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					Pro bono point]
     starting             [ Charting the impact of our attorneys’ pro bono service ]             September 2006 Volume 2 Issue 3

                                                                                                                  IN THIS ISSUE
There are many great reasons for doing pro bono work, and New York partner Eric Kraus                           Pro Bono Focus
says it best: “Because people need your help and your expertise.” The September issue
                                                                                                                  Office Updates
of the firm’s pro bono newsletter is full of inspiring stories about Sedgwick lawyers who
have made an important difference in someone’s life. Of note, our Orange County office                                Fast Facts
has recently completed a number of significant and interesting matters. Three senior                                    In Focus
lawyers in San Francisco have completed stints trying cases for the Marin County District
                                                                                                           New Matters Opened
Attorney’s Office. And two of our Los Angeles attorneys have been recognized for their
                                                                                                           Pro Bono Committee
outstanding community service. Dare to make a difference. Ask the pro bono partner in
your office what you can do. Now.

– Randall Block, Co-Chair
  Wendy Tucker, Co-Chair

Pro Bono Focus: Sedgwick Attorneys Earn Recognition for Public Service
Two of our Los Angeles attorneys have been honored for their dedication and contributions to public
service and to the legal profession.

                                             Sheryl Pilch was         Orly Degani was featured among attorneys named “2006
                                             named a runner-up        Southern California Rising Stars” in honor of her commitment
                                             for the 2006 Jack        to protecting animal rights and her advocacy for the humane
                                             Berman Award             treatment of animals. A founder and chair of the Los Angeles
                                             of Achievement           County Bar Association’s Animal Issues Committee and Los
                                             by the California        Angeles Lawyers for Animals, Orly handles and consults on
                                             Young Lawyers            a variety of animal law related cases on a pro bono basis,
                                             Association (CYLA).      and is involved
                                             The organization         in spearheading
                                             originally established   legislation aimed at
the award to recognize the achievements in public service of          improving the status
a young lawyer who is in his or her first five years of practice.     and treatment of
In 1993 the award was renamed in memory of Jack Berman,               animals. Orly was
a young lawyer who demonstrated outstanding service to                featured on the
the profession and the public by providing substantial pro            cover of the special
bono legal assistance. Sheryl will be presented with the              section of Los
Individual Award of Achievement for Distinguished Service to          Angeles Magazine
the Profession and the Public at the October 2006 State Bar           (July 2006), as well as the front cover of the 2006 Super
Annual Meeting in Monterey, California.                               Lawyers-Rising Stars stand-alone edition (Summer 2006).
                                                                                                               Pro bono point]

Office Updates
CHICAGO                                                          in the approval of over five adoptions        Roy Kim assisted grandparents in
Attorneys in the Chicago office continue                         and two successful conservatorship/           the adoption of their grandchildren
to represent minor children through                              custody changes. The Dallas office goal       from the mother, who has a history of
Chicago Volunteer Legal Services’                                for 2006 is for successful completion of      substance abuse issues.
(CVLS) Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)                                   all DVAP projects filed in 2005.
program and have undertaken other pro                                                                          Alexander Gareeb completed the Los
bono assignments as well. Sedgwick                               LOS ANGELES                                   Angeles County Bar Trial Advocacy
will again serve as a “Captain’s Level”                          The LA office has remained busy               Project (TAP), through which he served
sponsor for CVLS’ annual “Race                                   assisting families with adoptions.            as a volunteer deputy district attorney
Judicata 2006 Sprint for Justice,” which                         Arameh Zargham represented a                  for the County of Ventura for five
last year raised $150,000.                                       woman and her mother in the adoption          weeks. During this time, Alex tried six
                                                                 of a 13-year-old girl whose mother            cases (five jury trials and one bench
On July 12, 2006, the Chicago office                             committed suicide several years ago.          trial), and participated in numerous
sponsored a hole at the Chicago Bar                              She helped to finalize the adoption           suppression and preliminary hearings.
Foundation’s First Annual Summer                                 process within a short period of time         Due to his hard work and success, the
Associate Mini-Golf Tournament.                                  and assisted the women in obtaining           Los Angeles County Bar Association
Sedgwick had three competitive teams                             the girl’s medical and family history,        invited Alex to the TAP Fellowship
who displayed exceptional mini-golf                              along with her biological father’s            Program, which allows Alex to continue
skills at the tournament, and fun was                            contact information.                          to serve as a volunteer attorney at any
had by all who participated. The Chicago                                                                       of the prosecuting agencies.
Bar Foundation helps thousands of low-                           Valerie Rojas and Crystal Lautrup
income and disadvantaged residents                               represented a couple in their petition to     ORANGE COUNTY
of the Chicago area community by                                 adopt a 4-year old boy and 1-year-old         Michael E. Fox led a team of Sedgwick
enabling them to obtain critical legal                           girl. They also successfully obtained         attorneys representing the southern
information, advice and assistance.                              a retroactive pay rate increase for the       California rock band SUPERNOVA in a
                                                                 adoptive parents from the Department          battle against CBS Broadcasting, Inc.
                                                                 of Children and Family Services.
                                                                                                                                           (Continued on p.3)

                                                                                                FA S T FA C T S
                                                                    The American Lawyer published its annual pro bono rankings of the nation’s 200
                                                                    largest law firms (July 2006). The publication ranks firms based on per capita
                                                                    pro bono hours and the number of firm lawyers who perform at least 20 hours of
                                                                    service annually. Sedgwick was among 10 law firms that recorded the largest year-
Sitting (left to right): Nicholas Butovich; Cynthia Arrotti
Carter; Rachel Kiley; Frank Valenti. Standing (left to right):      to-year gain in the rankings: A jump of 55 from 2005 to 2006.
Theresa Biedermann (summer associate); Andrew Wone
(summer associate); Scott Braun; Jenna Buda; David
Goldhaber; Eileen Navarro; Thomas Brusstar; Sam Rainey
                                                                                   The 10 firms whose rankings rose the most
                                                                           FIRM                 2006 RANK    2005 RANK      RANK DIFFERENCE
                                                                           Saul Ewing              65          162                97
                                                                           McKenna Long           109          200                91
Dallas associates and partners                                             Sedgwick, Detert       145          200                55
continue to work on behalf of children’s                                   Fragomen, Del Rey      150          200                50
rights in association with the Dallas                                      Bell, Boyd             110          159                49
Volunteer Attorney Program (DVAP).                                         Robins, Kaplan          11           53                42
                                                                           Milbank, Tweed          33           74                41
Dallas attorneys are assisting with
                                                                           Lowenstein Sandler      41           80                39
numerous issues, including parental                                        Stoel Rives            132          171                39
rights, child support, custody, and                                        Manatt, Phelps          99          135                36
adoptions in the family court system of                                                                                     (The American Lawyer, July 2006)

Dallas, County. Many of these matters
are complicated either by difficulty in                             Illinois Becomes a Mandatory Reporting State for Pro Bono
finding the original birth parents or                               The Illinois Supreme Court now requires lawyers in the state to report, at their
when the estranged parents resist to                                annual registration, the approximate number of voluntary hours given to pro bono
alter custody despite not having been                               service during the preceding 12 months as well as the amount of any monetary
involved in the child’s life. To date, the                          contribution to a legal services organization that helps persons of limited means.
Dallas office has assisted as guardians

September 2006 Pro Bono Starting Point Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold LLP

  In Focus
                                            Calling All First-Year Associates

                                             You are experiencing sleepless              lawyers in the firm never hurts.
                                             nights, anxiety about your career           Taking on pro bono work on top
                                             choice, and you are worried about           of your firm obligations identifies
                                             your student loans. It is no wonder         you as a self-starter. Firms are
                                             that most young associates feel             eager and willing to promote hard-
                                             like you do when it comes to pro            working and motivated individuals.
                                             bono publico—“‘Pro bono publico’?!
                                             What about pro bono me?” It seems           Let’s not minimize the most
  Addressing the need and                    as though committing to that most           fundamental reason for doing pro
  importance for new lawyers to              time-honored tradition of the bar,          bono work: It’s needed. There
  undertake pro bono work, New York          pro bono activities, at this point in       really is no time like the present,
  partner Eric Kraus wrote “Top 5            your life is simply a bad idea. But         even for first-year lawyers, to
  Reasons Not to Do Pro Bono Work            you couldn’t be more wrong.                 become involved in pro bono
  as a First-Year Associate … But a                                                      activities. They can provide you
  Lot Better Ones Why You Should!”.          First, pro bono opportunities allow         with invaluable lawyering lessons,
  Here’s a preview of his article,           young lawyers to go where they              make you feel good about yourself
  which will appear in the September         may not otherwise get a chance              and your decision to become a
  issue of New York Law Journal              for years: the courtroom. Pro bono          lawyer, allow others to see you in

  Magazine.                                  can give young lawyers real client          a different light and help burnish
                                             contact, valuable lessons in plotting       your and your firm’s reputation.
  You have just begun your career            case strategy.
  as a lawyer. You have chosen a                                                         Yes, it may be hard and may add

  profession that is competitive,            Second, the impressions that such           to the already stressful life of new
  overwhelming, and all-consuming.           volunteerism can make on senior             lawyers. But the rewards, well,
                                                                                         they’re priceless.

Office Updates (continued)

and Mark Burnett Productions, Inc.          resolution to the dispute. The team          of the sex offender were balanced such
over trademark rights. SUPERNOVA            included Orange County managing              that neither his family nor his innocent
has used its trademarked band name          partner Curtis Parvin, associate             son would be significantly affected.
since 1989. The band has released           David Collins, summer associate Dan
several full-length studio recordings and   Bane, LA partner Jim Holmes and LA           Curtis Parvin and Deanna
toured extensively across the United        associate Aaron Rudin.                       Spelber assisted the South County
States and Canada. The dispute arose                                                     BlueJays Baseball Club in returning
when producer Mark Burnett teamed           Jonathan Dunn helped Tustin Western          to compliance with the California
up with CBS for a second season of          Little League (TWLL) develop a               Secretary of State and the IRS. A
the hit reality television show Rockstar:   response protocol after it discovered        nonprofit youth baseball organization
INXS — but this time around, built the      that the parent of a child playing in the    dedicated to developing players for
show around a new band calling itself       league was listed as a convicted sex         the game and in life, the club ceased
“Supernova.”                                offender in California. Jonathan helped      operations in 2003 after failing to file
                                            TWLL communicate with potentially            the necessary tax paperwork to qualify
Though the case has since been              affected parents and developed policies      for income tax exemption. Deanna
transferred to an IP firm, our attorneys    and procedures to protect the children.      prepared and filed the organization’s
served several cease and desist letters     As a result of his efforts, the children’s   federal and California tax filings, and
and also met with Mark Burnett’s            safety was secured, concerns of parents      convinced the IRS to waive penalties
attorney in an attempt to negotiate a       were addressed, and the privacy rights       of as much as $20,000. Upon approval

                                                                                                Pro bono point]

          Office Updates (continued)

          by the franchise Tax Board, the            for Justice Special Education Law          recognition as community service.
          organization will be in good standing      Project (VLJ). Steven Stringer             A group of San Francisco attorneys
          and able to resume operations.             and Stephanie Skowronski are               participated in the San Francisco
                                                     representing a mother in securing          Habitat for Humanity build in July
          Colin McCarthy is continuing his work      a more suitable and less restrictive       as part of Sedgwick’s participation
          on the U. S. Bankruptcy Court pro se       educational program for her son.           in the Bay Area’s “Buildable Hours”
          debtor’s panel, counseling debtors on      Currently, the boy is in a self-           program. Our attorneys helped
          Chapter 7 bankruptcy petitions and         contained class, where he is given         to finish work on various homes
          reaffirmation agreements.                  little guidance and structure. Steven      in San Francisco’s Outer Mission
                                                     is helping to facilitate a meeting         District, and also began work on
          NEWARK                                     between the mother, the school’s           the new homes to be constructed in
          The Newark office received its first       guidance counselor and a child study       that project. The organization was
          matter through Volunteer Lawyers           team to discuss the boy’s education        extremely appreciative of Sedgwick’s
                                                     for next year.                             generous donation and all the hard
                                                                                                work by our volunteers, which included
        New Pro Bono Matters Opened                  David Cassidy has been retained by         attorneys Steve Burke, Michael Fox,
                                                     Independent Living Association, Inc.,      Michael Lum, Amber Rye Brumfiel,
        ATTORNEY              CASE TYPE
                                                     in New York to provide employment          Derek Johnson, and our summer
        Dallas                                                                                  associates, Alison Williams, Andrew

                                                     advice and counseling to the nonprofit
        Wayne Mason           Breach of contract/                                               King and PJ Johnson.
                                                     organization’s board of directors
        Katherine Binns       collection
                                                     regarding wage and hour and deferred
        Los Angeles
                                                     compensation issues.
        Valerie Rojas and     Adoption
        Crystal Lautrup
                                                     NEW YORK
        Roy Kim               Adoption
        Arameh Zargham        Adoption               The New York office has become a
                                                     member of the New York Lawyers
        San Francisco
                                                     for the Public Interest (NYLPI), a
        Veena Mitchell         Arbitration
        Angela Fiorentino-Rios Guardianship          nonprofit civil rights organization that
                                                     assists underrepresented individuals
                                                     in developing legal strategies to serve

        Lisa Henderson        Adoption
                                                     themselves and their communities.
                                                     Our attorneys will contribute to
        Los Angeles
        Alex Gareeb           Los Angeles County
                                                     NYLPI by taking on pro bono work           Pro Bono Committee
                              Bar Trial Advocacy
                                                     and through an annual membership           Randall Block, Co-Chair              SF    x1517
                              Project (TAP)          contribution.                              Wendy Tucker, Co-Chair               LA    x8065
        New Jersey                                                                              Jim Conlon                           CH    x1979
        Tom Robertson,       Educational law
                                                     The office sponsored Advocates             Thomas Delaney                       OC    x7806
        Steven Singer and                            for Children’s (AFC) second annual         Eric Kraus                           NY    x4032
        Stephanie Skowronski                         New York Summer Benefit for young          Kurt Meaders                         DL    x4616
                                                     professionals in July. Sedgwick was        Thomas Robertson                     NJ    x1105
        New York
                                                     a named sponsor of the event, called       Amy Halverson                        SF    x3431
        Joseph Smick          Rewrite of corporate
                              by-laws                “Cocktails, Cupcakes, and a Cause,”
        San Francisco                                and also purchased a table for our
        Steven Burke and      Asylum case            attorneys.
                                                                                                 PRO BONO STARTING POINT
        Rebecca Biernat
        Gayle Gough           Arbitration            SAN FRANCISCO
                                                                                                 This communication is published as
                                                     Charles Murrin, Reynold Martinez            an information service for Sedgwick
        Dallas                                       and Gail Kavanagh spent several             attorneys. This edition was written and

        Jason Clark           Adoption               weeks in the shoes of assistant district    edited by Tracy Pan in the Los Angeles
                                                     attorneys through the San Francisco         office. For more information, contact:
        San Francisco                                                                            Tracy Pan
        Beach Kuhl            Arbitration            office’s secondment program with the
        Steven Burke,         Breach of contract     Marin County District Attorney’s Office.
        Tara Condon and
                                                     Swinging a hammer may not qualify as        © 2006. Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold LLP.
        Amber Rye Brumfiel
                                                     pro bono service, but certainly merits


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