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                                                                                                                    THE PULSE OF SAN QUENTIN
POPULATION: 5,063                               January/February 2011                      SAN QUENTIN, CALIFORNIA 94964                                                VOL. 2011 NO. 1

     50-Mile Run Helps                                                               S.Q. News                      Prison Crowding
      Marin Food Bank                                                             The San Quentin News is           Decisions Expected
                                                                                 available at its own website:
                                         walked. Regardless of each in-
                                         dividual’s prominence, the end                 By MICHEAL COOKE                  August 2009 ruling that would
                                         result was 50 miles of charitable       We welcome and encourage              Journalism Guild Writer            require the state to reduce its
                                         running.                                     your feedback.                   The biggest issue facing Cali-     inmate population by nearly
                                            While it is unimportant who                                             fornia prisons is overcrowding,       40,000 to relieve prison over-
                                         finished the 50 miles first (that                                          and big changes are on the ho-        crowding. The San Jose Mer-
                                         honor went to the Warden’s Of-                                             rizon.                                cury News reported that one of
                                         fice Team). What is important
                                         that all the teams completed the      Farewell                                Two major issues will unfold
                                                                                                                    in the coming months: Califor-
                                                                                                                                                          the federal judges deemed con-
                                                                                                                                                          ditions so bad that inmates were

                                                                               To CCI
                                         50-mile, grueling run. I would                                                                                   “dying needlessly” on a regular
                                                                                                                    nia’s gigantic budget deficit and
                                         be remiss if I didn’t mention the                                                                                basis.
                                                                                                                    a lawsuit awaiting a decision by
                                         mileage leaders: Rudy Luna and                                                                                      David G. Savage and Carol
                                         Mary Cello. Rudy completed 28
                                         miles, while Mary completed 20
                                                                               McGarvey                             the U.S. Supreme Court.
                                                                                                                       The Supreme Court will rule
                                                                                                                                                          J. Williams of the Los Angeles
                                                                                                                                                          Times reported that the suicide
                                                                                                                    on a three-judge federal panel
                                         miles.                                      By Raphael Calix                                                     rate in California’s overcrowded
                                                                                                                    ruling that the state’s overcrowd-
                                            Many staff members spon-                Contributing Writer                                                   prisons is nearly twice the na-
                                                                                                                    ed prison system causes uncon-
                            File Photo
                                         sored the teams, either with a flat                                                                              tional average, and an average of
   Acting Warden Cullen                                                          One of San Quentin’s most          stitutionally inadequate inmate
                                         donation or a per-mile donation.                                                                                 one inmate dies every eight days
                                                                               respected correctional coun-         medical and mental health care.
  By VINCENT CULLEN                      In addition to this event, food                                                                                  from inadequate care.
                                         barrels were placed around the        selors, M. McGarvey of North         This violates prisoners’ Eighth
Acting Warden, San Quentin                                                                                                                                   The Supreme Court will de-
                                         institution and staff responded.      Block, is retiring. Because of       Amendment right against cruel
        State Prison                                                                                                                                      cide whether the three-judge
                                                                               California’s budget crunch and       and unusual punishment, the
                                             THANKS TO MANY                                                                                               panel overstepped its power to
   On the cold morning of Dec.                                                 changes in the pension system,       judges ruled.
                                                                                                                                                          order inmate releases under a
11, 2010, a group of runners hud-           San Quentin staff members          it makes financial sense for            Meantime, newly elected Gov.
                                                                                                                                                          1996 federal law, the Prison Liti-
dled under an awning in prepa-           donated over 560 pounds of food       him to leave now. Reluctantly,       Jerry Brown is grappling with a
                                                                                                                                                          gation Reform Act.
ration for a quest to run 50 miles       for the Marin Food Bank. More         Counselor McGarvey leaves his        $28 billion state budget shortfall.
                                                                                                                                                             California officials have asked
to benefit the Marin Food Bank.          importantly, the 50-mile run          “S.Q. Family” of co-workers          He is proposing several steps, in-
                                                                                                                                                          the Supreme Court to strike
   This idea was formed by Rudy          raised over $1,500 in cash dona-      and friends. Bonds formed over       cluding more prisoners staying
                                                                                                                                                          down the prisoner reduction or-
Luna, Correctional Lieutenant,           tions for the Food Bank. I must       the years will not be broken by      in county jails, or prison inmates    der because they say it violates
several months earlier and grad-         take the opportunity to thank         a well earned retirement pack-       returned to county jails.             the 1996 law. Robert Weisberg,
ually gained momentum until              various staff members who                                                     The California Legislature,
                                                                               age. As a counselor he found                                               a law professor at Stanford’s
the morning of the 11th. Thus            worked tirelessly to ensure this                                           politicians and a myriad of
                                                                               some rewarding moments while                                               Criminal Justice Center stated,
the first annual San Quentin 50-         run was successful: Rudy Luna,                                             prison administrators have been
                                                                               working with “Lifer” inmates                                               “It’s the first case really testing
mile run for charity began.              Mary Cello, Michelle Rochelle,                                             unable, or unwilling, to fix the
                                                                               in their preparation for a Board                                           this particular issue under a rela-
   Despite the cold weather,             Jenny Ray Turner, Kristine Ril-                                            state’s broken prison system
                                                                               of Parole Hearing date. He said,                                           tively new statute.”
fog and drizzle, a large num-            lon, Cheryl Beatty, Troy Kinsey                                               The high court is review-
ber of San Quentin employees             and Sam Robinson.                              See McGarvey on Page 5      ing the panel’s unprecedented                See Overcrowded on Page 5
stretched, strained and ached as            Also, I would like to thank
teams to complete 25 laps of the
San Quentin property, all for the
                                         Costco for providing bottled
                                         water and Gatorade and the San
                                         Quentin Fire Station for assist-
                                                                                              State Court’s Guidance
                                                                                              On Parole Board Denials
sake of charity. Several different
teams of staff members, some             ing with course safety and aid
as few as four runners, started          stations.
before the sunrise. Within each             The real impact of this en-
                                         tire process was our visit to the      By STEPHEN YAIR LIEBB               cision reversing a grant of parole    priate circumstances,” a court
team, there were runners who
                                                                                   Contributing Writer              suitability was not supported by      may “order that the board not
were able to maintain a blister-
                                                  See 50-Mile on Page 5           When a state court determines     “some evidence” of current dan-       base an unsuitability determi-
ing pace, while others jogged or
                                                                                                                    gerousness. A court may order         nation solely upon evidence al-
                                                                               that the Board of Parole Hear-
                                                                                                                    an inmate’s release after it de-
   New Attorney General                                                        ings has denied parole without                                             ready considered and rejected by
                                                                                                                    termines that a governor’s deci-      the board.”
                                                                               any evidence of current dan-
                                                                                                                    sion reversing a grant of parole         The California Supreme Court

  Reaffirms Prison Reform
                                                                               gerousness, the court may only
                                                                                                                    was not supported by some evi-        stated that an explicit order re-
                                                                               “direct the board to conduct a
                                                                                                                    dence of current dangerousness.       stricting the board from using
                                                                               new parole-suitability hearing.”
                                                                                                                    [In re McDonald, No B219424,          evidence already considered and
                                                                               The court may not direct the
  By ANTHONY ‘TARIQ’                     her Los Angeles counterpart,                                               ___Cal. Rptr 3d.___, 201 WL           rejected by a court is unneces-
                                                                               board to find the inmate suitable    4296703 at *9-10, Cal. Ct. App.
          FAULK                          Republican Steve Cooley.                                                                                         sary. That is because “the board
                                                                               for parole or restrict the type of   Nov. 2, 2010]
  Journalism Guild Writer                   Speaking about the need to                                                                                    is required to adhere to the deci-
                                                                               evidence the board may consider
                                         overhaul the state’s criminal jus-                                         EVIDENCE RESTRICTION                  sion of the Court of Appeal” or
  With the renowned Delancey                                                   at the hearing, according to the
                                         tice system and address its 70                                                                                   comply with an order made by a
Street rehabilitation center as                                                California Supreme Court’s de-          An order by a California
                                         percent recidivism rate, Harris                                                                                  Superior Court that was not ap-
her backdrop, Attorney Gen-              said, “This revolving door has        cision, In re Prather [50 Cal 4th    state court granting a new pa-
                                                                               238, Case No. S172903, July 29,      role hearing may not restrict the     pealed.
eral-elect Kamala Harris used            to be shut. There has to be some
                                                                               2010]                                parole board from considering            The Prather Court stated that
her first news conference since          leadership around that, and I in-
                                                                                                                    the full record in making a pa-       a court “order granting habeas
winning the race to reaffirm her         tend to be that kind of leader.”          PAROLE REVERSAL
                                                                                                                    role suitability determination.       corpus relief implicitly pre-
intention to reform prisons and             Harris made prison reform a          The California Supreme                                                   cludes the board from again
                                                                                                                    The Prather decision stated that
implement new ways of dealing            cornerstone of her campaign.
                                                                               Court, in the Prather case, only     courts may not “direct the board      denying parole” unless some
with crime and punishment.               She promised to emphasize re-
                                                                               considered what remedy a court       to reach a particular result or       additional evidence supports a
  Harris, the Democrat and for-          habilitation and figure out ways
                                                                               may order when the parole board      consider only a limited category      determination that the prisoner
mer San Francisco District At-           to divert criminals from prisons.
                                                                               denies parole. California courts     of evidence in making a suitabil-     remains currently dangerous.
torney, took over California’s           She said the lawmakers and pros-
                                                                               and federal courts may order the     ity decision.”                        That evidence can be considered
                                         ecutors should combat the social
top law enforcement office in                                                  release of an inmate after a court      However, the Prather Court
January after narrowly defeating                      See Prison on Page 5     determines that a governor’s de-     acknowledged that, “in appro-                        See State on Page 4
Page 2                                                                      SAN QUENTIN NEWS                                                           January/February 2011

     Rehabilitative Programs Reduce Recidivism
      By JUAN HAINES                     Cate was optimistic, “The re-     beds and continue to be over-            Corrections and Rehabilita-         Cate responded to reducing
   Journalism Guild Writer            ceiver had a plan to build seven     crowded. Until we figure out             tion]                            the prison population by citing
                                      prison hospitals at a billion dol-   how to reform and reorganize          California’s FY 2009-10 bud-        SB1266. He said it will “give us
   California Department of
                                      lars apiece. Within the last year,   the department so it’s efficient    get called for $1.2 billion cuts
Corrections and Rehabilitation                                                                                                                       the ability to put female inmates
                                      we’ve gotten together. He’s          and accountable, and take into      from CDCR.
(CDCR) Secretary Matthew                                                                                                                             in alternatives to incarceration,”
                                      eliminated his seven projects        consideration the limited budget      CDCR subsequently cut edu-
Cate notes the irony of Califor-      altogether and agreed that we                                                                                  while acknowledging that is a
                                                                           and what’s best for the state, I    cational, vocational, substance
nia prison policy where, due to       would build facilities that…have                                                                               pretty small part of the popula-
                                                                           don’t anticipate anything im-       abuse programs, and other pro-
the budget crisis, many rehabili-     a healthcare mission. His seven                                                                                tion.
                                                                           proving a great deal,” reported     grams for prisoners and parolees
tative programs have been cut.        projects are now one healthcare      Marisa Lagos in the San Fran-       by $250 million.                         According to a fall 2010
The irony is that research shows      facility in Stockton.”               cisco Chronicle.                                                          CDCR report, in a continuing
these are the programs neces-                                                                                      TECHNICAL ISSUES
                                            HUGE PROJECT                     AB900 projects underway or                                              effort to reduce prison over-
sary to reduce the state’s recidi-                                         in the planning stages are:            With parole violations ac-
vism rate.                               AB900 is a $7.4 billion con-                                                                                crowding and increase access
                                                                             • Medical facilities in Stock-    counting for 47 percent of re-
   Cate has managed to oversee        struction project implemented                                                                                  to health care and rehabilitation
                                                                                ton, Vacaville, Corona,        turns to prison within a three-
CDCR operations while:                by the state in response to a fed-                                                                             programs, CDCR increased its
                                                                                Paso Robles and San Luis       year period, Cate did not know
   • A $28 billion budget defi-       eral court’s determination that
                                                                                Obispo costing $1.4 billion    how many returns were for             capacity to temporarily house an
                                      California prisons are unconsti-
     cit has given rise to billion                                              for about 4,000 prisoners.     “technical violations.” [Parolees     additional 2,336 prisoners out of
                                      tutionally overcrowded.
     dollar cuts in public schools                                           • Re-entry facilities in Apple    who are returned to prison for        state, bringing the total out-of-
                                         Ryan Sherman, a spokesper-
     and other social services.                                                 Valley, Stockton, and San      noncompliance to a condition of       state beds available to 10,468.
                                      son for the prison guards’ union,
   • The U.S. Supreme Court           which opposed AB900, said the             Diego costing $442 million     parole that was not considered a         CDCR has implemented a
     will decide on a population      construction authorized by the            for 1,500 prisoners.           new crime.]
                                                                                                                                                     furlough policy that decreased
     cap for CDCR by this sum-        bill would not solve the state’s       • $453 million to add 2,942          Joan Petersilia, Stanford Law
     mer.                                                                                                                                            correctional officer pay by 14
                                      prison crisis.                            jail beds in Calaveras, Mad-   School, and an expert witness
   • A federally appointed re-                                                  era and San Diego counties,    in the overcrowding/healthcare        percent. Cate believes that the
                                         “The state cannot build its way
     ceiver is overseeing prison      out of the overcrowding prison            and a new jail for San Ber-    trial estimated that annually,        furlough affected the guards’
     healthcare with a budget         problem,” he said, “If they build         nardino County. [Source:       17,000 returns were for techni-       morale, but did not interfere with
     over $800 million.               more beds, we will fill up more           California Department of       cal violations.                       their professionalism.

Alliance for Change
Prepares Inmates
For Life Outside
   By ARNULFO GARCIA                  district attorneys, parole of-
 Journalism Guild Chairman            ficers, institutional staff, and
   Confining offenders without        community members who are
trying to change them is an ex-       crime victims.
perience of folly with short ben-        Volunteers donate time to
efits of winning battles while        assist prisoners with critically
losing the war. It is wrong. It is    needed social and interpersonal
expensive. It is stupid, according    development, resume develop-
to former U.S. Supreme Court          ment, job interview skills, bud-
Chief Justice Warren Burger.          geting and other life skills are
   San Quentin Alliance for           taught to prisoners who expect
Change is a consortium of             to be returned to their commu-
                                                                                                                                                                          Photo: Sam Robinson
prisoners, community volun-           nities.
                                                                                    Volunteers and inmate members of San Quentin’s Alliance for Change
teers, and prison staff working          Paulette Brown has been com-
                                      ing to San Quentin since the         and networking are extremely           Marvin Andrews, public rela-       formerly incarcerated men and
in conjunction to facilitate the
                                      death of her son four years ago      important to the alliance.          tions, used a quote from Jesse        women.
re-socialization of incarcerated
                                      and at the Alliance for Change          Ricky “Malik” Harris, Alli-      Jackson to express his senti-
men and to create a successful                                                                                                                           THE RIGHT IDEALS
                                      banquet, Brown spoke on behalf       ance vice chairman, remarked,       ments: “Never look down on
re-integration process into the
                                      of the survivors of crime. Brown     “…justice is not something we       someone, unless you are helping          “Employment alone will not
                                      promised to continue to partici-     choose, but something we should     them up.”                             do it unless it is inspired by the
   Alliance for Change has
                                      pate with self-help programs to      all do together.”                      Ernest W. M. Morgan VIII,          right ideals and guided by in-
formed a series of interaction
                                      understand why her son was              Naghznidl “Shahid” Rouse,        public relations co-director for      telligence. Education must not
guides for prisoners and mem-
                                      murdered, and why perpetrators                                           the San Quentin Alliance for          simply teach work skills, it must
bers of the public to use, with the                                        Education co-leader, main-
                                      commit their crimes. Her mes-                                            Change, relating the words of         teach life skills.”
goal of creating safer communi-                                            tained, “At the beginning of a
ties. The idea begins by looking      sage to the perpetrators is how                                          W.E.B. Dubois to the effects
                                                                           new journey, we are a team that                                              Acting Warden Vincent Cul-
for volunteers to donate profes-      they are hurting families and the                                        of prison said, “The problem is
                                                                           is working hard to bring change                                           len attended an event hosted by
sional expertise in the day-to-       communities. “People of vio-                                             plain before you. We are a com-
                                                                           to our communities.”                                                      the Alliance group in December
day operation of the alliance.        lence need to come out of prison                                         munity transplanted through our
                                                                              Johnny Taylor, Evaluation Ser-   own criminal actions. I want to       2010 and said he was happy to
                                      and work with the community,”
   HAVE RESERVATIONS                  Brown said. “Working with            vices co-leader, said, “The ones    say that if we don’t lift ourselves   see the beginning of the Alli-
  The Alliance actively seeks         people that hurt people heals the    who go home and struggle, only      up, the system will pull us down.     ance program. “I think that the
individuals who are involved          community.”                          to return back to prison with no    Education, employment and so-         Alliance for Change is going to
in the justice system, and law           Individuals versed in effective   programs, need to be reached        cial reintegration are the levers     be one of the premier programs
enforcement, as well as judges,       communication,        fundraising    and helped.”                        to uplift the incarcerated and        of San Quentin.”

             State Delays Awarding of Contract for Death Row
 By RICHARD HALSTEAD                     The corrections department        the awarding of the contract and    Marin Superior Court judge for        ing of the bids. Verke said Mc-
 Marin Independent Journal            has notified the three lowest bid-   kill the project. Assemblyman       a temporary restraining order, if
                                                                                                                                                     Carthy Building companies has,
                                      ders of its intention to “extend     Jared Huffman, D-San Rafael,        necessary.
   Officials with the state De-       the period of award ... to allow     met ... with high-ranking mem-         The corrections department         however, agreed to extend its bid
partment of Corrections and           additional time for the depart-      bers of the Jerry Brown admin-      received nine bids that it opened
                                                                                                                                                     to a new deadline.
Rehabilitation (report) they have     ment to brief the new adminis-       istration in a bid to enlist the    on Nov. 9. A low bid of $126 mil-
delayed awarding a contract for       tration on various aspects of the    new governor’s support.             lion was submitted by McCa-
                                      project,” said Paul Verke, a cor-       The county of Marin has filed    rthy Building Companies of St.          This story is reprinted with
the first phase of the $356 mil-      rections spokesman.                  suit to stop the contract from      Louis, Mo. The process called
lion death row complex at San                                                                                                                        permission from the Marin In-
                                         Marin officials are mounting      begin awarded and the county        for the awarding of a contract no
Quentin State Prison.                 a desperate last stand to prevent    counsel is prepared to ask a        later than 60 days after the open-    dependent Journal.
January/February 2011                                                       SAN QUENTIN NEWS                                                                                 Page 3

     College Students Get Eye-Opening Experience At S.Q.
  By ARNULFO T. GARCIA                prison policy due to watching
 Journalism Guild Chairman            prison TV shows.
   A group of 25 college students        “Is prison portrayed like it
got a real education in Califor-      is on the T.V. show Lock Up?”
nia’s penal system during a visit     asked Vinnie, one student.
to San Quentin State Prison.             “A lot of what you look at is
   They sat in a circle with a doz-   from a production standpoint,”
en inmates for an eye-opening         said Michael Harris, one of the
discussion of what it is like to      San Quentin residents. “When
live behind bars and walls for        they shoot, they focus on the
                                      inflammatory aspects of prison;
lives gone awry.
                                      they don’t focus on programs
   The inmates were members
                                      like T.R.U.S.T. or students like
of a prison organization called
                                      you who want to learn about
T.R.U.S.T. (Teaching Respon-
                                      people who are incarcerated.”
sibility Utilizing Sociological
                                          “Is there a huge difference as
Training). The group conducts
                                      to how people are treated if they
24-part workshops aimed at
                                      are tried as a juvenile or adult?”
turning lives into a positive di-
                                      asked Kareena. A few men who
                                      were tried as juveniles respond-
   Leading the students was Pro-
fessor Elaine Leeder of Sonoma           “The judge said 15 years isn’t                                                                                                  Photo: Sam Robinson
State University.                     that bad,” said Ke Lam, a San                              San Quentin T.R.U.S.T 7th annual graduating class
   “A lot of these men who are        Quentin resident. “I was young
here in blue, I know, have done       and I didn’t know. I thought I       and hours because I was 16. I         to criminal behavior in an envi-        The graduating students of
the work on themselves and are        could do 15 years and be home.”      couldn’t be put in with the adults    ronment that relies on incarcera-    T.R.U.S.T. are:
prepared to get out,” Leeder said.    But when Ke got to prison, he        because of my age.”                   tion as the primary means of            Molique Frank, Randall Malu-
“But my students here today are       found out that 15 years to life        Mike Tyler was 17 when he           correction.                          enda, Anthony Diramos, Ernest
fortunate because 217 students        means life. “I’ve been in prison     came to prison. “I was the type          Jordan said, “In 2005 Gov.
                                                                                                                                                      Hill, Marvin Arnold,
wanted to come into San Quen-         longer than I was on the streets.    of kid that needed structure. I       Schwarzenegger came into of-
tin to talk with you men, but I                                                                                                                          James Cavitt, Christopher
                                      Our age plays a big part in doing    wanted structure,” Tyler said.        fice and began making cuts, not
was only allowed to bring 25                                               “It’s way different for a juvenile    to custody or staff, but to pro-     Deragon, John Vaden, Ronald
students.”                               Many students were surprised      to come to prison. I can’t buy        grams that offered rehabilitation.   “Yana” Self, Borey Ai,
   Paul Jordan of the T.R.U.S.T.      when they learned California’s       alcohol, can’t drive but I could      Today seven out of 10 people are        William Quinones, Christo-
program set the tone for the cir-     criminal justice system allowed      spend the rest of my life in pris-    coming back to prison; that is a     pher Scull, Alladin Pangilinan,
cle when he asked, “Who in here       a 14-year-old to get sentenced       on.”                                  high recidivism rate.”               Eduardo Delapena,
knows the difference between          to life without the possibility of     T.R.U.S.T. members noted               On Dec. 17, T.R.U.S.T. held a        Alexei Ruiz, Peng Nampha,
punishment and rehabilitation?”       parole.                              that the students initially did       banquet in which 25 men gradu-       Robert Bratton, Douglas Manns,
   One student, Laura, said.             “The way my crime happened,       not grasp the paradox that more       ated from the seven-month self-      Larry Ryzak,
“The prison provides rehabilita-      I was convicted under the felony     prisons equates to less money         help course. “These men were
                                                                                                                                                         Enrique Gomez, Mark Tede-
tion, but I really think it’s up to   murder rule but I never killed       for pro-social programs such          diligent with the program and
the prisoners.”                                                            as higher education, libraries,                                            schi, Edward Ballenger, Curtis
                                      anybody,” said Charlie, a San                                              they worked hard, we even had
   Most of the students had never     Quentin resident who was tried       parks and health care.                one graduate from H-Unit come        Penn, Angel Alvarez, and
previously identified with in-        as an adult. “As a kid, I was          T.R.U.S.T. members believe          in and take the course,” said           Phoeun You.
carcerated people and exhibited       shackled in the waiting room at      that the deficiency in these pro-     Kathleen Jackson Executive              — JulianGlenn Padgett con-
typical misconceptions about          the county courthouse for hours      social programs tends to inflate      Sponsor of T.R.U.S.T.                tributed to this story.

    Troubled Youth Get a Boost in Life From SQ Prisoners
  By ANTHONY “TARIQ”                  effective communication and            R.E.A.L. Choices has begun          members work to get parents,
  Journalism Guild Writer
                                      life experiences as their main
                                      tools. Through dialogue they
                                      establish rapport, empathy and
                                                                           using scripts to guide its dia-
                                                                           logue. With each script focus-
                                                                           ing on different factors such as
                                                                                                                 often not open communicators
                                                                                                                 themselves, to talk freely with
                                                                                                                 their kids and understand their
   Their methods may be slightly
                                      understanding to get through         attitude, behavior and values,        needs. Once exchange of emo-            This issue high-
different, but two youth focused-
                                      to the youth. Both point out that    R.E.A.L. Choices members are          tions, fears and needs take place,
groups at San Quentin are com-                                                                                                                         lights the significance
                                      they are not “scared straight”       able to focus on specific chal-       parents are usually surprised
mitted to improving the lives of
young men heading in the wrong        programs.                            lenges that youth face and help       and happy about immediate im-         of Black History
                                         According to S.Q.U.I.R.E.S.       them to develop new thought
                                                                           processes. As member Wilson
                                                                                                                 provements they see in their re-      month with a pro-
   S.Q.U.I.R.E.S. and R.E.A.L.        President     James     Houston,                                           lationship. “Parents have to trust
Choices both receive groups of        its motto is: “We don’t scare        stated, “If you don’t think any
                                                                                                                 the process,” says Robert Frye,
                                                                                                                                                       file of Martin Luther
                                                                           different, you don’t behave any
young men into the prison who         straight; we communicate.”
                                                                                                                 a member of both S.Q.U.I.R.E.S.       King, Jr., and an in
                                         That’s a sentiment also shared
have either gotten into trouble
                                      by R.E.A.L. Choices, says mem-
                                                                             Both groups also work to            and R.E.A.L. Choices.                 depth look into some
or are close to it. They provide a                                                                                  A success rate of 70 percent
look into prison life and conduct     ber Jonathon Wilson. “We at-
                                                                           achieve such cognitive change
                                                                                                                 has been attributed to such
                                                                                                                                                       of the nightmares
                                                                           with parents who sometimes
workshops to deal with the chal-      tempt to change behavior of
                                                                           accompany their sons into the         groups, “We can see growth            that have emerged
lenges the youth face.                youth through cognitive change,”
                                      not by scaring or strictly giving
                                                                           prison. This can be one of the        in individuals,” says Houston.        since his death.
   A vanguard of programs,                                                 biggest challenges. “Sometimes        “We know they leave here with
S.Q.U.I.R.E.S., was started in        advice.                              parents need parenting too,”          a better understanding of them-
                                                                                                                                                         Starts on page 14
1964 by Ross ‘Patch’ Keller, a           According      to    Houston,     stated Rouse. He and other group      selves.”
Death Row prisoner. Seeing his        S.Q.U.I.R.E.S. achieves its goals
son beginning to follow his tragic    through open and free dialogue.
                                      They establish an agreement to
                                                                           California Reentry Program’s
                                                                           First Successful Fund raiser
example, Patch acted on a vision
embodied in the S.Q.U.I.R.E.S.        adhere to the principles of “hon-
name – San Quentin’s Utiliza-         esty, respect and confidential-
tion of Inmate Resources, Expe-       ity,” then talk about everything        SAN FRANCISCO — A re-              great. I’d say about 60 people
riences, and Studies. He wanted       from family problems, drugs,         entry program dedicated to as-        showed up, many of them new
to use inmates’ knowledge and         gangs and sexual relationships.      sisting parolees held a silent auc-   donors, which expanded our
experiences to encourage “the         “Sometimes kids just need to be      tion that raised enough money to      mailing list considerably.”
youth of today from becoming          talked with – to know that they      cover its expenses for a month.         The donors were entertained
the convict of tomorrow.”             are being heard.” S.Q.U.I.R.E.S.        This first fundraiser by the       by a guitarist and a performance
   Of more recent origins,            member Shahid Rouse says this        California Reentry Program was        by the Pacific Boys Choir.
R.E.A.L. (Reaching Expanding          “helps them connect with them-       held in San Francisco recently.         “We are very excited about
Adolescent Lives) Choices uses        selves.”                                Executive Director Allyson         our next event, perhaps in sum-
                                                                           West said, “The fundraiser was        mer 2011”, said West.
Page 4                                                                     SAN QUENTIN NEWS                                                             January/February 2011

    Unique Culture of S.Q. – Helping One Another
   By COLE M. BIENEK                 is often overlooked, minimized                                                                                   and the prisoners who paved the
  Journalism Guild Writer            or disputed. With but a tiny few                                                                                 way.
                                     exceptions, San Quentin is the                                                                                      Borrowing a line from Stan
  San Quentin sits at the van-
                                     only prison in the state that rec-                                                                               Lee of Spider-Man fame: with
guard of CDCR’s modest reha-                                              to prisoners by people who had         is quite easy to develop this as-
                                     ognizes and values the contribu-                                                                                 great power comes great respon-
bilitative efforts. Each month,                                           the training.                          sertion. If you want to learn to
                                     tions made by inmates as men-
the S.Q. News profiles any of a                                              I came to believe that these        be a doctor, you go to a doctor      sibility. The bulk of this respon-
                                     tors or facilitators.
number of S.Q. programs. In this                                          people, the vast majority of           to learn. The teaching doctor has    sibility rests upon the shoulders
                                        For more than 35 years,
era of budgetary starvation, S.Q.    California correctional theory       whom are wonderful, caring             already experienced everything       of the inmate facilitators, men-
remains steadfastly in pursuit of    centered upon punishment; in         and eminently helpful, were bet-       that the student will experience,    tors, and tutors.
something larger.                    fact, the Penal Code states that     ter than me in all the ways that       and is able to understand and           The power in having prisoner-
  One of the things that make        the purpose of incarceration is      count. They hadn’t committed           recognize signs that the student     led programs lies in the belief
San Quentin unusual is that doz-     punishment. Any rehabilitative       horrible crimes, and spent their       is either getting it or not.
                                                                                                                                                      that I can do it too. I believe that
ens of prisoners are committed       efforts were provided by profes-     lives in the grips of morbid drug         If a violent addict like my-
                                                                                                                                                      the longer someone remains on
to helping fellow inmates turn       sional people coming in from the     and alcohol addiction. They had        self wants to change my life, I
                                                                          it all together; they lived lives of   would go to a violent addict who     the path, the more they want to
their lives around.                  community, people working for
  While San Quentin is a prison,                                          family, career and meaning -- a        changed their life. That’s not       talk about it and pass on what
                                     the department such as teachers,
in some ways it is very different;   mental health professionals, or      valuable example to the men they       to say I couldn’t gain anything      they have learned, not because of
set apart from other institutions    chaplains. The essential nature      worked with behind the walls.          from someone who hadn’t been         an ego-centered desire to shine
in several fundamental ways.         of the effort relied upon the fact   This belief was not something          a violent addict. But the violent    in the spotlight, but because of
The most important, I believe,       that these things were provided      that I discussed with anyone, or       addict who turned his or her life    a true calling to help, to give a
                                                                          even fully understood.                 around can better communicate
State Court’s Guidance
                                                                                                                                                      hand up
                                                                             As valuable as their help is,       with me. Simply put, prisoners
                                                                                                                                                         Over the last two years, San
                                                                          some small, nagging voice kept         have something to offer each
                                                                                                                                                      Quentin has experienced a mas-
On Parole Denials                                                         whispering to me, “You are dif-
                                                                          ferent from them.” I couldn’t
                                                                                                                 other that “outsiders” cannot
                                                                                                                 match.                               sive turnover. Prisoners left who
Continued from Page 1                when an agency has abused its        count the number of discussions           The San Quentin atmosphere        had been here for years, and men
                                     discretion.”                         with staff and volunteers where        benefits from utilizing inmate       from institutions without any
alone or in conjunction with oth-       At a parole rehearing ordered     I heard a prisoner say to them,        facilitators and peer educator/      programs arrived. Most of us
er evidence in the record, which     by a reviewing court, the board      “You just don’t understand what        tutors. The message is: prisoners    newcomers have not experienced
was not already considered and       “cannot, after having its parole     it’s like in here.” Empathic abili-    offer something valuable. This
rejected by the reviewing court.                                                                                                                      anything like San Quentin’s
                                     denial decision reversed, con-       ties aside, there is a ring of truth   sentiment is reinforced in the
                                                                                                                                                      inmate-facilitated programs. To
SEPARATION OF POWERS                 tinue to deny parole based on        to that statement.                     lectures, classes, and workshops
                                                                             Within the rooms of 12-step         — by the inmate facilitators and     put it bluntly, we need to know
   In a concurring opinion in        matters that could have been but
                                                                          programs, there is a belief that       free staff alike. I am thankful to   that the same opportunities exist
Prather, Justice Moreno clari-       were not raised” in the original
                                     decision. The board cannot deny      the power of peers helping each        the staff members who truly be-      for us that existed for you who
fied that the board may have its
                                     parole “based on argument and        other is unmatched. Logically, it      lieve in prisoners’ inherent value   came before.
discretion limited or even elimi-
nated entirely by a court issu-      evidence that reasonably could
ing a writ of habeas corpus. The     have been but were not raised at
Prather court based its decision     these prior proceedings.”                             NOTEWORTHY CASES ON PAROLE DENIAL
on the doctrine of separation of        A court may order expedited             In re Raymond D. Macias (____Cal. Rptrt 3d___ 6th Appellate Diostrict, WL 4457309,
powers. This means the board         parole hearings when it orders          #H03365, Nov. 9, 2010)
or the governor has discretion       that a new hearing be held.                This case provided a definition of what constitutes “a lack of insight” sufficient for denying
to make parole decisions and            If the board again denies pa-        parole. The California Court of Appeal acknowledged that “the very concept of ‘insight’ [is] inher-
the judicial branch cannot usurp     role and the court finds the de-        ently vague. The Court concluded that a lack of insight that supports a finding that an inmate is
those functions.                     nial was unjustified, “an order         currently dangerous exists when:
   Justice Moreno explained that     that the board grant parole may            1. the inmate demonstrates “a blindness concerning the nature of his or her conduct and/ or the
separation of powers also re-        well be warranted.” The gover-          very pressures and impulses, that triggered it”
quires “that courts must be able     nor would still have the right to          2. and there is a “factually identifiable deficiency in perception and understanding” involving a
to play their assigned role of re-   review that decision.                   significant aspect of the crime or its causes.
viewing agency decisions and            — Hector Oropeza contributed            However, when an inmate acknowledges the “material aspects” of the crime and demonstrates
fashioning appropriate remedies      to this story.                          understanding and remorse, the Board’s mere refusal to accept the inmate’s statements it is not a
                                                                             sufficient basis to deny parole.

    Supreme Court Tells 9th                                                     Schwarzenegger v. Plata (U.S. Supreme Court, 09-1233l Oral argument held November 30,
                                                                             2010) [Source: lillbulletin, Sara Myers and John Suh, edited by Catherine Suh)
                                                                                The U.S. Supreme Court held oral argument in the state’s appeal of an order issued by three
    Circuit Court to Stay Out                                                federal District Court judges to release California prisoners in order to remedy medical and mental
                                                                             health condition in California State Prisons. The three judges had ordered the state to reduce its
 By STEPHEN YAIR LIEBB               scribed the decisions made by           prison population by about 46,000 inmates within two years.
    Contributing Writer              the Ninth Circuit in those cases           The issues considered by the Supreme Court were:
   The United States Supreme         as “questionable.”                         1. Did the District Court have jurisdiction under the Prison Litigation Reform Act to order the
Court in a unanimous decision           The Court explained that             release of inmates?
ruled that federal courts have       “mere error of state law” is not           2. Was the order to release prisoners the only remedy for alleviating the violation of constitu-
no business reviewing decisions                                              tional rights created by inadequate medical and mental health care?
                                     a denial of due process. Whether
made by the Board of Parole                                                     Corrections and law enforcement personnel filed a brief in support of the order issued by the
                                     the board or a state court decided      district Court to reduce the prison population.
Hearings or by the governor de-
nying parole to inmates serving      cases involving parole correctly           Corrections personnel argued that the federal courts need to have a role in reducing the state
life terms.                          is beyond the scope of federal          prison population because California’s attempts at reducing prison overcrowding have failed. In
   In a blunt decision made with-    review.                                 their brief supporting the prisoners who sued over inadequate medical care, corrections personnel
out oral argument, the Court                                                 argued that over the past 15 years there have been over 75 orders to cure inadequate health care in
                                        The Supreme Court’s deci-
                                                                             the state prison system, but the system is still deficient.
held on January 24, 2011 that the    sions means the dismissal of               Gilman v. Schwarzenegger (U.S. Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit, No. 10-15461, December 6,
only right that inmates in Cali-     hundreds of pending habeas pe-          2010)
fornia State Prisons have at pa-
                                     titions in federal district courts         This case addressed the constitutionality of the provisions of Proposition 9 (“The victim’s Bill
role hearings is an opportunity
                                     and in the Ninth Circuit Court of       of Rights Act of 2008L Marsy’s Law”) that extended the length of parole denials to a minimum of
to be heard and a statement of
                                     Appeal challenging board deci-          three years and maximum of 15 years.
the reasons why parole was de-                                                  A federal District Court had ordered a preliminary injunction against Marsy’s law being applied
nied. In reversing two Ninth Cir-    sions and decisions by a gover-
                                                                             to the plaintiff’s in this case because they were likely to succeed in proving that the provisions of
cuit cases that examined wheth-      nor reversing parole.                   the law extending parole denials was a violation of the ex post facto clause of the U.S. Constitu-
er decisions made by the Board          Challenges to parole board de-       tion.
or governor were supported by        cisions and decisions by the gov-          The Ninth Circuit held that these provisions do not constitute an ex post facto violation because
“some evidence” of current dan-                                              the increase parole denial periods to not create a significant risk of increased incarceration.
                                     ernor reversing parole suitability
gerousness, the Supreme Court                                                   The court’s decision focused on the provisions in Marsy’s Law which allow an inmate to request
                                     findings may still be brought be-
said that it was “no part of the                                             an earlier parole hearing once the board denies parole. Inmates may submit a written request to the
Ninth Circuit’s business” to per-    fore California State Courts.
                                                                             board with the circumstances and new information that justify an earlier parole hearing.
form a review of state parole           The case is Swarthout v. Cooke                                                                                       —Stephen Yair Liebb
determinations. The Court de-        , 562 U.S._____(2011)
January/February 2011                                                             SAN QUENTIN NEWS                                                                                Page 5

McGarvey                                                                                Legal Counsel For Death Row
Bids                                                                                    Prisoners Is Hard to Come By
Fa r e w e ll                                                                         By JULIANGLENN                 This number does not account           California law mandates each

To S.Q.
                                                                                          PADGETT                    for those who are currently in       Death Row inmate receive an
                                                                                       Managing Editor               hospice care or having other         automatic appeal to the Califor-
                                                                                    Edward Patrick Morgan has        medical needs taken care of, or      nia Supreme Court. Each appeal
Continued from Page 1                                                                                                those who are out to court           deals with the events that hap-
                                                                                 lived on San Quentin Prison’s
                                                                                                                       “The penal system is dealing       pened at trial.
                                                                                 Death Row without a lawyer
“I could point them in a positive                                                                                    with numbers it can’t handle,”         After the appeal, a condemned
                                                                                 for about two decades and what
direction in their lives; to enable                                                                                  said Michael Laurence, executive     inmate may file a writ of habeas
                                                                                 accounts as an automatic le-
each of them to succeed as they                                                                                      director of the Habeas Corpus        corpus.
                                                                                 gal right is becoming harder to
re-enter their communities. And                                                                                      Resource Center; a state agency        Donald Specter of the Berke-
                                                                                 come by.
from this I have been rewarded                                                                                       that represents condemned in-        ley-based Prison Law Office
                                                                                    The California Supreme Court
to see some of them thrive and                                                                                       mates for post-conviction court      said, “Representing a Death Row
                                                                                 has been unable to allocate legal
succeed after they were granted                                                                                      challenges.                          inmate is emotionally draining
                                                                                 counsel because post-conviction
parole.”                                                                                                               However, death penalty advo-       and the pay is not that good.”
                                                           Photo: CCI McGarvey   legal challenges are breaking the
   It is fair to say that McGarvey                                                                                   cates and prosecutors lay fault to     ARGUE FOR RELEASE
                                          CCI M.J. McGarvey                      system.
treated everyone, co-workers                                                                                         the modality of criminal defense
                                                                                      “Fewer young people are                                                Specter recently argued be-
and prisoners alike, as human         educational programs, inmates                                                  work: “To turn over every rock
                                                                                 willing to take on the work,”                                            fore the U.S. Supreme Court for
beings. He said, “We all eat,         leave the prison ill-equipped to                                               in the world,” Kent Scheidegger
                                                                                 said Lynne Coffin, 61, a crimi-                                          the release of 40,000 Califor-
drink and laugh with the same         reintegrate into society. The list                                             said. Scheidegger is the legal
                                                                                 nal defense lawyer whose casel-                                          nia inmates due to prison over-
emotions and face similar kinds                                                                                      director of the Criminal Justice
                                      of essential jobs and their impor-         oad accounts for a large number                                          crowding. “Yet I’m sure that if
of struggles in life.” What was                                                                                      League Foundation whose group
                                      tance to the Department is end-            of Death Row cases. “It’s a huge                                         Mr. Schwarzegger’s family or
his big secret to success? He                                                                                        supports capital punishment.
                                      less. In short, if one of the cogs         toll on people having clients on                                         friends were on Death Row, he
said, “Faith has given me a lot                                                                                        “The idea that you have to
                                      in the wheel is broken, CDCR               Death Row.”                                                              would want to have a Death Row
to rely on; to learn from my                                                                                         pull out every stop in every case
mistakes and never repeat it. I                                                   BOTTLENECK CREATED                                                      attorney turn over every rock to
                                      comes to a grinding halt. As                                                   is excessive,” he said. There’s
prefer to embrace the problems                                                                                                                            make sure they could get the
                                      CDCR staff, we can make the                   Morgan’s attorney filed an       lots of pressure but that doesn’t    best representation to get them
I encounter, and trust in God to      Department better by not solely            appeal to probe, uncover and        mean the state has to or should
direct the way.”                                                                                                                                          off of Death Row.”
                                      focusing on our own job, but to            challenge every possible item in    pay for it.”                            The state Supreme Court did
   Asked to share one thing that                                                 Morgan’s case that was in 1996.       Berkeley-based criminal de-
he believes would make the            instead try and look at the over-                                                                                   accept earlier this year a cursory
                                                                                 These petitions from condemned      fense lawyer Cliff Gardner, one      post-conviction challenge from
prison system better, he replied,     all picture and see how our job
                                                                                 inmates requesting habeas pe-       of the few lawyers who has won       Morgan. The court accepted
“I have seen drastic changes          impacts other jobs throughout
                                                                                 tition lawyers have created a       death penalty cases before the       Morgan’s petition as a simple
throughout the Department             the institution.”                          bottleneck.                         California Supreme Court, said       placeholder until a lawyer could
since I started. Most of the jobs        Asked if he had any parting                There is a 10-to-12-year wait-   death penalty advocates just         file a proper habeas corpus peti-
have gotten very technical and        words to offer, McGarvey re-               ing period to get a lawyer.         want to make it easier to ex-        tion.
more labor intensive. In addi-
                                      plied, “Over the years, I have                As of February 09, 2011, San     ecute someone. “The idea that           This maneuver will prevent
tion, with the current State fis-
                                      worked beside some truly great             Quentin has 673 condemned in-       you’re saving someone who is         Morgan from missing important
cal crisis, employees are being
                                      men and women that possessed               mates. About half of those have     condemned to die seems to be         legal deadlines and permit him a
required to take mandatory fur-
                                                                                 no court-appointed attorney to      the highest calling any criminal     chance to challenge his sentence
lough days, which reduces the         strong work ethic and excellent
                                                                                 address their legal challenges.     lawyer can have.”                    later.
work production each month. As        team building skills. I have also
a whole, CDCR staff are not the
                                                                                                                        K-12 Education – The Only
                                      been fortunate to have worked
cohesive group they once were. I
feel that in order for the Depart-
                                      for many supervisors and ad-               50-Mile Run
ment to become better as a whole
we need to return to the realiza-
                                      ministrators that believed in me
                                      and were willing to give me a              Helps Many                             One To Receive More Money
tion that no job is more vital than   chance to prove myself. I would            Continued from Page 1                  Sacramento — In fiscal year       while the shares for higher edu-
another, regardless of pay scale.     like to take this opportunity to                                               1976-77, 3.32 percent of the         cation, tax relief and natural re-
                                                                                 Marin Food Bank. Myself, Rudy
For example, without food ser-        express my sincere gratitude to                                                state’s general fund ($344.3 mil-    sources all have decreased. Of
                                                                                 Luna and Laura Bowman-Salz-
vice personnel, the inmate does       those that believed in me and                                                  lion) went to prisons, according     the 150 state departments, only
                                                                                 seider, had the opportunity and
not get fed; without medical per-     to the rest of my San Quentin              pleasure to visit the Marin Food    to the Orange County Register.       K-12 education increases its
sonnel the overall health of the
                                      family for continually sharing             Bank and meet the staff and vol-    This year, 10.32 percent ($8.9       share of the budget more than
inmates drastically decrease;
                                      their knowledge, experience and            unteers.                            billion) is budgeted for prisons     prisons.
without custody staff there is no

                                                                                                                     Prison Reform for
                                      friendship throughout my ca-                  All three of us were awestruck
safety and security for the staff
                                                                                 by the magnitude of operation
or inmates; without teachers and      reer.”
                                                                                 and the need to provide food and

                                                                                                                     New Attorney General
                                                                                 services to low-income families

Prison Overcrowding                                                              in Marin County.
                                                                                    In 2010 the Marin Food Bank

Ruling Coming Soon
                                                                                 served over 120,000 people,         Continued from Page 1                tion of financial predators, also
                                                                                 an increase of 53 percent from                                           cornerstones of her campaign.
                                                                                 2009. The Food Bank distrib-        problems that lead to crime, not
                                                                                                                                                             “I think she might be good,”
                                                                                 uted over 2.5 million pounds of     just the criminal.
                                                                                                                                                          said San Quentin inmate Kamal
Continued from Page 1                 ed construction of a new Death             food, which is a 55 percent in-        The 46-year-old Harris re-
                                                                                                                                                          Sefeldeen, a clerk in the law li-
                                      Row complex while budget cuts              crease from the prior year.         places Democrat Jerry Brown,
   If the Supreme Court upholds                                                                                                                           brary.
                                      appear likely for services to the             In these difficult economic      who moved up to the governor’s
the prison population cap, the                                                                                                                               Sefeldeen expressed hope that
                                                                                 times, more low-to-moderate-        office after his successful cam-
state will have two years to grad-    disabled.                                                                                                           she does not see her role as a
                                                                                 income families have to choose      paign. She is the first black and
ually reduce the overcrowding.           The same day federal Judge                                                  the first woman to hold the Attor-   blocker of every lifer release like
                                                                                 between essentials like food
If the justices strike down the       Jeremy Fogel visited San Quen-                                                 ney General’s post in California.    past Attorneys General. He also
                                                                                 or utilities or necessary health
cap order, the federal judges who     tin’s new execution facility. He                                               Her victory also gave Democrats      would like to see Harris work
                                                                                 care. I was heartened by the fact
issued it will continue to oversee    halted California executions five                                              a sweep of all statewide offices.    with criminal justice professors
                                                                                 that San Quentin staff helped
improvements to inmates’ medi-        years ago as unconstitutionally            this valued organization that          Harris’s    campaign       was    and students to come up with
cal and mental health care.           cruel and unusual punishment.              provides an absolutely essential    scarred by criticism relating to     options for reform, and for her
   At issue in the case, known                                                   service to our surrounding com-     tainted evidence blamed on San       to adopt a plan to release some
                                         The new chamber was com-
as Schwarzenegger vs. Plata, is                                                  munity.                             Francisco police and failure of      of the 7,000 non-citizen prison-
                                      pleted recently at a cost of ap-
whether the three-judge panel                                                       I will endeavor to hold addi-    prosecutors to disclose police       ers who have done their time and
                                      proximately $900,000 The for-
correctly applied the law gov-                                                   tional events such as this, and     officer’s criminal history to de-    want to be deported, but are be-
                                      mer execution chamber was                                                                                           ing held in limbo due to political
erning how federal courts can                                                    to expand the participation of      fense attorneys. Both incidents
get involved in state prison man-     designed for lethal gas, but was                                               led to the dismissal of hundreds     pressures.
                                                                                 staff, the inmate population and
agement.                              later modified to accommodate              the surrounding community. My       of criminal cases.                       “I’ve heard good things about
   Meantime, some 200 people          lethal injections.                         expressed gratitude to all who         Despite such controversies,       her,” states inmate Karl “Ishma-
demonstrated at the San Quen-            Some 720 men and women are              helped make this event a worth-     Harris prevailed with environ-       el” Freelon, “but it’s to be seen
tin gate on Feb. 8, They protest-     awaiting execution in the state.           while adventure!                    mental protection and prosecu-       how true it is.”
Page 6                                                                       SAN QUENTIN NEWS                                                                   January/February 2011

     Volunteers and Prisoners Sing During Holidays At S.Q.
      By JEFF BROOKS                     This year there were 56 vol-       me, and it probably shouldn’t
   Journalism Guild Writer            unteers and 12 inmates, led by        have, was that the inmates knew
                                      Craig Singleton, a volunteer at       all of the carols and they sang
   As inmates and visitors can
                                      the Protestant Chapel and head        with us. It made us feel great.”
tell you, San Quentin celebrates
                                      of the Dominican University              Another festive event was a
Christmas like no other prison in
                                      Music Department.                     banquet honoring volunteers
California. There were carolers                                             who work with inmates in Prot-
                                         “We come in with a spirit and
in the cellblocks, a banquet hon-     attitude that we are here to up-      estant Chapel programs.
oring volunteers and inmates’         lift the men,” said one long-time        In the past, volunteer Christ-
kids got presents around the Vis-     volunteer, Jerry Stubblefield, a      mas carolers were confined to the
iting Room Christmas tree.            retired Golden Gate Seminary          entrance rotunda of Condemned
   One of the festive things about    professor. “We come to minister       Row, but for the first time the
Christmas time in San Quen-           in this place, but I would say that   volunteers were allowed to enter
tin for an inmate is hearing the      we are ministered to.”                into the Condemned Row hous-
carolers come into the housing           Stubblefield added, “For sev-      ing unit.
units to sing traditional Christ-     eral years we went into the gym.         The carolers sang traditional
                                                                                                                                                                                   Photo: Sam Robinson
mas songs a cappella.                 One of the things that amazed         Christmas songs before the rapt
                                                                                                                         Stan Baer and Geo Caffale packing toys for the children

                                                                                                                         audience of inmates as they sat         For 22 years, the Vietnam
                                                                                                                         locked inside their cells.           Veterans Group of San Quentin
                                                                                                                           Many inmates joined in with        (VVGSQ) has been instrumen-
                                                                                                                         the singing and when it was over     tal in making Christmas very
                                                                                                                         there were numerous shouts           special for the inmates and their
                                                                                                                         of “Thank you!” and “Merry
                                                                                                                                                              visitors during Christmas time.
                                                                                                                                                                 In previous years, veterans
                                                                                                                           “I really appreciated that peo-
                                                                                                                         ple from the surrounding com-        dressed as Santa and his elves
                                                                                                                         munities would take the time         would pass out toys to all the
                                                                                                                         out of their busy lives to come      children who visited during the
                                                                                                                         in here to sing to us and bring      holidays.
                                                                                                                         us some Christmas cheer,” said          One of the special things for
                                                                                                                         Kris Miller, an inmate.              inmates was having their pic-
                                                                                                                           “I just sat back in my cell and    tures taken with their children
                                                                                                                         closed my eyes and felt like I       and Santa Claus, but after 22
                                                                                                                         was in a different place for a few
                                                                                                                                                              years of this tradition, the admin-
                                                                                                                         moments,” said Chris Murphey,
                                                                                                                                                              istration deemed the Santa Claus
                                                                                                                         another inmate, “I just wish they
                                                                                                                         could of stayed longer,” he said.    outfit was escape paraphernalia.
                                                                                                                           The volunteers and inmates         So this Christmas there was no
                                                                                                                         sang in North Block, South           Santa in San Quentin.
                                                                                                   Photo: Sam Robinson
                                                                                                                         Block, West Block, and East             — JulianGlenn Padgett con-
    Prisoners and carolers singing cheerful songs during the holidays in S.Q. units                                      Block (Condemned Row).               tributed to this story.

725 New Laws For                                                              Lawsuit To Reform California’s
California Citizens                                                          Public Education Funding System
    By MICHEAL COOKE                  care cost more than $1.97 mil-            BY LAQUAN HAYES                            “We’re asking the court to de-     unless it is accompanied by ex-
   Journalism Guild Writer            lion each.                               Journalism Guild Writer                   clare the current funding system     tensive and systematic reform.”
   California welcomed the New           That is nearly $41.5 million a                                                  unconstitutional and to order           The lawsuit’s contention is that
                                                                               A second lawsuit aimed at re-
Year with 725 new laws. One was                                                                                          that a new one be created,” said     education is a fundamental right
                                      year for 21 prisoners.                form for California’s public edu-
Assembly Bill 1399, the Califor-                                                                                         Howard Rice of Public Advo-          of young people provided by
                                         Inmates released on medical        cation finance system has been
nia Medical Parole Bill. It allows                                                                                       cates Inc., a San Francisco-based    the California Constitution and
                                      parole would shift the cost of        filed in Alameda County Supe-
medical parole for terminally ill                                                                                        public interest law firm.            the California Supreme Court.
                                                                            rior Court.
inmates. The bill was authored        their health care from the state                                                     The coalition consists of the      However, school years are be-
                                                                               This lawsuit is similar to the
by State Sen. Mark Leno and           to the federal government.                                                         Campaign for Quality Education       ing shortened, critical teacher
                                                                            Robles-Wong v. California, filed
sponsored by J. Clark Kelso, the         California already allows dy-                                                   (CQE), Alliance of Californians      positions are being eliminated
                                                                            2010 by the Californian School
Prison Health Care Receiver ap-       ing inmates to apply for compas-                                                   for Community Empowerment            as well as course offerings and
                                                                            Board Association (CSBA), the
pointed by federal District Court                                                                                        (ACCE), Californians for Justice     there is a shortage of instruc-
                                      sionate release, also known as        Association of California School
Judge Thelton Henderson.                                                                                                 (CFJ), and San Francisco Orga-       tional material and school sup-
                                      medical parole, although few are      Administration (ACSA) and the                nization Project (SFOP), plus        plies.
   California is looking for ways
to slash $800 million from the        actually released prior to their      California State PTA.                        more than 20 individual students        The suit claims these short-
Prison Health Services Depart-        deaths.                                  In the latest suit, a coalition of        and parents.                         ages are at higher rates in urban
ment’s $2 billion budget. Medi-                                             grassroots groups and individu-                The governor was asked about       communities, which unconsti-
                                         Penal Code 1170 (e), (2)(A)(B)
cal parole would apply to inmates                                           als representing low-income                  his response to the CQE lawsuit.     tutionally violates the rights of
                                      (C) gives courts the discretion to
in state prisons with permanent                                             students and parents makes two               Andrea McCarthy a spokes-            African-American and Latino
                                      resentence or recall if they find     claims:
disabilities and whose release                                                                                           woman for the governor said:         students.
would not pose a threat to public     (1) the prisoner is terminally           1. The states school-funding              “The governor is ready to work          “We have to sue. Not only
safety.                               ill with an incurable condition       system fails to provide children             with the plaintiffs in this case,    are we losing teachers and see-
   Medical paroles are prohibited     caused by an illness or disease       with an opportunity to obtain a              but multiple studies have pointed    ing class sizes skyrocket, but
for inmates sentenced to death,       that would cause death within         meaningful education in viola-               out funding alone will not solve     districts are eliminating librar-
life without the possibility of       six months; (2) the conditions of     tion of the Education Code.                  the fundamental problems fac-        ians, nurses, school psycholo-
parole, or Three-Strikers. Ter-                                                2. That this failure violates the         ing our schools. Throwing more       gists, courses in music, P.E. and
                                      release or treatment do not pose
minally ill inmates sentenced to                                            Equal Protection clause of the               money into our broken education      electives,” said Giselle Quezada
life with the possibility of parole   a threat to public safety; (3) the
                                                                            Constitution.                                system will not benefit students     from ACCE.
may be considered for medical         prisoner is permanently medi-
parole. It has been estimated that
approximately 700 state inmates
                                      cally incapacitated with a medi-       Marin County Attempts to Block Death Row Expansion
                                      cal condition that renders him
would qualify for consideration                                               San Rafael — Marin County                  Row, containing 768 cells with       the first phase of the $356 mil-
                                      or her permanently unable to          officials have filed a lawsuit               1,152 beds. California Depart-       lion complex until Feb. 9 to al-
for medical parole.
   The state’s prison health sys-     perform activities of basic daily     seeking a temporary restrain-                ment of Corrections and Reha-        low recently installed Gov. Jerry
tem has identified 21 inmates         living, and result in requiring       ing order to block San Quentin’s             bilitation officials announced a     Brown the opportunity to review
whose average annual health           24-hour total care.                   new 541,000-square-foot Death                delay in awarding a contract for     the plan.
January/February 2011                                                     SAN QUENTIN NEWS                                                                                  Page 7

   Another Viable Vocational Trade on the Chopping Block
                By MICHEAL COOKE                             tion. Leyva maintains the landscaped face of San Quen-        and then redesigning and replanting garden areas around
               Journalism Guild Writer                       tin. Prior to working at the CDCR, Leyva operated his         the vocational buildings.
                       and                                   own landscaping business for 20 years, tending to prop-          “The state, however, has gutted the program and
                DWIGHT KRIZMAN                               erties owned by celebrities such as Clint Eastwood and        dumbed it down. Where we once produced a comprehen-
                Contributing Writer                          Betty White.                                                  sive program, Sacramento wants us to get ‘em in and get
                                                                “There is a satisfying feeling for me in giving some-      em’ out in a few months. I need at least 18 to 24 months
   As the budget squeeze continues, prison officials in
                                                             thing to those who are in prison who can’t be in the com-     to teach a complete program,” lamented Leyva.
Sacramento have designated San Quentin’s highly suc-
                                                             munity doing this work through this program,” Leyva              “Our class has become a real team and includes all
cessful landscaping program as “not viable.”
                                                             said in an interview. “Studies show that Vocational Land-     races. No prison politics means a true sense of freedom
   Tony Leyva, the prison’s Vocational Landscaping in-
                                                             scaping leads the way in reducing inmate recidivism out       for the men. They develop a real sense of responsibil-
structor and a veteran of more than 20 years with the
                                                             of all the other vocational training classes in prison. Men   ity,” noted Leyva. “Landscaping is a viable trade that’s
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilita-
                                                                                                                           always in demand. It does not require a great deal of
tion, has already received his layoff notice.                who grew up mean and violent on the streets can change
   It seems as though keeping the program would be a                                                                       knowledge to enter the field. You can really learn as you
                                                             a lot when they begin to grow and nurture living things.
no brainer, considering the state’s purported focus on                                                                     go. I believe you never become an expert because there
                                                             You’ve taken a person with no regard for others to ap-
reducing recidivism. Unless things change, the program                                                                     is so much to learn for the rest of your life.”
                                                             preciating and developing life,” he added.
will close in April 2011. Leyva expressed his disap-                                                                          Leyva stated he started his own business at the age of
                                                                The men who are students in the Vocational Land-
pointment for the students because it would only take                                                                      24, and it took about two years to build a solid week of
                                                             scaping program echoed these powerful and inspira-            30 hours. Professional landscapers can earn as much as
another six months to allow approximately eight current      tional words.
students to complete the course with a “viable working                                                                     $100,000 a year, he said. Charging a client $60 to take
                                                                In March 2010, Leyva redesigned the vocational land-       care of their property twice a month averages about $30
                                                             scaping curriculum to better incorporate the existing         for what amounts to a half hour of work.
   Ordinarily, when you hear the word “prison,” imag-
es of convicts and steel cells come to mind, not flower      knowledge and skills of the students as they transition          According to Leyva, he could operate the program at
beds. Rarely do most people equate nature’s beauty and       through the program.                                          no cost to the state. He did it for 2 1/2 years at Soledad
prison in the same sentence. However, if prisons do have        Many landscape projects are in progress around the         State Prison through donations and support from indus-
a character or face, the individual responsible for this     prison at any given time. Students have been busy re-         try and trade advisory members. “I could even make it
countenance would be its landscaper.                         building parts of the facility, including the shade-house,    work on a part-time basis,” he said. There is no shortage
   Everywhere you look around San Quentin, you can           where specific plant species grow, “hardscaping” path-        of students wanting to get into the program from H-Unit.
find tiny pockets of beauty in a desert of human desola-     ways with bricks and stones, demolishing and clearing,        Referrals come from teachers.

    Successful Re-integration Programs Reduce Recidivism
               By ARNULFO GARCIA                                The successful reintegration of prisoners into society     ficials; housing providers and housing system officials;
             Journalism Guild Chairman                       is a very important aspect of an effective criminal jus-      representatives of health, mental health, and substance
                                                             tice system, however little is known about the develop-       abuse treatment systems; victim advocates; the formerly
                 and JUAN HAINES
                                                             ment effective prisoner re-entry programs.                    incarcerated and their families; ministers and others
               Journalism Guild Writer                          To assist policymakers and practitioners seeking to        working in faith-based institutions.
   “When people get out of prison, they have so many         improve the likelihood that adults released from prison          The Re-Entry Policy Council report provides hundreds
strikes against them, they feel doomed to failure. The Re-   or jail will avoid crime and become productive healthy        of recommendations which reflect the common ground
port of the Re-Entry Policy Council details the kinds of     members of families and communities, the Council of           reached by this wide-ranging, diverse group of leaders.
                                                             State Governments established the Re-Entry Policy
services – drug treatment, job training, and family coun-                                                                  Decades ago, many of these ideas were unknowingly a
seling – that can keep people from returning to prison,                                                                    part of a philosophy put into practice by a man commit-
                                                                The Policy Council includes a hundred leaders at the
help them to take care of their families, and allow them                                                                   ted to public safety through a vision of successful recon-
                                                             local, state, and national levels, as well as: state legis-
to become productive members of society,” said the late      lators; criminal justice policymakers and practitioners;      necting ex-prisoners to their communities.
David Lewis, President and Co-Founder, Free-at-Last.         workforce development and employment services of-                Jacquin “Jack” Brito has been involved with numer-
                                                                                                                           ous public safety policy makers throughout his career as
                                                                                                                           an advocate for successful re-entry of ex-convicts.
                                                                                                                              He has once again emerged in the forefront of a call

                        San Quentin View                                                                                   to duty for common sense public safety policy while our
                                                                                                                           cash-strapped state struggles with unconstitutionally
                                                                                                                           overcrowded prisons and one of the highest recidivism
                                                                                                                           rates in the country.
           By JULIANGLENN PADGETT                            an invading army. A safe and progressive prison yard             “I will volunteer to assist setting up the demonstration
                 Managing Editor                             can be run (see With this pro-       project at no charge,” said Brito.
                                                             gram we find that we’re saving $20 million in reduced            Founded in 1975, Brito continued to direct two re-
  How would you solve California’s budget problems?
                                                             costs associated with violence, overtime and medical          entry facilities until 1997: Casa Libre and Casa Oasis.
                                  Ke Lam: There is a         costs associated with violence.                                  Brito touts the success he has enjoyed in reintegrating
                                  need to reconstruct                                                                      ex-convicts into the community by asserting that eight
                                  the penal system                                                 Nathaniel Rouse: It
                                                                                                   costs $47,000 plus      out of 10 residents, who completed Casa Libre and Casa
                                  with more effort
                                                                                                   medical expenses        Oasis programs had no further problems with law en-
                                  towards restorative
                                                                                                   (per year) to house     forcement two years after they graduated.
                                  justice instead of
                                  punishment. Less                                                 a prisoner. I would        Casa Libre and Casa Oasis provided room and board,
money will be diverted towards incarceration and that                                              release     inmates     peer and individual counseling, job development and
money can be channeled towards education.                                                          who have proven         placement, transportation, and time off on weekends so
                                                             over a period of time they’ve changed their lives. In this    participants could visit their loved ones.
                                     Kevin Carr: Ad-         economical climate, I would reduce prison guards’ pay,           Enlightening the public about the food preparation
                                     dress the prison        and they would get 60 percent of their retirement and no      brought a smile to Brito’s face.
                                     overcrowding situ-      annuities. No quitting and coming back as an annuity
                                     ation and revising                                                                       “The food was excellent and the average weight gain
                                                             that hurts the state. Once you retire, that’s it.
                                     the Three Strike                                                                      by the participants after 90 days was about 30 pounds.
                                     law while looking                                             Malik Harris: Re-       Their bellies were full, and happy hearts helped to keep
                                     into releasing pris-                                          peal Proposition 13,    everyone content and in good spirits. This was a major
oners who are over 60 with terminal illnesses and in-                                              the Three Strikes       part in their ability to complete their assigned programs
determinate lifers who have met their matrix and done                                              law, Marsy’s law,       and duties,” he said.
all the Parole Board has asked of them. Start releasing                                            Jessica’s law and          Residents who found jobs paid 25 percent of their
lifers because statistics prove 98 percent of Lifers who                                           any law that has
                                                                                                                           earnings to the costs and operations of the facilities,
get out don’t come back. Therefore, saving money from                                              mandatory mini-
                                                                                                                           which reduced the taxpayer’s burden significantly. The
what they spend to house Lifers, the end result would be     mums. Cowardice of politicians is bankrupting Califor-
                                                                                                                           remaining costs were paid by the state under a yearly
saving billions of dollars.                                  nia. They don’t want to do their job so they throw it off
                                                             on the voters using scare tactics. Privatize and local-       contract. In the 1990s, each prisoner’s incarceration cost
                                    Cole Bienek: The         ize grades K-12, get rid of junior high schools and keep      was about $107 per day; today that cost has increased to
                                    budget problem is        taxes low for everybody: the rich, the middle class and       about $135 per day. During that period, Brito’s rate was
                                    too large to solve       the poor. It won’t work in the first year, but in three to    about $43 per day, with 25 percent offset by contributing
                                    with a single so-        five years, California will be back on track.                 residents. Casa Libre and Casa Oasis had room for about
                                    lution; it must be                                                                     30 residents at a time – with an average stay between
                                    attacked from all                                                                      90 and 120 days. Parole officers would frequent the pro-
                                    sides as if it were                                                                    grams, ensuring that public safety needs were met.
Page 8                                                                     SAN QUENTIN NEWS         January/February 2011

Nutritionist Offers                                                                     EDUCATION
S.Q. Prisoners Advice
       By BAHIYYAH                       place your white breads, ce-
       MITHCHELL                         reals, and pastas with brown

                                                                             Robert E. Burton Adult School
     Contributing Writer                 rice, breads, cereals, and pas-
   Editor’s Note: Bahiyyah Mith-         tas.
chell is president and CEO of          • Consume a minimum of
Creatively Succulent, a catering         2-3 servings (one serving is
and pastry company based in              typically an ounce) of fish
Sacramento. She has 16 years of          per week. Limit your intake
experience in culinary arts, hos-        of red meat and fried foods,
pitality and nutrition. She has          which can increase your
worked in many major fine Sac-           chances of heart disease and
ramento restaurants as well as           colorectal cancer.
for Martin Yan, Wolfgang Puck,         • Choose unsaturated fats such
Randy Paragary and Mai Pham.             as nuts, avocado, seeds, and
She teaches nutrition, culinary          canola oil instead of satu-
arts, and gardening/composting           rated fats such as butter and
to underserved children.                 high fat sweets.
   It is an honor to collaborate       • Consume 4700 milligrams
with the San Quentin News to             or one teaspoon of potassium
provide you with information             daily from fruit, vegetables,
to make proper food choices              fish and milk. (You will ac-
and be conscious of your overall         complish this from steps 1
wellness with the resources you          and 4)
have. My goal is to improve and/        When you are hungry between
or maintain your health.             meals and need a snack, snack
   The demographics and di-          consciously. Some great snacks
etary restrictions are diverse       you may have accessible to you
among the San Quentin popula-        are tortilla chips and avocados
tion; therefore, the suggestions I   (do not add mayonnaise), al-
provide are for the masses and I     monds, fruit cups, Moon Lodge
encourage you to modify them         White Cheddar Popcorn, yogurt,
according to your taste, indi-       and the whole fruit popsicles in
vidual health and needs. Food is     the visiting room vending ma-
not just to satisfy your appetite;   chines.
food is medicine and fuel for the       It is also very important that
body.                                you consume enough water to
   The American Dietetic Asso-       where you never feel thirsty. Six-
ciation says a healthy diet for a    ty percent of your body weight
man is:                              is water. Water is essential for
  • A minimum of one cup of          flushing out toxins, carrying
    dried fruit, or two cups of      nutrients to cells and your oral
    fresh fruit, plus 2 ½ cups of    hygiene. The quantity of water
    vegetables daily.                needed varies by person but the
  • Once per week consume to-        general rule for consumption is
    mato or tomato-based prod-       eight eight-ounce glasses daily.
    ucts, grapefruit, or watermel-      Have a love affair with your
    on to provide your body with     food. Use all your senses to fully
    the antioxidant lycopene to      enjoy what you have before you.
    ensure your prostate health.     Your appetite will be satisfied
  • Consume at least five ounces     longer when you learn how to al-
    of whole grains daily. Re-       low your senses to indulge.

     Justice Prevails for                                                      Student Learning Outcomes
     Innocent Prisoners
     By JUAN HAINES                  Stinson, convicted in 1985 in the
  Journalism Guild Writer            death of a 63-year-old Milwau-
  A judge has overturned the         kee woman. A judge released
double-murder conviction of a        him from prison in 2009 after
man who spent 18 years in pris-      new DNA evidence exonerated
on.                                  him. The state of Wisconsin is
  The judge found that police        expected to compensate Stinson
investigators knew that the pros-    $115,000 for his 23-year impris-
ecution’s “star witness” lied on     onment. Stinson said the money
the stand about being compen-        will be his first income since be-
sated for testimony, but they did    ing released from prison.
nothing to intervene.                   Still another case involved
  Caramad Conley has been im-        Maurice Caldwell, who spent 21
prisoned since 1992, convicted       years imprisoned for a second-
of an allegedly gang-related         degree murder conviction based
double killing. A Superior court     on the testimony of a single
judge ruled Conley was denied a      eyewitness. Another convicted
fair trial, making his conviction    criminal eventually took re-
unconstitutional.                    sponsibility for the murder. The
  The same “star witness” was        Northern California Innocence
involved in other cases ulti-        Project at Santa Clara Univer-
mately overturned by the courts      sity School of Law presented
with monetary compensation           Caldwell’s case to the court.
awarded to the wrongly impris-       Caldwell’s conviction was over-
oned men.                            turned because his lawyer failed
  Other recent wrongly con-          to properly conduct an investi-
victed cases include Robert Lee      gation of the case.
January/February 2011                                                       SAN QUENTIN NEWS                                                                                Page 9

 The Fallout From WikiLeaks Document Release
                 By RONALD G. SELF                                                                                         fends his decision to leak the records in the interest of

                  Contributing Writer
   The United States military and allied forces face in-
creased risk due to the disclosure of classified documents,
                                                                                                                           “tremendous good and [the] prevention of harm” ignor-
                                                                                                                           ing the fact that U.S. policy forbids any military per-
                                                                                                                           sonnel from leaking classified documents to the public.
according to the Pentagon. Last June Julian Assange,           successful game is one where the person hiding is not       Manning is said to have handed over these documents
founder of the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, re-          found. In Assange’s version of this game, he interjects
leased 400,000 pages of classified documents pertaining                                                                    to Assange, who in turn posted them on the World Wide
                                                               himself by drawing a map that leads the seeker (insur-
to military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.                gents) directly to the persons hiding (coalition forces).   Web, violating national security under the 1917 espio-
   U.S. personnel are being placed in harm’s way because       “GAME OVER.”                                                nage act. The act states, “any one releasing classified or
of Assange’s postings, according to Pentagon spokesman            Assange’s decision to leak classified documents plac-    secret documents with the intent of causing intentional
Geoff Murrell. He summed it up during a press confer-          es U.S. military personnel in grave danger, consequently    harm can and will be tried.”
ence reported by John F. Burns and Ravi Somaiya of the         putting our allies’ personnel in danger as well. In addi-
New York Times on Oct 23. “These documents […] were                                                                          If the breach accrues during a time of war, the indi-
                                                               tion to the harm to our U.S. personnel, our Iraqi and Af-
a gift to ‘terrorist organizations.’” This “gift” provides                                                                 vidual can be executed for treason. Not only does the
                                                               ghan counterparts are being hunted down because of the
terrorist groups with patrol tactics, troop strength, spe-     postings. Amnesty International and Reporters without       release of these documents violate national security by
cific weapons systems deployment, and other vital in-          Borders have joined the Pentagon in condemning As-          leaking classified information, it has also caused a diplo-
formation related to how and under what circumstances          sange’s postings for placing people’s lives in greater      matic embarrassment, eroding our credibility with other
troops are used.
                                                               danger.                                                     world powers by demonstrating the country’s inability
       ROAD MAP FOR THE INSURGENTS                                Burns and Somaiya also reported an illustration of       to safeguard classified information.
   Furthermore, the documents describe what the call           this: “A Taliban spokesman in Afghanistan […] said in a
signs (i.e. names) of specific U.S. and allied units are and   telephone interview that the Taliban had formed a nine-         MILITARY’S REPUTATION TARNISHED
gives enemy personnel a road map of how to defeat the          member ‘commission’ after the Afghan documents were
                                                                                                                             The perception of our country becomes one that is
U.S. military, according to Murrell. An example he gave        posted ‘to find about people who are spying.’ He said the
                                                                                                                           not trustworthy, causing the U.S. military’s reputation
is that enemy insurgents can now better prepare how to         Taliban had a ‘wanted’ list of 1,800 Afghans and was
                                                               comparing that with names WikiLeaks provided.”              to be brought into question. The posting of the classified
ambush U.S. and allied forces. Additionally, insurgents
now have an enhanced view of how primary and sec-                 The military relies upon those men and women for         documents is duplicitous on Assange’s part and greatly
ondary units respond, thus enabling the enemy to more          information regarding the location of insurgents. Based     handicaps our ability to ensure the safety and greater
effectively conduct offensive operations.                      on military history, the key to winning any campaign        good of all free people.
    I believe that from the moment those documents went        in a foreign country is in winning over the hearts and
                                                                                                                             Furthermore, the information posted by WikiLeaks
public, every Marine and soldier, as well as every mis-        minds of the people that live there. WikiLeaks informa-
                                                               tion compromises our ability to keep our allies out of      dramatically compromises our ability to combat terrorist
sion currently underway in Iraq and Afghanistan, was
compromised.                                                   harm’s way.                                                 organizations and conduct military operations globally.
   Pfc. Bradley Manning is a former Army intelligence             Assange says he firmly believes that all the documents   Most importantly, it further endangers the lives of our
operative currently under detention in Quantico, Va.           should be in the public domain; the world should have       military personnel – for no other reason than Assange’s
Manning is suspected of leaking the information to As-         equal access to the information released by WikiLeaks.      distorted sense of self-righteousness – at revealing this
sange in agreement with Assange’s decision to place the           According to Burns and Somaiya, Assange stated that
                                                                                                                           holy grail of classified documents.
documents in the public domain. The release of secret          the release of the documents, “constituted the most com-
information introduces the public to a flawed game of          prehensive and detailed account of any war ever to have       Editor’s Note: Inmate Ronald G. Self was a Marine
“Hide and Seek.” The point of this game is to remain           entered the public record” and, therefore, the public is    who served in the enlisted ranks as well as the officers
hidden from the person(s) who are doing the seeking. A         entitled to have access to this information. Assange de-    corps.

                                                                                                                                   Veterans Affairs
                                                                                                                  The Vietnam Veterans Group of San Quentin (V.V.G.S.Q.) will
                                                                                                                be sponsoring the Ninth Annual Operation: MOM packing day
                                                                                                                on Saturday, February 12, 2011 from 0800 – 1500 hrs., in the
                                                                                                                Education Building B.
                                                                                                                  Boxes, measuring 8 x 8 x 4, will be packed by inmates and
                                                                                                                volunteers, and sent by Operation: MOM to our troops deployed
Page 10                                                                            SAN QUENTIN NEWS                                                            January/February 2011

      RELIGION                                                                    ‘Ray Gun’
                                                                                  New Tool
   Clear and Simple                                                               At Prisons?
   Message of Faith
                                                                                      By JEFFERY LITTLE
                                                                                     Journalism Guild Writer
                                                                                     The words “ray gun” usually
                                                                                  brings to mind an imaginary fu-
                                                                                  ture technology associated with
                                                                                  science fiction movies such as
       Managing Editor
                                                                                  The Terminator, Star Wars, and
   For seven months, Deacon                                                       Star Trek; Part of science fiction                                                              Photo: Sam Robinson
Chuck McNeil served as San                                                        has become fact.
Quentin’s Assistant Catholic                                                                                             Father George Williams ready to serve S.Q. prisoners
                                                                                     In January 2007, The Associ-
Chaplain, living his desire to be
of service while following his
                                                                                  ated Press reported that Moody
                                                                                  Air force Base was testing a new              S.Q. Has New
                                                                                                                               Catholic Chaplain
call to foster responsibility, re-                                                form of weapon called Ray Gun.
habilitation, and restoration.                                                    The weapon isn’t shaped in the
   On Mondays and Tuesdays,                                                       form of a gun or rifle; it’s an oc-
Deacon McNeil met with the                                                        tagonal disk that’s attached to a      By KENNETH R. BRYDON                   Asked about his accomplish-
men throughout the prison. His                                                    military Humvee. An operator              Contributing Writer              ments in Boston, he said it was
message: People can change and                                                    inside the vehicle uses a joystick
                                                                                                                           San Quentin now has a Catho-      not about accomplishments, “It
learn to be better individuals.                                                   to zero in on a target. Once the
   “I was attracted to the Dea-                                                                                         lic chaplain. Father George Wil-     was how I was able to serve God.
                                                                                  target has been acquired, the op-
conate because, like so many                                                                                            liams, 53, began his duties on       Some of them died there, but at
                                                                                  erator fires a 100,000-watt beam
Deacons, I knew they where                                                                                              Jan. 12, replacing Father Barber,    some point along their journey,
                                                                                  at the speed of light. This beam
working in prisons and work-
                                                            Photo: Sam Robinson
                                                                                  can be discharged from more           who retired.                         they came back to the Church. I
ing with the homeless,” McNeil
                                         Deacon Chuck McNeil                                                               Father Williams grew up in        feel that they found some peace,
                                                                                  than 500 yards.
said.                                  if I helped those men, but I was              This beam emits a flash of         Connecticut, attended Syracuse,      even though they didn’t measure
   His late mentor and friend,         present; I was in the moment               white-hot energy – an electro-        and then served five years as an     up to society’s standard.”
Deacon Paul Moriarty, who              with them and I listened.” He              magnetic beam made up of very         Air Force officer. He was sta-          Father Williams is also inter-
passed away in 2002, counseled         never expected to be minister-             high frequency radio waves that       tioned in Alaska, Germany, and       ested in work in recovery; he
McNeil on his passion for deten-       ing in a place with condemned              you can’t see or hear. This beam      Saudi Arabia.                        himself was working at halfway
tion ministry. “He helped me           prisoners. Many in the Roman               only penetrates 1/64 of an inch          “The majority of my life has      houses. “I’m not about shoving
discover that I had something to       Catholic Church and other plac-            of skin, (which is equivalent to      been working in Prison Minis-
                                                                                                                                                             religion down their throat. It’s
offer.”                                es oppose capital punishment,              three sheets of ordinary paper),      try. I’m currently working on a
   For years, McNeil honed his         he noted. “They understand how                                                                                        really not about programs, but
                                                                                  yet participants of experiment        Doctorate in Criminal Justice.
skills in detention ministry,          sacred human life is,” McNeil                                                                                         about how do we learn to live
                                                                                  claimed that while the demon-         I always had a strong interest
counseling in the county jails         said.                                                                                                                 our faith as Christians, no matter
                                                                                  stration was not painful, it was      in doing prison work. I was or-
around the Bay Area.                      McNeil was ordained 11 years            intense enough to make them           dained in 2004 in the order of       where we are.” He saw the value
   “Much of my counseling, sit-        ago and came to San Quentin in             believe their clothing was about      Jesuit Priest, and asked for ordi-   of the many other programs at
ting with people, started feeling      July after working as a substance          to catch fire.                        nation for Prison Ministry,” he      San Quentin. In Massachusetts,
like spiritual direction,” he said.    abuse counselor in California for             The CBS-TV show 60 Min-                                                 the only programs were basic
At many sessions, he said, people      several years.                             utes reported on the device in                                             education and some religious
                                                                                                                           His last post was Massachu-
began admitting how jail saved            Deacon McNeil’s San Quentin             March 2008.                                                                programs.
                                                                                                                        setts State Prison in Concord
them from additional destruc-          tenure lasted a few months. He                On Aug. 23, 2010, Debra Du-        for five years, and before that         “There are a lot of good things
tive behavior. But he felt being a     has since moved on still working           pre, staff member with the Hu-        10 years in the Boston City          going on in here,” he said.
jail counselor was limiting.           as a Deacon within the Catholic            man Rights Examiner posted a
   “San Quentin is very differ-                                                                                         Jail. When asked of comparing           Since coming to one of the
                                       Church.                                    story on the internet with a cap-
ent,” McNeil said. “I’ve devel-           “The Catholic perspective on                                                  where he came from to here, he       oldest prisons in the country, he
                                                                                  tion reading, “Military Ray Gun       said, “Prison is prison; we have
oped good relations here.”             crime is people should be held                                                                                        said he is eager to break myths
                                                                                  to be tested on inmates.” She         better weather here.” He also
   He believes his skills as a grief   accountable for their actions but                                                                                     and stereotypes. “San Quentin
                                                                                  said one test was performed at        noted that there was not a Death
counselor are useful for people        all forms of punishment must               the Sheriff’s Detention Center                                             is famous; you see the stuff on
who have suffered family losses        have rehabilitative aspects,” Mc-                                                Row there.                           TV; the reality of the place is
                                                                                  located in Castaic, California.          He explained how he came to
while imprisoned. “I don’t know        Neil said.                                    Commander Bob Osborne,                                                  something completely different.
                                                                                                                        know about the position because
                                                                                  who is head of the Technology                                              You’re dealing here with human

How S.Q. Experience Is                                                            Exploration Branch of the Sher-
                                                                                  iff’s Department of Homeland
                                                                                                                        of visiting with Father Barber. “I
                                                                                                                        came here to steal ideas, and ex-
                                                                                                                        change thoughts. The priests do-
                                                                                                                                                             beings, and the media makes the
                                                                                                                                                             characters out of it.”

Teaching the Teachers
                                                                                  Security Division, was quoted                                                 He also sees his duties include
                                                                                                                        ing this work are few and far be-
                                                                                  as saying, “The Assault Inter-                                             reaching out to other faiths. “It’s
                                                                                                                        tween.” He noted San Quentin
                                                                                  vention System (AIS) developed                                             easy to get caught up in your
                                                                                  by Raytheon Co. could give the        holds half the number of all in-
  By BECKER NEWBOLD                    skill levels and previous experi-                                                mates in the Massachusetts sys-      own denomination, but I don’t
                                                                                  Sheriff’s Department another
    Contributing Writer                ence among the students, which                                                   tem. “I personally knew many         see that happening here,” he
                                                                                  tool to quell disturbances at a 65-
                                       can cause some challenges at                                                     inmates there, so the size (of San   said, “Feel free in coming to the
   Coming to San Quentin with                                                     inmate dormitory at the Pitchess
                                       times, but also brings great di-           Detention Center North County         Quentin) really struck me.”          services in here.”
experience teaching at UC

                                                                                                                                     Spiritual Food for
Berkeley, many of us come to the       versity into the learning experi-          Correctional Facility.”
Prison University Project (PUP)        ence.                                         The new weapon is listed as
not knowing what to expect, but           Overall, teaching Spanish at            a non-lethal device. It has been
hoping to be able to contrib-
ute our language and literature
                                       San Quentin has been a constant
                                       process of negotiation, but it is
                                                                                  tested on humans more than an
                                                                                  estimated 11,000 times over 10
                                                                                                                                        The Faithful
skills to the community outside        also very rewarding. Every time            years, CBS reported.                     Psalm 69:33 — For the Lord        loosen those that are appointed
of traditional academia.               a student suddenly understands                                                   heareth the poor, and despiseth      to death.
   PUP provides Spanish classes        a grammatical concept, uses                292,000 CA Children                   not his prisoners.                     Psalm 107:13 — Then they
to students with five days a week      Spanish to communicate ideas                                                                                          cried unto the Lord in their trou-
                                       to a classmate, or discusses
                                                                                  Have a Parent in Prison                  Psalm 102:69 — For he hath
                                                                                                                                                             ble, and he saved them out of
(three days for literature classes),                                                                                    looked down from the height of
allowing the opportunity for an        Spanish literature, it reminds us             Sacramento — The Califor-                                               their distresses.
                                                                                                                        his sanctuary, from heaven did
immersion experience that gives        why we are volunteering.                   nia Research Bureau estimates                                                Psalm 107:14 — He brought
                                                                                                                        the Lord behold the earth.
students a great deal of exposure         Teaching here is both absorb-           292,000 California children had                                            them out of the darkness and the
                                       ing and energizing, and we hope            a parent in prison or jail. The          Job 3:18 — There the prison-
to the language.                                                                                                                                             deepest gloom and broke away
                                       that the students are getting as           2000 survey also showed an-           ers rest together, they hear not     their chains.
   What makes the classes in-
teresting is that students at San      much out of the experience as              other 564,000 minors had a par-       the voice of the oppressor.            Psalm 146:7 — He upholds the
Quentin are adult learners, most       we are, and that they find ways            ent on parole or probation; with         Job 3:19 — The small and          cause of the oppressed and gives
of whom are highly motivated           to use their skills on a daily ba-         those numbers combined, nine          great are there, and the servant     food to the hungry. The Lord
and some have experience speak-        sis.                                       percent of California’s children      is free from his master.             sets prisoners free.
ing in their families or commu-           Becker Newbold is a volunteer           had a parent in the criminal jus-        Psalm 102:20 — To hear the          — Arranged by inmate Mark
nities. There is a great variety of    teacher at San Quentin.                    tice system.                          groaning of the prisoner, to         Fournier
January/February 2011                                                        SAN QUENTIN NEWS                                                                                 Page 11

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT                                                          Healing                                    Film Production
Christian Theatrical                                                          With Jazz                              A Marketable Skill After Parole
                                                                                                                    The San Quentin Media De-          “It was a comedy news report;

Group Impacts S.Q.
                                                                               Tom Harrell is a world-re-        partment plays a major role in        I portrayed a character named
                                                                            nowned trumpeter who suffers         San Quentin’s prisoners rehabil-      John Cameron. It’s a take on
                                                                            from schizophrenia. While play-      itation. Under the supervision of     John Cameron Swayze. I also do
    By LAQUAN HAYES                  team. He stated: “I wanted to          ing, and only while playing, all     Larry Schneider, prisoners are        voices, but mostly I do the music
  Journalism Guild Writer            use my personality to give back        symptoms of his illness, disap-      given an education in film pro-       for the video productions.”
   The San Quentin Garden Cha-       or help in the ministry. It also al-   pear. Miraculously, the colorful     duction. This opportunity is not        Is this something you plan to
pel’s drama team continues to        lows me to express myself and          bebop jazz tunes become a heal-      available at any of California’s      pursue when you get out?
perform impactful Biblical mes-      help people find themselves.”          ing balm.                            other 32 prisons, however San
                                                                                                                 Quentin prisoners are making             E. “Phil” Phillips is a member
sages through modern day theat-                                                Harrell began building his jazz
                                       What changes have you seen                                                information available for other       of the S.Q.T.V. He stated: “What
rical productions. However, un-                                             resume in the late ‘60s, touring
                                     in the drama team?                                                          prisons to emulate these pro-         I do is film the group functions,
like San Quentin’s Shakespeare                                              with Stan Kenton’s big band,
                                                                                                                 grams.                                so I try to meet the media needs
group that is sponsored by a           David Cowan is a member              Horace Silver, Woody Herman
                                                                                                                    Men who work in the me-            of that group. I shot a P.S.A. for
Marin theatrical company, the        of the drama team. He stated:          and many others. He has led his
                                                                                                                 dia department are interviewed        Centerforce. Yes, this is definite-
Garden Chapel drama team has         “Changes are changes. Whether          own bands since the early ‘90s.                                            ly something I plan to do when I
                                                                                                                 below. Troy Williams is a San
no outside volunteers, Members       they are for the better or for the        The Los Altos musician’s gigs                                           get out.”
                                                                                                                 Quentin inmate, instrumental
express their desires to form re-    worse is up to the individual. I       are often hindered by his schizo-    in developing the media depart-        What projects have you
lationships with local churches.     try to stay flexible by remember-      phrenia and those close to him       ment.                                 worked on that you feel have
  Theatrical skits are not           ing that this is God’s ministry; it    often wonder if he can complete
                                                                                                                   What projects are you cur-          made a difference?
commonly done in church on           could be better with better equip-     his stage performances.
                                                                                                                 rently working on?                       Marvin Andrews is a San
Sundays, although they are           ment and if we could all master           Recently he took the stage at
an effective way to share the        having a servant’s attitude.”          Yoshi’s jazz club in the East Bay.      Troy Williams: I’m produc-         Quentin inmate and member of
Christian faith on a practical                                              Friends were doubtful, but with      ing T.V. News broadcasts en-          the S.Q. media group. He stated:
                                       Do you think that people                                                  titled San Quentin Prison Re-         “I operated the camera on a mock
level. How do you think the                                                 the rhythmic tap of one foot, he
community views fine arts in a       are more open to the message                                                port (SQPR) for the purposes of       election for President Obama’s
                                     of Christ through drama as             cued his band, put his trumpet
church setting?                                                                                                  highlighting newsworthy events        2008 election. That project was
                                                                            to his lips and the jazzy notes
                                     opposed to a message being                                                  that occurs within these walls.       shared with the adult educations
   James “JC” Cavitt, a San                                                 bounced off the walls. Naysay-
                                     preached?                                                                   People never get to see the posi-     department on DVD. I’ve also
Quentin inmate and member of                                                er’s looked on with amazement.
                                                                                                                 tive things that occur inside of      done a documentary on a graph-
the drama team, stated: “I believe      Jonathan “JW” Wilson is a              The healing power of music        prison. Our goal is to highlight      ic artist named “Juse” from
that many religious communities      member of the drama team. He           transcends the boundaries of         those events and programs and         Modesto, who’s done graphics
may have an appreciation for the     stated: “I believe that ministry or    music. Just as Tom Harrell relies    have them duplicated through-         for LL Cool J and some other
fine arts but many would be a bit    preaching is good but sometimes        on music to sooth his schizo-        out the state so that other prison-   well known recording artist.
uneasy about viewing a theatri-      we can’t always identify with a        phrenia, San Quentin inmates         ers will have the same opportu-        Do you plan on doing this
cal skit during the church ser-      scripture text or see the practical    and volunteers who participate       nities, and this is how we affect     when you get out?
vice. We have many traditional-      of it until we’ve actually been in-    in restorative justice programs      public safety.
ists in the church who are used      volved in the lesson itself. So for                                                                                  Stephen Owens is a San Quen-
                                                                            rely on music to promote closure        I saw a segment of the SQPR
doing things a certain way.”                                                                                                                           tin inmate and member of the
                                     me, being able to recreate a spir-     and healing from crime victim-       that you were showing the             media group. He stated: “Yes,
  What attracted you to the          itual principle from the Bible, I      ization.                             warden. It was really funny,          I plan to attend San Francisco
garden chapel drama team?            believe it’s more effective than          Lorrain Taylor, whose twin        you portrayed an inmate who           State University for a degree in
  Michael Tyler is a San Quentin     preaching because you have a           sons were murdered, expressed        was being interviewed behind          cinematography and expressions
inmate and member of the dram        visual demonstration”                  her restoration through an origi-    a silhouette to keep his iden-        media and digital arts, I’m a cre-
                                                                            nal Gospel song, “Take a Stand,”     tity hidden, and suddenly the
Juveniles May End Up In Adult Prisons                                       which included audience par-         silhouette falls down and re-
                                                                                                                                                       ative person and I feel like this is
                                                                                                                                                       a way for me to reestablish my-
  Sacramento – More juveniles        venile offenders from the state        ticipation for the chorus. Mu-       veals his identity, what was          self with the community.” Ow-
will end up in adult prisons if      to the county by closing decay-        sic often becomes a conduit for      that about?                           ens paroled in November and is
Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to       ing facilities.                        healing when tragedy has struck        L. “Blue” Wilder is a San           currently enrolled in San Fran-
shift responsibility for some ju-                                           devastating ways. —La Quan           Quentin inmate and a member of        cisco State.

    Making a Difference                                                     Hayes                                the S.Q. media group. He stated:                     —La Quan Hayes

      Through Music                                                                   Open Mic Night Brings Out
   Kurt Huget teaches guitar on
Thursday evenings in San Quen-
                                     on local television. Huget was
                                     asked, “What made you want to
                                                                                   Talent for Inmates and Volunteers
tin’s upper yard Art Center. He      play at a soup kitchen?” Huget            An open mic event sponsored       of mystery and mysticism as              Angel Alvarez read a poem
also regularly performs at meals     stated, “Because that’s where          by Jody Lewen and Amy Roza           Neblett quoted the entire poem        entitled “Don’t Fall” that he ded-
for the needy at St. Vincent’s       people need to hear music. It’s        of the Prison University Project     from memory. Audience mem-            icated to former Prison Univer-
Dining Room in San Rafael.           much more enjoyable than play-         was held on Christmas Eve.           bers were left pondering the          sity Project administrator Jenni-
   Huget sang and played guitar      ing in a bar. People really appre-        An audience of San Quen-          connection between the envi-          fer Scaife.
for over 700 needy men, wom-         ciate the free music”.                 tin inmates and Patten Univer-       ronment and their own purpose            The showcase ended with an
en and children as they ate free       His selections included “blues,      sity volunteers crowded the old      in life.                              original Gospel song sung by
Thanksgiving meals at St. Vin-       country, and reggae--a little          laundry building where college          The audience’s attention was       a group called New Day.” The
cent’s. Channel 4 KRON News          something for everybody.”              classes are normally held. Class-    then grabbed by E. “Phil” Philips
covered the event and inter-                                                                                                                           group consists of Rico, Napolean
                                       St. Vincent serves meals ev-         room deck chairs were replaced       as he slammed an original piece
viewed several men and women         ery day to people in need. Ev-                                                                                    Brown and Darryl “Shorty”
                                                                            with regular chairs, converting      entitled, “When is it going to
who were moved to tears as they      ery year they serve at least 300                                                                                  Buckhana. They harmonized a
                                                                            the building into a makeshift        stop?” “Dropping bombs, it ain’t
expressed their thankfulness.        Thanksgiving meals, however                                                                                       smooth original Gospel medley
                                                                            auditorium. Inmates told stories,    right; son, as I hear the pop, pop
   They complimented how ten-        this year they served about 700                                                                                   entitled “Heaven,” written by
                                                                            read poetry and sang Gospel.         I want to know when is it gonna
der and well-seasoned the tur-       meals. Huget plays music at St.                                                                                   Napolean Brown.
                                                                               Darrell Williams performed        stop?” As Philips completed his
key was, along with the dress-       Vincent once a month. His dedi-                                                                                      Vinny Nguyen, a member
                                                                            “Jailhouse Blues.” His heartfelt     socially conscious poem with a
ing, cranberries, and other side     cation to bringing joy to the less                                          rhythmic rhyme, female teach-         of the Juvenile Justice group,
                                                                            sonnet expressed how prisoners
dishes. The Thanksgiving meal        fortunate through music has            feel when it seems like friends      ers and tutors somberly nodded        stated: “Our message is that we
recipients were very grateful for    made a strong impression on his        on the outside have forgotten        their heads in agreement to its       want the public and lawmakers
St. Vincent services. They ex-       San Quentin guitar students.           them.                                positive message.                     to place the juvenile justice sys-
pressed how then they would not        Several students have ex-               Andrew Mearis read an essay          The entertainment contin-          tem under a microscope. Trying
have been able to enjoy such a       pressed to him how they would          entitled, “This World.” Mearis’s     ued with a poem entitled “Wit         juvenile as adults … is not the
well-prepared meal on Thanks-        also like to play music at home-       thesis was that love triumphs        and Wisdom,” read by Larry            answer.”
giving Day.                          less shelters, hospital and elder      over all.                            Climmon. It told of the decep-           Inmates thank Jody Lewen,
   As the festivities aired on       care homes. Huget also played             John Neblett recited a poem       tion and facades that people          Amy Roza and all the Patten
KRON-TV News, the inmates            music at San Quentin’s Breast          entitled “The River Man,” by         present while experiencing tur-       University teachers and tutors
at San Quentin were proud to         Cancer walk in September.              Elizabeth Bishop. The audi-          moil in efforts to hide their true    who supported the event. —La
see one of their own volunteers                      —La Quan Hayes         ence was taken on an adventure       identities.                           Quan Hayes
Page 12                                                                             SAN QUENTIN NEWS                                                             January/February 2011

                                                                                   Hard Times. If I’m able to play       or nominate me for this award.        for Athlete of the Year. Ke Lam
                                                                                   baseball as well, I’ll cross that     I would like to thank the San         and I first started playing soft-
                                                                                   bridge when I get there.              Quentin News for this award;          ball together in 2008. From the
                                                                                     What do you think about be-         it’s a nice thing you all are doing   very beginning I sniffed out ex-
                                                                                   ing considered one of the best        for the athletes. This has never      treme competitiveness. Ke Lam
                                                                                   athletes at San Quentin?              been done before. Thank You.          A.K.A. Mighty Mouse has re-
                                                                                                                            What three teammates say           markable power to all fields with
                                                                                      Well, I laughed when this was
                                                                                                                         about Ke Lam:                         the bat and excellent speed in
                                                                                   first brought to my attention. I
                                                                                                                            Fernando Lemus, pitcher,           the outfield , known as the “no-
                                                                                   never think in these terms. I am
                                                                                                                         third base, first base, Hard          fly zone.” Ke’s attitude and his
                                                                                   flattered to be mentioned in such
                                                                                                                         Times                                 comradeliness for his fellow man
                                                                                   conversation, there are some re-
                                                                                                                            “I was not surprised on hear-      in blue on and off the field are
                                                                                   ally good athletes here. I just go
                                                                                                                         ing Ke Lam would be the Ath-          second to none. Ke’s respect for
                                                                                   out and play hard. I’ve always
                                                                                                                         lete of the Year at S.Q. I have had   the game and coaches alike are
                                                                                   had to prove myself, being of the
                                                                                                                         the privilege of playing with Ke      recognized. Ke does not engage
                                                                                   smaller physical stature. I had to
                                                                                                                         Lam on different teams at S.Q.        in condescending second-hand
                                                                                   hone my skills and do more be-
                                                            Photo: Coach Richard
                                                                                                                         On the hardball Giants baseball       talk behind players’ or coaches’
                          Nghiep “Ke” Lam                                          cause I don’t have the strength or
                                                                                                                         team, his skill level is among        backs. I have enjoyed playing
                                                                                   power of bigger guys.
                                                                                                                                                               ball with Ke and plan to do so
     San Quentin’s
                                                                                                                         the top levels to emulate. He not
                                                                                      Well, let me correct you                                                 in the future. Ke is an impact
                                                                                                                         only played shortstop, he also is
                                                                                   there, Ke Lam. I came out and                                               player, and a great guy; a great
                                                                                                                         very skilled at playing behind
2010 Athlete of the Year                                                           watched you play last year, and
                                                                                   your first at bat you slapped
                                                                                   one to right center for an in the
                                                                                                                         the plate and pitching. Then,
                                                                                                                         when I played with him in the
                                                                                                                                                               pick for Athlete of the Year.”

                                                                                                                         Hard Times softball team, his
      By DREW PIAZZA                    I’m told you’re pretty good                park home run; which was ac-
                                                                                                                         outfield skills are among the best
         Sports Editor                at several sports. Which sport               tually a triple and you scored

                                                                                                                         I have seen in a long time. For
                                      are you best at?                             on an error, but what a smash.
   Nghiep” Ke” Lam” was voted                                                                                            example, his speed to get to the
                                                                                   On your very next at-bat you
San Quentin’s Athlete of the             I really can’t answer that I                                                    ball is very impressive.

                                                                                   kissed the left field fence for a
Year by the San Quentin News          don’t see myself in those lights,                                                     “On one particular play, one
                                                                                   ground-rule double. So don’t
and through a survey of 80 ath-       I’ll let other people answer that, I                                               of the opposing team players
                                                                                   give me this “compensates for
letes and members of the San          just try and go out and play hard                                                  hit a hard fly ball. As I was the
                                                                                   power thing.”
Quentin population.                   and have fun and try to create                                                     pitcher for the game, I quickly          NASCAR is replacing the
                                      the best possible atmosphere.                  What did sports do for you          turned around and thought to          complicated scoring system it
  Where were you born?
                                                                                   or meant to you growing up            myself, ‘There is no way Ke is        has used since 1975 with a more
  Vietnam                               The San Quentin News
                                                                                   in the inner city of San Fran-        going to catch that ball.’ How-       straightforward format, says
                                      Sports conducted an extensive
  Where were you raised?                                                           cisco?                                ever, as I saw him running, he        Chairman Brian France.
                                      survey/voting process to pick
                                      this award. You were chosen by                  Man, it was so important to        caught the ball at the ‘warning          A race winner will now re-
  San Francisco, The Petreo
                                      a huge percentage about 97%                  me being raised in a single par-      track’ so to speak, but the walk-     ceive 43 points under the new
Hill area.
                                      of the athletes and fans. What               ent home, with no father. It was      ing track in reality at S.Q. I was    system, and the points will de-
  Where      did    you    attend                                                  a way to survive and a sense of       truly amazed at that play.            crease down to 1 for the 43rd-
                                      do you think about that?
school?                                                                            family. It kept me out of gangs          “Also, his batting skills are      place driver. There will be three
                                         I’m honored to be recognized                                                    one that I personally have as-        bonus points for the winner, one
   Starr King and Sherman El-                                                      and trouble; it gave me charac-
                                      by my teammates as well as our                                                     pired to copy. The strength of        bonus point for every driver who
ementary. James Lick and Pe-                                                       ter. It offered me escapes and
                                      immediate community. And I                                                         his swing coupled with his pa-        leads a lap, and one bonus point
treo Hill Middle Schools and                                                       made me believe in myself; once
                                      was told that this award wasn’t                                                    tience to wait for the ball to pass   to the driver who leads the most
on to Lowell and Mission High                                                      I started seeing I could compete
                                      just for my athletic achieve-                                                      the plate, consistently drives the    laps.
Schools.                                                                           with anybody, it really helped
                                      ments on the field, but for over-                                                  ball to the opposite field for a         The maximum points avail-
                                                                                   build self-confidence and self-
  When did you start playing          all conduct as a person through                                                    homerun. However, what most           able now will be 48.
organized sports?                     my deeds and actions. I was                                                        impresses me about Ke is his             Under the previous system, a
                                      taught by my coaches that sports               Who are your favorite pro-
   I started playing organized                                                                                           jubilant, soft-spoken behavior. I     race winner was awarded 180
                                      were more than playing a game                fessional teams?
sports at about 10 years old. I                                                                                          have never witnessed him belit-       points, five bonus points for
first played Little League for the    or winning and losing. So I at-                Drew, you’re going to get me        tle anyone on the baseball field,     leading a lap, and five points for
Pirates and the Rangers.              tribute my early coaches and my              in trouble here. (Laughs) I’m         tennis court or basketball court.     leading the most laps. The maxi-
                                      cultural upbringing for some of              from San Francisco, but I’m an        He is not the type of athlete that    mum under the old system was
  How long have you been here         the disciplines. But ultimately              Oakland A’s fan. I grew up on         boasts about his great skills. He     190 points.
at S.Q.?                              God gets all the credit.                     Rickey Henderson and tried to         shows his great skills in the field      NASCAR starts February
  I actually arrived here June 17,      What do you like about play-               shape my game after him. My           of sport. It is always a pleasure     20, 2011 at 9:00 am at Daytona
2003 from Solano.                     ing here at San Q?                           football team is the 49ers, of        to be part of his team and not so     Speedway.       — Drew Piazza
  What were your thoughts                                                          course.                               much fun to play against him be-
                                         Playing sports at San Quentin
when you first arrived here at        offers so much more than just                  Speaking of the 49ers, what         cause he is such a skillful athlete
the “Q”?                              the level of competition. We play            do you think of the new coach-        that it is difficult to try to come    BASEBALL TRYOUTS
                                      teams from the communities,                  ing changes in San Francisco?         up with a secret formula to de-
  As soon as the bus drove into                                                                                                                                 The San Quentin A’s and
                                      which gives us chances to ex-                                                      feat him. He knows his sports
the facility, the first thing I saw                                                  I think it’s great. I believe Jim                                          Giants will be holding
                                      change views, concepts and just                                                    very well and knows the strate-
was the field. They were plant-                                                    Harbaugh is exactly what the
                                      generally feel apart of society.                                                   gies his opponents may use to          try-outs on Saturday,
ing the grass; I found out later,                                                  ‘9ers need. They have a stellar
                                      When we play these guys, they                                                      defeat him. He will laugh and
the grass had been donated from                                                    defense; they’re hurting on of-                                              February 26, and Satur-
                                      treat us as equals, as compet-                                                     say, ‘I know what you’re trying
the San Francisco Giants. I was                                                    fense and Harbaugh is a quarter-
                                      ing athletes. They don’t talk to                                                   to do’ with that famous laughter       day, March 05, 2011 at
amazed and smiling. At other                                                       back coach, so I’m excited about
                                      us about prison; our exchanges                                                     of his. Truly a pleasure to know
facilities there is only softball,                                                 that.                                                                        9:00 am on the baseball
                                      are about the world, it’s more                                                     him and play sports with him.”
and the fields are hard dirt and
                                      than sports. Playing with outside              What are your goals for next           Chris Schuhmacher, Inside           diamond, Lower Yard.
not very well groomed, so I was
                                      teams we receive a more human-               season?                               Tennis team:
real surprised.
                                      istic feeling.                                 I want our softball team to beat       “Congratulations, Ke. Hey,
  How many teams do you ac-                                                                                              Lizard (Ke’s tennis nickname).         SOFTBALL TRYOUTS
                                        With the new possible re-                  Church on the Hill. (Laughs)
tually play on? I’m told three                                                                                           In our matches, you’ve taught
                                      striction being implemented                  San Quentin has never beaten                                                 The San Quentin Hard
or four.                                                                                                                 me that freak (shots) is the high-
                                      about not being able to play                 Church on the Hill. But more so
   No. I actually play for Hard                                                    I want our guys to have fun and       est compliment you can earn on         Times Softball team will
                                      both softball and/or baseball,                                                     the San Quentin Tennis Court.
Times Softball; we were formal-       how will this affect you?                    play hard with the least drama                                               be holding their try-outs
ly the Pirates and the Bay Cats. I                                                 possible.                             This makes you the tennis freak,
                                        Well, the jury is out on this                                                    with your laugh and infectious         on Sunday, February
played baseball with the Giants;                                                    Is there anything you
I’m on the tennis team, Inside        one. However, I will say this:                                                     smile. Just remember, Ke, one of       27, and Sunday, March
                                      My first priority is to the Hard             would like to add in your own         these days…”
Tennis.                                                                            words?                                                                       06, 2011 at 1:00pm on
                                      Times softball team, I’m the                                                          John “Dalton” Martin, first
  What is your favorite sport?        captain, and I take the trust the              Yes, I would like to thank          base, Hard Times team:                 the baseball diamond,
  Baseball, yeah definitely base-     team has bestowed on me seri-                everyone who sees me in a fa-            “San Quentin sports couldn’t
                                                                                                                                                                Lower Yard.
ball.                                 ous. So I’m totally dedicated to             vorable light to even vote and/       have selected a better candidate
January/February 2011                                                           SAN QUENTIN NEWS                                                                                        Page 13

                                         SPORTS                                                                                 The Passion for
                                                                                                                              Baseball Runs Deep
Muhammad Ali – Remembering                                                                                                   By RYAN LOUGHLIN                       “He recognized my name
                                                                                                                              Contributing Writer              from the home run wall,” Lough-

One of the Best ‘Of All Time’                                                                                              Kevin Loughlin has coached
                                                                                                                         Little League and high school
                                                                                                                                                               lin says. “He told me that his in-
                                                                                                                                                               volvement with the San Rafael
                                                                                                                                                               Little League got him through
      By ALI RASHEED                                                                                                     baseball for the better part of the
                                                                                                                                                               some of the toughest times.”
        MUHAMMAD                                                                                                         past 20 years. In 2009 he took on
                                                                                                                                                                  When asked to coach the San
      Contributing Writer                                                                                                a new demographic when he be-
                                                                                                                                                               Quentin Giants in 2009, Lough-
                                                                                                                         gan managing the San Quentin
   Once upon a time, a superstar                                                                                                                               lin seized the opportunity. He
emerged in the ‘60s, a man un-                                                                                                                                 was eager to get involved with
                                                                                                                           The San Quentin baseball pro-
like any other in the long history                                                                                                                             the Giants because their “pas-
                                                                                                                         gram is more than 100 years old
of boxing. His name was Cassius                                                                                                                                sion for the game is contagious”
                                                                                                                         and one of the few that allows
Marcellus Clay, he was born on                                                                                                                                 and they “don’t take a single
                                                                                                                         outside teams to participate. In
Jan. 17, 1942, in Louisville, KY.,                                                                                                                             pitch for granted.”
                                                                                                                         2005, Loughlin was invited to
to lower-middle-class parents.                                                                                                                                     “I learned so much playing
                                                                                                                         play with “The Willing,” one
   He was an angelic child, ac-                                                                                                                                baseball at San Quentin as a
                                                                                                                         of the civilian teams that com-
cording to his sweet, church lady                                                                                                                              boy,” Loughlin says. “I wanted
                                                                                                                         petes against inmates on prison
mother, Odessa. The youngster                                                                                                                                  to give something back to the
                                                                                                                         grounds. Upon arrival, Loughlin
got involved in boxing because                                                                                                                                 program.”
                                                                                                                         and his teammates received the
someone stole his bicycle. He                                                                                                                                     James “Duce” Allen, one of
                                                                                                                         standard greeting.
wanted to administer a good                                                                                                                                    Loughlin’s former players, has
                                                                                                                            “We have a no-hostage policy
thrashing when he caught up                                                                                                                                    been out of San Quentin for 11
with the thief.                                                                                                          here,” a guard tells them. “That      months. He immediately enrolled
   Clay swept through the ama-                                                                                           means we will not bargain the         in school and found work with
teur ranks and captured the pub-                                                                                         freedom of an inmate for your         Solar Richmond, a non-profit
lic’s admiration and imagination                                                                                         safety, but we will do everything     dedicated to creating “jobs for
by winning the Gold Medal at
                                                                                                            File Photo
                                                                                                                         we can to get you out safe and        underemployed local residents.”
                                             George Foreman and Muhammad Ali (circa 1974)                                sound. And with that, welcome
the 1960 Summer Olympics in                                                                                                                                    He says things are “going well”
Rome, exhibiting a flamboyance              Next came “The Thrilla in           —Ali Rasheed Muhammad                    to San Quentin.”                      and that he owes part of his suc-
and style rarely seen in a boxer.        Manila” on Oct. 1, 1975, in           was a training partner with nu-             This wasn’t the first time          cess to Coach Loughlin.
A group of wealthy white busi-           which Ali defeated Frazier in         merous boxers, including Archie           Loughlin heard this message.              “Kevin wasn’t afraid to tell
nessmen formed the Louisville            what many people called one           Moore, Marthy Monroe, Ken                 He had been drawn back by his         us when we needed to work
sponsoring group to underwrite           of the greatest fights ever seen.     Norton and Hedgemon Lewis.                love of baseball and to revisit an    harder,” Allen says. “He helped
the black boxer’s promising pro-         Trainer Eddie Futch, Frazier’s                                                  important chapter in his child-       me believe that even though I
fessional career. They hired the         corner man in Manila, observed,                                                 hood.                                 messed up I still had a shot.”
Dundee brothers to direct the            “Ali takes his mistakes, shows                                                    In the late 1960s, San Rafael          In July 2010, Loughlin won a
boxing progress of the young,            them to you, then beats you with                                                Little League home games were         contest to bat against Tim Lince-
charismatic Olympic champion.            them.”                                                                          played at San Quentin State Pris-     cum, San Francisco Giants’ two-
   Angelo Dundee was a master               One of the things that saved                                                 on. Inmates on good behavior,         time Cy Young award winner.
of developing a fighter’s natu-          Ali was that as his career went                                                 also known as trustees, served           “All the guys (at San Quentin)
ral talent. He recognized that he        on; he reinvented himself. He                                                   as umpires and groundskeepers         are huge fans; we all listen to the
had a phenom on his hands. Clay          displayed diversity by chang-                                                   during the off-season.                games.” Loughlin says. “They
was a heavyweight who moved              ing his style to what suited the                                                    “I didn’t know what to ex-        heard about the contest and said
with the speed of a welterweight         style of the man in front of him.                                               pect playing inside a prison,”        I should enter.”
and possessed the ring smarts of         Like Cus D’Amato used to say,                                                   Loughlin says. “But once I saw           Before stepping into the batters
a master boxer like Willie Pas-          “In the first part of Ali’s career,                                             the field, I knew it was all about    box, Loughlin presented Lince-
trono. Angelo let Clay be Clay.          the only time you touched Ali is                                                baseball.”                            cum with a baseball signed by
He did not try to correct or ex-         when the referee made you touch                                                   Loughlin was the San Rafael         each member of the San Quentin
punge the young fighter’s mis-           gloves before the bout started.”                                   File Photo   Little League home run leader         Giants. According to Loughlin,
takes; rather he smoothed them              Later in his career he would       Ali with the Olympic Torch                in 1968. In commemoration, the        Lincecum was humbled by the
out so that the mistakes worked          fight an entire bout against Ken                                                inmates etched his name and the       gift and said he was going to
in Clay’s favor.                         Norton with a broken jaw, and                                                   number of home runs he hit onto       place it on his mantle next to his
   Clay defeated Charles ‘Son-

                                                                               NFL Team
                                         no one would be surprised. Af-                                                  the outfield wall.                    Cy Young awards.
ny” Liston on Feb. 24, 1964 for          ter all, this man had faced down                                                  Ten years later, Loughlin took          “The 2010 San Francisco Gi-
the heavyweight championship

                                                                               In L.A.?
                                         an enraged killer (Sonny Liston)                                                a criminology course at San Di-       ants reminded us all that base-
of the world. He delighted his                                                                                           ego State University. One day         ball is a game of underdogs,”
                                         that he could not even see clearly
fans, proclaiming that “I am the                                                                                         an ex-inmate from San Quentin         Loughlin says. “With hard work,
                                         (Round 5) and had survived the
greatest” and dubbing Liston “a                                                  Backers of a plan to build a            spoke to the students about life      dedication and a little luck you
                                         bout of blindness.
big, ugly bear.” Liston did not                                                                                          after prison. During the lecture,     can achieve anything.”
                                            Ali became the second man          football stadium in downtown
come out for the seventh round,                                                                                          Loughlin stated his full name            Ryan Loughlin is the son of
                                         in ring history to regain the         Los Angeles have reached a
and for more than a decade,                                                                                              before asking a question. Af-         Kevin Loughlin, the San Quen-
                                         heavyweight championship of           naming rights deal worth $700-
Clay also earned other monikers
                                         the world, and the first to regain    million. It’s the first step towards      ter class the guest speaker ap-       tin Giants baseball team’s assis-
including “The Louisville Lip”
                                         it a third time. Ali outfought,       bringing an NFL team to Los               proached him.                         tant coach.
and “The Mouth.”
   In the following years Clay           outlasted, and outwitted George       Angeles.
                                         Foreman in a classic upset. (Oc-        AEG, the company that among
                                                                                                                         N.B.A.’s 10 Best Guards
became a Muslim and changed
his name to Muhammad Ali. In             tober 30, 1974)                       other holdings owns the Staple
1967 Ali refused induction into             Even more than Joe Louis, Ali      Center, announced a 30-year

                                                                                                                               In the West
the Army, based on his opposi-           was a world Champion, a boxer         agreement with Farmers Insur-
tion to the Vietnam War. This            who was the most famous face          ance. The deal would provide
led to the loss of his title, his sus-   in the world. He crystallized this    AEG’s with income, starting at                                                                              Field
pension from boxing until 1970           image on October 30, 1974, in         $20- million a year and escalat-                                           Points     Rebs       Asst.       goal
and a five-year prison sentence,         Kinshasa, Zaire, Africa, when         ing incrementally every year
                                         he regained his title from Fore-                                                1. K. Bryant, Lakers              25.2       5.0        4.5       44.5
which was overturned.                                                          after, according to individuals
   Ali fought a tune-up with             man.                                                                            2. C. Paul, Hornets               16.7       4.3        9.7        49.3
                                                                               familiar with the negotiations.
Jerry Quarry in 1970, then came             Despite an onset of Parkin-                                                  3. M. Ellis, Warriors             25.2       3.5        5.6       46.5
                                                                               The stadium would be named
the first Ali-Joe Frazier in 1971,       son’s Disease, the world ap-                                                    4. M. Ginobili, Spurs             19.0       3.8        4.7       44.3
                                                                               Farmer’s field.
dubbed “The fight of the cen-            plauded as he lit the Olympic
                                                                                                   — Drew Piazza         5. S. Nash, Suns                  16.9       3.5       10.7        52.7
tury.” Frazier, then the world           flame to officially start the 1996
champion, won a 15-round deci-           Atlanta games.                                                                  6. D. Williams, Jazz              21.8       3.7        9.3        45.8
sion in New York. Observers ad-             Happy 69th Birthday, Champ!                                                  7. R. Westbrook, Thunder          21.9       4.9        8.0        43.1
mired Ali, even though he had            Happy Birthday, Muhammad                                                        8. T. Parker, Spurs               17.5       3.3        6.8        51.6
lost the decision, because it was        Ali! Happy Birthday, Our Broth-
                                                                                                                         9. J. Kidd, Mavericks             8.0        4.9        8.7        34.3
a superb contest of wills, despite       er! And thanks for the memo-
a 3½-year layoff.                        ries.                                                                           10. V. Carter, Suns               15.6       4.2        2.7        46.6
Page 14                                                                            SAN QUENTIN NEWS                                                                      January/February 2011
                                                                                      “I was in Los Angeles; it was
                                                                                  the day of his death,” said Mi-                Honoring Martin Luther
                                                                                                                                 Kings Jr.’s Legacy
                                                                                  chael Cooke, a one-year resident
                                                                                  of San Quentin. Cooke remem-
                                                                                  bers his father’s and uncle’s an-
                                                                                  ger. Cooke, 54, remembered his                     By ROSE ELIZONDO                  tin into the first “green” prison
                                                                                  uncle sitting with his head in his                  Contributing Writer              in California. Sam Hearnes
                                                                                  hands saying. “They got him.                      It is essential to honor Martin    said, “When an aluminum can
                                                                                  They finally got him.”                         Luther King Jr. and his model         is recycled, it goes through a
                                                                                     Cooke, incarcerated for 11                  and legacy of peaceful liberation     process; The Green Life pro-
                                                                                  years, said King’s ideals began                from segregation. San Quentin         gram is our recycling process.”
                                                                                                                                 State Prison is a place where as a    Kevin Tindall is motivated to
                                                                                  to manifest when President Lyn-
                                                                                                                                 society we segregate those who        learn about the earth because he
                                                                                  don B. Johnson signed the Vot-
                                                                                                                                 have been sentenced for break-        wants his grand kids to see the
                                                                                  ers Rights Act of 1965.
                                                                                                                                 ing laws. Yet prisons are not a       same yellow butterflies he grew
                                                                                      “That suppressed what Mal-
                                                                                                                                 cure but a symptom of both in-        up seeing. Luke Padgett invites
                                                                                  colm X was saying, ‘Either the                                                       us all: “Let’s live with the earth,
                                                                     File Photo
                                                                                  ballot or the bullet,’” Cooke said.            dividual and societal brokenness
  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., speaking about his dream                                                                          in need of transformation. When       not just on it.”
                                                                                  “Voting gave people voices in

Has America Lived Up                                                                                                             I drive to San Quentin, I often          I hear Martin Luther King’s
                                                                                  their own communities — how                                                          spirituality of liberation in the
                                                                                                                                 listen to CDs of Martin Luther
                                                                                  economics were distributed for                                                       silence of Centering Prayer on
                                                                                                                                 King Jr.’s speeches. Being a

To His Dream?
                                                                                  schools, housing, jobs, com-                                                         Mondays. The peaceful qui-
                                                                                                                                 volunteer for over five years, I
                                                                                  merce in general.”                             do this in hope of bringing his       etude resounds in the ear of my
                                                                                     Joanne Connelly, a San Quen-                peaceful and creative spirit with     heart. Through silence, the men
                                                                                  tin volunteer said, “I’m reading               me. But more than anything, his       are learning that their spirits can
      By JULIANGLENN                    out the South. In Montgomery,             Michelle Alexander’s book The                                                        be free even if they’re locked up.
                                                                                                                                 voice for justice helps me see
          PADGETT                       Alabama, on Dec. 1, 1955 Rosa             New Jim Crow and it’s fascinat-                                                      They take this peace with them
                                                                                                                                 with his eyes and seek out his
       Managing Editor                  Parks, a black bus passenger,                                                                                                  to their cells, the yard and in
                                                                                  ing. From that my thoughts go to               spirit of resilience and rever-
                                        refused to give up her seat to a                                                                                               dealing with others.
  Had he lived, Dr. Martin Lu-                                                    what Dr. King was working on,                  ence in the people and actions
                                        white man and was arrested.                                                                                                       I get a taste of Martin Luther
ther King Jr. would have been 82                                                  which was civil rights and dig-                behind the bars of San Quentin.
                                        That led to the Montgomery Bus                                                                                                 King’s respect for civil rights
years old on Jan. 15. It is a good                                                nity for all people.”                          As I enter the prison, the sound
                                        Boycott, led by King. For 385                                                                                                  when I see administration, staff,
time to question whether Amer-                                                       Dr. King left a legacy for the              of the iron gates slamming be-
                                        days, no African-American rode                                                                                                 correctional officers and the
ica has lived up to his dream of                                                  world to follow during a time                  hind me reverberates through
                                        the buses; they car-pooled, rode                                                                                               men of San Quentin treating
social and legal justice for all.                                                 when America was flexing its                   my spine. Martin Luther King
                                        bikes or walked.                                                                                                               each other with the dignity and
  As a key civil rights crusader                                                  muscles to become a true melt-                 Jr. felt the pain of injustice, but
                                           “He was about healing,” said                                                                                                humanity everyone deserves as
killed by an assassin’s bullet in                                                 ing pot of racial egalitarianism.              was optimistic that every per-
                                        Gino Sevacos a San Quentin res-                                                                                                basic civil rights.
1968, he marched and preached                                                                                                    son, situation and place can be
                                        ident. “Martin Luther King was               Rose Elizondo, a five-year
for an end to racist practices in                                                                                                transformed.                             These are but a few examples
                                        the Gandhi of America. He was a           volunteer in San Quentin, said
America.                                                                                                                            I find and feel Martin Luther      of what I sense as “Soul Force”
                                        loving man who was about heal-            she became aware of Dr. King                                                         behind bars. Even when there is
  The champion for non-vio-                                                                                                      King’s spirit on Thursdays at
                                        ing the sickness of America.”             when she was quite young. “My                                                        an absence of good and lethal
lence and civil rights was born                                                                                                  the Restorative Justice Inter-
                                           Richard Poma, a resident of            father worked in the civil rights                                                    absence of hope, I’m inspired
Michael King in Atlanta on Jan.                                                                                                  faith Roundtable, as men of
15, 1929 to the Rev. Michael            CDCR for 30-plus years, com-              movement for Chicanos in South                                                       by the attitudes of the men who
                                                                                                                                 different races and faiths sit in
King Sr. and Alberta Williams           mented, “Whether white, black,            Texas. Martin Luther King was                                                        bring out the inherent goodness
                                                                                                                                 a circle, shoulder to shoulder,
King.                                   brown or otherwise, Dr. King,             one of his heroes.”                                                                  in each other. This is what Mar-
                                                                                                                                 and work together to find heal-
  After the family visited Ger-         stood for what this country was              Elizondo volunteers for sev-                                                      tin Luther King’s vision of kin-
                                                                                                                                 ing for themselves and those
many in 1934, his father changed        built on — not ‘I the people’ or          eral programs and said that it is                                                    ship is about.
                                                                                                                                 they have harmed. Martin Lu-
both their names from Michael           ‘me the people’ but ‘we the peo-          important to model King’s leg-                                                          We have much to learn about
                                                                                                                                 ther King modeled “Ahimsa” or
to Martin Luther Sr. and Jr. in         ple.’”                                    acy of peaceful liberation from                                                      creating what Martin Luther
                                                                                                                                 do no harm and shame no one,
honor of the German protestant             For King and the Southern                                                                                                   King Jr. called “Beloved Com-
                                                                                  segregation.                                   no matter what they do to you.
leader Martin Luther.                   Christian Leadership Confer-                                                                                                   munity” here in San Quentin.
                                                                                      “I find and feel his spirit on             As a group we create kinship
  The young King Jr. attended           ence, the non-violent tactics of                                                                                               When the men and those who
                                                                                  Thursdays at Restorative Justice               and community amongst insid-
Booker T. Washington High               Gandhi proved useful and ef-                                                                                                   work here change the way they
                                                                                  Interfaith as men of all races and             ers and outsiders, survivors and
School, skipping the ninth and          fective in his civil rights sit-ins,                                                                                           think, speak and act in their
                                                                                  faiths sit in a circle and talk. I             perpetrators. Our stories be-
12th grades. At age 15, without         county jail time, marches and                                                                                                  daily lives, they are not only
                                                                                  see it Friday mornings in Green                come our common language of
graduating from high school,            speeches.                                                                                                                      changing themselves, it cre-
                                                                                  Life where we are becoming so-                 healing. We hold and behold a
he entered Morehouse College,              He utilized its design in Alba-                                                                                             ates connections to the outside.
                                                                                  lutionaries for Environmental                  small carved bird in the palm of
graduating in 1948 with a Bach-         ny, Georgia, and Birmingham,                                                                                                   This healing energy knows no
                                                                                  Justice as one of our facilitators             our hands. It is our talking piece
elor of Arts degree in sociology.       Alabama, where the infamous                                                                                                    segregation nor does it discrimi-
                                                                                                                                 and we pass it around the circle,
  He met and married Coretta            “Bull Connor” led police. At              said, “Let’s live with the earth,
                                                                                                                                 listening to each other’s personal    nate; it even passes through the
Scott in 1953 on the lawn of            Connor’s orders, water hoses              not just on it.”
                                                                                                                                 stories with compassion.              granite walls and iron gates of
her parent’s house in Heiberger,        and police dogs were used to                 “I hear Dr. King’s spiritual lib-
                                                                                                                                    Friday mornings, I see the non-    the prison to the world. Michael
Alabama. King then began his            control the protestors, including         eration in the silence of Center-                                                    Harris says, “We can become a
                                                                                                                                 violent hero Martin Luther King
doctoral studies in systemic the-       children.                                 ing Prayer on Mondays and Bud-                                                       beacon of light to others.” We
                                                                                                                                 in the leadership skills beaming
ology at Boston University un-             The      movement        spread        dhist meditation on Sundays,”                                                        do this when we learn to be like
                                                                                                                                 from the men in “The Green
der the guidance of Dean Walter         throughout the South, expand-             said Elizondo. “It’s important                                                       Dr. King and put into practice
                                                                                                                                 Life” program. They, like Mar-
Muelder and Professor Allen             ing to the right to vote.                 to learn to be like Dr. King and                                                     his dream of living in peace and
                                                                                                                                 tin Luther King, are recognizing
Knight Chalmers.                           Years later King led a march           dream of living in peace and                   our interrelatedness and mutu-        harmony where our differences
  During his college years, King        for jobs and freedom in Wash-             harmony where our differences                  ality by becoming solutionaries       become our strengths in the on-
was also influenced by educator,        ington D.C. on Aug. 28, 1963.             become our strengths against                   for Environmental Justice and         going struggle for an inclusive
theologian and civil rights leader      Demands resounded for an end              oppression.”                                   working to transform San Quen-        justice that restores ourselves.
Howard Thurman.                         to racial segregation in public
  Thurman was a classmate of
King’s father and had traveled
                                        schools, meaningful civil rights
                                        legislation, including a law erad-                                                       Quotes of Martin Luther King, Jr.
as a missionary and met India’s         icating racial discrimination in                                                            Darkness cannot drive out            The curse of poverty has no
leading nonviolent social change        employment.
                                                                                                                                 darkness; only light can do that.     justification in our age. It is so-
leader, Mahatma Gandhi.                    Dwayne Reynolds, in prison
                                                                                                                                 Hate cannot drive out hate; only      cially as cruel and blind as the
  In 1959 King traveled to Gan-         for 21 years and San Quentin
                                                                                                                                 love can do that. Hate multiplies     practice of cannibalism at the
dhi’s birthplace, inspiring this        for nine, said, “This is a prison
                                                                                                                                 hate, violence multiplies vio-        dawn of civilization, when men
comment on a radio broadcast:           industry and incarceration with-
                                        out rehabilitative preparation for                                                       lence; and toughness multiplies       ate each other because they had
“Since being in India, I am more
convinced than ever before that         transitioning successfully back                                                                                                not yet learned to take food from
                                                                                                                                 toughness in a descending spiral
the method of non-violent resis-        into society; it flows against                                                                                                 the soil or to consume the abun-
                                                                                                                                 of destruction… The chain reac-
tance is the most potent weapon         King’s vision.”                                                                                                                dant animal life around them.
                                                                                                                                 tion of evil—hate begetting hate,     The time has come for us to
available to oppressed people in           It was on April 4, 1968 on the
                                                                                                                                 wars producing more wars—             civilize ourselves by the total,
their struggle for justice and hu-      second-floor balcony of the Lor-
man dignity.”                           raine Motel in Memphis where                                                             must be broken, or we shall be        direct and immediate abolition
  King’s legacy of nonviolence          an assassin’s shot echoed, si-                                                           plunged into the dark abyss of        of poverty.
got its earliest start in 1955 during   lencing the voice of Dr. Martin                            Photo: Howard Sochurek/LIFE   annihilation. Wall Street Jour-         Where Do We Go from Here
the Jim Crow laws era through-          Luther King.                               Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.                   nal, November 13, 1962                Chaos or Community? 1967
January/February 2011                                                          SAN QUENTIN NEWS                                                                                  Page 15

                       The Flip Side of the Dream:
                    Martin Luther King Jr.’s Nightmare
                                                                                                                    stories will be told through docu-    State Prison) with a 13-17-year
                                                                                                                    mentaries, biographies and full-      sentence.
                                                                                                                    length feature films. Our focus           “I don’t think ‘I’m sorry’ is
                                                                                                                    is not intended to glamorize the      really the right words to say, be-
                                                                                                                    fame and the fortune these indi-      cause most people is sorry they
                                                                                                                    viduals enjoyed, but to honestly      get caught. So I just ask that you
                                                                                                                    present the destruction, betrayal     show me as much leniency as
                                                                                                                    and shattered lives that these in-    possible, so that I can get on and
                                                                                                                    dividuals experience as a result      do my time.”
                                                                                                                    of their choices. We believe that        -Demetrius “Big Meech” Fle-
                                                                                                                    by dispelling the myths, we can       nory, page 276, second para-
                                                                                                                    positively impact, and hopefully      graph, BMF (The Rise and Fall
                                                                                                                    change, how our youth think and       of Big Meech and the Black Ma-
                                                                                                                    behave,” Ali concludes.               fia Family)
                                                                                                                       The following are excerpts            In a twisted code of “survival
                                                                                                                    from     of the fittest,” the violent ends
                                                                                                                    by Marvin Ellison, a contribut-       of death merchants, addicts and
                                                                                                                    ing writer to gangsterchronicles.     stickup-kids, were acceptable.
                                                                                                                    com and a prisoner in the New         To the so-called norms of the
                                                                                                                    Jersey State Prison.                  greater society, it was consid-
                                                                                                                       From an article entitled, Hood     ered “murder”. Today, it’s as-
                                                                                                                    Kingpin (Everybody Wants To           sault weaponry, drive-bys and
Zacharia Ali,                                                                                                       Shine): “When one generation          innocent casualties. Yesteryear,
                                                                                                                    fails to take heed to the missteps    it was one to the head. Today,
Chairman                                                                                                                                                  a club gets sprayed. Forward-
                                                                                                                    of those who preceded them,
Gangster                                                                                                            more likely than not, they’re des-    thinking gangsters like Luciano
Chronicles                                                                                                          tined to repeat the same fate... I    and Meyer Lansky laundered
                                                                                                                    grew up in an era (‘50s and ‘60s)     their illicit millions into legiti-
and Founder                                                                                                         when black numbers bankers            mate fronts and parlayed their
of Kidz at risk                                                                                                     embodied the criminal urban           hold over corrupt politicians to
                                                                                     Courtesy of GC                 swagger of self-made men. Un-         elevate the socioeconomic and
                                                                                                                    like the succeeding kingpins of       political prestige of the Jewish
  By MICHAEL R. HARRIS                 the knowledge and opportunity          dropout rate, and increase in         notoriety (Frank Lucas, Frank         and Italian races. From the leg-
      Editor-in-Chief                  to thrive. He also states that he      crime are all on the rise, not        Matthews and Nicky Barnes),           endary Harlem gangster Bumpy
                                       has not been personally affected       only in urban communities, but        numbers bankers weren’t a can-        Johnson to the Big Meeches of
   The dark holes of slavery, seg-                                                                                                                        today, we have nothing to show
                                       by parental incarceration, but is      in their suburbs as well. Gang-       cer on the community. They
regation, and poverty plagued                                                                                                                             as a trade-off for all the hell and
                                       deeply affected by the struggles       ster Chronicles differs from          were respected benefactors of
America’s Blacks for hundreds                                                                                                                             affliction that resulted from their
                                       of those families, and the terrible    other approaches to combat this       the church and charitable causes.
of years. Martin Luther King Jr.                                                                                                                          gaudy spotlights of infamy.
                                       odds against their children. He        trend, by not only ‘pulling the       Hundreds of storefronts and
led America into a new era of                                                                                                                                “We can’t all become drug
                                       says his inspiration is motivated      weed’, but ‘killing the root,’” Ali   bars augmented their incomes
social and legal justice, but there                                                                                                                       dealers.”
                                       by the idea that the opportunity       states.                               as drops or writing numbers,
is a new deep, dark hole swal-                                                                                                                               -Newark detective (1979)
                                       to prosper is the right of all chil-      “It is common knowledge that       and untold thousands of mini-
lowing communities: criminal-                                                                                                                                Truly, it’s time to break the
                                       dren, regardless of race, gender       these rappers and entertainers        mum wage factory workers and
ity. Fifty years ago Blacks had                                                                                                                           warped mold. Kingpin is a dated
                                       or economic standing. He ex-           model themselves after Real           retirees earned a descent living
only to look in any direction to                                                                                                                          term, old, tired and useless. Ev-
                                       presses that he can no longer af-      Gangsters, except, they have          as bookies, runners and the like.
see blatant racism and prejudice;                                                                                                                         ery budding hand-to-hander has
                                       ford to sit idly by as a generation    never been Real Gangsters! By         No, those weren’t the good old
some Blacks have become their                                                                                                                             a supposed foolproof plan to pre-
                                       of children continues to be dam-       exposing the lies of posers with      days, but there was order, re-
own worst enemy and only have                                                                                                                             side at the thrones once held by
                                       aged by circumstances for which        the truths of those they attempt      spect, and community pride.”
to look in a mirror to identify a                                                                                                                         RICO-lifers and hood legends.
                                       there are practical solutions.         to emulate, Gangster Chronicles          It’s an historic fact: the drug
big part of the problem today. I                                                                                                                          This self-destructing phenom-
                                          “How can we have an educat-         will take a serious role in turn-     game was imposed upon our im-
should know because I, too, was                                                                                                                           enon or plague, is second only
                                       ed understanding of their plight,      ing around the mentality of not       poverished urban communities
once such a person.                                                                                                 during the aftermath of the Great     to the welfare policies and failed
                                       yet take an approach-avoidance         only the Generation “X” and
   There is a solution: if you find                                           “Y” youth currently affected by       Migration from the then-Jim           inner city school systems of the
                                       attitude to altering the process?”
yourself in a hole, stop digging.      Ali says. So he decided to take        the lies, but also future genera-     Crow South, initially by Jewish       United States government, in
As a criminal in my youth, I have      action and created Kidz at Risk.       tions of children being raised in     gangsters such as Arnold Roth-        having a lasting consequential
pondered this issue for years and      “We intend to take on this battle,     this counter-culture.                 stein, then by Italian gangsters in   impact on African Americans
realize the change must come           and fight for our children to be-         “Thanks to massively popular       the likes of Lucky Luciano. Seg-      as a race. In my sick glory days
from within.                           come who they were truly cre-          gangster movies, such as ‘Scar-       regated and disconnected from         declaring ownership over city
   I talked about this with a friend   ated to be – SUCCESSFUL!”              face,’ ‘The King of New York,’        the so-called greater society, we     blocks, a Newark detective try-
and fellow journalist, Zacharia           Gangster Chronicles is a col-       ‘New Jack City’ and so on, the        were easy prey. And although          ing to thwart several idolizing
Ali, the chairman of Gangster          laborative between global busi-        ruthless Gangster has become          Jewish gangsters were the first       project youths from falling into and the founder         nessmen and those who are re-          an iconic representation of ur-       to deliberately concentrate hero-     my poisonous sphere stated, “We
of Kidz at His focus is      sponsible for creating some of         ban culture. These images have        in within our midst, the Italians     can’t all become drug dealers.”
America’s disadvantaged youth,         the problems. It was developed         heightened popular interest in        made it readily available.            Although I hated cops, I under-
specifically those of color. Over      to re-educate two generations          ‘real’ urban legends, such as            We all know the long line of       stood and agreed with his point
the years, we have considered          of misguided young people. It          Aaron Jones of Philadelphia,          legendary stars whose lives and       (Having steered clear of them,
various possible solutions. He         intends to expose and correct          Rayful Edmond of Washington,          careers were cut short due to         hopefully they succeeded in ac-
produced material for Gangster         this condition, where the minds        DC, Wayne ‘Akbar’ Pray of New         heroin addiction (John Coltrane,                See Flip Side on Page 16 that he thought         of our children have been mali-        Jersey, Eric Bozeman of LA, and       Billie Holiday, etc.). The drug
may shine a light on the insidi-       ciously indoctrinated into an al-      Haitian Jack of New York. These       game was never a game, but a
ous nature of urban genocide.          tered reality, largely based in fic-   criminal icons became the edu-        sinister scheme to enrich racist
   Mr. Ali is committed to help-       tion, and solely created for profit.   cators and role models of the         mobsters without a conscience.
ing disadvantaged youth get            Both widespread and largely un-        entertainers who, in turn, now           The term “kingpin” wasn’t a
                                       addressed, their perspective is a      educate our youth through the         part of the then-food chain hier-
                                       direct result of been raised in the    content of their lyrics.              archy. More violent than most,
                                       eye of the Hip Hop storm.                 “Our approach has been to          I faced a “death penalty” trial
                                          “The base of the opposition to      procure the rights of these ‘Ur-      before my 19th birthday. After
                                       some Hip Hop is the belief that        ban Legends,’ and expose the          several hours of deliberation, an
                                       the lyrics endorse drug sale and       public to the duality of their        interracial, gender-mixed jury
                                       use, violence, crime, sexual pro-      reality, the extravagance and         brought back “manslaughter”
                                       miscuity, and an overall climate       glamour depicted in Hip Hop,          and one count of “atrocious as-
                                       of ignorance. In fact, these accu-     as well as the consequences of        sault and battery.” Soon after-
                                       sations are very well founded; as      reckless, ruthless lifestyles and     wards, I landed in the then-Tren-                              Courtesy of GC

                                       teen pregnancy, the high school        death, prison and loss. These         ton State Prison (New Jersey                  Marvin Ellison
Page 16                                                                     SAN QUENTIN NEWS                                                              January/February 2011

                                           The Flip Side of Martin Luther
                                                  King’s Jr. Dream
Continued from Page 15               famous doctrine Supreme Court         authorities say… The gang dealt       banging. We say we want some-
                                     decisions such as, Plessy v. Fer-     powder cocaine, crack and hero-       thing new and improved for our
complishing their aspirations.)      guson (“separate but equal”),         in ‘seven days a week, 24 hours       young people, unfortunately we
The ones who chose the streets       we’ve overcome monumental             a day,’… Neighbors expressed          keep duplicating the same tired
(wanting to be just like me), I’ve   obstacles in asserting our hu-        relief — and some resignation         mold. Single females having ba-
bumped into them at this or that     manity. Along the way, a few          — after the arrests (“I’m happy.      bies in drive-by relationships.
hellhole prison over 30-plus         became foolishly corrupted and        It’ll be quiet around here for a      The adulation of fatherless
years of my incarceration.           enamored with the dangled trin-       few days,” said Tamicka Jones,        brothers vying
   “Slaves were property pro-        kets of chance. Such became the       20).”                                 for his attention Wayne ‘Akbar’
tected by the Constitution…”         nefarious path to being a king-, Novem-            is a boost to the              Pray
   -Supreme Court Chief Justice      pin (flashy bling, cars, etc.) But    ber 11, 2010                          kingpin’s ego.      Editor in Chief,
Roger B. Taney, Dred Scott v.        in the end, there’s nothing to           “A judge yesterday denied          He starts smell-          Gangster
Sandford (March 6, 1857)             show except the contrite of re-       lowering the $1 million bail          ing himself and         Chronicles
   There’s a saying that “History    gret (“I’d like to apologize to the   for an accused teenaged killer        believing him-                                                Courtesy of GC

repeats itself.” Whether or not      many families hurt by the re-         who tried to pay off a $10,000        self to be invincible, or as in man... Once known as Mr. Un-
that’s true, I do know that the      sult of this ignorance…” –Terry       drug debt by robbing a Laun-          Nicky’s case – Mr. Untouchable. touchable, Barnes was convicted
fiery race-tinged rhetoric and di-   “Southwest T” Flenory, page           dromat employee, only to panic        Admittedly, kids use to mob me in 1977 of being a narcotics boss
visive indignation being spewed      275, fourth paragraph, BMF).          and shoot him dead... Thomas          as if I were some kind of hero, in the first federal trial decided
by today’s so-called Tea Party,      Meanwhile, state and federal          Hawkins – an 18-year-old trou-        even though I never presented by an anonymous jury. He was
sounds a lot like the Taney Su-      prisons are crammed with life-        blemaker whose mom predicted          myself to be anything other than sentenced to life without parole
preme Court and slave holding        sentenced kingpins, most of           a year ago that he’d kill some-       a drug dealer. I had no second and sent to prison in Marion,
plantation owners of the Bible-      whom are likely to reach their        body if authorities didn’t keep       occupation; I lived the so-called IL. In 1981, after he learned that
thumping Confederacy (“…             senior years and pass away in the     him behind bars...”                   game full-time. So I clearly un- his drug partners were cheating
as being of an inferior order”       twilight of life without parole.         -The Trentonian, October 8,        derstand that the foundation of him, sleeping with his wife and
blacks have “no rights which         Convicted of smuggling hun-           2010                                  a child’s values comes about an his girlfriend, and doing drugs
the white man was bound to           dreds of kilos of “China White”          “Bail was set at $100,000 each     early age. And in tough neigh- in front of his two young daugh-
respect.” –Chief Justice Taney,      heroin out of Thailand in the         Tuesday for two suspended Cam-        borhoods, kids more readily look ters, he offered to cooperate with
Dred Scott). When we fail to         early 70s using military aircraft,    den police officers charged last      up to the kingpin over President federal authorities. For the next
recognize the big picture, we’re     Ike Atkinson was lucky in hav-        week with using their badges to       Obama, mainly because Obama 15 months, he worked under-
easily misled and duped into the     ing been sentenced to 40-years        steal drugs and cash from neigh-      can’t part his troubled waters cover against his Harlem drug
grab for instant gratification.      opposed to life with out the pos-     borhood narcotics dealers (An-        in his hood. You know, keep partners, his ex-wife, his girl-
Knowledge is power, acquiring        sibility of parole. He was finally    tonio Figueroa, 34, and Robert        bullies off his back or buy him friend and his Mafia suppliers.
it takes time, study and com-        released from federal prison in       Baird, 32)… three other Camden        small treats. I was such a kid His testimony helped convict 50
mitment. The deck was always         2007, after serving almost 32-        police officers implicated in the     growing up in Pennington Court drug dealers and killers...”
stacked against us. Snatched         years (page 387, last paragraph,      case had been free on bail since      projects. I had juice. I therefore     -Daily News, March 14, 1999
from separate tribes and eth-        Sergeant Smack).                      pleading guilty (Kevin Perry,         know young people lured to the         Having read Mr. Untouchable,
nicities, speaking different lan-       I saw a woman holding two          30, Jason Stetser, 32, and Dan        corners are more apt to listen and a host of other drug dealer
guages from different cultures,      small children by the hand while      Morris, 47, each face potential       to those who are in the game or autobiographies, I’m amazed
having different diets, customs,     waiting on line to get product        10-year sentences)… Authori-          who lived it, over school teachers how they gloss over the human
and holding different beliefs,       from one of my dealers… I saw         ties say that the five were part of   and such. When I sue to talk to suffering of the enterprise. Like
we were nonetheless over the         more and more broken spirits          a special operation unit assigned     at-risk young people don’t have miniature Hitlers, they can’t
course of more than 150-years of     and sad souls trudging to get the     to help enforce the law in some       a clue about the legal ramifica- stand to bear witness to their
brutal slavery; eventually, and      drugs that would make them feel       of the city’s most drug-infested      tion and consequences relative work up-close and personal.
forcible, forged into a geneti-      better temporarily. But I also        neighborhoods…The          officers   to the situations they get caught The women who tricked until
cally distinct, psychologically      saw my money — cash was be-           stole drugs and cash from deal-       up in. They don’t know that in their good looks faded with pus
imbued and culturally infused,       ing stuffed inside the pockets of     ers, planted evidence, falsified      states like Florida, an 11-year- oozing from their horridly swol-
race of commonality on the soil      the dealers on that corner. I was     police reports, and lied under        old can be sentenced to life. And
                                                                                                                                                     len discolored abscessed arms
of North America. Neither class,     on one corner of Harlem. And I        oath.”                                in states like Pennsylvania, they
                                                                                                                                                     and legs. The mothers with no
skin hue, religion nor desertion,    had dealers on every corner of           -The Philadelphia Inquirer,        sentence juveniles to life without
                                                                                                                                                     money who pimp their daugh-
can refute that fact.                Harlem and beyond.”                   October 20, 2010                      parole. Stacy Torrance was ar-
                                                                                                                                                     ters for a bag. The children with
   “I thought I was on top of           -Frank Lucas, page 159, para-         “On an August night 32 years       rested at the age of 14. A former
                                                                                                                                                     no clothes for school because the
things and that the right people     graphs three and four, Original       ago, authorities say, three men       honor roll student, he was duped
                                                                                                                                                     welfare check went into their
in place… I though I could beat      Gangster.                             who believe five teenage boys         by an adult gang-banger uncle
                                                                                                                                                     mother’s arm. The broken men
the system, but I lost.”                “A teenaged township girl re-      had stolen their drugs herded         who wanted to rob a friend of
                                                                                                                                                     who trade their wives and girl-
   -Leslie “Ike” Atkinson, page      mains hospitalized in stable con-     them into an abandoned house          Stacy’s brother who dealt drugs.
                                                                                                                                                     friends to the kingpin who can
384, last paragraph, Sergeant        dition after being shot in the ab-    at gunpoint, tied them up and         Things didn’t go as planned and
                                                                                                                                                     do him the most favors. Nicky
Smack (The Legendary Lives           domen during a drug buy gone          set the building on fire, burning     the friend was killed. Despite
                                                                                                                                                     was a junkie, until the end he
and Times of Ike Atkinson, King-     bad early Saturday morning…”          them alive and leaving no trace...    being home in bed at the time
                                                                                                                                                     took pleasure in smoking dust.
pin, and His Band of Brothers)          -The Trentonian, November          The boys, Melvin Pittman and          of the killing, Stacey’s none-
                                                                                                                                                     Some crime boss. Big Meech
   When the so-called slave hold-    16, 2010                              Ernest Taylor, both 17, and Al-       theless serving “life without
ing Founding Fathers declared,          “Two Camden men have re-           vin Turner, Randy Johnson and         parole” for second-degree mur- smoked blunts. But then again,
“We hold these truths to be self     ceived state prison terms for         Michael McDowell, all 16, were        der. The streets don’t care, the all of his poster idols got high
evident, that all Men are created    their roles in a 2007 double slay-    last seen on a busy street near a     system don’t care, it’s on us to (Tupac, biggie, and Scarface’s
equal, that they are endowed         ing in the Southern New Jersey        park where they had played bas-       care. Without a doubt, no one’s fictional Tony Montana). Let’s
by their Creator with certain        city. Authorities say 29-year-old     ketball Aug. 20, 1978”                too young to lose their life to weigh their big dreams. Frank
inalienable Rights, that among       Jason Rodriguez and 32-year-old          -The Press of Atlantic City,       a prison number or tombstone Lucas wanted a plane. Nicky
these are, life Liberty and the      Christopher Figueroa killed the       March 24, 2010                        running in drug circles. The five wanted a casino, Big Meech
Pursuit of Happiness…” they          pair so they could keep $22,000          When it comes to juvenile          youths who disappeared in New- wanted a record label. So they
branded our foreparents “three       in drug money the four had            lockdowns, the offenders are          ark 32-years ago, demonstrate plowed through thousands of
fifths” of a “person”. Thus, giv-    agreed to split…”                     overwhelmingly African Ameri-         the safety in numbers theory people’s lives.
                                                                                                                 don’t always work (“With 10 ho-         “If you haven’t buried a child,
ing themselves an escape clause         -Burlington County Times,          cans. We shouldn’t be surprised.
                                                                                                                 micides, Newark Nears a Bleak       you can’t possibly know what’s
in the ownership of their ocean      November 15, 2010                     The majority of inner city house-
transported fellow-human be-            “Thirty-two members of a           holds are headed by single moth-      Milestone... one body short of a it’s like...
ings of a different color (-United   Hunts Point drug syndicate            ers. Without positive role mod-       1995 record, when Newark was           -Shalga Hightower, 48 (Asbury
States Constitution, Article I,      known as ‘Satan’s Bloods’ were        els, young males tend to emulate      buckling under a wave of crack-     Park Press, April 19, 2009)
section 2, paragraph three). Be-     either arrested in morning raids      what’s around them. Within            fueled mayhem... With three            Let’s reclaim our heritage
tween the Constitution, the King     by law enforcement, were al-          high-crime environments, it’s         times the number of homicides       and sanity. There’s absolutely
James Bible, Jim Crow, and in-       ready in jail or being sought,        usually drug dealing and gang-        per capita as new York, Newark no justification for continuing
                                                                                                                 remains one of the most violent this mad circus. Think about
                                                                                                                 cities in the country... young it. Uneducated immigrant mob-
                                                                                                                 thugs, guns and drugs rule the sters planted a Trojan horse in
                                                                                                                 streets.” –New York Times, De- our midst. We fell for it. They’re
                                                                                                                 cember 6, 2006).                    long dead, but we’re still chas-
                                                                                                                    “Ex-drug lord is free... Nicky
                                                                                                                 Barnes said to be a changed                    See Flip Side on Page 17
January/February 2011                                                         SAN QUENTIN NEWS                                                                                 Page 17

    Georgia Prisoners Demand Improved Living Conditions
      By JUAN HAINES                  planned and coordinated the re-        continue what we have started…           • Educational opportuni-          that the protests were “a rumor…
   Journalism Guild Writer            sistance. “We needed to come           The only way to achieve our                 ties                           There’s nothing really going on.
  Prisoners in seven Georgia          off lock-down so we can go to          goals is to continue with our            • Decent health care              Inmates are working… [except
state correctional facilities re-     the law library and start…the          peaceful sit-down…I ask each             • An end to cruel and un-         at] the prisons we put on lock-
belled against alleged violations     paperwork for a (prison condi-         and every one of my Broth-                  usual punishments              down. I think that [the protest]
of basic human rights by partak-      tions) lawsuit.”                       ers in this struggle to continue         • Decent living conditions        was the plan but I don’t think it’s
ing in a self-inflicted lock-down        Many people believe that the        the fight. On Monday morn-               • Nutritional meals               come to fruition.”
that was supposed to hinder           13th Amendment to the U.S.             ing, when the doors open, close          • Vocational and self-im-            The Workers Solidarity Alli-
prisoner-supported         services   Constitution abolishes all forms       them. Do not go to work. They               provement opportunities        ance supported the prisoners in
throughout the prison system.         of slavery. But the amendment          cannot do anything to us that            • Access to families              the controversy with a statement
  On Dec. 9, prisoners remained       actually reads, “Neither slavery       they haven’t already done at one         • Just parole decisions           that said, in part:
inside their cells complaining        nor involuntary servitude, ex-         time or another. Brothers, don’t       Naomi Spencer on the World             “…The strike is astounding in
that their living conditions are      cept as a punishment for crime         give up now. Make them come to       Socialist web site said Depart-       more than one way, perhaps the
unbearable. They claim their im-      whereof the party shall have           the table. Be strong. do not make    ment of Corrections officials de-     most important of which is that
prisonment is a form of slavery.      been duly convicted, shall exist       money for the state that they in     nied that prisoners were engag-       it has broken the racial bound-
  Michelle Chen of the Huffing-       within the United States, or any       turn use to keep us as slaves…”      ing in coordinated action, but        aries that structure prisons…
ton Post reported that the strike     place subject to their jurisdic-         Elaine Brown, former chair-        placed four facilities under an       The prisoners in Macon, Hays,
ended after six days, due to ris-     tion.”                                 person of the Black Panther          indefinite lockdown beginning         Telfair, Baldwin, Valdosta, and
ing fears that the situation would       The prisoners issued the fol-       Party, interviewed the protesters    Dec. 9.                               Smith state prisons do not have
escalate.                             lowing statement: …”Brothers,          and presented the reforms they         Spencer quoted prison spokes-       picket signs we can read, nor do
  “We’ve ended the protest,”          we have accomplished a major           seek:                                person Peggy Chapman as telling       they have speeches that can be
said one of the prisoners who         step in our struggle…We must                • A living wage for work        the Atlanta Journal-Constitution      read out loud to us.

                                                          LETTER TO THE EDITOR
   Editor:                            alone cannot inject a new way of       edies and experiences that our       too often the only hand to offer      gone in a much different direc-
   Marvin Ellison’s Hood King-        thinking … that will turn their        memories hold secret, but we all     a way off of the merry-go-round       tion.”
pin (Everybody Wants To Shine)        lives around and make them a           know.                                of poverty. The hand that offers         I see the brother having every-
threw so much back into my face.      productive part of society.              For example, I see a young         help is full of promises, but can
We know the “War on Drugs” is            So what can I do to help? I be-     brother and sister being raised      only guarantee a prison cell or       thing he wants while his sister
just another form of institutional    lieve my voice can best be heard       by a single mother who’s addict-     coffin. For a while the daughter      follows the footsteps of Michelle
racism. It’s been tucked safely       from the pencils that express the      ed to crack cocaine. In separate     is the only one who will escape       Obama. Then the brother’s life-
away within the very laws that        reality of what flows through the      bedrooms they each lay awake         the structured dementia that de-      style comes full circle. One day
are meant to protect us, or should    very veins of our communities. I       and listen to the unwanted           vours the hope and aspiration         he witnesses another drug dealer
I say society, because the war on     propose that we exchange ideas         sounds coming from their moth-       from everyone around her. She
drugs is focused on “us.”             that will bring forth a play that      er’s bedroom, while she eagerly      watches her brother develop into      selling rock cocaine to his sis-
   One thing I’ve learned is that     simultaneously tells the story of      submits her body as payment          a cold-hearted drug dealer who        ter. Standing there in the game
finger pointing will do nothing       the drug dealer and user at the        for an addiction that she denies     cares only about reaching the         of life, unable to move, he feels
to convince our black brothers        same time. The message being,          even having. Knowing what’s          top. But inside he regrets the        like someone from the outside
and sisters to put down the crack-    we (black people) cannot “come         happening, the daughter swears       path taken in his life.               looking in had just screamed,
pipe and dope sack. Like many         up” as drug dealers without            to never use drugs, and the son         This boy one day will echo Ike
others, I’ve also contributed to      pushing our own further down.          vows to never sell it.               Atkinson’s quote when he said,        “CHECKMATE!”
the failure and regression of our     The play would depict the un-            As they grow, they try des-        “I know I could have done well           Julius “Kimya” Humphrey Sr.
people. A sympathetic attitude        spoken adversity, real life trag-      perately to avoid the hand that’s    in school. My life could have            North Block

           The Flip Side of Martin Luther King’s Jr. Dream
Continued from Page 16                block, that “shine” ain’t worth        mom uses drugs, his dad is in        40-percent of young teens found       of predators and parasites in the
                                      30-years, life without parole,         jail...” –Demetrias Williams)”       summer jobs. When it comes to         trade of enslaving us through
ing the curse they left behind.
                                      or 20-years if you sing. Sisters,         -Courier-Post, July 6, 2007       our kids, it’s more like 7-per-       drugs; for their self-enrichment.
If we’re more worldly than the
                                      think about Whitney Houston.               “If you don’t challenge your-    cent... The more you read, study      I doubt that this is the future
illiterate Afghan peasant farm-
                                      Not even having money will save        self, you will never know what       and become globally knowledge-        envisioned by the brilliance of
ers who cultivate poppies and
                                      you from the eventual toll from        challenging means. I know a lot      able, the more you’ll come to         Justice Marshall, when he stood
the Mexican cartels pumping us
                                      living that life. No one’s flying      of people that ruined their future   recognize the bigger picture and      smartly suited and tall before
an endless pipeline of cocaine,
                                      down or en route to save us. So        by taking the easy path in life.”    its backdrop. And once you’ve         the all-white male justices of the
we need to show it. In short, we
                                      let’s honor the great sacrifices of       -Kareemah Austin, 12, 7th         learned the real game, you’ll dis-    Supreme Court to argue, Brown
have to take our power back. The
                                      our indomitable ancestors. Look        grade (The Press of Atlantic         cover our options and avenues         v. Board of Education, which
August 4, 2007 execution-style
                                      out for one another, and have a        City, January 26, 2010)              to equality and prosperity are        outlawed government enforced
murders of the three college stu-
                                      life and future (No more hood             In gang-related violence-         far more expansive. Check the         segregation (it’s really not that
dents in a Newark schoolyard
(Iofemi Hightower, 20, Terrance                                              plagued city after city, our chil-   newspaper archives (LA, Chi-          long ago, when it was a crime
                                      kingpins). Peace.
Aeriel, 18, and Dashon Harvey,                                               dren are forced to duck around       cago, Detroit, Philadelphia, etc.),
                                       LIFE WITHOUT A CAUSE                                                                                             to drink from a “whites only”
20); revealed the lack of respect                                            cars and corners fearful of be-      you’ll find gangbanging and its
                                                                                                                                                        water fountain; a time when a
we command from foreign-                 “Officials at Parker Elemen-        ing shot on their way to or from     related criminality, is tired and
                                                                                                                                                        cowardly mob of Klansmen kid-
ers. There’s no one protecting        tary School, a kindergarten            school. And they’re ducking          old. After all, the so-called fast
                                                                                                                                                        napped 14-year-old Emmett Till,
our neighborhoods. Whether            through fifth grade institution,       from the gunfire of people who       money and untold number of lost
                                                                                                                                                        and slaughtered him because he
it’s trigger-happy cops or im-        discovered 70 grams of crack           live on the same streets, and        lives, prison years and destroyed
                                                                                                                                                        supposedly uttered something to
migrant gangbangers (M-13),           cocaine on the person of a             went to the same schools as they     neighborhoods, no one wins ex-
                                                                                                                                                        a middle-aged white woman. A
we’re having funerals without         7-year-old male student... What        do. Not even the gutless Klan        cept career prosecutors and the
                                                                             was as unrelenting in gunning                                              time when the original Tea Par-
consequences. Meanwhile, bub-                                                                                     government. We can either test
                                      is clear, police said, is that there                                                                              tiers wore hoods and could get
ble-heads preen about claiming                                               down children as today’s self-       our mettle against the challenges
                                      was probably plenty of crack ly-                                                                                  away with bombing churches
to be running things. Check out                                              hatred masked bangers. They’ll       as 12-year-old Kareemah so ma-
                                      ing around his house. The crack                                                                                   and killing four little girls. A
their sob stories in Don Diva and                                            throw away their guns and run        turely states, or remain victims
                                      apparently belongs to the boy’s                                                                                   time when police dogs, Billy
F.E.D.S.. Everything was gravy                                               from white cops, but a 6-year-       of our own acquiescence to be-
                                      parents and uncles, who’ve all                                                                                    clubs, cattle prods and high-
until it became time to pay the                                              old or 80-year-old at the bus stop   ing erased. Let’s stop the infec-
                                      been arrested on a host of drug        doesn’t stand a chance. That’s not   tious spreading virus of colors.      powered fire hoses were used to
cost (“My partner dimed on me...
                                      and child endangerment charg-          gangster; it’s cowardice (they’re    Embrace life.                         prevent Civil Rights marchers
My lawyer crossed me... the feds
                                      es.”                                   subconsciously and boastfully           “ can’t give up in life.”    from protesting for our right to
robbed me...” Boo-hoo). If we
continue the status quo, permit-         -The Trentonian, February 26,       killing the disappointing mir-          -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.        vote. A time when Rosa Parks
ting blinged out peacocks to rein     2008. “Drug worker, 12, gunned         ror of themselves). Such mad-           Quite a few of us blame Af-        went to jail for refusing to give
over our zip codes with impu-         down. At least 20 bullets pumped       ness will continue for as long       rica’s pompous tribal kings           up her bus seat to a white man.
nity, we’re acquiescing to the        into him. James Coleman, a city        as it’s tolerated and we fail to     for having participated in the        The “Little Rock Nine,” and so
mounting lives being cut short        resident (Camden) who friends          reach the compassion and inner       Middle-passage, transporting          forth). A lot of dues were paid,
in the interconnectedness of a        and family called ‘PeeWee,’ was        humanity of those who give the       of our foreparents to endure          a lot of lives were lost, and a tre-
violence-fueled subculture with       shot in the head and leg shortly       “orders” and give them a reason      insufferable tortures in the de-      mendous amount of blood was
a track record of collateral dam-     after 11 p.m. in the Branch Vil-       to do right. According to recent     construction of their humanity.       spilled to gain the opportunities
age (Mistys). Brothers on the         lage housing complex (“His             government statistics, less than     Yet, we appear to be accepting        that are now taken for granted.
Page 18                                                                  SAN QUENTIN NEWS                                                                January/February 2011

                                            get out the house.                  IN THE MAIL

  POETRY                                   He’ll watch for mail;
                                             I’ll do the same.
                                                                             By Jason Scardino
                                                                            Today I got a letter from

     CONCURRENT TIME                     He programs; I hustle.                         her
        By Lydia Maniz                  Survival mode, the con-          But I didn’t read the words
Dedicated to my husband,                    stant mind frame.             I read what was written in
         Robert Maniz                    We’ll do what we want                      between
  21 years – only 12 more                  and never look back              Which left me most dis-                                                     By RANDY MALUENDA
              to go.                                                                 turbed
            12-23-10                        parallel universes
                                         with no love or regret.             She spoke of how she
Doing time in a prison with
                                                                                   missed me                                                 PHILOSOPHY FOR DUMMIES (By
            no walls.                        Politics and egos                                                                               Tom Morris, Ph.D) – Showcases the
  Marking days till the ink                                                  And of a love that re-
                                      added to the state’s rules.                                                                            major issues and modern applications
            runs out.                                                          mained steadfast                                              of the major historical thinkers along
                                      Judgment and temptation             Promised that she’d been                                           with entertaining sidebars and detours.
  Building walls in front of
                                          mixed into an already                      faithful
              doors                                                                                                                          SOPHIE’S WORLD (By Jostein
and breaking windows just                       shady game.                All these days gone past                                          Gaarder) – The history of philosophy
                                         Both feeling the anger                                                                              blends into this novel about a young
           to breathe.                                                      Handled my affairs and                                           girl’s coming-of-age.
  Trying not to lose myself            that builds from helpless                       such
  amongst fiends in these                           emotion.                 My possessions packed                                            ATLAS SHRUGGED (By Ayn Rand)
      cutthroat streets                Biting back the constant                    and stored                                                – Compelling philosophy of rational
 Crank games are to mind                                                                                                                     self-interest integrates into this melo-
                                                  loneliness             Said there was nothing for                                          dramatic tale of a genius inventor who
as my so-called “freedom”            Quietly provoking us to the                 me to worry at                                              rallies other innovators to strike against
                                                                             This girl that I adored                                         an oppressive welfare state.
         is to his bars.                             edge.
 “I’m innocent!” I scream,           Tiers and tiers of like-mind-         Wish you were here, wish                                          THE VARIETY OF RELIGIOUS
   but it remains unheard,                                                       you were near                                               EXPERIENCE (By William James) –
                                                   ed peers                                                                                  Classic work of 20 lectures on religious
 drowned out by the sound                                                    Wish you were coming                                            experiences so readers can address
 of the crimes listed under              and I, in a room full of
                                                                                      home!                                                  their own issues. Some lectures are bet-
            his name.                               socials.                  Wish I wasn’t facing                                           ter than others.
  I could run, but I‘d never            But TIME is done in the          This cold, cold world alone!
             escape.                                 mind                 And then the letter ended                                          RATINGS:
The yearning for him never             and our only thought is of                                             Top responses are four ribbons progressing downward to one:
                                                                              Before it had began
                                                 each other.               Before she had informed
       I have no choice.                                                                                      Responses which are two ribbons or less are not recommended reading:
 We both knew what we’d                   All time is hard time,                        me
               lose                      though the years fly by            That she’d found another
   as he pulled the trigger                       with ease.                           man.
      and I said, “I do.”               Hurrying up just to wait.
        This is our time             Pressing play and pause all
   - never actually shared.
    Both feeling the cold,                          at once
 two different sides of the           the life of a convict’s wife,
          same glass.                    a hard line unacknowl-
 Watching clocks that run                   edged but walked.
             too slow                 Remember convict as you
as life around us skips not
                                          do your time in prison
            one beat.
  Is it harder to touch but           your wife does hers on the
           never feel,                           other side.
    or to have known, but
          never seen?
   Vigilant and composed,
                                                 And though
                                     I’ll never walk a day in your       Snippets
 blue denim animal caged
          on the yard.
                                            you’ll never know            V    ietnamese “fox dung cof-
                                                                              fee” is made from beans
                                                                         that have passed through the
Self-medicated euphorias.            what it was like waiting for        digestive system of a civet cat.
Roaming the streets just to                           you.
                                                                         I n 2006, the Gospel of Ju-

        In Indian                                                          das surfaced after 1,700
                                                                         years. In it, Jesus asks Ju-

                                                                         das as his closest friend to
                                                                         give him over to authorities.

                                                                         S  team rising
                                                                            cup of coffee
                                                                         the same amount
                                                                                                 from a
                                                                                                  of anti-
                     By DANIEL TREVINO                                   oxidants as three        oranges.
                    Journalism Guild Writer
    American Indians consider the coyote to be a trickster and           I f you chop off the head of a
                                                                           cockroach, it can still live for

 co-creator of the world.                                                up to a week because its brain
    As a trickster, he always gives false information, and always        is spread throughout its body.
                                                                         It finally dies of starvation.
                                                                                                                                                       By ANTHONY LYONS
 gets into trouble in everything he tries to accomplish. For in-

 stance, if he stands out in the rain to see a lightening strike, he
 will get hit by a lightening bolt and die, but as co-creator he
                                                                             he word “curfew” comes
                                                                             from the French cou-
                                                                                                                1                          3                5                        6
 is immortal and cannot be killed, so he will come back to life          vre feu or “cover the fire.”
 afraid of lightening and rain.                                          A curfew was originally the                     7                         9                         5
    As co-creator it is said that he brought fire, the sun, and stars    time when you had to extin-
 to creation, items that were stolen from the creator. It’s said that
                                                                         guish fires, candles and lamps.
                                                                                                                                  9                8                 4
 he entered creator’s teepee and saw a shiny jar and wanted to
 play with it. Creator told him to leave the jar alone. When cre-          Last Issue’s                         4                          2                8                        3
 ator went for a walk, coyote couldn’t contain himself and took           Sudoku Solution
 the jar. While playing with it, he tossed it up in the air; it opened
 up and the stars were scattered in the sky.                             5   9   8   1   4   3   7   6    2
                                                                                                                         1        5                6                 8       2
    Creator banned coyote from his teepee and exiled him to the
 earth, where coyote wreaks havoc upon everyone and every-
                                                                                                                3                          9                7                        5
 thing with which he comes into contact.
    Coyote constantly slinks about, looking for whatever trouble
                                                                                                          1                       3                2                 5
 he can get himself into, or who he can get to join him in his
 misadventures. Coyote is just trying to have fun, enjoying the
                                                                                                                         9                         3                         8
 creation he helped bring into existence, making a game out of
 everything that he does.
                                                                                                                8                          7                9                        2
January/February 2011                                                        SAN QUENTIN NEWS                                                                                          Page 19

       Health                         (approximately 85 percent of
                                      adults who get Hepatitis B)
                                      are acutely infected, but the
                                                                           chronic Hepatitis B develop
                                                                           serious liver problems, such
                                                                           as fibrosis, cirrhosis, liver
                                                                                                                         News Briefs
        and                           other 15 percent or so become
                                      chronically infected. A chron-
                                                                           failure, and liver cancer. Ev-
                                                                           ery year, approximately 4,000
                                                                                                                   SACRAMENTO – Gov. Jerry
                                                                                                                Brown is planning to throw more
                                                                                                                                                         to employee costs. In 2009, the

                                                                                                                                                         CDCR employed 68,000 people
                                      ic infection means that you          people in the United States die      money at California’s chronical-         and paid them $4.78 billion, an
                                      are infected long-term, poten-       from Hepatitis B related liver       ly overcrowded prison system.            average of $70,000 each. Overall

      Corner                          tially for the rest of your life.
                                      The Hepatitis B virus is found
                                      in blood, semen, and vaginal
                                                                           disease. There are no special
                                                                           treatments for acute Hepa-
                                                                           titis B. However, treatment
                                                                                                                The budget for the California
                                                                                                                Department of Corrections and
                                                                                                                                                         the highest paid employees are
                                                                                                                                                         medical personnel. More than
      The San Quentin News                                                                                      Rehabilitation (CDCR) will rise          750 employees beat CDCR Di-
                                      fluids and most commonly             is available for those with          to $9.1 billion from $8.9 bil-
   “Health and Wellness Corner”       passed from person to person
                                                                                                                                                         rector Matthew Cate’s $203,884
                                                                           chronic Hepatitis B. A doctor        lion for the next fiscal year. The
   column runs when articles are                                                                                                                         salary, including a parole agent
                                      through unprotected sex. How-        can determine what, if any,          California Correctional Peace
   submitted for publication. A                                                                                                                          in Los Angeles who took home
                                      ever, Hepatitis B virus is also      treatment is necessary. For          Officer’s Association (CCPOA)
   Centerforce health profes-                                                                                                                            $301,117.
                                      passed from person to person         people who have never had            made significant contributions
   sional will answer questions                                                                                                                            SAN RAFAEL – Nearly 800
                                      through other risky behaviors,       Hepatitis B, there is a vaccine.     to Brown’s campaign as well as
   that you submit about health                                                                                                                          people attended the 18th Heart
                                      such as sharing needles/works        The Hepatitis B vaccine is to        sponsoring advertising against
   issues. Feel free to ask ques-                                                                                                                        of Marin Awards luncheon at
                                      for injecting drugs, sharing         protect people who have never        Brown’s opposition, Meg Whit-
   tions about any medical con-                                                                                                                          the Marin Center Exhibit Hall
                                      tattoo equipment (needle, ink,       had Hepatitis B from ever get-       man.
   cern that you have and it may                                                                                                                         to honor outstanding nonprofits
                                      and barrel), sharing razors,         ting it. Treatment, on the other        Brown says he wants to “fully
   be answered so that everyone                                                                                                                          and community leaders. Among
                                      toothbrushes, clippers, shar-        hand, is for those who already       fund the salary and wages of
   can benefit. Put your ques-                                                                                                                           those honored was Karen Jan-
                                      ing tooters or other drug sniff-     have chronic Hepatitis B. For        authorized Correctional Offi-
   tions in a U-Save-Em enve-
                                      ing equipment.                       adults, the vaccine is three         cers” and “correct for a decline         dorf, a volunteer facilitator with
   lope addressed to: Health and
                                         Symptoms of Hepatitis B           shots over a six-month period.       in the number of overtime hours          the Insight Prison Project, who
   Wellness Corner, Centerforce
                                      can include fatigue, fever,          All three shots are necessary        available.” Almost 75 percent of         was named Volunteer of the
   (Education Dept). Your name
                                      jaundice (yellowing of the           for protection against Hepati-       California’s budget is devoted           Year.
   and number will be kept con-
   fidential.                         skin and eyes), loss of appe-        tis B. Other than the vaccine,

    In this edition we will ad-
        dress Hepatitis B
                                      tite, nausea, belly pain, diar-
                                      rhea, muscle aches, or dark
                                                                           the best protection is to use
                                                                           a condom during sex and not             We Want  San
                                                                                                                   To Hear Quentin
                                      urine and feces. Not every-          share anything that has come
      Hepatitis B is a virus that     one who contracts Hepatitis          into contact with someone

                                                                                                                  From You!
   causes inflammation of the         B experiences symptoms,              else’s blood (i.e., needles, sy-
   liver. Hepatitis B infection       but those who have experi-           ringes, or any kind of injection
   can be either acute or chron-
   ic. Acute means that you are
   infected, but only sick for a
                                      enced any of these symptoms,
                                      should put in a sick call slip
                                      to see your doctor. Fifteen
                                                                           or tattooing equipment).

                                                                              The organization’s web site
                                                                                                                  The San Quentin News encourages
                                                                                                                   inmates, free staff, custody staff,
                                                                                                                                                            Current and past copies of the
   short period. Most people          to 25 percent of people with         is                  volunteers and others outside the        San Quentin News are posted
                                                                                                                     institution to submit articles.                  online at:

                   Back in the Day
           Selected Stories From Past Issues of The San Quentin News
                                                                                                                 All submissions become property of
                                                                                                                       the San Quentin News.

                                                                                                                   Please use the following criteria
                                                                                                                          when submitting:
   FEB. 1981 – A total of six        auto thief in West Virginia. A         bars. Owens told a crowd of re-        • Limit your articles to no more                   html
shots were required to break up      robber in South Carolina served        porters that during his years in               than 350 words.                  The opinions expressed herein do
a fight between two cons. Dur-       46 months – more time than a           first Folsom, then San Quentin,                                                 not necessarily reflect those of the
ing the altercation a correction-    murderer in six states. The find-                                            • Know that articles may be edited       Administration, or the inmate popu-
                                                                            “I have been stabbed, been in ri-
                                                                                                                       for content and length.               lation, and should be considered
al sergeant who had run to the       ings suggest that criminals need       ots, fighting when I didn’t know                                               solely the opinion of the individual
scene was struck in the face by      be more concerned about where          what I was fighting about.”                                                           author unless specified.
                                                                                                                  • The newspaper is not a medium
an inmate in the crowd that had      they decide to rape, rob and kill,        MAR 1981 – Prison officials         to file grievances. (For that, use       Permission is granted to reprint
gathered to watch the fight.         rather than the type of crime          have announced budget cutbacks         the prison appeals process.) We            articles appearing in the San
   FEB. 1981 – It was a busy         they commit.                                                                 encourage submitting articles that       Quentin News provided credit is
                                                                            in the Education Department
week in San Quentin prison. On          FEB. 1981 – A warning shot                                                 are newsworthy and encompass            given the author and this publica-
                                                                            that will result in most teachers                                              tion, except for articles reprinted
the Max B yard Thursday an in-       fired to break up a fistfight in-                                                         issues that
                                                                            losing their jobs and being re-           will have an impact on the            herein from other publications.
mate was stabbed in the North        terrupted the showing of the
                                                                            placed by guards. The Education                 prison populace.
Block rotunda. Three shots were      weekly movie Saturday night in                                                                                             Administrative Review
fired to halt the attack and a       the north mess hall. The partici-      Department currently includes                                                 Warden’s Office............. Lt. R. Luna
                                                                            the principal, nine instructors        • Please do not use offensive lan-                                      Mary Cello
prison-made knife was found at       pants were hauled off and locked                                                 guage in your submissions.          Principal (A).............. Frank Kellum
the scene. A warning shot broke      up and the movie continued to          and 39 part-time instructors.
                                                                                                                                                          Senior Advisor .............. John Eagan
up a fistfight on C-Section yard     its end.                                                                     Poems and art work (cartoons and        Advisor.........................Joan Lisetor
last week and no serious injuries       FEB. 1981 – Inmates in the                                                   drawings) are welcomed.              Advisor.................Steve McNamara
were reported. In the B-Section      vocational print shop at Sole-               The San Quentin
                                                                                                                   • Letters to the editor should be                S.Q. News Staff
protective housing unit last         dad prison were producing high            News requests that all                   short and to the point.           Editor-in-Chief ....Michael R. Harris
week, a warning shot was fired       quality counterfeit birth certifi-          institutions send us                                                     Managing Editor JulianGlenn Padgett
                                                                                                                                                          Design Editor ........Fernando Lemus
to persuade an inmate to return      cates, pre–stamped envelopes              reports of their athlet-                 Send Submissions to:
                                                                                                                                                          Copy Editor ..................Cole Bienek
to his cell. And on Wednesday,       and marriage certificates. The                                                      CSP - San Quentin
                                                                                ic events so that they               Education Dept. / SQ News
                                                                                                                                                          Sports Editor ............... Drew Piazza
an inmate was assaulted in the       marriage certificates could be                                                                                       Staff Writer.............. Arnulfo Garcia
East Block rotunda as he was re-     used to participate in the prison’s
                                                                                 may be published in                   San Quentin, CA 94964              Graphics ...............Kevin O’Donnell
turning from the evening meal.       conjugal visiting program. An             our newspaper. Infor-                 (No street address required)         Traffic Manager.........R. Richardson

A warning shot was fired, and        instructor uncovered the crime.           mation should contain
the victim received three stab          FEB. 1981 – The Califor-                    the following:                                Also contributions by the
wounds. No suspects were taken       nia Judicial Council has voted
into custody.                        to allow cameras into criminal              Institution, type of
   FEB. 1981 – An East Block         courtrooms if judges permit.               event, date of event,
officer making his rounds Feb.       No longer will the permission of             names of players,
17 observed a dummy made             defendants and prosecutors be               scores, and all stats
of stuffed clothes in one of the     necessary.                                 relating to the event.
cells. A search of the institution      HISTORICAL PERSPEC-
revealed the inmate hiding be-       TIVE: In 1981 it cost $13,000              Please send informa-
hind a corrugated fence on the       per year to incarcerate an in-                                                             BEHIND THE SCENES
                                                                                       tion to:
upper yard.                          mate. By 2009, that figure had                                                  The San Quentin News is written, edited and produced by
   FEB. 1981 – A recent study of     risen to almost $49,000.                     CSP - San Quentin
                                                                                                                  inmates within San Quentin. It is printed by Marin Sun Printing,
parole data from the year 1976–          MAR 1981 – After spending               Education Dept. / SQ
                                                                                        News                       San Rafael, with a grant from Neighborhood House of North
77 showed that in California, fe-    nine years behind bars for two
male murderers spend less than       drug–related murders he did not            San Quentin, CA 94964             Richmond, a non-profit, and Community One World Enterprises,
half the time that males do. And     commit. Aaron Lee Owens was                 Attn: San Quentin                   a social entrepreneurial company/C-One Media devoted to
convicted rapists in 16 states       set free by the same judge who             News Sports Editor.                              bridging gaps and building community.
served less time than the average    had sentenced him to life behind
Page 20   SAN QUENTIN NEWS   January/February 2011

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