain (on behalf of Stater
Bros.), donor Jack Carlson, donor and Salvation Advisory Board Member Kristen Scott (on behalf
of The Gas Company), donor and Salvation Army Advisory Board President Tom Brickley, Salvation                                              EAST HIGHLAND
Army, Inland Empire Resource Development Director Nancy Tortorelli, donors Pat Fisher, Bill Le-
mann and Royce Merrymim (on behalf of Saint Bernadine’s Medical Center), and Capt. Nancy Ball
(Corps officer).
By Naima Ford                        one of many who was crossing her
                                     fingers hoping the Salvation Army
         he Salvation Army San would receive the grant.
                                                                                Those services - shelter, clothing,
                                                                              and food - are the type of basic ne-
                                                                              cessities that the foundation wants
                                                                                                                        ACSM Health & Fitness Specialist
 T       Bernardino Corps was one “It was just a nice surprise,” said
         of a few local charities to Scott.
receive a grant from the Sempra
                                                                              to ensure that everyone has. They
                                                                              do that by ensuring that these or-
Energy Foundation.
  The foundation is owned by par-
ent company Sempra Energy/                                                                                             •Back & Neck Pain
Southern California Gas Company                                                                                        •Headaches
which serves most of Southern
California. The grant was part of                                                                                      •Chronic Pain Relief
the “Helping People in Need Ini-                                                                                       •Carpal Tunnel
  The grant was created to give to                                                                                     •Sciatica Pain
organizations who help families
with what they need the most. Es-
                                                                                                                       •Sports Injuries
pecially in these difficult economic                                                                                   •Nutrition Needs
  “Unfortunately there are a lot of                                                                                    •Posture Correction
agencies in the area who need it,”                                                                                     •Numbness & Tingling
said Kristine Scott, public affairs
manager of the Sempra Gas Com-                                                                                         •Auto Accidents
pany, San Bernardino County Re-
  She, like many other employees
in the region, have a relationship                                                                                        Dr. Roland Rodriguez - Chiropractor
with the Salvation Army and are                                                                                                E-MAIL:
well aware of the services they
provide. Employees recommend                                                                                                  7223 Church St. Ste. A10, Highland 92346
many of the agencies who receive
grants. According to Scott, she was
                                                                                                                              We Accept Most Insurance!!
Page A8 • December 30, 2010 • Inland Empire Community Newspapers

American Indian leaders attend Tribal Nations Summit
                                               recognition to unique indigenous              leaders of more than 560 Indian             issued directives to each federal         to improve the quality of education

        resident Obama announced
        to a group of American In-             rights. I am pleased that President           tribal nations, braved the cold             department to develop new plans           on Indian reservations. The U.S.
        dian tribal leaders on                 Obama and his administration                  waiting for the doors to the Main           for consulting with tribal govern-        Department Education recognized
Thursday, Dec. 16, that the United             have decided to support the decla-            Interior Building to open, where            ments.                                    the efforts of the San Manuel Band
States will sign on to the UN Dec-             ration that all other nations have            the Tribal Nations Summit was                 “This was a great day for Indian        of Mission Indians to help improve
laration on the Rights of Indige-              embraced.”                                    held in the Sidney Yates Audito-            tribal nations,” Ramos said. “We          educational services at the Sher-
nous Peoples. The announcement                   The declaration was one of sev-             rium in Washington, D.C.                    still have a long way to go to fulfill    man Indian High School in River-
was made during the opening ses-               eral highlights cited by the presi-             In November 2009, President               the promises made to our ancestors        side, Calif., by supporting new and
sion of the second Tribal Nations              dent as he outlined the policy                Obama hosted the first summit               for lands and other valuable re-          innovative career education path-
Summit hosted by the president at-             achievements of his administra-               with Indian tribes by issuing a new         sources ceded to the federal gov-         ways.
tended by James Ramos, Chair-                  tion. Other achievements include              approach to consultations with In-          ernment since the founding of this          Ramos addressed officials from
man of the San Manuel Band of                  the permanent re-authorization of             dian tribes over policy issues that         great country. But the gains made         the Department of Health and
Mission Indians.                               the Indian Health Care Improve-               affect tribal governments and their         in addressing policy issues by this       Human Services, Indian Health
  “This is a historic development,”            ment Act, which allows health care            communities. At that time, he un-           administration are certainly reas-        Service, and the Internal Revenue
said Chairman Ramos. “Indige-                  services delivered to Indian people           derscored the fact that federal re-         suring.”                                  Service, seeking to advance clear
nous people around the world – in-             across the country to catch up with           sponsibilities to Indian tribes are a         Chairman Ramos also met with            policies for health care services
cluding here in the United States -            advances in medical technology                government-wide obligation to be            Education Secretary Arne Duncan           and tax issues affecting American
have been waiting a long time for              and delivery systems.                         shared by the entirety of the fed-          this week, urging him to engage in        Indians and Alaska Natives.
the nations of the world to give                 Chairman Ramos, along with                  eral government. President Obama            partnership with Indian education

All Aboard! Train Days at the County Museum
                                               ange County Modular Railroaders,ucator Nancy Kirkwood. “Folks                                  t h e                                or military), $5 (student), $4 (child

      f you like trains, this is the
      weekend to come to the mu-               Antelope Valley N-Scalers, and  will also enjoy seeing historic and                            restora-                             aged 5 to 12), and children under
      seum! Railroad fans are in-                                              recent railroad artifacts, including
                                               Southern California Traction Club                                                              t i o n                              five and Museum Association
vited to visit the San Bernardino                                              tools, train lanterns, and switch
                                               will install huge layouts with run-                                                            progress                             members are admitted free. Park-
County Museum from 9am to 5pm                                                  stands. We will have real train en-
                                               ning trains, beautiful scenery, and                                                            b e i n g                            ing is free. Food will be available
on Saturday and Sunday, January                                                gineers and railroad workers for
                                               miniature buildings. Other models                                                              made on                              from 9am to 5pm. For more infor-
15 and 16, for “Train Days.”                                                   visitors to talk to as well.”
                                               will include a traveling circus, a                                                             the mu-                              mation, visit www.sbcountymu-
  The museum will be filled with               monorail, trolleys, and an Ameri- Families can play “The Train                                 seum’s                     
large and small model train lay-               can Flyer train.                Game” and learn about train sig-                               Southern                               The museum is accessible to per-
outs, real railroad artifacts, and ac-                                         nals, and can create their own
                                                 “Visit the circus, operate a little                                                          Pacific                              sons with disabilities. If assistive
tivities for the whole family. The                                             paper locomotive and train logo to
                                               locomotive, and design a logo for                                                              locomo-                              listening devices or other auxiliary
Pacific Coast Modular Club, Or-                your own train!” said museum ed-take home. Visitors will also see tive 2825 and AT & SF caboose                                     aids are needed in order to partici-
                                                                                                                    1333 in the courtyard.                                         pate in museum exhibits or pro-
                                                                                                                      The San Bernardino County Mu-                                grams, requests should be made
    Happy New Year!                                                                                                 seum is at the California Street exit                          through Museum Visitor Services
    By Greg Zerovnik, Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator, San Bernardino County Library                       from Interstate 10 in Redlands.                                at least three business days prior to
                                                                                                                    The museum is open Tuesdays                                    your visit. Visitor Services’ tele-

                           L ast week we reflected on the year that was. This week we take a look at the year
                             ahead. No doubt we will continue to face challenges as our economy
                         continues to wrestle with ongoing challenges.
                                                                                                                    through Sundays and holiday
                                                                                                                    Mondays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
                                                                                                                    Admission is $8 (adult), $6 (senior
                                                                                                                                                                                   phone number is (909) 307-2669
                                                                                                                                                                                   ext. 229 or TDD (909) 792-1462.

                             Nonetheless, there are things we look forward to. In another couple months
                         we should be cutting the ribbon on a signficant expansion of our Rialto Branch
                         Library. The expansion encloses a formerly open atrium that saw little use and
    Greg Zerovnik       extends the space to the south. The result will be two new rooms: a dedicated
    computer lab and a spacious program and community meeting room.
         Later in the year we expect to break ground on what will be our 32nd branch library, a joint-
    use facility in Muscoy. Our system has four joint-use libraries in operation now.
         The new facility
    will be the first to
    share space with a
    children’s early
    learning center,
    which will be larger
    than the library. The
    branch will put a
    special focus on
    early learners.           This is what the south side of the Rialto Branch Library expansion will look like.

                                                    Library Calendar
                                  All Branches Closed January 1 for the Holiday
    Bloomington Branch Library                                      Thu 1-6      Family Story Time, 10:30 am
    10145 Orchard St., south of Valley Bl. / 909-877-1453                        Introduction to Computers, 1 pm
    Mon 1-3     Early Literacy Story Time, walkers - age 4, 12 pm   Fri   1-7    Tiny Hopper Toddler Time, 10:30 am
    Wed 1-5     School Age Craft and Story Hour, 3:30 pm                         Critter Tyke Explorers, 3:30 pm
    Thu 1-6     Basic Computer Class, 11 am                                      Teen Gamers Lounge, 4 pm
    Carter Branch Library                                                        Animal Ambasssadors, 5 pm
    2630 Linden Av., Carter High / 909-854-4100, x28148
                                                                    Loma Linda Branch Library
    No Programs This Week
                                                                    25581 Barton Rd., at civic center / 909-796-8621
    Grand Terrace Branch Library                                    Mon 1-3     $5 Books “Bag Sale” ends today!
    22795 Barton Rd., civic center / 909-783-0147                   Tue 1-4     Computer Training, bsic skills, 1 pm
    No Programs This Week                                                       Homework Buddies, grades K-5, 4 to 6 pm
    Highland Sam J. Racadio Library                                 Wed 1-5     Homework Buddies, grades K-5, 4 to 6 pm
    & Environmental Learning Ctr.                                   Thu 1-6     Early Learning, music/stories/crafts, age 0-5, 11 am
    7863 Central Ave., north of 5th / 909-425-4700                              Job/Career Help Using Computers, 2 pm
    Sat 1-1      Library Closed                                                 Homework Buddies, grades K-5, 4 to 6 pm
    Mon 1-3      Garden Walk, 10 to 11 am                                       Early Learning, music/stories/crafts, age 5+, 4:30 pm
                 Bookworm Babies, 10:30 am
                                                                    Ongoing     ADULT LITERACY PROGRAM / Contact the branch!
                 Excel 2007, Intermediate, 4 pm
                                                                                Career Transitions: Assistance by appointment;
                 Computacíon en español, 6 pm

    Tue 1-4      Tiny Hopper Toddler Time, 10:30 am                                call the library and ask for Laura
                 Microsoft Word 2007, Intermediate,                                      Rialto Branch Library
                    4 pm                                                                 251 West 1st St., civic center / 909-875-0144
                 Pajama Family Story Time,                                                      Sat 1-1 Library Closed
                    5 pm

                                                                                                                                                   After Discount $680
                                                                                                Mon 1-3 Family Game Night, 6 pm
                 Teen Movie, 5 pm
                                                                                                Tue 1-4 Mother Goose Story
    Wed 1-5      Garden Walk, 10 to 11 am
                 Tiny Hopper Toddler Time,                                                                                                                       State & County fees not included.
                    10:30 am                                                                                      4 pm
                 Job Searching Tools,
                    1 pm                                                                 pm
                                                                                                  Wed 1-5 Teen Crochet Club, 4
                                                                                                       Thu 1-6 Pre-School Story
                                                                                                                                           Inland Memorial Mortuary
                 Teen Art Club, 4 pm
                 Tiny Hopper Toddler Time, 6 pm
                                                                                                                  10 am                                   909-254-4100                                           FD1758
                                                                                                            Inland Empire Community Newspapers • December 30, 2010 • Page A9

Top 10 New Year’s resolutions
  1. Spend More Time with Fam-                                                 support services, hotlines and cided that you want to stop drink-
ily & Friends                            3. Tame the Bulge                     smoking cessation classes to help ing, there is a world of help and           9. Help Others
  Recent polls conducted by Gen-         Over 66 percent of adult Ameri-       you kick the smoking habit.           support available. There are also a     A popular, non-selfish New
eral Nutrition Centers, Quicken,       cans are considered overweight or                                             number of treatment-based pro-        Year's resolution, volunteerism
and others shows that more than        obese by recent studies, so it is not     5. Enjoy Life More                  grams, as well as support groups      can take many forms. Whether you
50% of Americans vow to appre-         surprising to find that weight loss       Given the hectic, stressful for families of alcoholics.                   choose to spend time helping out
ciate loved ones and spend more        is one of the most popular New          lifestyles of millions of Ameri-                                            at your local library, mentoring a
time with family and friends this      Year's resolutions. Setting reason-     cans, it is no wonder that "enjoy- 7. Get Out of Debt                       child, or building a house, there are
year. Make plans to meet up with       able goals and staying focused are      ing life more" has become a Was money a big source of stress                many nonprofit volunteer organi-
friends for an evening of cama-        the two most important factors in       popular resolution in recent years. in your life last year? Join the mil-   zations that could really use your
raderie at a favorite local restau-    sticking with a weight loss pro-        It's an important step to a happier lions of Americans who have re-         help. Or if your time is really in
rant or take the family to one of      gram, and the key to success for        and healthier you! Get out and try solved to spend this year getting a      short supply, maybe you can at
these popular places for family        those millions of Americans who         something new! Take up a new handle on their finances. It's a               least find it in you to donate the
fun, like Fiesta Village or            made a New Year's commitment            hobby or try your hand at skiing. promise that will repay itself many       furniture, clothing and other
Pharaoh’s. Work shouldn't always       to shed extra pounds.                   Go to a theater performance, or times over in the year ahead.               household items that you no longer
come first!                                                                    head to the local spa. The Inland                                           need, rather than leaving them out
                                         4. Quit Smoking                       Empire offers a wealth of artistic 8. Learn Something New                   by the curb to fill up our landfills.
  2. Fit in Fitness                      If you have resolved to make this     and recreational activities to meet Have you vowed to make this
  The evidence is in for fitness.      the year that you stamp out your        just about anyone's wishes.           year the year to learn something        10. Get Organized
Regular exercise has been associ-      smoking habit, over-the-counter                                               new? Perhaps you are considering        On just about every New Year
ated with more health benefits than    availability of nicotine replace-         6. Quit Drinking                    a career change, want to learn a      resolution top ten list, organization
anything else known to man. Stud-      ment therapy now provides easier          While many people use the New new language, or just how to fix            can be a very reasonable goal.
ies show that it reduces the risk of   access to proven quit-smoking           Year as an incentive to finally stop your computer? Whether you take        Whether you want your home or-
some cancers, increases longevity,     aids. Even if you've tried to quit      drinking, most are not equipped to a course or read a book, you'll find     ganized enough that you can invite
helps achieve and maintain weight      before and failed, don't let it get     make such a drastic lifestyle education to be one of the easiest,           someone over on a whim, or your
loss, enhances mood, lowers blood      you down. On average, smokers           change all at once. Many heavy most motivating New Year's reso-             office organized enough that you
pressure, and even improves            try about four times before they        drinkers fail to quit cold turkey but lutions to keep. Most local col-      can find the stapler when you need
arthritis. In short, exercise keeps    quit for good. Start enjoying the       do much better when they taper leges and universities offer                 it, there are resources to get you
you healthy and makes you look         rest of your smoke-free life! Lo-       gradually, or even learn to moder- distance and adult education pro-        started on the way to a more or-
and feel better.                       cally, there are a variety of free      ate their drinking. If you have de- grams.                                  ganized life.

Top 10 ways to ensure New Year’s resolution success
By Amy Ahlers                                                    are today. You'll find an easy action plan to make your izing making baskets, while another group actually prac-
                                                                 goals a reality.                                              ticed? The visualizing players had better seasons! So visu-
                                                                                                                               alize yourself on New Years Eve with all your goals

         id you know that fewer than 10% of people who
         set New Years' Resolutions actually achieve               6. Do a Goal Check-In. Before you decide on what you'll achieved. What would that look like? How would it feel?
         them? How can you ensure YOUR success? Try              take on for the year, make certain you can answer, "YES!" Visualize once a day and see the difference it can make in
using the Top 10 Tips below.                                     to the following questions: "Am I the primary reason for your life.
                                                                 setting this goal (vs. your mom, boyfriend, wife, boss, so-
 1. Write Them Down. It's a fact: writing down your goals        ciety)? Do I feel alive and energized by this goal? Is this 10. Use anchors. Tie your goal to a habit you already have
gives you a higher chance of success.                            goal in line with my life purpose or mission?"                in place. Perhaps you decide to do your exercise right after
                                                                                                                               brushing your teeth, or practice meditation after checking
  2. Commit. Move beyond the land of "good ideas" to the           7. Get Real! If you're contemplating putting a goal down email. Anchoring your new behavior and goals to an exist-
land of true "commitment". Make the decision that you will       that you always put down and never achieve, take a second ing habit is a great tool for success.
show up for your goals. Perhaps you can do a ritual or cer-      look. How will this goal end DIFFERENTLY this year? Is
emony to symbolize your commitment.                              this goal something you need to let go of? What purpose is May this year be the year that your goals and dreams man-
                                                                 it serving you each year? Is this goal masking as a form of ifest with ease and joy!
 3. Go Public. Let your biggest fans in on your new com-         self-punishment? What is the good enough reason to truly
mitments and goals for the year.                                 commit?                                                         Content herein previously developed by Amy Ahlers and
                                                                                                                               Melissa McFarlane.
  4. Get Accountability. Even better than just letting others      8. Focus With Reminders. Once you've written down
in on your "secret" dreams and goals-get some accounta-          your goals, created a plan and made sure they are worthy to Amy Ahlers, The Wake-Up Call Coach, is on a mission to
bility. Meet for lunch once a month with a group that will       pursue, figure out ways to remind yourself. Some clients wake you up to the truth about how fabulous you are. She
ask you, "So, how's it going with your goal?" Hire a Coach.      post their goals in on their bathroom mirror or in their car. is an International Certified Coach, the CEO of Wake-Up
Talk to your best friend or partner. Get some support!           Others put reminders in their blackberries, iPhones or cell Call Coaching ( )
                                                                 phones. Figure out what works for you.                        and the Creator of The Women Masters Series (
  5. Make a Plan. Ensure success with a step-by-step plan.                                                            ), where she speaks
I love to work backwards by starting with the end vision of        9. Believe and Visualize. Do you know the story about with luminaries like Marianne Williamson, Lisa Nichols,
where you want to be and working backwards to where you          the group of basketball players who spent one hour visual- Marci Shimoff, and SARK.
Page A10 • December 30, 2010 • Inland Empire Community Newspapers

                                                                                                                         Your Local
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                                                                                                                                                                                         $25 OFF
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                                 All makes & models! Big Rigs & Motor Homes!                                                                                                                 W E REP AI R
                                      909-723-4125 • 951-892-4612                                                                                                                       C R AC KS & C H I PS!

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        BAR & GRILL                                  BATHTUB REPAIR                                                                                             BEAD SHOP
                WOODEN NICKEL                                                                                                                   Katherine’s Bead Shop
                  Bar & Grill                                                                                                                             We specialize in basic beading,
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                 Great Food & Drink                                                                                                            We offer classes (beginner & intermediate)
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                                                                                                                                                                                                    99 Wireless
                                                        Precious Metal Bearing Material
                                                                                          a p u
                                                                                           or Service                                       Upgrades                                               Network Setup
                                                                                                                                                                                                     includes Router!
                                                       Come visit our showroom!                                                            •Wireless Networking
                                                                                                                                                                                                          FREE 2 GB
                                                         - Serving the Inland Empire for over 15 years -
                                                                                            r                                              •Network Support &                                           2

                                                                                                                                                                                                            flash drive with
                                                                                                         More                                                             Service Order
                                                     Ph. 951-359-9980 • Fax 951-359-9985                                                                 (909) 266-6240 • (800) 834-9795
                                                   12155 Magnolia Ave. Bldg. #14 • Riverside, CA 92503                                             

            O                                                HAIR SALON                                                                                          HOMECARE
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                                                                                       2.00 OFF
                                                                                     Any Haircut
                                                                                                                                                          We provide caregiving services in your home!
                                                      Norma’s                      Reg. $10.95 with coupon. not valid with any
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                                                       1331 Kendall, Ste. 9
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                                                                                                                                                        reminders, run errands, meal preparation, and more...
                                                                                                                                                        We provide a caring, reliable, and honest caregiver or CNA
                                                                                  Perm, Color                          Permanent
  Americal Enterprises                              San Bernardino, Ca. 92407
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 Specialist in dish for your business
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                                                                                                                       español!                          (909) 252-6765 or (909) 253-1015
                                                                                                          Inland Empire Community Newspapers • December 30, 2010 • Page A11

Bald eagles seen in local mountains, volunteers needed for count
                                                              mountain       are recognized by the famous            ings: January 8, February 12, and      Silverwood Lake State Park vol-

          n Saturday December 18,
          the first bald eagle count                          lakes.         white head and tail - it takes 4-5      March 12. Mark your calendars        unteers should contact the park of-
          of the winter was con-                                A grand      years to acquire full adult col-        now.                                 fice for information during
ducted by local Federal and State                             total of 5     oration. Juvenile eagles are the          No experience needed. Volun-       business hours of 8:00 am to 4:00
biologists and volunteers around                              eagles (5      same size as the adults.                teers should dress warmly and        pm at 760-389-2281, and plan to
lakes in the San Bernardino and                               adults)          Approximately 52 volunteers           bring binoculars and a watch.        meet at the Visitor Center at 8:00
San Jacinto Mountains. This                                   were ob-       participated in the 1-hour eagle          Big Bear Lake area volunteers      a.m.
marks the 32nd year that the San       served at the lake areas during the   census (18 at Big Bear area, 3 at       will meet at 8:00 a.m. at the Big      Lake Hemet volunteers should
Bernardino National Forest has or-     1- hour count. Two eagles (2          Lake Arrowhead/Lake Gregory, 2          Bear Discovery Center on North       plan on meeting at the Lake Hemet
ganized monthly winter bald eagle      adults) were observed in the Big      at Lake Hemet, 11 at Silverwood         Shore Drive. Contact Marc Stamer     Grocery Store at 8:30 a.m. for in-
counts!                                Bear/Baldwin Lake area; 1 eagle       Lake, and 18 at Lake Perris).           at 909-382-2828 for more infor-      structions.      Contact       Ann
  The cloudy, wet winter weather       (1 adult) at Lake Arrowhead/Lake        The Forest Service and State          mation.                              Poopatanapong at 909-382-2935
provided challenging conditions        Gregory; and 1 eagle (1 adult) at     Recreation Area biologists would          Lake Arrowhead/Lake Gregory        for more information.
for volunteers hoping to observe       Silverwood Lake. While no eagles      like to thank those volunteers for      volunteers will meet at 8:00 a.m.      Lake Perris State Park volunteers
one of our magnificent national        were observed at Lake Hemet, 1        their participation!                    at the Sky Forest Ranger Station.    should contact the park office for
birds. The effort was successful in    adult was observed at Lake Perris.      There are three remaining eagle       Contact Marc Stamer, Wildlife Bi-    information at 951-940-5600, and
tallying the bald eagles spending       Juvenile eagles are distinguished    counts for this winter, scheduled       ologist, at 909-382-2828 for more    plan to meet at the Lake Perris Re-
their winter vacations at local        by a brown head and tail; adults      for the following Saturday morn-        information.                         gional Indian Museum.

County museum seeking volunteers
                                                                Jolene Redvale “They fulfill an extremely important role in      Potential volunteers are recommended to make reservation

         he Education Division is recruiting volunteers to be
         gallery interpreters at the San Bernardino County      our educational mission. New volunteers are provided with        to attend this orientation; those interested can attend one
         Museum in Redlands. Gallery interpreters chat with     training in interpretive skills and given on-going opportu-      session based on their schedule. Additional training sessions
visitors informally about the exhibits and collections at the   nities to continue a commitment to learning. We teach con-       will follow in January and early February.
museum.                                                         tent and skills to help volunteers begin a rewarding               To volunteer, contact Jolene Redvale at (909) 307-2669
  “Our volunteers are the connection between the mu-            experience in service to your community.”                        ext 252 or email her at
seum’s collections and visitors,” said Curator of Education       There will be two orientation sessions; Wednesday, Janu-       Volunteer applications are also available on our website
                                                                ary 12 and Saturday, January 15, from 10am to 11:30am. 

          Your N E S S E S & S E R V I C E S
    IMMIGRATION PARALEGAL                                         LIMOUSINE SERVICE                                                         LIVE MUSIC
          STATE CERTIFIED                                                       TCP#15491
                                                                                                                                                                    Featuring the band
   No  ffering a Training for
   IMMIGRATION PARALEGAL                                                  Don’t Drink & Drive!
                                                                    Rent a Limo or a Party Bus for
                        $   399
                                                                        your next Gathering! 15491

                                                                   (909) 796-8079 • Fax (909) 383-5086                                       
                                                                     1-888-Starr-99 • Web:                             (909) 796-8079 • Fax (909) 383-5086
      INLANDVALLEYUNIVERSITY.NET                                    384 E. Orange Show Rd. San Bernardino, CA 92408                384 E. Orange Show Rd. San Bernardino, CA 92408

   PARALEGAL TRAINING                                                             PSYCHIC                                             SMOG CHECK
                                                                   PSYCHIC PALM READER
     MDS                                                            Redlands Psychic Spectacular Sale!
      Be an Immigration
   or Bankruptcy Paralegal.
                                                                                          $  5.00    Palm Readings
                                                                                       Past Present Future
                                                                     Call for appt. or walk-ins welcome! 9am - 9pm 7 days
    $395 includes Certificate, Portfolio and                        Available for parties!! See what the future holds for you!
      Placement. (Classes in all counties)                                          909-253-9011
                                                                               Advice on all matters of
           626-552-2885                                                  ife     ove Health & Mone
Page A12 • December 30, 2010 • Inland Empire Community Newspapers

     Krikorian Redlands showtimes
    Krikorian Redlands                  Anna Faris, Justin Tim-
        Cinema 14                       berlake
      Showtimes for                     (10:15 AM), (12:30),
     Saturday, Jan. 1                   (2:45), (5:00), 7:15, 9:30
                                        Sorry, No Passes Al-
Gulliver's Travels 3D PG                lowed, Digital 3DX Pres-
Jack Black, Jason Segel                 entation
(10:05 AM), (12:25),
(2:45), (5:05), 7:25, 9:45              Tron: Legacy in Disney
Sorry, No Passes Al-                    Digital 3... PG
lowed, Digital 3DX Pres-                (10:45 AM), (1:40),
entation                                (4:35), 7:30, 10:25                     The Fighter R
                                        Sorry, No Passes Al-                    Christian Bale, Mark
Little Fockers PG-13                    lowed, Digital 3DX Pres-                Wahlberg
Robert De Niro, Ben                     entation                                (10:55 AM), (1:50),
Stiller                                                                         (3:55), (4:40), 7:25,
(9:30 AM), (10:15 AM),                  How Do You Know PG-                     9:50, 10:30
(11:50 AM), (12:40),                    13                                      Digital Presentation
(2:20), (3:10), (4:50),                 Paul Rudd, Reese With-
(5:45), 7:20, 8:15, 9:50,               erspoon                                 Black Swan R
10:40                                   (10:10 AM), (1:00), 7:00                Natalie Portman, Mila
Digital Presentation                    Digital Presentation                    Kunis
                                                                                (11:00 AM), (1:45),
True Grit PG-13                         Chronicles of Narnia:                   (4:55), 7:45, 10:35
Jeff Bridges, Matt                      The Voyage... PG                        Digital Presentation
Damon                                   Ben Barnes, Skandar
(10:00 AM), (11:40 AM),                 Keynes                                  Tangled PG
(1:10), (2:20), (4:00),                 (10:40 AM), (1:25),                     Mandy Moore, Zachary
(5:00), 6:45, 7:40, 9:30,               (4:20), 7:05, 9:55                      Levi
10:20                                   Sorry, No Passes Al-                    (10:35 AM), (1:35),
Digital Presentation                    lowed, Digital 3DX Pres-                (4:30), 7:10, 9:40
                                        entation                                Digital Presentation
Tron: Legacy PG                                                                  Regular Ticket Prices
Jeff Bridges, Garrett                   The Tourist PG-13                        Adult: $11.00
Hedlund                                 Johnny Depp, Angelina                    Child: $8.25 (*12 & under)
(9:50 AM), (12:50),                     Jolie                                    Seniors: $8.25 (60 & above)
(3:50), 6:50, 9:45                      (11:10 AM), (2:10),                      Students: $9.50 (with school ID)
                                                                                 Active Military: $8.00 (with ID)
Digital Presentation                    (5:05), 7:50, 10:25                      (*Children 2 years and under are free)
                                        Digital Presentation                     ( ) Bargain Matinee
Yogi Bear 3D PG                                                                  $8:50

                March 21-April 19                        April 20-May 20                           May 21-June 20
 You put things in a logical order        You are an adamant improver,            You are the person who should
and run your schedule in a way that     and it shines through in all you do.    be at the center of your life. Resist
makes sense. When someone less          There doesn't have to be anything       the impulse to put someone else in
reasonable seems to be pulling          particularly wrong with a situation     this position. When you take fan-
ahead of you, it's something to         in order for you to figure out how      tastic care of yourself, you give a
note. Maybe there's a trick here you    to make it better. Furthermore, you     gift to others at the same time -- the
haven't tried or an approach that       will find peace in places where it      gift of your best self. And through
would help your efforts. Learn all      evades others. Share this gift.         your example, you will tacitly be
you can -- you're bound for success.    Many will find comfort in simply        giving others permission to do the
                                        being around you.                       same.
                   June 21-July 22                     July 23-Aug. 22                             Aug. 23-Sept. 22
  You have lost touch with the            Pretend you are not yourself for a      It's been proved that optimists are
things that make you feel good and      minute. You will balance your en-       healthier than pessimists, and that
taken care of. Make a long list.        ergy by observing your life from        they live longer, too. This is good
The first items may not be the          as objective a viewpoint as possi-      news for you, since your sign is
most exciting, so keep going until      ble. From a distant place, you will     optimistic by nature. Still, some-
you hit on things that you really       more easily see how you can re-         times you have to remind yourself
and truly enjoy. There is time in       duce what is too much and aug-          to think on the bright side. Such
your week to do at least three of       ment what is too little. You'll leave   occasions come up this week. Be
these items.                            the week a better person than you       vigilant about thinking the best of
                                        were going into it.                     others.
                  Sept. 23-Oct. 23                       Oct. 24-Nov. 22                                 Nov. 23-
                                                                                                             Dec. 21
  You'll see the possibility in the       People are getting in line, and
                                                                                  When your view of a situation is
moment because you're awake and         something in you wants to stake
                                                                                very narrow, things appear impos-
looking for it. This is why you feel    out a spot. It may suddenly feel as
                                                                                sibly complicated. The answer is
sorry for the sleepwalkers around       though you have to fight for
                                                                                not to make a move at all until you
you. Supposedly, it's dangerous to      what's yours, but it's only human
                                                                                learn more. Knowledge is like
wake them; however, you get the         nature to react in this way. Just be
                                                                                light: The more you can shed on
sneaking suspicion that it's your       sure you really want what they
                                                                                your scene the easier it will be to
job to do so. They may not thank        want enough to brave the crowd
                                                                                navigate your environment and get
you for it, but they'll never forget    for it, or you'll be wasting your
                                                                                where you want to go.
you.                                    time.
                  Dec. 22-Jan. 19                          Jan. 20-Feb. 19                       Feb. 20-March 20
  This week brings strange and ex-        It seems like a certain friend has      Be mindful of how you spend
hilarating circumstances. It will       it made -- things often seem that       time with others. Remember that
feel like you are standing in front     way from the outside. It's doubtful     it's rude to interrupt real-life con-
of an audience without a script,        that you would actually be having       versations to text a remote party.
and yet, you're not really lost. It's   a better time with that person's par-   Furthermore, face-to-face contact
an opportunity to become ex-            ticular set of problems, so thinking    with a few people will benefit your
tremely aware of your environ-          you would is simply a waste of          emotional health and well-being
ment -- eyes wide open, looking         time. By the end of the week,           significantly more than thousands
for clues as to what you should say     you'll find an empowering per-          of "friends" on a social networking
and do next.                            spective.                               site.
                                                                                                         Inland Empire Community Newspapers • December 30, 2010 • Page A13

                                                                                                                      G ossi p
Hefner engaged to 24-year-old
                                        memorable Christmas Eve."             thing on Hugh's mind when he hit

           UGH HEFNER is tying
           the knot again - this time     The wrinkly charmer prompted        the sack that night.
           to a woman 60 years his      questions over the type of "ring",      Crystal has been dating Hugh
junior. The Playboy boss, 84, an-       to which he responded: "Yes, the      since January 2009, shacking up
nounced his festive news on Twit-       ring I gave to Crystal is an en-      with the legendary lothario and
ter, revealing 24-year-old model        gagement ring.                        twins KRISTINA and KARISSA
CRYSTAL HARRIS "burst into                "I didn't mean to make a mystery    SHANNON at the Playboy Man-
tears" when he opened the engage-       out of it.                            sion.
ment ring box.                            "This has been a perfect Christ-      The porn mogul's first marriage,
  He wrote: "After the movie            mas weekend. Now it's time to         to Mildred, ended in 1959 after 10
tonight, Crystal & I exchanged          stop tweeting & say goodnight.        years, while his second to Kimber-
gifts. I gave Crystal a ring. A truly   Sweet dreams."                        ley Conrad in 1998 lasted nine
                                          Can't imagine sleep was the first   years.

Charlie Sheen is “not dead”
                                                                              to see his daughters. Thank u for

         HARLIE SHEEN'S ex-
         wife has taken to Twitter                                            all your concern..."
         to blast claims the actor                                              Charlie and Denise divorced in
has died in a snowboarding                                                    2006 after four years of marriage.
  A fake report surfaced and spread
online yesterday claiming the hell-
raising star had lost his life after
crashing into a tree at the Zermatt
ski resort in Switzerland.
  The story has prompted actress
                                                                                                                   Alanis gives birth Christmas Day
two children with Charlie - to re-

                                                                                                                             LANIS MORISSETTE received a very special gift on Christ-
assure panicking fans.                                                                                                       mas Day - a baby boy. The Canadian singer gave birth to the
  She wrote: "The rumor about                                                                                                spectacularly named Ever Imre Morissette-Treadway on Sat-
Charlie Sheen is not true.                                                                                         urday.
  "He is alive and on his way over                                                                                  The baby is her first child with rapper hubby MC SOULEYE - real
                                                                                                                   name Mario Treadway.

Natalie Portman: Pregnant, engaged                                                                                  A rep for the couple - who married in May - said: "Alanis Morissette
                                                                                                                   and Mario 'Souleye' Treadway welcomed a baby boy, Ever Imre Moris-
                                                                                                                   sette-Treadway, on Dec. 25th... "All are healthy and happy."

          ATALIE PORTMAN is
          well and truly off the
          market. The movie
beauty has revealed she's both
pregnant and engaged.
  The actress is expecting her first
child with choreographer BEN-
couple have announced they're
also heading down the aisle.
  Natalie, 29, and Benjamin met on
the set of her latest film, ballet
thriller Black Swan.
  Her former boyfriends include
musician DEVENDRA BAN-

Alba no longer “selfish”

      ESSICA ALBA insists she's
      no longer "selfish".

 Which, I assume, is why she's
kindly decided to share her body
with the global population.

  The actress has bared her semi-
clad form for a scorching cover
shot on the January issue of Aus-
tralia's Harper's Bazaar.
                                                                                                                      Give your car a
                                                                                                                        TRY OUR 100% !
  The pleasing snap follows her
nude shower turn in recent slasher
flick Machete.
                                                                                                                      HAND CAR WAS                                  Quality & Service
                                                                                                                                      H AT

  Pretty Hollywood star Jessica has
revealed being mom to two-year-
old daughter HONOR with film
                                                                                                                                                                   1340 E. Washington St.
producer hubby CASH WARREN                                                                                                                                                      Colton
has dramatically altered her out-                                                                                   IECN                                              (Across from Fiesta Village
look on life.

 She said: "I've learned to forgive
                                                                                                                                   OFF                                   & next to Goodyear)
                                                                                                                                                                                          Open 7
myself for not being perfect and                                                                                   Any car wash service
not stressing myself.                                                                                               with this coupon.                                                       Days
                                                                                                                   State of the Art on line                                               Mon. - Fri.
  "My daughter has put everything                                                                                                                                                         8am - 6pm
in perspective for me. I have had a                                                                                  waxes & clear coat
reputation for being fiercely pro-                                                                                  treatment available!                                                  Sunday 8-5
tective of my independence."                                                                                         Must present coupon before paying cashier Not valid with any other offer or specials
Page 14 • November 30, 2010 • Inland Empire Community Newspapers

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                                                                                                Inland Empire Community Newspapers •December 30, 2010 • Page A15

Crafton Hills Respiratory Class #32 graduates 32

                                                                                                                                                    IECN PHOTO COURTESY   CHC
The Fall 2010 Respiratory graduating class from Crafton Hills College on their last day of classes: Left to right: Front Row: Tyler Woodburn; Bridgett La Fleur;
Megan Chico; Theany Sieng; Margarita Suruy; Row 2: Harpal Mann; Andrew Puente; Thai Huynh; Cristal Ramirez; Linda Hibbert; Row 3: Bernard Maton-
dang; Geraldine Rosete; Martha Cecilia Luva; Tony Huynh; Thevy Sieng; Row 4: Andrew Pham; Alejandra Ramirez; Janet Keller; Luz Rosales; Cecilia
Gonzalez; Row 5: Elizabeth Nilsen; Jennifer Desmarais; Stephanie Kinney; Alfiya Shagiakhmetova; Brandon Glaser; Row 6: Ron Reimold; Nancy Lucas;
Lisa Laumer; Row 7: Colin Day; Ryan Rives; Not Pictured: Timothy Bono; Jesus Gutierrez.
        he Crafton Hills College 32nd Paramedic Class speaker Robert Knight, RRT, of the Redlands Community Student Ronald Reimold addressed the audience on behalf

 T      Graduation ceremony took place at the Finkelstein Hospital. Certificates were presented by Professors Ken- of the graduates.
        Performing Arts Center on Saturday, December 18. neth Bryson and Amber Contreras, Assistant Professor Two students received special accolades for their achieve-
The 32 care-givers were honored by Faculty Chair Bradley Michael Sheahan, Director Franklin, Adjunct Instructor ments in the program:
Franklin, Medical Director Dr. Richard Sheldon and guest Reynaldo Bell, San Bernardino Community College Dis- • Alfiya Shagiakhmetova: Academic Award
                                                          trict Trustee Donna Ferracone, and Dean June Yamamoto. • Andrew Puente: Clinical Award

ARMC Medical Director GnanaDev wins national award
                                                                India who came to the United
                                    whose career has been founded on                                                                          In addition to his presidency of

          RMC Medical Director
          Dr. Dev GnanaDev has                                  States in 1974 to pursue his dream
                                    the Oslerian ideals of medical ex-                                                                      the CMA, Dr. GnanaDev has
          been named winner of                                  of becoming a surgeon. “Two of
                                    cellence, humane and ethical care,                                                                      served in leadership positions with
the 2011 John P. McGovern Com-                                  my idols in cardiovascular surgery,
                                    commitment to medical humani-                                                                           the American Medical Association
pleat Physician Award, becoming                                 Drs. Michael DeBakey and Den-
                                    ties and writing, research, and har-                                                                    and San Bernardino County Med-
the first doctor in California to   mony between the academicianton Cooley, were previous recipi-                                           ical Society and served on the Ad-
earn the prestigious national                                   ents of this award, which makes it
                                    and medical practitioner. These                                                                         visory Board for UC Riverside’s
honor.                                                          even more special.”
                                    characteristics were exemplified                                                                        recently approved School of Med-
  The John P. McGovern Compleat                                   As part of the award, Dr.
                                    by the life of Sir William Osler,                                                                       icine. He’s also served as a distin-
Award, established in 1993, is                                  GnanaDev will receive a $5,000
                                    who is revered world-wide as the                                                                        guished teacher, holding clinical
given annually by the Houston       "Father of Modern American  honorarium, which he is donating                                            professorships at Western Univer-
Academy of Medicine and Dr.         Medicine."                  to a California Medical Associa-                                            sity of Health Sciences and Loma
John P. McGovern, for whom the                                  tion (CMA) endowment for mem-
                                      “I’m deeply honored and hum-                                                                          Linda University School of Medi-
honor is named, to the physician                                ber recruitment that he founded tion, fundraising arm of the Med-
                                    bled by this wonderful award,”                                                                          cine.
                                                                recently, and the ARMC Founda- ical Center. He will be formally
                                    said Dr. GnanaDev, a native of                                                                            Working his entire career in the
                                                                                                    recognized as the 2011 McGovern         public hospital setting, Dr.
                                                                                                                                            GnanaDev has been instrumental

Learn to square dance                                                                               Compleat Award winner January
                                                                                                    21 during an awards dinner in
                                                                                                      ARMC’s medical director since
                                                                                                                                            in starting several programs de-
                                                                                                                                            signed specifically to improve the
                                                                                                                                            health and well-being of those who
                                                                                                                                            aren’t receiving the health care
                                                                                                    2000, Dr. GnanaDev was recog-
                                                                                                    nized for his numerous contribu-        they need and deserve. One such
                                                                                                    tions to medicine during his            program, started at ARMC in
                                                                                                    28-year career. His most recent         2002, provides rehabilitation serv-
                                                                                                    contribution came during his 2009       ices to uninsured patients who are
                                                                                                    presidency of the CMA, an advo-         recovering from a heart attack or
                                                                                                    cacy organization comprised of          coronary bypass surgery. Dr.
                                                                                                                                            GnanaDev provided money from
                                                                                                    35,000 physicians that is dedicated
                                                                                                    to the health of all Californians. As   his own pocket to establish the
                                                                                                    CMA president, Dr. GnanaDev             program.
                                                                                                    traveled regularly to Washington,         Perhaps the largest measure of
                                                                                                    D.C. to provide vital input to lead-    his impact on the underserved may
                                                                                                    ers of Congress who created a           be in the very hospital in which he
                                                                                                    landmark health reform bill de-         works. Dr. GnanaDev was in-
                                                                                                    signed primarily to provide health      volved in a grass-roots campaign
                                                                                                    care coverage to more than 30 mil-      to win approval for construction of
                                                                                                    lion uninsured.                         ARMC, which opened in 1999 as
                                                                                                      “Early in my career, I decided I      the replacement facility for the old
                                                                                                    wanted to be a doctor who could         San Bernardino County Medical
                                                                                                    help with deep-seated issues such       Center. Today, ARMC is one of
                                                         IECN PHOTO COURTESY SUNKISSED SQUARES                                              the state’s busiest and most highly
                                                                                                    as health care coverage and timely
Starting on Jan. 4 Sunkissed Squares is starting a new Squared dance class. it will be held on                                              respected safety net hospitals, pro-
                                                                                                    access to care, especially for those
Tuesdays at the Redlands Community Center, from 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. Cost is $5 a week. First time who are less fortunate,” said Dr.            viding care to all who need it, re-
is free. Come join the fun and meet new friends.                                                    GnanaDev.                               gardless of ability to pay.
Page 16 • December 30, 2010 • Inland Empire Community Newspapers

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                                                                              These homes are for             909-825-3393
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                                                                               income buyers and
                                                                                  must be owner
                                                                              Buyers qualify under
                                                                              Stabilization Program
                                                   909                              guidelines.
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909-838-6338                                          4952                                            dates. Size & space is at discretion of publisher)
Page A28 • December 30, 2010 • Inland Empire Community Newspapers

Highlanders Boxing gives out 275 toys
By Cynthia Mendoza                                                                                                      and business sponsors: Sanchez       pline, strength, leadership and re-
                                                                                                                        Automotive, Kohl’s Distribution,     spect for their community,” Ci-
                                                                                                                        Rosa Maria’s and Eagles Club         fuentes said.

      n spite of the economic hard-
      ships gripping pretty much                                                                                        506.                                   It is these core values that Ci-
      everyone, it seems that this                                                                                        So the holiday toy giving may be   fuentes believes set Highlanders
particular holiday season brought                                                                                       over for now, but already High-      Boxing Club apart from other box-
on an extra dose of generosity,                                                                                         landers is planning more ways to     ing clubs.
with numerous organizations,                                                                                            keep on giving in 2011. On March       For more information on the club
groups and individuals doing their                                                                                      19 they are planning an amateur      or to sponsor upcoming events,
part to brighten the days of those                                                                                      boxing show again, with a focus      call Tony Cifuentes at (909) 496-
less fortunate and one of those                                                                                         on gang and drug prevention in       7268. You may also visit High-
groups was the Highlanders Box-                                                                                         order to continue reaching more      landers        Boxing         Club
ing Club.                                                                                                               youth with their message.  
  The group raised about 275 toys,                                                                                        “We want to teach them disci-      ing.
which they gave out at their facil-
ity in Highland on Wednesday,
Dec. 22. In spite of the cold and
torrential rains, the event drew
about 320 people total who came
not only to pick up a toy for their
children but also enjoy hot choco-
late, take in an exhibition boxing                               IECN PHOTO COURTESY    HIGHLANDERS BOXING CLUB
match and learn a thing or two
                                       About 320 people attended the Highlanders Boxing Club toy give-
about drug and gang prevention.
  “It wasn’t just about Christmas,”    away on Wednesday, Dec. 22 in Highland.
said Highlanders Boxing Club           draw attention to the program’s          ing staff and people who take ad-
founder and head boxing coach          youth outreach component.                vantage of the facility for working
Tony Cifuentes, at one time a trou-      Currently there are about 15 ac-       out.
bled youth himself about the pur-      tive youth in the boxing program           But the ‘glue’ that holds it alto-
pose of the event, which was to        and about 45 people total includ-        gether is a passion for youth and
                                                                                helping them stay on the straight

New year, new baby                                                              and narrow.
                                                                                  Cifuentes’ philosophy that he
                                                                                tries to instill in the young boxers
                                                                                is if they want to be a part of soci-
Tips on caring for a newborn                                                    ety, you have to learn to give back.
                                                                                  “If they learn to give back now,
                                                                                                                                               IECN PHOTO COURTESY   HIGHLANDERS BOXING CLUB
                                                                                                                        Just a few members of the Highlanders Boxing Club during their
                                                                                they’ll keep giving later,” he says.

         ringing home a newborn is an exciting time for families. But                                                   toy giveaway on Wednesday, Dec. 22, in no particular order:
         along with joy, parents also experience a lot of hard work and         “It’s not just about boxing.”
                                                                                  The event on the 22nd also drew       Coach Redd Olivas (in the elf hat), Tony Cifuentes, Coach
         little sleep. Knowing what to expect and how to care for a new-
                                                                                the support of the community, in-       Sunny Cifuentes, Tristan Cifuentes, Anthony Cifuentes, Jose
born can help mom and dad deal with changes and gain confidence as
they bond with their baby.                                                      cluding Highland Mayor Larry            Lopez, Charles Dominguez and an unidentified individual. The
  The following is basic advice about some of the most common ques-             McCallon and several community          club gave out 275 toys.
tions and concerns that come up during the first months of life.

 Calming a Newborn
 Crying is a useful way for babies to tell you when they are hungry or
uncomfortable. If your baby’s diaper is dry, she’s warm and well fed, but
she’s still crying, try these soothing tips:

  • Gently stroke her head or pat her back, and try burping her to relieve
any gas bubbles.
  • Rock your baby, go for a car ride or walk her in a stroller around the
  • Turn on a fan or say “shush” into your baby’s ear repeatedly. Babies
hear many noises in the womb so soothing “white noise” may be calm-

 Promote Healthy Habits from the Start
 Babies develop very quickly during the first year, and they need sleep
and proper nutrition to grow up healthy.

  • Give breastfeeding a chance! Breast milk provides the best source of
nutrition for babies to help strengthen their immune system, according
to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Breastfeeding also provides
special bonding time for mother and child.
  • Newborns need a lot of sleep – learn your baby’s signs that he’s tired
and try to put him down to sleep right away. Notice when he rubs his
eyes, pulls his ear or gets faint dark circles under his eyes.
  • Keep your child healthy by visiting the doctor for check-ups and
when you have concerns your baby may be sick or running a fever. Also,
ask your doctor about immunizations and when to schedule them. The
California Department of Public Health offers a helpful guide at

 Take Care of Yourself
 The early weeks of parenting are very rewarding, but also exhausting.
In the midst of all the excitement of bringing home a new baby, it’s im-
portant that parents take care of themselves, too!

  • Get as much rest as possible even though it can be difficult. Also re-
member that exercising and eating healthy are very important to keep
your energy up.
  • Do what you can and leave the rest for later or for others to do. Reach
out to family, friends, parent groups or a counselor for help. Check with
your local First 5, YMCAs, community centers and places of worship
to learn about support in your area.

  For additional resources, First 5 California offers the Kit for New Par-
ents, a parents’ guide packed with information and resources to guide
new parents through the first five years of a child’s life. Free kits in Eng-
lish, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Vietnamese are avail-
able by calling 1-800-KIDS-025.
  For more parenting information and support, contact First 5 San
Bernardino at (909) 386-7706 or and

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