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									              •BULLETIN•       of the San Bernardino County Bar Association
Vol. 37, No. 1                                          Our 134th Year                                         November 2008
                                                                        Scenes From the 2008 Installation Dinner
                      From the
                      President’s Desk
                      Michael A. Scafiddi

        wenty-nine years ago, my wife Darlene and I, each 22
        years old, decided to move to Southern California from
        Brooklyn, New York. We did so in order to help my elderly
grandparents who were getting up in age and who were working as
managers of a motel in Ontario. I had long wanted to be a police
officer and at that time, the City of New York was laying off police
officers, thus it was my belief that the only way I could become
a police officer was to do so in Southern California. I recall
arriving in October of 1979 to the Ontario area and immediately
fell in love with the Valley with its majestic mountains, bedroom        Presiding Judge Jim McGuire with Judge Larry Allen
communities, and close proximity to the beach and to Los Angeles,
the entertainment capital of the world. I immediately filled out
applications to become a police officer for several local agencies.
I was extremely fortunate in December of 1979 when I was hired
by the City of Ontario as a police officer. I will never forget the
excitement and sheer joy I felt when I was told that I was going to
be a member of the Ontario Police Department. I recall the starting
salary for a new police officer was $1,068.00 per month. I looked
forward to January 5, 1980, the day I was to start my training at the
San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Academy in Devore.
   It was during my academy training when I was first given the
opportunity to learn about the law. During my academy training,
along with the other recruits from the 61st class of the San
Bernardino County Sheriff’s Academy, I was exposed to training
in defensive tactics, firearms, use of force, laws on search and
seizure, and the Vehicle and Penal Code. It was during this early             Jim Heiting and Judge Peter Norell (Ret.)
exposure to the law that I realized how the law separated the civil
from the un-civil and protected society from those intent on doing
wrong. I was extremely proud to serve as a police officer for the
City of Ontario, often being described as an extremely proactive,
aggressive police officer.
   It was also during my early years at Ontario Police Department
that I was exposed to the criminal justice system. This was back
in a time before the consolidated court, back in the day when
preliminary hearings would not take a mere fifteen to thirty
minutes. It was a day when prosecutors and defense attorneys
litigated cases against each other in the morning, but also enjoyed
time together away from the courthouse. It was a time that many
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           Mark your Calendars for the
    Annual Joint Meeting of the San Bernardino                             Phil Kassel and Judge John Kennedy, Jr. (Ret.)
     and and Riverside County Bar Associations
      Thursday, December 11, 2008 12:00 noon
                                                                         Photos by J’Amy Pacheco, Editor of the San Bernardino
                RSVP to 909/885-1986
                                                                         Bulletin. More photos on pages 6 & 7.
2                                            San Bernardino County Bar Association                                                 November 2008

...President’s Desk            (from page 1)
                                                   recent memory. Included in attendance were           thirty days and information may be obtained
of us look back to with great fondness – as        twenty-four judges of the San Bernardino and         by logging on to our web site at or viewing
there was a opportunity to advocate a position     Riverside County Bench. Held at the Orange           the monthly Bulletin.
of the parties that you represented, but then      Show in conjunction with the Wine & Food
enjoyed the company of your opponent.              Under the Stars event, this year’s installation         On the most personal note, those who were
   Back then, I, like many police officers in      was a wonderful evening for all. Guests were         in attendance at the installation know that I
the early 80’s, understood that they were part     able to dine on world class hor d’oeuvres, and       have dedicated my next year of service to the
of the criminal justice system and understood      have a glass of fine wine in the promenade           San Bernardino County Bar to the memory of
the necessity of the defense bar. Quite            area of the Orange Show before proceeding to         Ken Nydam. For those who knew Ken, these
candidly, in those early years, I believed the     the Valencia Ballroom for the installation and       words will undoubtedly ring true in your ears.
role of prosecutor was a superior role and for     awards program. The program, while long,             For those who did not, Ken was a lawyer for
the greater good. However, as time went by,        was a wonderful event, as we remembered              over forty years in the Inland Empire who
having an opportunity to meet with and be          our rich past and looked forward to the              donated countless hours to those in need of
cross-examined by lawyers such as George           challenge of the future. We also honored the         pro bono services. Ken served with pride as
Porter, Joe Canty, Jim Hazen, Bill Gebbie,         memory of George Porter, an iconic legal             the President of the Legal Aid Society of
and Dave Negus. I learned the vital role that      figure in the Inland Empire.                         San Bernardino for over fifteen years and
defense counsel plays in the criminal justice         George passed earlier this year, and to           was the President of Inland County Legal
system. I wish I could say that back then I        commemorate him, the Board instituted the            Services. Each of those organizations are
appreciated defense attorneys’ efforts on          George Porter Award, an award to honor               dedicated to providing pro bono services to
behalf of their clients. The truth of the matter   attorneys practicing in the area of criminal         all those disenfranchised individuals who
is, as a young officer, I truly did not. As time   law who show the same wonderful character            do not normally have access to the justice
grew on, I certainly changed my opinion in         and skills that George exhibited throughout          system. There was never a person nor a cause
that regard and realized how important is          not only in his legal career, but his entire life.   that Ken would not champion. It is in Ken
the role of the defense attorney in our justice    At the installation, I was honored to watch          Nydam’s memory that I pledge to call each
system.                                            Robert Friedman receive the first George             member of the San Bernardino County Bar
   It was through my contact in those early        Porter Award. Bob, himself a 37+ year                Association over the next ninety days. During
days with members of the District Attorney’s       lawyer, has dedicated his career to defending        that conversation, I will ask each person what
Office such as Dave Goodrich, John Kochis,         juveniles charged with crimes. Bob has been          is important to them and what would they like
Mary Fuller, Michelle Daly, Dave Goldstein         instrumental in turning around the lives of          to see the Bar Association do for them. I will
and Bob Guzzino among others (as well as           hundreds of young people over the past many          also ask each member of our Bar Association
the aforementioned attorneys representing          years.                                               to donate some of their time for pro bono
criminal defendants), that I truly grew to            As I turn to the next year, like many             services. I will ask them to reach into their
appreciate the role of attorneys. It was also      of the lawyers who have served as the                pocket to donate some money to help allow
during that time that I truly learned to admire    San Bernardino County Bar President, I               equal access to the courts. I know that in
these intelligent men and women who each           embrace my term as president, and hope to            the tough economic times that we currently
had a wonderful desire and passion to do the       make an impact for our members, our legal            face, where money is short and time is even
right thing. It was clear, having been exposed     community, and our community as a whole.             shorter, it is hard to do the things that we
to such wonderful, gifted people on a daily        I have spoken with many past presidents and          would easily do when the economy is robust
basis, that I hoped to someday be a lawyer.        they have all told me a similar story – that         and we have extra time on our hands. But I
Little did I know that, thirteen years after       the year goes by way too fast, so you need to        would suggest to everyone that to give more
becoming a police officer, I would start law       pick and choose those issues you truly want          time for those less fortunate, to give money
school at California Southern Law School in        to address. They also told me to write the           when you have less, is truly an act that would
Riverside. Having honorably retired with the       President’s Message early so that it is done         honor Ken Nydam, yourself, and our entire
rank of Sargent due to a knee injury, I was        well before deadline. So, naturally, my first        legal community.
able to obtain my goal to attend law school        President’s Message is being prepared one               I would ask all the members of our
and ultimately become an attorney.                 day before the publication deadline.                 association to recall the day when you
   Over the past twenty-nine years, I have            While there are many issues that I would          received word that you had passed the Bar,
had an opportunity to speak with hundreds          like to address as the President of the San          and remember your thoughts, at that time,
of lawyers and practice law with some of the       Bernardino County Bar Association, I know            about what that meant to you personally, your
most gifted lawyers in our area. I have watched    that time will be fleeting and I will have an        family, and what you wanted to do with your
closely over the last twenty-nine years to see     opportunity to truly champion only a few             life. I trust many, if not all of you, during that
the efforts put forth by the men and women,        of them. In that regard, it is my hope and           time thought about the positive impact you
whose simple desire is to represent those who      desire, along with the entire Board, is to           could make on society, our community, and
have been accused of wrongs or have found          increase membership of the San Bernardino            our system of justice. It is in that light, with
themselves in a situation where they need          County Bar Association, as well as increase          that memory, that I look forward to speaking
help in negotiating our justice system. Not a      programs and benefits to our members. I was          to all of you to remind you of those days,
day goes by that I am not thankful that I am       pleased to announce at the installation dinner       those ideas, and that hope – and that together
an attorney.                                       that we have started a mentoring program             we can make our Bar Association and our
                                                   wherein experienced lawyers will volunteer           community proud.
  I was extremely honored and humbled on           time to mentor young lawyers in specific               Lastly, November 4th is election day and I
October 9, 2008 to be installed as the 2008-       areas of law. Brad White, a San Bernardino           want to remind everyone of the importance
2009 President of the San Bernardino County        County Bar Association Director at Large,            of voting. There are many issues facing our
Bar Association. The 2008-2009 Board of            has agreed to chair the mentoring committee.         County, State and Community and I urge all
Directors and I were very pleased that this        We have received commitments from several            of you to exercise your right and vote.
year’s Annual Installation Dinner drew             local lawyers to volunteer as mentors. The
246 guests, the largest installation dinner in     mentoring program will be in place within              Until next month, “work well and care.”
November 2008                      “The oldest continuously active bar association in California”                                     3












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4                                                                San Bernardino County Bar Association                                                        November 2008

                          SBCBA Attorney Profiles
                                                                          In addition to her service alongside work,                 Keough entered the law early, enrolling in
                                                                        Keough sets an example as something of                     a legal secretarial program at her high school
                                                                        a female Horatio Alger story as an up and                  and continuing the studies at Golden West
                          Barbara A.                                    coming attorney. Long in love with the                     College in Westminster. She moved to Long
                          Keough                                        law, she had worked many years as a legal
                                                                        secretary, before the encouraging words of
                                                                                                                                   Beach in the course of that work, and then
                                                                                                                                   relocated to the Inland Empire in 1983 in the
                                                                        her late mother led her to finally enrolling               interest of affordable housing, after the birth
                          by Ed Butler                                  in night law school in Riverside. There were               of her first child.
                                                                        many challenges along the way as she worked                  After a short legal secretarial stint at Best,
                                                                        toward her goal, including an unexpected                   Best & Krieger in Riverside, she moved her
B    arbara A. Keough believes strongly in the
     value of attorneys immersing themselves
in professional and community activities.
                                                                        pregnancy early in law school, a difficult
                                                                        divorce, and raising a developmentally
                                                                                                                                   employment within that city to Thompson
                                                                                                                                   & Colgate, returning to the more familiar
                                                                        disabled child.                                            area of insurance defense. The next office
   A newly installed board member of the                                  Now nearly 18 years into bar membership,                 was Roberts & Morgan, also in Riverside,
county bar association, she demonstrates that                           Keough has endured it all and envisions                    affording proximity in 1986 to her enrollment
by her current service as president of the San                          someday serving as judge, when the time is                 at night at Citrus Belt Law School (now
Bernardino affiliate of Habitat for Humanity,                           right.                                                     California Southern) in that city. During her
developer of self help affordable housing. Her                            Keough was born in Niagara Falls, N.Y.,                  next stint at McLaughlin, Burford & Arias she
full plate of activities also includes service as                       but was barely two when her family relocated               dovetailed work, a third pregnancy, raising
board member of the Legal Aid Society of                                to San Diego. Midway through her growing                   two existing children, and law school. She
San Bernardino, and as building committee                               up they moved to Orange County, where she                  says she took things one step at a time, and
member for Holy Name of Jesus Church in                                 completed high school. Her father worked                   by the time she sat for the bar in 1990, it was
Redlands, planning a consolidated Roman                                 as an electrical engineer at North American                “either make it or break it.”
Catholic cathedral.                                                     Rockwell. After the children were grown, her                 During most of law school she was
   Keough says involvement in community                                 mother went into the bridal gown business and              concurrently working at Rose, Klein &
activities is a constant learning process, such                         spent the rest of her life in that.                        Marias, where she credits now-Judge John
as adapting to a new area of practice. “The                               Keough was deeply involved in musical                    Pacheco with helping kindle her strong
whole idea is to give back (to the community).                          activities from an early age. She began                    interest in pro bono services for the Legal Aid
I’ve been given a lot,” she says.                                       directing choirs at age 20, and continues                  Society of San Bernardino.
   Keough currently is engaged in business                              that now as director of both children’s and                  Rose, Klein didn’t have any attorney
litigation as an associate at the San Bernardino                        adult choirs and an instrument ensemble at                 opening upon her admission to the bar in late
firm Fullerton, Lemann, Schaefer, &                                     her church. She also sings in the Community                1990. Her first associate attorney position at
Dominick, LLP.                                                          Chorus of Redlands.                                        Fidler & Bell (now Bell, Orrock & Watase)
                                                                                                                                   afforded her the special opportunity of deep
                                                                                                                                   immersion in the protracted Stringfellow
                                                                                                                                   Acid Pits toxic torts litigation. She served on
                                                          Medical Records                                                          two teams of attorneys who flew around the
                                                                                                                                   country, taking hundreds of depositions in the
                                                                                                                                   case. She says the experience working with
                                                            Weighing You Down?                                                     veteran litigators was very educational: “You
                                                                                                                                   learn a lot, you learn what’s good, you learn
                                                              Legal Nurse Betty gives your
                                                                                                                                   what’s bad.”
                                                                case the TLC it deserves,                                            When that tort war subsided, Fidler needed
                                                                                                                                   fewer attorneys and Keough embarked on 12
       Our team combines nursing expertise with legal knowledge to advise                                                          years as house counsel for Farmers Insurance,
       attorneys on matters involving Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury,                                                        first in Redlands and then San Bernardino. She
                                                                                                                                   credits Wayne Tucker, senior partner there
      Product Liability, Workers’ Compensation, and other Health Care cases.
                                                                                                                                   and former bar president, with encouraging
         Medical Record Relief   Only A Phone Call Away                                                                            community involvement by attorneys. She
                                                                                                                                   recalls that he said “to be a better attorney you
                   951-926-9590   951-551-4722                                                                                     need to be a better server of the public.” She
               Services include:                                                                                                   took this to heart, and has served on arbitration
                 ð Screening medical cases for merit.
                                                                                                                                   and mediation panels in both San Bernardino
                                                                                                                                   and Riverside counties, along with serving
                 ð Reviewing and analyzing medical records, hospital
                                                                                                                                   as judge pro tempore for both counties and
                    records, policies and procedures for relevance to your case.                                                   advisory board member for the Platt College
                 ð Identifying and locating expert witnesses.                                                                      paralegal program.
                 ð Developing reports, chronologies, and Life Care Plans.                                                            After Farmers Insurance, Keough shifted
                                                                                                                                   into business litigation at Borton, Petrini
                                                                                                                                   & Conron, now Borton Petrini, LLP. In
                                                                                                                                   the course of a couple of years there, she
                                                                                                                                   did delegated litigation work for Fullerton
                                                                                                                                   Lehman on behalf of the Catholic Diocese of
           LegalNurseBetty.com   LegalNurseBetty@roadrunner.com   Fax 951-926-4528                                                 San Bernardino, for which Fullerton is house
        Legal Nurse Betty, Inc. is a Certified Legal Nurse Consulting Firm owned and operated by Betty A. Lyons, RN, WCC®, CLNC®   counsel. This association led to recruitment
                                                                                                                                   of her for fulltime business litigation work at
November 2008                                           www.sbcba.org                                                       5

Fullerton in September 2007, where in addition to

                                                       Forensic Accounting - Expert Testimony
miscellaneous defense work for the diocese she
practices in other business litigation, real estate,
and estate litigation. “Here I am back in school,
learning areas of law I had not experienced since
law school,” Keough says.
  Now with nearly 20 complete civil jury trials
under her belt, Keough says she remains in
awe of the legal system itself, in which there is
                                                          FRIEDMAN & BROUNSTEIN, LLP
deference to the resort of court decision where
needed. “There is an answer, there is a way to                 CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS
work things out . . . people can address their
issues . . . I am honored to be a part of that . . .               Business Valuation – Income Analysis
to help people redress their wrongs and come to                    Family and Business Litigation Support
  She quotes the Bible as encouraging settlement                        Moore / Marsden Calculations
on the way to court, but appreciates having that
court authority to decide as needed.
                                                                 Court-Appointed Receivers / Special Masters
  Keough likes the decorum attorneys maintain
in front of the judge, but perceives a mixed
                                                        Locations: (Across from San Bernardino and Riverside Courthouses)
bag outside of court. “I would like to see that
(decorum) continue when we step outside the
                                                          444 North Arrowhead Ave, #105 – San Bernardino, CA 92401
courthouse doors . . . you see good ones and you                  Tel: (909) 889-8819      Fax: (909) 889-8788
see bad ones.”
  As a bar board member and member of Inn                         3890 11th Street, #214 – Riverside, CA 92501
of Court, Keough encourages greater civility.
She notes that lack of civility creates a poor                    Tel: (951) 683-5050       Fax: (951) 683-5577
reputation for interaction and sets a bad example
for new attorneys.                                            Conference Room, Email, and Fax Facilities Available
  Keough says she still loves pro bono work
and would like to see the State Bar do more to
encourage it, possibly through MCLE credit.
  Among Keough’s three children, one daughter
is in nursing school and her son is in training
to become a commercial airline pilot. Keough
remains on good terms with her ex-husband, a
longtime employee of Loma Linda University
Medical Center.
  Her other activities have included performing
in community plays and serving on the steering
committee for Red Mass in San Bernardino
  Ed Butler is branch manager of the Law
Library for San Bernardino County.

    Our appraisals have been reporting
  “Truth About Value Since 1979”
     Family Law & Estate Planning

      Toll-Free (888) 222-8999 Ext. 5
6                                         San Bernardino County Bar Association                                        November 2008

San Bernardino County Bar Association 2008-2009 Installation and Awards Dinner

Judge J. Michael Welch; High Desert Bar President Sandy Turner   Judge Tom Garza, Congressman Jerry Lewis, Arlene Lewis, Judge Donna Garza

                                                                                                           Don and Barbara Jordan

    Judge Wilfred J. Schneider and Commissioner Deborah Daniel
                                                                                                           (Photos by J’Amy Pacheco)
    Honoring Our Dedicated Board Members...

         Jim Hackleman receives President’s Award from                      Bill Shapiro receives his President’s Plaque from
                outgoing president Bill Shapiro                                     incoming President Mike Scafiddi
November 2008                             “The oldest continuously active bar association in California”                      7

  Installing A New Board...                                                                       (Photos by J’Amy Pacheco)

                                                 The Honorable
                                             Wilfred J. Schneider, Jr.
                                                  gives the oath

  and Presenting the George W. Porter Criminal Trial Attorney Award
                                         Judge A. Rex Victor (Ret.)
                                         presented Robert Friedman with the
                                         inaugural George W. Porter
                                         Criminal Trial Attorney Award.

                                                (Thanks to Marcie Gardner
                                                     for these photos)

                                                             Bob & Ruby Friedman

                                             Michelle Gilleece,
                                                Gloria Gebbie,
                                                Bob Friedman,
                                             & Monica Cazares

     Robert Friedman with Chief Deputy
       Public Defender Chris Gardner
8                        San Bernardino County Bar Association                       November 2008

     Western San Bernardino County and
    San Bernardino County Bar Associations
               cordially invite you to our annual

                    Toys forTots
                 Holiday Celebration!
    Please join us for refreshments, appetizers, great
             conversation & holiday cheer—
                            ~Sponsored by PFF Bank & Trust~

                      IVAMS’ Corporate Office
     8287 White Oak Avenue — Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
                                       (909) 466-9696

                Wednesday, December 10, 2008
                    Begins @ 5:30 p.m.

                   Cost: $25.00 & unwrapped gift*
    *Unwrapped gifts for children will be collected for donation by the US Marine Corp
     who will distribute them to children of needy families during this holiday season.

                              Please R.S.V.P.
                              (909) 483-0548
      The Children & their Families Thank You for your Gifts!
                     BERNARDINO            ASSOCIATION
               10630 Town Center Dr., Suite 119 Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730
                           Phone: (909) 483-0548 ~ Fax: (909) 483-0553
                                          83                  483-
November 2008                                                    www.sbcba.org                                                                  9

                                                                                                            Judge Jesse W. Curtis, Jr.
                              Remembering                                                                 December 26, 1905 - August 5, 2008
                              Judge Jesse W. Curtis, Jr.                                                   Jesse William Curtis, Jr. was Judge
                                                                                                         of the United States District Court for
                              Donald W. Jordan, Jr.                                                      the Central District of California. He
                                                                                                         served as Judge of the Superior Court

                              F    ew can re-            Over the years, Judge Curtis handled many       for San Bernardino County for some
                                   member       the    important cases, both as a district court judge   nine years until appointment to the
                               contributions Judge     and sitting by appointment on the Ninth           Federal Court in 1962.
                               Jesse W. Curtis, Jr.,   Circuit Court of Appeal (his name comes             Judge Curtis, descendant of a pioneer
                               who died August         up in 111 Ninth Circuit cases). One case I        San Bernardino County family, was
                                                                                                         born in San Bernardino December
                               5, 2008 at the age      remember is his Ninth Circuit panel’s 1980
                                                                                                         26, 1905, the son of Jesse William
                               of 102, made to         decision upholding California’s right to stop
                                                                                                         Curtis and Ida L. Curtis. He received
  San Bernardino. As a childhood friend of his         the U.S Navy from violating California’s air      his academic degree from Redlands
  oldest son, Jack, I was privileged to have been      pollution laws by their jet engine test stands.   University and his law degree from
  with Judge Curtis and his lovely and gracious        But there were many more.                         Harvard University in 1931.
  wife, Mildred, on many occasions, first in             To me, Mildred and Judge Curtis were ideal        Upon admission to The State Bar
  their home on 7th Street just east of E Street       parents, effectively shaping the conduct of       of California in 1931, Judge Curtis
  and then in their beautiful and unique home          children with gentle firmness and (if possible)   entered into civil practice at San
  just up the hill at the top Del Rosa Avenue.         humor. When I was in college and law school       Bernardino as an associate of Paul
    In 1939, Judge Curtis, then a partner              I sometimes stopped by his courtroom in           N. McCloskey, Sr. He eventually
  in the law firm of Gutherie, Curtis, et al,          San Bernardino just to chat. I did the same       formed the law firm of Guthrie and
  interviewed my father, Donald W. Jordan,             later when he was a federal judge in Los          Curtis with William Guthrie. When
  Sr., for a position as a young associate. After      Angeles. He always had time for catching up       his distinguished father, author of
  the interview, Judge Curtis recommended              on our respective families, sometimes even        “The Bench and Bar of the County of
  to senior partner Bill Guthrie that they hire        interrupting court proceedings when I walked      San Bernardino, State of California”
  him, which they did. Bill was the brother            into his courtroom. I always hoped one of my      retired as an Associate Justice of
  of Jim Guthrie, who then owned The Sun.              own federal cases would be assigned to him,       the California Supreme Court, the
  Judge Curtis had conducted the interview at          but it never happened. All my lawyer friends      father and son formed partnership
  the suggestion of my dad’s father-in-law, Dr.        loved to appear in his court, which was always    which evolved in 1950 into the firm
  P.M. “Pop” Savage, Sr., the father of his wife,      conducted with dignity and gentle firmness.       of Curtis, Knauf, Henry & Farrell.
  my mother, Meredyth Savage Jordan.                   Having a federal judge who was a gentleman        Judge Curtis then continued in very
    Judge Curtis left the firm to become a             is not all that common. In 1992, Judge Curtis     active civil practice until his selection
  judge of the San Bernardino Superior Court.          called to congratulate me on getting a hearing    by Governor Earl Warren as Superior
  My father ultimately became the thirty-year          on one of my cases that made it to the LA         Court Judge in 1953.
  managing partner of the firm which was for           Times. That’s the kind of man he was.               (Comments by John B. Lonergan from
  years known as Lonergan, Jordan & Gresham              Condolences to Suzanne, Jack, Clyde, and        the Centennial Year Pictorial Directory,
  and is now known as Gresham Savage Nolan             Chris and their many relatives. The world has     October 20, 1975.)
  & Tilden. (Dr. Savage’s grandson, my cousin,         lost a wonderful man!
  Philip M. Savage, III, took over my dad’s
  probate practice and provided the name
  “Savage” for the firm.) My father was always            SAVE THE DATE!
  grateful for the opportunity Judge Curtis had
  given him.                                              The SBCBA is pleased to
    Judge Curtis was also important to my
  career. In 1959, when I was considering                 announce the formation of a
  whether to at tend law school at Berkeley or            Women’s Lawyer Group for our
  at his law school, Harvard, I asked him what            county. The details about this
  he recommended. When I said I intended to               organization will be forthcoming,
  practice in California, he recommended I
  attend a California law school, which I did.            but for now, please mark your
    Until 1962, when Judge Curtis was                     calendars for January 8, 2009.
  appointed to the federal bench in Los Angeles,          The organization, open to
  my parents remained in close contact with
  the Curtis family. Judge Curtis and my dad              all, will hold its first meeting
  were both members and sometime presidents               on that evening. For further
  of the Downtown Lion’s Club, which met at               information, or to volunteer to
  the California Hotel on F and 5th Streets. In           assist with the launch of the
  the 1970’s. when my mother was on the SB
  Unified School District Board, she would                group, please contact Marcie
  sometimes consult with Judge Curtis, drawing            Gardner at 909-635-2028 or
  on his experiences as a board member.                   marcie@justdefense.com.
10                                        San Bernardino County Bar Association                                      November 2008

 San Bernardino County Law Library Takes Library of the Year Honors
 WASHINGTON-The U.S. Government the documents of our democracy,” said selective depositories or through shared
 Printing     Office       (GPO)    named Public Printer Robert C. Tapella. “For housing arrangements. In particular this
 California’s Law Library for San nearly 200 years, depository libraries award emphasizes the importance of
 Bernardino County as the 2008 Federal have safeguarded the public’s right publicly accessible county law libraries
 Depository Library of the Year. The to know and are one of the vital links to the FDLP.”
 library services the largest county, in between the public and its government.”
 land area, in the United States. The            “We are deeply honored and privileged About GPO:
 library has made great strides in offering to receive the award,” said Lawrence R.                The GPO is the Federal Government’s
 its residents resources to government Meyer, Director of the Law Library for primary centralized resource for
 information. To meet the needs of its San Bernardino County. “We appreciate gathering,                       cataloging,    producing,
 patrons, the library has extended its its significance to the depository providing, authenticating, and preserving
 hours of operation, developed a new community and the recognition the award published U.S. Government information
 and improved user-friendlywebsite and conveys specifically to the Law Library in all its forms. GPO is responsible
 offers the AskNow Law Librarian online for San Bernardino County as well as for the production and distribution
 reference service. The library staff the recognition it places upon all Law of information products and services
 alsoconducts extensive public outreach Libraries that participate in the FDLP as for all three Branches of the Federal
 by promoting law library                                                                                 Government. In addition to
 materials      and      services                                                                         publication sales, GPO makes
 to civic and community                                                                                   government        information
 organizations.                                                                                           available at no cost to the
   To continue to maintain an                                                                             public through GPO Access
 open relationship with the                                                                               (www.gpoaccess.gov),
 public, the library conducts                                                                             and through partnerships
 customer satisfaction surveys                                                                            with approximately 1,250
 and uses the results to improve                                                                          libraries          nationwide
 services where needed. Public                                                                            participating in the Federal
 Printer Robert C. Tapella                                                                                Depository Library Program.
 presented the award to library                                                                           For more information, please
 officials at the annual Fall                                                                             visit www.gpo.gov.
 Federal Depository Library
 Conference.                                                                                              Link to Library of the
    “The Law Library for                                                                                  Year presentation: http://
 San Bernardino County has         Pictured: Public Printer Bob Tapella, Larry Meyer, Keith Davis ,George www.gpo.gov/news/images/
 done an outstanding job of        Carter, and Acting Superintendent of Documents Ric Davis.              index.html
 providing the public access to
November 2008                   “The oldest continuously active bar association in California”                             11

                                                                                     SBCBA Kicks off
  WE GRATEFULLY ACKNOWLEDGE THE FOLLOWING SPONSORS                                New Mentoring Program
                                                                                   The San Bernardino County Bar
                                                                                 Association’s Board of Directors and our
                                                                                 Executive Director, Claire Furness, are
            Fullerton, Lemann, Schaefer & Dominick                               pleased to announce our new Mentoring
               Gresham, Savage, Nolan & Tilden                                   Program. The program is designed to
                                                                                 allow new lawyers an opportunity to learn
                            JAMS                                                 and utilize valuable practice tips related to
               Law Office of Michael A. Scafiddi                                 the practice of a specific area of law from
                                                                                 seasoned, experienced local lawyers.
              Law Offices of William D. Shapiro                                    Not sure on how to conduct a DMV
                                                                                 Hearing or a deposition, or file an OSC in a
                    The National Orange Show                                     family law matter? Volunteer lawyers will
                                                                                 provide guidance to assist you. Our staff
                                                                                 will have a list of volunteer attorneys and
                                                                                 their area of practice in which you can find
                     ELWOOD M. RICH                                              your mentor.
                                                                                   Brad White, veteran attorney and current
                                                                                 SBCBA Director at large is the Chairman
                JUDGE OF THE SUPERIOR COURT (RET.)                               of this new committee. Brad urges all of
                       JUDGE FOR 28 YEARS                                        our new members to use this new benefit,
                                                                                 and he also urges veteran members to
       MEDIATIONS - ARBITRATIONS - INDEPENDENT ADR                               volunteer as mentors.
                                                                                  The following lawyers have agreed to be
                        (951) 683-6762                                           on the mentoring program:

             CALIFORNIA SOUTHERN LAW SCHOOL                                      Bradley White         (Employment Law)
                                                                                 Eric R. Hunt (Social Sec. Disability Law)
         3775 ELIZABETH ST. - RIVERSIDE, CA 92506                                David Call            (Criminal Defense)
                                                                                 William D. Shapiro      (Personal Injury)
                                                                                 Nicole Anderson      (Dep. Law 00 WIC)
                                                                                 Michael Scafiddi (DUI/DMV Hearings)
                                                                                 Janet Stouder-Brandon      (Family Law)
                                                                                 Tom Dominick                    (Probate)

                                                                                  Help is now a phone call away. To learn
                                                                                 more about this new program, or add your
                                                                                 name to the list, please contact our Bar
                                                                                 Association Staff at (909) 885-1986.
12                                            San Bernardino County Bar Association                                             November 2008

 SBCBA Bench Bar                                    where progress is discussed. The funding           Justice Ronald George has set a target date
                                                    for this courthouse is from the State Court        of 2010 wherein all superior courts within
 Committee Meeting                                  Facilities Trust Fund. Also, the current           California shall be using the new case
                                                    addition of the modular for the Joshua Tree        management system. When completed,
 By John Zitny, Chair                               Courthouse is also on schedule. The $1.5           attorneys will have the ability to use their
                                                    million for this project is being paid primarily   computer to view all dockets and complete
  On Monday, October 6, 2008 the SBCBA              by the Superior Court of the County of San         filings at any courthouse 24 hours a day.
 Bench Bar Committee met to discuss issues          Bernardino and the Administrative Office of           The new system will be progressively
 that affect the local attorneys and judges.        the Courts. These funds have already been          instituted in San Bernardino by areas of the
                                                    allocated and are available.                       law. Traffic and criminal use of the CCMS
 Court Funding                                        Also noted was the fact that our drug courts     should be up and running by February 2009.
   Unfortunately, $7 million of state funding to    will lose $227, 000 in funding. The question
 the courts is being cut from the new budget.       for our court administrators is how to absorb      STORM
 However, Governor Schwarzenegger did               the costs without a reduction in services.            Jim Hackleman, assistant with the San
 sign Senate Bill 1407 (Trial Court Facilities                                                         Bernardino County District Attorney’s
 Bond) which authorizes the issuance of lease       Interpreters                                       office, gave an update on the collaborative
 revenue bonds to finance the infrastructure          The pilot project bill that would pay     for    information sharing program known as
 of courthouses. The passage results in an          interpreters in civil case was vetoed        by    STORM. This program would allow the
 increase in penalty assessment on criminal         the governor’s office. The courts will      not    exchange of non-confidential information
 case fines, proof of correction traffic tickets    provide an interpreter for civil matters;   the    amongst several agencies in the Law and
 and certain civil filings. The Joshua Tree         parties must provide their own.                    Justice group. Information that may be
 Courthouse should benefit from the new                                                                shared would be discovery and inmate
 bond program; however, there are other             California Case Management System                  information. These agencies include the
 projects that the state considers a priority, so      The California Case Management System           District Attorney’s office, the Public
 any improvement from SB 1407 funding may           is about to be launched in San Bernardino          Defender’s office, the Probation department
 take some time. The Joshua Tree Courthouse         County. The system will assist with electronic     and the Sheriff’s department. Requests for
 is the only San Bernardino facility which          filings through the Internet.                      proposals are currently being sought.
 may benefit from SB 1407 funds.                       The new case management system is
   The other courthouse projects are still on       designed to unite all superior courts              John Zitny is the Chief Deputy of Central
 track. Regarding the new San Bernardino               state-wide under the same computer              Division of the San Bernardino County
 Courthouse, there are bi-weekly meetings           system. California Supreme Court Chief             Public Defender’s Office.

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       ������� � ����� ���� ������                      ������� ���������������������������
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       ������� �������������������                      ������� ���������������������������                ����������������������������
       ���� ����                                        ���� ���                                           ��������������������������
       � ����������������                               � ����������������

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                                                        ������� ���������������������������
                                                        ���� ����
                                                        � ����������������
November 2008                                                            www.sbcba.org                                                                                           13

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      ������������������������������������������             ����� ��� ���������� ��� ��� ���� �������� ����        ���������������������������������������������
      ��� ���� ��������� ��������� ������������ ��� ��       ��� ���� ������������ �������� ������������            ��� ����� ��� ��� ������ ��� ��������� ����� ����
      �������������������������������������������            �������� ������� �������� ����� �������������          ��������������������������������������������
      �����������������������������������������������        ������������ � ������������ ������� ������ �����
                                                                                                                    ����� ��� ���� ����� �� ��������� ����� ���������
      ���� ����� ������ ���� �������� ���� ���������         ��������������������������������������������           ����������������������������
      ������������������                                     ����� ���� ���������������� ������ ��� ����� ���
                                                             ���� ��������� ���� �������� ���� ����� ���������
                                                             ���� ������� �������� ����� ������ ��� �������


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       �            �
           ��������� ��������������������         �      ���������                                    ���������������������
                    �                                                                                    ������������������
       �   ��������� �������������������

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   hahnbowersock_trio.indd 4                                                                                                                        10/15/2007 10:36:16 AM
14                                         San Bernardino County Bar Association                                              November 2008







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November 2008                                                 “The oldest continuously active bar association in California”                                                                          15
                                                                              CLASSIFIED ADS

SERVICES                                                            INVESTIGATIONS: National Intelligence Group Inc. We
                                                                    offer backgrounds, witness locates & statements, custody,
                                                                                                                                          exp. needed. Strong leadership, interpersonal, organizational
                                                                                                                                          and client services skills necessary. Salary and benefits
Larsen AVR Group, Inc. Full Service Private Investigations          domestic. Visit our web site: www.mypinow.com or call:                comm. w/exp. Fax resume to 909-581-6761.
Firm. Offices in L.A. & Claremont. www.larsenavrgroup.com           (909)447-8458.
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(213)533-8440 or (818)326-2202.                                     PARALEGAL SERVICES: Small Claims, Divorce, Civil                      attorneys in Riverside and Los Angeles counties. Please fax
MORTGAGE CONSULTANT to attys, not acting as agent.                  cases, Restraining orders and eviction. 909/510-2374.                 resume to 951/367-3277 or call 951/544-7287.
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commitments for possible modifications. Also do review with         knowledge of TimeSlips. For immediate assistance, call                estate planning firm or solo practitioner. Candidate has JD
TILA lawsuits in mind. CPA. background. Financial review,           (951)734-6524 or e-mail Slopez7267@aol.com.                           and experience handling conservatorship, guardianship
proforma financial statements to get realistic client picture.                                                                            and decedents estates matters. Please contact me at
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rates. Contact Thomas at thomasbroker@roadrunner.com                process services at comp. prices. If you have a need, I will
                                                                    get it done. Mike Magdziasz (Mag-Josh) 909/862-6992.                  WANTED: ATTORNEY with minimum 3 years civil litigation
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Our team takes boxes (or boxcars) full of Medical Records,          COURT SERVICES: Process serving, court document                       salary, excellent opportunity for advancement. Fax resume
turning them into effective, unbiased, attorney-friendly work       retrieval, emergency filings. Reasonable rates. Call BERT             to 909/494-7600.
products. Legal Nurse Betty, Inc., a Certified Legal Nurse          KNAPP at 909/538-1163.
Consulting Firm, is dedicated to quality work and long-term                                                                               SEEKING POSITION - Pre-lit secretary seeking fulltime
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business relationships in the San Bernardino County area.           available on a contract basis. For immediate assistance, call
Call 951-551-4722 or LegalNurseBetty@roadrunner.com                                                                                       (Spanish/English) some discovery.909/297-6318.
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WORKER’S COMP DENIED? We can write your “medical                                                                                          SEEKING LEGAL SECRETARIAL POSITION - 15 years
                                                                    APPEARANCE SERVICES Contract attorney available for                   experience in Civil and Injury Law Computer Savvy,
necessity” letter and obtain peer review within 48 hours. Over      appearances, mediations, depositions, and project work.
4000 cases reviewed. Ted Wyman, MD 909-725-6866.                                                                                          Professional, Dependable, Organized. E-mail me, in
                                                                    Reasonable rates. Casey 909/920-9634.                                 confidence, your name, location, and type of practice
JUDGMENT COLLECTION California courts have inherent                 INVESTIGATIONS: backgrounds, assets, witness relocation               Gr8day11@aol.com.
and statutory power to compel obedience to their judgments,         & statements (multi-lingual), surveillance. Stein Investigation
orders & process. CCP 128(a)(4), 177; Professional judgment                                                                               PARALEGAL/SECRETARY. Immediate opening                  in PI
                                                                    Agency-Mitch Hermann. Exp’d professionals, prompt, cost               solo practice. 3-5 years litigation exp necessary. Bilingual,
enforcement since 1999. Steve Alldis, JD 760-946-5259.              conscious, result oriented. E-mail mherman@steininvestigat            self-motivated, good public relations required. Salary and
MORTGAGE FINANCE EXPERT: Teresa Tims, Senior                        ions.com or call 323/275-2170.                                        benefits commensurate with exp. Send resume to PO Box
Mortgage Consultant w/ South Pacific Financial, a Mortgage          CIVIL AND CRIMINAL APPEALS & WRITS. Stanley W.                        344, Colton, CA 92324.
Banker in the Inland Empire for 25 years, Is available to           Hodge, Attorney at Law. 15490 Civic Dr. #204 Victorville, CA
consult with your clients when a home loan professional Is          92392 760/951-8773.                                                   OFFICE SPACE
needed. Teresa specializes in residential mortgages of all
types; FHA,VA,Conv., CalPERS, CalStrs, CalHFA, HART.                NOW AVAILABLE: Court filings and process serving. Pick                RANCHO CUCAMONGA OFFICE SPACE available.
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Phone: (213)533-8440 - (818)326-2202.                               EMPLOYMENT
EXP’D LITIGATION/PROBATE ATTY avail. for contract                                                                                         DOWNTOWN          RIVERSIDE.         New     Construction.
work (depositions, trial prep, pleadings etc.) Also avail. for      ATTN: ASSOCIATE ATTY or LAW SCHOOL GRADUATE                           Contemporary Live/Work units on Market Street, blocks
in person court appear. in Riverside County (Indio) and San         AWAITING BAR RESULTS: L.A.-based law firm seeking                     away from the Inland Justice Center. Professional office
Bdno County (Redlands) or other court-call appearances at           Associate for employment in Ontario branch office.
                                                                    Congenial practice reprseting SSD Applicants. Training will           suites 185-615 square feet with attached 2BD/2BA beautiful
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DATA RECOVERY, COMPUTER FORENSICS, & Incident                       for law and motion, court appearances, discovery and                  walking distance of county courthouse. $2800 mo. inc. elec.,
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                                                                    ASSOCIATE ATTORNEY. Small, congenial law firm with                    Offices 537 sf, 1058, or 1595 sf. Well maintained, clean &
FAMILY LAW /CIVIL LIT. ATTORNEY avail. for contract                 emphasis on public agency representation, water law, and              quiet, on main blvd. 1/2 way between Riv. & San Bdno, off
work: court hearings, research, trial assist., prep of motions,     civil litigation seeks attorney with 1-7 years experience.            215 freeway. Rent $1.40 sf , dep. subj.to unit size. 22545
mediations. Ugo-Harris Ejike: 909/890-9440.                         Competitive salary and benefits. Some litigation background           Barton Rd. at Mt. Vernon. Barry at (951) 689-9644.
FORENSIC DNA TESTING - Human Identification                         desirable. Send resume, with writing sample, to: McMurtrey/           FURNISHED PROF OFFICES for rent. Move in now! Beaut.
Technologies, Inc., 2-4 wk turnaround time w/single scientist       Hartsock/Worth, Attn.: Lupe Gonzalez, 2001 22nd Street                furnished, spacious & private. Minutes from San Bdno
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Redlands, CA. HITDNA.com or info@hitdna.com                         seeks exp’d litigation assistant for Personal Injury, Real            ATTORNEYS WANTED! Downtown San Bdno., across from
LAW OFFICE OF CHRISTIAN ANYIAM: full service law                    Estate & Employment law. Must be good w/calendaring &                 the court house. Office space avail. 250 to 7500 sq.ft. Well
practice handling civil, family, real estate, labor/emp., PI,       prioritizing work load. Must have exp. in drafting discovery &        main. bldg w/County, Law offices and Court offices. Ample
immigration, and contract law. We also make special court           pleadings and have strong research skills. Spanish speaking,          parking. 800/398-4210.
appearances. Call 909/890-9440.                                     family law exp. a plus. Please provide resume, references
                                                                    and salary requirements to recruiting@tnplaw.com.                     COLTON PROF’L OFFICE BLDG. Exec. Suites avail. for
DO YOUR CLIENTS need to sell their home? I Sell Homes                                                                                     lease on a full services gross basis. Lease inc. min. recept.
any condition - any area - any price range. $1000 attorney          ATTORNEY RIVERSIDE: Well-established, AV-rated, 15+                   duties. Great space for atty., accountant, ins., escrow,
rebate 1-866-304-8838 ext 5111 (free recorded info) - www.i         Attorney firm seeks associate with 2+ yrs transactional               or prof’l user. 595 N. La Cadena Dr., Colton, CA. Roger
nlandempirerealestate.biz                                           experience.   Strong    academic     and   writing skills.            Thompson, Wallender Com’l Real Est. 909/792-3550 x2.
                                                                    Competitive salary offered. Email resume to Phil Jump at
ATTORNEY AVAIL. for contract work, court appear.,                   paj@varnerbrandt.com or fax to (951) 274-7794.
research, trial assist., discovery, and prep of motions,                                                                                  NOTICES
pleadings, briefs. Robert Kasprzak 909/747-2396.                    ASSOCIATE ATTORNEY Immed full-time position available
                                                                    for associate attorney with minimum of 3 years experience             CONFIDENTIAL HELP Judges & Attys in trouble w/alcohol,
LEGAL SECRETARY, Ellie’s Legal Secretarial Service, 350             in probate, est. planning, water law, and litigations. AV rated       drugs. 909/683-4030, 24hrs-7 days wk.
W 5th St., #202, S.B. CA, 35 years exp. Prep of most court          firm. Competitive salary, good benefits. Send resume to:P.O.
forms, Guardianships, Fam Law, Evictions, Grant Deeds,              Box 6425 ,San Bernardino, CA 92412. Fax:(909)388-1889.                SBCBA Members: Advertise FREE for 3 mo. in Classifieds.
Restraining Orders, Notary Public. 909/885-1725.                                                                                          Continue ad for $10 per month, payable in advance. 909/
                                                                    FIRM ADMINISTRATOR: family law firm in Ontario seeks                  885-1986 or email bulletin@sbcba.org.
PATENTS, TRADEMARKS, AND COPYRIGHTS: J. Curtis                      administrator to manage growing business operations of 5-
Edmondson P.E., Attorney at Law, 909/632-1732, 909/398-             attorney practice. Solid exp. in finance, inc. budget planning        NOTARY SERVICES. The SBCBA now offers notary
4108 (fax), jcedmondson@edmolaw.com.                                & control, vendor relationships & outsourcing, human                  services at a substantial discount to our members. Please
                                                                    resources; information systems and facilities management              call for details, (909)884-0273, and ask for Tina.
16                                                    San Bernardino County Bar Association                                 November 2008

                                                                 Workers’ Compensation/Social Security Disability Issue?
           BULLETIN                                                              Maybe I can help!!
                           of the
                                                                                        I have over 30 years experience in representing
           San Bernardino County                                                        injured and disabled workers before the Workers’
              Bar Association                                                           Compensation Appeals Board and Social Security
         “California’s Oldest Continuously Active                                       Administration. If you have clients who need help
                      Bar Association”                                                  with Workers’ Compensation or Social Security
                                                                                        problems, please have them call my office for a free
            Organized December 11, 1875
                     In Affiliation with the                                            consultation. I pay referral fees in accordance with
                  High Desert Bar Association                                           State Bar Rule 2-200(A).

             2008-2009 Board of Directors
                                                                                              Laurence R. Lerner
                   Michael A. Scafiddi
                          President                                                    WORKERS’ COMPENSATION LAW
                  Thomas W. Dominick                                            CERTIFIED SPECIALIST and ARBITRATOR
                       President-Elect                                   STATE BAR OF CALIFORNIA / BOARD OF LEGAL SPECIALIZATION
                   James B. Hackleman
                       Vice-President                               LERNER, MOORE, SILVA, CUNNINGHAM & RUBEL
                    John S. Lowenthal
                                                                     Ph: 909/ 889-1131 • Fax: 909/884-5326
                                                                            141 North Arrowhead Avenue, Suite 1
                   William D. Shapiro
                  Immediate Past President
                                                                           San Bernardino, California 92408-1024

                  Khymberli S. Apaloo
                 G. Christopher Gardner
                  Jennifer M. Guenther
                   Barbara A. Keough
                  Matthew A. Marnell
                      Sandy Turner
                    Bradley R. White
                      John R. Zitny

                     Executive Director
                     Claire E. Furness

     “The mission of the San Bernardino County Bar
         Association is to serve its members and
              the community and improve
                  the system of justice.”

             555 North Arrowhead Avenue
            San Bernardino, CA 92401-1201

         (909) 885-1986 Fax: (909) 889-0400
              E-mail: bulletin@sbcba.org
                 Web: www.sbcba.org

 T   he Bulletin of the San Bernardino County Bar
     Association is published 11 times a year. Our circulation
 is approximately 1,100, including: our bar membership
 of 900, 95 state and federal judges, state &local bar
 leaders, legislators, media, and businesses interested in the
 advancement of our mission.
 Articles, advertisements and notices should be received
 by the bar office no later than the fifteenth of the month
 prior to the month of publication. For current advertising
 rates, please call the number listed above. Please direct all
 correspondence to the above address.

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