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My name is Alexis Kenne and I’m the owner of . Over the last few months I’ve gone from
being a LOSER affiliate to finally starting on the path of becoming a
SUPER AFFILIATE and Expert Blogger!

I shared some of my experiences on my blog

I quickly realized how important was a mailing list in an online
business. I then did everything to learn in the shortest time possible
to send a ton of free targeted traffic to my main site at and to my blog plus by making some
small split tweaks to my conversions (opt-in rates) I’ve also managed
to capitalize on the amount of traffic I do get.

More Traffic = More Opt-ins = More Sales

If you are struggling to get traffic to your site and /or struggling to
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hottest affiliate marketing and traffic driving tips.

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Table of Contents

     Introduction                                             5

     What is an Autoresponder?                                7

     Making Your Autoresponder Series Effective               9

     Setting up your Autoresponder                           11

     Recommended Resources                                   15

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     Welcome to my Autoresponder Mastery course. In this short
     report I am going to give you an insight into autoresponders, an
     essential part of list building. We should know that "the money
     is in the list" and this report should give you the information to
     access this money.

     We will cover;

     •    What an Autoresponder is.

     •    How to find a good Autoresponder.

     •    How to make your list want to pay you.

     •    How to get your Opt-in box installed on your website.

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         What is an Autoresponder?

     An autoresponder is essentially the automatic series of emails
     that get sent out to people that subscribe to your mailing list.
     This is a massively important part of marketing online, an
     autoresponder allows you to create a trusting connection with
     your list. Building this trust means they are more likely to
     respect your suggestions, and therefore means if you suggest a
     product they will be more likely to buy it.

     If you don't yet have a list of email subscribers it's easily one of
     the biggest and easiest improvements you can make to your
     business because when someone comes to your website they
     can sign up for updates whether they are a free visitor or a paid
     buyer and get notified about new content and new offers you
     have for them. You need an autoresponder service.
     My favorite autoresponder service for starting out is Get
     Response. The reason for that is because you can send an
     unlimited number of emails, the emails get sent on time and
     you have many different options including broadcast, timed
     broadcast, follow-ups, you can easily manage your subscribers
     and it is free for lists under 100 people.
     What does it mean to be able to send an unlimited number of
     emails? There were some email services such as iContact that
     have very good deliverability and a very good interface but you
     are limited to only sending out six email messages to your
     subscribers every month.

     That means if you have a busy week and happen to launch a
     product that week and send six emails that week then you can't
     send anymore messages to your subscribers for the rest of the
     entire month. That's why even though there are some

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     autoresponder companies with better deliverability than Get
     Response, I don't like them because you are limited in how
     many emails you send every month.

     Another thing to check out is do the emails get sent out on
     time? Read the user reviews around the Internet of the
     autoresponder service you're looking at and find out if when it
     comes time to blast or broadcast a message to your
     subscribers, it will get sent right away.

     You will also want to make sure that the service you are
     interested in provides you with everything you need. You need
     to be able to delete people from you list and create sub lists if
     needs be. You need to be able to set up an autoresponder
     (follow up messages) and also do broadcasts (messages that
     send to everyone at the same time).

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           Making Your Autoresponder
                Series Effective
     This is a very important part of email marketing, the key is to
     invoke an emotional response in your readers. You want them
     to feel connected to you and that they trust you, doing this will
     increase the chance they buy from you because they will see
     you as genuine, this is human nature.

     Researchers have found that only about one in three emails are
     actually opened. It is important that your potential customers
     find your message useful so they will be sure to be looking for
     your next email. Also make sure that you send out your
     autoresponses about twice a week. Again researchers have
     found that sending out an email twice a week will result in more
     openings. Any more and your potential customer will feel like
     they are being bombarded and less than that they will loose

     The most successful messages are those that your customer's
     will appreciate because it will allow them to feel like they are
     learning something by reading the message. Therefore, these
     messages need to be created to teach the reader about the
     benefits of your product. After the customer has been taught
     then they will be more likely to buy from you as you have
     become a trusted friend.

     At the end of the short series of emails the receiver should be
     prepared to buy your product. Eight out of every 10 words in
     your email should be teaching your potential customer about
     your product.

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     Do not try to sell them your product until later in the series of
     emails. Be careful that your emails are not high pitch. Instead,
     write like you are advising a good friend. They should be
     conversational in tone with short paragraphs that are very easy
     to read. Keep them short and very readable. Each email should
     contain some kind of bait so that they will be looking forward to
     the next email. Also a great way to keep customers opening
     your emails is to ask them questions about their needs and
     concerns. This is also a great way to get contact that really
     connects with your readers. It also helps to establish the trust
     level with your reader.

     By writing autoresponder messages your customers will
     appreciate you can greatly increase your sales. These email
     messages should be easy to read, sound friendly and solve
     your client's problems. They should teach your potential
     customer why they need your product.

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      Setting up your Autoresponder

     For this example we are going to use Get Response, though
     the process will generally be similar for other services.
     Fist we have to setup an account, the process is very simple!
     To start, click “add contacts” and the select "create web form";

You then get the option to customize your opt in form;

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Try toying around with the options, it is very customizable and user-
friendly. You then select "next step" at the bottom of the page. This
new page contains options about your thank you page, what you do
here will vary depending on how developed your website is, if you are
unsure then just leave it as it is and select "next step" again.

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Select I will install my web form. Select the "Show Html
Code" tag above the text box. Then copy all of the code and
open up your html editor (Kompozer is a good option);

Open up the page and select the "source" tab and then find a space
between the <body> and </body> tag. Then you page the code from
the site between these tags. You can then select Preview;

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And there you have it, your opt in box is up and ready for you to use
on your website. All you need to do now is build up your email list and
use the tips I have given you to make a killer autoresponder series.

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Thank You

Alexis Kenne

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Description: An autoresponder is essentially the automatic series of emails that get sent out to people that subscribe to your mailing list. This is a massively important part of marketing online, an autoresponder allows you to create a trusting connection with your list.