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					                                             Ss. Peter & Paul
                                       Byzantine Catholic Church
                                339 E. 10th Avenue, Tarentum, PA 15084
                                OFFICE: 724-224-3026 / FAX: 724-224-5242
                                    CHURCH HALL: 724-224-8869
                                    PASTOR: Rev. Wesley M. Mash

Music: Tone 2 - Green Pew Book page 130 & 263 / White Pew Book page 20
8:30 a.m. - 9:45 a.m. -- Catechism Classes
10:00 a.m. -- Divine Liturgy: +Pauline Levish (req. by Joe & Christy Levish & Family)

MON 10-12                          NO SERVICE SCHEDULED
TUE 10-13                          NO SERVICE SCHEDULED

                                             PRO LIFE MASS
          Wednesday, October 14, 2009
          7:00 p.m. -- We pray for an end to abortion and for respect for all human life.

THU     10-15 8:30 a.m.            Heath & Well-Being of Erda Simmons (req. by Suzann Simmons)
FRI     10-16 8:30 a.m.            +Nicholas Kraynik (req. by Bertha Kraynik)

Saturday, October 17, 2009
4:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. -- Confessions
5:00 p.m. -- Divine Liturgy for Our Parish Family

Music: Tone 3 - Green Pew Book page 135 / White Pew Book page 21
8:30 a.m. - 9:45 a.m. -- Catechism Classes
10:00 a.m. -- Divine Liturgy: +Rose Nwranski (requested by George Kabay)

  BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK                                                   LECTOR SCHEDULE
Taylor Magoc       10/14                                             Galatians 1:11-19
Jeff Tamski        10/15                                             October 18-- Janet Durci
Richard Korff      10/16
Michael Horchar    10/17                                                  SANCTUARY LAMP
                                                                  The Sanctuary Lamp will burn this
       ANNIVERSARIES THIS WEEK                                    week for the repose of the soul of
       Michael & Lisa Scott           10/14                       +Kenneth Rhodes as requested by his
       John & Anne Savka              10/14                 wife, Mrs. Anna Rhodes. May God grant to
    ___________________________________________             His servant, +Kenneth, Blessed Repose and
                                                            Eternal Memory! Vičnaja Jemu Pamjat!
             October 04, 2009                                STAIRWAY RENOVATION
Regular                       $ 898.00                       OFFERINGS LAST WEEK
Loose                              68.00              Many thanks to the following families who
Candles                            62.00              have made donations toward the
Holy Day                           51.00              renovations of our side entrance stairway.
Hall Heating Renovations          185.00              Your    generosity     is    very    much
CCD                                43.00              appreciated. A TOTAL OF $5,570.00
Improvements                        5.00              HAS BEEN DONATED TO DATE!
Side Stairway Donations           840.00              Please note: Please see Fr. Wesley concerning
                                                      any omissions or corrections.
Crop Walk                         167.00
TOTAL OFFERINGS                $2,319.00              $500.00
                                                      Michael & Patricia Horchar
       50/50 WEEKLY DRAWING
                                                           --in memory of Joseph & Mary Monarko
10/4/09 -- $30.00 Jennifer Savka
                  Not Registered
10/11/09 -- Jackpot $45.00                            Stephen & Giselda Bulazo
                                                      Judith Pinchok
   ARCHIEPARCHIAL                                     --in memory of Diane Pinchok-Valinote &
          CHOIR                                          Nick Pinchok
The Pittsburgh Byzantine
Catholic      Archeparchial                           $40.00 - $5.00
Choir is accepting new members.                       Theresa Kissel
Previous choral experience is helpful, but            Rosann Incheck
not required. Must be able to read music,             Matt & Tracie Magoc & Family
have good intonation, sing his/her own                John Figler
SATB part in a choral setting, be willing             Mitchell & Loretta Lutynsky
to follow basic choral standards and stand            Edward & Audrey Benton
for long periods of time. Parishioners 18             Aaron Bosnich
and older of any church in the
Archeparchy are welcome to join. Men’s
voices are especially sought.                                              ALTAR GUILD
                                                                           BAKING CREW
An open rehearsal/audition for new                                           DONATION
members will be held 7 p.m. Tuesday,                                    Many thanks to our
October 13 at Nativity of the Blessed                                   Altar Guild and Baking
Virgin Mary Church, 4027 Beechwood                                      Crew for the donation
Blvd., Pittsburgh. Please phone Director                                of $3,841.00 which
Darlene Fejka to pre-register by Oct. 12 at           covered the cost of our parish and rectory
412-231-4000, extension 20, or e-mail                 property insurance. There is no                  Your hard work at our annual Christmas
fee for registration or membership.                   and Easter Bake Sales is appreciated by
                                                      all. God Bless You!
            CONGRATULATIONS                                                  MR. & MRS.
            RACHEL M. SCHAAF                                             CHAD & RACHEL
            Our parish family offers our                                       SAVKA
            sincere congratulations and                                 Our parish family
            our prayers to Rachel Marie                                 offers our sincere
            (Schaaf) Savka who received                                 congratulations and our
the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the                                best wishes to Mr. &
Sacrament of Chrismation (Confirmation)                                 Mrs. Chad and Rachel
last Sunday, October 4, 2009. May the                                   (Schaaf) Savka who
Holy Spirit always be her comfort and                 were united in the Holy Sacrament of
guide. Grant, O Lord, to your servant,                Marriage at Ss. Peter & Paul Church on
Rachel, Peace, Health and Happiness for               Saturday, October 10, 2009.
many years!
___________________________________________________      May Our Lord Jesus Christ, who came
                                                      to Cana in Galilee and blessed the
                       BYZANTINE                      marriage there, bless the daily course of
                      SPIRITUALITY                    your life and fill your life with good
                      CONFERENCE                      things. God Grant You Many Happy,
                Saturday, November 14, 2009
                                                      Healthy and Peace-Filled Years!
              The       2009      Byzantine
              Spirituality     Conference,            ___________________________________________________
sponsored by the Office of Religious
Education of the Byzantine Catholic
                                                          NUT ROLL SALE
Archeparchy of Pittsburgh, will be held               Your help is needed once
this year on Saturday, November 14, 2009              again this year at our
at St. John the Baptist Cathedral, Munhall,           Christmas Nut Roll Sale,
PA. The theme for this year’s conference              the major fund raiser for
is “Light in Winter’s Darkness”. Speakers             our parish. Please mark
include Deacon John Evancho, Father                   the following dates on your calendar:
Elias L. Rafaj, Father Daniel Forsythe and
Darlene Fejka. The day begins at 8:30                 Baking preparation:        Sunday, Nov. 29th
a.m. with registration and coffee and                 Baking:
concludes with Great Vespers at 2:30 p.m.                   Tuesday              12/1 -- 8:00 a.m.
Registration by Deadline of October 31,                     Wednesday            12/2 -- 8:00 a.m.
2009: ADULTS $35/COLLEGE/TEENS                              Tuesday              12/8 -- 8:00 a.m.
$15.                                                        Wednesday            12/9 -- 8:00 a.m.
Registration after Oct. 31: ADULTS $40
/ COLLEGE/TEENS $20.                                  TO PLACE YOUR ORDERS: Please
Please make checks payable to: OFFICE                 call Lynn between the hours of 10:00
OF        RELIGIOUS          EDUCATION.               a.m. & 8:00 p.m. at 724-352-0031.
Brochures, including registration forms,
are available in the church vestibule.                           COST: $10.00 per roll
                                                           PRO-LIFE LITURGY
                                                      Our October Pro-Life Divine
                                                      Liturgy will be celebrated on
Our parish family offers our
                                                      Wednesday evening at 7:00
congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Robert &
                                                      p.m. Come join your parish family as we
Stacey Stanton on the birth of their daughter,
                                                      lift up our voices in prayer.
KATHERINE ELIZABETH.                Katherine
Elizabeth was born on August 3, 2009. She is
the beautiful granddaughter of Mr. & Mrs.                       BYZANTINE CATHOLIC
William and Charlotte Shippee and niece of                 MISSION IN SOUTH CAROLINA
Mr. & Mrs. David and Allyson Whitmer.                 Recently the Eparchy of Passaic purchased a
May God grant to his servant, Katherine               facility in the Myrtle Beach area as the first
Elizabeth, Peace, Health and Happiness for            Byzantine Catholic Mission in South
many years!!!                                         Carolina. The property is located at 3059
                                                      Highway 90 in the Myrtle Beach/Conway
        LifeQuest Gathering                           area of South Carolina. If you know of
   A DISCERNMENT RETREAT                              Byzantine Catholics who have moved into
 FOR SINGLE CATHOLIC WOMEN                            this area please contact one of the following
            AGES 18-40                                persons:
   The Sisters of St. Basil of Uniontown, PA,          Myrtle Beach/Conway area: Don and Jean
invite you to a weekend focused on your               Wirth, 712 Creek Front Rd. N., Myrtle Beach,
future. Every baptized person has a call, a           S.C. 29582 (843)-249-9502
vocation, a mission in life. The LifeQuest             Calabash/Wilmington N.C.: Jean and Oliver
Gathering helps women explore the                     Guthrie, 886 Palmer Dr. S.W., Calabash, N.C
possibility of living that mission as a Sister        28467 (910) 579-4795
witnessing in the Byzantine Catholic Church.           Fr. Conan H. Timoney, Patronage Church,
                                                      1260 Stevens Ave., Baltimore, MD 21227
   This program focuses on foundational               (410) 247-4936
elements in monasticism, which are also               ___________________________________________________
foundational to our Eastern Catholic                              PRAYER FOR PRIESTS
spirituality. Those attending will explore                In this year of the Priest, Heavenly Father,
which practices they already integrate and            We ask Your blessings on those You have
their call to intensify their spiritual lives as      called to Priestly ministry. May they, above
they seek God’s direction for their lives.            all, be faithful and passionate followers of
                                                      Your Beloved Son, Jesus and ministers of the
   During the weekend, participants will also         Holy Sacraments.
hear about the inner dynamics of the                      May they be compassionate, as Jesus was
Consecrated Life. They will be able to ask            toward all who seek spiritual comfort and
their questions in a forum that includes some         forgiveness. May they be teachers, as Jesus
members of the Sisters of St. Basil. They will        was, steeped in Your word and teachings.
learn how and why Religious Life is alive and         May they be prophets, as Jesus was,
vital to the Church of today and how it may           speaking courageously for what is right and
develop in the future.                                true. May they be prayerful, as Jesus was,
                                                      hearts burning within them and set upon You
   Registration brochures can be found in the         above all. We ask this through your Son
church vestibule.                                     Jesus and your All-Holy Spirit. Amen

Jun Wang Jun Wang Dr
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