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   DB                  EXchange
   A Newsletter for Alumni of The University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston
                                                                                                                                       Fall 2008
                                                                                                                                       Volume 5
                                                                                                                                       Number 3

Meet Dr. Larry Kaiser:
                     UT Health Science
                                                     Funding Boost:
                     Center’s New
                                                     UTHSC-H Commits to $155M for New Dental School
                                                     By Rhonda Moran, UTDB Communication Specialist
                     President Loves
                                                       Pending approval by The University of Texas System Board of Regents, funding for the UT
                       a Challenge                   Dental Branch’s new building will be increased to $155 million in what is believed to be the
                                                     largest single-project capital outlay ever for the UT Health Science Center at Houston.
                                                        “After discussions with Dean Flaitz, faculty and students, as well as my own first-hand
  The new president of The University of             impressions of the current building, I wholeheartedly endorse moving ahead with the new
Texas Health Science Center at Houston is            building to house the Dental Branch, and I will devote my full effort to secure the additional
Larry R. Kaiser, M.D., a thoracic surgeon            funding,” said UTHSC-H President Larry R. Kaiser, M.D.
who became the fifth president of the health
                                                       Catherine Flaitz, D.D.S, dean of the UT Dental Branch, said the increased funding
science center on Aug. 1 following the resig-
                                                     “shows the health science center’s strong commitment to having the best dental
nation of James T. Willerson, M.D., now
president of the Texas Heart Institute at St.        school possible. We are most grateful to Dr. Kaiser for actively listening to
Luke’s Episcopal Hospital.                           our vision, visiting the present facility and responding in such a support-
  Kaiser came to the UTHSC-H after 17                ive way by allocating these new funds to the building project. ”
years at the University of Pennsylvania                When the Board of Regents and the Texas Legislature give
Health System, where he was the surgeon-in-          final approval for the proposed increase, support for the new
chief, the John Rhea Barton Professor and            building will include $71 million in tuition revenue bonds,
chairman of the Department of Surgery,               $63 million in Permanent University Funds, and $21
overseeing 10 divisions and 162 faculty              million in local funding. The increased commitment
members.                                             will allow the project to proceed in one continuous
  He is a physician, father, husband, leader,        phase that will be less disruptive of day-to-day opera-
winemaker, country music
                                    Full Bio         tions of the school, Flaitz said.
fan and barbecue aficionado          Page 3            UTDB’s Executive Associate Dean John A.

who began work as a hospital
orderly while still in his teens. Ambitious          Valenza, D.D.S., said the increased funding is a
and disciplined, Kaiser was drawn to the top         tremendous boost for the project, but to realize the
                                                     full vision for the new school, the Dental Branch                               to Health
job at the health science center by the oppor-
tunity to use his leadership skills on a larger      will need help from philanthropy. “Alumni, founda-
scale.                                               tions and other fundraising sources will have a huge
  “It’s not often that you find a position that      impact in helping us ‘finish’ our building,” he said.
has both the responsibility and the authori-           To help complete the building as proposed, the
ty,” he said. “I think the challenge is what at-     Dental Branch has established an estimated philan-
tracted me.”                                         thropic goal of $20 million, with approval from the
  He’s had to hit the ground running since           health science center. John Greer, development director
assuming leadership of the UTHSC-H.
                                                     at the Dental Branch, said the school already has raised
Aside from the immediate challenge of Hur-
                                                     $5.25 million for the building through the Open to
ricane Ike, the new president had to rapidly
absorb detailed knowledge about the health           Health fundraising initiative, which also seeks financial
science center in preparation for the Texas          support for new scholarships, professorial endowments,
                                                     community outreach efforts and dental research.
                            continued on page 3                                          continued on page 8

                                                                                          In this issue:
                                                                                           • Texas Dentist of the Year
                                                                                           • Hurricane Ike Disrupted Lives
                                                                                           • First Komen Grant to Dentist, Ever
        UTDB Alumnus Richard Smith Is
        2008 Texas Dentist of the Year
                               Richard M. Smith, D.D.S., of Amarillo has been
                             named 2008 Texas Dentist of the Year by the Texas
                             Academy of General Dentistry. He is a 1972 graduate
                             of The University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston.
                               The award has been presented annually since 1965
                             and is considered one of the most prestigious honors
                             a Texas dentist can earn. Smith was one of only 19
                             dentists nominated for this year’s award and was hon-            2008 Texas Dentist of the Year Richard M. Smith, D.D.S.
                                                                                              (center) with wife Jimmie Ruth and 2007 winner Richard
                             ored, alongside his colleagues, in a special ceremony
                                                                                              R. “Ron” Collins, D.D.S.
                             at a Sept. 5 gala during the Texas Academy of General
                             Dentistry’s annual Lone Star Dental Conference in              past president of the Texas Dental Association and the
                             Austin. Each nominee was recognized and received               Panhandle Dental Society. Smith also had a gubernato-
                             an engraved plaque. The gala concluded with the an-            rial appointment and currently serves on the Statewide
                             nouncement of the 2008 Texas Dentist of the Year, and          Healthcare Coordinating Council.
                             Smith was presented with the trophy.                             He has earned numerous honors and awards, in-
                               To earn a nomination by a local dental society or            cluding TDA’s Gold Medal of Distinguished Service,
                             AGD component, a dentist must show dedication to               President’s Award and Service Recognition Award. He
                             the profession, service to the community, commitment           has also received the UT Dental Branch’s Outstanding
                             to the principles of continuing education, and other           Alumnus Award and was the commencement speaker
                             activities that indicate character and excellence. Smith       for the graduating class of 2000. He currently serves
                             was nominated by the Panhandle Dental Society. He              as a regional team leader for UTDB’s Open to Health
                             was previously nominated in 1987, 1992, 2000 and               fundraising initiative.
                             2002.                                                            He has also served as chairman of the Texas Smiles
                               Smith is a practicing general dentist in Amarillo.           Foundation, Texas Mission of Mercy and on the board
                             He is active in several dental organizations and holds         of directors for the Texas Dentists for Healthy Smiles
                             offices with the American Dental Association. He is a          Foundation. UT DB

                             Poindexter Wins 2008 Pinnacle Award
                               Zeb F. Poindexter III, D.D.S. of Poindexter Dental           Cullen Road and remains a community landmark
                             in Houston is the winner of the 2008 Pinnacle Award            in the historic Chocolate Bayou neighborhood. Zeb
                             in the health care category from the Houston Citizen’s         Poindexter Jr. and Zeb Poindexter III were the first Af-
                             Chamber of Commerce. The awards were presented                 rican-American father-and-son team to graduate from
                             during the 14th Annual African-American Business               The University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston,
                             Achievement Pinnacle Awards black-tie gala Oct. 17 at          graduating in 1956 and 1984, respectively. Although
                             the George R. Brown Convention Center.                         his father is retired, Zeb Poindexter III continued the
                               The Pinnacle Awards spotlight and honor successful           practice.
                             African-American businesses that combine vision, de-             The Pinnacle Award finalists were selected by a com-
                             termination, commitment, perseverance and dedication           mittee of corporate, community and small business
                             to build strong communities. Poindexter was one of 15          leaders and judged on fulfillment of mission statement
                             nominees in the health care category. Other industry           and company objectives, company growth and mar-
                             categories included communications, hospitality, con-          keting plans, proven effectiveness in meeting business
Zeb Poindexter III, D.D.S.   struction/real estate and professional services.               challenges, and community involvement.
                               “Poindexter Dental was founded by my father with a             Founded in 1935, the Houston Citizens Chamber
                             commitment to serve the community and bring quality            of Commerce has a mission to help secure business
                             dental service to the entire family,” Poindexter said. “It’s   opportunities for African-American business owners,
                             an honor to continue my father’s legacy, and it’s another      entrepreneurs and professionals and provide them with
                             honor to be recognized for our achievement by a distin-        programs and forums to educate, equip and empower
                             guished panel of judges.”                                      the growth and prosperity of their businesses. For more
                               Poindexter Dental was established in 1956 at 7703            information, visit www.hccoc.org. UTDB

September’s Hurricane Ike                                                                                       Bio:
                                                                                                                Larry R. Kaiser, M.D.
Disrupted Lives
                                                                                                                Larry R. Kaiser, M.D., came to the UT
  After Hurricane Ike hit the Texas coast                                                                       Health Science Center at Houston from the
Sept. 13, UT Dental Branch students volun-                                                                      University of Pennsylvania Health System,
teered to help register evacuees for FEMA as-                                                                   where he was the surgeon-in-chief, the
                                                                                                                John Rhea Barton Professor and chairman
sistance at the George R. Brown Convention                                                                      of the Department of Surgery. The depart-
Center and also helped deliver hot meals to                                                                     ment has 10 divisions and 162 faculty
homebound senior citizens. Students, faculty                                                                    members.
and staff had to adjust to a revised fall semes-                                                                Kaiser is a Fellow of the American College
ter schedule to make up for the lost time.                                                                      of Surgeons and member of every major
  A strong Category 2 storm, Ike made                                                                           surgical society, including the American
                                                                                                                Surgical Association, the American As-
landfall just north of Galveston, but the ef-                                                                   sociation for Thoracic Surgery, the Society
fects were felt for hundreds of miles. The UT         First-year dental students (in gray T-shirts) Chris       of Clinical Surgery, the Fleischner Society,
                                                      Pedlar (left) and Evan Cetti volunteered to help
Health Science Center closed from Sept.               Hurricane Ike evacuees register for FEMA aid.
                                                                                                                the Halsted Society, and the Society of
12-19 because gasoline shortages, flooded or                                                                    University Surgeons.

debris-filled roads and non-working traffic              More than 2 million people in the Hous-                He has served or currently serves on the
lights made travel difficult or impossible. The        ton-Galveston area and adjacent coastal                  editorial board of the Annals of Surgery,
                                                                                                                Contemporary Surgery, ACS Surgery, Annals
Dental Branch and Texas Medical Center as              counties were without electric power for
                                                                                                                of Surgical Oncology, and the Journal of
a whole had only minimal damage.                       weeks after the storm. UT
                                                                                                                Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. In
                                                                                                                2005, he was elected to the Institute of
                                                                                                                Medicine of the National Academy of
                                                                                                                After earning his M.D. degree from Tulane

 In the OR with Dr. Kaiser:
                                                                                                                University, Kaiser took his internship and
                                                                                                                residency in surgery at the University of
                                                                                                                California at Los Angeles between 1977
 OMS Resident Learns to Harvest Rib                                                                             and 1983. He completed his education in
                                                                                                                cardiovascular and thoracic surgery at the
                                     University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Presi-                University of Toronto serving as senior
                                                                                                                resident in thoracic surgery in 1985. He
                                   dent Larry R. Kaiser, M.D. instructed Oral and Maxillofacial
                                                                                                                joined the faculty on the Thoracic Service
                                   Surgery Chief Resident Jeff Alford, D.D.S., on how to harvest a              at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer
                                   rib for a mandibular reconstruction. The patient had a large tu-             Center immediately following the comple-
                                   mor requiring removal of half his jaw. The immediate recon-                  tion of his residency. In 1988, he joined
                                   struction of the jaw joint with a rib at the time of the resection is        Washington University School of Medicine
                                   a procedure first developed by oral surgeons at The University of            where he became associate professor with
                                   Texas Dental Branch.                                                         tenure in 1990.
                                                                                                                Kaiser came to Penn in 1991 as associ-
                                                                                                                ate professor of surgery, chief of General
                                   UTHSC-H President Larry R. Kaiser, M.D. (on left) in surgery with Jeff Al-   Thoracic Surgery, founder and director of
                                   ford, D.D.S., chief resident in oral and maxillofacial surgery at UTDB.      the Lung Transplantation Program, and
                                                                                                                director of the Center for Lung Cancer and
                                                                                                                Related Disorders.
                                                                                                                His areas of interest include lung cancer,
                                                                                                                malignant mesothelioma and mediastinal
Kaiser                 Legislature reconvening.
                       He also reserves one day
                                                        joining UT, and he’s been appearing at a series
                                                        of town hall meetings at the health science cen-
                                                                                                                tumors. He served as principal investigator
                                                                                                                of Penn’s grant for the National Emphy-
continued from page 1 each week to do surgery,          ter’s six schools. He spoke to Dental Branch            sema Treatment Trial that evaluated lung
usually at Memorial Hermann Hospital in the             faculty, staff and students in August. Following        volume reduction surgery for patients
Texas Medical Center.                                   that speech, he took several questions from the         suffering from end-stage emphysema.
                                                                                                                He is a pioneer in the technique of video
  After multiple tours of the Dental Branch             audience addressing key issues for the Dental
                                                                                                                thoracoscopy, for which he designed and
building, meetings with the leadership and              Branch, such as its role within the health sci-         patented a set of instruments.
even some operating room time with UTDB                 ence center.
                                                                                                                Author of more than 250 original papers,
oral and maxillofacial surgeons, Kaiser en-                “I want to concentrate on greater collabora-
                                                                                                                Kaiser also is the author or co-author of 13
dorsed a plan to increase the building project’s        tions among the schools,” he said. “I think             books. He has been named both a “Top
funding to $155 million and build the new               we’re greater as the sum of our parts.” UT
                                                                                                DB              Doc” and a “World Class Doc” multiple
school in one phase, rather than two. He has               – By Wendy K. Mohon, Institutional Advance-          times by Philadelphia Magazine, and has
also made communication a top priority since                      ment and Rhonda Moran, Dental Branch          been listed in Best Doctors in America.

      Faculty News
                                                    Ceremonies Put White Coats on
     Retired UT Dental Branch Professor Sam
     R. Adkisson, D.D.S., was honored as            Future Dentists, Dental Hygienists
     Distinguished Alumnus of the Year by
     Washington University School of Dental          As their families and friends looked on, the future dentists of the University of Texas Den-
     Medicine in St. Louis, Mo. at a Sept. 20      tal Branch Class of 2012 donned the white coats of health care professionals in a special cer-
     award ceremony. Adkisson, a member of
                                                   emony Aug. 16. A similar ceremony for 40 new dental hygiene students took place Aug. 15.
     the Washington University Class of 1951,
     was nominated for the award by Richard                                                              The annual event for DDS students is spon-
     Bebermeyer, D.D.S., chair of the UTDB                                                             sored by the UT Dental Branch Alumni As-
     Department of Restorative Dentistry and                                                           sociation, the UTDB Parent’s Association and
     Biomaterials. Adkisson retired in 2007 as a
                                                                                                       the American College of Dentists. The dental
     professor in the Prosthodontics Depart-
     ment after more than 29 years at the                                                              hygiene ceremony is sponsored by the UTDB
     Dental Branch, where he was a four-time                                                           Dental Hygienists’ Alumni Association.
     winner of the John P. McGovern Award for                                                            Among the speakers at the DDS ceremony
     Outstanding Teaching.
                                                                                                       was John Chandler, D.D.S., president of the
                                                                                                       UTDB Alumni Association, who drew on his
     UTDB Dean Catherine M. Flaitz, D.D.S.,                                                            own experiences as a student (Class of 1973)
     was the featured speaker at the annual
                                                                                                       to describe what’s ahead for the 84 men and
     meeting of the Canadian Academy of
     Pediatric Dentistry in September in                                                               women entering dental school this fall. “Your
     Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island,                                                              experience will be about the people you meet,”
     Canada. Flaitz, who is a professor of oral    Dental students Tamir Anver (left) and Daniel Allen Chandler promised. “It will be about your
                                                   were first in line for the White Coat Ceremony.
     and maxillofacial pathology and pediatric                                                         fellow students, faculty members, and your
     dentistry, delivered a full-day lecture and
     continuing education program on “Pedi-
                                                   patients. You will develop friendships for life with people you never knew before.”
     atric Oral Lesions: Common and Not So           UTDB alumnus Kenneth Horwitz, D.D.S., spoke on “Professionalism and Ethics in Den-
     Common Conditions and Treatment Con-          tistry” and Bryant Boutwell, Dr.P.H., associate vice president for accreditation and interna-
     siderations.” Approximately 100 dentists,     tional programs, delighted the audience with the history of the Dental Branch and its role in
     physicians and pediatric dental residents
     attended the conference.
                                                   the founding of the Texas Medical Center.
                                                     Guest speakers at the dental hygiene white coat ceremony were UTDB Associate Dean Pau-
                                                   la O’Neill, Ed.D., who discussed the history of the white coat; and Hope Garza, treasurer for
     Professor Rita D. Zachariasen, Ph.D., of
     the Department Integrative Biology and
                                                   the American Dental Hygienists’ Association, who talked about the importance of becoming
     Pharmacology at the UT Medical School         a member of a professional organization. UT     DB

     has retired. She had a cross appointment
     at the Dental Branch in the Department of
     Diagnostic Sciences, and over the past 36
     years has taught both dental and dental
     hygiene students.
                                                    UTDB Alumnus Sam Low
     Clinical Associate Professor Robert “Bob”
     Mayhew, D.M.D., Ph.D.; and Associate           Named to Two National Posts
     Professor James P. “Jay” Ferguson, D.D.S.,
     both of the Department of Restorative
     Dentistry and Biomaterials, were honored
                                                     University of Texas Dental Branch alum-        the University of
     with a retirement reception. Mayhew was       nus Samuel Low, D.D.S., has earned two           Florida College of
     presented with an autographed ski in rec-     national accolades recently. He is the new       Education.
     ognition of his enjoyment of water skiing.    president-elect of the American Academy            Low will serve
     Associate Professor Robert “Rod” Dosch,
     D.D.S., created an award in Ferguson’s
                                                   of Periodontology’s board of trustees, and       on the ADA Board
     honor. The award featured a bronze max-       he has also been installed as a trustee of the   as the trustee from
     illary molar on a wood-and-granite base.      American Dental Association.                     the 17th District
     Dosch waxed the molar himself and had           Low is associate dean and professor of         (Florida). The ADA
     it cast in bronze by a Houston foundry.
                                                   periodontology at the University of Florida      Board formulates
     The award’s official name and criteria for
     winning it will be announced later, once      College of Dentistry in Gainesville, Fla. He     and reviews poli-
     Ferguson decides on them.                     received his dental degree, specialty train-     cies and programs
                                                                                                                            Samuel Low, D.D.S.
                                                   ing in periodontics and master’s degree in       and makes recom-
                                                   biomedical science from UTDB. He also            mendations to the members of the ADA’s
                                                   earned a master of education degree from         governing body, the House of Delegates. UT
                             Continued on page 5

                                                                                                             Faculty News
 50 Years at UTDB
 Up to 6,000 Students Learned from Professor Brady                                                         Continued from page 4

                                                                                                           Associate Professor Sheila Koh, D.D.S.,
                                                                                                           has been named director of the Medically
  Professor Kenneth Brady, D.D.S., has now        understandable. “I’ve spent a lot more time in           Complex Patient Clinic after serving as
logged 50 years on the faculty of The Uni-        this building than I have with my own family             interim director since January. Also, the
                                                                                                           clinic’s name is being changed to Special
versity of Texas Dental Branch, but his roots     or my own house,” he said.
                                                                                                           Patient Clinic.
stretch further back than that. He was once a        He still gets to work at 5:30 a.m., in part
UT dental student him-                                                 to beat the traffic from
                                                                                                           Professor Sanford J. “Sandy” Fenton,
self, attending classes in                                             Richmond/Rosenberg,
                                                                                                           D.D.S., chair of the UTDB Department of
an old brick building at                                               but also to clear his mind          Pediatric Dentistry, was a guest speaker
the corner of Fannin and                                               and tend to paperwork               at a Sept. 18-19 meeting of experts to
Blodgett streets.                                                      uninterrupted. He has de-           discuss the concept of a dental home. The
                                                                                                           event was sponsored by the Maternal and
   “That building should                                               voted his career to clinical
                                                                                                           Child Health Bureau in Washington, D.C.
have been discarded years                                              teaching and estimates he’s         The meeting, one of a series over the past
before,” he recalled. “We                                              taught between 5,000 and            several years addressing cutting-edge
worked without air con-                                                6,000 students, including           maternal and child oral health issues, was
ditioning, with windows                                                many who were second-               convened by the bureau in the context of
                                                                                                           increased national focus on the oral health
open. Administration                                                   generation dental students.         needs of young children.
didn’t like the science area                                           Like all educators, he sees a
being so close because of                                              potential bit of immortal-
                                                                                                           Donna Warren-Morris, R.D.H., is the
the aroma that came from Professor Kenneth Brady, D.D.S., with wife    ity through those students.         winner of the 2007-08 Procter & Gamble
the cadavers. We actually Pat and a 50-year plaque from UTDB.          “A little bit of you goes           Teacher Excellence Award. She was
did most of our preclinical                                            with them when they walk            recognized at the Texas Dental Hygien-
work in temporary buildings put up like mili- across that stage,” he said.                                 ists’ Association meeting in September in
                                                                                                           Austin. The award comes with a $500 cash
tary barracks.”                                      When he leaves the Dental Branch, he will             prize and a traveling trophy, which is now
  In 1955, the dental school moved to the cur- spend more time on his ranch outside Rosen-                 on display at the Dental Branch. Warren-
rent location at 6516 M.D. Anderson Blvd.         berg, where he has a fishing pond and cattle to          Morris is an associate professor in the
under its new name – The UT Dental Branch         tend. His sons are nearby, and between them,             Periodontics Department of the UT Dental
                                                                                                           Branch School of Dental Hygiene.
– but Brady’s classmates had another name         Brady and his wife, Pat, have nine grandchil-
for the new building. “We called it ‘The Pink     dren and three great-grandchildren.
Palace’ because of the granite,” Brady said. “It     After 50 years at work, he’s learned the value        The American Association for Dental
                                                                                                           Research’s newsletter “Science Advocate”
was a tremendous change to come here. It was of activities that soothe the soul. “Everybody
                                                                                                           featured an article about UT Dental Branch
like an entirely different world.”                has troubles,” he said. “You need to get your            Professor Charles Streckfus, D.D.S., in rec-
  In the decades since then, if Brady has come mind away from those thoughts and onto                      ognition of his work in salivary diagnostics
to think of the Dental Branch as home, it’s       something more pleasant.” UT   DB
                                                                                                           and for receiving a sizeable research grant
                                                                                                           from Komen for the Cure®.

                                                                                                           Paula O’Neill, Ed.D., associate dean for

 Komen Grant Supports                                                                                      educational research and professional
                                                                                                           development, was the invited keynote

 UTDB Cancer Research                                                                                      speaker at the 34th Annual Meeting of the
                                                                                                           Association for Dental Education in Europe
                                                                                                           on Sept . 4 in Zagreb, Croatia. She spoke
                                                                                                           on “Career Development in Dental Educa-
  The Susan G. Komen for the Cure® foundation awarded an Investi-                                          tion Focusing on Career Management:
gator-Initiated Research Grant of just over $380,000 to The Universi-                                      Goals and Possibilities.” The conference
ty of Texas Health Science Center at Houston in support of research                                        was attended by more than 300 deans,
                                                                                                           faculty and staff.
by Dental Branch Professor Charles F. Streckfus, D.D.S., William
Dubinsky, Ph.D., and Lenora Bigler, Ph.D. They have found a way to
detect proteins in saliva that indicate the presence of cancer or benign
tumors in the breast. The Komen foundation held their annual Race
for the Cure® kick-off press conference at the Dental Branch to high-
light the research. Streckfus is believed to be the first dentist ever to   Charles F. Streckfus, D.D.S.
receive a Komen grant. UTDB

     Student News                                 Flaitz Announces Leadership
 Kacie L. Shelton, a second-year dental stu-
                                                  Changes at UTDB
 dent at the UT Dental Branch, attended the
                                                   Dean Catherine M. Flaitz, D.D.S., announced a
 annual meeting of the Society of American
 Indian Dentists in Phoenix, Ariz. The meet-     slate of promotions and faculty changes for the Dental
 ing offered continuing education about          Branch, effective earlier this fall:
 Indian health issues such as diabetes and         Professor Arthur H. Jeske, D.M.D., Ph.D., has been
 periodontal disease, plus the links between     named associate dean for strategic planning. He will
 oral and systemic health. Shelton, a native     continue to be a professor in the Department of Restor-
 of Oklahoma and the Chickasaw tribe, is
                                                 ative Dentistry and Biomaterials.
 also a registered nurse.
                                                   Professor Richard D. Bebermeyer, D.D.S., has accept-              Arthur H.           Richard D.
                                                 ed the chairmanship of the Department of Restorative              Jeske, D.M.D.      Bebermeyer, D.D.S.
 The Prosthodontics Department has               Dentistry and Biomaterials.
 chosen winners of the Fifth Annual Pre-
                                                   Associate Professor Raymond G. Koeppen, D.D.S., has
 Doctoral Achievement Awards, which
 are presented on the basis of students’         been named chair of the Department of Prosthodontics.
 performance in their first and second years       Jayne A. McWherter, R.D.H., has been named pro-
 of pre-clinical work and their third-year       gram director for the School of Dental Hygiene after
 clinical work. The first-year Occlusion         serving as interim program director since June 2007. She
 Award went to Elizabeth Swearingen. The         earned a certificate in dental hygiene from UTDB and
 Sophomore Award went to Brett McRay
                                                 a bachelor’s degree in health care sciences from the UT
 and the Third-Year Prosthodontics Award
 went to Thanh Pham, Nadar Shar, Jen-            Medical Branch in Galveston. She also holds a master’s           Raymond G.             Jayne A.
 nifer Kong, Charles Nguyen, Jaser Diaz,         degree in allied health education and administration            Koeppen, D.D.S.      McWherter, R.D.H.
 Dana Manshadi, Alex Missonne and Drew           from the University of Houston.
 Darsey. The awards were presented by
 faculty members Mohsin Ali, B.D.S.; Maria
 Gonzalez, D.D.S.; and Raymond Koeppen,
 D.D.S.                                           UTDB Pediatric Dentistry Has Many New Faces
                                                    The Department of Pediatric Dentistry          than 20 years’ experience in private prac-
 Third-year dental students Anthony
                                                  at the UT Dental Branch has new leader-          tice, in addition to teaching experience.
 Gonzalez, Deborah Solorzano, Poonam
 Vallabhbhai, Sepideh Shirali and Sean
                                                                        ship and a slate of                                He is a graduate of
 Bastani were chosen to receive scholar-                                new faculty mem-                                   New York University
 ships of $1,200 each from the Alliance                                 bers. The depart-                                  College of Dentistry
 of the TDA, a nonprofit organization for                               ment, which includes                               and earned a certifi-
 spouses of dentists. The endowed memor-                                a well-respected and                               cate in pedodontics
 ial scholarships are presented once a year                             thriving residency                                 at The Brookdale
 in the fall. The TDA Alliance established                              program in the                                     Hospital Medical
 the scholarship funds at all three dental                              Houston Medical                                    Center in Brooklyn,
 schools in Texas.                                      Sanford J.      Center, 6655 Travis,              Steven P.        NY.
                                                      Fenton, D.D.S.                                  Hackmyer, D.D.S.
                                                                        Suite 460, has a total                               Other Pediatric
 The American Dental Hygienists’ Associa-         of 16 faculty members and 12 residents.          Dentistry faculty members who joined the
 tion Student Dental Hygiene Association            Professor Sanford J. “Sandy” Fenton,           staff in 2008 include:
 began the 2008-09 year by participating in       D.D.S. is the new department chair. He is         • Bhavini S. Acharya, D.D.S.
 the Fort Bend Family Health Center Back-         a graduate of New York University College         • Gary Badger, D.D.S.
 to-School Fair. Volunteers saw 63 patients       of Dentistry and earned a certificate and a       • Regina Lewis, D.D.S.
 between the ages of 1 and 18. Margo Y.           master’s degree in pediatric dentistry from       • Lisa McGriff-Metz, D.D.S.
 Melchor, R.D.H., and UTDB dental hygiene         the University of Pittsburgh School of            • Quynh-Thuyen Tan, D.D.S.
 students Laura Dosch, Jessica Cabral, Jen-       Dental Medicine. Fenton is a diplomate of         • Gisela Velasquez, D.D.S.
 nifer Freeman, Connie DeLeon, Chriszelda
                                                  the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry         • Bret Ibarra, D.D.S.
 Rojas, Judy To, Jodie To and Kim Le were
                                                  and has a long-standing interest in pa-           • Amber Callis, D.D.S.
 present and provided preventative services
 such as oral hygiene instructions, prophy-
                                                  tients with intellectual disabilities. He is a     Dean Catherine M. Flaitz, D.D.S., said
 lactic treatments, fluoride varnishes and        global clinical advisor for Special Olym-        the Dental Branch has been very success-
 sealants for the children. Thirty-five of the    pics International and hopes to establish        ful in recruiting top candidates despite a
 63 patients had sealants placed. The team        partnerships between the Dental Branch,          national shortage of dental faculty. “We’re
 applied a total of 165 sealants.                 Special Olympics and relevant state agen-        fortunate to be located in the world’s larg-
                                                  cies.                                            est medical center in a beautiful city with
                                                    The Pediatric Dentistry Department’s           a strong local economy. These are definite
                                                  new program director, Associate Professor        advantages when recruiting talented facul-
                         Continued on page 7      Steven P. Hackmyer, D.D.S., has more             ty,” she said. UT

               pen                                                                                   Student News
                                       The following is a list of donors who have given
                                       $1,000 or more to the UT Dental Branch between
                                        July 1 and Sept. 30, 2008. Donations made after

               to Health                 Sept. 30 will appear in the next edition of UTDB
                                         EXchange. All gifts are counted as part of the
                                                                                                   Continued from page 6
                                                                                                   The University of Texas chapter of the
                                         Open to Health initiative. For information and            Hispanic Student Dental Association
        involvement in ways to support growth at the UT Dental Branch, contact Develop-            (HSDA) teamed up with television station
      ment Director John Greer at 713-500-4380 or John.T.Greer@uth.tmc.edu.                        Telemundo for a back-to-school health fair
                                                                                                   at the Braeswood Assembly of God Church.
      Gary D. Abercrombie, D.D.S.                     Terry W. Ott, D.D.S.                         Participants from the HSDA included Cyn-
      David A. Cervantes, D.D.S.                      Wayne C. Radwanski, D.D.S.                   thia Trajtenberg, D.D.S.; dental students
                                                                                                   Iven Gonzalez, Lynn Cran, Patrick Beetar,
      Christopher L. Coleman, D.D.S., M.S.            Arthur Reed, D.D.S.
                                                                                                   Adrian Reyes, Jeremiah Funk and Alicia
      James D. Condrey, D.D.S.                        Hilda and Hershel Rich                       Harrison, and dental hygiene students
      Greater Houston Dental Alliance                 Alan G. Selbst, D.D.S.                       Karla Zapata, Alicia Ramirez, Allison
                                                                                                   Brown and Montserrat “Montsy” Rodri-
      T. Dico Hassid, D.D.S.                          Joel C. Small, D.D.S.
                                                                                                   guez. More than 200 people ranging in age
      Houston Academy of Endodontists                 Sally D. and Herbert L. Wade, D.D.S.         from infants to adults attended the event.
      John D. McLeroy, D.D.S., P.A.                   James W. Wilson, D.D.S.                      The dental and dental hygiene students
                                                                                                   provided oral hygiene instructions, fluoride
                                                                                                   treatments for children and referrals for
                                                                                                   follow-up care at specialty clinics or at
                                                                                                   the UT Dental Branch. The students also
Susman Family Foundation Gift                                                                      distributed literature on oral hygiene and
                                                                                                   dental products such as toothbrushes and
Supports UTDB Pediatric Outreach                                                                   toothpastes.
                                                                                                   Thirteen freshman dental students were
                                                                                                   awarded $1,000 scholarships by the Omi-
  Over the next five years, when the UT        the Dental Branch treats medically complex          cron Kappa Upsilon (OKU) National Dental
Dental Branch treats children, in many cases patients who need dental care. “Most dentists         Honor Society at the annual Scholarship
their care will be paid for by a benefactor    don’t want to work on cancer patients be-           Luncheon in October, according to OKU
they will never know. And that’s the way the   cause the risk of infection is so high,” Sus-       Mu Mu Chapter President Gary Frey, D.D.S.
Susman Family Foundation wants it. The         man said. “But UT Dental is helping educate         The students include Darren Redman,
foundation’s $500,000 gift to the Dental       and train people who can do that. So we’re          Christopher Thang, Asiya Hammond,
Branch will quietly support pediatric out-     hoping this small gift will make a difference       Jeremiah Funk, Tamir Anver, John Lee,
reach, bringing dental care to children who    in some way.”                                       Hae Doh, Christopher Hinahon, Laura
                                                                                                   Johnson, Zeeshan Moorani, Lori Rollo,
otherwise would not                                                 Flaitz said the Susmans’
                                                                                                   Megha Bassi and Audrey Moon.
get it.                         Because of the Susmans’           gift is deeply appreciated,
  That care will come                                             “Because of the Susmans’         Six different scholarships with awards
in a variety of ways.     generosity, children will enjoy generosity, children will                from $1,000 to $3,000 were presented to
Some patients will be        an improved quality of life enjoy an improved quality                 first-year dental students Kimchi Nguyen,
                                                                                                   Mirelle Romero, Giti Bahar, Heather Lu-
treated in UTDB’s                                                 of life,” Flaitz said. “So of-
                                                                                                   ong, Jacob Moore, Kassi Carter, Mihn-Triet
Pediatric Dentistry or Orthodontics Clinics.   ten, children need dental care to grow up
                                                                                                   Dang, Mohammad Nikahd, Jon Ormson,
Others may be seen by the dentists, dental     healthy and confident. Diseased or crooked          Mark Cantu, Henry Arredondo, Regan Joy,
hygienists and students who staff the UTDB     teeth can limit social and employment op-           Daniel Allen and Hien Tran.
Mobile Dental Van.                             portunities that ultimately affect multiple
                                                                                                   The UT Dental Branch Chapter of the
  Ellen Susman, executive director of the      generations. Through this partnership, we
                                                                                                   American Student Dental Association was
Susman Family Foundation and wife of           hope to open a world of possibilities for our       recognized in the October edition of ASDA
foundation co-founder and UT Develop-          young patients.”                                    News for winning an IDEAL ASDA Award in
ment Board Member Steve Susman, said             Within the Susmans’ gift is another hope:         the “Activities” category at the 2008 Annual
they decided to make their gift to the Dental that someday, the children who benefit may           Session in Scottsdale, AZ. ASDA officers
Branch after a meeting with Dean Catherine be moved to help others as they themselves              from UTDB include Steve Chumbley,
M. Flaitz, D.D.S., and other Dental Branch     were helped.                                        president; Ross Hunter, vice president;
staff members.                                   “If they grow up, do well and make some           Adam Shisler, first-year representative;
  “When Catherine talked about the work        money, it’s possible they may remember they         Chad Lindt, senior legislative liaison;
they were doing with the children, that really were helped by the UT Dental Branch, and            Pamela Cotton, junior legislative liaison;
                                                                                                   Tiffany Tredway-Ransom, newsletter edi-
spoke to me,” Ellen Susman said. “There’s      maybe they’ll pass it on,” Ellen Susman said.
                                                                                                   tor; Sepideh Shirali, meetings coordinator;
nothing more tragic than seeing people lose    “I think that’s the goal of anyone who is phil-
                                                                                                   Poonam Vallabhbhai and Eric Braunlin,
their teeth at an early age, either through    anthropic. Maybe it’s only one in 100 – that        community service; Patrick Waters,
misinformation or lack of funds to take care   doesn’t matter – maybe that one will do the         consultant; Precious King, historian; Navid
of something so vital.”                        same thing, so the legacy will continue.” UT DB     Malik, treasurer; and Evan Cettie, first-year
  Having lost loved ones to cancer, she and                                    – Rhonda Moran      community service organizer.
her husband also were interested to learn that               UTDB Communication Specialist

Office of the Dean
6516 M. D. Anderson Blvd.
Suite 147
Houston, TX 77030–3402
                                                                                                                              RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

             continued from page 1

               The building plans are still undergoing revision, but           • In the new building, UTDB admissions will increase
             some highlights include:                                            from 84 to 100 DDS students per year, and modest
                                                                                 increases are planned in the size of the post-graduate
                • Dental Branch researchers will occupy the fourth floor
                                                                                 dental programs.
                  in the Biomedical Research and Education Facility
                  (BREF), and more research space is being negoti-             • Surface parking will be available.
                  ated. The BREF will connect to the Dental Branch             Flaitz said the new building will be planned with expan-
                  Replacement Building (DBRB) via hallways. Current          sion in mind, and the Dental Branch will have a list of
                  plans call for the Houston Biomaterials Research           high priority projects ready to go as additional funds are
                  Center and UTDB’s oral pathology labs to be in the         available.
                  BREF.                                                        The new building will be located in the UT Research
                • Approximately 32,000 square feet in the DBRB may           Park currently under construction in the southern part of
                  be designated as shell space for future use as clinical    the Texas Medical Center south of Old Spanish Trail near
                  operatories, faculty alcoves with computer stations        Cambridge Street. Other facilities in the Research Park
                  in the clinic, a small clinical lab, clinical conference   will include the BREF, the Neuroscience Building and the
                  rooms, one patient waiting area and a preclinical lab.     Center for Advanced Biomedical Imaging Research (CA-
                  Valenza noted, however, that as fundraising progress-      BIR), which is a joint project of the UTHSC and the M.D.
                  es, these shelled spaces may be completely built out by    Anderson Cancer Center, in cooperation with GE Health-
                  the time the building opens.                               care and the Texas Enterprise Fund.
                • Under the current plan, all satellite clinics (Advanced
                                                                             Keep in touch
                  Education in General Dentistry/General Practice Res-       Send your updated postal addresses, email addresses, phone
                  idency, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Pediatric       numbers or story ideas to: DBEXchange@uth.tmc.edu
                  Dentistry) will remain off site.
                                                                             DB EXchange staff
                                                                             Rhonda Moran – Writer/Editor      Brian K. Schnupp – Designer

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