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									                   NEW FEATURES IN PROSHOW GOLD 4.0
Slide Styles
Slide Styles are pre-made effects that you can apply to any slide in your show. Just drop in your images, add a Slide Style and
the rest is done for you. Slick, professional-looking effects in an instant. ProShow Gold is loaded with over 50 must-have
Slide Styles that instantly create impressive special effects from the contents of your slides. You can also create and re-use
your own Slide Styles for truly customized results.

Add notes to any layer, slide or show. Notes appear as small icons in the Slide List and can be easily updated and deleted by
the show creator. Use Notes to describe how a certain slide effect was achieved, label specific functions of a layer and more.

Improved Audio Sync Tool
Use the new audio sync tool to easily sync your slides to your soundtrack. All sync options are now housed in one central
dialog for easy access and implementation.

New YouTube HD Output
Watch your slide shows on YouTube in High Definition! Simply upload your show from ProShow Gold to YouTube and it
will stream at 720p HD resolution online. Click here to watch the ProShow Producer 4.0 commercial in YouTube HD.

Lock Times
Lock a slide's time so that it won't be altered if you apply an audio sync. For video clips, you can lock the slide time to match
the length of the video clip.

Animated Gif Support
New animated Gif support for ProShow 4.0. You can use ProShow's built-in video trimmer to crop the start or end time of a
Gif, removing any unwanted animation.

Set Layer Names
Name your layers with descriptive labels for easy locating and organizing. Layer name appears in Slide List and Slide

Improved Audio Control
Trimming audio tracks just got one step easier. Now you can crop your audio track by adjusting the beginning or end of your
waveform in Timeline View.

New On-Screen Controls for Playback
New control bar for Web shows, EXEs, and PC Autorun shows. Semi-transparent controls appear when a show is moused
over. See to any point in your show using the seek controls.

Audio Control for Videos
Edit the fade in or fade out for your video clip's audio track. Works separately from your main soundtrack for creating custom

New Auto Save Preferences
Change how ProShow auto saves your content. Control options for the frequency and number of autosaves to be saved.

Right Mouse Button Menu Options
An array of new right mouse button menu options have been added to ProShow 4.0 including: remove all captions from slide,
randomize pan, zoom, rotate separately and more.

Show Relative Show Time in Audio Trimmer
Now you can see your show's time in the audio trimmer providing more precise control for syncing.

Display Time as Seconds in Timeline
Toggle from displaying time in seconds or in minutes in the Timeline.
Gold $69.95 (upgrade from $44.95)
Producer $249.95 (upgrades from $89.95)
ProShow Gold Customer Loyalty Program: 1-800-37-PHOTO
Newly Designed Interface                          Control Color, Font and Size of Captions
Add Slides with Drag and Drop                     Expanded Set of 100+ Caption Motion Effects
Real-Time Preview                                 Caption Timing Control
Integrated Photo Browser                          Caption Interactivity
Light Box View                                    Caption Keyframing
Manual Show Control                               Use Textures in Captions
Custom Keyboard Control                           Use Gradients in Captions
Built-in Audio Trimmer                            Caption Styles
Built-in Video Trimmer                            Caption Line/Character Spacing
Find Missing Files Utility                        Caption Rotation
Back Up Collected Show Files                      Character Skew
Slide Options Hot Keys                            Slide Styles
Favorites Pane                                    Add Motion Effects to Photos and Videos (pan, zoom and rotate)
Copy Settings Feature                             Add Motion Effects to Photos and Videos (pan, zoom and rotate)
Resizeable Slide Previews                         Over 280 Transitions
Slide Preview Grid                                Specify Random Transition Effects Usage
Hot Folder/Live Show Support                      Customize Transitions per Layer within a Slide
Interactive Waveform in Timeline                  One-click Randomization of Transition Effects
Timeline View                                     Multi-layer Motion Effects
Notes                                             One-click Randomization of Motion Effects
Set Name for Layer                                Motion Effects Timing
Display Time as Seconds in Timeline               Increased Zooming Range for Motion Effects
Lock Slide Timings                                Motion Smoothing (for creating smooth motion paths)
New Audio Sync Dialog                             Motion Keyframing (advanced motion timing)
Show Relative Show Time in Audio Trimmer          Zoom X and Y Coordinates Individually
RAW file support                                  Copy-Protect CDs
Animated Gif Support                              Watermark Images and Videos
Enhanced Audio Controls for Video Clips           Customizable Branding Features
Adjustment Layers                                 End-of-Slide Actions
Modifiers                                         Color Profile Awareness
Unlimited Layers Per Slide                        Custom Templates
Loop Video Clip                                   Capture Frames
Set Video Clip Speed                              Burn Slide Show to Blu-ray
Set End-of-Slide Action                           Burn Slide Show to CD/VCD
Gradient as Layer                                 Burn Slide Show to DVD
Solid Color as Layer                              Output to Streaming Web Slide Show
Masking                                           Free Online Sharing/Slide Show Hosting at
Opacity Settings for Photos and Videos            Advanced Playback Controls for Web Shows
Transparency Support for PSD, PNG, TIFF and GIF   YouTube® Uploading
Gradient Backgrounds                              Device Output
Apply Outline or Drop Shadow to Layers            Autorun CD and EXE Output
Control Drop Shadow Color and Opacity             Flash Video Output - FLV
Control Layer Outline Size                        Compressed AVI Output
Chroma Key Transparency                           Uncompressed AVI Output
Vignettes                                         MPEG 1 Video
Red-Eye Removal                                   MPEG 2 Video
Rotate and Crop Photos                            Build Screensavers
Rotate and Crop Videos                            Email Slide Shows
Color-Correction                                  QuickTime Output
Adjustment Effects Keyframing                     Windows Media Video (WMV) Output
Keyframe Editor                                   HD Video File Output for HDTV
Add Multiple Captions to a Slide                  Custom Slide Show Menus
Add Global Show Captions                          Save and Load Menus

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