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                                   Nicholas Biddle
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                                           “Let the pen
                                           and ink be
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                                           he were a mad
                 Married to Jane Craig
                 Hannah Shepard
                 Charles Biddle
                                           poet of
                 January 8, 1786
                 Went to University of
                 Pennsylvania for three
                 Graduated from College
                 of New Jersey at
                 Princeton in 1801
                 President of the Second
                 Bank of the U.S. (1823-
                Historical Facebook Page for
                      Nicholas Biddle
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          Nicholas Biddle likes the Portfolio.
          Nicholas Biddle is now friends with James Monroe.
          James Monroe: It’s been a while since London, let’s get
Notes                together soon.
Friends   Nicholas Biddle wrote on Joseph Dennie’s wall.
          Nicholas Biddle: Going to the bank. I love you Jane
          Joseph Dennie: Hey Nicholas, when you get the chance, I need
                     some more articles for the magazine. Let me know if
                     you can do that for me. Thanks!
          Nicholas Biddle
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          Nicholas Biddle: Trying to re-charter the bank today. Wish
          me luck!
                     Andrew Jackson: There is no way that you are re-
                     chartering this bank. I will put an end to this.
                     Nicholas Biddle: I will never let that happen. The
                     bank does too many good things.
              Historical Facebook Page for
                    Nicholas Biddle
                                      About Me:
Photos    My name is Nicholas Biddle. I grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My parents
                took a very strong interest in me attending school at an early age. They
Notes          enrolled me in the University of Pennsylvania when I was ten years old. I
             studied law, but was too young for the practice and was unable to graduate
Friends     at the age of thirteen. From there, I transferred to the College of New Jersey
                at Princeton where I graduated as valedictorian of my class at the age of
             fifteen. In 1804, General John Armstrong chose me to be his first secretary
             and travel to France with him. After one year of services for him, the future
               President, James Monroe, asked me to be his secretary. I worked for him
            until 1807 in London and we have been very close friends ever since. When I
            returned to Philadelphia, I began to take part in the editing of the “Portfolio”,
            which was a literary magazine in my town, from 1812 to 1814. It was during
                this time when I helped William Clark and Meriwether Lewis write two
              volumes about their amazing expedition. In 1814, I entered the Senate and
             began measures for protection of Philadelphia and helped with getting loans
             for my dear friend James, who at the time was Secretary of War. It was then
               when I went to the Hartford Convention in January and proposed seven
                 amendments to the Constitution. Later on in my life, I ran into a slight
              problem with the bank. President Andrew Jackson wanted to get rid of my
              bank because he declared it was “unconstitutional.” Can you believe that? I
               am just trying to help out our national government and make it easier to
              deal with the money. I agreed very strongly with Alexander Hamilton’s idea
            to start a Bank of the United States. It allows for people like me to keep the
             money in one safe location. I think that any “reasonable person has to agree
            with me on the value of the bank to the nation’s economy.” (4) My goal from
                here-on out was to re-charter and save the bank. I was not about to let
            Andrew Jackson stop me! Throughout my life, I have played a “prominent role
            in creating a stable currency for our country by using my power of the bank
                             to expand and contract the money supply.” (4)
                Historical Facebook Page for
                      Nicholas Biddle

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                                     Picture of the bank where I work

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          Historical Facebook Page for
                Nicholas Biddle
             I owe William Clark for
             allowing me to produce the
Info         narrative of his and Lewis’
             expedition through the
Photos       Midwest and the Pacific.

              Thanks to this man, Joseph
Friends       Dennie, I was admitted into the
              “Tuesday Club” and was allowed
              to make contributions to the
              “Portfolio.” I was his favorite

              This is General John Armstrong.
              He took me to France in 1804
              to be his secretary. Because of
              him, I obtained good insight into
              the financial problems that
              troubled the entire world.

               James Monroe chose me in
               1805 to be his secretary in
               London until 1807. He
               accepted me into his
               diplomatic family and have
               been friends ever since.

               This is my great opponent,
               Andrew Jackson. He wanted to
               put an end to my bank because
               he had a strong distrust for all
               banking systems. He began an
               attack that would be known as
               the “Bank Wars” in 1829.
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