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									    Route Factory

          Highly customizable software
          framework for planning,
          optimizing, and tracking
          freight loading and routing

1                      Systems View Software

       Applications
       The Problem: Challenges in building routes
       Our Solution: Route Factory
        –   Builds good routes quickly that meet routing
            challenges under a variety of application

2                                             Systems View Software

       LTL shipping
       Auto transport
       Moving companies
       Distribution
       Service fleets
       Personal storage unit pickup/delivery

3                                       Systems View Software
    Routing Challenges
       Increasing numbers of routes and orders to manage
       Dynamic applications that require
         –   Real time truck location data
         –   Constant updates to the order pool
         –   Intelligent order selection logic
         –   Modifying existing routes to incorporate new orders and constraints
       Applications needing combined pickup and delivery
       Multiple route/leg assignments for orders across a shipping network
       Dynamic selection of transship points
       Combined use of private fleet and 3rd party transports
       Multiple complex physical constraints and business rules

4                                                               Systems View Software
    Challenges: Accommodate different
    shipping demand structures….

                                                    Arcs indicate

    Pickup or Delivery – service
    transportation demands between a                                Pickup and Delivery – service
    central warehouse/terminal and multiple origins or              transportation demands between
    destinations                                                    multiple origins and destinations

5                                                                             Systems View Software
    …that lead to different types of route

                                       Lines indicate
                                      transport routes

                                               Pickup and Delivery: Routing is more
     Pickup or Delivery: Routing is            complex since pickup must precede
     more straightforward                      dropoff for all orders

6                                                                 Systems View Software
    Challenges: dynamic routing…
    Routes must be modified on the fly to exploit new customer demands

                                                         New demand

           Existing Route

                                                  New demand

7                                                               Systems View Software
     …that creates a need for cost effective
     and efficient routes

                                           Order X is assigned to this route because
                                           stops are already planned at its origin and
                              Origin for   destination, and capacity exists throughout
                              Order Y      the route to carry the order. The marginal cost
                                           to carry the order is small.

                                           However, carrying Order X may prevent the
                                           truck from dynamically adding new Order Y,
                                           perhaps on the next day, due to capacity
       Origin for                          restrictions.
       Order X
                                           Systems view optimization technology will
                                           detect and prevent situations where marginal
                      Destination for      shipping costs appear small, but the
                      Order Y              inefficiency of the resulting route for certain
                                           orders would preclude exploiting future
    Destination for                        opportunities
    Order X

8                                                      Systems View Software
    Our Solution: Route Factory

       A highly customizable framework for developing
        routing applications
       Applications are web-based and interactive - used by
        dispatchers to construct and manage truck routes
       Balances automated (batch optimized) and manual
        route creation/updating
       Used for multi-stop freight movement, as with LTL
        carriers, moving companies, and distribution centers

9                                           Systems View Software
     Flow                       Order

                   Order        Orders

                             Route Factory

              Transport                                 Dispatchers


10                                          Systems View Software
                                                Conceptual Overview

                                  Route            Route
                                 Reports           Maps

                                                                                 Client Data
                                       Route Factory

                                                                                Route Repository
         (e.g. PC*Miler)

                                Optimizer                       Terminals,       System Data
                                                   Route        transports
                                                  Editor        and orders

                                                                                    GIS Data

                             Optimized Routes    Draft Routes   Configuration

11                                                                  Systems View Software
     General Capabilities
        Routes can be built manually, automatically or in combination
        Constraints: truck capacities, route start/finish time, time
         windows, order type to truck type, route validity, etc.
        Dynamic feasibility/consistency checks as each order is added
        Filtering and sorting by order attribute for manual order
        Truck list filtering by assigned dispatcher, modification dates,
         3P vs. Fleet, etc.
        Automatically calculating travel distances and ETA’s at each
        User-defined customer stop set, with “direct” pickup/drop-off
         allowed at arbitrary geographic locations
        Compatible with multi-stop distribution networks
        Allows dynamic assignment of transshipment terminals
12                                                    Systems View Software
        Dispatchers benefit by being able to generate better
         routes, more quickly, with less manual input
        Allows dispatchers to easily manage large number of
         orders and transports
        Application architecture provides for simple
         deployment across the organization and ease of
         software maintenance
        Average savings of 15% to 20% in vehicle operating
        Automatically balances customer service level
         versus operations cost

13                                            Systems View Software
     Interactive Route Editing

     Dispatchers can:
      Add/Remove Orders
         –   Select orders to add from an active pool via
             filtered/sorted lists
        Add/Remove Stops
        Reorder Stops
        Manage Entire Route
         –   save, commit, recycle, update

14                                             Systems View Software
     Route Manager View

15              Systems View Software
     Route Manager View (close up)

16                          Systems View Software
     Batch Optimization Details
        Routes can be automatically constructed and
         updated using an integrated optimizer – the editor
         can then be used to fine-tune the results
        Uses optimization technology developed by Systems
         View for difficult routing applications
        Highly customizable algorithms that will be tuned to
         match you specific situation
        Minimizes system cost while honoring physical
         constraints, business rules, and user preferences.
        Fleetwide solution prevents optimizing any single
         truck at the expense of others.

17                                           Systems View Software
     Generated Route vs. Existing Route

18                             Systems View Software
     Scratch Pad Route Editing

        The Route Editor operates on a temporary “scratch
         pad” (table) of routes
        This keeps draft “routes in progress” separate from
         live operational data
        Operational data is updated only upon “committing”
         a route
        Optional Optimizer writes route solutions to a
         separate table that can be merged into the “scratch
         pad” on a case-by-case basis by the user

19                                            Systems View Software
     Dynamic reports

        Multiple report types (route, metric, map)
         describe stop-by-stop route characteristics,
         load composition, and constraint/rule
        Reports are updated with every change
         made to the route.
        Route Reports can be saved and sent to
         drivers, terminals, etc.

20                                       Systems View Software

21             Systems View Software
     Implementation Details

        Web based solution
         –   Requires Windows Server 2000/2003
        Based on Microsoft’s .NET Framework 2.0
         and IIS (ASP.NET 2.0)
        Uses SQL 2000/2005 database
         –   Oracle is supported as a customization
        PC*Miler for point-to-point time/distance
         values and mapping capability

22                                            Systems View Software
        Our solutions are designed to be customized and
         integrated within your environment
        We start with our base system and then make the
         following types of customizations:
         –   Develop connections to external systems to obtain order,
             transport and positional data
         –   Fine tune routing algorithms to match the way you do
         –   Customize the user interface to display data required by
             your dispatchers
         –   Route commit procedure is customized to update your
             systems with the new routes
         –   Reports are customized to your specific needs
23                                                   Systems View Software

        We provide ongoing after-sales support so
         that Route Factory can evolve along with
         your logistics and information systems or
         your business processes.
        Monthly fixed-price plan provides free
         upgrades and includes support/programming

24                                    Systems View Software
     Customers Using our Technology

     Dependable Auto Shippers uses it to help manage a
     nationwide transport network with over 100 trucks and 500
     vehicles a day

25                                                     Systems View Software

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