Online Degrees: Are They Relationship Savers?

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					               Online Degrees: Are They Relationship Savers?

Relationships come in many different types, shapes and forms. I’m sure that
almost all of us have had friends or family or at least know someone who
left, and sometimes lost loved ones, as they ventured off to school in pursuit
of a higher education.Others may have known people, or they themselves
had to face the leaving or jobs, sacrifice time with family, or tackle similarly
tough decisions when it came to the pursuing of their educational career.

However, with online degrees now a viable option for a variety subjects,
some of these difficult decisions might not have to be made.Here are some
situations that might be avoided by taking the online degree route rather
than attending a college campus to obtain an education.

The High School Split

The high school split is probably one of the most prevalent relationship
issues encountered when a person goes off to college.The relationship that
was cultivated in high school,often a first love, struggles to survive the
parting of two hearts as they venture off in different directions. Maybe it’s
that one person is heading to college while the other goes to work or that
the two are attending different schools.

During this time, it may be that one person grows in maturity and education
or finds that the atmosphere of the college campus just offers too much
temptation.This leaves the couple possibly finding it extremely difficult to
maintain the relationship over the course of the college education and it
eventually fades or dissolves completely.The ability to obtain an online
degree however, could prevent the dissolution of the relationship and keep
the couple together.

Family Decisions

Another scenario that presents itself when it comes to how relationships are
affected by getting a brick-and-mortar education might be that of the
family.While leaving home to attend school can be part of the learning and
growth process,for those who may already have a spouse and/or children,it
can place an inordinate amount of strain upon family relationships.An online
degree can help a person with family responsibilities and obligations still
pursue their education while at the same time meeting familial

Work Related Issues
For those who have waylaid their educational endeavors until later in
life,they might find that a job or career may be standing in their way.The
decision to quit working full time to further an education is often a detractor
to such a move and may push getting an education away to a later date or
eliminate the possibility altogether.With the ability of careerists to obtain an
online degree however,it often presents the opportunity to continue working
while at the same time taking courses needing to fulfill educational
requirements,thus maintaining the employee/career relationship that can be
so important.

Money Matters

It’s been said that one of the top reasons couples fight is over money, but
you don’t necessarily have to be in love to encounter money issues in
relationships.Going to a campus-based school can put a heavy monetary
weight upon not only the student, but also the parents that might be helping
to support him or her during this time.The costs of tuition, housing, food,
books, transportation,extracurricular activities, and many of the other
associated expenses with a campus-based education can be an enormous
strain on the relationships of parents,children or spouses.An online education
may eliminate many of these costs, thereby easing the strain on these

The Tough Call Avoided

While the online degree option might not be a guaranteed savior when it
comes to your relationship, whatever it may be, this alternative might help
you avoid a particularly tough decision.Whether it comes to your career,your
significant other, or your family,choosing an online degree may make
deciding between your education and your relationships easier and more

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