The Mishpucka and Tiger Woods (DOC) by liaoguiguo


									The Mishpucka and Tiger Woods
Tikkun Olam

The Mishpucka—AKA Jewish Crime Network—is full of parasites that make nothing and
produce nothing, yet who somehow end up being astonishingly well paid. We all know about
financial liars and manipulators such as Bernie Madoff and Michael Milken; legal liars and
manipulators like Alan Dershowitz and Gloria Allred; activist group liars and Holohoaxers
such as Abe Foxman and Elie Wiesel; and government liars and manipulators and like Barney
Frank and Rahm Emanuel. Anyone reading this with an IQ above 100 will almost certainly be
aware that Hollywood and the major media companies are almost exclusively Jewish in
terms of ownership and control.

Yet what we often overlook is that an actual MAJORITY, i.e. over 50 per cent of the press
and TV journalists, commentators and bloggers who actually convey news and opinion to us,
are Jews. This might be because so many Jews have had their family names changed in an
attempt to melt into the background. Mike Wallace‟s real name is not Mike Wallace; it is
Myron Leon Wallace, the family surname having been changed from Wallechinsky at some
unspecified point in the past. Michael Savage is really Michael Weiner. Larry King is
Lawrence Harvey Zeiger. And so on. Thus, when these people relentlessly hype up made-up
news items that cause racial fights and fights between the sexes; that distract attention
from their false flag attacks; that promote sexual deviancy and a debased culture, many
are unaware that this is all part of the agenda of the Jewish Crime Network.

On 27 November 2009 golfer Tiger Woods was involved in a slightly amusing single-driver
traffic accident. It would appear—although this hypothesis has not been confirmed—that
there might have been some sort of domestic dispute with his wife, which caused Woods to
leave his house at 2:30 on the morning after Thanksgiving. He did not get far, crashing his
SUV just outside his driveway, knocking over a fire hydrant and then crashing into a
neighbor‟s tree. As the airbags of the car he was driving, the Cadillac Escalade did not
deploy, he must have been travelling at below 33 mph—which is the impact speed at which
the airbags on that model are automatically triggered to deploy.

His wife informed police arriving at the scene that she had used a golf club to gain access
to, and help her husband out of, the vehicle. Apparently she smashed the middle side
windows—the Escalade has three rows of side windows—to gain access to the car which was
apparently locked, her husband being unconscious. She helped her husband out of the car
and laid him out on the ground. A neighbor called the emergency services and when they
arrived, Woods was lying on the street, drifting in and out of consciousness. His mouth was
bloodied and he seemed groggy. He was able to mumble, but incoherently. The police saw
no indications that alcohol was involved, so did not test him for alcohol. The Florida
Highway Patrol (FHP) later arrived at the scene but by this time Woods had been taken to
hospital where he was treated for “facial lacerations” and quickly discharged.

A report about these events was released to the public about twelve hours later. Because
when an accident victim is taken to hospital in an ambulance in the State of Florida, it is
automatically classed as “serious”, this report caused great concern both in the world of
golf and beyond, with people wondering how badly hurt Woods was and whether he would
be able to play again. When it turned out that it was just a minor single-driver traffic
   accident, not involving alcohol, and in which the driver sustained no long-term damage,
   and that Woods had long since been discharged from hospital, one would have expected all
   the fuss to die down. But that would have been reckoning without the Jewish Crime
   Network and what they had planned for Woods.

   Earlier that week the Mishpucka had released through one of their scandal sheets, gossip
   rag the National Enquirer, which has been edited by the Jew David Perel for many years 1,
   lurid claims that Woods was having an extramarital affair with another Mishpucka member,
   “New York party girl” Rachel Uchitel. Uchitel, who came to public prominence during 9-11,
   when her fiancé went missing from one of the WTC buildings, had been spotted at Woods‟
   hotel during a recent tournament in Australia. Several “friends” of Uchitel were quoted in
   the Enquirer story alleging an affair with Woods. Woods‟ embarrassing accident presented
   the Mishpucka with a golden opportunity to fan the flames of this story.

   In the days immediately following the accident the Mishpucka used two main organs to
   conduct a hypocritical campaign of vilification against Woods for the affair—and unspecified
   other “transgressions” to which the golfer has now admitted. They are:

        1. Radar Online, a Web-based gossip site also run by David Perel
        2. The gossip website, which is run by Harvey Levin, who is also Jewish.

   The following table gives a snapshot of the coverage this story has been given by Jews in
   the press and on TV since November 27. I could easily have doubled the number of entries,
   but limited entries to those items prominently displayed on Google News and linked to or
   discussed on Geoff Shackelford‟s golf blog. I think it gives some idea of the Jewish media
   feeding frenzy to which this incident has given rise and the way that it is being promoted in
   a deliberately deceptive way.

  DECEIVER          MISHPUCKA                     CONTRIBUTION                         ORGANIZATION             DECEPTION
                    CATEGORY                                                                                      RATING
Jason Sobel        Mainstream         Two articles: It's time for Tiger to                         7/10
                   Media              speak up, 11/28/09; Cloudy Future
                                      for Woods, 12/2/09
Geoff              Blogger            Ringmaster directing online traffic to             10/10
Shackelford                           Mishpucka news and gossip about the
                                      incident; an almost unbelievable 55
                                      vicious blog posts on Woods‟
                                      accident and subsequent revelations
                                      between 11/27/09 and 12/9/09
                                      indicate the degree of his bile
Steven Hirsch      Pornographer       “Vivid Entertainment, the world's           Vivid Entertainment              10/10
                                      leading adult film company, is ready
                                      to offer $1-million to any woman
                                      who has proof she was a paramour of
                                      Tiger Woods and will sign a contract
                                      with the studio”, 12/3/2009
Leonard            Mainstream         Woods needs to give up silent               Washington Post                   9/10
Shapiro            Media              treatment, 12/1/2009
Ed Sherman         Mainstream         Seven blog posts including: Ads             Crain‟s Chicago                   7/10
                   Media /            featuring Woods sure to generate a          Business
                   Blogger            different reaction, 12/1/2009;

        Perel now runs Radar Online and may or may not have handed out day-to-day running of the Enquirer to an editorial team consisting
       of his fellow-Jew Steve Plamann and another executive, Julia Coates
                                 Woods confesses; takes swipe at
                                 tabloid reporting, 12/2/2009
Joe Posnanski   Mainstream       How will Tiger Woods handle himself      Sports Illustrated        8/10
                Media            as he loses control of car accident
                                 story?, 11/30/2009
Phil Mushnick   Mainstream       Tiger’s good-guy image                   New York Post             10/10
                Media            manufactured from start,
Susanne         Handwriting      Unsolicited advice: "I" Of The Tiger:    The Write Truth           9/10
Shapiro         Expert           A Graphological Inquiry Into The
                                 Personality Of Eldrick Woods,
                       , 12/3/2009
Bob Harig       Mainstream       Tiger Woods’ accident leaves many                  7/10
                Media            questions, 11/27/2009
Mark            Mainstream       Tiger Woods owes us an explanation,      Newsday                   10/10
Herrmann        Media            12/1/2009
Linda Cohn      Mainstream       TV vulture                               SportsCenter              9/10
Mike Lupica     Mainstream       TV vulture                               The Sports Reporters      9/10
Dan Abrams      Mainstream       Legal analyst turned gossip hound        The Today show            10/10
Ron Sachs       Public           Unsolicited advice: "If you sat down     President and CEO of      10/10
                Relations        and looked at all the options that       Ron Sachs
                                 are smart and right in this situation,   Communications
                                 [his refusal to go on TV and confess
                                 all] would be diametrically opposed
                                 to the direction Tiger Woods should
Howard          Public           Unsolicited advice: “He was very         Rubenstein                10/10
Rubenstein      Relations        late in coming up with that              Communications
                                 statement….His image of being a          [devised media strategy
                                 perfect husband has been shattered”      for fellow Mishpucka
                                                                          member comedian
                                                                          Michael Richards after
                                                                          his racist rant]
Richard         Public           Unsolicited advice: “Crisis              President and CEO of      10/10
Laermer         Relations        communication is all about telling       RLM Public Relations
                                 people what happened and letting it
                                 die. It‟s not supposed to be about
                                 hiding from the facts. If he came
                                 clean now, it could go away.”
Jason Rose      Public           Unsolicited advice: "End the             President of Rose &       9/10
                Relations        speculation now. Don't jeopardize        Allyn Public Relations
                                 the sterling brand that is Tiger
David Eichler   Public           Unsolicited advice: “When you make       Founder and Creative      10/10
                Relations        a billion dollars by being a celebrity   Director, David and Sam
                                 you have no privacy. No matter how       PR
                                 egregious the truth is, Tiger's camp
                                 would be well served to learn from
                                 history and not try to run, hide or
                                 pretend they don't owe the public
                                 the truth"
George Merlis   Public           Unsolicited advice: "The better part     Founder, Experience       9/10
                Relations        of his earnings have come about as a     Media Consulting Group
                                 spokesperson…..If all of a sudden
                                 you're not talking to the police, it
                                 certainly raises some questions"
Dan Wetzel      Internet Media   Tiger’s imperfect world, 12/2/2009       Yahoo! Sports             10/10

Mike Strobel    Mainstream       Two articles: Salacious tale of the      Toronto Sun               10/10
                Media            Tiger far from private, 12/3/2009;
                                 Tiger's the new PGA punchline: Time
                        for John Daly to step out of the

Aggregating all this data online is a golf blogger, Geoff Shackelford, who has made 55 posts
about the story on his golf blog since it first broke. To give some idea of the unprecedented
and disproportionate attention that he is paying to this story, one of the four major
championships, the biggest events in golf, would typically attract less than ten posts on
Shackelford‟s blog. Shackelford, who is Jewish, is a failed golf course designer turned bitter
blogger who spends most of his time assailing those who are more successful than him:
namely big name golf course architects—who keep getting prestigious jobs although they
don‟t know half as much about designing golf courses as he thinks he does—and Tiger
Woods. He thinks of himself as the Seinfeld of golf bloggers. Golf correspondents for major
US and UK newspapers tend to check his blog to get an idea of their peers‟ take on a
particular topic before submitting their own pieces. This creates a vicious circle in which
each writer tries to outdo his colleagues in malice and snark.

Shackelford is well aware that there was nothing in the Woods story to justify this wall-to-
wall coverage; hence from about his third or fourth roundup of press clippings he began to
pretend to be reluctant to continue covering the story and to insist, disingenuously, that
each new roundup would be his last. (He is now on his eleventh). By persisting with this
deceptive approach and linking to every unsubstantiated report on, Radar Online
and other gossip sheets, he gives the impression that these are credible sources,
sensationalizes the story and makes it look as bad as possible for Woods. He and the other
members of the Mishpucka—a word that Shackelford, with typical Jewish impudence, has
been known to use on his blog, as if mocking those who do not know what it refers to—
immediately sensed that they could use this trivial incident as an opportunity to kill two
birds with one stone: distract attention from their other crimes such as the health care bill,
the on-going financial “bailout”, their latest false flag attack by a “crazed Muslim” and the
planned war with Iran, while attracting readers, viewers and advertisers to their media
outlets due to public interest in Woods.

In an indication of the sinister intent behind this self-styled Seinfeld of golf bloggers,
numerous posts were devoted to trying to make the incident into a criminal matter.
Shackelford used a single deceptive trick to promote the criminal angle. By making a great
fuss about Woods‟ failure to meet with the FHP and not mentioning that Woods has no legal
obligation to speak to them—much less have any obligation to explain to the public what
happened in his house on that morning—Shackelford illustrated something that is truly
obvious to anyone who is familiar with America today. The Jewish Criminal Network that
runs the country does not know the meaning of freedom. Those responsible for the PATRIOT
Acts, for Abu Ghraib, for the everyday loss of liberty which every sensible America must
have noticed and be chafing at these past nine years, neither know nor understand nor
respect what made the individual liberties upon which the country was founded.

Since Woods exercised his fundamental constitutional right to avoid incriminating himself or
his spouse, and preferred to not talk to the FHP, which, thanks to Mishpucka agents, would
almost have leaked anything they might have learned about his marital problems to the
press, Shackelford took the opportunity to put the worst possible spin on Woods‟ silence.
Shackelford‟s main deceptive trick is to ratchet up the innuendo by quoting Jewish experts,
such as “attorney Bill Wallshein” and an army of other Mishpucka lawyers, commentators,
public relations consultants and handwriting experts who, by giving unsolicited advice to
Woods, are using this episode as a free advertising opportunity.

Shackelford knows that the minor traffic incident attracted all the media attention it did
and hence put pressure on the FHP to do far more investigating than they would normally
have done, precisely *because* it involved Tiger Woods; yet deceptively implies in every
post that Woods is getting favorable treatment. It is a tactic that Jews in the media use as
a matter of course to bring attention to their work by using it to promote envy and hatred,
to cause racial fights, fights between men and women and fights between rich and poor.
What exactly was Woods guilty of that warranted 55 vicious posts? Damaging a tree? Taking
out a fire hydrant? Because he could not realistically fight a campaign for “justice for fire
hydrants / trees”, Shackelford began to suggest that Woods—who is known to rarely touch
alcohol—was drunk, even though the officers that arrived at the scene of the accident saw
no indication that alcohol had been involved and thus did not had not test him.

Geoff Shackelford thrives in America because he thrives on ignorance. In a country where
people were well-informed, such an unproductive parasite, who peddles lies, innuendo and
gossip for a living, would be on the streets, or forced to work for a living. Unfortunately,
since the Jew Walter Winchell (Weinschel) pioneered the “gossip column” in 1924, America
has shown a love for such deceptive entertainment. By the 1940s and 1950s, purveyors of
such “harmless entertainment” like Winchell and Drew Pearson had become so powerful
that they could destroy the reputations of patriotic public servants like James Forrestal and
brainwash the public into supporting such Zionist policies as entering WWII to save
communism and making possible the creation of the state of Israel.

For Shackelford, Woods deserves to be torn to shreds because he is rich and successful. His
deceptive posts take and Radar Online as gospel, while openly questioning the
findings of trained police officers as to Woods‟ sobriety. His technique shows how Jews
manipulate the ignorance and the envy and the hatred of the less intelligent. He panders to
morons who cannot think; who believe that because Woods is rich / Cablinasian / a public
figure, he owes “us” an explanation of what is a private matter and should be held to a
stricter standard of behavior. Shackelford‟s blog and the Jew scandal sheets he promotes
are typical of the Jewish paradigm of seeking and maintaining control by promoting mass

Thanks to the constant repetition of deceptive arguments by the Jewish media, America has
become a zombie country, in which the majority of sheeple cheer even as the crime
network tightens their chains. Because many of these zombies are too stupid to work out
for themselves the difference between a minor traffic misdemeanor and the major offences
that we pay law enforcement officials to investigate, Shackelford and other members of the
media Mishpucka can use their ignorance, envy and hatred for their own ends.

Why are envious feelings so common in America? Formerly America was possibly the least
envious country in the world. Americans wanted the American dream for themselves, but
were also happy when others achieved success. The idea was, “if he can make it, then so
can I”. America had the great advantage of having no kings and queens and nobles, and no
class system, which all tend to foster envy. In place of class-driven envy, there was respect
for achievement and a belief that, by dint of hard work and application, anybody could
succeed. The situation today is very different. Since the Jews managed to gain a monopoly
on the issuance of money through the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act of 1913, they
have given Americans unprecedented levels of inflation, an un-repayable multi-trillion
dollar national debt, and unconstitutional income taxes which, after “critical” programs
such as NASA, welfare and aid to Israel have been paid for, barely raise enough to service
that debt, let alone repay it.

Economic hardship has created a loser mentality in America. Consequently, many Americans
believe that Woods should be “punished” for his wealth and fame. There is also a minority
of people who dislike Woods because he is a “Cablinasian”: by pandering to this crowd the
Jews in the media whip up racial feelings to ensure that ordinary Americans on different
sides of the racial divide cannot perceive their common enemy.

In trying to get into the mind of Shackelford and his fellow Jewish media criminals one must
step outside one‟s customary world view and enter an alien mindset. The well-known
Jewish “oligarch” Boris Abramovich Berezovsky, who now runs his crime gang from England,
having fallen out with his former associates in Russia, is fond of a saying that encapsulates
this Jewish outlook. “What‟s the difference between a rat and a hamster?” Answer: “Public

It has been noted by many over the years that the concept of absolute truth appears is
foreign to many Jews. And that should be no great surprise. This after all is a community
that has been held together for centuries, not by a common state, but by a set of “sacred
books” including the Talmud, Zohar and Shulchan Aruch, which have progressively replaced
the divine mandates of the Mosaic Law with the subversive casuistry of a degenerate
priesthood. These books have left an indelible impress on all Jews: religious and
unbelieving alike.

Consequently, Jews are born skeptics. Their mode of living, which is predicated on finding
clever little ways of getting around a Law which they find at once constricting and
indispensable, tends that way. Yet without the Law, which their Talmud, Zohar and other
sacred books are dedicated to subverting, their feelings of being special, chosen and at one
with their “g-d”, which is the one and only absolute they recognize, would have no basis.
This complex mental landscape is enough to induce schizophrenia—and sure enough, Jews
are far more prone to mental illness than any other population group.

To lessen the stress of working in two different worlds—the Gentile world, in which a man‟s
word is supposed to be his bond, and the Jewish world, in which a prayer known as the Kol
Nidre, which is said annually on Yom Kippur officially purports to excuse each adult male
Jew in advance for the broken vows, oaths and promises he shall make from that point until
the next Day of Atonement—a Jew has to be flexible with regard to truth.

When he comes across a fact that is uncomfortable, inconvenient or opposed to his aims, he
simply relativizes it away. It is no accident that the theory of special relativity, which is
claimed by some to be the basis of modern physics, was packaged by the Jew Einstein as a
solution to the problem posed by the Michelson-Morley interferometer experiment, which
failed to detect any motion of the earth. Einstein brought nothing original to the table: the
work had already been done by Poincaré, Lorentz, Fitzgerald and others. What he added to
their work was a clever restatement which provided a plausible solution for the puzzling
Michelson-Morley data—which he deceptively denied having been aware of at the time he
was working on special relativity—whilst ensuring the triumph of Jewish skepticism and
resistance to absolute truth over previously accepted scientific method. According to
Einstein—and adherents to his theory of relativity—everything in the universe is a relative
value except the speed of light which is constant.

How does this affect us? We are aware of the preponderance of Jews in the media. We have
looked at Tiger Woods‟ crash, and the inordinate amount of attention it has been given,
which speaks of a crime network comprising scandal sheets, bloggers, traditional media
sports correspondents and public relations gurus grabbing a golden opportunity and working
together in a vicious feeding frenzy. The question now is “why?” The crime network always
acts with regard both to the present and to the long-term. The present aims are obvious:
the media feeding frenzy led to increased ratings and sales for all who took part on the
media side, and presented the public relations professionals with a free advertising
opportunity, whilst diverting attention from matters that are far more important than the
private life of a sportsman, even if he is the world‟s richest and most famous.

The main long-term goal of the crime network‟s concerted action in this matter is to widen
their future scope for action, by convincing the public that the domestic affairs of
“celebrities” are automatically of public interest and that those who claim the right to
privacy are hypocrites. The deceptive argument used is that celebrities owe—either directly
through television viewers, moviegoers or other ticket-buying fans, or indirectly through
the public buying products they have endorsed—their earnings to the public, and are thus
answerable to them for their private life.

This premise is of course false; what the Jews celebrating the humbling of Woods now refer
to as “the new rules in the age of” is just a Mishpucka trick to give their criminal
media even more power than it already has by allowing them openly now to use Internet
blogs and scandal sheets as accomplices who soften up celebrities for the kill before they
move in and apply the finishing touches, in what is little more than a form of modern-day

It is for this reason that the suspicion is growing that Woods was deliberately set up in a
diabolical sting. The circumstantial evidence of the numerous public relations and
communications agencies that were ready within hours to offer Woods unsolicited advice is
just that, circumstantial evidence. What is more important in determining that this was a
Mishpucka scam is the timeline of events and the personages involved.

Here is the timeline:

      On November 25 the National Enquirer publishes a story in which “friends” of Uchitel
       are quoted stating that Woods was having an affair with the New York nightclub
      On November 27, Woods has his accident
      Immediately after the incident, begins making allegations linking the
       accident with Uchitel
      Uchitel initially issues denials and conducts interviews with, among others,
       Mishpucka gossip rag the New York Post pretending to be angry at the claims that she
       has been having an affair with Woods
      She then flies to Los Angeles to meet with Allred, who works out a strategy of leaking
       stories to, Radar Online and other outlets in order to put pressure on
       Woods to pay her for her silence
      On December 1 the FHP issues Woods with a $164 fine for careless driving and four
       demerit points against his driver's licence and announces that he will not be facing
       criminal charges
      On December 2 US Weekly magazine publishes a cover story saying a Los Angeles
       cocktail waitress claims she had a 31-month long affair with Woods
      A few hours later Woods posts a note on his website acknowledging unspecified
       “transgressions”, apologizing for his behavior and asking the media to respect his
      On the same day Allred announces that Uchitel will be speaking about her
       “relationship” with Woods at a press conference for the following day
      On the morning of December 3 a series of damaging stories that Uchitel and Allred
       have leaked begin to emerge, including: a story on that the fight at Woods‟
       home on the morning of the crash had been triggered by a series of text messages
       between Woods and Uchitel; a story involving Woods and Uchitel taking prescription
       sleeping drug Ambien before sex; another involving a text message about an erotic
       dream which Woods had shared with Uchitel; reports on Radar that Uchitel has saved
       hundreds of text messages from Woods; and a TMZ report including an email from
       Woods friend Byron Bell to Uchitel showing that Bell coordinated Uchitel's travel to
      On the same day Allred, citing “unforeseen circumstances”, cancels the scheduled
       press conference about an hour before it is set to begin
      In subsequent days more women are linked to Woods, Allred attempts to set up
       another blackmail sting by announcing she has two more women willing to go public
       with allegations of their affairs with Woods, and Woods apologizes again and
       announces he will be quitting golf for an indefinite period to concentrate on his

In the end Radar Online reported that Woods had reached an agreement in which Uchitel
would receive "more than one million but less than three million" dollars to not reveal
information about their relationship. Clearly Uchitel had sent the emails and other details
of her relationship with Woods to as part of a massive blackmail scam in which
each of the players—Uchitel, Allred, Levin of and Perel of Radar Online and the
National Enquirer—are Jews. And who was representing Woods in his negotiations with the
blackmailer and her Mishpucka associates? Two more Jews: his IMG agent Mark Steinberg
and high profile Orlando attorney Mark NeJame, who promotes himself as the “the Johnnie
Cochran of Central Florida”. Reports that the sting had been successful was confirmed
when Allred‟s daughter Lisa Bloom, who is a “legal analyst” for CBS, stated on The Early
Show on 4 December that a confidential settlement worth "at least a million dollars" had
been struck. On December 8 it emerged that Woods had engaged yet another Mishpucka law
firm, Los Angeles-based “reputation management” specialists Lavely & Singer. Perhaps he
imagines that if he hires a Mishpucka firm for every mistress, the crime gang will get off his
Are Americans really so stupid as to allow this Jewish Crime Network to continually play
these tricks? If all these vultures making money off Woods had been, say, Korean-
Americans, surely it would have been worthy of mention? Every time you dig deep into any
similar “scandal” and you will discover a veritable Purim party, in which Jewish
sextortionists, TV talking heads, bloggers, scandal sheet writers, mainstream newspaper
columnists, attorneys, PR advisers and “handwriting experts” come together to make
Haman‟s Ears of some Gentile celebrity.

Let‟s consider some of the Jews involved in this story.

When Rachel Uchitel, the New York party girl whose leaks to the National Enquirer triggered
this media frenzy got on the plane to Los Angeles to meet with Gloria Allred, it became
clear: (1) that, despite her denials, she was the one who had tipped off the gutter press;
and (2) that she would be blackmailing Woods. So it came as no great surprise when, in the
spirit of Mishpucka boxing promoter Bob Arum, who famously said "Yesterday I was lying;
today I'm telling the truth", Uchitel let it be known on December 2 that she would be
reversing her repeated denials of an affair with Woods at a press conference scheduled for
the next day. It came as even less of a surprise when, a few hours before the press
conference was to commence, her legal pimp Allred announced that it had been cancelled
due to “unforeseen circumstances”. Most people would imagine that, far from being
“unforeseen”, Uchitel had had those very “circumstances” uppermost in her mind as she
was flying across the country to meet Allred.

What kind of disgusting criminal leaks emails and text messages to the press as blackmail. Is
this not a crime? Why is Uchitel and Allred‟s blackmail not being investigated? Amidst all the
millions of words the crime network has already written excoriating Woods for his affairs
and for crashing into a fire hydrant and a tree, and seeking to have him jailed for these
“crimes”, it is very instructive that not one word has been uttered criticizing Uchitel and
asking why the police do not investigate her for attempted blackmail. Is it because
extortion rackets perpetrated by the Jewish crime gang, from the “sextortion”, which Jews
such as Monica Lewinsky, Chandra Levy, Golan Cipel and WWI spy Mata Hari have made their
own, to the Kosher Food Tax, are now constitutionally guaranteed rights, which it would be
a “hate crime” to investigate?

What about Woods‟ agent, Mark Steinberg, who is Jewish? Given that Forbes recently
estimated that Woods has earned more than a billion dollars since turning pro in 1996, it is
highly likely that the sports marketing agency Steinberg works for, IMG, has made at least
nine figures from Woods in that time. PGA TOUR commissioner Tim Finchem, who is also
Jewish, earned $5.2 million last year from his role, which mainly comprises leveraging
Woods‟ immense popularity in the negotiation of TV advertising contracts and the
sanctioning of accredited tournaments which make money for the TOUR. Five of his fellow
PGA TOUR executives also made seven figure sums in 2008. Are these Jews allowing their
fellow Mishpucka members to kill the golden goose? Or do they know something we don‟t;
i.e. that after the storm blows over it will be business as usual?
How can a small segment numbering between five and ten per cent of the US population 2
arrogate to itself the high responsibility of dictating how America thinks, what it reads
about, cares about, gossips about? If this segment of the population is constantly pandering
to the lowest common denominator by promoting, the National Enquirer, US
Weekly and Vivid Entertainment as legitimate part of the media and entertainment
landscape, then surely they are causing great harm to the body politic and must be divested
of their power? It is deceptive for them to say “that‟s what the public wants”; for why if
not because of media conditioning can public tastes have so changed in fifty years that
television, movies, radio, and the newspaper and periodical press are almost
unrecognizable from what they used to be?

The Mishpucka has conditioned the public into accepting as legitimate “entertainment”
which reflects their own Talmud-approved preoccupation with sex and smut, but this was a
preoccupation of which the other 280 million Americans had, until recently, been mercifully
free. And notice the kinds of alternative media that have NOT been officially embraced by
the mainstream Jewish media. is now officially an acceptable source of
information in “respected” newspapers; the message of the Jewish mainstream media over
the past two weeks is crystal clear: “We‟re living in the age of Celebrity gossip
*is* the news. Deal with it”. Yet and other websites and blogs that
discuss 9-11, Israel, the USS Liberty attack, the Moon Landing Hoax, the Holohoax, the
criminal Iraq and Afghan wars, and the theft of the land of the Palestinian people and their
subsequent brutal oppression by Israel, are never so much as mentioned, let alone given
the seal of approval by the Jewish mainstream media liars.

In his anecdote about Howard Dean on his 26 November 2009 audio file, Hufschmid revealed
something that had escaped my notice. I, like him, had blithely assumed, when I had first
heard about the “Dean Scream”, that the man was crazy and thus clearly unsuited for high
office. While considering myself to be quite knowledgeable about the many deceptions of
the crime network, I could barely have imagined that they would attempt such a blatant
con as to mute the noise being made by the crowd while magnifying that made by Dean in
order to present Dean‟s exclamation as an inappropriate harbinger of mental illness. The
net result: the ineffective Kerry wins the nomination. Are there any depths to which these
liars are not prepared to stoop?

     The official demographic data representing Jews as comprising two to three per cent of the US population is a carefully cultivated
    deception intended primarily to disarm Gentile fears of Jews‟ great and ever-increasing political and economic power and dominance
    of the professions, the media and academia. Secondarily this deception is intended to subtly underpin the Holocaust myth of six
    million dead Jews in WWII. I estimated that there are approximately 21 million Jews in America, or seven per cent of the population;
    in other countries where Jews are to be found in significant numbers a similar game is being played. Thus whilst there are officially
    only 200,000 Jews in Argentina, credible reports suggest the real number is at least 2 million. There are reportedly less than 300,000
    Jews in the UK; but the real figure is likely at least 1.5 million.

    Mark Twain noticed this phenomenon as long ago as In 1898, and following a correspondence on the subject in Harper‟s Magazine,
    wrote privately to a Jewish friend:

                    When I read in the C. B. [„Cyclopedia Britannica] that the Jewish population of the United States was 250,000, I wrote
          the editor, and explained to him that I was personally acquainted with more Jews than that in my country, and that his figures
          were without a doubt a misprint for 25,000,000. I also added that I was personally acquainted with that many there; but that
          was only to raise his confidence in me, for it was not true.

                    His answer miscarried, and I never got it; but I went around talking about the matter, and people told me they had
          reason to suspect that for business reasons many Jews whose dealings were mainly with the Christians did not report
          themselves as Jews in the census. It looked plausible; it looks plausible yet. Look at the city of New York; and look at Boston,
          and Philadelphia, and New Orleans, and Chicago, and Cincinnati, and San Francisco - how your race swarms in those places!
But why did Dean not complain? The simple answer is FEAR. The animating principle of the
Jews‟ political despotism is fear, just as the animating principle of their social despotism,
as promoted through their media, which moulds public opinion to their ends, is envy.
Having such power vested in the hands of a close-knit, internationally dispersed and
nepotistic minority group, with a millennia-spanning history of violent conflict with every
host populations amongst whom they have lived, is a recipe for disaster. Because they are
aliens everywhere they make their home, they want to be feared, so that the likes of Dean
and others who might pose a threat to them politically think twice. Because the only threat
to their dominance is if the different peoples among whom they dwell begin to perceive
them as the common enemy, they use their media to promote envy and hatred across
ethnic lines, between men and women, rich and poor, young and old, government workers
and productive laborers.

Because the Jews have a complete monopoly of media, and even so-called alternatives such
as PBS and NPR are just as tightly controlled by them, there is no incentive for them not to
lie. And there is no incentive to tell small lies rather than big lies. Even if the Dean
deception, which undoubtedly changed the course of the 2004 Democratic presidential
nomination Democratic, had been discovered at the time, the Jews would have simply
admitted that “mistakes were made”, made scapegoats of a couple of mid-ranking
executives or reporters, and moved on to their next crime. There is ample proof that each
and every one of the Jewish newspapers, TV networks and Hollywood studios is lying to us
on an almost daily basis, yet we continue to ignore the harm they are doing to us.

We see Jews‟ relativistic approach to truth cascade down from the Talmud-enjoined Kol
Nidre oath to Berezovsky‟s rat/hamster comparison to the words of Mishpucka boxing
promoter Bob Arum and actions of criminals like Uchitel and Allred. America today is in dire
need of a media that rejects these lies in favor of a balanced depiction of reality. In such a
world, Woods‟ minor accident would take up a small space in the sports section of the
newspaper, and might mention a brief notice in the nightly roundup of TV sports news. His
sex life would be a private matter. Such a media would encourage serious journalists to
pursue real stories, such as the dereliction of duty by members of America‟s executive,
legislature and judiciary, the corruption of its major institutions by a hidden despotic
money power and the perversion of its foreign policy by a criminal network.

If we do not get such a media—and soon—, I fear for the Jews. Those who sow the wind will
reap the whirlwind. If Jews do not voluntarily give up their dominant position in the US and
world media, they will come to believe that nothing is beyond them; that every crime they
commit can be covered up; that all their rats can be turned into hamsters. Such would be a
massive mistake to make for such purportedly intelligent people. Jews have at one time or
another been expelled from virtually civilized locality they have ever inhabited. They need
to heed the lessons of history and not be seduced by their current dominance in the United
States into believing that they cannot be toppled from their eminent position.

It is always when they are at the apogee of chutzpah, as now in America, that Jews face
the greatest danger. When Bernie Madoff‟s wife is blaming it all on the Gentiles; when the
government has borrowed $11 trillion in fake money from Jewish bankers only to give away
this same money to Jewish speculators and swindlers at AIG and Goldman Sachs in a sham
“bailout”, while leaving taxpayers with the burden of massive interest payments on what is
effectively an un-repayable debt; when it emerges that Jews have perpetrated a massive
scam in which all the gold in Fort Knox has been replaced with bars of gold-plated tungsten;
when Vivid Entertainment puts out press releases offering “any woman who has proof she
was a paramour of Tiger Woods” $1 million to become a porn star—that is when ordinary
Jews ought to tremble. For they must know that the inevitable backlash cannot be far
away. If they do not heed the lessons of history they face a real holocaust that will make
even the mythical Shoah of the Wiesels, Wiesenthals, Lipstadts and other cult priests of the
Holohoax, seem like a garden party by comparison.

If any reader still considers that the Mishpucka orchestrated media assault and extortion
scam that Woods has faced is acceptable, because “he‟s a public figure”, or “the media
attention is the trade off for all the money he earns”, or “he‟s Cablinasian”, or “I just don‟t
like him”, let them consider the following facts.

The Mishpucka, through Mossad-front companies like Amdocs, Verint Systems (formerly
Comverse Infosys) and Odigo can track and listen to every single phone call that is made in
the United States. Amdocs provides billing and directory assistance for 90 per cent of the
phone companies in the USA. The company‟s main computer center for billing is located in
Israel and allows those with access to do what intelligence agencies call "traffic analysis",
i.e. create a picture of someone's activities based on a pattern of who they are calling and
when they are calling. Verint Systems subcontracts the installation of automatic tapping
equipment which is built into every phone system in America. The company maintains its
own connections to this phone tapping network, insisting that it is "for maintenance
purposes only".

Amdocs was implicated in leaking police phone data in a 1997 Los Angeles police
investigation of a major Israeli crime gang involved in cocaine and ecstasy distribution and
credit card fraud. Leaking of confidential information about the on-going investigation to
Israeli criminals by employees of Amdocs resulted in the collapse of the case. Odigo
provides the core message passing system for all instant messaging services. Two hours—i.e.
before the planes had even taken off, from their airport terminals where security was
controlled by Israeli company ICTS—before the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Towers,
Odigo employees received a warning to vacate their offices, which are located just two
blocks from the former location of the WTC complex.

In 2001 a four-part series of reports by Fox News on Israeli spying on America before and
after September 11, 2001 named Amdocs as a major source of covert spying information for
Israel through the telecommunication products it sells and systems and services it operates
and offers. Amdocs products are widely used by the US telecommunications industry and
government agencies like the NSA and DEA.

The Ken Starr report on Whitewater describes how former President Bill Clinton warned
Monica Lewinsky that a foreign government was tapping their phone calls. At the same
time, President Clinton ordered the FBI to stop looking for the Israeli mole, code-named
Mega, who was known to be operating inside the White House and coordinating the spying
activities against him. The timeline suggests that Clinton was blackmailed into calling off
the FBI‟s hunt for “Mega” with the threat of a recorded phone sex session being made
public. This Mega is reputed to have been Rahm Emmanuel, President Obama‟s current

Mossad through its front companies is able to blackmail American politicians, celebrities,
government officials, corporate executives, scientists and others by gathering confidential
information about them using sophisticated listening devices which cannot be found,
because they are built into the phone systems themselves.

In part one of the Fox News report a US government official confirmed that “hard evidence
existed” linking the events of 9/11 not to Arab Muslims, but to some of the more than 200
Israeli spies arrested both before and after 9/11, but that this evidence had since become
"classified". The members of the US media that are aware of these facts without making
them know to America are traitors to the American people.

Perhaps not everyone in America is having multiple affairs with nightclub floozies and
cocktail waitresses across America. Yet everyone has private information, not necessarily
about illegal acts, that they do not wish to be made public. If that information has ever
been alluded to in a phone call, then they can be sure that Mossad, through Amdocs and
Verint Systems has access to it and may be using it at some point in the future. And do you
know the biggest irony of all? These companies have been built up with the approximately
$10 billion a year which the United States gives to Israel each year.

In 1997 Ennis Cosby, son of comedian Bill Cosby, was murdered by a Ukrainian-born Jewish
immigrant to America named Mikhail Markhasev. Police later confirmed that Markhasev had
known links to that Mafia, composed of Jewish immigrants to Israel and the West from the
former Soviet republics, which is routinely—and deceptively—described by the mainstream
media as the “Russian Mafia”. It was subsequently reported that Cosby senior had been the
victim of an extortion attempt by this new Jewish crime gang, which has aggressively
entered the United States and Western countries since the fall of the Soviet Union, and
whose operations are causing grave concern within the traditional Mishpucka.

This Jewish Mafia was threatening to reveal details of Cosby‟s numerous extra-marital
relationships if he did not pay up. Clearly, an ex-Soviet Israeli working at Amdocs or Verint
Systems—then Comverse Infosys—had gotten hold of sensitive details of Cosby‟s private life
on behalf of the crime gang, which had then used this information to blackmail Cosby.
When he refused, his son was killed in retaliation, with the murder being presented as a
car-jacking gone wrong, even though there were no signs of robbery at the crime scene:
neither Cosby junior‟s $125,000 Mercedes sports car nor any of his belongings were stolen.
The conviction and life imprisonment of Markhasev was a warning by the traditional
Mishpucka to the new entrants that their unauthorized operations were impeding long-term
goals and would henceforth be punished. The media coverage quashed all speculation about
the true motives of this strange crime, which was anything BUT a robbery gone wrong.

I am appealing to Jews in the media to reconsider the way they are currently using their
privileged position to promote lies, decadence, materialism, hedonism, pornography and
other false values. Let them consider that they are occupying a very exposed advance guard
position on behalf of the usurocracy which gives them their marching orders. The hysterical
coverage of Woods‟ numerous affairs by the very media that is promoting sexual deviancy
and immorality in a bid to break down the family, the basic unit of social organization, is
the ultimate in Jewish chutzpah.

The media Jews‟ campaign on behalf of the usurocracy is designed to break down the
family and every subsequent unit of social organization up to and including the state, in
order to clear the ground for the latter‟s planned one-world government in which the
remaining Gentiles would be enslaved to Jews. Proof of this program is available in
documentary form, not only in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion 3, but in the
Talmud, the Zohar, the famous letter from Baruch Levy to Karl Marx that was published by
'La Revue de Paris' in 1928, and the funeral oration for the Grand Rabbi Simeon-ben-Ihuda
delivered in Prague in 1869 by Rabbi Reichhorn.

Being highly visible, they will be the first to be eliminated when the inevitable backlash
materializes. There are just two conceivable alternatives to a defeat and disaster that, in
this age of nuclear technology, will result in the virtual wiping out of the world‟s Jewish
population and many millions more innocent Gentiles. Either Gentiles will reconcile
themselves to a future as slaves to the Jews or Jews will voluntarily set aside their hatred
of the rest of the world and renounce their claims to world sovereignty.

Jews have proved over the past century, with their lies, their slaughter of over 100 million
non-Jews in two world wars, in massacres in Russia, the Ukraine, across Eastern Europe and
everywhere else they have spread their communist poison, in Palestine and Iraq and
Afghanistan, and through their fraudulent debt-bearing fiat “money”—which is no money at
all—that has placed the entire world under the burden of an un-repayable debt, that there
can be no co-existence unless they foreswear their dreams of world sovereignty and join
the human race.

     This book was first published in Tsarskoe-Tselo (Russia) in 1901, with a copy lodged at the British Library in 1906. That a document
    first published in 1901 should have predicted: the US Central Bank (Federal Reserve) and graduated income tax (both 1913); the
    growth in presidential power (the usurped right to declare war; Roosevelt‟s declaration of US bankruptcy as a precursor to the
    beginning of rule by unconstitutional Executive Order 1933)); two World Wars (1914 and 1939); the promotion of Darwinism and
    Freudianism as the twin pillars of science-as-religion upon which our ethical understanding rest; derivatives trading, “hedge funds”,
    “currency speculation”, “junk bonds” and other financial manipulations orchestrated by Jews; complete global consolidation of press
    control in Jewish hands; the proliferation of national and international sporting events and competitions that would be used as
    “bread and circuses” entertainments to pacify the masses; the collapse of European monarchies; the Bolshevik Revolution; the Great
    Depression caused by the arbitrary cutting-off of credit; graduated income taxes and crippling land and inheritance taxes; and the
    resurgence of Israel should both impress any thoughtful reader and rule out the Jewish “Tsarist forgery” hypothesis. The Protocols
    also predict how, “at a time of their choosing”, the Jewish Elders will bring the whole unsupportable edifice crashing down, leading
    to depression, mass starvation and a war which has been centuries in the planning, and which will herald the coming of their blood
    despot of the throne of Zion.

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