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              Christian Church and Christian Events
Christians are everywhere. These section of the society are the most orthodox and
developed community. They are the followers of “Jesus Christ”. These religious
community people meet every Sunday morning and held prayers in churches.
Christian Church is thus called a gathering of the entire Christians world wide. There
are many Christian countries in the world where every year there is a mass
gathering of all Christians in respective Christian Church to celebrate Christmas. The
head of Christian church is called “Pope”. The Pope is the holy messenger of
Christianity and his ideas and philosophy are being preached in various Christian
Christianity started from by “Jesus Christ”. He preached humanity, equality, unity
and of course holiness. The early Christian Church was originated way back to the
first century A.D. The followers of Christianity were being regarded as the real son of
God or being called a messiah. The Christian Church originated from a European
country and flourished all through out the world. There are many Christian Churches
and Christian missionaries who work for the betterment of the poor and the needy
people world wide. There are any poor countries and some are developing countries
in the world. People are being taught and educated well in this Christian Churches
about their dedication and sacrifice towards Christianity.

There are many conservative Christian Events held like “Justice Sunday”. This is an
event which focuses in organizing various religious seminars. There are three
“Justice Sunday” seminars being held till date. These are on April 24 th 2005; August
14th 2005 and January 8th 2006. Another Christian Events is called “The Harvest
Event”. This Christian Event is being held in various European countries at the
summons from local Christian Churches or from local Christian leaders. (Source
Apart from these Christian Events there other events like Christian marriages, mass
gathering during “Good Friday” and many more. Today Christian Churches and many
Christian Events are held everywhere and also prayers are being organized by
Christian leaders in churches, which in turn mark a new beginning of Christian’s era
in this modern world.
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