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Description: The Chi Ball is one of the simplest and most effective ways of sending healing energy and attunements. It is simple because you are directing the energy that forms the Chi Ball; your intent creates the color, the size, and everything that goes into it. While accessing your energy, you can send the Chi Ball to a person(s) anywhere and anytime.
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About Hello, Alii and Aloha! I am from Palau in the southwest Pacific. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and healer since 1998. I also practice chi kung, essential oils and volunteer with online healing groups. I teach Reiki and 2 dozen or so advanced energy forms as well as distance energy healing for people and their households, including pets and plants on my Passion 4 Living site, I also integrate essential oils to enhance healing sessions and overall wellness. My website, Passion 4 Oils,, lists free resources and monthly specials. I also post topics of interest, meditations and a weekly energy share for healers every Sunday on my blog,The Passionate Life: Dance, Music & Other Loves, My background in theatre and dance including Hawai'ian hula and chant have taken me around the world - mainland US, Hawai'i, West Indies, Phillipines, Hong Kong and Micronesia. I go where my heart and soul lead me and it's been an interesting journey. Mau riul and a hui hou! (Until we meet again!)