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					Nathan Reynolds
Associate II
                                                             REPRESENTATIVE PROJECTS
                                                             Structural Evaluation
                                                              James E. Quarles Treatment Plant, Marietta, Georgia:
                                                                 Structural analysis of concrete masonry unit infill
                                                             Condition Assessment
                                                              Choctaw County Schools, Alabama: Evaluation of as-
                                                                 built conditions for masonry walls
                                                              Courtyard by Marriott, Brunswick, Georgia:
EDUCATION                                                        Assessment of shear wall and floor diaphragm
The Pennsylvania State University                                installation and connections
   Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, Structural          Major Retail Chain, Locations Nationwide:
   Option, 2008                                                  Assessment and repair design of bar joist roof
PRACTICE AREAS                                               Repair and Rehabilitation Design
Structural Evaluation                                         Chattahoochee Landing Apartments, Roswell,
Condition Assessment                                             Georgia: Repair design for wood framing and
Repair and Rehabilitation Design                                 deflected concrete masonry basement walls
Fire Damage Investigation                                     Government Buildings, Atlanta, Georgia:
Water Penetration Testing                                        Investigation of facade-related water leakage and
Leakage Investigation                                            repair design documentation of four buildings
Facade Assessment                                            Fire Damage Investigation
Construction Observation Services                             Carlisle Tire & Wheel Company, Bowdon, Georgia:
                                                                 Evaluation of concrete slab and metal silos
EXPERIENCE                                                   Water Penetration Testing
                                                              Columbia Mechanicsville, Atlanta, Georgia: Water
Nathan Reynolds has gained experience working on a
variety of projects ranging from structural evaluations to       testing of window assemblies
facade assessments. He has worked on low-rise                 Midrise Apartment Building, Atlanta, Georgia: Water
commercial and residential building projects constructed         leakage investigation of stucco facade and curtain wall
primarily of wood, masonry, and structural steel. He has         window assemblies
also performed leakage investigations, including water        Midrise Condominium, Atlanta, Georgia: Quality
penetration testing, on building envelope components.            assurance water penetration testing of door assemblies
                                                             Facade Assessment
Prior to joining WJE in 2008, Mr. Reynolds spent two          Community College Campus, Mississippi: Evaluation
summers interning at a civil engineering firm near central
                                                                 of hurricane damage to window and masonry facade
Pennsylvania. He gained experience designing masonry
                                                                 elements on residential and large classroom structures
retaining walls, pre-engineered building foundations, and
wood-framed structures. He also designed retrofits for       Construction Observation Services
wood trusses, structural steel buildings, and athletic        Peachtree Lofts, Atlanta, Georgia: Review,
scoreboard connections.                                          documentation, and observation of through-wall
                                                                 flashing repairs, concrete repairs, and coating

                                                             PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS
                                                             American Society of Civil Engineers
                                                             Architectural Engineering Institute                                                                           Personnel Qualifications

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