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					        Women’s Policy Institute
  Speaker Bios and Contact Information
            Retreat #2, December 3-5, 2008

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Women’s Policy Institute                     1
Women’s Foundation of California 2008
Donne Brownsey
Vice President
Sacramento Advocates, Inc.
1215 K Street, Suite 2030
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 448-1222

Donne Brownsey, Vice-President of Sacramento Advocates, Inc. was
one of the first women to found her own lobbying firm, Government
Solutions, in 1993. Previously, she had served for over a decade
in top legislative staff positions, including eight years as
Chief Legislative Consultant to the leader of the State Senate.
Having merged her highly successful business with Sacramento
Advocates, Ms. Brownsey provides government relations services
that include legislative and state government advocacy and
strategic consultation services. Ms. Brownsey’s current clients
include Academy of California Adoption Lawyers, the Breast Cancer
Fund, the California Dispute Resolution Council, California
Nurses Association, California Opioid Maintenance Providers,
Compassion In Dying, JAMS, PV NOW, Western Union, TEVA, DSI,
County Election Officials, Commonweal, and the Zoe Institute. Ms.
Brownsey has extensive contacts with most major constitutional
officers and their executive staff as well as numerous directors
and deputy directors of state departments as well as agency

Ms. Brownsey has extensive experience working on a broad range of
state issues. She has drafted and negotiated major state
legislation and state budget items, including the many first in
the nation laws such as the state’s ban on assault weapons,
hazardous waste source reduction laws, the latchkey childcare
program, pain medicine reforms and the licensed nurse to patient
ratio law. Brownsey has worked extensively with numerous state
departments on regulation packets, setting up new programs,
securing funding mechanisms for programs and has served on
numerous state department work groups to negotiate legislation,
program finances and policy guidelines.

Prior to beginning her legislative staff career at the State
Capitol, Ms. Brownsey was the Program Director for the National
Student Education Fund in Washington D.C. and was also a
legislative advocate for the California State Student
Association. While at CSSA, Brownsey organized the first
statewide women students’ conference in the nation as well as
mobilized a state wide student campaign opposed to a ballot
measure that would have cut state spending on higher education.
Ms. Brownsey is licensed to practice law in California. She holds
a Juris Doctorate Degree from the University of Pacific’s

Women’s Policy Institute                                        2
Women’s Foundation of California 2008
McGeorge School of Law, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from
California State University, Chico. While at CSU, Chico she
served as the Controller of the then $5 million Associated
Students corporation.   Ms. Brownsey is married to Peter McNamee.
They have a daughter, Meredith.

Women’s Policy Institute                                        3
Women’s Foundation of California 2008
Olivia Calderon
California Legislative Director, Asset Building Program
New America Foundation
 921 11th Street, Suite 901
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 448-5299

Olivia Calderon is the California Legislative Director of the New
America Foundation's Asset Building Program, which aims to
significantly broaden savings and asset ownership in California.
Based in Sacramento, her primary responsibilities include
educating legislators, government officials, and interest groups
about asset policies, developing related policy proposals
(including drafting measures, amendments, and reports), providing
expert testimony on pending legislation, identifying partnerships
to build a broad coalition in support of asset building policies,
and managing the Asset Policy Forum, which the program launched
in August 2007.

Previously, Olivia served in the California Legislature as a
consultant to the Assembly Transportation Committee, as a
legislative assistant to Sen. Jenny Oropeza (D-Long Beach), and
as a Jesse Unruh Assembly Fellow. Among her more notable
accomplishments as a legislative staff member, Olivia drafted six
major pieces of legislation, four of which were signed into law.
She has testified before the California Senate committees on
education, health, and labor, as well as the Assembly committees
on appropriations, banking and finance, revenue and taxation, and
higher education. Olivia is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the
University of California, Los Angeles, where she was a NSEP
Scholar, McNair Scholar, Wasserman Scholar, and UCLA Law fellow.

Diane M. Fishburn
Managing Partner
Olson, Hagel & Fishburn LLP
555 Capitol Mall, Suite 1425
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 442-2952
Fax: (916) 442-1280

Diane M. Fishburn is the managing partner at Olson, Hagel &
Fishburn LLP, with over 20 years of experience in political,
administrative, and election law. Ms. Fishburn advises private,
public and nonprofit clients on federal and state campaign

Women’s Policy Institute                                          4
Women’s Foundation of California 2008
reporting obligations as well as financial disclosure, ethics,
lobbying and conflicts-of-interest requirements. She has
expertise and experience in state and local ballot measure
campaigns, and she also defends enforcement cases before the
Federal Election Commission, the California Fair Political
Practices Commission and other administrative agencies.

She regularly presents seminars on various aspects of political
and ethics laws before unions, trade associations and other tax
exempt organizations as well as associations of public officials
and candidates. She is co-author of two publications addressing
the involvement of public charities and private foundations in
the California ballot initiative process.
Ms. Fishburn is past President of the California Political
Attorneys Association and currently serves as a member of the
Sacramento County Bar Diversity Hiring and Retention Committee.
She was an attorney with the Fair Political Practices Commission
for five years, and spent another five years as staff counsel in
the California Air Resources Board Office of Legal Affairs. She
received both her B.A. and law degrees from the University of
California, Los Angeles. She clerked with the New Mexico State
Supreme Court and received the Order of the Coif and
Distinguished Advocate Awards.

Angela Gilliard
Staff Attorney& Legislative Advocate
Western Center on Law and Poverty
1107 Ninth Street, Suite 801
Sacramento, CA 95814-3600
(916) 442-0753

Angela joined Western Center in February 2002 and specializes in
health care issues. Angela was formerly a Senior Policy
Consultant to the California State Assembly in Sacramento,
California where she advised Members on the Health Committee and
other Assembly leadership offices on various health care issues.
Prior to joining the Legislature, Angela worked as a policy
analyst for the Department of Health Services. In 1992, she
assisted with the development of a multi-disciplinary and multi-
ethnic mental health practice in Los Angeles, California where
she procured contracts from managed care companies and city
governments in support of the practice. Angela graduated from
McGeorge School of Law in 1992.

Women’s Policy Institute                                           5
Women’s Foundation of California 2008
Robbie Gonzalez Dow
Policy Advocate
California WIC Association
1107 9th Street, Suite 625
Sacramento, California 95814

Robbie Gonzalez-Dow, is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s of
Public Health from UC Berkeley and is a Certified Lactation
Educator. She is also an inaugural fellow of the Women’s Policy
Institute of the Women’s Foundation of California where she had
the opportunity to introduce legislation that would have
eliminated the advertisement of infant formula in the hospital
setting. She has a depth of experience in the public health
field, as well as a history of advocating for institutional
change. Robbie is also a volunteer commissioner for the Monterey
County Community Action Partnership Agency advocating for the
needs of low-income people and is currently a Policy Advocate for
the California WIC Association working with communities to
nourish, educate, support and empower families in building a
healthy future.

Women’s Policy Institute                                        6
Women’s Foundation of California 2008
Michael Herald (Elder Women’s Issues Mentor)
Legislative Advocate
Western Center on Law and Poverty
1107 Ninth Street, Suite 801
Sacramento, CA 95814-3600
(916) 442-0753

Michael Herald is the legislative advocate for the Western Center
on Law and Poverty. His areas of expertise include CalWORKs,
SSI/SSP and other cash assistance programs. Prior to coming to
work for the Western Center, he was an appointee of Governor
Davis at the Department of Housing and Community Development. He
served as both legislative and external affairs director and
played an active role in the development of recommendations to
Governor Davis on homelessness and integrating the
developmentally disabled into community settings. Mike was
formerly the executive director and lobbyist for Housing
California, the statewide coalition of affordable housing
advocates. He is a native Californian, a graduate of UCSB and has
a law degree from Golden Gate University School of Law.

May O. Lee
Founder and Former Executive Director
Asian Resources

May O. Lee is a fourth generation, long time Californian whose
great grandfather was around during the Gold Rush days. However,
due to anti-immigration laws that created obstacles for family
reunification, May’s father could not reunite with her mother
until after WWII. Thus, with this as a historical framework when
growing up, her belief system was molded accordingly to seek
justice where there was injustice and equity to be equal

May recently retired as the founding executive director of Asian
Resources, a community organization of 27 years standing that has
provided employment and training programs as a strategy to
empower multi-cultural communities towards economic self-
sufficiency. May holds a masters degree in social work from
Sacramento State University and a bachelors degree from the
University of Washington. Her chosen line of work with the
immigrant and refugee communities reflects her passion and
perspective to ensure that opportunities come full circle.

Women’s Policy Institute                                        7
Women’s Foundation of California 2008
Nayantara Mehta
Alliance for Justice
519 17th Street, Suite 560
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: 510-444-6070
Fax: 510-444-6078

As counsel for the Nonprofit Advocacy Project in Oakland,
California, Nayantara researches, writes, and leads workshops on
the advocacy rules for public charities. Nayantara graduated from
the University of California, Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall)
in 2006. During law school, Nayantara worked with many public
interest organizations, including the Lawyers' Committee for
Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area, Public Advocates, the
ACLU of Northern California, and the East Bay Community Law
Center. She also served on the board of the Berkeley Law
Foundation, an income-sharing student and alumni organization
whose primary goal is to fund law students to do public interest
work. Prior to law school, Nayantara pursued an interdisciplinary
master's degree program at the University of Chicago, focusing on
the role of women in religious and political movements in the
Middle East and in immigrant communities in Europe. Nayantara
graduated from the College of William and Mary in Virginia with a
degree in Religion and a minor in Anthropology.

Nicole Vazquez
Human Services Consultant
Assembly Budget Committee
State Capitol, Room 6026
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2099
Fax: (916) 319-2199

Nicole Vazquez is a staff consultant to the Senate Committee on
Health and Human Services, which is chaired by Senator Deborah
Ortiz (D-Sacramento). Nicole's assignment area includes women's
health, aging and long-term care, cancer and chronic diseases,
emergency services, CalWORKs, and food issues.   Prior to this
work, Nicole was the Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs
for the California Primary Care Association and a legislative and

Women’s Policy Institute                                        8
Women’s Foundation of California 2008
budget aide to then-Assemblymember, now-Senator Gilbert Cedillo.
Nicole has served as a research analyst with the City of Los
Angeles Charter Reform Commission and as a John Gardner Public
Service Fellow, placed with the Los Angeles Unified School
District's Board of Education. Nicole studied Political Science
and English Literature at Stanford University.

Women’s Policy Institute                                           9
Women’s Foundation of California 2008

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